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Updated: May 27, 2022

(Preached on Sunday morning, July 20, 2014 in Adjamé, Abidjan- Ivory Coast)

1 Brethren, I like miracles which produce events as in John 9. Apostle Crépin had told me about Sister Naomie who suffered from epilepsy and I had said to him to pray for her. And on last June 26, he wrote me again and he explained me how that epilepsy had thrown our sister into fire and that now she would fall twice or three times a day. He had added some other details and I was sad and I told him, "Brother, this has gone straight to my heart". And I prayed. And right on the spot, the demon of epilepsy left her.

2 And Apostle Crépin gave me the testimony of her healing. And on July 14, Pastor Gideon reported to me how this healing had been a subject of joy. Sister Naomie, when she noticed she no longer fell, she shouted for joy saying, "Glory be to God, I am healed! Glory be to God, I am healed! It is a prophet who did that! He is the prophet of Arabs and Jews and all the nations of the earth! He is the prophet of all the churches and all the religions of the earth! He is the prophet of all the races of the earth." And Sister Joyce, her mother, wept, glorifying God. And to the noise that took place, the residents living around came out and she started throwing away the stocks of drugs and the neighbours who were there and who knew her went and picked the drugs she was throwing away thinking that she would fall in the next hours. And Sister Naomie destroyed all the drugs that the neighbours brought back. And the testimony was spreading and the Name of the Lord Jesus Christ was glorified. [Ed: The congregation says, "Amen!"].

3 Now listen to this: I considered life very closely. And I saw noble houses become poor, trying to hide their poverty and their shame. And I understood that it is better to be born in the house of a poor person rather than being born in the house of a rich person where there is no holiness and no fear of God. The curse is to go with a girl that you have not married. And yet beautiful girls won’t say to the son of a poor man, "Here I am!" In all my childhood, I only knew storm lanterns and there was only one for our entire house! And I praise God to have placed me there.

4 But if a house does not fear God, whatever its glory and its greatness, it will fall. I am going to take two examples: First, the example of Belshazzar, king of Babylon. His father Nebuchadnezzar had been a good king and God had lifted him up but what did his son, King Belshazzar do after him? It is written that King Belshazzar made a great feast and he commanded to bring the silver and gold vessels that Nebuchadnezzar his father had taken out of the temple of Jehovah in Jerusalem. And he, Belshazzar and his nobles and his wives and his concubines drank in the vessels devoted to God. And right away, a man’s hand appeared, and wrote his sentence on the wall of the palace. And God removed domination from Babylon and gave it to the Medo-Persian Empire. Belshazzar drank in the vessels of the House of Jehovah, while his father Nebuchadnezzar did not drink in these vessels because he feared Jehovah.

5 After Belshazzar, I take the example of the Kennedy family in America: When the Kennedys came to the forefront in America that was the work of their father. John Kennedy was the president of the United States, his brother Robert Kennedy was the minister for the American Justice and another, Ted Kennedy was a Senator in the American Congress. That was fine but John Kennedy did not even know why he had sworn on the Bible of Abraham Lincoln. John Kennedy did not know that the ancestors of the Americans were Christians who came from Europe because of the Word of God. America was a Canaan, a promised land but all that, the house of the Kennedys was unaware of it. And it was said that President John Kennedy was so perverse that he would gather the most beautiful girls of America to his swimming pool and he obliged them to remove their bath suits and he collected them and they were obliged to come naked out of water and he would give them back to them saying, "This is for you… This is for you… This is for you." And where are the Kennedys today?

6 This is why I have always said to you, work yourselves violently, dominate over sin. For example, in all my life, I know only one way of approaching a woman. And if you approached a woman from behind like an animal, know that you are an animal and in Genesis 1:26-28, it does not belong to an animal or to the children of an animal to dominate over men. [Ed: The congregation says, "Amen!"].

7 Well, I want to speak about the subject: Israel and the nations. I love Israel. The love for Israel is forever engraved upon my heart and the enemies of Israel will be always my enemies. It is the elected nation, it is the blessed nation. Israel is the nation chosen by God but it is a perverse and foolish nation. Israel is a queen with the morality of a prostitute.

8 When Israel went out of Egypt, it was not by the hand of a man but by the Hand of God Himself. And God Himself dispossessed and drove the nations out from before Israel. And Israel came and established on that land that you see today. And God said to them, "Look around you! There are Arabs, they are wild animals but know that you are not alone for I shall be with you. But you shall not have any alliance with the nations! You shall be a nation among the nations."

9 But right after being established in Israel in 1947, the first thing the Jews did was to establish the sins and abominations of the nations! From all along the Mediterranean to Caesarea, they established beaches and hotels and night clubs! How can I become a Christian and keep going to the same ghettos and the same prostitutes that I went to when I was a pagan? If I want to act like a pagan and keep the same evil relations, why should I go to Church? Why should I go to Israel? Why should I do that? To the point that even the beaches of Caesarea have become places of sins and open-air hotels! Lake Tiberias, the Sea of Galilee and the Jordan are full of beaches, hotels and night clubs. You see? God surrounded Israel with Arab nations so that she may remain alone for she is God’s portion but today, Israel which is in Asia takes part in the championships of Europe and Israel is a member of Eurovision. And politics and all the nations do, Jews transported them to Israel. You see? God put barriers around Israel but like a depraved girl, Israel has the means of her prostitution.

10 God had said to them, "You shall make no covenant with the nations and you shall be a nation among the nations." You shall be a nation not like the other nations but a nation among the nations because you are my portion. You see? Israel was married to God. And among all the nations of the earth, Israel was God’s portion and thus should not associate with another nation. But in spite of this grace, Israel has always been unfaithful and it was for unfaithfulness that she found herself among the nations for 2000 years, wandering here and there, undergoing crimes. And in 1947, God remembered Abraham and his promises and brought Israel back in her homeland. But Israel did not forsake her prostitution and her immorality. Right after her arrival in 1947, Israel got many lovers. Israel cannot bear to be only with her Bridegroom! Israel cannot bear to only have communion with God alone.

11 In 1993, when I was receiving the vision, I had never attended a church and I did not know any church leader. And after April 24, 1993, why will I go and fraternize with a church or a church leader? This is what Israel has never accepted. And in her relations with the nations, Israel never spoke about God or about a prophet but about diplomatic relations with such and such country, denying thus her past, denying the reason why it is loved among the nations!

12 But where is the true Nation of Israel? Where is then the Israel Moses and the holy prophets talk about? Where are the sons of Abraham? Wouldn’t they be men of the nations setting themselves up as Jews and who have come to Israel? Wouldn’t they be only descendants of Dan and Ephraim who returned to Israel since 1947? Wouldn’t they be men of the nations who have passed themselves as Jews and who are in Israel? Are Ariel Sharon, Menahem Begin and Shimon Peres really Jews? Are Yitzhak Rabin and Benyamin Netanyahou really Jews? Are the rabbis who are in Israel also Jews? Was Ovedia Yossef really a Jew? Are the Sephardi chief rabbi and the Ashkenazi chief rabbi really Jews?

13 Are Hilonim Jews? And you, Haredim and Hasidim, are you Jews? Is one a Jew by clothing or language? Is one a Jew by religion or because he wants it? Can a wolf become a lamb if he wants? O Israel you are a pig and a pig in the sheepfold cannot grow wool! [Ed: The congregation says, "Amen!"].

14 O God, I want to see the Israel the Bible talks about! Does the Torah say that Israel can have diplomatic relations with the nations? Has a prophet once said that?

15 O God, until when shall Thou smite the Israel that my eyes see? When shall God bring a punishment greater than Palestinian rockets? From where shall come the hand that shall cause the nations’ idol to fall? Where is the powerful hand that shall make the Wailing walls of Jerusalem fall? And when shall God break the alliance between Israel and the United States of America? Where does it come that Israel shall not be troubled? O you, Israel, Adonai has already judged you and your sentence has already been pronounced. O you, Israel, you shall not prevail! This time, your enemies shall surprise you. And you will be powerless. Yes, the lion shall be powerless while in 1967, the lion cub defeated the same enemies in only one day. Israel shall be desolate and the six-Day War will be a souvenir. You have become a strong nation but you shall fall like a weak prey. Your enemies will no longer fear you!

16 Israel has no ears to listen to the voice of a living prophet, otherwise she would listen to me because I am her Prophet. If we who are men of the nations, Moses and the prophets spoke to us when God dealt with the Jews, then you Jews, know that I, Prophet Kacou Philippe, can speak to you while God deals with the nations because He is also the God of the nations. [Ed: The congregation says, "Amen!"].

17 Judaism is founded on the prophets and Christianity proceeds from Judaism. In the beginning, it was Paul, a Jewish Prophet from Judaism, who gave the torch of light to the nations because it was with the fire of the altar that the first lamp of the golden candlestick should be lit. And from the first lamp of this candlestick, the second lamp was lit. And with the fire of the second lamp, the third lamp was lit, and so on up to the seventh lamp. Thus, one day, it is a prophet of the nations who will give the torch to the Jews. [Ed: The congregation says, "Amen!"].

18 O God, strengthen the Palestinians that You raised up from nowhere to disturb the peace of Israel and the peace of the lovers of Israel. Strengthen Ramallah! Strengthen Gaza and the West Bank so they may give no peace to depraved Israel! O God, where is the army that shall judge Israel? Where is the army of Syria? Where are the swift horses of Lebanon? Where is the army of Jordan? Where is the army of Egypt? Where is Iran? Where are the strong men of Ishmael? Yes, God shall trouble Israel! [Ed: The congregation says, "Amen!"].

19 I am a prophet of God and who is the priest, the prophet, the evangelist or pastor of a church who is my friend? Which leader of a Catholic, Protestant, evangelical or Branhamist church is my friend? How can I have them for friends while I am a nabi, while I am the Adonai’s portion?

20 I had friends from childhood but now, I don’t have any anymore because I am a prophet. From my conversion in 1993 to now, the pope and the great pastors and prophets of the earth came to Ivory Coast. But I never defiled myself with them and my eyes never saw them because I am a nabi! How would I be tired to be alone while I am a nabi, God’s Share on earth? [Ed: The congregation says, "Amen!"]. My country had five presidents. My eyes saw only one, Houphouët Boigny when I was eleven years old. I have never been to the residence of a President and I will never go there if it is not to announce him Salvation. For I am a prophet, I am God’s portion on the earth. For the feast of Independence of my country, I have never attended the gatherings. And yet, the prefect invited me twice, I did not go and will never go there. My place is not there, in their midst because I am a prophet, I am God’s portion on the earth.

21 But look at Israel! Just after she returned to her homeland in 1947, Israel is already a member of the European Council! Israel wants to integrate the European Union! Israel wants to integrate the African Union! What a prostitution! Israel, if you are tired to remain alone, why don't you enter the Arab League? Israel, if you did not have prostitution in your body, the mosque Al-Aqsa would not dominate over you. Israel, it is because of your rebellion, that instead of the cock-crow, it is the muezzin who awakes you!

22 Depraved Israel, it was not for you to associate with a nation that God placed you like one only-begotten son in the middle of Arab nations that hate you and He made a Covenant with you saying by the holy prophets, "When you are established in the country which I give you, you shall make no covenant with the nations, you shall destroy their altars and you shall be a nation among the nations." [Ed: The congregation says, "Amen!"]. And since Moses, each Prophet repeated that! And God went further and said, O Israel, even if a woman forgets her sucking baby, I, Jehovah, will not forget you! O Israel, if I forget you, let My Right Hand forget Its Skill! God keeps his promises. But it is you Israel who always gave up this Covenant! You have always loved evil and prostitution was always attached to you! And yet you are the God’s portion among the nations of the earth!

23 For her lovers and because of her prostitution, Israel has sacrificed all that was sacred to her. Israel and the nations, it is one thing and its shadow. And Judaism has become like the Christianity of the nations. But you Jews, know that there will be no true worship except with a living prophet among you. It is only a true prophet like Moses who will establish the true priesthood and then, the Levites will be priests. If you are really a Jew, neither the Torah, nor the Talmud, nor a rabbi can be your guide but only a living prophet will be your guide and your absolute! [Ed: The congregation says, "Amen!"]. Just as much the Bible cannot be my absolute, the Torah cannot be the absolute of a true Jew. The Torah is a book of history and its true place is in a museum. And Talmud is the Gospel to the Jews according to Satan. [Ed: The congregation says, "Amen!"].

24 Israel, you are so immoral and perverse that today, you could have sold the Ark of the Covenant at auction or offered it to the pope of Rome if you had it. But, one day, there shall come another Israel after me, an Israel who could not have said on May 25, 2014 to the pope of Rome, successor of Pontius Pilate, "Your holiness, welcome to the gates of Jerusalem in the name of Adonai!" Israel, the holiness, knowledge and Salvation of God are not on walls, in caves and tombs but with a living Prophet. And God alone is Holy and a place is Holy only when God is on this place. [Ed: The congregation says, "Amen!"].

25 And Israel why, despite yourself, are the priests of the Catholic, Protestant, evangelical and Branhamist high places welcome on the land of Elijah? Why has the memory of Elijah and Mount Carmel been forgotten?

26 Are not those altars of Satan, those stepmothers that you called churches for 2000 years, the image of the Arabs and Palestinians who are around you today? Yes Israel! All those Catholic, Protestant, evangelical and Branhamist priests, pastors that you see, are the image of the Arab nations around you, they are demons. Those Catholics, Protestants, evangelicals and Branhamists that you see are Jordanians, Iraqis, Saudis, Lebanese, Syrians and Pakistanis. And John Hagee and Pat Robertson are Yasser Arafat, Mahmoud Abbas and Hassan Nasrallah. Until your death, an Arab or a man of the nations will never be your neighbour and you shall make no covenant with another nation because you are the portion of Adonai, your God. [Ed: The congregation says, "Amen!"].

27 I saw the priests, prophets, apostles, evangelists and pastors of the earth in a vision. Their bodies were human bodies but their heads were heads of different animals. They were making a procession and each of them had a big crucifix in his two hands, raised in front of him and they were moving with it as in Catholic liturgies and the smoke of the incense mounted from the altar. They were moving very slowly and their heads were heads of different animals. In front of them, it was written, "Jesus Christ is the Lord of lords and the King of kings." They were demons. This is why a Catholic, Protestant, evangelical and Branhamist priest, prophet, apostle or pastor will never be my neighbour. They are demons. [Ed: The congregation says, "Amen!"].

28 And all that, Israel does not know it. And with the Torah and Talmud in her hand, Israel wants to integrate the European Union. O foolish Israel, on May 14, 1948, David Ben-Gurion said, "… Israel will be founded on the principles of freedom, justice and peace as that had been conceived by the prophets of Israel." But look at your behaviour today! Is that what Moses and the prophets of Israel taught you? And you, foolish Israel, your sons have not yet finished gathering under your wings and you seek the fraternity of the nations? Israel, the whore, I know that you are a prostitute but why you didn't wait until the lovers came toward you, but you are the one who goes to associate with the kings of the earth for them to commit fornication with you?

29 Is that the Israel the Torah talks about? Is that Jerusalem, the city of David? After 2000 years of dispersion among the nations, is that what you have born in mind? I-sra-el! I-sra-el! I-sra-el! How many prophets should you receive before you can be taught? And how many times should you go in deportation before you repent? O Israel, the sins of Nineveh and Babylon have been found in you. The sins of Egypt and Sodom have been found in you. O Israel, if God is just, Israel will be troubled and the nations, her lovers will lament and the priests of high places and those who hate the living prophets will mourn over Israel the prostitute. And it shall be said, "But where was the powerful Israeli secret service? Where were the security agents who taught security to the nations?"

30 And the smoke of the judgment mounted over Israel. Oh Israel, the valley of the prophets, you are the majestic lioness of God. And if you serve Jehovah your God in holiness, know that God created the nations of the earth to serve you. But if you refuse to serve Him in fear and holiness, know that God created the nations of the earth for your judgment. [Ed: The congregation says, "Amen!"].

31 Yes, God shall humiliate Israel and no arm shall be found to avenge it! And Israel shall receive the help and support of her lovers and the kings of the earth with whom she prostituted herself. And the enemies of Israel shall be joyful. There shall be hugs and messages of congratulations. And those who feared Israel shall no longer fear her and the pride of Israel shall be broken forever. Yes, this nation of Israel shall be smitten of a desolation from which she shall not be able to rise again. The army of Israel will be humiliated. Israel will be humiliated. The Jews will return to Europe and America in tears.

32 You Israel, you have become a flying beast but behold, your strength shall be withheld from you, your wings shall be broken, your domination shall be taken from you and your enemies shall no longer fear you. [Ed: The congregation says, "Amen!"]. But after that, another people shall rise from the remnants of Israel. Another people who shall know that those Catholic, Protestant, evangelical and Branhamist leaders on the earth, these missions and ministries are demons.

33 There shall be two Israels and the Jew shall protest against the Jew because of Jehovah! Yes! All those Jews who gathered in Israel since 1897 and the sons and daughters who were born to them are only sons of the devil. [Ed: The congregation says, "Amen!"]. Yes, let them come fast! Let them come from all the corners of the world before the judgment so that they may be struck as well! God is gathering them in order to destroy them. And from their ruin, among those who shall survive, God shall arise another race, different from this one. And at the time of this new race, the homosexuals and lesbians of the earth shall no longer parade in Jerusalem. This Israel of sin shall pass away and another race of Jews shall rise in her place! An Israel who shall know Adonai. An Israel who shall not burn incense to Catholic, Protestant, evangelical and Branhamist gods. An Israel who could have made the difference today between God and the devil, Prophet Kacou Philippe and the pope of Rome! Yes, another race of Jews shall come! A new Israel who shall return to Adonai and the faith of Abraham, Moses and the holy prophets. [Ed: The congregation says, "Amen!"]. It will be in remote time but it will arrive on the earth. But before that many prophets shall arise after me. Among them, a big prophet like me shall arise in northern Africa and that prophet shall speak to Israel too. And he that can understand, let him understand!

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