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(Preached on Sunday morning, January 1st, 2012, in Sikensi, region of Abidjan-Ivory Coast)

1 I begin with the notes… I am going to answer a first-order question which comes from Cameroon… "Brother Philippe, what does a Brother have to do if the Message is not preached or applied in its purity in an assembly?" Ifa brother or a sister sees that the Message is not preached or applied, he has to approach his pastor and tell him about it in a very respectful manner and in a good spirit, and either the pastor recognizes it and sorts things out, or he shows the brother that he is wrong and if the brother does not recognize that he is wrong, he can directly notify an apostle or even the Prophet. And the spokesman of an assembly will be deposed when it is another person who informs the apostle or the prophet of a serious issue.Also, a pastor who reasons before acknowledging he is wrong is a danger for Salvation. Prophetic faith is when, according to 2 Chronicles 26:17-18, you can say to your pastor: “Where did the prophet say what you just said?” An elder who cannot tell the truth to his pastor is a demon. [Ed: The congregation says, "Amen!"]

2 Well, without me wanting to encourage the sinner, I ask that sanctions should not be too heavy if the brother or the sister has confessed promptly with regret. In Dabou, a sister who had sinned under the pressure of her family was excluded from the assembly for two months as a sanction. That was too much. I believe that two weeks were within the limits of the Word! The public confession applies to everyone but you cannot send away a person who is not yet seven months of conversion. [Ed: The congregation says, "Amen!"].

3 Now another Note:at maturity, it’s the seed that will make difference. The seed is the matrix of the character and the character itself is the matrix of the behaviour. That’s why the seed eventually gets the upper hand over knowledge, habits and advice. And the seed can even get the upper hand over the Holy Spirit. That is why it should not be said,"He has a bad behaviour but he has had a bad behaviour", and we shouldn’t also say, "he has had a bad character but he has a bad character". You see?

4 Yesterday evening, I was meditating there and I said, Alas, Ahab, my son, you are now far from your fatherland and your family and even from your wife Jezebel, the prophetess. And the prophets of Baal are sitting in desolation. Oh, Ahab, my son, if you had paid attention to that sole prophet since 2002, so much blood would have not been shed. Oh, Ahab, my son, there is no more incense for you and you will not receive a lot of myrrh but the memory of you among your people will not be forgotten.

5 Also, the elections are over in Congo-Kinshasa and everything got a peaceful end by the grace of God according to my Word. God does not do that for politicians, investors or for some development but for the Salvation of the elect. [Ed: The congregation says, "Amen!"].

6 And at the same time, instability is still growing among our brethren in Cameroon, who are even seeking to split up. But it is not possible because the prophet is alive on the earth. The Church is the body, the prophet is the soul, and God is the Spirit! And a body in which there is a soul cannot decompose. As long as a prophet is on earth, his church cannot split up. That was so from generation to generation till William Branham comes on the earth. And William Branham had to die so that his body, that is, his church now decomposes.

7Observe it well, even if I say nothing, there will not have divisions in Cameroon because I am alive on the earth. [Ed: The congregation says, "Amen!"].And it was reported to me remarks such as, "We’d better follow a person who’s been baptised and consecrated by the prophet and who lives an ungodly life rather than following a person who’s not been baptised and consecrated by the prophet and who lives a good life". No brethren, that is not what I have taught, the devil wants to bring division, but it is not possible because I am on the earth. [Ed: The congregation says, "Amen!"].

8 Well, last week, a brother had asked whether he could keep a part of the tithe of the tithes that he had to send for a certain number of needs of the Message in Canada. That is a good intention but it is not correct except if the prophet messenger asks it.

9 Also, the Brother sent me a mail saying that 48 hours after he sent me the tithe of the tithes, a recurrent problem in the building where he lives, which remained unsolved for years and which he could not solve, got solved in an extraordinary way. I said, Brother, it’s more than that! Rejoice not because that problem was solved but rejoice because you have done something historical and significant. A white man has paid the tithe to a black African and it is the first time before God because all that was before me was nothing but stealing and imitation. And these two things are in line with the Word. [Ed: The congregation says, "Amen!"].

10 Also, after the last preaching, talking of the high-ranked dignitaries’ baptisms that they never took back, some Branhamists were courageous enough to ask me, "Who baptised William Branham?" They asked me,Where and in which name was William Branham himself baptised?" Why that? Because they find it normal that Joseph Coleman, Ewald Frank and other Branhamist leaders do not take again their Methodist, Baptist, Pentecostal and others baptism. You see? Do not be surprised that they do not understand these things. They are nothing but Pentecostals![Ed: The congregation says, "Amen!"]. How could someone come to John the Baptist and keep his Pharisee, Sadducee, Hellenist, Herodian baptism and so on. William Branham did not re-baptise them because he considered them as servants of God. William Branham considered Billy Graham, Tommy Osborn, Oral Robert and others as being servants of God. And today Branhamists consider evangelical leaders as being servants of God. They can pray with them and sit with them with politicians and their mind do not reproach them. William Branham is a true prophet but the Branhamists are children of the devil. It is like the Bible and Christianity.

11 And also concerning the last preaching, they said, "Brother Branham says that animals have no soul, if you believe in him, say, "Amen!" I said, all right, I say, "Amen!" but would you explain me Genesis 1:30? And one of them said again, "If animals have a soul, that means that they can dream" And I told him, Sir, the she-ass of Balaam had some visions and spoke in tongues. [Ed: The congregation says, "Amen!"].You see? And I told him, William Branham’s dog and horse that he saw among the souls that were under the altar in the sixth dimension, what does this seem like to you? You see?

12 I said, I believe in Martin Luther and John Wesley and I say, "Amen!" to all the things they preached and if I were at their time I would get baptised in the Name of the Father and the Son and the Holy Spirit by aspersion. But today the baptism is not in the Name of the Father and, the Son and the Holy Spirit because the revelation is progressive! [Ed: The congregation says, "Amen!"].I believe in William Branham but the two Angels which descended in Sodom and Gomorrah on both sides of God are not Billy Graham and Oral Robert but Elijah and Moses. The same God and the same Holy Angels who were with Martin Luther with his Trinitarian baptism are the same God and the same Holy Angels who were with William Branham baptising in the Name of Lord Jesus Christ in the Ohio River.

13 And on this side, the same God and the same Holy Angels who were with William Branham are the same God and the same Holy Angels who are here. [Ed: The congregation says, "Amen!"].If somebody believes in the Lord Jesus Christ, he will believe in me. If somebody believes in Martin Luther, he will believe in me. If somebody believes in William Branham, he will believe in me. But those ones are not true sons of William Branham but the sons of an imaginary William Branham and the only thing they have left is to have saint Meda, saint Hope, saint Cecilia because they are the seventh head of the beast, of the great dragon. [Ed: The congregation says, "Amen!"]. But the elect will always follow the living prophet of their time because the prophet is Jesus Christ redefining the Word for each generation. Bear in mind that Christ is the mystery of the revelation of God as in each generation, the living prophet messenger is the mystery of the revelation of Christ. [Ed: The congregation says, "Amen!"].

14 Well, as for the consecration of babies, it is not obligatory if not it can be done everywhere there is a servant of God who thinks himself worthy to do it. If it’s at Church, the father and the mother will come before the pulpit and the mother will give the baby to the pastor or to the preacher who will raise a short prayer like, "Lord Jesus Christ, the God of Brother Branham and Brother Philippe, under the virtue of the mandate and of the grace that I received and in agreement with the two parents standing here, I pray that this child will always prevail on sin and that no evil action or word in whatever kind be able to prevail on him. Whoever blesses him be blessed and that any curse against him have no effect and that he be a subject of blessing for the earth, his parents and for us too! Amen!"But for the baptism, it is from 14 years of age. But at 12 years old, that is possible with the agreement of the parents. But you can no longer beat a child who is baptised. Never beat your child with anger or to appease your anger. And if you are angry, do not speak for fear of cursing. [Ed: The congregation says, "Amen!"].

15 Also, as for marriage, the blessing is necessary and that will be done before the congregation or at the pastor’s house or at the residence of the brother and the sister. But it will take place before the congregation only if the brother and the sister were a model since their engagement. [Ed: The congregation says, "Amen!"].

16 Well, now let’s get to the preaching, be attentive, a brother has had two dreams. The first occurred several years before the midnight Cry and the second, just two months ago. He says, "In the first dream, I looked and I saw two eagles fighting in mid-heaven. And the two eagles were fighting until a third eagle came down from Heaven between them to separate them and one of the two that were fighting refused to yield and the third eagle fought against the eagle which refused to yield and an eagle feather from among the two eagles fell from heaven and when the feather fell, that was some paper sheets with writings on both sides of them". What does this dream mean? Well, we will come to that!

17The brother says again, "In the second dream, the Heaven was open again and I saw a black girl whom I knew on earth but when I saw her in Heaven, she was of mixed race. I was setting to film that with my mobile phone and a voice told me, "Do not film what you see, for all the inhabitants of the earth are following what you see". And the vision of the mixed race girl melted and that was changed and I could see in its place that a small room was open and I saw the preachers of the midnight Cry and the small room became a very large room and men of all the races of the earth and presidents and kings and the great men of the earth were there for a very solemn ceremony and I saw as if a man was preparing to receive a great distinction. And I saw Brother Benié standing there and Brother Zadi behind the man, then, close to him and I looked and behold, there was a star on the left side and another star on the right side. I no longer saw the rest of the event but it was as if he had received the distinction and when that took place, there was a very great joy in Heaven and on earth and I wanted to film that again and the same voice told me, "Do not film what you see, for all the inhabitants of the earth are also seeing that". And I saw that on earth there was joy because God had done that for the Salvation of men and some jumped and shouted for joy saying, "We are saved, we are saved" whereas some others were sad and in tears. And some soft dew issued out from under the vision and sprinkled the earth. And I looked until I no longer saw the vision and I was going and behold, several people were talking of the event that had taken place in Heaven!".

18 Well, let’s consider the first dream! Notice that the third eagle did not come down to separate the two which were fighting but to make them stop fighting. You see? Now, what are those two eagles fighting in heaven? While they are fighting, notice that either one is of God and the other of the devil or both of them are of the devil! There are the two possibilities! Is this an eagle of God fighting against an eagle of the devil? And what are those two eagles and where are they coming from? The earth can see them as eagles of God but I tell you that both of them are of the devil. [Ed: The congregation says, "Amen!"].The two eagles are of the devil. It is not Branhamism fighting against Catholicism or Protestantism or evangelical movements but those two eagles he saw are the two main Branhamist trends on the earth. On the one hand, the German eagle with the trend of Europe and on the other hand the western eagle, the western Branhamism trend, that is to say that of America with Joseph and Billy Paul Branham.

19 And the vision of the third eagle coming down from Heaven shows that in the days when the great eagle of Jeffersonville, that is, William Branham disappears from the earth two false eagles will rise up in its place, fighting each other and then the God of the Heavens, the great eagle, will come down from Heaven, will fight them as Michael and will defeat them and will come down on the earth to give power and authority to the Wife of the Lamb according to Revelation 12. And Elena Sanchez this American woman of whom I have talked in a sermon, has seen me in a vision it was the Angel and the Angel said to her, "I am Michael who stands before God…" and she said, "My soul seemed to be leaving me, I thought that I was going to die". She said, "When everyone rejects the midnight Cry in North America, I will never abandon It".She was a Branhamist and she said it because of the power that came from the revelation. In the Branhamism, it is in sensational that God is. When she saw all that, as God coming down from Mount Sinai, she said as Jews, "When everyone rejects the midnight Cry in North America, I will never abandon It ".[Ed: The congregation says, "Amen!"].

20 Actually, the first two eagles are not eagles but serpents, to the point that when they were defeated and that their feathers were plucked so that they may not fly off any more to seduce the inhabitants of the earth, they became the serpent which they have always been. You see? The mystery is that one thing can have two opposite meanings. Thus, do not say, it’s a horseman sitting on a white horse, it’s therefore God or it’s a mixed race woman sitting in a military truck, it’s therefore Branhamism but it’s a living prophet messenger who is entitled to show its Interpretation. [Ed: The congregation says, "Amen!"].

21 From generation to generation, it’s the same religious serpent! The ancient serpent! He once took the appearance of a lion and he was defeated, then he took once the appearance of a calf and he was defeated, then another time he took the appearance of man when Martin Luther left the earth and he was defeated and this time, on this side, when William Branham died, he took the appearance of an eagle because we are in the age of the eagle, then he metamorphosed into two eagles fighting over the kingship of the earth. They want to control suchand suchcontinent, such and such nation and when they saw the great eagle coming down, they said, "Great master, we are with you to fight the kings of the East, the North, the West and the South" but the great eagle shouted with a voice of thunder, "You, Branhamists, stop and depart from here!" [Ed: The congregation says, "Amen!"].

22The great eagle said, "If you are with me and if you do not believe in theology, how does it come that you have some Louis Segond, King James, Scofield bibles in your hand or that you fraternize with those who have Louis Segond, Scofield, Thompson, King James bibles in their hand? Depart from here!" And they resisted and fought against the great eagle and the great eagle defeated them because of the blood of the Lamb! And they lost their feathers because of the Words of mystery and condemnation that proceeded from the great eagle. And the mysteries were written on the feathers that were plucked. [Ed: The congregation says, "Amen!"].And the feather that came down became leaves of sermons. And this one is the 106thleaf of the sermon fallen down from the Heaven. [Ed: The congregation says, "Amen!"].

23 Now let’s consider the second dream. First, a mixed race girl! Do not confuse this with the mixed race woman of the vision of 1993. You see? One same thing can have two different meanings before God. Two angels can be standing there and one is of God whereas the other is of the devil. Two twins, similar like two drops of water, can come out of the same womb and one is of God whereas the other is of the devil. In Revelation 19 we see a horseman sitting on a white horse and in Revelation 6 we see another horseman sitting on a white horse and one is of God whereas the other is of the devil. In Exodus 19, the entire Mount Sinai was trembling and it was God whereas in 1 Kings 19, Mount Horeb was trembling and it was the devil.

24 Yet, this mystery was hidden there on purpose, in the mysteries of the river Chebar and of Patmos. Christ, the Bridegroom comes in the colour of the Heaven, the sapphire which is a dark blue transparent colour while the Bride comes through the chrysolite which is a mixture of mixtures of colours. And this is exactly what that greenish yellow becomes at maturity. You see? We are in the age of the painter and it’s in the age of the painter that the colouration of the Bride is revealed. Martin Luther and John Wesley knew her on the earth as a white woman. But on the island Patmos John saw her. He wanted to write it but he was told, "No John, seal that up and do not write it, do not say the colour of her body!" [Ed: The congregation says, "Amen!"].William Branham heard that in an unknown tongue… And all the nature testifies to that. Observe most of the fruits and see that this is the colour of maturity. Look at the fruits of the bush and you will see that it’s exactly the colour of maturity. [Ed: The congregation says, "Amen!"].

25 Thus, a living creature can appear here and it’s one of the four living creatures and the same creature can appear there and it’s one of the four empires of Daniel 7! The same lion can appear here as the Babylonian empire and the same lion can appear there as being one of the four living creatures.

26 This Bride of Christ that John sees in the book of Revelation can only be a mixed race woman. She is not an Asian, a white, an Indian or a black African or a Maghrebi woman but a mixed race woman. Amen! When Jesus Christ turns to the nations, it is to find a Bride for Himself. But what is the race of this Bride? From Asia, Paul saw her yellow-skinned, from Europe, Martin Luther, Jean Calvin and John Wesley saw her as an enchanting White woman. In America, William Branham certainly saw her as an Indian woman. And on this side, in Africa, she cannot be but an African woman and the brother says that he knew that girl on the earth as a black girl who has to be purified, made white and refined. When the Bride of Christ appears in Heaven, she will not be but a mixed race virgin. No matter how righteous her heart is and how good her works are but if she was not a mixed race virgin, it was wrong! But it is first a black virgin who is to come. [Ed: The congregation says, "Amen!"].

27 What happened? When, not me, but the Lord Jesus Christ turns to the nations to choose a Bride for Himself, He could not take an Asian, a European, an American or an African only but a Bride coming from all the nations. The Bible says that she comes from every nation and tribe and people and language. You see? Israel means married to God and because the iniquitous works of Israel mounted up to Heaven, God turned to the nations to choose a Bride for Himself from among pagan women.

28 But is it possible that the foolish woman teaches wisdom to the wise ones and that the prostitute teaches morality to the virgins? Yes brethren, God can do that. That’s why Tyre and Sidon will teach righteousness to Israel and Jerusalem shall be confused if I am a true prophet. [Ed: The congregation says, "Amen!"].Israel is going to prostitution and among the nations, God raises up a virgin for Himself. A virgin which says,"O you God of the prophets, I wish to see Thee." This is the prayer of saints. And this song is a prayer by the Spirit.

29 The Spirit of God addressing to God Himself in the sinner’s place. You see? The saved one addressing to God in the lost one’s place. We do not only sing for us but also for all those who are afar in alcohol, corruption, prostitution and especially in Catholic, Protestant, evangelical and Branhamist darkness including the missions and ministries. Yes the God of the prophets, we wish to see Thee, Thou who gave Thy Life for us to be saved.

30Yes the God of prophets, The Saint of saints, the Rock of ages, the God of Moses, of Joshua, the God of Elijah, of Elisha, the God of Branham, the God of Kacou Philippe, You the Faithful and True, The Angel and the Lamb...we wish to see You. You the God of John Wesley, the God of Martin Luther we wish to see you. [Ed: The congregation says, "Amen!"].A Bride of the nations at the place of Israel, it is Your grace which did that! A man of the nations prophet messenger, it is Your grace which did that. May Your Name be praised from ages to ages. Amen!

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