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Updated: Jun 1, 2022

(Preached on Sunday morning, May 12, 2013 in Adjamé, Abidjan – Ivory Coast)

1 We are happy with the promotion of the Message in the world. Some people who discover the Message, start preaching around them, to their friends and acquaintances and relatives before we even know that they believe in the Message. It is what the revelation produces because of Life that is in the revelation. It is what God does when His children discover the truth. Because the greatest sin in the desert is to discover water and hide it.

2 A son of God cannot discover the Truth and hide it. He will be tormented, he will be hurry to make known this Truth, while himself does not master It. Well! And now, for your phones, we have a software entitled “Prophet Kacou”. You can get it free of charge and you can advise it to your relatives, friends and acquaintances so as they get the whole Message in their phones. Every person must know that when he or she comes across this Message, he or she has a mission before God; make this Message known everywhere as much as he or she can.

3 Now, I am going to read an email that I received from Apostle Hugo Zé of Angola, more than a month ago. Things have been hard for them there but by the grace of God, they stood firm. I read that… "Last week, the police had arrested and imprisoned us but we got out the same day. But, the news is that, for this time, the brothers in the province of Benguela are in prison and till now, they are not out yet. also, here in Luanda the police are conducting an investigation on the Message. They took photographs of us and asked us all the information concerning us and they are in this moment conducting an investigation on the Message… but we are not worried...".

4 One week later, he wrote me again and said: "Prophet, the brothers have just left prison. Neither the police officers, or the judges, or the NGOs, or any threat against us will scare us because we have the glorious character. Prophet, it was the third time that the brothers appeared in court. And this time, during the trial, the police officers to whom the judge had asked to come and testify against the brothers lost words. They only kept contradicting one another and the main judge understood that the brothers were innocent before the allegations. And there was also a female judge who wanted the brothers to be condemned. She said: "They need to be condemned because they said the churches are of the devil and said evil of women and so on" But that was not possible because the Angel and the Lamb is the Almighty God who is above all things.

5 And the main judge was very furious with the prophet and said: "How is it that it is only an Ivorian named Kacou Philippe that has been sent by God? … Do you know him? … Have you ever seen him?" And the brothers answered: "No, we have never seen him, but one of us has!" And the main judge started laughing, and he concluded that the brothers followed a heresy. And after the trial, he said to the brothers thatProphet Kacou Philippe did not exist.He said: "There is no such a man anywhere on earth, it is a legend". And the brothers told me that during their stay in prison, a lot of prisoners had believed and were happy and wished that the brothers would remain with them for a longer time in prison.

6 I also tell you brethren that those things have to happen. The true Church has always been persecuted and it will always be so, till the Lord Jesus comes. To that, the true Church is always distinguished from the false ones. And in truth, behind that, there are churches. And those policemen and judges are only showing their faiths, combining it with their job.

7 Well!Now, I would like tell the couples to give a religious education to their children. There are cartoons on the Bible that you can show them so that they will have a religious culture to start. And you, sisters, take care of your sons and daughters. The beginning of a good education is always strict.

8 I remember that, when we went fishing, it was not for pleasure like the other children of our age. We had to return with fish. When we made traps, no animal on the following day was tolerable; no animal on the second day was tolerable. But no animal on the third day, we remained in the bush because of my mother. When my mother warned you, you had to do what she wanted. She would never give warnings. If you made an error ten times, she would beat you ten times.

9 I remember that she had warned me against peeing on my bed. And when one day I peed, I rose before daylight and went into the bush until all the urine could get dry on me but when I arrived, she took me and put wild weeds which produce itching around my neck and went and threw me in a river. And in contact with water, the weeds itched terribly and I know that it was God who made me never pee again on my bed. I cannot impose this rigour on my child but not everything must be permitted.

10 Well, this morning, I want to talk about the subject: "If you are a Christian, then who is your Prophet?"For many of you, it is the first time you hear this question! And yet it is a question you could have heard every day, but the devil has removed it and replaced it by: "If you are a Christian, what is your church?" We are in the fifth dimension with marabouts, Catholics, Rosicrucians, Protestants, evangelicals, Branhamists and voodoo practitioners. And now, by habit, we all speak the language of the fifth dimension, we think and see things after the fifth dimension.

11 When I saw the other side of the curtain in the vision of 1993, a detail had escaped me when reporting it. Perhaps time had not yet come to speak about it. I have recognized the lot of Methodists but as for the other groups, I asked: "These ones, what church do they belong to?" And someone answered me: They are Catholics. And I said: “These ones over there, what church do they belong?”And he answered: They are Baptists. Then, they are Pentecostals, Presbyterians or others. And when I saw another group again, I asked: And those ones, which church do they belong? And they answered me: They are from such and such church.

12 Andwhen I saw the city surrounded by a Cloud, I said: "What about those over there? What church do they belong to?" And I was told: "No! You don’t ask that question there, it is on this side that you can ask such a question!" And I was told: There also, there are several Groups but it is another and only one question and it is: "Who is your Prophet? Or who is their Prophet? ". [Ed: The congregation says, Amen!]. And on the other side, there were no Catholic, Protestant, evangelical, Branhamist churches. And I was told: "what church do you belong to? It is on this side that you can ask such a question. But over there, only one question is asked and it is: Who is their Prophet?"nobody says: "what church do you belong to?" but"Who is your Prophet?"

13 The city was spreading farther than eye can see and there were gates and on the gates and lintels and the Frames of the gates and posts, were names of men as in Revelation 21:12-14. Not church names but men names. They were not in time or in a generation but they were in the eternity. And in the eternity, the peoples of each generation or each epoch had one and the same Prophet. Whatever the country or the place of the world where those elect were, whatever their country, continent, race or language, they had the name of one and the same Prophet for an epoch!

14 At a certain epoch, 800 years before The Lord Jesus Christ, the sons of the devil were scattered and had lot of leaders: some bishops, some reverends and so on, as we see it today. But the sons of God had only one leader, Prophet Isaiah. Whatever the place where the sons of God were, their prophet was only one all over the world. And it was Isaiah the living prophet of their time. From generation to generation that was always so. And the prophet of each was the prophet of his time.

15And in the eternity, for one and the same epoch, two people cannot have two different prophets. There was no other building but only one Building was there and spread farther than eye can see. I understood that the two places that I saw are on the one hand the Paradise and on the other hand the region of the lost.

16 In hell, they are church names whereas in the Paradise they are the names of the prophets of God, epoch by epoch.[Ed: The congregation says, Amen!]. Then, I have understood that on earth, it is because we are in the fifth dimension that, when we see somebody with a Bible in hand, we ask him: "If you are a Christian, then what church do you belong to?" But in the Paradise or under the altar, each Prophet is with his Lot. And what we see here on earth, that is what we will see in Heaven! The testimony of God in the Bible, are the prophets and their Message, and this testimony is that of the Paradise and eternity! Whereas church names are the testimony of hell and the fifth dimension which is the region of the lost and of nightmares! At the Beginning, things were not the way they are. It is an enemy who has done that.

17 God says: my son, if you are a Christian, then who is your Prophet? But Satan says: my son, if you are a Christian, what church do you belong to? God says: "You, Baruch the son of Nerijah, who was your Prophet on earth?" Satan says: "You, Baruch the son of Nerijah, what church did you belong to on earth?" You see? Apollos was a Christian and he had a prophet called John the Baptist on earth! But you, if you are a Christian, who was your Prophet on earth then? Mary of Magdala was a Christian woman and she had a prophet called Jesus of Nazareth! She spoke with him, she ate with him, she walked with him, she cooked for him! But you, who was your Prophet on earth? Timothy was a Christian and on earth, he had a prophet called Paul of Tarsus! But you who say you are a Christian, who was your Prophet on earth? And at the judgment, you will answer this question. God will tell you: "Of all those that I sent on earth, which one was your Prophet?"

18 Notice that, whatever the country or the place of the world where the elect are, whatever their race or their language, they would give the name of the same prophet messenger if they lived in the same epoch! And in the eternity, in Heaven ask somebody who was his prophet on earth and according to his answer, you will know over which period of humanity he lived on earth. But look at hell and the sons of the devil and their churches! It is confusion! Ask a son of devil, which Prophet he followed on earth from Adam down to the end of the world, he will answer you: "No, I actually belonged to such a church… I was a Catholic and our parish church had the best choir ". You see? That’s a madman! Throw him in hell! See somebody with a Bible in his hand and ask him: Are you a Christian? If he answers: Yes, tell him, right but in this case, who is your Prophet? He will tell you: "No, I am not with a prophet but I am a Christian!"

19 How can somebody say I am a Christian while he is not with the living prophet of his time? I do not understand! He is only a madman before God. And I have to prove to the human kind that Catholics, Protestants, evangelicals and Branhamists are madmen but how is the human kind going to believe in me while Catholics, Protestants, evangelicals and Branhamists do not eat in the dustbin? When Jesus was calling the Pharisees and Sadducees madmen because they were saying, "Our Prophet is Moses",did men know that those Pharisees and the madman of Gadara were as identical as one thing and its shadow?

20 Either you are a Christian and you follow the prophet that the Lord Jesus-Christ has sent in your time or you remain home. You cannot be a Christian today unless you follow Kacou Philippe, the prophet that God has sent for your time. [Ed: The congregation says, Amen!].As at the time of Noah, you could not be a Christian unless you follow Noah the prophet that God had sent for your time. You see? Stop to be Catholics, Protestants, evangelicals and Branhamists. Stop to follow the devil and come to God through His living prophet. Because John 6:28 says that the work of God is to believe in him whom He has sent.

21 God does not send churches. God does not send apostles, bishops; reverends…But God sends a living prophet messenger on earth. And it is this prophet messenger who establishes some apostles, some church prophets, some evangelists and some teachers according to Ephesians 4:11. 2 Chronicles 20:20 says to confide in the prophets and Amos 3:7 says that it is to the prophet that God reveals His secrets. God raises up a prophet with a Gospel in a generation!

22For God, if you say, "I am a Christian", that implies that you follow the living prophet of your time but for Satan, if you say: "I am a Christian", that implies that you are a church goer. I was told, "there are several Groups over there too but there is another and only one question and it is: Who is your Prophet? Or who is their Prophet?" And you will see that there, in the eternity, people of the same epoch have the same Prophet, the same Message whatever their nation, their race or their language whereas on this side, with Satan, people of the same epoch and the same nation have different churches and different prophets.

23 And the other day, a pagan was telling me: "It is only Jesus who saves! … " and I said: okay but what is it of those that were born before the Lord Jesus since Adam? He said: They are saved by their justice. And I said: But if justice can save why did Cornelius need Peter? And when he got caught in the trap of the revelation, he started shouting: "only Jesus saves, not Kacou Philippe! The Bible says that there is no other name in the Heaven, on earth, under the earth… ". And he started shouting with all his strength. He was shouting with all his strength as I spoke: "I refuse! I refuse! I refuse!" And when I told him: Sir, even though you do not eat in dustbins, know that your soul is in the tombs of Gadara. He said: "I refuse". You see? Gadara is no more in Israel but Gadara is in every nation on earth, where there are Catholics, Protestants, evangelicals and Branhamists. And the Bible says in Revelation 3:14 that they are poor, blind, miserable and naked and they don’t know it.[Ed: The congregation says, Amen].

24 But why don’t you understand my language? Why don’t you understand these things? It is because you do not believe in Hosea 12:14 and 2 Chronicles 20:20 and because you are late over your time and your Bible has been found with missing books and pages. You see? Being pagans, if you go and buy a Bible from the bookshop and that Bible does not contain Isaiah 40, you will refuse it. And I tell you that if you really convert to Christ, you will know that your Bible has to contain Kacou 40 verse such-and-such, Kacou 50 verse such-and-such, Kacou 60 verse such-and-such… You see? [Ed: The congregation says, Amen!].

25 In the beginning, he was trying to show me how much the Bible was complete. And I told him: Sir it is not the Bible that takes my decisions. A book cannot take my decisions. But the same God of the prophets is alive to take my decisions today. And in relation with Salvation, there is no other way than the way of the living prophet messenger! Apart from that, it is perdition! No other way can lead to Heaven. Not that of fasting, or that of the Bible, or that of a spiritual gift, or that of a ministry of Ephesians 4:11, or that of an apostle, church prophet, evangelist or teacher can lead to Heaven except if he is the echo of the living prophet of his time. Why? Because one thousand priests filled with the Holy Spirit will have one thousand different visions, ones from the others. Keep this faith and like the Jews, God will never leave you without a living prophet messenger on the earth.

26 There will always be a prophet messenger like me on the earth. And I saw events such as the war in Syria and Iraq. And the death of Gaddafi and events up to a very remote time when they spoke of a very strong Africa and of the canonization of political personage such as President Houphouët Boigny. And I could hear that medicine had already overcome AIDS. But, above all that, the sign is when Christianity and Islam will meet like two swords and I told you that there will be a son of Islam who will condemn Muslims, Christians and Jews and the rapture will take place.

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