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Letter that Prophet Kacou Philippe wrote from his retreat of Katadji on December 3, 2017, to all the elect of God who are all over the face of the earth.

1 Letter that I, Prophet Kacou Philippe, prisoner until May 20, 2021 because of the Gospel of Christ, I write on December 3, 2017, to all the elect who are all over the face of the earth. When Paul was also forbidden from preaching, he began to write letters and epistles.

2 You know that until 2021, the State has forbidden me to talk about God. And despite the call and commission of April 24, 1993 that I received by an angel, I respect this prohibition in order to benefit from the possibility of having visas and travel in 2021. But given the firm decision of the State to take a census of all religious communities with the aim of prohibiting those who are not subject to it, I saw myself in the obligation to politely tell Caesar the limits of his power towards the Church.

3 Caesar is free to appoint a minister of worship as it has always been the case with empires. But his minister of worship is for Muslims, Catholics, Protestants, evangelicals, Buddhists and Branhamists. It is not for us. Caesar must stay away from the true Church. Politics is his religion and I am not in his religion. [Kc.1v17] [Kc.12v17] [Kc.19v10]

4 As a citizen, I am subject to the State according to Romans 13:1. I have my identity card, I pay my taxes and I respect all official obligations because I am in the State. But the Church is not an institution of the State, and the laws of a pagan nation can never be above the laws of God. As a prophet, despite death threats against me, I never appealed to the State because it is not the State that has sent me. I have never received money or a gift from the State and I do not want to receive anything from the State. It is from churches to which the State gives billions every year that the State must ask for papers. [Kc.12v11] [Kc.116v13]

5 When I received the information that the government was going to take a census of the churches and mosques, and pastors and imams again, in order to forbid any gathering from us, I said, “Oh God, how much longer do we still have to live on the earth?”  I said, “One day, we will be with you, Lord Jesus Christ.”

6 And you who have believed in me, keep your identity and be strong like Israel. Over the past 2000 years, there have been hundreds of migrations of peoples amongst the nations. But which peoples still speak their language of origin? Only 200 years ago, my parents were Ashanti from Ghana but I do not speak Ashanti. But look at the Jews! It is to this experience that God calls us because we are Israel and the churches and mosques are Arab nations around us. If governments forbid us to gather for years or scatter us, we must come back strong and in great number like Israel. Our identity, our faith, our language and our love for God must remain intact.

7 Know that, as many times as Israel was fought against and scattered, as many times Israel returned to its homeland. Lastly, Israel was driven away from its land in year 70, but 1900 years later, the flag of Israel is floating again on its land. They returned from all the corners of the world, with Hebrew as their language. And if we are the only true Church of the Lord Jesus Christ, know that our places of worship can be closed but nothing should be able to make us disappear. I, Prophet Kacou Philippe, until I die, will never be counted together with the pastors and imams. Can Moses be counted with the priests of the gods of Egypt? Can the Lord Jesus Christ be counted with the rabbis of his day? Never ! Never ! Never ! And you, my disciples, do the same because humans and the animals cannot be counted together.

8 We will never put on the doors of our churches, any authorization number of a pagan government. Never ! Never ! Never ! The sky is above the earth. God is above Caesar and the prophet messenger is the representative of God on earth. The devil and his posterity have always sought to persecute the prophet and the people of God, but like Israel, we must resist the devil and his posterity. If you see your places of worship closed by the State, do not be troubled. It is better to stay home than being subject to Caesar and to some pagan drinkers of whiskey. Know henceforth that we could stay home for months or years without going to the service.

9 I, Kacou Philippe, prefer a Church that is absent and true to a church that is existing and false. I prefer caves and catacombs to subjection to Caesar. I have never defied the State and I will never do it. It is rather Caesar who defies the Church. Stand firm and let not your faith fail!

10 In another country, a pastor had asked me: “Brother Philippe, can we present the papers that the State gave us when we were a Branhamist church?” I said, Brother, what are you afraid of? Never shall you lead the Church to obey Caesar. Never shall you betray God and his Church. In matters of faith, it belongs to Caesar and his ministers to bow before our God. My Identity card, my driver's license, the papers of my car and anything else, the State can ask them from me but for the Church, it does not concern him. If Caesar should come to me, it is to know what he must do to be saved.

11 Know that it's a prowling fox. 3000 years ago, Pharaoh decreed the death of newborns and yet it was because of one man: Moses. 2000 years ago, Herod decreed the death of children, and yet it was because of one man: Jesus of Nazareth. And this same demon is always alive on the earth to accomplish this mission. But he will always find a man and a people who will resist him in the face. I can obey everything Caesar will ask me, except bringing the Church to be subject to him. And since Caesar is Muslim, if he wants my wife, besides his white wife, I will give him my wife. But as for subjecting the Church of Christ to him, as Muslims, Protestants, evangelicals and Branhamists are subject to him, I will never do it. God gave Caesar the temporal power and Caesar showed that he is a good president and he must not interfere in what does not concern him. Even my dead body will never obey a fox who leaves politics and invites himself into religion.

12 We are the living Church, that is to say, with a living God through a living prophet. All the other churches are religious cooperatives. One cannot take a census of the true church together with the religious cooperatives. In the past, during censuses in Israel, Arabs were not counted. [Kc.125v6-7]

13 And all these nations and presidents are Arabs around Israel. And the time is coming when the State will close the door of our places of worship and they are people confessing Jesus Christ who will indicate our places of worship to the police. And that will move to another phase, then to another phase, and then to another phase until a time when they will indicate our homes to the police and you, stand firm until death.

14 The pope and all the presidents that you see are demons and politics is their religion. And all those ones go to Israel and to the Wailing Wall. That is why I said that the ears of the Wailing Wall are defiled. All the nations of the earth are beasts, including Israel, and all their actions, even the good ones, are of the devil. Look at the American presidents who swear on the Bible while a living prophet is on the earth. Look in the whole Bible, and show me where a king of Israel was sworn in on a scroll of the Torah. But, if the apostles, prophets, evangelists, and pastors of the churches crucify Leviticus 8 to confide in the Bible, what can be expected of Caesar? Even the kings of Israel were consecrated by the prophets and how can someone say, “I am a priest, a pastor, or an apostle,” while the living prophet of his time did not consecrate him? It is the fruit of the rebellion of Satan in Heaven. It is an enemy who did that.

15 The churches and their leaders act like animals. Each goes on his side with a joy and a deep assurance, without seeking to know what is going on elsewhere. They even say that they have the Holy Spirit while they are Catholics, Protestants, evangelicals and Branhamists. How can an evangelical or someone who follows the Message of William Branham have the Holy Spirit, who is the mark of God? The mark of God, it is the true Holy Spirit while the mark of the beast, it is the anointing or the holy spirit that works in the Catholic, Protestant, evangelical and Branhamist churches. I say it in the name of the Lord Jesus Christ in virtue of the vision of April 24, 1993. And on the island of Patmos, God had revealed to John that at the end of times, diseases and the difficulties of life would lead all the earth towards the churches to receive the mark of the beast.

16 Throughout the ministry of the Lord Jesus, the Pharisee and Sadducee rabbis did not cease to ask him questions, because to reject a true prophet is to choose the devil and hell. It is a noble behavior to seek and make sure that a prophet is true or false while that prophet is still alive on the earth. And you who have believed in me, act likewise. Even while I am on the earth, you are free to sound out who you want to find the truth. It is not a sin.

17 One day, I will leave the earth with my generation. And God, who is the God of the living, will send a living prophet with a greater light. And if he says things which differ from what I said, be humble and listen to him. Listen to him, especially to his call and commission. This prophet can come from anywhere and anytime. Be humble and recognize the day and its Message. As long as this prophet does not lead you toward another god like Balaam and the old prophet of 1 King 13, follow him.

18 God saw the great synagogues of Israel, but he preferred the stables of Bethlehem. He preferred the little carpenter of Nazareth. And you, do the same. Do not seek God in the synagogues of Israel but in the stables of Bethlehem. Do not seek God in the Catholic, Protestant, evangelical and Branhamist Cathedrals but in the tents. More than half a century ago, William Branham had already seen on one side, the Branhamist cathedral-tabernacles and on the other side, a tent. You see? On one side, cathedrals, different from each other; and on the other side, one tent of which the living prophet is the door.

19 Never be withdrawn into yourselves. Know that without a living prophet, the big church united around her pastor and the quarrelsome small church that keeps dividing are alike. You will never be in the will of God before you are with the living prophet of your time. It will not be the time of Kacou Philippe, and therefore, you must accept that this prophet tells you: “Kacou Philippe had said that but I say this unto you”. You see? Remember Hosea 12:13 and all these recommendations that I am giving you today and be humble. Take God out of an old book called Bible. Take God out of history. If you love me, make sure that after my death no one says that I, Kacou Philippe, I am his prophet. A living person cannot be the disciple of a dead prophet.

20 I Kacou Philippe, I came to the earth, and I found the inhabitants of the earth ten times more hypocritical than they were 2000 years ago. They want their will done. They want a gospel according to their taste. All follow the devil with a deep peace. They are rich and they will always be rich, from father to son, because their cathedral-church is a family asset that they will pass on in inheritance to their children. They receive tithes, but they do not pay tithes to anyone. But you my son Daniel, I do not even wish you that you be a preacher because I want you to be saved. This is my prayer for you and your sisters. Amen!

21 And speaking of tithes, you my children, always pay the tithe; and you must not pay the tithe in order to be blessed. The tithe is not an investment or a loan to God but the tithe is God's portion in what God Himself has given you. I believe that if someone does not pay the tithe, he places himself under the curse, even if he is not Christian, and he can even have children that are cursed or that are thieves.

22 And despite this bad time, Branhamist pastors and imams say that there will be no more prophets on the earth. But you, know that this Islamo-Branhamist doctrine which says that there will be no more prophets on the earth, is a fruit of hell. Know that God sent tens of great prophets to Israel and tens of great prophets to the nations and as long as the rapture has not yet taken place, God will always send prophets to the earth and I told you that on the day of the rapture, there will be a prophet messenger on the earth.

23 When I go by the way of all the earth, I will not entrust you to a book or to an imaginary Jesus. But your absolute will always be a living prophet messenger. You see? A servant of God cannot have the Bible as his absolute and his preaching cannot be explanations of the Bible. The Bible has never contributed to anything in the Salvation of a man. That is why the Lord Jesus Christ and his disciples did not walk around with the scrolls of the prophets. And if the Bible should save, which of the Bibles will you use, as there are many Bibles today? The Orthodox Bible has 75 books. The Ethiopian Bible has 81 books. The Hebrew Bible has 39 books, with the Talmud. The Catholic Bible has 73 books. The Protestant Bible has 66 books. The Samaritan Bible has 5 books. The Syriac Bible has 61 books. And then, each Bible has hundreds of versions, different from each other

24 Know that anyone who studies the Bible or the Quran, or the brochures of Branham is an archaeologist of Satan. All those who preach the Bible are liars. The book of Paul is the Testament of Paul. The book of Jeremiah is the Testament of Jeremiah. The brochures of Branham are the Testament of Branham. And we speak of a testament when the time of the testator has passed. You can never get into the mind of the testator. And therefore, the scribe or the notary who tries to interpret a testament is a liar.

25 For example, in John 13, the Lord Jesus Christ and his disciples were sitting at the table and John never lay upon the Lord Jesus Christ as Louis Segond says. From one language to the other, one thing can have two opposite meanings. For example, in French: “Je vais au culte” means that I am going to worship God in a church. But in English, “I go to a cult” means that I am going to worship Satan in a sect. You see? That is why the testator is the only interpreter of his testament. And the ministries of Ephesians 4 are kept in the truth only when the prophet messenger who established them is still alive on earth. [Kc.134v24]

26 Salvation is a living prophet messenger. When a prophet is dead, his book or his Message will only cause debates, discussions and divisions. You see? When there is no longer a living prophet on the earth and after a short time, his Church, which is his body, is considered dead and therefore, the growth of his church is a swelling of his dead body due to rot. And the preaching of his ministries of Ephesians 4 is like formalin to prevent the decomposition of his body.

27 Look at a Branhamist assembly; it swells, swells, swells and explodes, and one part detaches itself and forms a tendency. Why? Because there is no more life in Branham's body. But it cannot be thus when the prophet is alive. As long as you are alive, your body cannot decompose. But some time after your death, all kinds of insects will take possession of your body. It is a divine law. The body must decompose. Branhamists do not have this revelation, but you are happy because you know these things. God will send you another prophet after me so that you may live. In 1993, God closed the door and the plane of William Branham left with his lot. And now, it's the plane of Kacou Philippe. And if my plane leaves with me, without my wife, it is by another plane that my wife will join me.

28 But as long as I am in the world, I am the light of the world. And this light will reach every nation of the earth, including Russia and China which will become great Christian nations according to Matthew 24:27 after Africa. We now have Brothers and Sisters in all the countries of Latin America.

29 Thus, some countries of Latin America are waiting for the baptism. Blacks are numerous in Latin America but whites will be the first because America is a nation of whites and the Message of William Branham had mostly been in North America. In less than three years, there will be assemblies in every nation of America. It will be thus because it was prophesied by Prophet Branham that Africa would send missionaries to America with the Message of an African. If God sends a prophet to the earth, the elect will come to him from all the languages and all the nations of the earth. No language or nation will be forgotten. Whites, blacks, Africans, etc. When Elijah and Moses come to Israel, men from every tribe of Israel will be saved. No tribe will be forgotten. Revelation 7 says, tribe of Levi, 12000. Tribe of Asher, 12000. Tribe of Gad, 12000. Tribe of Zebulun, 12000 ... You see? 12,000 from each tribe of Israel.

30 Since Adam, there have been hundreds of prophets that God sent to the earth with Messages. And hundreds of books existed like the books of the Bible. But why didn’t God allow us to have the book of Prophet Ahijah and the book of Prophet Shemaiah? Why didn’t God allow us to have the book of Prophet Jehu and the book of Prophet Iddo? Why didn’t God allow us to have the epistles of Paul to the Laodiceans? Why? It is because the books of the dead prophets are not important for the Salvation of future generations. In matters of Salvation, what the book of Noah or Enoch would bring me, is what the books of the Bible bring me. The Book of Prophets Isaiah, Iddo, Jashar, Jeremiah, Nathan, the books of Matthew, Mark, Luke and John, and the epistles of Paul are not important for the Salvation of a chosen one today. What will save you are the words of the prophet with whom you lived on the earth, the living prophet of your generation. Not a book called Bible or Quran, not some brochures or the book of a dead prophet, but a living prophet messenger. [Kc.59v16]

31 On April 24, 1993, the Angel and the Lamb came from the eternity to commission me and I speak in virtue of this divine mandate. But why does mankind not worry while it is written that it is reserved for men to die only once, after which judgment comes? I speak on behalf of God, everyone hears me, and yet, Catholics, Protestants, evangelicals and Branhamists go to burn incense to Satan every Sunday. They follow men, but you, never confide in man, that is to say, an imam, an apostle, pastor, evangelist, teacher, or church prophet. Jeremiah 17:5 says, “Cursed is the man that confideth in man.” But confide in God only, through his prophet messengers according to 2 Chronicles 20:20. After me, when you see doctrinal discussions, if that leads to a division, know that the two groups are in falsehood. The truth, it is only God through a living prophet messenger. This is the legacy that I leave to mankind and until you die, you shall never forget that.

32 I Kacou Philippe, I have accomplished the mission for which I have been sent on earth but from 2021, if God permits, I will travel from place to place in the countries that will receive me so that this generation sees a living prophet like Isaiah and Jeremiah of the Bible with its eyes and that their condemnation may be even greater. And he that can understand, let him understand.

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