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(Preached on Wednesday September 05, 2012 in Sikensi, near Abidjan – Ivory Coast)

1 Some brethren are still asking me what will become of Ahab while he is in The Hague in Netherlands. Yet, it’s been a long time that I answered that. I have already said that there will not be incense for him any more, it is over! In Matthew 2:11, the magi offered gold, incense and myrrh. Gold is divinity, the incense is the service and the myrrh is death. Also, bear in mind that the world is crucifying the Lord Jesus Christ again, that’s why the earth will be tormented again! There was more than cancer and this generation shall not pass that there shall be more than AIDS and more and more! You see?

2 Priests have preached, pastors have preached, your great men have preached, they have preached for many decades but tell me which of them preached and the preaching was published in newspapers? Has a newspaper published even oncea preaching of William Branham? There are none, but some preachings of the midnight Cry, some entire preachings are reported bynewspapers such as Polcré-vision in Cameroonand L’Eveil National in Gabon, newspapers which are not even religious ones, so to fulfill what has been said by the prophet: "journalists are scribes of God".[Ed: The congregation says, "Amen"].

3 Although fought on all sides, themidnight Cryis progressing and will always progress. You see? Taking advantage of the fact that we did not have television set, some television channels devote some shows to the destruction of the midnight Cry. That’s why I felt it good that he that wishes to have a television set at home can have it. You are mature enough to make the difference between good and evil. If that cannot constitute a cause for stumblingfor you, you can have it. In 1965, William Branham had a television setat his home, he had borrowed it from a woman. You see? The second reason to have a television set, is that with a DVD player, you can show the videos of the preachings to your visitors. Finally, thirdly, there is Gabonese television channel which broadcasts my videos every Saturday and soon, it will be the case on several television channels around the world. It is also the occasion to say that you have to produce some DVDs in every country and distribute them free to the population. [Ed: The congregation says, "Amen"].

4 God said in Leviticus 11, you shall not eat such and such animals. You shall not eat eagles, sparrow hawks, bats… You shall not eat such and such fish:bullheads, sheatfishes… Today, we eat them all because, he that can understand, has already understood what God meant in the old Covenant. [Ed: The congregation says, "Amen"].

5 Well, I am going to speak this morning about what the Catholic church was and you will see that the midnight Cryis simply the restitution of the original seed that the devil had destroyed. First, we know that from generation to generation, since Adam, he that was the sovereign pontiff, that meansthe bridge, the mediator between God and men, is the living prophet messenger. Each Prophet messenger since Noah was the mediator between God and men in his time.

6 And from the first centuries, the Catholic church knew that there could not be two truths or two Churcheson the earth. Listen to what the Catholic church said, "To be saved, all men must belong to the true Church which is the Roman Catholic Church"and this statement still appears among the very first dogmas and creeds of the Roman Catholic church today. And the Catholic church has producednew revelations which are not in the Bible: the worship of relics and angels, the sacraments of confirmation, of penitence and others, the turning of the public confession into the auricular confession, indulgences… these are so many dogmas having for the Catholics, the same values as each Word of the Bible. In her beginning, the Roman Catholic church had refused to lock God up in a book called Bible. And that, the Protestant, evangelical and Branhamist churches today, don’t know that.

7 The Catholicchurch had a good spirit and the right way of looking. She knew that the God of the Jews speaks by a livingprophet and she had set everything up, even a livingprophet in the person of the pope of Rome. There was only one thing left: God who should speakto that pope! Yet, God only speaks to a prophet and not to a pope because a pope is a high priest and God doesn’t speak to high priests. God doesn’t speak to apostles, church prophets, evangelists and teachers. God doesn’t speak to pastors but God speaks through a prophet having a call and a commission. But God reveals his Word only to a prophet messenger in a generation [Ed: The congregation says, "Amen"]. And Catholics tried to produce a prophet messenger but it didn't work. They placed an image of the true thing, a prophet who is called the false prophet in Revelation 16:13. A man-made prophet like the golden calf of Aaron with all the human greatness.

8 Why?Becausethe Catholicsknew that the Bible was history and it was during catechism that little children are taught all that is taught in the Catholics, Protestant, evangelical and Branhamist churchesand Islam and Judaism today. The Catholics knew that the Bible was now the history and geography of Israel. That has saved in its time, but it couldn't save any longer today. [Ed: The congregation says, "Amen"].

9And one day, a woman wrote to me saying, "Prophet Kacou, what scandalizes me with you is when you say that the holy Bible must be at themuseum!"I told her, "Dear Madam, the Sinaïticus Codex and the Alexandrinus Codex, the two manuscripts from which all the translations of the Bible proceed, Darby included, are at the British Museum of London: the British Museum of London. God has placed them in the museum because their time is already past. Normally, they should remain there for you can never be saved by grounding your faith on the Bible." She said, "Oh Prophet, my heart bleeds to hear this". I told her, "And yet that’s it, the original of the Bible is at the museum. It is your pastor who didn’t tell you the truth, because he himself is in darkness. [Ed: The congregation says, "Amen"]. You see?

10I’m going to tell you that Catholics knew that when Jesus said,"You are Peter and on this rock I will build my Church", He was talking ofthe propheticrevelation. That’s the exact truth! Those first Catholicsknew the thing, that’s why they started producing new revelations in which one needed to believe to have eternal Life. And they called those new revelations: dogmas or creeds; and those dogmas had the same value as every Word of the Bible and it was promulgated that: "Refusing a dogma is like refusing Christ himself ".

11 Catholicism was born long beforethe books of the prophets and the books of the Chronicles of Israel were gathered in only one book called Bible. And at that time, Catholicsknew the true foundations of Christianity and they had tried to build on those foundations. At the beginning, Catholicsdid not even believe in the figuration of Jesus. The first Catholics had prohibited the figuration of Jesus until the council of Constantinople in year 692. I was speaking with somebody who says he saw Jesus in a vision. I told him: "But how do you know that the person you saw was Jesus?" And He said, "I have already seen some photos of Jesus."Do you see all the evil that Jehovah witnesses and the churches have done to the earth?

12 You see? The emperors of Rome knew that Christianitywas a continuity and a life. Catholicism had annihilatedthe true Church and had imposed itself on all the whole face of the earth. And to perpetuate Christianity, he was obliged to revive eachcharacter of Christianityand the first thing the whole world was expecting was a prophet messenger. Be it Judaismor Christianity, it was the same foundation like one thing and its shadow. Only one foundation, the faith in God by his prophets.[Ed: The congregation says, "Amen"].

13 And the Catholicchurch gave an image of the prophet in the person of the emperor of Rome who already had the spiritual and temporal royalty over the inhabitants of the earth. So, the Catholicchurch had started with an infallible prophet. The Catholicshad raised their dogmas to the rank of prophetic revelations. You see? The Catholicsknew that the head of the true Church must be an infallible prophet. And they gave the infallibility to the pope of Rome. Yet, that, the Protestants, the evangelicals and the Branhamistsdo not know it and will never know it. Basically, we know that all the Catholic, the Protestant, the evangelical and the Branhamist churches are from the devil but initially the Catholic church is closer to the truth. A Catholic is closer to the truth than a Protestant, evangelical or Branhamist.

14 And the pope received the infallibility seal in such a way that words revealed by the pope should have the same value as Words of the Bible. But unfortunately, all realized that the pope could make mistakeslike the common men. Thus, it was decided at a council that infallibility should exceptionally be granted to him, although he is not. The dogma states, "Jesus Christ conferred on Peter and on his successors, the Popes, the privilege of infallibility".And the Catholicchurch had conferred infallibility and all the powers the Holy prophets had on the pope of Rome. And there is a Catholic dogma that states, "Refusing a dogma is like refusing Christ himself ".You see? All that is correct in its form! Rejecting the Word of a living prophet messenger is to reject Jesus Christ Himself![Ed: The congregation says, "Amen"].

15 Apart from the true Church led by a living prophet,the only church which talks about the Kingdom of the Heavens and which talks about the keys of the Kingdom of Heavens as still being on the earth is the Roman Catholicchurch. All the statues of Peter in the Vatican present him holding some keys. And you have seen some images of popes of Rome holding a bunch of the same keys the lord Jesus Christ had given to Peter because this churchknows that the keys of the Kingdom of Heavens must be on earth with a man. You see? Pay close attention to every belief of the beginning of the Catholicchurch and you will see that it had tried the true thing! Today, from among all the churches, the Branhamists included, the Catholic church is the closest to thefoundations of the truth.They could have simply accepted that in sovereignty, God can raise this prophet messenger out from the Catholic church. But they didn’t accept that.

16 And on Sunday mornings, you, Catholics, Protestants, evangelicalsand Branhamists, you spend your time listening to what is not the Word of God and that’s what takes you away from God. The Jewish priests and rabbis spent their time preaching falsitiesin the synagogues. They were saying, "The Roman soldiers that you see, you will no longer see them. What Moses showed the soldiers of Pharaoh cannot be compared to what the Messiah will show the Roman soldiers… ".They were saying, "The Messiah will do this, the Messiah will do that", and Jews were believing that whereas those are not prophet messengers.

17 The devil of the Jews was their own rabbis. They took the Jews so far from the truth and that was the reason why the Jews never accepted and could never accept the Messiah. And that’s what the devil has always done from generation to generation.[Ed: The congregation says, "Amen"]. The devil of the Catholics, Protestants, evangelical and Branhamistchurches, is their priests, pastors and prophets. They are making the effort to ignore the midnight Crybut they know that I’m there, I am the grain of sandin their shoes. You see?

18 The Catholics had refused to lock God up in a book called the Holy Bible, they had a greater notion of the prophet messenger as compared to the Protestants, evangelicals and Branhamists. And they say, "William Branham is the last Prophet"! While in his sermon: divine Healing, William Branham says in ref.233: "... I'll not stand in another generation. I'll have nothing to judge them. I'll not have to stand the judgment with them. But I'll have to stand the judgment with men and women who I've lived with. That's where it counts yonder in the Resurrection. When my days is finished and I've done my best, if I be God's servant, God will raise Him up another man in that day when I'm gone." Thus spoke William Branham. [Ed: The congregation says, "Amen"].

19 A true prophet can never say that after him there will be no more prophet. Never! That cannot be possible. God is sovereign and He alone knows how many prophets He will send on the earth. Any prophet who claims that he is the last prophet, this is enough to say that he is a false prophet. And it’s the entire truth! Amen. [Ed: The congregation says, "Amen"].

20To close, sinceAugust7th, my mother’s gone. Firstly, in 1993, she had opposed the fact that I was too dedicatedfor the Word of God compared to job, especially when I refused the offer of my uncle to become a police officer on condition that I put asidethe Bible. Then, since 2002, when I started preaching, seeing that was spreading, she remained silent. And towards the end of her life, she picked up her statuettes of Mary and herrosaries and hercrucifix and others and she went to throw them away in the dustbin. I saw all that, but I told her that could not distract me and that it was between her and God, who sees her heart. And she never went again to the Catholicchurch or had a contact with a Catholicpriest until she died. And whether she is in my Lot or not, I do not know but God knows.

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