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Letter that Prophet Kacou Philippe wrote from his prison cell on August 16, 2016 to all those who believe in him around the world.

1 Letter that I, Prophet Kacou Philippe wrote from my prison cell on August 16, 2016 to all those who believe in me around the whole world.

2 My file is at the Court of Appeal of Abidjan. And the first trial before the court of appeal took place on August 10 and was postponed. The churches want me dead but today, I am free. I will soon walk out of here but I must pay a fine of 700 dollars to the state and for five years, I am deprived of every civic right. Especially, I must not speak about God otherwise I will return to prison.

3 Oh God, when, on the earth, will I be free? When won’t I have handcuffs around my wrists anymore? No more barbed wires around me, no more prison cells, no more sirens and prison bars, no more basement. When won’t there be any prison rice, prison plates anymore?

4 When won’t there be any armed jailers around me anymore and will I no longer be carried from place to place with handcuffs? When will they never again tell me, "Go into your cell" and will they no longer lock me up like an animal, with a big padlock?

5 The court decided that I should be sentenced with a prohibition to preach the Gospel. Now I am free, I will be out but for five years, I will not have the right to speak about God under penalty of returning to prison. What if I receive a vision from God, will I go to jail? Will I go to jail if God speaks to me? The prophets have so suffered!

6 I am in prison but I remain true to myself and I will always be so because it is my blood which is thus and prison cannot change me. Why should I not say that I am the only true prophet of God on the earth while it is what I am?

7 For the rest, for all those who persecuted me and who are still persecuting me, the Almighty God who has sent me will know how to render to each according to his salary: the partisans of the plot of Sandra Peniel, those who wished me to be killed at home in some semblance of scene of robbery and those who wanted me in prison or in exile and all the rest, God will render to each according to his salary.

8 I suffered because of the Word of God since my arrest on Friday, May 13, 2016 according as it is written that you shall be hated and you shall be persecuted and they shall drag you before the tribunals thinking that they are worshipping God.

9 For the first time in my life, I appeared before a court. On Friday, June 3, 2016, I was before the High Court of Abidjan. It was the first time and it was for my own trial. When I was interrogated in the different divisions of the police, I did not know that my statements would go before a tribunal for my sentencing. I did not know anything about these things.

10 And the day of my trial before the High Court, I did not know who was the judge, who was the lawyer, who was the clerk, and who was the prosecutor… I did not know how to call them. But for Jezebel and the churches, there were the prosecutors and their lawyers. And they were all railing at me. I was weak in my body. I had been sick for two days and from the morning of the day of the trial till 3 pm, I was locked up in a cell where curious people would come and look at me like an animal in cage.

11 And During the trial, the Catholic prosecutor Yéo Abel told me not to refer to the Bible because we were not in a church but in court. And yet I am a man of God. Every time, the prosecutor would ask me to answer by yes or no and yet it was not possible. I barely had the floor and when I was asked a question, I could hardly make two sentences because they would interrupt me.

12 Before my trial, the police of the court ordered that all mobile phones be turned off. Even the journalists were not allowed to record or film or take photographs. And all that on the instigation of Jezebel.

13 This was a religious matter and I did not accept that a lawyer defends me for a purely religious matter. Some lawyers volunteered, even an hour before the beginning of the trial. But I had said to my believers that the Lord Jesus Christ was our lawyer. And also for the sake of the history, I’d prefer to have twenty years of imprisonment rather than be free thanks to a lawyer. Because it is God Himself who is writing the history of the Church since 1993. 14 And at the end of the trial, the prosecutor requested ten years of imprisonment against me. Why? Because I said that I am the only true prophet of God on the earth by a divine mandate. And the prosecutor requested that to be written in the court register that I declared before the court that I am the only true prophet of God on the earth by a divine mandate on a precise date. And that was written in the court register by the clerk before the whole audience so that John 19 verse 19 to 21 may be fulfilled.

15 A secular country judging and condemning a prophet of God. How can somebody be sentenced to ten years in prison because he says he is the only true Prophet of God on the earth?

16 And you Catholics, Protestants, evangelicals and Branhamists, if you are really Christians, how can you therefore appeal to a pagan court with money to put a prophet in prison because of what he preaches? Is that written in the Bible? Is it what 1 Corinthians 6:1-4 asks you to do? One day, you will account for that before God.

17 But as for me, I commit everything into the hands of Him that has sent me on April 24, 1993. Because, had it not been some April 24, 1993, there would have never been that trial. It is the God who has sent me that you are judging and condemning. And it is before Him that this trial will finish one day.

18 All those who gave money and all those who follow those who gave money, and all those who received money and all those who knew about it and said nothing and all those who are innocent, it is before the Almighty God who has sent me that they will give an account. And He shall give every one his reward and his retribution.

19 You were not there in the time of the Lord Jesus Christ and the prophets of the Bible but you were there in the time of Prophet Kacou Philippe that the Almighty God has sent to you since April 24, 1993. History is repeating itself. It is a Sanhedrim of pastors of different churches which dragged me to the police and before the tribunals with money. And I have been told that, in Yopougon, an evangelical church made contributions for my imprisonment. And the day of the trial, even before I was judged, some evangelical leaders conceded to a journalist that I would be condemned to ten years in prison. And a Muslim woman declared to have seen Jezebel in one prosecutor’s office with some money in a khaki envelope.

20 And I thank God for since Friday, May 13, everywhere I went, I kept my position according to the vision of April 24, 1993. In every report, I affirmed that I am the only one, I am the only true prophet of God on the earth and the Muslim, Catholic, Protestant, evangelical and Branhamist leaders are the incarnation of the devil. And I thank God because in spite of I was locked up, I did not accept to be registered with Muslim and Christian leaders. I did not accept that and I will never accept that. I spent five days and five nights sitting on a chair but I refused to put my fingermark where Muslim and Christian leaders put their fingermarks. I did not do that and I will never do that. And one day, I will be happy before God for not having done that.

21 How can some pastors of different churches drag a prophet to the police and before the tribunals because of his Message? Has God become Satan and now it is Abel who is in the clothing of a pagan prosecutor to kill Cain? And the whole world is so blind as to not see Salvation so close to them.

22 If the churches think that I am wrong or I disturb them, I invite them to a great public confrontation before the media. Not in a pagan court because it does not belong to homosexuals and whisky drinkers to say who is a true or a false prophet.

23 And you the woman Jezebel in menses, you who call yourself a prophetess, your name will no longer be Jeanne but Jezebel. And you will be a source of curse to your seed except by my word. Your name will be Jezebel Monney and you will be a source of curse.

24 Now who is Jezebel and where does Jezebel, this priestess of Baal come from? A foreigner. Jezebel was a foreigner. She came from another country; she made donations in the hospitals and so forth and gained the heart of Israel. She was the daughter of Ethbaal king of the Zidonians, she was a foreigner persecuting Elijah and all Israel and all the priests agreed with her because it is Elijah who was persecuted and on this side, the same Jezebel, a foreigner persecuting Prophet Kacou Philippe and the whole Ivory Coast agrees with her because it is about Kacou Philippe. A foreigner acting on behalf of the priests of a country which is not her country. Only a bad blood could do that. The blood of Samory Touré could do that.

25 Now look at the perfect type of the Bible, this is not a coincidence. It is the perfect type of the Bible. Amen! Tyre and Zidon were in the southwest of Israel near Egypt. And Ethbaal, king of Zidon had spread the worship of Baal by force up to Israel. Just as Samory Touré did with Islam. There, in the Bible, a daughter of Ethbaal came to persecute Elijah in Israel and here, a foreigner, a descendant of Samory Touré came in Ivory Coast by the marriage, introducing herself like a queen, like a prophetess to persecute Elijah. A Jewish blood in a woman could not do what Jezebel had done there in Israel. And a Jewish blood in a woman could not do what Jezebel did on this side in Ivory Coast. Look at Jezebel manipulating the lawyers and the priests according to 1 Kings 21.

26 There is no coincidence in God. You know that Jezebel is a Zidonian. Look at the four kingdoms of Daniel: the Babylonian empire, the Medo-Persian empire, the Greek world empire and the Roman empire which became the Catholicism and look at the position of Tyre and Zidon and what Ethbaal, king of Zidon did for the worship of Baal. This is the prophetic revelation from God because there is no coincidence in God. Look on this side in Ivory Coast. Look at the four empires of Niger. At first, the empire of Ghana in the 3rd century…

27 Then, the Sosso empire which lasted only 7 years, then the Manding empire and finally the Songhai empire which will become Islam… And look at what Samory Touré did for the expansion of Islam up to Ivory Coast. There is no coincidence in God. Now, look at the four empires before Jesus Christ in the Old Covenant with Daniel. The Babylonyan empire that is the lion and the head of gold of Daniel from 606 to 538 before JC. Then, the Medo Persian empire from 538 to 330 before JC. Then, the Greek world empire from 330 to 30 before JC. And then, comes the Roman empire which will end in Christianity with the Catholic church. And it is the same thing on this side after the Lord Jesus Christ, when a son of Daniel rises on the earth for the ministry of Elijah. Amen!

28 In the New Covenant with nations, four empires will rise on this side because a son of Daniel appears on this side with the ministry of Elijah. Emperor Ethbaal in the Old Covenant to spread Baal’s worship and Samory Touré, emperor of the Manding, in the New Covenant to spread Islam. And from the seed of emperor Ethbaal is born Jezebel, a Zidonian princess who became a prophetess in Israel. And this prophetess Jezebel persecuted Elijah because the prophets of Baal were her lovers, with whom she committed adultery and she would go and advise married women. And on this side, from the seed of Samory, emperor of the Manding, is born Jezebel Monney who will come in Ivory Coast, because of the ministry of Elijah. A Manding princess who comes on this side because of the ministry of Elijah. I am going to take another example in the world, look at the United States. In 1809, is born in Kentucky, Abraham Lincoln and exactly 100 years later, in 1909 in Kentucky, in the same place, is born William Branham with the same mission. One for a carnal mission and the other for the same mission but on the spiritual level.

29 There is no coincidence in God! On this side, in Ivory Coast, only a Jezebel’s blood, a great-granddaughter of Jezebel was able to do that and from generation to generation, it will never be forgotten. A Jewish cannot do that. Elijah slaughtered prophets of Baal but is because God told it to him. A Jewish blood cannot hurt. Ahab is a bad king but Ahab cannot kill Naboth. Ahab cannot try to kill Elijah. Ahab cannot hurt somebody because he is a Jew but Jezebel can do that because she has another blood in her. And when Naboth died, Ahab was sad, he put on sackcloth but Jezebel was dancing with the priests of Baal according to 1 Kings 21. You see?

30 The blood of a real Ivorian cannot do that. We are lambs. Houphouet is a ram because Ivorians are lambs. Look at the whole Bible, … a Jewish woman cannot do it to Elijah. Even Mary of Magdala cannot send Judas Iscariote to prison. Mary of Magdala cannot have Naboth killed, and Mary of Magdala cannot send me to prison. But it’s a woman, a great-granddaughter of Samory Touré who was able to do that. A descendant of Samory Touré through his son Samory Fadiga. And she came from Guinea, she did that. And all eyes saw it. She is a Jezebel, a great great-granddaughter of Jezebel. It is the blood of Samory Touré that was able to do that. Exactly as Ethbaal emperor of Zidon, Samory Touré, emperor of the Manding. And the granddaughter of Ethbaal, Jezebel came in Israel to persecute Elijah. And the granddaughter of Samory Touré came in Ivory Coast to persecute Prophet Kacou Philippe. Exactly, things had to happen that way. And I said, you Jezebel, you will be a source of curse to your seed except by my word.

31 You Jezebel who talks about caricatures, was it not Protestantism which made caricatures known to the world in its fight against the papacy in the 16th century? Are caricatures not a heritage of the Christendom?

32 And you the prophets of Baal, Israel is a constitutional state but when the Lord Jesus Christ Himself was called Beelzebub, did He call Roman soldiers against the Pharisees? What is it of you, Ivory Coast, who call yourself a secular country? One day, you will answer for that before God. All the inhabitants of this country, those who lived when I was on the earth, will answer for that before God. Like Israel will also answer for all that Jezebel did before her eyes.

33 The Lord Jesus Christ did not appeal to Roman soldiers and tribunals and none of his disciples will ever do that. But today, sons and daughters of the devil have established themselves as servants of God to the point that if you strike them on the left cheek, you are dragged to the police and before tribunals.

34 And there, amongst my accusers was the woman Jezebel who calls herself prophetess. And before the court, her long dress could not contain the smell of her menses, which are a source of all of her anointing and miracles. And Prophet Elijah was sentenced because a living prophet cannot be innocent before men. And on this side, I that live in the land of Sodom and Egypt, what will it be for me, if it is not to be sentenced?

35 Oh you Jezebel who call yourself a prophetess, you whose strength is in police divisions and the tribunals, you who bear the name of money and who swear on the Bible to say the truth! You whose Holy Spirit and strength are the tribunals. I see your zeal before Baal and before men, but what do you say of all the money that you gave for the persecution and imprisonment of Prophet Elijah?

36 There was not a single person in the room who was not outraged. And a newspaper wrote: "At times, we had the impression that it was God who was being tried in court, as the prosecutor was picking on Prophet Kacou Philippe to whom, he will refuse him to refer constantly to the Bible in his answers."

37 And I had not hired a lawyer because I am a lamb and it is my way of giving them my head for them to cut it more easily. And that’s what was done: ten years of imprisonment required against me.

38 And in the prison, I was not put in the building of the assimilated; where there are important personalities but I was with offenders, thieves and criminals.

39 It is impossible that one day there may not be another trial in Heaven before God. A trial in a celestial tribunal in which the politics, the relations and the money of Jezebel Monney and the prophets of Baal will not be to corrupt police divisions and tribunals. A trial in which men’s law also will not have its place. A trial in which the defendant on earth will become the judge.

40 And you police divisions and tribunals, just as you are the gods of the earth because you judge presidents and kings, in the same way, we also, the prophets shall be the Gods in the Heaven to judge all the creation and you included.

41 And now, the authorities of Ivory Coast say that I was not at the police headquarters. It is forbidden to say that Prophet Kacou Philippe was once imprisoned at the police headquarters. They have deleted all the traces in the registers. And they threatened to sue the Brothers for libel if they said that I was once imprisoned at the police headquarters.

42 When a State attacks a prophet or Christians for religious reasons, it is a persecution and that police is a Gestapo and it is normal that the Christians put the gammadion cross on the flag of that country and place the head of its president on the body of Adolf Hitler.

43 I am also in prison because my believers made the caricature of Jezebel who calls herself prophetess and who fights against me, calling me a false prophet. And before dragging me to the police divisions and before the tribunals, Jezebel and the prophets of Baal cautiously deleted all their caricatures and insults against me.

44 The Public Prosecutor, Yéo Abel, asked me, "Is your God a misogynist as He does not admit female pastors? Is the Holy Spirit on men different from the One on women?" I answered, "Mr. Prosecutor, Islam and Catholicism do not have female imams or priests." He said, "Are you therefore the only true Prophet on the earth" I answered, "Yes Mr. Prosecutor, I am". He went on again, "What’s the evidence? Do you have an official document?" I answered, "Mr. Prosecutor, it is in the virtue of a divine mandate that I received on April 24, 1993. Who is entitled to issue a so-called official document?" He went on again, "Apart from you, are there some other servants of God?" I answered, "No Mr. Prosecutor. It is what I say that they must preach in their churches". And the tribunal asked me to identify in the crowd my church members against whom there was an arrest warrant, so that they be arrested immediately. I looked in the crowd, I saw some but I did not denounce anyone. I could not do that.

45 And despite my plea, the prosecutor Yéo Abel said, "Mr. President, he says he is the only true prophet of God on the earth with a divine mandate at a precise date. He even called the wraths of hell upon the tribunal which would dare to enter in a process of judgment against him. In my turn, Mr. President, I want him to face the law, in its utmost rigour; so that, never again would some false prophets — or better, some real cranks — come and harm the reputation of a citizen of this land of Ivory Coast". And thus it was done. And I was sentenced to the prison.

46 What could I do in the face of the politics, the relations and the money of the woman Jezebel and the prophets of Baal? Nothing. The god of Jezebel and the prophets of Baal spoke. What would I say? Nothing.

47 Satan has taken the name of Jesus Christ, and Jezebel and the prophets of Baal are called servants of God, and Cain has taken the name of Abel to condemn me to ten years of imprisonment. And some whisky drinkers, homosexuals and cigarette smokers yelled against me.

48 But for me, if somebody is Catholic, Protestant, evangelical or Branhamist, he is the one who sent me to prison because the money that was used to corrupt is their tithes and offerings. And whoever fellowships with Jezebel and the prophets of Baal is guilty. And it is before God that each of them will give an account. I believe only in the justice of God. And it is the only thing I am awaiting.

49 The tribunal declared that I am a false prophet. Alright. But does it belong to some homosexuals to say who is a true or a false prophet? Even Israel never recognized a true prophet and is it a country which has rejected God and which calls itself secular which will recognize a true prophet? Alright but until my death, as a false prophet and a real crank for them, my place will be never beside their leaders.

50 And Like Joseph in prison and the Lord Jesus Christ on the cross, I was in a cell where there were already two prisoners. A black man, a Catholic. And the other one, a Muslim Lebanese.

51 In the prison, the director of the prison treated me like a man of God. And a certain lady named Obou who was at the tribunal on June 3 for another trial and who attended my trial felt some compassion for me and on July 23, she came to the prison to give me seven Euro.

52 And While I was in prison, seven Brothers and Sisters had been imprisoned for a few days at the police headquarters. And in those days, Apostle Martin has gone in exile to Ghana, a neighbouring country. And the Brethren who were imprisoned at the police headquarters were told not to say that I had been imprisoned there, at the police headquarters.

53 The Brethren said, "We were questioned separately. But we were all subjected to the same questions. And one of the questions was, "How do you explain the fact of affirming that Prophet Kacou Philippe was imprisoned here at the police headquarters while he never got here? That’s defamation! Do you intend to discredit the police headquarters?" And the Brethren say that they were all astonished to hear that. While, they went themselves to visit me when like Jeremiah, I was in the basement of the police headquarters.

54 A police officer had said to them, "There are no more traces of the passage of Prophet Kacou Philippe in the registers of the police headquarters and yet he was here from Wednesday May 18 to Friday morning May 20, 2016. And all of our bosses saw him. On Friday May 20, very early in the morning, two armed men came, handcuffed him and left with him in a small car without saying anything. I was so sad at seeing the scene". You see? It is a guard who related that.

55 And when I was at the police headquarters, on the second night at around 3 am, a guard secretly took me out of the basement, and I remained outside with him for several minutes and I went back in.

56 And that is the way of all the prophets. Including my master, the Lord Jesus Christ, there is not a single prophet who was not persecuted or imprisoned. The Lord Jesus Christ Himself was in the same prison with Barabbas.

57 And now you inhabitants of the earth, apart from "defiance of the State authority, incitement to religious hatred and religious radicalism" of which I am accused, for what other charge would the Lord Jesus Christ be crucified if he came back on the earth today? And for what other reason were 68,000,000 Christians indicted and killed in the history of the Church?

58 And the other question is to know whether, in the light of the Bible, it is possible today that a prophet performs his ministry peacefully till the end without being rejected, hated and persecuted? Even outside the Bible, all those who came like Columban, John Wycliff, John Huss, Martin Luther, John Wesley were all imprisoned because of their Message.

59 Thus, I, Prophet Kacou Philippe, all those things that have happened to me, I have written them from my prison cell on this August 16, 2016 so that all the languages of the earth talk about it and that, from generations to generations, it may never be blotted out.

60 And no matter what happens, until my death, I will always say the truth according to what was commanded to me on April 24, 1993 and I will not lie. I am the only one. I am the way to Heaven. I am the only true prophet of God on the earth today and the Muslim, Catholic, Protestant, evangelical and Branhamist leaders are the incarnation of the devil.

61 At the judgment, each prophet messenger will stand to judge the inhabitants of the earth of his time, I will also stand in the virtue of the vision of April 24, 1993 and I will judge all those who lived on the earth while I, Prophet Kacou Philippe, was on the earth. And this can never fail on the earth and in the Heaven for ages and ages. Amen!

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