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Updated: Jun 1, 2022

(Preached on Sunday morning, January 27, 2013, in Sikensi, region of Abidjan – Ivory Coast)

1 … I start with a question: Brother Philippe, during the public confession, can sisters intervene? Yes, brethren, they can write their interventions, which the deacon will give to the prayer leader. And if necessary, the leader will give them the floor. I would also like to say that a sister can play the piano, the tam-tam, and even serve as an interpreter if need be. [Ed: The congregation says, Amen!].

2 In a vision, William Branham had first seen the whole of the Catholic, Protestant and evangelical churches of Asia, then of Europe, and America and he said: "Oh! What a corruption!" And he said that the one of America was strolling and twisting to the rhythm of rock'n'roll … And he said that every time that one of the churches was coming, she was going out to a certain place and was disappearing downward. And then, his group was coming, those that had believed in his Message when he was alive on earth and he said: "Then I heard the melody of “Onward Christian Soldiers”. I looked, and here come that sainted bunch of little girls just exactly the way they was, all correctly dressed, their hair hanging way down in their back. Smooth, clean, marching like this, to the step of the Gospel. She was the Word. They looked like one out of every nation. I was looking at it as they passed by, and seen them pass by. Instead of going down, they started going up. I noticed one of them trying, two or three of them trying, getting out of line. I screamed. “Stay in line” “Stay in line” ….. And the vision left me. And I was standing in the room, screaming, “Stay in line" You see? And these little girls that were breaking the line were those of Switzerland with Alexis Barilier and of Germany with Ewald Frank. And the third one which is the one of America, it is the work of Joseph and Billy Paul Branham. And instead of seeking to understand, you are offended. And you say: "Don’t you see that your disciples are deifying you by putting your name in the songs and prayers?" Yet, Psalm 82 and John 10:34 say that the prophets are Gods. And that woman saw Samuel and cried out with a loud voice, saying: I see a God! [Ed: The congregation says, Amen!].

3 Brethren, when a prophet is dead, God can never remain there watching the disorders of men. Salvation is only through a living prophet messenger on earth. The priesthood of the Old Testament or the ministries of Ephesians 4:11 simply have the mission of maintaining the faith of the people until God sends another prophet messenger on earth again. The priest does not have the right to interpret or add anything to what the prophet messenger of his time has said. He must say: "the prophet is the son of the Master, we, the apostles, church prophets, evangelists, teacher and pastors, are only slaves, useless servants in the house of the Master. John 6:40 says that one must see the Son to have the eternal Life!" And the Son is the one through whom it pleased God to reveal Himself to his people in a generation.

4 Every Prophet messenger is the Only-Begotten son of God in his generation. In Galatians 1:15-16, Paul said to the apostles, prophets, evangelists, teacher, pastors, rabbis, scribes and to the priests of his time that it pleased God to reveal the Son through him and that he was the only depositary of the truth and that even if an angel, no matter which one, came from Heaven to say something else, that angel be accursed. You see? And that, Ewald Frank, Joseph Coleman, Billy Paul and Joseph Branham and others do not know it, and this is why they had put death in the pot, and the sons of Prophet were sitting there in desolation for forty years. And it had to be Elisha, another prophet messenger like Elijah, to cleanse the pot.

5 There is not one Branhamist assembly where the pastor did not go farther than his master to produce new revelations. Each one of them followed his own way according to the vision of Junior Jackson. And you Branhamists, if a pastor goes farther than William Branham, and tells you only one thing that is not clearly written in the brochures of William Branham, you have to ask him where he has extracted that from because this right has never been granted to a priest or to one of the ministries of Ephesians 4:11; but only to a prophet messenger, and a pastor who does that, he is a founder of golden calves! [Ed: The congregation says, Amen!].

As soon as he starts saying: "the Bible says, the Bible says…" with all the piety and the explanations, no matter how good and sincere he is, he is a serpent. You must ask him in the virtue of which divine mandate he is doing that. And you must ask it to him because it is about Salvation! Amen! Apart from what the king was pleased to give you through Hegai, all the rest, they are nail polishes and lipsticks of Jezebel. If this pastor has a lot of ideas, inspirations and ambitions, tell him to go and convert to politics because his so-called revelations, God does not need them… [Ed: The congregation says, Amen!].

6 Now, Concerning Pastor Mathieu Ekoudi from Cameroun, I downloaded the audio file of the confession that the Apostle Fabien Medou sent me and when I saw that it lasted about seven hours, I did not listen to anything. For me, if Brother Mathieu is driven by a good spirit, he will stand there and say: "Brothers and Sisters, the Message says that being partly guilty is to be fully guilty. I acknowledge all that my apostle said and all the things I am blamed for. I thought I was doing good, but alas! Forgive me! …" and the confession would not even last five minutes. That is what I expected and I would grant him grace. You see? Let him know that an angel of Satan cannot have enough words to turn into an angel of God in the midnight Cry. He is not worthy to be a pastor, but he remains it by grace. However, like Brother Mbuyi, he will not preach for seven months.

7 When you are the only ones who preach things that are not written in the Message, what is your goal? Do you want that, when all the assemblies of the nations pass before the Lord with their flags, the assembly of your nation will have one more iota than the others? If you ask me how high the sisters’ shoes have to be, I will tell you: three, five or ten centimeters! But the spirit that inspires you to ask that is a demon. It belongs to Hegai to give you what God was pleased to give you. [Ed: The congregation says, Amen!]. In the evening time, at a service of William Branham, a woman stood up to speak with tongues and William Branham said: "a little woman stood up in the meeting, a Baptist woman… and she begin to speak with tongues … And then before she could say anything, the Holy Spirit give the Interpretation, said, "Thus saith the Lord, within three months there'll be the Spirit of Moses, Elijah, and Christ, ministering in this tabernacle.' There it happened, perfectly." William Branham spoke about that, and this prophecy is known in the whole world because it pleased God and William Branham to talk about it. But I tell you that that same Baptist woman gave several other prophecies, among which prophecies of first order. But from the moment William Branham did not speak about them, no matter how much that appears to be true, the Branhamists should never talk about them. You see? All those behaviours, we do not want them; and the pharaohs and pastor and apostle messengers, we do not want them here. [Ed: The congregation says, Amen!].

8 When a prophet-messenger speaks, nobody is entitled to judge him. William Branham says that Baptists are lodges of Satan but this Baptist woman can stand there and prophesy and the prophet says that this time, it is God that spoke through her and God recognizes that, and the people that believes the prophet rejoices. [Ed: The congregation says, Amen!].

9 Now, concerning that woman, she had some powerful spiritual gifts, but some gifts according to 1 Corinthians 12, and the gifts of prophecy, there are three dispensations of them: the gift of prophecy according to 1 Corinthians 12, the prophetic ministry according to Ephesians 4:11 and finally the prophet-messenger always with the same Holy Spirit ministering through his three dispensations. But notice that a gift of prophecy, no matter how great it is, cannot foretell the coming of a prophet-messenger on earth and why this prophet messenger will come on earth. A gift of prophecy cannot do that. You see? And that, the Branhamists do not know it. The Bible says that the Catholic church is the mother of the Protestant and evangelical churches, including missions, ministries and the so-called revealed churches. But with the emergence of Christianity, we have seen the appearance of a new race of churches, which does not simply twist or modify what a prophet messenger said, but which creates its own mysteries and interprets them. They are lesbian churches. And a Word seed could never do that, even on the way of error.

10 Look at Judaism: none of the tens of apocryphal books were ever accepted by the Jews because they are the people of God and God walked in their midst. And Islam is a concrete example. Look at Islam, there are two main trends. On one side, there are those that remained with the Quran only, and on the other side, those who, in addition to the Quran, accept hadiths and other books provided that there is the name of Allah and Mahomet inside them. The question that you have to ask yourselves is: did Islam start with Mahomet or with the caliphs? If Islam started with Mahomet, then, you must throw the hadiths to the dustbin. Every religion and every belief, be it true or false, manifests those two things. You must stay with what pleased God to give you through the living prophet of your time and look at all the rest like the death in the pot. Islam, Christianity and Judaism are the three great manifestations of Satan on the earth. They are the three spirit of frogs in Revelation 16:13. [Ed: The congregation says, “Amen!”].

11 A true son of God remains with the Word brought by a prophet on earth. And when this prophet leaves the earth, after a small time, for the sons of God, there is a famine on earth and God has to send another prophet-messenger on earth. The elect love the prophets. A depth in them love the prophets, that is why before this ministry, I met the Message of William Branham. A child of God can never follow an apostle, church prophet, evangelist, teacher or pastor but a prophet-messenger because the Word of God comes to the prophet. [Ed: The congregation says, Amen!].

12 Look at Congo, about fifteen Branhamist and evangelical assemblies have believed in the midnight Cry the apostle Crispin baptised them and this will happen in every nation where there is a true child of God. The Bible is the book of the books of the prophets and as long as the sons of God are on earth, God will send prophets. Sons of the devil will follow pastors, apostles, church prophets, evangelists and teacher but the sons of God will always follow a living prophet messenger who will gather them around the Word. On April 24, 1993 I did not see the Angel and the Lamb go back up to Heaven. They are with us and so nobody will prevent us from going up to Heaven with them. Whoever will fight this Message for his own interests, the Lord Jesus-Christ will fight against him and will defeat him. [Ed: The congregation says, Amen!].

13 How can one say: "Amen" to a Word and hinder the fulfillment of that Word? That is why you that spend your time shouting "Amen" during the preachings, in the manner of the Branhamists, stop that! When an Ephesian 4:11 is preaching, say "Amen" if that is really necessary and as a long as he has not said anything false for it is only when a prophet messenger preaches that an angel comes down and raises his right hand towards Heaven from the beginning to the end of his preaching because of the infallibility. [Ed: The congregation says, Amen!].

14 God reveals Himself in simplicity and also reveals his Word in simplicity. Everything in God is meekness and simplicity. All that is haughty, reject it! The revelation of the Word has never been a mystery. We used to read the seven seals and everything was mysterious, but when the First seal was opened, it was nothing other than the Roman Catholic church that was always with us. You see? You heard about seven thunders, but when the revelation came, the seven thunders were nothing other than the voice of God that reveals the seven seals. You heard about "That every one who sees the son, and believes on him, should have Life eternal…" and the Branhamists troubled you with that but when the revelation came, the Son, it was nothing other than the living prophet messenger on earth. And we knew that the priesthood of the Old Testament are the ministries of Ephesians 4:11 and they are the servants in the house of the Master. And it was while I was reading again that I saw that I had already given the revelation of the son which John 6:40 talks about. That came in all the simplicity, without a ceremony. And it is the same thing with Salvation.

15 Salvation is not fasts of penitence. If I were in the time of Noah, I could sleep quietly because I am already in the ark, which is the Message and the Power that will lift me up. In the time of Noah, if I had to do something, it was not to fast but to approach Noah and ask him: Noah, did God really show you a vision on April 24, 1993? If he answers me: "Yes!", then I will go back to bed, and I will sleep peacefully like that small bird in the hollow of the rock. Salvation is the simplest thing ever, and where there is Salvation, the foolish and the wise [man] speak the same language and the university professor does not have anything to teach to the illiterate farmer. Glory to God! I see the Salvation of God, I see the Paradise now! [Ed: The congregation says, Amen!].

16 You speak about Ewald Frank, Baruti Kasongo, Donald Parnell, M’bra Parfait, Joaquim Gonçalves, Joseph Coleman and others? Which one among them re-baptises the Branhamists? There is none! A prophet, it is an eagle; it is not a bird that lays its eggs in the other birds’ nests. Yesterday, I published the email of a Branhamist pastor of Zimbabwe. Before he heard about the midnight Cry, he dreamed twice that William Branham was preaching in Zimbabwe and when he went closer to him to see, he saw that it was an African. The voice was William Branham’s, and from a distance, it was William Branham, but when he got closer, it was an African. What is this? The same angels of God that were with the holy prophets in the past are here again, on earth, for the gathering of the saints. I see the Paradise. I see all the saints. Thank you God! Thank you God!

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