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Updated: May 28

(Preached on Sunday July 08, 2012 in Adjamé, Abidjan – Ivory Coast)

1 By the grace of God, the Message is published and broadcast everywhere according to the Word of the prophet. And we give glory to God because the hour to make known what remained for a long time hidden has come. And I gave an instruction so you can henceforth even call during their so-called Christian shows on their radios and televisions; you can take any identity like David in 1 Samuel 21:11-15.

2 Call and very wisely place living words that the devil’s cunningness will not be able to blot out! And if, you are given an opportunity, and that you are on one of those Catholic, Protestant, evangelical or Branhamist channels, and seeing that you are speaking live, let them no more recognize you right from the start: betray all the promises you made to them because they have refused the test of their time! Hypocrisy is when being an eagle, you will try to cry like a crow! Even if they’ve promised you to have ten radio or television shows, right from your first show and as soon as you are speaking live, give a summary of the Message! For example, if they ask you for the name of "Kacou Philippe" in the Bible, tell them that they are ignorant because the Bible does not announce names but the ministry, that’s why the name the Lord Jesus Christ or of John the Baptist is not written literally in the Old Testament!

3 And you remember that I announced one thing here: The Holy Spirit will speak through them for their condemnation! At a big gathering, that will take place before them and they will hear, "I am the God of Kacou Philippe…"That will happen and they will not be able to hide that. And there will be a tumult and confusion among them and the elect will seek for the truth![Ed: The congregation says, "Amen!"].

4 Now, concerning the future of my children… I only receive the tithe of the tithes, it is Holy money and I can’t therefore invest in some things and build houses that will bring money to my family or to my children one day. I do not wish that my child or a member of my family lives an ungodly life and benefits unworthily from such holy a ministry! I feel convinced that if my son or my daughter lives a good life, he will not die of hunger. But if he takes by force or unworthily what I did not give him, all the curses will be on him and on his descendants and any eye will see it. But if he honours my memory, the impossible will be possible and he will prevail so that even his seed will be seen from all the corners of the earth and no infirmity will be in his house! [Ed: The congregation says, "Amen!"].

5 Well, I have two questions here. The first question is… Brother Philippe, from times past, prophets were Jews, how does it come that an African like you is a prophet? And here is my answer on this subject: All the prophets were Hebrew because, firstly, Jesus Christ was to be sent to the lost Sheep of the house of Israel, that’s why God only dealt with Jews and secondly, his first coming was for Jews and thus was it and his disciples and Apostles were Jews only; but for the second coming, it was for all the nations of the earth. That’s why He raises up messengers out of the four corners of the earth. He had sent Martin Luther, John Wesley and Ulrich Zwingli to say it to the Europeans. He had sent William Branham to say it to the Americans and now, He has sent the prophet Kacou Philippe to say it to the Africans. [Ed: The congregation says, "Amen!"]. And Africa has never been so stable and even the midnight Cry is also sounding in Angola through our Brother Hugo Zé.

6 Well, somebody wrote me saying, "Are you a major Prophet or a prophet amongst the ministries of Ephesians 4:11?And he said, If you say that you are an Ephesian prophet, there is no problem but if you say that you are a major Prophet like Moses, Isaiah, Jeremiah… then you are a false prophet!"You see? I answered him saying, Listen to the Words I say! If they are those of an Ephesian-prophet then I am an Ephesian but if they are those of a major Prophet like Moses, Isaiah or Jeremiah then I am a prophet messenger like Moses, Isaiah or Jeremiah. When I started preaching, then Emmanuel, a Branhamist pastor in Abobo said to Brother Christopher, "If he says that he is a major Prophet like Moses, Isaiah, Jeremiah… then we disagree with him but if he says that he is a Ephesian-Prophet, we will invite him to come and preach here… ".

7 Now I come to another question: Brother Philippe, can we wear hairpieceslike William Branham? I have been asked this question more than ten times. First, hairpieces and hair extensions, you can wear them if that is really necessary and I say it because William Branham wore a hairpiece. But if William Branham does not tell you that he has a hairpiece on, you will not know it. And I ask that this to be so, with the consent of your pastor or in case your health needs it. It is just to serve as your hair, so that cannot be of different color or fall down to your shoulders, nor be plaited. And in the same way, when I talk about secondhand clothes that you should not wear, I meant already-worn clothes. Amongst those secondhand clothes, there are already-worn clothes that are resold, those are those clothes you should not wear. I therefore did not mean clothes on sale, clothes never worn, even if they are secondhand clothes. I take the explanation again: Amongst those second-hand clothes are clothes and objects that have never been worn, things that perhaps could not be sold or are ends of series. You can wear them, it is not about them that I’m talking.

8 I come again to another question,Brother Philippe,my parents are obliging me to follow them in their church. And here is the answer: You must not go there but if they oblige you, go with the Spirit of the Message. And for example when it’s time to pray, raise your voice and say, "Oh Lord Jesus, God of Kacou Philippe, when I came here before, I used to live an ungodly life like the people of this church, I would do this and that but now I don’t do that anymore because You have sent your Holy Prophet Kacou Philippe… Oh Jesus Christ, they want me to come in this old church where a woman in menses can stand in the pulpit to preach before men"You see? Preach to all those that are around you and if somebody listens to you and talks about it, ask him if it is normal for someone to listen to his neighbour’s prayer. [Ed: The congregation says, "Amen!"].

9 Well, the bad news is that since his departure from here, our brother, Apostle Obame has been living in the sin of Sodom, abortion and all kinds of impure practices with Sister Solanie who is now pregnant. The assembly gave seven months as a sanction to the sister and I gave her seven days, and three months to Brother Obame. And I informed Apostle Mbuyi and Pastor Cédric Mavitsi in writing. And I remember that Apostle Mbuyi called me and spoke to me as Joab to David saying,"Prophet, did you listen to the recordings before you decided only one week of sanction for a sister who has committed so many sins? Will not the others say, what did they do to Sister Solanie who did worse than me?" And he talked on and on. But know that, in his sovereignty, God can grant grace to the sinner Nineveh, and that will not be an opportunity for Jerusalem to sin. You see? And without him seeking to know anything, on Sunday morning, Pastor Cédric Mavitsi stood in the pulpit and read simply what the prophet decided and the congregation said, "Amen" and I loved that. [Ed: The congregation says, "Amen!"].

10Everywhere the midnight Cry is preached, the same God will stand there to perform the same signs and Healings that He has performed with the prophet but you must first be identified with the prophet with fear! Brother Mbuyi is a good and brave brother, I confirm it but he must not ignore something: If I raise you to the rank of a companion, consider yourself as a slave. You ignore that when a case of confession reaches the prophet, it is already a sanction because when the prophet speaks of it, that goes to the ends of the earth and from generation to generation, that will never be blotted out. Humility and wisdom should dwell in us. [Ed: The congregation says, "Amen!"].

11 I have fulfilled all that has been said about me… diabetes, cancer and AIDS have been healed with medical proof as you have seen it this morning with, for example, Sister Emilie who had had three surgical operations in the past and recently, she had an ultra sound done again, which showed that her right ovary was missing. [Ed: Brother Philippe shows the X-ray]. You see? The doctor said to her, "Madam, your right ovary has been cut off". And she called the surgeon, who told her, "Madam, given your situation, we were obliged to cut off your right ovary". And she wept. And after I prayed for her, she went again to have the ultra sound done and was medically proven to be a miracle and your eyes saw it this morning! [Ed: The congregation says, "Amen!"]. The right ovary has been created! [Ed: Brother Philippe shows the first X-ray again, then the second X-ray]. And this morning again, you heard the testimony of our Sister Martha for whom I prayed last week and who has been healed from cancer with medical proof. And when praying, neither this one nor the other fell. And the Healings and miracles are multiple and authentic!

12 God has glorified his Name and confirmed this Ministry by innumerable signs and miracles. I have fulfilled my mission as a winner but if that is possible, I do not prophesy but I will see the perfect thing, this wonderful black virgin that God Himself will arouse. [Ed: The congregation says, "Amen!"]. But if it is possible my prayer is that the human kind had its mind open to understand that Salvation is not in a book called Bible, I would then say thank You Lord, now let Your Slave go in peace! I have brought on the earth the Light that you gave me and your children have known this Light and rejoiced themselves. [Ed: The congregation says, "Amen!"].

13 From now on, the children of God know thatthe Bible is just a document of history and research. It is the gathering of the books of the history of the kings of Israel and the prophets that God had sent for the Salvation of the past generations. The Bible is a memorial and a testimony of what God had done in the past. It’s a museum and it’s said nowhere that Salvation is in it. On the contrary, in John 5:39, Jesus said to your fathers the Pharisees, the mad people of his time "You search the Scriptures, for you think that in them you have Life eternal…" the Bible is a history book and somebody who searches through a history book, hoping to find eternal Life in it, it’s the lesson I learn from a mad person searching through the trash. [Ed: The congregation says, "Amen!"].

14 Theword Bible means Library.It is a feminine-plural word like "annals". The sixty-six books of the Bible are archives; they are sixty-six documents of the Judaic and Christian civilisations museum! You see? The Bible is only useful for its prophetic side which says for example in Matthew 25:6 that in the middle of black Africa, there shall be a Cry! Today, you accept that the voice crying in Isaiah 40:3 is John the Baptist as said by Matthew 3:3, Mark 1:3… and you do not accept that I am the fulfillment of Matthew 25:6 because the tree did not grow in your garden? The tree grew in Ivory Coast but its branches and its roots are in all the countries of the earth. You reject me, and yet that’s what I am! [Ed: The congregation says, "Amen!"].

15 Now listen to this parable of the Kingdom of Heaven.Anold woodcutter had only one son who was good at school; and that comforted and strengthened his father in the face of his hard labors as a woodcutter. One morning, the school director came and spoke to the pupils saying, "Dear pupils, school exams are coming soon and you can pass them without annals. But we’ve reckoned that with annals, you will have an idea of the tests that the generations before you had and you will be much more brilliant at the exam." Then the director took a book and said to the pupils, "This book contains the annals of the exams and competitive exams. It’s the gathering of several books. And each book contains the tests of one precise year and its correction. For example, chapter 10 contains the tests of 1975 and its corrections. And the tests of 1975 are different from the tests of 1976 and the tests of 1976 are different from the tests of 1977…"And after the explanations of the director, the annals were given to the son of the woodcutter and to the other pupils. But on the day of the exam, the son of the woodcutter refused to take the test of his time. He said, "If the tests that are in this book are authentic and permitted our seniors to pass their exam, why can’t I have the diploma directly if I solve them correctly?"And all the explanations could not bring the son of the woodcutter back to reason and his father was asked to take him to a psychiatrist. He that has ears to hear, let him hear!

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