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(Preached on Sunday September 11, 2011 in Sikensi, near Abidjan - Ivory Coast)

1 I am going to talk about many things this morning but I give as subject of my preaching: The importance of a prophet for during the war we went through, we saw the importance of a prophet so much so that even several of those who are not with us saw that.

2 And you saw how the churches prayed, fasted and held vigils because they were following seducers. And their prophecies tired the population out. They said, "Your district will be attacked this night" and everybody fled except the brothers and the sisters. And once, the Muslim neighbours of Brother Bitty were about to flee when they asked Brother Bitty saying, "What has your prophet said for this time again?" and Brother Bitty said: "This time, the prophet says not to flee". And these Muslim neighbours did not flee but everybody including the Branhamist pastors and their family fled. You see?

3 And after the war, when everybody returned to his home, the evangelical prophets announced again that, between last August the first and the seventh, a more violent war would break out. And there again, all the population of Abidjan made an exodus towards the villages, but none of all those who believe in me was distracted. [Ed: The congregation says, "Amen!"].

4 Now, concerning the steps of the worship service, I do not think that the confession of only one person can take more than one minute except if the congregation asks for details. The confession is different from the testimony.

5 And as you know it, I received the population of my village and I spoke to them directly in my mother tongue. It was not to condemn them, for, what condemns them, it’s not what I told them or what God gave me but especially what God gave them, with reference to the Angels’ Singing. So, they are already condemned from the beginning of my ministry. And if they do not repent and persist in their assembly of gods, Methodist and Catholic churches, at the judgment I will condemn them all for their assembly of gods, Methodist and Catholic churches are brotherhood of sorcerers. [Ed: The congregation says, "Amen!"]. At the judgment, they will be the first to be judged and condemned because Salvation came out from their midst, and people came from distant places, from very distant places to receive this Salvation while them, my parents, they trample this Salvation underfoot. At the judgment before God, I shall condemn my own brother, my own sister, the man of my home, those of my ethnic group, of my village, of my country and all those African people because they rejected the Salvation that God sent them.

6 And even apart from that, before my birth, it happened that my parents were in the countryside, on our piece of land I talked about once. My father had built a little straw-roofed mud house and one day, while they had gone to a distant place, leaving my elder sister alone at home, she saw something coming down above the countryside house. She looked at it till it came very close and the thing went up again and disappeared in the sky.

7 And a few days later, the same event occurred again in the village. Some villagers, several of whom are still alive, saw an object like a book coming down from heaven towards my father’s house. Those who followed it closely, saw the object coming till it stopped above the house and went back to the sky while others believed it had fallen in my father’s yard, they ran to the house but they did not find anything. You see? It’s a vast village but the event took place nowhere else but there. But what did they make of it? You see? And in accord with all they are witnessing, with the Angels’ Singing, they should understand. [Ed: The congregation says, "Amen!"].

8 And During this meeting, a brother asked the villagers if the Angels had really sung, they unanimously said "Yes" but they do not know why. And Brother Jean-Rene, the doctor of medicine, was one of them in the assemblies of gods but he’s in the midnight Cry since 2007. And I myself baptized him. He’s my most faithful friend. We were sent to primary school the same year and we had the same teachers for six years. He is my doctor, exactly as Doctor Sam Adair of Jeffersonville, the childhood friend of William Branham. [Ed: The congregation says, "Amen!"].

9 Now, you remember that, when I said that a zoo was a bad thing, people, even the Branhamists laughed and preached against it but after the small war we went through, when they opened the zoo, everything was desolation. You saw what the newspapers published on the zoo. Almost all the animals of the zoo of Abidjan were dead and those that were still alive were there, lying lifeless on the ground; others, looking with wild eyes at the water and food that were handed to them. These animals had no strength to take the food that was handed to them; yet, these animals have nothing to do with politics. And while fleeing, the guards of the zoo left the cages closed. It’s a wicked act! You see? A zoo is two times worse than a prison for men because these animals did no evil to be there.

10 Well, there are some questions here. Brother Philippe, what do we have to do if, for a competition, a job or other which should be free of charge, we were imposed a certain amount of money? Brother, you must give it to them. It is written, "Pay what is Caesar’s to Caesar and what is God’s to God". It’s as if you were asked some alcohol or a hundred of foreskins of the Philistines for the dowry of your wife. [Ed: The congregation says, "Amen!"].

11 Now for the second question, somebody asked me, "Why is the Message on the Internet that the prophet condemned?" I said to him, Sir, when Moses went down there saying to the Jews they must not make any representation of the things which are in the Heaven and on earth and that he asked them then to make the representation of Cherubim and others that he saw in the Heaven, he had not sinned at all and that never affected his infallibility. You see? Exodus 25:18 does not contradict Exodus 20:4 and God does not remember that Moses ever sinned, because Moses is an authentic prophet. [Ed: The congregation says, "Amen!"].

12 The third question is, Brother Philippe, what do you think about debates between Christians and Muslims? For me, they are deadlocked debates because the midnight Cry says that there shall rise a Muslim who will shake Islam, and he and his posterity will shake Islam with miracles and wonders in the Name of the Almighty God. And he will preach against Muslims, Christians and Jews. And it is in that time that Islam will be shaken like a statue of clay. It’s not therefore in word that Islam will be shaken. That’s why all those who went against Ahmed Deedat got humiliated, while that Ahmed Deedat is nothing but a skilful son of the devil. And in Australia, at the peak of his ardour against Christianity, one Friday, an angel struck him with a severe paralysis, from his head down to his feet; in such a way that he remained lying for more than nine years, he could not move the smallest part of his body, nor could he even speak and he died in his excrements, dying under atrocious pains... [Ed: The congregation says, "Amen!"].

13 We have good brothers like Brother Manny who are doing a good job in Canada. And I asked that one or two of them come here for the baptism. America wants to see me but, according to the prescriptions of the midnight Cry, it would be good that they come. Listen to Kacou 97, the Spirit of the Compositor and you will understand that. You see? Each apostle must go through those four symbolic phases or stages.

14 It is the occasion to say also that if the midnight Cry is from God, at the maturity, a white Canadian will lead the assemblies in Canada and it will be so everywhere and if a Black was doing that, like Brother Fortuné in Europe, he will leave and the other will take his position. [Ed: The congregation says, "Amen!"].

15 Now, let’s come back to the questions… Brother Andre wanted to know if the English version of Darby has the same value and the same authority as the French version… I do not know because fifty years ago, it was King James that had to be used, and yet the Darby English version was already there. But now it’s different because it’s in French that God is speaking to the earth. Bear in mind that King James and Darby would never correspond to the Lutheran or Wesleyan faith. There is no human explanation to that. If there were a logic in the Word of God, the human intelligence would seize it…

16 The most important is that it has to be the voice of the shepherd and if you are a Lamb, you will accept it without you understanding as the song says it and you will follow that. It’s not for the human wisdom and intelligence. You see? And over these last two thousand years, the Lord Jesus Christ, the great Shepherd changed clothes tens of times but his voice remained the same and his sheep, those that He has known before the foundation of the world, have always recognized Him according to that promise. [Ed: The congregation says, "Amen!"]. Do you remember that the Lord Jesus appeared under several forms to his disciples? In a few moments, He manifested each of the messengers that He would send on earth including the one of Matthew 25:6. He took a certain form and it was Paul. He took a certain form and it was Irenaeus. He took a certain form and it was Saint Martin. He took a certain form and it was Colomban. He took a certain form then another form then another form then another then another then another! You see?

17 That’s why every prophet or messenger is Christ revealed to his generation. And Revelation 19:10 says that the Spirit of prophecy is the testimony of Jesus. [Ed: The congregation says, "Amen!"]. And those same physical forms on earth are the reflections of the same seven heavenly Angels and from the Ohio River till His coming, it will be the same Seventh heavenly Angel, the Spirit of Elijah revealing Christ. [Ed: The congregation says, "Amen!"]. Even David weeping on the mount of the Olives, it was Christ! And you know that David is a prophet because the Bible says, "David, the man of God…" meaning a prophet. You see? The man of God is the man to whom the Word of God comes. Even a prophet like the one of 1 Kings 13 or Timothy or Agabus are. And you cannot follow God unless you follow a man of God, that is to say a living prophet messenger.

18 You will perhaps disagree with me because the priests, scribes, pastors, teachers, apostles and evangelists are all servants of God, they are at the service of God but they are not men of God and it will never be said that priests Zadok, Abiathar, Amaziah or Elnathan are men of God. You see? This is what the Spirit says. I tell it as a Prophet. You see? The spirit of frog looks two thousand years back while the Bible says that He is living to the ages of ages. [Ed: The congregation says, "Amen!"].

19 He said, "Yet a little and the world sees Me no longer; but ye see me." At the Resurrection, the Apostles and the disciples who lived two thousand years ago, will rise out of dust, will recognize one another and will recognize Him. Mary and Martha and Lazarus and Susanna and Elizabeth will hug one another and will sit together and those of Moses will come with Moses and those of Isaiah will come with Isaiah and Isaiah will present them to Christ and so on and so forth, each Prophet will come with his. Paul with Titus, Timothy and the others. Irenaeus with his. Saint Martin of Tours with his. Columban with his. Martin Luther with his. John Wesley with his. William Branham with his. And for this generation, I will come to you and I will present you to Christ. [Ed: The congregation says, "Amen!"]. It is the only thing which can be. Each Prophet for his generation. Otherwise, if we can believe in a prophet who died before our birth, then God must let the Pharisees get in with Moses before He lets you get in with Jesus of Nazareth or William Branham. [Ed: The congregation says, "Amen!"]. All those people you see today before you, with bibles in hands, the good ones and the evil ones, they are the same demons of Baal. The prophets of Baal recognised Moses as their Prophet; they confessed and claimed themselves of the same Jehovah who brought the Jews out of Egypt. You see? Who can make the heart of Israel twinkle if he does not ground himself on Moses and the prophets first? Yes Sir! Elijah and the prophets of Baal were so similar! They were both so close to one another that Israel could hardly know which one was of God or of the devil. And this is exactly what is happening on this side with the Catholic, Protestant, evangelical and Branhamist priests, pastors and prophets.

20 And Brother Crispin told me about the story of a sister in Congo, Sister Marie Sara, a former Branhamist prophetess who had great spiritual gifts by which she had acquired great possessions: some pieces of land, houses and so on… The gifts operated so mightily that the Branhamists thought it was the third Pull Prophet William Branham talked about. When she heard the midnight Cry, she said, "Whatever this Prophet in Ivory Coast tells me to do, I will …" You see? She humbly got baptised and I can say that this woman is also a daughter of Abraham. [Ed: The congregation says, "Amen!"]. And all she received from those gifts, in virtue of the grace I received on April 24, 1993, I declare them pure and all of you who are in that situation, I turn any curse into blessing in your life. [Ed: The congregation says, "Amen!"].

21 Now listen to this: out of all those things, take an offering, proceeding from those possessions and go and give it there. If you were in an evangelical church, go and give it to any evangelical church! If you were in a Branhamist church, go and give it to any Branhamist church and even at this moment, God declares all that remains to you or which will be added on it forever pure. And you can pay your tithes and offerings here and be forever free. [Ed: The congregation says, "Amen!"].

22 William Branham did not see a priest, not even a prophet, but a different person to whom that light was talking above him. Certainly, that man was like a prophet because the Pillar of Fire was speaking to him but William Branham saw something greater than a prophet and he said, "A glorious character"; and yet no one is glorious but Christ alone. Christ Himself testifies of the glory of Solomon but here, it’s a spiritual glory and I said that the physical appearance of any spiritual reign on earth has nothing to attract the intention. thus, The Roman papacy is a physical and temporal reign. What is flesh is flesh and what is spirit is spirit. And when thus this spiritual reign will have a physical aspect, it will not be able to attract the intention because flesh and blood will always disregard what is spiritual.

23 Now listen to this: it was not the ladder set between the heaven and the earth that made Jacob a glorious character, the father of the Jews. You see? Rachel, Leah, Bilhah and Zilpah, give birth to Israel in seven dispensations. Jacob comes near this one, then that one, then this one and comes back to that one, then again and again… and in all, seven times like with the seven eunuchs. You see? Four women but seven times. But this Israel disappears and another comes to life again in 1947. And on this side, four living creatures: a living creature like a lion, a living creature with the face of man, another similar to a calf and a fourth one similar to an eagle. And the four minister in seven dispensations which are the seven Church ages, the Branhamist one being the seventh. [Ed: The congregation says, "Amen!"].

24 If I am a Prophet of God then no other Prophet since Moses has ever had a ministry as great as mine and there will not be any other like till He comes. And all the elect who were in the vision of April 24, 1993 will never be offended in me.

25 And when the Word comes out saying, which one seems to be Israel or the Bride to you? You say, "But Brother, you said this… ". Okay but God had said to Moses in Exodus 19, Moses, my servant, now bring the people and the priests near. God said in verse 22, "And the priests also, who come near to Jehovah, shall hallow themselves". But Moses answered and said to God, "No Lord, Thou hast said not to bring the people near lest they touch the mountain and they die". And God said to him: "Yes, that’s true, do not bring them near. Just take Aaron with you". You see? Moses had the revelation of who he was serving. He knew that God was in his Word. You see? I understand that it is quite normal that all should have different positions because spiritually, before God, Matthew 25:6 takes place in an examination room for the Advanced level test. But, also, if somebody loves me, he will not wish my death. You see? [Ed: The congregation says, "Amen!"].

26 The behaviour changes, the character remains. And if insulting your father or your mother is a character, stealing or lying to a servant of God or the prophet of the Most High is likewise. You see? The behaviour proceeds from a spiritual influence while the character is the expression of the seed. Thus, the good character is the expression of the seed of God whereas the bad character is the expression of the seed of the devil. And you cannot wish me these things if you love me. Why does Zipporah, for example, have to receive the tithe of the tithes of what she does not believe? Is this her reward for having tormented the prophet? You do know! None of the seven Spirits of God can say that, whatever the dispensation. The book of Esther is comparable to the book of Matthew 25:6 as that of Joshua was compared to that of the Ephesians forty years ago.

27 And now to close, you know that it is Ghana that has been the land of hospitality for thousands of Ivorians fleeing the war, including high-ranked political and military authorities. And also, some newspapers reported that some Ivorian girls in Ghana prostituted themselves for a Cedi. That cannot even buy one loaf of bread. But this nation will not return her all the evil she did to her in 1993. That’s why, if that is possible, the God of restitution will remember Ghana and the prostitute will become a pure virgin, and her humiliation will be turned into glory. You see? The Ivorians cannot put up with that. Somebody asked me how long all these things would last. And I said to him, “this will last till you accept what your heart refuses" according to my word. And that is yet for many days. [Ed: The congregation says, "Amen!"].

28 The Sorbonne, the public place I do not like, where I never went to preach, has been completely destroyed. And the princess street which I condemned in the preaching: "Speak now" has been destroyed. And Between the son of the foreigner who destroyed the princess street that the prophet condemned and Ahab who used to go and dance there, which one is the servant of God? You see? The son of the foreigner who completely destroyed the Sorbonne, the high place of all the religious people and politicians, where Ahab would go to make an exhibition of himself, which one of the two is the servant of God? You see? God said, "I will send Nebuchadnezzar my servant against you." You see? If somebody does not receive him, as I like to say, let him go away. The rat which escapes from your cage and goes into the bush is not lost; it was when being with you that it was lost. But as for the saints, under God they march on for evermore. [Ed: The congregation says, "Amen!"]. [Kc.3v9]

29 And now listen to this parable of God referred to the whole earth. Very long ago, in antiquity, the God of the Heavens had aroused a prophet. And this prophet was very great, very old and in him was the Spirit of the holy Gods whose dwelling place is not with humans. And since old days, this Prophet is the father of Africa! He could see both in day and at night. And those who could read times and circumstances respected him. And the prophet of antiquity was happy for having achieved his mission in all he was to do, and throughout his pilgrimage, his acts and his Words and the sons of his people had pleased his heart. And he went to rest and each of the stars which reflected the glory of the Almighty God came one by one and would turn once around him. And after that, he was no more. And his lamp was seen from afar in spite of the African jungle because a light in the night is seen from afar. Amen!

30 Listen again to this parable of the Kingdom of the Heavens. The Kingdom of the Heavens has been made like to a man who left his country to go and see a prophet whose fame was spread all over the face of the earth. Having got to the yard of the house where the prophet lived, he found him drunken, stinking alcohol. The prophet was lying down there as dead; the man he so heard about was lying there, right on the floor in a burning sun. And he was told, "There is the man you heard about in your country". And doing as if he had got to the wrong place, he turned away and returned to his country and related what he had seen and said, "Do not fear. My eyes saw the man you’ve heard about. It’s not true at all". And he strengthened his on the way to perdition. And after that, another man having heard about the same Prophet left his country as well. And having got to the prophet, he found him in the same condition as the first one. Then he asked and he was told, "This is the man you heard about in your country". And the foreigner spoke again and said, "Are the Words I heard in my country from this man?" They said, "They are from him". And then he raised his hands towards the sky and blessed the Almighty God and said, "If this man is the prophet, then my faith is twice stronger than it was when I left my country." And having taken care of the prophet for several days, he returned home very happy. And he that can understand, let him understand!

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