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Letter that Prophet Kacou Philippe wrote on December 7, 2018 to all the religious people of the whole world.

1 Letter that I, Prophet Kacou Philippe, prisoner until May 20, 2021 because of the Gospel of Christ, I have addressed this December 7, 2018 to all the religious people in the whole world to make them know the will of God for my posterity after me according to the vision of the ladder of Jacob that I saw on April 24, 1993.

2 Like Jacob, the Lord Jesus Christ, rejected by America, was going. Where was he going? To look for a bride. He had Beer-Sheba behind him, which is the place where the seven wells were dug. And at the seventh well, Abraham made a covenant with Abimelech and the Philistines and called the place Beer-Sheba, that is to say, the well of the oath.

3 And this seventh well was still open in Beer-Sheba when Jacob went from there, and the Lord met him and renewed with him the covenant that He had mad­­­­e with his fathers Abraham and Isaac. And the Lord gave him the vision of the ladder with angels ascending and descending upon it. And Jacob said: This is the gate of heaven. And in the vision of April 24, 1993, after the angel and the lamb had finished speaking to me, the last thing that I saw at the end of the vision was the ladder of Jacob and the gate of heaven was here, above me, with the God of Israel standing upon the waters.

4 Genesis 28:12 says, "And Jacob dreamed, and behold, a ladder was set up on the earth, and the top of it reached to the heavens. And behold, angels of God ascended and descended upon it." Jacob had seen the ladder set up on the earth while I saw the same ladder set up on the waters and its top reached to the heavens and angels of God ascended and descended upon it. And the God of the heavens made a covenant with Jacob, and Jacob set up a pillar and poured oil on it.

5 And on April 24, 1993, I saw the same ladder set up between heaven and the waters. The earth symbolizes Israel while the waters symbolize the nations of the earth and the God of the heavens was here amongst the nations, speaking to a man. And in the second vision of 1993, I was transported into a desert. And in heaven, towards the East, it was written on clouds, which are the angels of God: "Pronounce the judgment and the change of life" and before me, there was a small rock like an altar of sacrifice. What is the link between the vision of the ladder and the covenant pronounced by God to Jacob? It means that it is through the prophets that Israel would keep God's covenant with his fathers Abraham, Isaac and Jacob.

6 And in this end of times, the Almighty God who was above the ladder took the body of a prophet and went down to Israel, and it was the Lord Jesus Christ. That is why Jacob had seen Him standing in heaven above the ladder but in Revelation 10:2, John saw Him standing, with one foot set on the earth, that is to say Israel, and the other foot set on the waters, that is to say the nations. And for 2000 years now, we are in the dispensation of the nations. God is no longer in Israel and all those Jews throwing their heads back and forth before the wailing wall in Jerusalem are sons of the devil. Israel has become Sodom and Gomorrah and the capital of sin and homosexuality.

7 The vision of the ladder is the foundation of God's covenant with men through the prophets. Those who ascended and descended upon the ladder of Jacob were not priests, rabbis, imams, pastors, but angels of God. They were not Bibles or Qurans or holy books that were falling from the heavens but angels of God ascending and descending. Angel means messenger. Angels are the mediators between God and men. And they give their Messages to mankind through a man on the earth called prophet. Not rabbis, imams and pastors but prophets of God. The Hebrew word for prophet is nabi, which means spokesman.

8 Thus, on April 24, 1993, when the ladder of Jacob appeared here, it was God revealing to me that after me, when I leave with my people, my Message and my generation, He will still send prophets to the nations. After the Pentecostal age in the evening time in America with William Branham, it is now the age of the prophets that opens. After the Gospel of Luke with William Branham, the Gospel of John is now unfolding. It is the age of the eagle. It is the age of the prophetic Word.

9 The ladder of Jacob has only one meaning: prophets are the mediators between God and men. The ladder here is the symbol of the mediation and prophetism between God and men. And the angels ascended and descended to symbolize the perpetual covenant between God and men through the prophets until the end of times. Mankind must face every step of the ladder until they reach God. Each angel descends and goes back at the end of his prophetic mission on the earth. It is through a living prophet that God makes his plan of Salvation known to his generation. [Kc.110v5]

10 The promise of Salvation had a path from the beginning through Adam, Seth, Enoch, Noah, Abraham, Isaac, Jacob to this day, through the Lord Jesus Christ and the prophets, to the point that Salvation has the imprint of each prophet. And you religious people of the earth, look at the vision of April 24, 1993 and you will see the imprints of Abraham, Isaac, Jacob, Daniel, Christ and each prophet.

11 And you say to me: "The Bible says, the Quran says, Brother Branham says...". I, Kacou Philippe, that speak to you, I am a prophet, and it is not the Bible or the Quran that must tell me what I must do. As a prophet, my mission is not to explain the words of my predecessors. I am a prophet, and I do not give the leftovers of my predecessors to my disciples. And my ministry does not come from the Torah, the Bible, the Quran or a holy book. My ministry does not come from Asia, Europe, America or Africa but my ministry came from Heaven through an angel on April 24, 1993.

12 There was a ladder between God and Jacob in Genesis 28:12 and there will be a covenant between God and Jacob's posterity. There was a ladder between God and me on April 24, 1993, there will be a covenant between God and my posterity after me. There was not such a covenant between God and Mahomet and Buddha, that is why Muslims and Buddhists will never receive a prophet from God. There was not such a covenant between God and William Branham, that is why Branhamists will never receive a prophet from God. There was not such a covenant between God and the leaders of Islam, Hinduism, Buddhism, Christianity and Judaism, that is why their posterities will never receive a prophet from God.

13 And when black Africa becomes the nation of the Bible and the Quran, it is a sign of the visitation of Africa. Less than two hundred years ago, the whole of Africa was immersed in fetishism, drinking blood from human skulls while waiting for its turn in God's visitation. And after the evening time according to Matthew 24:27 and Mark 13:35, comes midnight which is Africa. The Cry of Matthew 25:6 sounds at midnight in black Africa. Africa has become Israel and prophets like those of Israel must come. The evangelical movements have taken on the coloration of black Africa. Branhamism has taken on the coloration of black Africa because it is the time of Africa.

14 And because of the curse of Ham, all the fetishes of Africa have been replaced by the Bible. The African traditions have become churches. All of the miracles and discernments of William Branham are perfectly reproduced here in Africa. Out of two and a half million Branhamists in the world, more than two million are black Africans. Look at the big Branhamist gatherings in Africa, Europe and America. Christianity has taken on the coloration of black Africa because God is at midnight. Everything says it is midnight. This reassures me. These are the confirmations of my ministry. [Kc.6v1-4]

15 After Abraham comes Isaac. And look at the Branhamists. Moses fought against the gods of Egypt, Elijah fought against the prophets of Baal, the Lord Jesus Christ fought against the Pharisees, Sadducees, Essenes, Zealots and Herodians with all his strength. Even Mahomet fought and overthrew all the gods of Arabia and the Kaaba. But William Branham, he was a priest of the gods of Egypt. William Branham sacrificed and offered incense on the altars of the gods of Egypt. And the Catholic, Protestant, evangelical and Branhamist priests and pastors whom Elijah could have slaughtered in 1 Kings 18:40 sat with him on the platform and he called them servants of God. Exactly like Abraham in Beer-Sheba with the Philistines. William Branham could go to the Pope of Rome and King George VI and testify of it. He did so because there was no promise for his posterity who was destined to become the seventh mountain of Revelation 17 and the nameless beast of Daniel 7, but Isaac could not do that. God said to Isaac, Do not go down to Egypt. Genesis 26:1-2.

16 You Branhamists, you look at me with contempt, but just as God gave some Bosworth, Lee Vayle and Perry Green to William Branham in his time, God has also given me great apostles like André Lima, Aman Martin, Fabien Medou, Hugo Zé, Kossi Yelou, Sosthène Essono, Cesar Esparza, Jones Kapindu, Blanchard Mosili, Israël Gomy, Usher Belga and Henri Hedagbe. Like Hattie Wright, God has given me some Sisters like Maribel de Sanabia, Sandra Mena, Mireille Bamba, Claudia Lima, Séraphine Akossiwa of Togo, Waldina Rosales of Honduras and Rosa Riveros of Paraguay.

17 And you who have believed in me, do not be distracted by powerful sermons and demonstrations of someone who is not a prophet sent from God with a Message for his generation or someone who does not echo the living prophet of his time. On April 24, 1993, the Word entered into me like a substance and I fell dead in order to rise again as the Word made flesh, Jesus Christ manifested for the Salvation of my generation.

18 A living prophet messenger is God in the human flesh walking on the earth. And to receive Salvation or the Holy Spirit, you must meet God in the human flesh in your time. Every prophet of the Bible was God in the human flesh. William Branham was God in the human flesh. And God leaves this flesh on the day of the death of this prophet. And all my life, the moment I have to approach my wife, I feel a strange phenomenon, a thing leaves my spirit. This phenomenon lasts one second. And before talking about it here, I asked several people to make sure that I am the only one to experience this phenomenon. And I know that this will happen to me for the last time at the moment of my death. The Lord Jesus experienced this on the cross and cried out: "Eli, Eli, Eli, lama sabachthani".

19 Know that when there is no prophet on the earth, there is no Word of God on the earth and all the inhabitants of the earth are in darkness. The Word of God can only save when the prophet who preaches it is alive on the earth. If the Word of dead Moses could save, God would no longer send prophets on the earth. And as long as there are some elect in Islam, Hinduism, Buddhism, Christianity and Judaism, God will send a prophet on the earth in every generation and the elect will come out of those religions to gather around this living prophet.

20 And I that speak to you, I am the voice of the seventh angel of Revelation 10:7. This voice sounded in the evening time with William Branham, this same voice of the seventh angel sounds here at midnight and it will sound again and it will sound at the cock-crow and again and even on the day of the rapture, there will be a living prophet messenger on the earth.

21 And after my death, this Angel of April 24, 1993 will go and incarnate himself in another man and this man will be God in a human flesh. He will bring another Message and you must listen to him. He can come from any country or race of the earth, he can come out from any religion. It does not belong to me to tell God what He will do after me as Branhamists and Muslims do. But I had this revelation that one day, in fifty or a hundred years, there will rise a prophet in North Africa then God will visit Asia and the Arab nations before the coming of Elijah and Moses. It will be before the rapture. And as long as a prophet does not lead you toward another god like Balaam and the old prophet of 1 King 13, you must follow him.

22 And when God sends a prophet, his call and his commission and his Message and the acts of this prophet will bear witness of this prophet and God will give you to recognize this prophet. The inhabitants of my village and hometown hate me because of my Message. The broadcast of my sermons is banned from the radio station of Sikensi by Mayor Essy Sahourê and the population of Sikensi while they are broadcast on the first radio station in Gabon. But till the end, I will never betray God.

23 And you who have believed in me, when I leave the earth, you must take heed to yourselves. A pastor who will want to establish his kingship will say to every prophet: "You don’t have a Message. A prophet does not present himself. The generation of Kacou, it is up to the rapture. His Message is still up-to-date". And the posterity of the serpent will say "amen" to this pastor but you, leave this pastor as my bride left her parents and Branhamism and her uncle M'bra Parfait for the sake of Salvation. She told them: "It is up to me to decide for myself because it is a matter of Salvation". My bride, it is like the daughter of Ewald Frank or Joseph Branham, it is like the daughter of an imam or the daughter of a rabbi of Israel. My bride is a noble, conscious of Salvation. Between God and her parents, she chose God for the sake of Salvation and she became my bride without a dowry.

24 The living prophet is the reign of God on the earth. And if there should no longer be prophets, is it in a pastor that we will confide, contrarily to 2 Chronicles 20:20? And how will God preserve his people according to Hosea 12:14? And how will God speak to the earth according to Amos 3:7? You will tell this pastor that Moses' Message was still up-to-date when Joshua appeared. Elijah's Message was still up-to-date when Elisha appeared. John the Baptist's Message was still up-to-date when the Lord Jesus appeared. The Message of the Lord Jesus was still up-to-date when Paul appeared. And check Matthew 1:17 and you will see that a generation lasts forty years.

25 After me, the elect will always walk in the Light with God in the steps of a living prophet. Do not be afraid, do not fear, God will lead everything. And you, live well. If you live a sinful life, you will start to see flaws in me. And if you live a more sinful life, you won't believe in me anymore. And if you live an exceedingly sinful life, you will start to lose faith in God. And instead of a living prophet, you will start to follow philosophers, religions, holy books and carnal religious leaders who have never had a single vision in their lives.

26 I am a prophet and I separate myself from everything that can hinder my relationship with God. I move away from any political and religious leaders. A Branhamist pastor from Brazil sent me a donation that I received but after reflection, I saw that it was a sin to accept that money. I repent of it. May God forgive me. I will never accept a donation from a religious leader. Another Branhamist pastor asked me if he would continue to be a pastor if he believed in the midnight Cry and I said to him: I don't know, God knows. And he did not believe. These are the wicked that Elijah would have slaughtered in 1 Kings 18:40.

27 I can go to any school to get my A levels if I work well. But can I go through any religion to reach God if I live well? No! Salvation is only through the living prophet of your time. And this prophet can be the son of your slave, the son of the one you despise or the son of your enemy. This prophet can be a ten-year-old child, a fool and even a sinner in your eyes. He will be a test for you. And you, you must listen to him till the end before you draw your conclusion.

28 The Message of a dead prophet cannot be the Message of another generation. A messenger passes with his generation and his Message. The following day of my death, know that it is the end of my race, it is my limit, but God is alive to move forward with you with another prophet and another Message according to the portion of the Spirit that God will give him. And it is his words and actions that will bear witness of who he is, but know that God reveals Himself in simplicity.

29 After me, there will come prophets on the earth, one after the other. Listen to them! Only an angel of God descends on the earth with the light of God. Before the vision, all the inhabitants of the earth were in darkness. On April 24, 1993, there was darkness on the entire face of the earth at the beginning of the vision because there was no word of God on the earth. But when the Angel of April 24, 1993 appeared in heaven, the earth was lightened with his glory. Revelation 18:1 says that it was the glory of the angel that lightened the earth. And this angel will use a man on the earth and the Message of this man is his glory that will lighten the earth and save the elect of his time while he is alive on the earth.

30 When the Lord Jesus-Christ died on the cross, there was darkness over the whole earth. It is since December 24, 1965, the day of William Branham's death, that Branhamism was plunged into darkness and that the sleep gradually began. This is Thus saith the Lord. When a prophet dies, his Message becomes an extinguished lamp, a dead letter and can save no one. On the day of the death of a prophet, darkness covers the earth and his Message becomes an extinguished lamp. This is Thus saith the Lord. A prophet dies when he has finished marking, with his seal, each chosen one of his generation. This is Thus saith the Lord! And if you hide a truth like this from the people around you, God will also hide the gate of Heaven from you and you will go to hell. There is a covenant of God today and everyone has the right to it.

31 The religious leaders are afraid to listen to me and forbid their followers to listen to me, but I listen to them. And I recommend that my disciples listen to them. I say to my disciples: it is a matter of Salvation. Whatever assurance you have, listen to any prophet regardless of the bad testimony you have of those prophets. The assurance that you have, Buddhists, Hindus and Muslims also have it. And it is not before God, at the judgment, that you must hear that you were in error when you were on the earth. And it is for Salvation that we have come on earth and intelligence and money and even good health can be our enemies. It is in fear and trembling that God will meet you.

32 And you Branhamists, William Branham has never preached to you. And how will you be in his group at the judgment? You have the same fate as Muslims. Mahomet was born four years after the death of his father Abdallah. Al-Sirat al-Halabiya says that the pregnancy lasted two years and al-Suyuti says it is three years. If we can accept that a pregnancy lasts four years, we can also claim to be of a prophet who died before our birth. And that is the faith in Islam, Hinduism, Buddhism, Christianity and Judaism. It was the adultery between Eve and the serpent that produced this.

33 William Branham prophesied that the Laodicean age would be the shortest of the ages, that is to say that the rapture would take place before the end of 2023 as compared to the age of Ephesus which lasted 117 years. How will you explain this after the year 2023? And what will happen when old Billy Paul Branham dies before the Los Angeles flood? What will happen when old Ewald Frank also dies before the rapture? After your death, your children will know that you are of the serpent's posterity and they will be ashamed of you. Pentecostal Baruti Kasongo is certainly the most spiritual of the Branhamist pastors but one cannot be the echo of a dead prophet or the auxiliary of a verb that does not exist. Otherwise the Pharisees will be saved with Moses. And Hosea 12:14 does not say that: By a prophet Jehovah brought Israel out of Egypt and by a pastor or by the pillar of fire Israel was preserved, but by a prophet Israel was preserved.

34 At the judgment, the priests, the imams and the shepherds who worked with the Messages of the dead prophets will come with their groups. And after them, the prophets will come with their Message and their group, that is to say those to whom they preached, whom they loved and who loved them when they were alive on the earth. If you follow a religious leader who does not echo the living prophet messenger of your time, know that after your death, you will be in the lot or the group of that religious leader and at the judgment, you will go to hell with him because it is only the prophets who have groups according to their generation. It is only through the living prophet of your time that you will be saved.

35 If you are a chosen one and you do not understand everything that I, Prophet Kacou Philippe, I tell you, you must first put your life in order. For example: Stop sleeping with a woman you haven't endowed, never put your mouth on your partner’s genitals again, do not lie with a woman from behind like an animal, and when you lie with your wife, never let her ever sit upon you because you are the man. Obey these commandments because it is I, Kacou Philippe your prophet that speak to you. Even if you reject me, know that I am your prophet like the president of a country is the president of the opponents of that country. I am the prophet of all the inhabitants of the earth today and it is by my words that God will judge you on the last day. I received the mandate of it through an angel on April 24, 1993.[Kc.130v6]

36 O God, open the eyes of my generation. Salvation came from the Jews and the Jews walked with living prophets, generation after generation. And the 39 books of the Torah are the books of living prophets. And me, Kacou Philippe, how will my generation walk with dead prophets? In the time of Europe, You did not give them a dead Isaiah, a dead Jeremiah or an imaginary Jesus but living prophets. Martin Luther was not a dead prophet and Luther did not give the corpse or the Message of John Huss to Europe...

37 O God, open the eyes of Africa. Africa is the dumping ground of Asia, Europe and America. Africa is the dumping ground for everything it has not made. And a prophet never died in Africa, but why are the bodies of Mahomet and Branham in Africa? O God, remember Simon of Cyrene. Forgive the curse of Ham on the black race and make that black Africans also know God and that in matters of God, black Africa may not be the cross-breeding of man and animal while I am the voice of Matthew 25:6.

38 May second-hand religions, second-hand Messages and the bodies of dead prophets end in Africa. I refuse those for my people and my generation. Give me victory over the gods of Islam, Hinduism, Buddhism, Christianity and Judaism and make that my generation wakes up from its sleep and comes out of darkness and say: Where is the God of the spirits of the prophets? O God, make that the nations in my time walk in the steps of a living prophet like Israel. Similar chapters: Kc.1, Kc.36, Kc.64 and Kc.130.

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