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NEW BAPTISMS : new baptisms in Ghana

Feb 28, 2022

Actions by APOSTLE YANICK AKA, disciple of PROPHET MESSENGER KACOU PHILIPPE, the Noah of today :

- Saturday in Adenta new site, Accra.

- Meeting with the pastor of living fountain Int. ministry.

- Special service in Kasoa, Central region.

- Baptism of the elect.

Kc.22:28 When you go to a prayer vigil of these fetish priests, whether you're a Catholic, Protestant or evangelical or Branhamist church it does not matter, explain your problem! But Elisha required the experience of the Jordan first, yes! The experience of the Jordan. He preached the midnight Cry to that minister! Ladies and gentlemen the ministers, M.Ps, mayors, directors, presidents ... do you want to be healed of leprosy, cancer, ulcers, AIDS? Descend first in the Jordan! Search for the experience of the Jordan! If a man says himself man of God and that he consents to pray circumventing the experience of Jordan, he is a fetish priest!

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