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Updated: May 28

Letter that Prophet Kacou Philippe wrote from his prison cell on July 17, 2016 to all those who believe in him around the world.

1 I, prophet Kacou Philippe, was sitting with my family, at Katadji near Sikensi, in my native village where I lived quietly when I was arrested without an arrest warrant towards dusk, by five police officers of the general intelligence of Ivory Coast on Friday May 13, 2016 from Abidjan, while there was a police and a court close to me.

2 And it was in the presence of my followers, amongst whom was Apostle Mars Marshel who came from India for his baptism and his consecration.

3 And Behind my arrest and imprisonment are, first, the evangelical churches, headed by the secretary of the commission of the Protestant and evangelical churches of Ivory Coast and the woman Jezebel who calls herself prophetess. The names of all the major religious leaders of Ivory Coast were cited to me at the directorate of general intelligence. All these religious leaders were motivated by Jezebel, daughter of Ethbaal who had come to settle in Ivory Coast. Exactly, it was like in Israel when Jezebel stirred up all the priests and all the country of Israel up against Prophet Elijah.

4 And then, later, these evangelical churches and Jezebel received support and congratulations and encouragements from the Catholic, Protestant and Branhamist churches of Ivory Coast and the religious leaders of other countries.

5 And from my arrest to my indictment, no religious man or advocate of human rights pleaded for me. Nobody reacted.

6 I, Kacou Philippe, slave of Jesus Christ, I am accused of defiance of the State authority, incitement to religious hatred and of religious radicalism. Defiance of the State authority because I refused to comply with a summons of the State which requested me to get myself registered like all the Christian and Muslim leaders.

7 I had replied to the State. I had posted the summons without burning it and my answer said, "… how can I comply with a summons of Caesar which says to me in red, "Come here upon reception of this summons"? Me, a prophet of God? And come for what? To have myself registered along with Muslim, Catholic, Protestant, evangelical and Branhamist leaders? Never! Never! Never! You cannot count animals and men together.

8 As a prophet, the State does not have anything to ask from me except for how they will do to be saved. I do not mean to be disrespectful to anyone but it is the State that is interfering with me like a fox on matters that are none of its business. To Caesar what is Caesar’s and to God what is God’s.

9 And even in prison, I will always act this way for only one reason: the obedience to the vision of April 24, 1993. As a citizen, I have my identity card, my driving license and all the rest. And on the day of my arrest, I had received a summons from tax authorities and like the Lord Jesus Christ; I did not refuse to pay taxes.

10 Churches do not pay taxes but they ask a prophet by whom the churches and the Bible exist to pay taxes. Alright.

11 And then, because of the Word of God, I spent five days and five nights sitting on a chair. Even until my death, I will never obey. And I judge that it is the State which challenges God by asking the Prophet of God to do such and such thing.

12 And from the police of general intelligence, I was sent to the scientific police division, another branch of the police which also questioned me on what I preach. During the questioning, I saw my detention order already signed and put on the table along with some handcuffs.

13 The police officers sent Brother Koné who wanted to assist me out. And during the questioning, I did not have the right to have a pen; I did not have the right to be assisted by a relative, a friend or a lawyer while their report said that I had the right to all that and it was rather me who had refused it. For a moment, they sent me out of the room of questioning, and from outside, I could hear them plot, call me a false prophet, a terrorist and a jihadist and then they sent me back in.

14 After the questionings, they transferred me late in the night to the police headquarters of Plateau where they put me in the basement that 18th of May to make me suffer. It was there that I spent the most difficult nights of my life. And it was also there that I started to feel the pain in the chest. And the doctor of the prison said that my result indicates that I must have had a hemorrhage and I did not know it.

15 There was a raid in Abidjan and there were approximately four hundred prisoners in the same place and some collapsed because of the unbearable heat and odor. Some suffered from asthma attacks. They would take them out because of the heat and they would bring in some other prisoners in great number and the police officers who came in the cell held their nose or had some face masks on.

16 On the third day, Friday May 20, 2016, I was extracted from there and I was handcuffed and transferred to the General Prosecutor’s office of Abidjan where I spent the day in a small cell full of people. One could not even stretch their feet out, the air and the heat were unbreathable and some prisoners were smoking.

17 From there, the night of that May 20th, that is to say seven days after my arrest, I was placed under a detention warrant and was transferred to the MACA, the biggest prison of Abidjan. And yet, their law says that two days after the arrest, if the prisoner is not transferred, he must be released. So, I stayed in the prison.

18 And On Friday June 3, 2016, I appeared before the High Court of Abidjan. And for the trial, the tribunal had chosen the great Catholic prosecutor Yéo Abel himself for his severity. And during the trial, I was ordered not to use biblical verses because we were not in a church but in court. And I could barely speak without being interrupted.

19 And the Public Prosecutor had requested ten years of imprisonment against me because I said that I am the only true prophet of God on the earth and that a woman does not have the right to preach in a church before men.

20 And upon the announcement of the ten years of imprisonment against me, some members of evangelical churches were dancing in front of the court while insulting me. I was handcuffed. And outside, Jezebel made signs of victory. The lion has fallen into a hole; all the animals of the forest are dancing around the hole. But by the grace of God, the judge who is a Muslim put the verdict in reserve till Monday, June 6, 2016.

21 And on Monday June 6, 2016, I was condemned to one year in prison with five years of prohibition to preach the Gospel and five years of deprivation of all of my rights, because a living prophet cannot be declared innocent before men. You Catholics, Protestants, evangelicals and Branhamists, you want me dead, I who seek to lead you to Christ. And all this happened so that the Scriptures that say, You shall be hated and they shall drag you before the tribunals for my name’s sake, may be fulfilled.

22 And the Lord said, The hour is coming when you shall be persecuted and they shall drag you before the tribunals thinking that they are worshipping God. And from arrest, all of them had treated me hard because of the politics, the relations and the money of Jezebel and of the prophets of Baal. And every time, they would tell me, "The order of your imprisonment comes from our hierarchy".

23 And apart from that, from one end to another, from my arrest, there is not a single police officer who did not mix his religious convictions with his work.

24 Even the police officers of the tribunal and their chief who had come to extract me from prison cell, handcuff me and take me to the courtroom had traumatised me by their number and their behaviour.

25 They treated me in the manner of the great criminals that we used to watch on TV. Why? Because, like the prophets of the Bible, I too, by the grace of God, received a vision on April 24, 1993 and I was faithful to the vision.

26 Several of those who were sent to prison with me have been released. More than fifty rebellious students who had disobeyed the State, committed acts of vandalism and burned vehicles of police did not stay a week here in prison and they were all released with several great brigands. Yes, some Barabbas are free and I, Kacou Philippe, am still in my cell.

27 They all agree that I did nothing wrong but I am in prison because of my believers who allegedly made caricatures in response to Jezebel and the prophets of Baal who called me a false prophet and an antichrist.

28 I that did nothing wrong, I accepted to be in prison for the fault of my believers like one day, our Lord Jesus Christ accepted to die on the cross for our sins. The spirit of prophecy is the testimony of Christ. And this is the way of all the prophets. And I accept that.

29 I would be rather concerned if none of all this had happened to me and if I were not persecuted and imprisoned. Including the Lord Jesus Christ, there is not a single prophet who was not persecuted and imprisoned. The Lord Jesus Christ was in the same prison with Barabbas.

30 The question is rather to know if it is possible today that a prophet does his ministry peacefully till the end without being persecuted or imprisoned.

31 Even outside the Bible, all those who came after the Lord Jesus Christ like Columban, Wycliff, John Huss, Martin Luther, John Wesley and others were all persecuted, dragged before tribunals and imprisoned because of their Message.

32 During all this time of persecution, I had written to human rights organisations and to all those who were supposed to have a heart for justice and law but nothing was done. Not even religious men.

33 For a doctrinal issue, a country which calls itself secular should simply say, "As it is a simple question of doctrines, go and settle this between you Christians".

34 The government should say, "You can organize a televised debate and we will see who is right. It does not belong to us, a secular country, to say who is the true or the false prophet. It is not a court issue. Even if his believers acted badly, did you tell him about that and he did not want to listen to you?" You see?

35 If my son makes my neighbour’s wall dirty, is it in court, with handcuffs around my wrists, that they will tell me what my son has done? And they will condemn me to prison with five years of deprivation of my civic and religious rights for that?

36 The Master, our Lord Jesus Christ himself was called Beelzebub and he did not call Roman soldiers. The Lord Jesus Christ did not do that and none of his disciples will ever do that. But today, sons and daughters of the devil have established themselves as servants of God to the point that if you strike them on the left cheek, you are dragged to police, tribunals, and imprisoned.

37 Even, outside the menses, God said that the woman must not preach because if you strike her on the left cheek, she will take you to police and before tribunals. What is a caricature for me to pay attention to it? And Jezebel in menses talks about caricatures. Was it not Protestantism which made caricatures known to mankind in their fight against the papacy in the 16th century?

38 And until the end, the whole earth will watch this wicked act without doing anything. This means that my imprisonment was the will of all the inhabitants of the earth. But as for me, I acted for the honour of the Church before history and I acted in the line of my predecessors, the Hebrew prophets.

39 I had not hired any lawyer. And before the trial, I had said to my believers: I prefer prison without lawyer rather than freedom with a lawyer. A lawyer would not have spoken in the place of the Lord Jesus Christ or another prophet of the Bible.

40 The lawyer will seek to defend me instead of defending the Lord Jesus Christ and his Word. Without lawyer, that’s the way things have to be. And all I have done and all that have happened to me, it is God Himself writing the history of the Church of the 21st century since 1993. He that can understand, let him understand!

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