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(Preached on Sunday October 21, 2012 in Adjamé, Abidjan – Ivory Coast)

1 After Sister Grâce Mijola of Gabon, Brother Andre Rivet and Sister Sharon returned safely to Canada. You see? After the consecration, I said to him: Brother Andre, you, as a white man, what do you feel to see yourself on your knees before a black African baptising and consecrating you? He said: "Brother Philippe, when, after Asia, Europe and America, God arrives in black Africa and takes a black body, the white person that refuses to fall on his knees before that black man is a demon ". And I told him: You answered well and you, keep it until the end.

2 People coming from far away, from all the corners of the earth. And all the inhabitants of the earth will be judged in these baptisms as at the time of Noah. For, when a man of another race and of another continent leaves the far end of earth, the Pacific, North America and comes up to here, in the African forest to be baptised, no African, no white person, no inhabitant of the earth is excusable. You won't say: "I did not hear". They had a twenty-seven-hour flight, without mentioning the layovers here and there while the distance between here and France is eight hours. You see? Twenty-seven hours in the air, on the wings of the eagles because the Lord God of the Spirits of the prophets has spoken.

3 The elect come from all the corners of the earth, even from the depths of remote America because the Salvation has moved to be in Africa, so has the Jordan! When you see this sign and this joy and that you do not understand the midnight Cry, cry over yourselves for, the reason is not that you have no intelligence to understand but the reason is that it has not been given to you from Heaven before the foundation of the world! [Ed: The congregation says, "Amen!"].

4 Everything is over in America. The Lutherans had destroyed the work of Martin Luther and could not put it back to its first state that is why God had sent John Wesley because He is the God of the restitution. The Methodists had destroyed the work of John Wesley and could not put it back to its first state that is why God had sent William Branham because He is the God of the restitution. The Branhamists had destroyed the work of William Branham and could not put it back to its first state that is why God has sent the midnight Cry because He is the God of the restitution.

5 There is peace in the Message because a prophet is on earth. As long as a prophet was on the land of Israel, they were all united like one man! The Bible says that when there was no prophet or judge in Israel, each one followed his own way. And yet, the scrolls of Moses and of all the other prophets were there. You see? And it was said in the days of the judges that some generations were rising in Israel which did not know Jehovah. You see? The scrolls of Moses and the prophets were there. And they were taught on that every Sabbath in the synagogues, but the Bible says that they did not know Jehovah. Why? For there was no prophet on earth. And that is the same thing today. You can never know God by reading the Bible and by following all what is written in the Bible. You cannot know God but by a living prophet on earth.

6 You can know the Bible by heart, William Branham’s brochures by heart, but the Bible says that you do not know Jehovah. It is written there in the book of Judges. At each revolt and deportation of Israel, the scrolls of Moses and the prophets were there! Every time Israel rejected or killed the prophets, the scrolls of Moses and prophets were there! And when Israel rejected and crucified the Lord Jesus-Christ, the scrolls of Moses and the prophets were there! It is only a living prophet who makes God known to his generation. Only a living prophet can lead you into the perfect will of God. The Bible only divided humans. You see?

7 By wanting to gather all the books of the prophets in only one book, Eusebius did not intend to do something evil. But, unfortunately, that has become an instrument to mislead, just exactly as the golden calf of Aaron. Gold is divinity, but when Aaron gathers that together in a golden calf which is supposed to be the Lamb of God for the sacrifice and the atonement of the sins of the human kind, that became an evil thing! The golden calf of Aaron is the scrolls of the dead prophets till the Bible today. The Bible is the revelation that Aaron, as a prophet, had had when Moses, the saviour was taken up at the right side of God for forty days and forty nights. And today, the Bible is regarded as being able to give eternal Life instead of being a mere book of history for researches and documentations. It is the devil that has done that. [Ed: The congregation says, "Amen!"].

8 Brethren, church leaders are just hypocrites. And speaking about that, I am going to read you something… I am going to read you a mail that I received last week from a neighbouring country. I read that… "Dear prophet, I greet you in the precious and glorious name of our Lord and Saviour Jesus-Christ. My wife and I are a couple of servants of God. When the Lord called us to serve Him, He asked us to resign from the public service. What we did right away. He made us know that the work that he has put on us is immense. Revealing to us one day that we are the two olive trees, the two witnesses, the two anointed, and two lamp-stands described in Zechariah 4 and Revelation 11:3-14. He told us that he will confirm that to us through a great prophet. I believe that prophet is you!" You see, brethren? I am the Urim Thummim of many ministries and churches all over the earth. I answered him saying: brother man, the responsibility that you want to make me carry is heavy like the sky on my head. May what you saw be thus and may God make of you the two olive trees, the two witnesses, the two anointed, and two lamp-stands described in Zechariah 4 and Revelation.11:3-14 as you say but I tell you that it is not you. [Ed: The congregation says, "Amen!"].

9 And church leaders appear as angels before their churches with assurance and with powerful anointings and great miracles but deep in themselves, they are haunted by uncertainty. After the crowds and the warm spiritual atmosphere, they are haunted by a secret uncertainty. They all pretend to have the Holy Spirit, but the Holy Spirit is the Spirit that is on the living prophet of your generation. In the time of Moses, the Holy Spirit was the Spirit that was on Prophet Moses. In the time of Elijah, the Holy Spirit was the Spirit that was on Prophet Elijah. In the time of Branham, the Holy Spirit was the Spirit that was on William Branham and William Branham himself did not know that. God took the Spirit that was on Moses and put It on the seventy elders. God took the Spirit that was on Elijah and put It on Elisha. God took the Spirit that was on Jesus and spread It on the one hundred and twenty which were in the upper room. If a son of the devil tells you: "But why this is that...", tell him to keep quiet! It is to a prophet that the Word of God comes. At the time of Noah, the Holy Spirit was the Spirit that was on Noah. And today, the Holy Spirit is the Spirit that is on Prophet Kacou Philippe. [Ed: The congregation says, "Amen!"]. You cannot serve God unless you are the echo of what Prophet Kacou Philippe is saying. It is in the virtue of the heavenly mandate that I received from the Angel and the Lamb on April 24, 1993 that I say these things. And the Heaven and the earth cannot make this a lie. Neither in the present century, nor in the century to come. [Ed: The congregation says, "Amen!"].

10 They have different holy spirits, that's why their acts are different. And you saw what the newspapers published lately concerning prophet Zapka. He is now commanding some military actions with his faithful. And in the recent attack at the border with Ghana, his faithful again, among whom Djaha Aristide, a pastor of his church, got killed. From January 3 to February 29, 2012, he wrote me eight times, but every time I said to him: "do not distract me! You are not Zakpa ". It was just recently that I realized that it was really him. Prophets and all kinds of people have revelations of politics and they want my position on them before they publish them. It's not my role! Brothers and sisters, the only right we have is to vote as citizens. Apart from that, we have nothing to do with politics. Our aim is the Salvation of our souls and I tell you that if you keep my Word, when one day this heavy body returns to the dust from which it has been taken, you shall be happy of an eternal bliss! Bless his name and give him glory and be happy because you have lived the most glorious days on earth among men in your generation! [Ed: The congregation says, "Amen!"].

11 Now, concerning the mails that I receive, I have abandoned myself to an easy way that is tiring me today; there are first, the messages of Facebook, then those of the visitors of the site, then those of the brothers and sisters and finally the text messages. It's also for this that I am expecting that black virgin. I neither know when nor where she will come from but I have faith that the God of the restitution who sent me will send her. [Ed: The congregation says, "Amen!"]. When an Akan chief leaves the earth, a worthy bride reports his last wills to his and remains in his house till her death.

12 Now, I am going to answer a question: Brother Philippe, is the coming of Jesus in 1993 the second coming the Bible talks about? No Brother! First, the first coming took place two thousand years ago. It was for the nations and the Jews. It was for the redemption of mankind. And the second coming that the nations are expecting, it will be for the rapture, to take this redeemed Bride. It is after it that He reveals Himself to the Jews according to Genesis 45 and Revelation 11:3-11. But before this second coming for the nations, there are two secret comings which were not planned: one to break and reveal the seven seals and the other to reveal the unknown tongue contained in the seventh seal. You see? When the Bible says: "When the Lamb opened the first seal… When the Lamb opened the second seal… When the Lamb opened the third seal… ", it is really the Lord Jesus-Christ Himself. And it was the same Lamb that came down again on April 24, 1993 for the revelation of the unknown tongue. But the Bible does not talk about those two comings because they were not planned. When the voice said: "Who is worthy to open the book, and to break its seals? ", if an angel or a man had been worthy, there would not be these two secret comings. [Ed: The congregation says, "Amen!"].

13 Well, I come to my subject of this morning. I would like to tell you something this morning. In all my life, since my childhood, I have never been summoned to the police or to any jurisdiction and I do not wish that except if it is for the Word of God. People offended me several times and I made the effort not to offend anyone, and even when somebody stepped on my toe, I said in my heart: O God, exalt me on the earth so that this man or this woman may fear to step on my toe. You see? And if you want to follow me or be my imitators, this is the beginning. Force yourselves not to curse or do yourself justice.

14 From the beginning up to the time of the prophets, there was no police. When you acted badly, you were simply cursed. And even today, several people like me think that curse cannot be compared to the police. Curse is greater than the police. If I send you to court or to the police, that means that I have chosen the jurisdiction of men to do myself justice; but the jurisdiction of men can be corrupt but the divine jurisdiction cannot be corrupt and there are billions of angels from God or the devil that are ready to carry that out as soon as I am proved right. You see? And that curse will weigh on you, on your children and the children of your children because by cursing you, I curse all the children who are under your roof and even those who are in your loins. If there were no human jurisdiction and we were only confined to cursing, there would be less evil things on earth. But as I said: somebody can do you evil and you will simply say : O God, exalt me on earth so that this man or this woman may fear to step on my toe. And then God will turn his evil into blessing for you.

15 My father and my mother never cursed us. My mother never cursed one of her children. And my father never cursed one of his children except the same oldest son who had beaten him and treated him like an animal with a rope around his neck. And the curse weighing on him and all his house is too heavy. Both my parents were good people. Not everyone has had the grace to have such parents. But God has always given a solution to every generation. That's why your body, soul and spirit need to be embedded in Christ through the Message of your time and that the terrestrial family be simply an adoptive family for you because that is also actually what it is. You and I had communion in the mind of God before the foundation of the world. And as soon as we have found this eternal family, the words of the terrestrial family no longer have power on us if we keep the Words of this spiritual family, for, verily, the authority and power of the spiritual Word are above the authority and power of the words of the terrestrial family. Also, all the "God bless you! be blessed!" that you hear everywhere, are nothing because the blessing comes from deep in the heart by a profound motivation.

16 You must not curse anybody! When that woman who is supposed to be your mother curses you so easily, that is beyond my understanding, I who never experienced that. You see? You, women, how can you curse your own child and his offspring because you sent him [for something] and that he refused to go? How can you curse your own child, because you asked him to do something, and he refused to? You see? This is witchcraft! And why didn't you kill him for urinating and defecating on you when he was a baby? You say: "what you are doing to me, your child will do it to you!" You are a witch! You curse and destroy your daughter and her offspring and then you will give her in marriage!

17 You curse your own children and you wait for them to succeed in school or they become something on earth. Whatever your anger, you cannot utter words of curse on your child. It is a responsibility towards God, you do not have that right! Even if he acted wrongly, you do not have that right! And you act thus and you thus produce several children to destroy the earth! You see? That is also the choice of a bride. She can be beautiful and yet there is a curse on her. God created the earth by the Word and the devil has destroyed this earth by the word! You see? It's been more than 6000 years of words which have been, for most of them, curses upon curses. To the point that you have there a family in which the men or the women do not marry. A family here in which the men or the women never succeed on earth, in spite of their intelligence in studies. And you will see there, a family in which the members are this, a family in which the members are that. What is it? Your own curses can do that. A curse must never come out of your mouth on your child. Never do that! Amen!

18 Never get weary of doing good according to the Word and know that the blessing or the curse of the pagan is received by God, even if he does not say it in the good manner, because it comes from his heart with a good reason. That is why a pagan can bless you and God will receive that. Do good and train your children to do good, and I tell you that you will prevail on earth, and the impossible will be possible for you. You see? You must do good because it is not necessarily the curse that will change your life, but you can hurt somebody and even if he does not curse you, there will be a curse on you and your children.

19 But you must also know that anybody that rises, even slightly, against a true prophet of God, even is his inner room, is already cursed.

20 I have only been blessing and blessing. I blessed, I bless, and I will always bless those that God gave me. May God grant them to keep his Word with fear and the impossible be possible in their life, and they be the exception of their family. And they and their children will always prevail on the earth forever [Ed: The congregation says, "Amen!"].

21 Now listen to this to finish, do not miss it: driven by anger, I can break my telephone in pieces, but when I come back from that anger, I will not be able to repair it. I have the power to destroy it, but I do not have the power to put it back to its first state, or to even repair it. Driven by anger, a man can kill his fellow, but when he comes back from that anger, even in his regret, he will not be able to raise that fellow back to life, because he does not have the power to raise the dead. And I tell you that a man, or a woman driven by anger can curse their son or their daughter, but he does not have the power to undo that curse! You say: "O prophet, I asked him for forgiveness, I fell on my knees and he poured some water…"! No sir, that just relieved your conscience, but did not undo the curse. I am the prophet of God and I tell you the exact truth! I also thought that was possible, but it is not possible unless you are under the blood of Christ in the prophetic Message of your time, because only God has that power, and the living prophet is his mouth on earth! This is the infallible revelation of God! And he that has ears to hear, let him hear!

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