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(Published on Thursday January 10, 2013 in Sikensi, region of Abidjan – Ivory Coast)

1 May God bless you! I have several notes here! First, talking about the service of the sisters Marthe, the bride of Brother Bédi Jean, and Edmonde, the bride of Apostle Aman Martin, the apostle André Lima said: "I have never seen sisters serving with so much care!" All those that came here to Ivory Coast have kept a good memory of these precious sisters. [Ed: The congregation says, "Amen!"].

2 We spent some precious moments together with Apostle Andre Lima. It is the right of every child of God in his generation! The already dead prophets for the sons of the devil. And the living prophet of the generation for the children of God in the generation. We have loved Apostle André Lima. We also love the Brothers Wellington, Ricardo, Gildo, and all those who preach over there, in Brazil with him. Amen! We have also loved Apostle Hugo Zé of Angola. While we were together at Katadji and he was online with the brothers of Angola, he shouted very loud and that had frightened us. It was a testimony; Brother Jobelson, for whom I had just prayed, went to the hospital, and there, the tuberculosis from which he suffered disappeared. And having gone to the military training centre from which he studies, the centre did not recognize the results and they carried the tests out again by themselves and behold there was no longer trace of tuberculosis! Amen! Apostle Hugo Ze comes from a very religious family; and even his mother and the sisters of his mother are pastors, and that earned him a very pious life, without ever knowing any woman, a pious life like that of apostle André Lima. We greet the Brothers Ludgero Pinto and Paulo Danster and the Sister Ana Inês Augusto who has been a blessing for them on the financial level over there, in Angola. [Ed: The congregation says, "Amen!"].

3 Also, as a precision for the sex sin, after the sanction, it is the brother who must bring the pagan girl to say that he is free from any commitment of pregnancy with that pagan and that pagan will confess before the assembly that she is not pregnant and we will pray for the brother. If it is a sister who has sinned with a pagan, the sister will first ask for forgiveness to the wife of that pagan and after that, she will come to confess to the assembly. But if this pagan is not married, she will come to confess to the assembly and after the time of sanction, the assembly will be able to pray for her if she behaved well during the time of sanction outside.

4 Also, from the announcement of the engagement up to the dowry, the pastor still has the possibility to separate the engaged couple and I also tell you that the engaged couple still has the right to separate if they did not know each other during their engagement.

5 Now, it is a testimony: Brother Crepin reported to me that in the town of Pabong, in Congo, some brothers were out for an open air preaching and the Branhamists were out to stand in their way. Not being able to stop the brothers by the Word, they resorted to the police which acknowledged its incompetence, because it was a religious matter. As a complaint, the Branhamists said: "We beg you to formally forbid these people to preach, because they keep insulting us in their preaching, we cannot bear that". And the police resorted to the customary authorities, the wise elders, because the population was involved. The police said to the Branhamists: Show first the documents which show that you are in order with the State. And the Branhamists showed the documents of the State. But the brothers brandished the Bible and said: the Lord Jesus Christ never asked Caesar the authorisation to preach.

6 And afterwards, the police asked the wise elders what they think of that. And the wise elders took the floor and said: "We are astonished to see these people are angry because they have found people that criticize them. It has been quite a long time that we did not breathe here, because they were themselves criticizing us. And we had never sent them to court… yesterday, it was their turn; today, it is the turn of these ones, let them tolerate them as we were tolerating them. And if today, they have found, in their turn, somebody that criticizes them, they must keep silent like us ". Then the police asked the Branhamists if they approve the teaching of the Protestants and others, they answered: No! And the police said: "So, everyone has the right to preach what he believes to be true! We cannot arrest these men ".

7 Then the police asked the Branhamists: "For how long will you preach?" They answered: "Fifteen minutes as at the Pentecost!" And the police also asked the Brothers how long they would preach, and the brothers answered: "According as the Spirit leads us". And the brothers preached all the day, and the news was spreading and the population was happy, saying: "There is a new Gospel, the time of the people of Branham is past! Now, it is Kacou Philippe!" [Ed: The congregation says, "Amen!"]. Be it here in Ivory Coast, in Brazil, in Angola, in Congo, in Cameroon… they are the Branhamists who always call the police. And that shows that they are the new Pharisees with their Roman soldiers, a thing that William Branham did not do!

8 Now, it is a question: Brother Philippe, we must take care of the poor, widows and virgins of more than 17 years old, but how can we know if a sister is a virgin? To my knowledge, it is only based on her own confession and the testimonies. If she lies, it is against God, against his prophet and against men and she will bear the consequences of that.

9 Another question: Brother Philippe, can we receive a blood transfusion? Yes brother, we can do it. I do not believe that there can be two people whose bloods are identical. No! The blood that you receive, that's just to keep your system functioning for a time. In the long run, your system will produce blood that will replace the received blood.

10 Well, now I am going to read something here in Kacou 109. [Ed.: Brother Philippe reads: Kacou 109:13-14] … Well, Zeruiah, the sister of David gave birth to three sons: Joab, Abishai and Asahel, and all three of them were powerful men in their time. I have preached several times against the spirit of Joab. In all the history of Israel, there never was a warlord as powerful as Joab. Joab is more than a man, he was a saviour, an angel from Heaven to fight for the small tribe of Judah because of David that God loved. But, that Joab was submissive to no one, nor even to David. Read 2 Samuel 2 and 2 Samuel 3 at home, and you will see how powerful this man was with his two junior brothers. Read 1 Chronicles18:12-15. But before he died, David left instructions to Solomon concerning him in 1 Kings 2:5-6. And Solomon did that and the end of the life of Joab was after his works. And when the strong men of David are mentioned, the name of Joab is not mentioned. Brethren, whatever the power that God will grant to you, stay in the line! [Ed: The congregation says, "Amen!"].

11 Now, pay a close attention! I listened to the first thirty minutes of the preaching of Apostle Mbuyi at the assembly of Nkembo on last Sunday December 30, 2012 and I saw that he never agreed with my decision of one week to Sister Solanie. And the assembly was saying: Amen to that! You see? It is sad! I will place the preaching at your disposal. Apostle Mbuyi was saying: "I told him: You give one week to Solanie? He said to me: Brother, leave it like that! And Joab came out here. And it has been six months since I have left it like that… brethren, I have been preaching for twenty years, I have grown old in this word! … He is not here, but brother Mbuyi is here. Today, here is where we are with the sex sin! … He had said: The assembly is sovereign and the assembly said: seven months! And he said to me: No, as she is sincere in the confession, give her one week. I said: Yes, alright, you are my prophet, let us move forward! Where are we today?". And Apostle Mbuyi spoke and spoke...

12 Brethren, that's pure Branhamism! And I was sad because all the assembly agreed and was saying: "Amen!" I have understood that the brethren of Gabon are not in the same Spirit as us and had it not been by the mother of Brother Obame, I would not know that! You see? The Brothers Andre Lima of Brazil and Hugo Zé of Angola received the baptism and the consecration and the call to the pulpit! I did not enthrone them to be kings in their countries, but I consecrated them to be servants. If it happens that one of them rises and gets out of the limits of the Word, the brethren of that nation have the duty to denounce him, and if the things are proved to be thus, he will simply be deposed from his function of apostle. But, if he starts speaking that way and the brethren of that nation say: Amen! That means that they are not part of us! [Ed: The congregation says, "Amen!"].

13 In ten years of ministry, I behaved humbly, also confessing like any brother, respecting the littlest among you. And none of the four apostles, none of the pastors can say that I raised the tone on him or that I humiliated him. Even Brother Abu, with all you know, I have always assisted him, and for years now, he has been given an amount at the end of each month because he walked with me in hard times. And I never raised the tone on him and I, not even once, ever deprived him of that. And I even go hunting with him, and I give him my shotgun to shoot. You see?

14 It is this love that I taught you. I say that because Apostle Mbuyi sees Apostle Obame Arsene like as an adversary. Apostle Obame who gave all of himself, up to paying for the plane ticket for Apostle Mbuyi to come to the Ivory Coast, cannot be the devil today. You are both the first-borns of my apostolate and I do not wish that one day, the first be the last. Be strong, but if somebody walks in another spirit, let him fall forever. [Ed: The congregation says, "Amen!"].

15 An apostle, no matter how powerful he is, cannot be infallible, even after the death of the prophet messenger. And his first duty is to teach to the people: the prophetic faith. When a prophet speaks or decides something, it is a divine decree. You see? An Ephesians 4:11 remains within the limits of what the prophet has said! You see? It has been ten years that I have been preaching! And if a preacher stands before you and says that it has been fifteen or twenty years that he has been preaching, that means that he has been preaching you another thing than the midnight Cry. The midnight Cry can never be the continuity of a Catholic priesthood or a Branhamist experience.

16 Brethren, in one generation, there are two types of people in the priesthood: On one side: the man of God, that is, the only Son of God, and on the other side, the servants. And today, the Branhamists have killed William Branham and have shared the heritage among themselves because they are brigands and thieves. God never gave them that right. This is why, talking of the promise of God saying: "All that ever loved you, and all that you ever loved, God has given to you",that concerns only the prophet messenger when he is alive on the earth. Neither this promise, nor the infallibility were never granted to the priesthood.

17 Do not be ignorant like the Branhamists; when Noah got into the ark, there were no fivefold ministries behind him. When Moses went up on mount Nebo, it was not for him that Joshua was ministering on the earth. When Moses went up on the mountain, whoever kept fighting for him, was directly fighting against God and Joshua. And that, the sons of the devil did it. They did it in the time of Moses, they did it in the time of Elijah and they are doing it today. That is the Message Paul preached to the disciples of Apollos in Acts 19. Apollos and his disciples were fighting against the God of John the Baptist and against Jesus Christ and they did not know it. And if you are a chosen one, you will not engage in that fight. You see?

18 Apollos and his disciples had walked with John the Baptist, they had known John the Baptist during his lifetime, but you Branhamists, you did not know William Branham, you strengthen yourselves in what you believe to be true and which is not. Like the Pharisees, you are fighting for him that will tell you one day: I never knew you! The Lord Jesus-Christ is the same yesterday, today and for the ages to come. He was the bright and morning star, He was the bright and noon star in Europe, He was the bright and evening star, He is the bright and midnight star, and the day comes when He shall be again the bright and morning star with Elijah and Moses after Asia and the Arab nations. The magi saw It over there, in the East, and now the elect see It here in Africa. [Ed: The congregation says, "Amen!"].

19 In Exodus 20:18-19, it is said: "And all the people saw the thunderings, and the flames, and the sound of the trumpet, and the mountain smoking; and when the people saw it, they trembled, and stood afar off, and said to Moses, Speak thou with us, and we will hear; but let not God speak with us, lest we die". And God did thus! The living prophet is the guide of men and the mediator between God and men. That's why I like the preaching 75: "We have seen his star". Amen! There was only one star and the magi had that star with them.

20 There was no a Catholic star, a Protestant star, an evangelical star, a Branhamist star but one single living star. And when it came to stand above the little child, it disappeared because the star was the Lord Jesus Christ. The scribes and Pharisees had the scrolls but the magi had the star. And today the churches have the Bible but the elect have a living prophet. When king Herod saw the scribes with their long beards and their long robes, with the oldest Hebrew scrolls, he rejoiced with exceeding great joy, and when the magi also saw the star, the Bible says that they rejoiced with an exceeding great joy. [Ed: The congregation says, "Amen!"]

21 You say: "Oh, we now have a better translation of the Bible"! Take the best translations of the Bible and give me the living star. Amen! Take the best maps of the world, the most reliable Atlases and give me the living star. You see? When Brother Brice Erold arrived from France to Katadji, Brother Bénié told me:"Brother Philippe, he must be tired, he was sleeping in the car". Alright, but did he miss the crossroads of Katadji leading to the house of the prophet? No! Why? Because he had a guide that was not a scroll but a living person who was moving with him and led him towards the prophet. You say: I am full of the Holy Spirit! No sir, the Lord Jesus Christ had promised the Holy Spirit but He had also promised prophets in Matthew 23:34-35.

22 And the guides of the elect on earth, since the foundation of the world, has always been living prophets. If Brother Brice Erold followed a map, he would be lost while he slept in the car. Fast, pray every night from four o'clock to six o'clock in the morning, meditate night and day… But all that, you don't need that if you follow the guide, the living star of your time! Between the Bible and the prophet, I choose the prophet! [Ed: The congregation says, "Amen!"]. You are in the servitude under the yoke of pharaohs because you have chosen the fruit instead of the tree. You cannot follow God unless you follow the living prophet of your time. Apart from a living prophet, every religion, every church is a subtle polytheism.

23 You Branhamists, you should have remained there, waiting until God interpreted the white stone, the unknown tongue, and you would know where the Jordan is, but alas! William Branham said: "Each went his way". You Branhamists, you have gone so far that I cannot bring you back. And you have got to the point where you need nothing. What is that? It is the serpent that did that. You see? When the time of a prophet-messenger is past, it is in that moment that his birthplace, his hat and his shotgun become important like Catholic relics. And now, you have hundreds of Branhamist organisations.

24 All that impresses them, they are some photos of light and they understand nothing and they say: This man fights Brother Branham!Look at the photo that I took with the apostles André Lima and Hugo Zé in my living room, you can see the photo of William Branham behind, on the wall. And this photo of Branham has always been there, in my living room. You see? How can I fight somebody, and put his photo in the first place in my living room? You see? But I tell you that the midnight Cry will reach its goal without them! [Ed: The congregation says, "Amen!"].

25 Look at the ministry of William Branham, in spite of about forty years of ministry, in spite of the powerful gifts, and although he was backed by Pentecostalism, it was after 1965 that his Message arrived in Brazil. And he had already died. You see? The midnight Cry, such a powerful Message; that never existed in all the history of the Church since the Judaism. When Apostle André Lima discovered the midnight Cry, he went to his former friends, the Branhamist pastors and he said: "Dear brothers, after Asia, Europe and America, if God is to do something else, whose turn will it be?" And their mouth was shut and they started talking about something else. They did not want to say that it is Africa. For them, God could not arouse a prophet messenger from black Africa. They were not prepared for that. And they said: be careful, there is an African snake that bit Brother Branham on the leg.But God is Almighty, because, out of all those who have believed in the midnight Cry in Brazil so far, on the four assemblies, there is only one black brother and his house, but his wife is white. All the rest, they are white people.

26 All the Branhamists need to go to hell, that's what they search for. This same demon in those Pharisees was out there, 2000 years ago and said: "Oh, the so-called only-begotten son of God has admitted his powerlessness! It is over! How can an angel of Satan take you up and go place you on a mountain and show you in vision all the kingdoms of the world and their glory and you couldn't do anything?"Then, after that, they said to Paul: "What? An angel of Satan could buffet you with a thorn in your body and you couldn't do anything?"

27 On this side, a Branhamist, seeing Kacou 110 and Kacou 111… said: "You have added a book to the Bible? Is that book after or before Revelation? ". And I told him: You, Branhamists, don't you know that the Message of William Branham is a new book added to the Bible? You see? If William Branham had said to them: "My Message is a new book added to the Bible", they would deny his Message right away. And yet, that is the exact truth. You see? [Ed: The congregation says, "Amen!"].

28 And still speaking about Branhamists, an image impressed me since my childhood! An eagle attacking a very big snake! And I said: If this eagle came down, it is because it has all that is necessary to defeat this snake. William Branham had wounded that yellow and black snake which was still very small and it slipped in there, and it disappeared in a small puddle! It is in his preaching: Bruised serpent, Ref.39-40. But you, Branhamists, can you tell me where that snake is today? It is there, in the middle of you and you don't know it!

29And in forty years, the small snake has become so immense and the small puddle of Jeffersonville has grown into an immense river with innumerable branches which are nothing other than graftings and graftings! In forty years, the Branhamism has produced much more divisions and organisations than any church on the whole face of the earth. Thousands of organisations, different ones from the others, and they call one another: brothers and sisters in Christ in spite of that. In less than forty years, she has produced much more "ism" than any church on the whole face of the earth. And they say: Brother Branham says that the Message will never be organised! You see? It is an enemy who has done that! He bit William Branham's heel, but the promised son came out as Isaac to crush his head [Ed: The congregation says, "Amen!"].Branhamism is old history. But some ignorant people are going again and again towards them! From Ewald Frank down to those that worship and baptise in the name of William Branham, there are hundreds of tendencies, different ones from the others, and you, which one will you go to?

30 William Branham spoke about the number of letters of his name. He spoke about Abraham, seven letters, Branham, seven letters. And yet, it is the same Spirit here saying: Abraham, seven letters, and his son Isaac, five letters. Branham, seven letters and his son Kacou, five letters. Genesis 25:20 says that Isaac, the promised son, was forty years old when he took Rebecca as wife. And I tell you that it will be more than that in the name of the God of the restitution. In Genesis 12:10, there was a famine and the Bible says that Abraham went down to Egypt, but in Genesis 26:1-2, there was the same famine of the Word, and there, it is God Himself who tells Isaac not to go down to Egypt. Amen! You see? There was a famine and Abraham went down to Egypt and fraternized with them, and Abraham did thus and he visited the popes and fraternized with them. And pharaoh played with his wife!

31 But Isaac did nothing of all that, for God had said to Isaac: Isaac, go not down to Egypt! [Ed: The congregation says, "Amen!"].The midnight Cry is more than a continuity of the evening Message, they are two different things! What is that? William Branham fraternized with businessman of the full gospel. He called them servants of God. William Branham called the evangelical pastors and prophets, servants of God. William Branham called Billy Graham, Tommy Hicks, Tommy Osborn, Oral Robert and all those, servants of God. While they are Egyptian priests. What is that? William Branham himself was a priest of Pharaoh, he was a priest of Egypt. William Branham was an Egyptian priest. For William Branham, the holy spirit that acted on Tommy Osborn, Tommy Hicks, Billy Graham, and all those was the true Holy Spirit. For William Branham, the priests of Zeus were servants of God, the priests of Osiris were servants of God. William Branham considered that Zeus or Osiris was the Almighty God who had spoken to him in the burning bush. William Branham had an American and Egyptian nationality.

32 And going to Israel, when he came to Egypt, God said to him: Do not go there, stay there in Egypt. You are an Egyptian, do not go to corrupt Israel, my people. [Ed: The congregation says, "Amen!"]. William Branham thought that someone could be an evangelical and be saved. You see? William Branham marked his time by his miracles and not by the Word. And that is why God does not allow him to bring this corruption in Israel. And as soon as he died, his posterity showed that Egyptian faith. You can see a Branhamist pastor fraternizing with evangelicals and sit with politicians stinking alcohol. Branhamists are Egyptians. But you who have recognized the living star of your time, follow the star, follow the living prophet. And after me, pray to God to send you a prophet on earth. Always walk with a living prophet and you will never be in confusion. [Ed: The congregation says, "Amen!"].

33 Brethren, know that it is when the prophet is alive that his Message can never be organised. When Moses was preaching, there were no Pharisees and Sadducees. Moses looked at his people and everything was so perfect that he said: My Message will never be organised! You see? And, thus it was from generation unto generation until the Lord Jesus-Christ comes. And thousands of organisations were formed around every prophet after his death. You see? All of Christianity, namely the Catholic, Protestant, evangelical, Branhamist churches and the missions and ministries, it is organised Bible. When Martin Luther was preaching, he didn't know that his Message would be organised in tens of Lutheran tendencies. If John Wesley was resuscitated today, he would not know that the Methodists is his Message organised. And if William Branham came back today on earth, I verily say unto you that he would not know that the Branhamists come from his Message. And that, the Branhamists do not know it! William Branham is a true prophet but the Branhamists are children of the devil. It is like the Bible and Christianity.

34 A Branhamist said: "the public confession cannot perfect". It is a demon that has said that! You see? With John the Baptist, the repentance and all the elements could not lead the Church to perfection, that is why God had sent the remission of sins; but you will never be able to get to perfection without the repentance of John the Baptist! Likewise, the justification could not perfect the Church, that is why God had sent sanctification and all its elements; but I say unto you that you would never be saved if you had lived at the time of John Calvin and had rejected his Message of double predestination. That is to say a predestination to eternal Life and a predestination to perdition. And Calvin called that the double predestination. The baptism by Aspersion of Martin Luther in the name of the Father, the Son and the Holy Spirit did not perfect the Church, but the Church would have never reached perfection without that Aspersion! You see? The repentance, the remission of sins, the justification, the renaissance, the adoption, the sanctification, the regeneration, and the restoration did not perfect the Church, but without that, the Church would have never reached perfection. And he that has ears to hear, let him hear!

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