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Letter that Prophet Kacou Philippe wrote from his retreat of Katadji on January 31, 2018 to all the blacks around the world.

1 Letter that I, Prophet Kacou Philippe, addressed on January 31, 2018, to the black race, from my retreat of Katadji, to let them know their true condition and their position on earth according to God’s revelation and in virtue of the vision of April 24,1993.

2 This morning, I woke up filled with the Holy Spirit. I wore two different shoes and of different colours. I wore a short and a jacket. And with the tie, I girded my loins. I went and rolled around in the dust. And after putting a rosary around my neck and taking the picture of William Branham with the pillar of fire and my Bible, I went down into the valley. But every place I wanted to enter, I was driven out. Then I started to look for a church filled with the Holy Spirit. I entered a Catholic church but they threw me out, pouring holy water on me. And after I left that place, I entered a Protestant church and started to recite the Apostles’ creed. But they threw me out again. And after I left that place, I was still speaking in tongues when I entered an evangelical church. But they still threw me out. And after I left that place, I entered a Branhamist church because I believed in Brother Branham but without giving any reason, they threw me out. And from there, I went back up to the wilderness to prophesy, saying: You kings and presidents and nobles and rich of the earth, and all of you, men and women, great and small, woe unto you, because you have heard my name on the earth.

3 One day, I will be the judge of all mankind just as every prophet will be the judge for his generation. It is written that the apostles will only judge the twelve tribes of Israel for the period of time in which the Lord Jesus Christ was on the earth. Romans 2:16 says that Paul will be the judge of all mankind for the period of time in which he was on earth. And I, Kacou Philippe that speak to you, I will be your judge before God. Look at the presidents of the nations. Look at the leaders of organizations such as the UN, the UNESCO, politicians, heads of corporations, of companies, etc. I, Kacou Philippe, it is by my Gospel that you will all be judged.

4 From my birth up to 1993, I had always considered that the truth was with the Catholic church to the point that when I received the vision, it was to a Catholic bishop that I went to explain it. And while he was speaking, I was wondering how I could have some admiration for these bishops since my childhood. I had a sudden thirst for the truth to the point that in May 1993 I was a member of a Baptist church. In June, I was a member of an evangelical church. In August, I was a member of another evangelical church. In September, I was a member of another one. Then another one. Then another one. Then I stayed home, not knowing where to go. I would fast almost every day when a teacher gave me a brochure of William Branham. I searched myself and found a Branhamist church. And I stayed there until March 2002, looking for a living prophet like William Branham.

5 It is God Himself who converts the prophet messenger and the prophet messenger converts the elect of his generation. On April 24,1993, God had put, in place of my spirit, a new spirit and a new way of seeing things. On the spot, all the religious conceptions that I had left me. When Paul met the Lord Jesus Christ on his way to Damascus, he looked at everything that he had previously learned as mud. And that is what Moses had experienced after the experience of the burning bush. And so it was for every prophet sent to the earth.

6 Now, what happened on April 24,1993, in the vision? The Lamb spoke for about ten seconds before I fell. When the Lamb started to speak, for about two seconds in my human state, at first I heard a bleating sound, it came into me and when I was changed, I could clearly hear words as if the Lamb was a man speaking to me. You hear an animal cry, whilst it is talking. You can hear a bird or an animal emit cries that are perfectly identical and yet, it is pronouncing words that are different from each other.

7 Well, on April 24, 1993, when I came out of the vision, I was a different man. All the religious conceptions that I had, it was as if it was not me who had had them. It is as if God had placed in me the spirit and the vision of an angel and that I was asked to speak to some humans. It is as if God was placing a human brain in a lamb and this lamb had to speak to all the lambs of the earth; and the lamb would start to say: "You all the lambs that bleat, you will go to hell..." You see? It becomes a divine lamb. That is why I could go and stand on the waters with them in the eternity.

8 And you Africa, it is in virtue of this divine vision of 1993 that I am going to speak to you today about the curse of Ham and his posterity. You black man, today, I am making your identity and your position on the earth known to you so that you may be wise. I am your prophet and know that if you are black, no matter what you will be on the earth, you will always be a slave because of the curse of Ham. All the gold, all the diamond, all the oil and all the uranium and all the subsoil and the lands and woods of Africa and everything that is in it do not belong to you, it is the original property of the white man. But these riches are in Africa so that you the blacks do not have to go to Asia or Europe or America to exploit them for your white masters. Thus, any black that opposes the interest of the white people in Africa is a recalcitrant slave. Africa is a gift of God to the white man and the blacks will forever be, in Africa, like slaves on respite.

9 Now, why is the curse of Ham following us? In Genesis 3:14, God had said to that animal, You shall walk on your belly. And then its hands and feet disappeared and it became like the snake. In Genesis 11, at the Tower of Babel, God confounded the language of men and this confusion crossed the generations down to us and will continue after us. When the Jews were massacred in Germany, the origin was that one day their fathers had rejected a prophet and said: his blood be on us and on our children. When God cursed the earth, everywhere there was land, thistles and thorns grew. Thus, according to the curse of Ham, the black man will forever be the slave of the white man.

10 All mankind descended from Noah, a white man. 4000 years ago, there was no black man on the earth. But where and how did the black race appear on the earth? If someone once revealed this, I do not know. But, now hearken to the Word of Jehovah, the God of the prophets: Jehovah loved and lifted up Egypt. Jehovah lifted up Egypt above the inhabitants of the earth. And He created a situation and sent Joseph there so that Egypt would know Jehovah, the only true God, and it was thus according to Genesis 41. In that time, there was no black yet. And Pharaoh and all the Egyptians knew Jehovah. But when Moses and the Jews went out of Egypt, the black race appeared like a black leprosy on many Egyptians when those Egyptians began to lift up, again, the gods Buto, Isis, Hathor, Horus, Amon-Rah, and Osiris above Jehovah. Speaking of yellow, red race and others, know that races of snakes were on the earth when the father of Cain became a snake by the curse of Genesis 3:14.

11 The black race appeared in Egypt after the Jews came out of Egypt and spread over the earth with deportations. The blacks carried the gods of Egypt with them all over the world, so that may come upon them the curse of Noah on Ham which said, You Ham, your posterity shall be a slave of slaves to your brethren. And Moses imputed that to Canaan as the tithe of Abraham was imputed to Levi, the tithe of Abraham to Melchisedec. And Ham begot Cush, Mizraim, and Phut who are Ethiopia, Egypt and Libya. And all black Africans are slaves that escaped from these countries. And in 2017, the Libyans were able to capture a few of them and resell them, and black Africans were outraged; and yet it was the right of those Libyans. You see? If you are a black man outside Ethiopia, Egypt and Libya, know that you are a fugitive slave, on the run. And until you die, you will be in anointing of demons like the Canaanites. You will always be an adventurer and migrant and you will serve the white man, and you will be in second-hand clothes and used cars, for your home is the dumping ground of the white man. Just as the tribes of Israel shared Canaan between themselves in Joshua 14, in the same way, Europe shared Africa between themselves in 1885 at the Berlin conference. Amen.

12 All men are equal before God, but the human races are not equal. The black skin is not the effect of the sun but the effect of the curse of Ham and his posterity. The black race is the race of slavery and servitude. And the wise and honoured slave is the slave who can whip his father and his mother and his brothers for his master.

13 When in his goodness, the white man will make you sit beside him, you shall not forget that the slave who is noble and wise is the slave who is the most submissive and devoted to his master. Your currency or everything you will do, it is the white man that will give value to it. And when you will be a leader or a president amongst blacks, know that, first, it is for the interest of the white man as it was under the colonization. From generation to generation, it will always be thus.

14 All Egyptians were white. And the daughter of Pharaoh hid Moses, a white baby, and no one noticed it. It is therefore not the sun, but the curse which changed the skin colour of the Egyptians in their worship of the gods. It was after the Jews came out of Egypt. And later, they became slaves in Egypt, then were sold or deported to be slaves. And they spread and populated the rest of Africa as they fled slavery. In their exodus, they multiplied the gods. They made them and offered them human sacrifices. The gods, it was an obsession for blacks. Any river, any mountain, anything they found, they would worship it. And every place they were deported to, like in India, it was the same. And the slave trade was a purification of Africa from what is not good.

15 And in the Caribbean and everywhere blacks arrived since 1503, they would consider themselves as the Jews in Egypt. And they were all waiting for a Moses who would save them from the hands of their white masters. And until 2018, it has been more than 400 years and Moses must be on the earth. But Moses is sent to the blacks and they do not receive him.

16 You deported Africans, if you are Israel, why are all the pastors and almost all those who have believed in me in Brazil white? Why are all the pastors of Mexico white? Why are all the pastors and apostles and preachers of Argentina, Colombia, Peru, Ecuador and Honduras and their church members white? Were the Egyptians the ones who believed in Moses? You never believed in the prophets sent to the whites and I, Kacou Philippe, I am the beginning of the prophetism of the black race. So, since when have you known God and who is the prophet who made you know God? Between God and men, there is the prophet. Salvation is through the living prophet messenger of your time. And the priests and the pastors and the apostles and church prophets are the spokesmen of the prophet messengers. And no one can know God except by a living prophet messenger. In the book of Judges, it is said that the Jews did not know Jehovah, while they had the scrolls of Moses. And you the blacks, who is the prophet messenger who made you know God?

17 Apostle André Lima of Brazil was again in Honduras to baptise Branhamists, all white, when Pastor Lucio May of Mexico, a white man, had begged me to send an apostle to baptise them. I sent them Apostle André Lima of Brazil. From January 4 to 8, 2018, three Branhamist churches in different cities were baptised, but not a single black in those three churches. And it is the same thing in India. So where are the Cubans, the Jamaicans, Haitians, Martinicans and all the Antilleans and the sons of the deported black people while God is visiting Africa? I do not know.

18 And on January 8, 2018, Juan Japon, a Branhamist pastor from Ecuador in Latin America requested that, after Mexico, Apostle André Lima may come to Ecuador to baptise his church. And when Apostle André Lima went there, he baptised two Branhamist churches. And all of them were white. And all the travel expenses of Apostle André Lima for Colombia, Argentina, Honduras, Paraguay, Uruguay and Venezuela were covered by white people. The whites stick to what I have received and preached from God, while the blacks search my private life like Ham and lay traps for me. Why this? The curse of Ham had also modified the mentality and the behaviour of the black man.

19 How many black personalities have read or listened to my words? How many do not despise me because I am black? But look at the history of Europe! At a time when mankind did not have the Bible, the care of the whites for God’s messengers was so great that God raised them up so many messengers, to the point that one messenger did not die and God raised up another one: Irenaeus, Columban, Hilary of Poitiers, John Wycliffe, John Huss, John Calvin, Martin Luther, Ulrich Zwingli, John Wesley... And all those were received as prophets in their own nations. Kings, dukes and nobles protected them from the Catholic church by granting them safe-conducts so that no one would hurt them. But as for me, I have been imprisoned and forbidden to preach.

20 After Israel, Europe was the land where God was received. And God lifted up Europe above all the inhabitants of the earth. The white man was worthy to drive the Indians out of their lands in America. The whites were worthy to dominate the Arab nations and to share Africa between themselves. The white man that the blacks had run away from in Egypt, they found him again and carried him in hammocks because they were destined to be his slaves and wherever they went, that followed them.

21 Two peoples were driven out of their lands and arrived in America. The Jews who produced powerful men who rule America. And black Africans who only produced James Brown, Martin Luther King, Michael Jackson, Whitney Houston, Mohammed Ali, Pele, Bob Marley,... Black slaves in America were never the type of the Jews in Egypt. The Jews believe in the prophets. The Jews did not exit from Egypt with the negro spiritual, gospel, boogie-woogie, praise break, soul music, R&B, jazz and reggae. The independence of the African countries and the abolition of slavery and racial segregation have brought nothing to the blacks of America!

22 If the black man is not the symbol of evil, why has his heart never turned to the true God? In Israel, receiving blood from a black man is as bad as eating pork. And I say: Amen to that. And I do not condemn a white man without Christ who refuses to give his daughter in marriage to a black man. The black race is the cradle of racism and evil. If the blacks were in the place of the whites in America, all white Americans would be exterminated as in Rwanda.

23 And Malcolm X, a Muslim, asked blacks to take up arms against the whites. Cursed be that Malcolm X! Are the Arabs who castrated blacks in the name of Islam good, and the whites of America who let you live, bad? Twelve million Africans were deported by Europeans to America and today you are more than twelve million. But where are the descendants of the forty million black Africans deported by the Arabs to Iraq, Iran, Arabia and the Arab countries? Are white Americans bad because they did not castrate your fathers so you wouldn't come into the world? The devil, it is you black Americans, that is why when a black man had to rule America, it was in Kenya in Africa that God came and fetched this black man.

24 With such a great Message, I am despised and rejected by the blacks because I am black. In Mozambique, some white women, Sister Josefina Pereira and her daughter Alexandra explain to black people that it is now by a black man that God saves mankind and the blacks are astonished. The great God has lowered Himself to choose a black prophet, but the blacks are not humble enough to accept him. Blacks are ashamed of my black skin and prefer William Branham, a white prophet who died before they were born. William Branham is venerated in black Africa and his brochures have become relics. For a young black girl, a poor white man is better than a rich African. And for a religious black person, a dead white prophet is better than a living black prophet. Only the black African can behave like this because of the curse of Ham. But I pray for you so that, for the first time, you too may know God.

25 O God of grace and mercy, after seven days, which are the seven ages, spent out of the camp of Israel and the nations according to Leviticus 14, on this eighth day, the lepers must also come back into the camp to be purified, made white and refined. And this is why You visit Africa and the earth through a black prophet. O God, remember all the blacks scattered across the earth. Remember that when you send Elijah and Moses to Israel, you will save from every tribe of Israel. That is why, remember also the black Africans, the black Americans, the black Brazilians, the Polynesians, Cubans, Jamaicans, Haitians, Martinicans and all the Antilleans and the blacks deported and dispersed and migrating all over the world. Make the black race also know God for the first time.

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