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(Preached on Sunday morning March 18, 2012 in Adjamé, Abidjan - Ivory Coast)

1 First, Brethren, I am surprised about what I see. A son inherits from his father, but the prophetic ministry that I have received, will one day return to its original owner. And also, my bread is consecrated and the people I love so much worry me. Even the four apostles do not find a day in the month to come and greet me and return, like a son and his father whom he loves. Apart from Brothers Anatole, Kadjo and Akobé, none of them had this thought. And six months after the departure of Brother Kadjo, apart from Brother Anatole and Alfred of M'batto, which pastor or assembly brings assistance to his wife and to his children? There is no one! To the point that she has become an ice water seller. May that be a dream! If not, let my bride and my children beg after me but I will not modify anything of what I have said.

2 I do not know what my wife and my children will be after me but God knows. As for me, I will forever keep the vision. I will never envisage a commercial activity for the future of my family. Far from it! A prophet like me cannot do that. And I also know that God will make so that Anatole will always be on earth. [Ed: The congregation says, "Amen!"].

3 I am saying these things but, at the same time, a joy comes to me from Up There, there where my treasure is! Brethren, my joy was great when I heard about the conversion of Pastor André Lima of Brazil. May God lead him and bless his assemblies. He can only understand Portuguese. This is why, may God bless all those who translate the Message into various languages. He sent me his testimony… he was first a Baptist then he spent seven years with the Pentecostals then fifteen years with the Branhamists where he opened several assemblies. He lives in the City of Sergipe, near Salvador in the State of Bahia, where slave ships unloaded African slaves. He told me, "Brother Philippe, we have burnt the pagan books; and when I was burning the false versions of bible, my wife asked me saying, We are now going to remain without a Bible? And I answered her, "Sister, now the Bride has become Word." [Ed: The congregation says, "Amen!"].

4 Well, I have received a flood of questions which I am going to try to answer. I know that it’s for the sake of sanctification that you asked them... Well, there are some sins which are upon the line of demarcation and others which are behind the line of demarcation. It’s in this sense that I spoke for example of mouth to mouth or the light when a brother comes near his wife. As for condoms in exceptional cases, I do not know yet. Also, I said that we must not use the razor on a part of the body but a pair of scissors or some clippers or something which would not remove all on the body. I have never had hair in my armpits. And I therefore think that one can use a cream to remove hair from his armpits.

5 Also, for the progression of the Message, Brother Joseph Michel Paul and I wanted to find a house of translation for the German language. Finally, we gave up this project. I prefer somebody who believes rather than a house of translation. I remember that in the beginning of this Message, I used to go to type the chapters in a house of word processing. There was a young Catholic girl who typed the texts. She liked me because I would tell her that this or that thing would happen in the country and that happened thus but as for typing the texts, she was always angry because of the content and although I was paying the bill. You see? I would tell her, "Do not care about the content" but she murmured every time she typed the texts, trying to modify what I said because of her Catholic faith. You see? Those things have convinced me that a brother or a sister would be better for the translation. We have Brothers José Felix, Barianja, Crispin Kambale and God will call some more because the elect need that. [Ed: The congregation says, "Amen!"].

6 Also, I had been invited by the Baptist media but, the board of the directors of their church refused the confrontation which was to take place yesterday. You see? It was on last Friday evening, March 9 that they called me to ask for my presence the following day, Saturday at 8 a.m and I called them back to say that, at any event, I will be there because it was the very first church I frequented. And I informed Brothers Benié, Zadi and Darius who got in touch with them. A few minutes later, they called back to say that the programme was not going to take place because the Baptist reverend Krédji Silas who should be facing me had renounced. And they proposed that should be postponed for yesterday, Saturday March 17 and in addition to that reverend Krédji Silas, there would be the presence of the doyen Kouassi Thomas, doctor of divinity and director of the biblical institute of the Baptist church; thing which I accepted immediately.

7 But on Friday evening, I am informed that the Baptist board of directors had been meeting up till late in the night and that it was decided that the confrontation should be cancelled. A Baptist journalist came to Brother Joseph’s home to present to me the apologies of the radio station. But for me, seeing that in addition to the two adversaries, the journalist is a Baptist and that it is a Baptist radio station located within the Baptist church, they did not have anything to fear. The brethren came from the whole Ivory Coast for this purpose to see the wonders of God but alas! [Ed: The congregation says, "Amen!"]. You know, above the director of the biblical institute, is Reverend Dion Robert, but also above Reverend Dion Robert is one of the greatest figures of the American Christianity, Reverend Jim Lassiter.

8 And in 2011 during the Ivorian crisis, reverend Jim Lassiter did not ask reverend Dion Robert not to interfere in politics but he asked the Ivorian government, the French forces and the UN forces and Senator John Inhofe to grant reverend Dion Robert and all the Baptist church a special care. You see? Dr. Kouassi Thomas saw it just right then: The long life of the eagle depends on God while the long life of the chicken depends on men. And that, the Baptist journalist who wanted chickens to give him courses on clouds and in space did not know it. Anyway, God will judge the Baptist church. [Ed: The congregation says, "Amen!"].

9 May God bless you! Now, I would like to speak again about the prophetic faith. There were several dispensations. But the age in which we are is the age of the eagle and it is the prophetic faith. But I want to let you notice something: there is the prophetic faith and living the prophetic faith. So, you can receive the teaching and the knowledge of the prophetic faith like a pious Branhamist without you living the prophetic faith.

10 There was a time when having the knowledge of this prophetic faith could give eternal Life because the Bible says that knowledge would increase. But today, it’s question of living the prophetic faith. It’s like the third Pull which is different from the manifestation of the third Pull. We are preaching the third Pull but the manifestation of the third Pull is coming. In the evening time, they just had the knowledge of it. But they did not live that. This is why we can see today the Lee Vayle with the bi-unitary faith, Joseph Coleman with the thunders, Junior Jackson on his side. Ewald Frank on the other side and so on…

11 In the prophetic faith, it is question of simply showing the thing and all those for whom that is ordained before the foundation of the world will say, "Amen!" This is the original faith! And it is this faith that God will bring back on the earth at the end of times because He is the God of restitution. You see? As soon as the original faith is the prophetic faith, there is an imprint of prophetism in the four living creatures. And we see that at the time of Martin Luther, when Martin Luther was preaching the baptism by aspersion in the Name of the Father, the Son and the Holy Spirit, if somebody came to show by Acts 2:38 that the baptism was in the Name of the Lord Jesus Christ by immersion, he was a son of the devil. [Ed: The congregation says, "Amen!"]. And at the time of Matthew 25:6, we did not receive an apostolic, Branhamist or Pentecostal faith but the prophetic faith. You see? Now, there is a brother who wanted to know if the Archangel Michael were really God as I said it during an intervention here…

12 Notice that the presence of the Archangel Michael is directly linked to the Spirit of Daniel and to the midnight Cry. In the book of Revelation, we see the midnight Cry in Revelation 12:14. But before that, the Archangel Michael appears in Revelation 12:7. The Bible says, "And there was war in the Heaven: Michael and his Angels went to war with the dragon…" The Michael of Daniel 12:1 and the Michel of Revelation 12:7 [Ed: Micaël and Michel are respectively from Daniel 12:1 and Revelation 12:7 of the Darby French Version] are the same Name as the Yeshua ha'Mashiah of the Jews and our Lord Jesus Christ are the same Name and the same Person! [Ed: The congregation says, "Amen!"]. And when we go in the book of Daniel, the midnight Cry sounds in Daniel 12:8-10. You see? But before that, the Archangel Michael appears in verse 1 of Daniel 12. It is written: "And at that time shall Michael stand up, the great Prince who standeth for the children of thy people …" And finally when we go further again in the book of Joshua, the midnight Cry sounds in Joshua chapter 6. But before that, the Archangel Michael appears in chapter 5 verse 13 to 15. You see? When the prophet says that the Archangel Michael is Jesus Christ, that should not be a trial for anybody. [Ed: The congregation says, "Amen!"].

13 According to the prophetic faith, if you see things in a certain way and that the prophet comes to tell you another thing, consider that it is God Himself who has sent an Angel to enlighten you. And you cannot go against that unless you first produce your call and commission. [Ed: The congregation says, "Amen!"]. And if, while discussing with a Baptist, you say that Michael is not God and that Baptist tells you, "And yet, your Prophet says that Michael is God", you say, "No, the prophet cannot say that! Michael is not God!" But if that Baptist shows you in the book of Prophet Kacou Philippe that Michael is God, whatever your past conviction was, you will shout, "Glory to God! Hallelujah! This is the whole truth! Michael is God!" That’s it, the prophetic faith! [Ed: The congregation says, "Amen!"].

14 Now, I am going to read Joshua 5:13-15. Follow that very closely. Joshua 5:13-15: "And it came to pass when Joshua was by Jericho, that he lifted up his eyes and looked, and behold, there stood a man before him with his sword drawn in his hand. And Joshua went to Him, and said to Him: Art thou for us, or for our enemies? And he said: …", listen well now. It’s that man speaking now. That man is Michael. You see? The Angel of Jehovah is Jesus Christ, it is God Himself. And Jehovah of Hosts, it is Michael, it is Jesus Christ and it is God Himself. [Ed: The congregation says, "Amen!"]. Who’s in good position to know Michael? It is not Martin Luther, John Wesley or William Branham but it is the Spirit of Daniel and he that preaches the midnight Cry is the Spirit of Daniel.

15 Listen now to what the Angel is going to say in verse 14. The Angel says, "… No, I am not an enemy. No; for as captain of the Army of Jehovah am I NOW come." Amen! He says, I used to come as the Angel of Jehovah, but now I have come as the Captain of the army of Jehovah. And the rest of the verse says, "… Then Joshua fell upon his face to the earth, and worshipped, and he said, What saith my Lord unto his servant? And the captain of Jehovah's army said to Joshua, Loose thy sandal from off thy foot: for the place whereon thou standest is holy. And Joshua did so." What is this? Amen! The Angel did not say to Joshua, "No, rise up, I am an angel, I am your fellow-bondman!" Why? Because this Angel was God Himself. Jehovah of hosts, it is God Himself and it is Michael. And Joshua did Him homage because it was God. [Ed: The congregation says, "Amen!"].

16 In Revelation 19, it was a person. And he said to John, "No John, do not worship me!" But here in Joshua chapter 5, it is Michael, Jehovah of Hosts, it was Jesus Christ Himself. And Joshua worshipped Him and He said to Joshua, "Joshua, take thy sandal off! You are in the presence of God". And a brother told me, "Brother Philippe, Michael means: Him that is like God." When I said that Michael was Jesus Christ Himself, I didn’t know I had said that… Amen! It needed a prophet to reveal that. The saints’ faith, it is the prophetic faith, the faith around a living prophet messenger. [Ed: The congregation says, "Amen!"].

17 When Jesus Christ will come on the earth, there will be a prophet on the earth because the unity of the faith cannot be made but around a living prophet. If there are a thousand Branhamist churches or trends on earth, it is because they have abandoned the prophetic faith. And each of these thousands of trends will have its way. Each one will have its way. Each one will have its truth and its way of seeing things. This one believes that this is that. The other believes that this is that. So on and so forth. But before the rapture, a prophet will bring to the unity of the faith all the children of God on the earth. When the prophet comes, it is not a sacrifice that each one must make to give up his position, but they must simply throw their precious lights away and align themselves behind the prophet. That’s it. [Ed: The congregation says, "Amen!"].

18 The churches have some truths. You say, "We are in the truth…" but the elect and the children of God will always have a living prophet on the earth. The elect are looking for a prophet, the sons of the devil are looking for truths. We are not looking for a truth because the truth of a demon is a lie. Even if you are Catholic, you must not leave your Catholic church and follow somebody because he has a truth that others do not have. But you must follow a living prophet messenger who has an authentic Message and call and commission. It is the only way in which that can be and 2 Chronicles 20:20 and Hosea 12:14 say that. God does not send a church or a truth or a ministry on earth but a prophet messenger and it is from the prophet messenger that all these things proceed. And so, God will always keep his Prophet in the truth. You see? Now, I am taking a note here!

19 On last Sunday, to the question: If all those who lead the confession had to confess, who would lead it? I had been waiting for the exact answer to this question for several days and in the pulpit, I said that with the grace of God, the pastor could come and do it and right away, it came upon my heart to say that it is an elder who should be designated by his peers to do it and I started feeling a presence to attest that. What’s this? God keeping his Prophet. [Ed: The congregation says, "Amen!"]. And if it is found that at the time of the public confession the whole congregation has to confess and this surprised you, the whole congregation will confess and will kneel down and then will rise up and continue the service. And exceptionally for that day, the pastor can decide that some confessions judged serious must be taken back the next service. [Ed: The congregation says, "Amen!"]. I say thank you to God for all the times that he led me through difficult moments.

20 And this reminds me of another case: It was in November that the two dreams that I interpreted were explained to me and up to Wednesday evening January 11, 2012, I had tried as much as I can to understand the first dream which seemed rather mysterious to me but in vain! But that last Wednesday evening January 11, I was sitting there, in the assembly of Yopougon-Koweit and suddenly, my thought was led on to the first dream and at the same moment my mind opened as a book on the complete Interpretation of the two dreams and in a few seconds, that got spread on to a lot of things! Brethren, it’s inimitable! Something happened there! [Ed: The congregation says, "Amen!"].

21 Do you remember these three thunder blasts when Perry Green was with William Branham? They were three Words pronounced by the Angel, "Judgment West coast" and an earthquake struck Alaska. You see? And on this side, the two religious trends, identical in the form, the language, and so on… what is it? The Branhamist mummy that Tommy Osborn had blessed on April 11, 1966 died and two twin sisters, like two horns of similar appearance rose in her place. Those two eagles were two twin sisters and when the great eagle struck them in the Heaven, the judgment struck the earth and the whole world was terrified, and the two twin towers of the World Trade Center, the heart and the world capital of money were struck and broken! It could be nowhere else but there, for it was to those Americans that William Branham had been sent and because they preferred money to him that can save their souls, God has turned to Africa! You see? People have forsaken the living prophet to follow ways that God did not trace. [Ed: The congregation says, "Amen!"].

22 And recently, a certain Michael Morin, wrote me from Canada so that I should indicate if the three dreams he had are from God. He wrote, "God has revealed me what Brother Branham would have taught if he had lived longer and I need the confirmation of two personalities of first order who walk 100% in the Spirit of Christ and after searching, I decided that I needed your confirmation as well as Ewald Frank’s. It seems that you have the intelligence of visions". And I told him, Do you know André Morin, the author of the book: the Ten Abominations of Rome? He said, "He’s my junior brother". I said, Concerning the visions you had, I am curious to know something as well: Ewald Franck is not a prophet, so how can he know if your visions are from God or not? If the human greatness can interpret or explain a vision, then why don’t you ask President Barack Obama who is very close to you in America? And he said, "I tell you that the site says that the revelations I had come from God". And I told him, "Mr. Morin, a website is not a prophet!" And as for those revelations, … I just read one vision and I left that. It is divination. [Ed: The congregation says, "Amen!"].

23 Since the day when I started speaking about the prophetic faith, a passage of the Message came into my mind. I am going to read that, "In the evening time it was cancer and at midnight it is AIDS. When one day we have gathered this Message in a book, we will make a brochure of the Testimonies and I said that there will be Testimonies of Healings from AIDS, medically certified otherwise I am not a prophet. There cannot be enough demons to foil that. If the God of the midnight Cry is not the Creator of the Heaven and the earth, and that I'm not Matthew 25: 6, let me not heal AIDS at all." And last month, even before medicine confirms that, I read this passage in the pulpit and I said, Today this Scripture is fulfilled but await the medical confirmation. Whatever the faith you have in the prayer of a pastor, prophet or other, that healing must absolutely be medically attested. You see?

24 And I had prayed saying, Oh God, I know that all the hell has locked the fulfilment of this Scripture but if You want it, You can at least give me this living testimony for the elect. However, even if You do not give it, they will recognize and always confess that I am the infallible Prophet of God and that it’s You who have sent me on April 24, 1993. They have never doubted and they will never doubt even if they do not see that. [Ed: The congregation says, "Amen!"]. And something happened!

25 And the Angel could say, "I am the Almighty God! I have created the Heaven and the earth and the Expanse of the Heavens and all that exists! I am He that speaks and things come to existence!" And I said, Yes Lord, you made all these things! You see? And I had prayed thus for Sister Angèle who came to serve me in Katadji for six months now. She had approached me to say, "Brother, my father wants me to go and continue higher studies in America."

26 I said to her, "Go, Sister!" And she started gathering the application files and making the tests requested and on January 19, 2012, the NGO which is in charge of her trip calls her, she goes to their office and she is announced that after the serology test, she has been declared HIV-positive. I was the first person she called and I told her, "Sister, it’s understood but do not tell anybody not even your parents". The NGO is called: Pierre de Secours Ébenezer. It’s located at Angré Cité Caféier 7. It is Sister Angèle. Then on February 16, she goes to the pneumo-phthisiology service of the University Hospital Centre of Treichville which is, to my knowledge, the largest hospital centre of Ivory Coast. The pneumo-phthisiology service is specialized and responsible for serology tests and there, the disease is confirmed. She is HIV-positive. And when she called me, I gave her the same recommendations not to tell anyone. Her brother and her father called her but she did as I said. Then, she told me, "Brother Philippe, the doctors told me to come back for them to determine the stage of the disease so that I could be put under treatment". And I said to her, "Okay but come to see me first!" And she came to Katadji and first of all, I had two conversations with her before I prayed, on Friday evening February 24. You see?

27 After having served me for months, in early January, she told me that she needed a small amount of money, for her personal needs and I did not give her but in spite of that, she kept serving me. This is why I said, I will pray for her because of that and I prayed for her on February 24 and on March 01, she went back again to the the University Hospital Centre of Treichville for the test which should determine the stage of the disease and there, the doctor no longer understands. Amen! The result is HIV-negative. They are all astonished. [Ed: The congregation says, "Amen!"]. She sent me a text message and then she called me. She was extremely happy. And the text message read: "Prophet, I have just made the test again, it’s negative. It is beyond my understanding. May the glory and the honour be to you". And I answered her saying, Yes Sister but may the glory and the honour be to the Angel and the Lamb who sent me on the earth. And you, do not tell anyone". She said, "Brother, before the medical confirmation when the other Sunday you said, "Today this Scripture is fulfilled", if the doctor said something else, I would say that he was mistaken." [Ed: The congregation says, "Amen!"]. You see? I knew that science would confirm that.

28 And she says that on March 09, doctor Assi of the pneumo-phthisiology service of the University Hospital Centre of Treichville told her to return for some more thorough tests, and on March 12, she went there and there were two other doctors and one of them greeted her saying, "Hello the miraculously healed" and she was told that her blood would be taken and examined in a special laboratory and that was done. Three different tests were performed on that March 12 and the doctors told her, "These are the most reliable tests. You are certified and confirmed HIV-negative." And the NGO la Pierre de Secours Ébenezer made a new file on which it was written: HIV-negative! The names and the dates and all the rest are found in the archives of pneumo-phthisiology service of the University Hospital Centre of Treichville. Amen!

29 There were authentic Healings like this one and there will be more. It is different from evangelical anointings which relieve you for a time without the disease leaving you. If God tells me to do it, I can call some journalists and have ten HIV-positive individuals come here and pray for them and that disease will leave them! [Ed: The congregation says, "Amen!"]. But that would be a granted will from God. William Branham said, "… Let's get ready for this midnight Cry. It's coming in a hour when you think not. There'll be a Cry, not amongst the unbelieving world; it'll be a secret". This is why I say, Do not tell anyone! And may God bless you! Amen! [Ed: While the prophet was leaving the pulpit, a sister spread out her wrapper on his way so he should walk on it].

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