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Updated: Dec 13, 2021

(Preached on Sunday morning, November 17, 2013 in Sikensi, region of Abidjan – Ivory Coast)

1 In this month of November 2013, for five days, we did a work on the written sermons. Everything must be in accordance with the audio version. The audio version is the original and my voice is the signature. Since Moses, the prophets said, like John on the island of Patmos, that nobody had the right to add to what they had written. But today with the recording, the audio is the original and my voice is my signature on everything I have said.

2 Well, now, this is a question: Brother Philippe, it happens that I am not asleep and a force comes upon me and I can neither shout nor move the smallest part of my body. What is it of it? The answer is that it is a demon from hell that does it and that is the clearest proof that you are not in the lot of Prophet Kacou Philippe but your soul is in the fifth dimension, the region of nightmares and torments which precedes hell. In 1993, with my carnal eyes, I saw that demon enter by the window in a room where I was lying. It was the shadow of a coffin and over long seconds, it would go here and there, trying to immobilize me and I would turn to look at it and it would move around and I would turn over and I saw it as clearly as I see you. And it was thus till it went out by the window. I defeated it and thus, it can no longer immobilize the littlest of all those that believe in me. Even if you do not pray enough, it cannot do it because you believe in me. And nobody, nor even an animal, should run after you in a dream and you cannot fly in a dream because you believe in me. In my place, Mahomet and all religious leaders of today would be immobilized. They have no power over death. You see? Christ defeated death, that is why I am Christian. And by this sign, I knew that, till the resurrection with Christ, I will sleep and you with me, and the second death will have no power upon us. [Ed: The congregation says, "Amen!"].

3 Concerning the confessions, a remark: After the confessions and during the interventions of the congregation on the confessions, you can stand up and denounce someone who has to confess but who did not make it. You can stand up and say for example: "Brothers and Sisters, I saw a so-and-so or my husband do this and I am surprised at the fact that he has not confessed that". And he will be given the floor right away. And in such a case, if he is guilty, he must receive a sanction, that is to say a time during which the brother or the sister must remain home, out of the assembly. When he returns, the congregation will pray for him if he behaved well when he was on sanction. But you cannot send away, again, someone who is coming back from a sanction. And he must not rebuke you for that after the service or at home. And also, when you confess to having seen the nudity of your spouse, the sin is when you took pleasure at it.

4 Now Another question: Prophet, you prohibited women to wear trousers. But in Europe and America, they wear some kinds of things under their wrappers or skirts or dresses because of the cold. Yes, it is in order because of the cold. As long as they do not let those trousers appear, it is correct.

5 Also, the apostles Bernard Chigova and Patson Sibanda and the three sisters returned after spending a week here. They said: Oh Brother Philippe, we no longer want to return. And like Sisters Mireille Bamba, Mijola, Huguette Bekalé who came before them, before they returned to Zimbabwe, Sister Miriro, the bride of apostle Chigova, Sister Rachel, the bride of apostle Sibanda and Sister Rachel Nhundu cooked for the prophet of their time. You see? [Ed: The congregation says, "Amen!"].

6 And one day, the widow of Zarephath will approach, saying: “Oh my precious Sisters, blessed be the Lord, our God. I too, when I was on earth, I cooked for Elijah the Tishbite who was the prophet in our time.” And on the other side, Mary of Magdala, Martha, Elisabeth and Susanna will tell them: "We also remember that when we were on earth, we cooked for our Rabbi whom you call Jesus-Christ of Nazareth and who was the prophet in our time". And the woman of Shunem approached, saying: "Oh my precious Sisters, blessed be the Lord, our God. I too, when I was on earth, I cooked for Elisha, the son of Shaphath who was the prophet in our time". And Sister Hattie Wright kindly approached, saying: "Oh my precious Sisters, on earth, I also cooked for William Branham. He was the prophet in our time".

7 And many women will hug themselves over there, they will rejoice. This one will say, “Oh, I cooked for Jeremiah”. Another will say: “I cooked for Isaiah”. And another one: “I cooked for Habakkuk, Amos, and so on …”. And they hugged one another and said to one another: "Amen my precious Sisters! Amen my precious Sisters! To our God be glory! To our God be glory!” and went away. They were all beautiful and in the prime of their age! Now, a daughter of the devil will look from the torments of hell and say, and yet we followed all the Bible and lived well on earth and yet Salvation was so simple. You see? [Ed: The congregation says, "Amen!"]. And the Sisters of Zimbabwe, who came here, were so happy and they were singing in Shona saying: "Oh Amazing grace of God! Where could have we found this grace to find a living prophet on earth? You are so wonderful Jesus-Christ. Where would we have the grace to shake hands with a living prophet like the saints of the old days?”

8 Formerly, they said to themselves in Zimbabwe: “Oh God, if we are truly your children, where is the prophet of our time? Where is Elijah? Where is Elisha? Where is Moses? If we are your daughters like Mary of Magdala, Susanna, Elisabeth and others, where is the Lord Jesus-Christ in our time? Where are the prophets that you promised according to Matthew 23:34-35? And God answered to this prayer because Salvation is in the present tense. [Ed: The congregation says, “Amen!”]. From generation to generation, God has always done that! Whether you want it or not, for our generation, the book of Prophet Kacou Philippe has much more value than any of the books of the prophets which are in your Bible. You are not obliged to believe in me but know that God is not obliged to save you either. But if you are to be saved, it is here with the living prophet of your time. [Ed: The congregation says, "Amen!"].

9 As William Branham speaking of Joseph, I spoke of Kacou Philippe Daniel. Is he a son of men who will see my day or who will come after me? I do not know but I know that he will come. I also spoke of the black virgin, is she a daughter of men who will see my day or who will come after me? I do not know. [Ed: The congregation says, "Amen!"].

10 Now, from now on I ask that for any case of disease, need or other, you the apostles, pastors, preachers and others, after an interview, you lay your hands and pray for the brother or the sister. But a pastor who cannot pray for the sick must not preach either. And if a pastor does not pray for the sick, he must give the reasons. And you, confide in the preacher who can pray for you. A ministry of the Word, it is also the testimonies of healing. [Ed: The congregation says, “Amen”] For the diseases or cases of evil spirits, the brother or the sister will be on his or her knees before you and you will lay your left hand on his or her shoulder and your right hand on his or her head and you will pray. For any other case, it will be the same thing but you will lay your left hand on his or her shoulder and your right hand towards the sky. Preaching is by a ministry while healing is by a gift like the tree and the fruit. And if you live well in the fear of the Message and in a total sanctification, lay your hands on a sick person who entirely believes in the Message, do not fear, God will answer you. Take any doubt, any complexity and any underestimation away and call upon the Almighty God who sent me and the demons shall obey you! [Ed: The congregation says, “Amen!"]. And Apostle André Lima must necessarily associate prayer with the Word. He has presently gone to Salvador where he has rented a house for a year because of the Word of God. He is always with the old Brother Manoel Santana who is 76 years old now.

11 Well, I watched a video of more than five hours intended to destroy the Message of William Branham. The video was showing how William Branham had modified, several times, his date of birth, his marriage certificates and many other things with the sole goal of smearing William Branham. But it is in vain! William Branham remains the infallible prophet of God like Moses and Kacou Philippe. You see? They are sons of the devil and they always sought to stifle or destroy what God is doing.

12 When William Branham started healings and miracles campaigns, they all started some healings and miracles campaigns everywhere so much so that there was a total confusion. And since the Word of God came forth in 1993 and I started denouncing all that is false, they all also started to denounce all that is false so much so that now, they are radio stations, televisions, newspapers and Internet sites which have given themselves the ministry of denouncing false prophets. If we were in the Old Covenant, leprosy would appear on them as on king Uzziah in 2 Chronicles 26. You see? [Ed: The congregation says, "Amen!"]. When a radio or TV presenter starts citing the names of such and such false prophets, leprosy will appear on his face! But now, it is no longer leprosy but they receive demons like Cain and they do not know it! They do the work of the devil and they do not know it! You see?

13 Jesus Christ founded his Church but the devil raised up thousands of Catholic, Protestant, evangelical, Branhamist churches and missions and ministries. And when the Lord Jesus-Christ sent the Holy Spirit on earth, all the demons entered into the churches to turn into thousands of holy-spirits. To the point that it is total confusion in order to seduce the elect if that were possible. And after me, you will hear some Koffi chapter 17, Elijah chapter 21, Deborah chapter 23, Moussa chapter 32, Simba chapter 42… But you the elect, remain quiet. If in the beginning was the Word, at the end there will be some pure Word coming from Heaven by a prophet-messenger and the remembrance of all these imitators, magicians, reciters of verses will be blotted out. [Ed: The congregation says, "Amen!"].

14 If in the beginning was the Word, at the end there will come some Word by a prophet-messenger and the remembrance of those David Owuor, Emmanuel Makandiwa, Uebert Angel and all those magicians, reciters of verses and all their like in the countries will be blotted out. And the remembrance of those radio stations, newspapers, televisions and Internet and those new carts of David and of the Uzzahs who animate them will be blotted out. [Ed: The congregation says, "Amen!"]. And the absolute of all those is not God through a living prophet but the Bible which is nothing other than a history book. Without a prophet messenger on earth, the Bible has no importance. Without a prophet-messenger on earth, the Bible is just a golden calf in your hands. And there are golden calves and relics everywhere. If one day Billy Paul and Joseph Branham believe in the midnight Cry, before baptizing them, I will ask to burn the hat, the shotgun and all the other relics which are hung in the Branham Tabernacle. [Ed: The congregation says, "Amen!"].

15 That is exactly it! When I see everything the churches do around the Bible, that astonishes me because the Bible has become a golden calf. The Protestant, the evangelical or the Branhamist pressing the Bible to his heart, it is like the monk or the pious Catholic pressing the statuette of Mary to her heart. The instrument of the devil today is called the Bible. And it is with the Bible that they closed and sealed forever the door of the prophets and the Heaven. And today, believing in the Bible or in Jesus of Nazareth to be saved is as if at the time of Noah, you only had to agree with Abel’s sacrifice, when he confronted Cain and you were saved from the flood. [Ed: The congregation says, "Amen!"].

16 And at the time of Noah, the sons of Noah said to their father: "Dad, what is it of the Holy Bible, the book of Enoch and the holy prophets of God? Do you want us to bring them also into the Ark?”. They said to their father: What are the versions that we must take into the Ark?" Noah said to them: "No, my sons, it is not important for us. They are just history books, even though they have prophetic sides. I Kacou Philippe who speaks to you, I am a prophet and the Bible and the prophet, it is like the fruit and the tree. You must look at the tree". You see? [Ed: The congregation says, “Amen!"].

17 The sons of Noah said: "Yes dad, but are we going to let as many prophetic books from generation to generation since Abel be destroyed and all this memory will be blotted out? From the book of righteous Abel down to the brochures of Enoch who was taken directly into Heaven by God on chariots of fire? Will not that be able to edify and contribute to Salvation for future generations?" And Noah said: "No, children, on the contrary, the future generations, instead of looking for him that God will send for their Salvation as He sent me for this generation, those generations will confide in history books which you are speaking about and will not even get out of Egypt when God sends a prophet named Moses there!" You see? [Ed: The congregation says, "Amen!"]. Because Noah could see how the Bible, this book of museum would quickly turn the human kind away from God. If the Bible crossed the flood, the sons of the devil would say today: "had it not been by the Bible, Noah would not have been saved". They would even say that Noah had been saved by the Bible.

18 Thus, no holy book went across the Flood. The holy Bible left no trace after the Flood because of the sons of the devil. If the Bible is important, why didn't two thousand years of the history of Salvation since Abel leave any trace while writing already existed? And I told you that what saves you is what God is doing in your time through a prophet messenger. If today, in 2013, you think that they are the Words of William Branham, John Wesley, apostle Paul, Jesus of Nazareth, Isaiah or Jeremiah that will be able to save you, it is because you are not a child of God.

19 It is same plan of Satan and when the Lord Jesus says that Luke 17:30 will come back on earth, that is the great seal of seduction broken for the churches saying: If you believe in Jesus and his sacrifice on the cross, you are saved and you do not need the Message of some Prophet Kacou Philippe. It is the same diabolical message of the sons of the devil since the foundation of the world. The children of the devil said: if you believe in Abel and his atonement you will be saved from the Flood! And some sons of the devil said to Noah: “Noah, we all believe what you preach but, are you sure that all you preach is biblical?” Noah told them: “My preaching does not need to be biblical because I am a prophet.” [Ed: The congregation says, "Amen!"].

20 And according to the promise of the Lord Jesus-Christ Himself in Luke.17:30, the time of Noah has now come again on earth. From Abel to Enoch, that makes seven ages and when Noah comes, humans no longer need Salvation. The sixty-six books of their Bible are enough for them. That is the condition of the present world today. They already have a pope, cardinals, Catholic bishops, pastors, priests, prophets, bishops, reverends… You see? They need nothing. They do not need Noah. They do not need Kacou Philippe. Like at the time of Samuel, they have established themselves men upon themselves and they do not want a living prophet messenger. That is the condition of the whole human kind today from generation to generation. From the white to the black, from the child to the elderly person, from the rich to the poor, they are but animals. When somebody rises and says: "God speaks to me through the Bible", he is an animal. When somebody tells me that all I say must be biblical, he is an animal. When somebody rises and says: "the Bible is his absolute", he is an animal. When somebody rises and says: "God speaks to me through the Bible", he is an animal. They are animals, that is why they say: "I am an evangelical Christian, I am a Catholic Christian, I am a Protestant Christian, I am a Methodist, Baptist, Anabaptist, Lutheran, and so on…” You see? [Ed: The congregation says, "Amen!"].

21 If those Jews who are on the land of Israel were spiritual, they would drive away any person coming in pilgrimage to Israel and who would say: "I am an American Jew". Either you are a Jew and you live on the land of Israel or you are a man of the nations and you live outside Israel. If you were a child of God in Noah's time, you would be in the Ark of Noah. And today, if you are a child of God, you will be here in the lot of Prophet Kacou Philippe. [Ed: The congregation says, "Amen!"].

22 Without a living prophet, it is jungle. Look at that Branhamist homosexual pastor whose wife is here in the midnight Cry. He so sexual assaulted his six-year-old daughter that she had injuries and infections. And he is still a pastor. There is no one to depose him. It is to be able to hurt that they are Branhamists and that there is nobody above them. And with the medical tests, from the first hearing to the court, the judge removed him the custody of this small girl at once! And while William Branham is dead, who can tell that demon: "You are no longer a pastor!"? No one! You see? And his wife separated from him, I re-baptised her and she will never return to his home and I am waiting for the devil that will come and tell me that marriage is a divine institution and that I have no right to do that. [Ed: The congregation says, "Amen!"]. Can a preacher, pastor or apostle do that here, like this Branhamist pastor while I, Prophet Kacou Philippe, am on earth? No sir! And I tell you that a church without a living prophet, no matter her holiness, is a herd of pigs. [Ed: The congregation says, "Amen!"].

23 And you Catholic, Protestant, evangelical, Branhamist priests and pastors, and others, when you wanted to eat at the table of God and at the table of Caesar at the same time, what lesson have you got from that? Have you at least understood that politics and the Bible, it is not the same thing? What God expects from you now, it is not to come and recite bible verses but it is to tell us where and how to find weapons of war for a good price or on credit. That all that you can do. And you all the pastors and priests with the hands full of blood, I tell you that the Bible and rifle cannot be companions.

24 And I who only know the limits of the Water of the Word, I am curious to ask you: You the crabs, how do you manage to breathe at the same time with me in water and outside water with those politicians? How do you manage to be at the table of God at church and at the table of Caesar in king palaces at the same time? Why do you absolutely want to subject the Church to the State? If I am a man of God, what will I seek at the table of a pagan politician who is there today and who will disappear tomorrow? You see? If you were of Christ, you would resemble Him and any eye would see it because the fruit does not fall far from the tree. [Ed: The congregation says, "Amen!"].

25 In 1971, in the Congo-Kinshasa, when Archbishop Malula and the Catholic church and other churches had criticized the bad behaviors of President Mobutu against the population, President Mobutu told them to keep away from that and that was not a problem of theirs. Mobutu said: “No way, it's inadmissible and inacceptable! You cannot mix the two things. Even Christ Himself was categorical on this! To God what is God's and to Caesar what is Caesar's.” And when writing the Ivorian constitution, the religious men who were present had requested that the word “God” should be in the preamble but that was refused on the ground that Ivory Coast is a secular country. But if Ivory Coast is a secular country, what were you doing there? And because of money, those pastors, priests and imams were seated there instead of leaving the room. They are the shame of history. You see? And if Ivory Coast is a secular country, what church paper will she require from me? But I praise God because it is written: "And Jehovah shall be known to the Egyptians, and the Egyptians shall know Jehovah in that day, and shall serve with sacrifice and oblation; and they shall vow a vow unto Jehovah, and perform it!" Amen!

26 Now to close, I am going to say something… God gives the Gospel of the generation like the list of the elect of the generation. And when, while reading, a chosen one shouts: "Glory to God, Hallelujah! This is entire truth!" God hears in Heaven: "Glory to God, this is my name! Hallelujah! I am saved! The Message of a prophet is the register of the names of the elect of his generation. And the death of the prophet comes after the last chosen one of his lot has answered the call. Elijah and Moses will not die before the 144,000th chosen one answers the call. [Ed: The congregation says, “Amen!"]. The Message of a generation is the list of the elect of that generation. We see some words, sentences but they are mysteries, God sees names from the Heaven. And all those who are ordained to eternal Life in this generation read it and believe because their names are there. Now, I am going to say something that I should not say and if I am wrong by saying this, may God forgive it to me. In fact, I wanted to remove or modify Kacou 1 and the Lord said: "leave it as such". Again, I wanted to move it but the Lord said: "Leave it there". I was thinking. And one day I had this inspiration which said: "It is the Red Sea”. [Ed: The congregation says, "Amen!"].

27 It is put there for Egyptians. When they see the names of their churches, they will leave the Message. But if they do not leave It when they see the names of their churches, they will leave It when they see that their holy-spirits are demons. If they do not leave It when they see that their holy-spirits are demons, they will leave It when they see their bibles burned. And He said to me: "If they do not leave It when they see such a point, they will leave It when they see such other point. If they do not leave It when they see such a point, they will leave It when they see such other point… ". All that is for the world and the sons of the devil but on the other side of the Red Sea, there is another thing. And that is what the life of the prophet-messenger will do for the foolish virgins and the mixed multitude of the people. Certainly, they will be standing like the wise virgins but at such a prophetic act, they will go away or spiritually be on their knees but their lives will be prolonged. [Ed: The congregation says, "Amen!"]. At such other prophetic Act, such other foolish virgins or mixed multitude will go away or will be on their knees in the spirit but physically standing because of the explanations. Oh! I should not reveal these things but that is what it will be. Amen!

28 After so many preachings and explanations, the world has not changed. Oh God, after so many prophecies, the world has not changed of only one step! And I know that I have not been better than my fathers the prophets! I have not prevailed! But Jesus Christ, You the almighty God who has sent me, in the virtue of the grace that You gave me, I pray that You will open the eyes of kings and presidents and ministers and of all the great men of the earth! Open the eyes of all the humans! Open the eyes of all those that have replaced You with churches and who do not know it! Open the eyes of all those who have replaced You with a book or who confide in this old book called Bible and who do not know it! [Ed: The congregation says, "Amen!"].

29 At the time of the Tsunami off the shores of Japan, the submarines could not see any fish in the water, that was strange. They could not understand. While an evangelical church was on some leisure outing; a little farther, another evangelical church having a service of baptism. But the Tsunami swallowed them all! Oh, God, it is with sadness that I pray this morning. In ten years of preachings, I have not been better than my fathers the prophets for, here again are those church members with their bibles with them, making their way to their old Catholic, Protestant, evangelical and Branhamist synagogues, including all the missions and ministries. Here they are still, calling upon their Jesus Christ and their holy-spirits which are nothing else but demons that agitated the traditional fetish priests of my village, the voodoo priests and the nganga of Africa! [Ed: The congregation says, “Amen!"].

30 I could imagine the time of Noah! Lots of reverends, prophets, bishops were in front of Noah with some speaking with tongues and authentic gifts of knowledge, some had already raised some dead, others had healed paralytics and blind people from birth and they were all shouting to Noah: "Noah, come back to the Word! Come back to the Bible! The Bible is the only Word of God! God is in his Word! The Bible is God printed! Our absolute is the Bible ". All of them said that while they were from different churches and had different doctrines. Noah said to them: "I am an African and I saw fetish priests and nganga carry their fetishes in their bag.

31 If the Bible is my absolute, its place will not be in my bag! It is not for me to carry my absolute. Noah said to them: My absolute, it is the living God, He is alive and always speaks by living prophets on earth. And I that speak to you, God personally told me on April 24, 1993 according to Matthew 25:6 that I must do what I am doing! I am the saviour who has come from Heaven for this generation! [Ed: The congregation says, "Amen!"]. If you reject me, you shall all perish in the Flood with no exception. All of you, from the rich one to the poor. From the sanctified Christian, filled with the holy-spirit down to the prostitute of Hollywood, you shall all perish in that flood. All of you, Catholics, Protestants, evangelicals, Branhamists, you shall all perish in that flood. Noah condemned them and they all raised their voice and shouted to Noah: " You Noah, you are a liar because there is no saviour but God alone who covered our sins and yours by the blood of the lamb of atonement of righteous Abel ".

32 And the sons of the devil talked on and on and were mocking of Noah till the forty days were finished and the Ark was ready according to the order of God. And after that, in the morning, there were lightnings and thunders that terrified all the surface of the earth. The earth was trembling; the storm was shaking the earth. Dust was lifted up and the trees quivered very hard and Noah moved ahead and spoke with God and God spoke with Noah, his prophet. Amen! And the Lord Jesus. Christ said: As it was in the days of Noah, so shall it be at the end of time. Are we at the end of time? Do men build houses? Do men marry and do all that the Lord Jesus Christ said they will do? If so, where is Noah then? You will answer for that on the day of the judgment.

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