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Letter that Prophet Kacou Philippe wrote on April 24, 2018 to all the saints all over the world.

1 Letter that I, Prophet Kacou Philippe, prisoner until May 20, 2021, because of the Gospel of Christ, I have addressed on April 24, 2018 to all the saints and to all those who are in the hope of eternal Life on this 25th anniversary of the Angel's descent. A quarter of a century ago, the Angel came down to me. Thus, it seemed good to me to make the whole earth, as well as future generations, know how the Angel who appeared to me on April 24, 1993 took me into the divinity and led me throughout my life and was the author of everything I have preached.

2 In the beginning, before the creation of mankind, Moses stood on the sea-shore and saw the Spirit of God alone, moving over the waters. And at the end of times, I stood exactly in the same place as Moses. And my soul went and stood with God above the waters. God the creator of the Heavens and the earth placing a man by his side above the waters. And this formed a constellation above the waters which are the peoples, tongues and nations of the earth as in Matthew 17 above the mount of transfiguration. I had become one person with the Angel and the Lamb.

3 And this constellation was the whole Kingdom of the Heavens above the waters between the Heaven and the earth in the capstone of the pyramid. And the capstone contains the seven colours of the rainbow, the seven dimensions and the seven Church ages. It is the age of restitution and it is the ministry of the capstone. The Angel represented Elijah who is all the saints who will not experience death. The Lamb represented Moses, who is the whole of the resurrected saints. And I was the son of man, that is to say, the prophet. And this formed a constellation on the pyramid. The prophet is the Kingdom of the Heavens that comes down on the earth for the Salvation of mankind.

4 And when a prophet like me is sent on earth, he is the only one in his time and the ministries of Ephesians 4:11 are his auxiliaries while he is alive on the earth. And his Message is the register containing the names of all the elect of his generation. And each of his preachings is a list from the register. And on the earth, when someone says to him: "Hallelujah, I believe",God hears in the Heaven: "Glory to God, that is my name! I am saved!". And when the last chosen one has answered the call, the ministry of this prophet is over. He closes the register, he goes into the glory and says to God with joy: "Lord, all those that you gave me, I found them on the earth. None of them is lost." A prophet cannot die before he has called and known the last chosen one of his lot. This is: "Thus saith the Lord".And it was on April 24, 1993 that the Angel came down with the register of the elect of our generation. And one day, two angels will take the register of the 144,000 in the Heaven and will come down on the earth, in Israel, to Elijah and Moses according to Revelation 11 and Elijah and Moses will not die before the 144,000th chosen one believes in them. And God knows the exact number of the crowd of April 24, 1993 and how many will come from each nation. And I will know the last chosen one of that crowd of April 24, 1993 before I die. This is: "Thus saith the Lord".

5 When William Branham experienced death one morning, the Angel had said to him there in the Paradise: "When you were alive on the earth, all those that you loved and all those that loved you, God gave them to you." Thus, a man who believed on the following day of the death of a prophet cannot be part of the lot of that prophet. This is: "Thus saith the Lord".And for our time, Simeon in Luke 2:25 is the whole of the saints of 1965 to 2002. The faith of Simeon did not rest on Moses or William Branham. It is : "Thus saith the Lord". This is the infallible revelation of Jesus Christ in virtue of the vision of April 24, 1993. And when a prophet is dead, it is night. There are no more public evangelisations and the baptisms are for the hope of the prophet to come. That is why the Lord Jesus Christ said to his disciples: "Work while it is day". The thousands who believed in the upper room went to Paul. The lot of Moses is different from the lot of Joshua. And John the Baptist, the Lord Jesus Christ and Paul are three different groups.

6 If you are a child of God, when a prophet speaks, you must say with humility: "Lord, if it is I who do not understand, enlighten me",but you must not argue. It is sin and curse that can make someone argue with a prophet. And if someone is a homosexual or masturbates or has sex outside of marriage or comes near his wife from behind like an animal or puts his mouth on the intimate parts of his spouse, then when a prophet like me speaks, he must keep quiet in respect to God and God will have mercy on him.

7 Remember that the Jews waited for the Messiah for 4000 years. They were prepared for that. They had a culture of prophets. They had received tens of prophets. They knew that a true prophet is solitary and condemns the religious systems of his time. They knew that the Messiah would be born of a virgin and he would be born in the house of David. They knew what a prophet is. They were all ready to receive the Messiah. But when the Messiah came, they crucified him. And so, what can we expect from Africa and from the nations when it comes to me, Kacou Philippe? They have rejected me and yet I hold the keys of the Kingdom of the Heavens, I am the saviour from God for this generation. No one can be saved unless by me. And in me, the salvation and condemnation of mankind will be preached until I leave the earth.

8 My absolute is not the Bible. I do not know the Bible for me to preach the Bible. I do not know the Quran or a religion. I do not know a church and I do not know the Jesus Christ you are talking about. No one led me to Christ for me to talk about Christ. On April 24, 1993, it was not the god of Christians or Muslims who reject the prophets who appeared to me but the living God, the God of the spirits of the prophets. That is the reason why Christians and Muslims do not receive me. In the vision of April 24, 1993, I already saw the crowd of the saved ones. Like with Elijah and Moses, God has already decreed the number of the saved ones of this generation. My only mission is that you hear this Message. Even when someone who does not believe in me tells you: "There is someone who says that all those who do not believe in him will go to hell", then know that this word is for your condemnation if you do not believe in me.

9 Like the prophets of Israel, I was called in a vision, my eyes opened and I heard God’s own voice directly. I stood in eternity with the Angel and the Lamb above the waters which are the presidents, kings, the religious men, ministers, and all the inhabitants of the earth. And do you know that when this phenomenon took place, there was no worship in the Heaven? Do you know that the cherubim and all the seraphim and the archangels had stopped their worship in the Heaven? And after this transfiguration, the great crowd at the foot of the pyramid approached me and said: "We have not seen the Angel and the Lamb and we have not heard the words the Lamb pronounced but we entirely believe."To the point that it was not necessary for a voice to come from Heaven and say: "This is my beloved son, hear him". All I preached, it was on behalf of God through this holy Angel. And my concern has never been to conform to the Bible.

10 In 1993, not in a dream or a vision but in reality, one morning, I was a spirit moving on the earth, twenty meters above the ground like an angel and I saw people in reality. In that time, I had seen in vision two people in white like angels or some resurrected ones going up from the earth to heaven. One of them shouted and one of the two trees stuck together from the ground near the family house came off and fell violently.

11 And before I spoke about Israel, I was in a vision near the house of my father which is in Rikediba. There, towards the rising sun, there is an area of rocks. And there is the biggest rock at the foot of which flows the river of all my childhood and when I climbed on this rock, I saw Jerusalem. And the Spirit of God who is the Angel of April 24, 1993 seized me and I began to prophesy on Israel. And I knew that man was born in Israel, near Jerusalem and that the Al-Aqsa Mosque is at the site of Abel's altar.

12 This Angel is with me and he will be with me in all my life as it was for the prophets who came before me. The Angel who spoke to Moses in the experience of the burning bush is the same angel who went with Israel and inspired Moses. Everything Moses said or did, everything Moses wrote including Genesis, the true author was the Angel of the burning bush. And this Angel was the Lord Jesus Christ Himself.

13 The Angel of Jehovah who appeared to the prophets in the Bible and led them and inspired them, is the true author of their acts and words. The Angel who appeared to Paul on the way to Damascus was the true author of all his letters and epistles. And this Angel is the Spirit of Paul and the fullness of the Holy Spirit in his generation. And the Angel who appeared to William Branham in 1933 at the Ohio River is the true author of his acts and everything he preached. And for our time, the Angel of April 24, 1993 is the Lord Jesus Christ and he is the Spirit of Kacou Philippe and the fullness of the Holy Spirit. And at the end of my days, when I am gone, he will spread over you and dwell with you and even in you until the day of the resurrection.

14 The word of a prophet, it is God Himself who comes down through an angel and who speaks to mankind using a man called prophet. That is why, until the end of the world, like the prophets of the Bible, my words will never disappear because they are eternal words of God. Every prophet on the earth has had the same source of inspiration. To some, it was through visions or dreams. To others it was through audible voices from Heaven or through prophetic inspirations. Their Messages save the elect of their times and become a memorial for future generations. And some signs are given so that the earth may see and believe in them. And with William Branham, the crowd at the Ohio River saw this light and many fell to their knees and worshipped and others fainted. God did this so that America might believe. And at my birth, some angels’ singings were heard in the heaven and flames of fire appeared and the phenomenon was observed within a radius of three kilometers and the journal of the fiftieth anniversary of the assemblies of gods reported it.

15 A prophet is like a telephone. The words that you hear are not from himself. The telephone may be worthless and yet it can make the voice of the president of the republic heard. That is why you inhabitants of the earth, know that it is not me that you reject, but it is God that you reject. And you religious leaders, can a rabbi remain indifferent if he hears that there is a prophet in Israel? And in John 4, after the word of the Samaritan woman, did not all the rabbis run to the Lord Jesus? And I Kacou Philippe who speak to you, I am worthless before you and yet I am the door of the Heavens and the master of the harvest today.

16 When the vision of April 24, 1993 took place, John says in Revelation 8:1 that there was a silence of about half an hour in the Heaven because this mystery was sealed. It could not be interpreted. Junior Jackson and William Branham saw it in the form of a white stone with no inscription in a pyramid. It was sealed in an unknown tongue. And William Branham had asked all those who were with him to have their eyes on this white stone and this unknown tongue. And on April 24, 1993, a man stood on the top of this pyramid to interpret this white stone which was the unknown tongue, but all the Branhamist pastors had already left, following their own ways.

17 And you Branhamists, when I was in your midst, could anyone equal me in revelation? Have you forgotten how in 1994, I prophesied that the two deacons would divide the church and that the Branhamist pastors of Ivory Coast would fail in their attempt to reunite this church? And you said that it was not possible. And later, when this was fulfilled exactly according to my prophecy, some Branhamist pastors consulted one another and one morning, they called me before the church and consecrated me a prophet like Joseph and Daniel were to Pharaoh and Nebuchadnezzar. Have you forgotten that? And at the end of the vigil of December 31, 1994, Pastor David asked me to pray especially for the walk of his church until the rapture and I did it while I was a mere church member. I was the one who could tell someone's dream and give him its explanation. But how have I become the devil today? You Branhamists, by rejecting me, you have all rejected God and you do not know it. 

18 Since 2002, the same holy Angel has led me. A presence leads me to preach and afterwards, this presence withdraws and I come back to my senses. To the point that three hours after the publication of Kacou 129, I almost repented and I pulled myself together. And I said: Since this does not come from me, I am not responsible. My spirit seeks to oppose the inspirer. In 1993, while reading William Branham's brochure "The Throne", I stopped reading and said to myself: Who is he to reveal these mysteries? The next day, another spirit pressed me to resume the reading. It is the same reaction I would have had in the time of Moses when reading Genesis 1 or in the time of the Lord Jesus Christ when he said: "Moses said that but I say this unto you."

19 When the Angel approaches me, I am always alone and suddenly a great inspiration which I do not know comes to me as if someone spoke to me. I feel a presence but I do not hear any voice. I write it and by interval of one minute, it repeats itself again and again and I write and I write. And I know that it is Him. And this presence remains for days until the publication of the preaching and disappears. This has happened to me hundreds of times since 1993. Thus the Angel spoke to me.

20 Many times people said to me: "Prophet, there is something like a power that presses me to do this or that and I cannot control myself and when I do that, he leaves me." This is what happens with God and the prophets. 50 years ago with William Branham, it was through thousands of visions, and now, I do not need a vision or an audible voice to speak. Under the presence of the Angel, I speak by word of knowledge. This is another prophetic dispensation. God manifests Himself differently to his prophets.

21 And I said that in 100 or 200 years, the memory of the religious leaders of today will be forgotten as it was for all the rabbis of the time of the Lord Jesus. I am Salvation, I am the only true prophet and all the preachings of the Catholic, Protestant, evangelical and Branhamist leaders sound like the speeches of Yasser Arafat, Mahmoud Abbas and Hassan Nasrallah in the ears of God. And all those who do not have love for the truth listen to them. But like Israel, there will always be on earth, a people who listens to the prophets of God.

22 Before I opened a Bible, I saw the great crowd saying, "We have not seen the Angel and the Lamb and we have not heard the words the Lamb pronounced but we entirely believe."And I was coming forward on a white horse and the mountains flattened and the trees bent until their foliage touched the ground. And who is the pastor or the politician who will make me compromise? At big funeral gatherings and others, when a pastor said, "I invite everyone to stand up for prayer or for the reading of the Bible"All Christians and the Muslims and everyone stood up except me. I am their prophet and I will do so that they know it.

23 In your rebellion against me, I just want you to know that, whether you like it or not, I Kacou Philippe, am the one who is your prophet and without me, you will all go to hell. Reject me but I am your prophet just as the president of a country is the president of all opponents of that country. Noah was the prophet of all the inhabitants of the earth in his time. The Lord Jesus Christ was the prophet of Herod and Pilate and the Roman soldiers and all the Pharisees and Sadducees who fought him. And I that speak to you, I am the prophet of the kings and presidents and of all their governments. I am the prophet of the Christians and the Muslims and of all the inhabitants of the earth today. I hold the keys of the Kingdom of the Heavens. I am the way, the truth and the life and no one can be saved unless by me today. Blessed is whosoever shall see the Son in me. I am the life and everything else is just death, confusion and desolation.

24 And you Branhamists, do you know that the name of William Branham does not tell anything to an American? Show me the great Branhamist assemblies of Kentucky? Show me the great Branhamist assemblies of Pennsylvania? Where are the great Branhamist assemblies of Jeffersonville, Arizona? There aren't any. In America, William Branham's ministry has been dead since 1965. The Branham Tabernacle is still the same small church of 1965. And before the death of Pastor Orman Neville, some trends were already born in the Branham Tabernacle. And many of those who were with William Branham had left his Message before they died. And a great number of them, like pastors Gene Goad and Leo Mercier who were in charge of the audio tapes, had become homosexuals before they died. And Pastor Leo Mercier's big homosexuality and pedophilia cases are still in the Supreme Court of California. Even Rudin Roger, the pastor of Evening Light Tabernacle in Arizona lived all the time in homosexuality until his death. And it was at his funeral that the homosexuals discovered that he was a pastor.

25A dead prophet cannot save anyone. If dead William Branham can save a living person, this means that he is saving the dead and that Michael Jackson and Bob Marley are Branhamists by now. But it is because of the curse of Ham that Satan has transported Branhamism to black Africa especially to Congo-Kinshasa, the land of the winged leopard, to block Prophet Kacou Philippe. Congolese Branhamists are much more numerous than all the other Branhamists of the whole world gathered. And in response to Satan, God said that this country will be a base for the midnight Cry.

26 Despite the Catholic inquisition, Europe received Martin Luther. And fifty years ago, America used Pentecostalism to set up the platform for William Branham through the full Gospel businessmen but Africa has used Branhamism and prophets with anointings to stand in the way of Prophet Kacou Philippe. No continent has ever acted this way. America fought Bin Laden to death, but Africa did nothing in the face of T.B. Joshua, Chris Oyakilome, Baruti Kasongo, David Owuor and Sherphed Bushiri and all the Messageless prophets with anointings, who are worse than Bin Laden.

27 O God! You sent men to the earth, they fulfilled their mission for the salvation of their generation, and in my turn, demons with anointings and miracles have risen in great number to be voices of discrepancy to confuse the earth so that my voice may be stifled. But I Kacou Philippe, I will prevail, but especially you Africa, God saw the evil you were going to do on my day, that is why you will never be anything on the earth. Before your birth, you were already cursed because of the evil you were going to do to the earth in my day. You were born in misery, you will live in misery and you will finish in misery and servitude. And because you have rejected God to follow anointings of demons, you will walk in diseases and curses and difficulties until your end, and until my death, I will never forgive you for that.

28 You take these demons as servants of God and you fight me with your police and tribunals. But tell me: Why were God's prophets persecuted and killed? Why was the Lord Jesus Christ crucified? Was it because he multiplied bread, changed water into wine and healed the sick? And why have I been imprisoned today? Why am I forbidden to preach? Why have I always been forbidden to leave my country? Why were my apostles imprisoned? Why was my brave son Zukisa Mbalo killed in South Africa by an angry crowd of Pentecostals? It is because it is the same story that is repeating itself but you reject me and run after Satan's quick miracles.

29 I never brandish the miracles that I perform like the Pentecostal William Branham did, because I want to mark mankind with the Word. In the beginning was the Word and what saves, it is only the Word. Haggai, Zephaniah and Habakuk performed miracles like me but they never spoke about them because a man of God, it is not the miracles. And in Exodus 7, Pharaoh had made Moses understand that. The angel said to Cornelius, "You will find in Joppa a man called Peter who will tell you the words by which you will be saved."You inhabitants of the earth, run everywhere to increase your curses but if you are a chosen one, you will finish your race before me Kacou Philippe.

30 Know that when you are born, all family and relatives’ blessings and curses from Adam down hang above you. But when you reach the age of consciousness, not the sorcerers but your first actions determine your choice. And the solution is to return first to God through his prophet according to 2 Chronicles 20:20. Seek Salvation first. And Salvation is only through the living prophet of your time. Not an angel, not a book called Bible or Quran. Not a prophet called Moses, Jesus of Nazareth or Mahomet. But the words of a living man amongst you. And you, whatever difficulties and sufferings that you are going through, first, know that the person to blame for all this is yourself. And in search for a solution, you shall not go to just any prophet and not just anyone should lay his hands on you. You shall never trade your Salvation for an ephemeral relief from Satan in a Catholic, Protestant, evangelical or Branhamist church. In Genesis 50, Joseph asked that his bones should go up from Egypt with Prophet Moses. And you, if you are a chosen one, you must not die before you accept Kacou Philippe, the living prophet of your time.

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