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GUINEA CONAKRY : Religious persecution of Honore Maomy

Dec 8, 2021


On Monday, November 22, 2021, Honoré Maomy, a Guinean, was arrested by the police on the orders of Colonel Idrissa Camara, sub-prefect of Diécké, and his evangelization devices were seized. The next morning, the deputy of the sub-prefect of Diécké came especially to interview him and then the order was given to transport him to the civil prison of Yomou in the forest region of Nzérékoré, towards Liberia, a place that is difficult to access and that was done the same day, although there is a prison in Diécké.

HIS OFFENSE: To have preached publicly that all Muslims and Christians who rejected the prophet Kacou Philippe will go to hell.

NB: This time, the Christian and Muslim leaders did not openly show their support, but according to reports, they are the ones behind the police and the court, as usual. After the transfer, Honoré Maomy was in the courtyard of the Yomou prison, but after his trial on Tuesday, November 30, 2021, he was condemned and locked up in a cell for fear that he would talk about Kacou Philippe to a prisoner. He had rejected the freedom against denying the prophet Kacou Philippe. Also, on the word of his wife, a fierce enemy of the Message of Kacou Philippe, his cell was searched and he was beaten and slapped saying that he must hide a telephone and it is on the intervention of the head of his cell that they stopped beating him. His health is precarious but he was already sick before he was arrested.

It is in the name of all of Guinea that these Christian and Muslim leaders and the police and the court always do these things. And before God, any Guinean who remains silent agrees with this.

Honore Maomy, disciple of Prophet Messenger Kacou Philippe

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