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Letter from Prophet Kacou Philippe, written on January 27, 2019 to African heads of State.

1 I, Prophet Kacou Philippe, prisoner until May 20, 2021 because of the Gospel of Christ, I was sitting alone at my house in Katadji on Sunday morning, January 27, 2019, and I received a revelation for the African heads of state and their peoples, to make them know their origin, their value and the will of God for their conduct on the earth according to the vision that I received on April 24, 1993.

2 Messrs. Presidents, in the beginning Adam knew his wife Eve after Satan’s word, and because of this God smote the earth with curses and thistles and thorns appeared. And till the end of the world, thistles and thorns will grow everywhere and women will give birth with pain according to God's decree.

3 In the beginning, the whole earth spoke the same language, but because of the Tower of Babel, God confounded the language of men and there appeared many languages and over the years, other languages appeared on the earth and it will always be thus until the end of the world.

4 In the beginning, there was only the white race on the earth. And the posterity of Ham was white people and they lived in Egypt and ruled over the world. When Abraham went down to Egypt, all the Egyptians were white, when Joseph got to Egypt, all the Egyptians were white. Abraham and Moses and the Jews did not know blacks. 4000 years ago, there was no black race on the earth, but it was God who smote the posterity of Ham in Egypt with a black leprosy because of the worship of the gods of Egypt. And leprosy struck all Egypt, including the Pharaohs, because they were at the forefront of the worship of the gods of Egypt. That is what happened. And it was that curse that put an end to the worship of the gods of Egypt.

5 You say, "Did God do that?" Yes, sir! This is the exact truth. In the vision of 1993, a big crowd came and said to me:"We have not seen the Angel and the Lamb, and we have not heard the words the Lamb pronounced, but we entirely believe."It was a prophet like me who revealed how the fall of man happened. It was a prophet like me who revealed that the original sin was not an apple but a sexual act. It was a prophet like me who revealed why there are so many languages and ethnic groups on the earth. And it is a prophet like me who must reveal why there is a black race on the earth.

6 The black colour of the African's skin is leprosy. It was God who smote the posterity of Ham in Egypt with a black leprosy. And I saw in the revelation that after the curse, the first whites who saw blacks fled, others fainted. But after that, God delivered the blacks to the bondage of Arabs who captured them and castrated them and because of that, the blacks fled Egypt and scattered on the earth. It is a decree of God and that followed them wherever they went. Every black African is an escaped slave from Egypt and on the run across the earth. It's a decree of God. And because of the bondage, the blacks escaped from Egypt.

7 They were the black Africans who founded Egypt. And when an African leader or president does not want to leave power, you could find the DNA of Pharaoh Tutankhamun, Ramses or Akhenaton in his blood. But the current Egyptians are all Arabs in the land of Egypt like the Palestinians in the land of Israel. Anwar El-Sadat, Gamal Abdel Nasser, Hosni Mubarak and Mohamed Salah are Arabs, sons of slave traders who came to settle in Egypt, just as Yasser Arafat and Mahmoud Abbas are Arabs who came and settled in Israel. When Joseph and Mary and Jesus arrived in Egypt, there were no more blacks in Egypt. This is the exact truth. But before the curse, the sons of Ham built the pyramids of Egypt and taught science and wisdom to Greeks.

8 After the flood, the sons of Ham in Egypt were the greatest scholars on earth, just as the sons of Cain were in Genesis 4. Moses did not reveal this mystery, but it is the Spirit of Moses who must reveal it. And I tell you that the Spirit of Moses is here right now. This is the exact truth, and I saw this like in a movie. Remember that I was standing on a high pyramid. And it is in Egypt that pyramids are found. And also, like in Matthew 17, the two doves had come to me, and the two doves are Elijah and Moses. And Moses was in Egypt. And God said in Isaiah 19 and in many passages of the Bible that a time should come when Egypt, which has become the black race today, would be his people. Thus, to this black race destined to slavery, God has sent Moses so that by him the whole earth may be enlightened and saved.

9 And because of sin, God has caused many cities and nations to fall into ruin. Through fire, wars, floods and plagues, God blotted out their names from the earth. But why black leprosy on Egypt? It was thus to fulfill the curse of Ham. Thus, fire did not come down on Egypt as it was the case with Sodom and Gomorrah but a black leprosy. And because of the whites who captured them and castrated them to make them slaves, they fled Egypt. Thus, the dwelling place of the black man was no more found amongst men.

10 And this escape, it was God Himself driving blacks out of Egypt. And the black man's dwelling place was the bush with animals and his memory was forgotten. He was wandering here and there. And later, in 622, the army of Mahomet began to search for them in the forests and then the biggest slave trade towards the Arab countries began. And until 1964, for 1400 years, the black man was the best merchandise of the Arabs, the black diamond. And the Arab-Muslims captured up to more than forty million blacks with the help of black Africans like Samory Touré. And there were the European colonizers who had put an end to that and the Arabs never forgave it to Europe. The blacks captured were deported to Egypt, castrated and transported to Arab countries where they died without memory, without descendants, without history, in bondage and in atrocious torture and sufferings. Just as they captured black migrants in Libya in 2017. And a black man named Bilal was one of Mahomet's black slaves, he was castrated. And it was God who gave the Arabs this right over the black man.

11 You, black Africans, you were all whites and the masters of the world like the United States today. And the Jews were slaves in your hands for four hundred and thirty years. But it is because of the curse that you went down to Black Africa to become workers for the whites. All the gold, all the diamonds, all the oil and uranium and all the subsoil and all the fertile lands and woods of Africa and everything that is on the African soil do not belong to you, it is the original property of the white man. But these riches are in Africa so that you blacks, you would not need to go to Asia or Europe or America to exploit them for your white masters. And it is because of this that God has given you physical strength.

12 And it was the right of the white man to deport you to America to work in his cotton and sugar cane plantations. Noah said of you: "You shall be a bondman of bondmen to your brethren".Before God, Presidents Ouattara, Paul Biya, Muhammadu Buhari, Bongo, Mugabe, Kagame and Tshisekedi are sub-prefects of the white masters. In the will of God, if we elect a president in Africa, it belongs to the white men to validate our choice and every African leader who is recalcitrant and rebellious to this must be transferred to the International Criminal Court.

13 You black man, it is the curse in Egypt which modified your physical appearance, your behaviour, your mentality, your cells and the colour of your skin for you to act like this. In Egypt, you worshipped the sky, the sun, the moon, the stars, and your curse was so great that you began to worship rocks, pieces of wood, rivers, corpses and everything you could find. You drank blood from human skulls and your heart was the place where evil dwelt.

14 O black man, like animals, you had no history. Plagues were decimating you, animals were tearing you apart... and the white man discovered you naked in the bush with animals. Like God, he loved you, he took you out of the bush. He took away the bark of wood and animal skins from you and he clothed you. He adopted you, he gave you his name, he gave you his nationality, he civilized you and he taught you to speak his language, he healed you and gave you a religion. And in remembrance of you, so that you too can also have a history, he made the Tarzan movie for you but with a white man so that you would not be frustrated. And in return, in your ingratitude, you want to make yourself his equal.

15 You imitated the white man. You married a white woman but do not forget the colour of your skin and where you were taken from. The monkey will never be the equal of his trainer. They are the ones who brought you religions, writing and many other things. Wear the bubu, speak Arabic, go to Mecca for tourism every year, bleach your skin, change your name, disguise yourselves to imitate the Arabs like the Congolese Abdul Madjid but that will never turn you into Arabs. One is not an Arab through some practices but by blood.

16 O Africa, if your States had remained European overseas territories, today your sons would have had many rights in common with the Europeans and you would not be living from begging, aids and donations with debts and to go to Europe, your sons would never be illegal migrants on the Mediterranean. All this is the consequence of your rebellion; for your civilization by the white man was unfinished.

17 You black man who says, "My misfortune is white man!", did you know about oil, uranium and coltan? When explorers Livingstone, Vasco da Gama and Bartolomeu Dias set foot on your soil, what medicine did you have? What means of transport did you have? God remembered you and the explorers took you out of the bush and you started to be trained but suddenly, you have become smarter than your trainer to the point that today God speaks to you all. But where was that god when, for thousands of years since you came out from Egypt, some sangomas and ngangas were your prophets?

18 You African, what currency did you have in Africa which the white man has replaced? What means of communication did you have? What brand of telephone did you have? What armaments did you have? Do you need a fight to leave their internet, their car, their telephone and their currency? You Pan-Africanist, do you regret that, because of the white man's car, your black brothers will no longer carry you in a hammock? Do you regret that, because of the white man's electric fan, your black brothers will no longer blow you with handheld fans? O black man, how wicked you are!

19 Give them back their religions, their languages, their cars, and go back to your forests. And when you tell Europeans and Americans about a compensation for twelve million slaves who have become more than a hundred million in America, Haiti, and others, what do you say about the more than forty million black slaves who died castrated in the Arab countries? Take a lion cub in the bush, give it milk, chocolate, give it a name, raise it like your son, but one day if it does not tear you apart, it will tear your son apart. So is it with you, black man.

20 But you, Mr. President, the colour of your skin will serve you as a sign and even if, in his kindness, the white man has you sit next to him, do not forget that you are not his equal and that the slave who is noble and wise is the slave who is the most submissive and devoted to his master. Know that, first, it is for the interest of the white man that you were raised above your brothers. It is not a weakness, it is wisdom. And it is me, your prophet, who is saying it to you.

21 And you, black man, know that your countries are sub-prefectures of Europe and the white man is your father. And you who worship rocks and rivers and corpses, are you not worthy to be the son of a homosexual? The white man will always be your father even if he has turned homosexual because of his depressions.

22 By going towards the Chinese, it will be another deportation for you, to serve a people with a hard heart and tongue, for you were born to be under the curse and you will go from suffering to suffering and from deportation to deportation. The prices of your agricultural and mining raw materials and your currency, it belongs to the white man to set their value, it belongs to the white man to set the price of your labour. And their used clothes must be your new clothes. Their used cars must be your new cars. And for your Salvation, their dead prophets must be your living prophets.

23 The slave trade, slavery and colonization will be your inheritance from father to son. Demanding decolonization and independence was your first sins. And what decolonization has brought to you is what the return to Africa has brought to Liberia and to Shashamane who should have stayed in America to serve their white masters. You black men, before you could read and write, God had already given the land of Africa to the white man. You should have never spoken about independence. You should have said: "White Masters, what can you do for your welfare and ours?"and there would have never been any war in Africa. Before there were oppositions in Africa, it was you who were rebellious by demanding independence to your masters. You should even reject it if the white man offered it to you.

24 Let anyone who listens to me know that my words are above the Bible, the Quran and any other holy book. And whoever tells you about God based on the Bible or the Quran is a liar. But I that speak to you, I have established spokesmen according to their competences to preach and explain my Message and if one of them gives a wrong explanation, I am alive to bring him back on the right path. But after my death, anyone who will establish himself to explain what I said is a liar. No one has the right to explain what a prophet said when that prophet is already dead. All these rabbis, these imams and these pastors that you see are liars and servants of Satan.

25 Messrs. Presidents, find a time of meditation and be alone and think about God and the afterlife. You were born alone, you will die alone and alone, you will go to judgment before God. You know that you are not special men. You have nightmares and demons can immobilize you in your sleep and those that you call your pastors, imams and prophets are also in the same condition.

26 Messrs. Presidents, know that all your references which are De Gaulle, Houphouët Boigny, Sekou Touré, Nkrumah, Mobutu, Haile Selassie, Bongo and Nelson Mandela are in hell with Adolf Hitler and Mussolini. Fighting all your life for a religion or for politics until you die, God has never given such a mission to man, it is man himself who has given himself this useless task. At the judgment, God will not ask you how you led your country.

27 You too, God can speak to you. Do not put your Salvation into the hands of carnal men like yourselves. During their stay on the earth, many kings and presidents like you sought God, loved God and walked with God such as David and Solomon, and God spoke to them. And amongst those presidents are George Washington and Abraham Lincoln. It is on Abraham Lincoln's Bible that American presidents take their oath. Abraham Lincoln walked by the revelation. Lincoln had dreams and visions all his life. And ten days before his death, he had a dream... He said: Before me rested a corpse, whose face was covered. Around it were stationed soldiers. And there was a throng of people, others weeping. "Who is dead in the White House?" I demanded of one of the soldiers. "President Lincoln, he was killed by an assassin” was his answer.

28 But you, money is your god and you are surrounded by people who are full of sin, who breathe only for money and you have forgotten that you were born alone, and one day you will come alone at the judgment before God. You have your imams, pastors and prophets, you have your Jesus and your churches and mosques, but you and all of them, I am the one who is your prophet from the Creator. And one day, I will be your judge before God and it is by my words that you will all be judged.

29 A child of God is one who believes in the living prophet of his time. If you die before Boko Haram or the Islamic state for your Christian or Muslim faith, you will go to hell. You died while remaining faithful to an ideology like in politics or football. Is a Pharisee who dies for his Judaic faith saved? Is a Sunni Muslim killed by a Salafist for his Sunni faith saved? Your false hope of Salvation relieves your conscience but you will go to hell. God never asked anyone to convert to a religion. God never sent a religion on the earth. I am your prophet speaking to you. If you are a child of God, you will seek the living prophet of your time and not a religion or a holy book.

30 There was a time when Moses was sent on the earth, and when he died, the devil took Moses’ words and made them a religion called Judaism. There was a time when the Lord Jesus Christ came on the earth and after his departure, the devil took his words and made them a religion called Christianity. There was a time when Muhammad came on the earth and after his departure, the devil took his words and made them a religion called Islam. When God sends a prophet on the earth, after the death of this prophet, the devil takes the words of this prophet and makes a religion out of them.

31 I that speak to you, I am not a follower or the continuity of a religion. The Lord Jesus Christ read in the Torah, and he spoke of Moses and Abraham but he was not a continuity of Judaism. And a prophet cannot be the continuity of a religion or a dead prophet. On April 24, 1993, the Angel and the Lamb who came to speak to me were not Christians, Hindus, Buddhists, Muslims or Jews. I was rather the one who went to the Christians.

32 On April 24, 1993, the whole earth was in total darkness because there was no word of God or Holy Spirit on the earth. The Angel was looking at me and in his right hand, there was a sword and in his left hand, he held the Lamb. They were all a white cloud. It was the whole Deity that had descended from Heaven. And the Lamb spoke to me in an unknown tongue, similar to Hebrew and Arabic. And I joined them on the waters in eternity, in eternal life. And after that, I no longer saw them, but the earth no longer became dark because of me. And this light makes that, today, there are many black Africans who claim to be prophet messengers, only mouths of God on the earth like me. And these African prophets are the consequences of this black leprosy on Egypt.

33 No matter your religion, know that God is sovereign to raise up a prophet from any country, religion or race of the earth to save the elect. He can even raise up a white after me because of his sovereignty, but they are the religions that are God's greatest enemies. For example, Joseph Smith, the prophet of the Mormons, preached that it is through a living prophet that God speaks to the earth and not through the Bible or the words of a dead prophet. His disciples said they understood. Joseph Smith was spiritual with visions from the age of 14. But when Joseph Smith died in 1844 killed by an angry Methodist mob, the Mormons consulted with one another and, on their own, they began to establish prophets over themselves and now they are at their 17th prophet and all their prophets are Americans and almost all of them come from Salt Lake City. Even in Israel, not all prophets come from the same tribe.

34 When the Pope dies, it is a Catholic cardinal who will replace him, God must stay away, it is a matter between them Catholics. When a Muslim dignitary dies, it is a Muslim who replaces him, God must stay away, it is a matter between them Muslims. When a church dignitary dies, it is a man of that church who replaces him, God must stay away, it is a matter of their church. An odd man has no place in it, yet God's choice has always been an odd man. But in which paradise will you go with that? Is there a paradise for Catholics? Is there a paradise for Jews? Is there a paradise for Muslims? Is there a paradise for Christians? Man cannot admit that in matters of God, his great intelligence is madness.

35 But you Messrs. Presidents, you are politicians, you will not understand what I am saying, but simply believe it. I that speak to you, I am your prophet. I am the prophet of your nations and one day, it is by my Gospel that you and your nations, including all the religious leaders of your nations, will be judged. All these religious people and religious leaders that you see in Asia, Europe, America and Africa, it is by my Gospel that they will be judged at the last judgment.

36 Ali Khamenei, the supreme leader of Iran and all the Arab and Asian presidents will come before me, each with his suite, and it is by my Gospel that they will be judged. Paul Biya of Cameroon, Paul Kagame of Rwanda, Joao Lourenço of Angola and all the African presidents will come before me, each with his suite, and by my Gospel, they will all be judged. Donald Trump, Bolsonaro of Brazil and all the presidents of North and South America will all come before me and by my Gospel, they will be judged. Angela Merkel and Emmanuel Macron and the Queen of England and their suite, will come before me and I will judge them all. The leaders of the UN, the European Union, the African Union and all the political, financial institutions and others will come to me with their suite and I will judge them all. All the professors, researchers and students will come before me and I will judge them all. Pele and Maradona and Ronaldo and Messi and all the football players and their supporters will come before me and I will judge them all.

37 Messrs. Presidents, Daniel heard words in an unknown tongue and he was told that the mysteries contained in this unknown tongue would be revealed at the end of time. And in 1963, William Branham saw three great mysteries and he said that the third mystery was in an unknown tongue. He died and a pyramid was erected on his grave. In 1993, the Lamb spoke to me in an unknown tongue and the multitude from all the races of the earth said to me: "We have not seen the Angel and the Lamb, we have not heard the words the Lamb pronounced, but we entirely believe".

38 And in "we entirely believe"is the fact that the black skin of the African is leprosy on the posterity of Ham in Egypt because of the worship of the gods of Egypt. If the Jews stoned and killed all the prophets to the point of crucifying the Messiah, it is not you, a black African or a man of the nations, who will understand what I say and who will believe in me. To this day, Jews believe that the Lord Jesus Christ is not the Messiah because God has blinded them according to Romans 11. And if you too, you do not understand that I, Kacou Philippe, I am the only prophet today by whom you must be saved, know that you are in the same blindness.

39 Like in the time of Noah, you say, "Why do you say that you are the only true prophet?" and yet that is what I am. You and all the inhabitants of the earth who have lived in my time are under my jurisdiction. One day, at the last judgment before God, it is by my Message that all the inhabitants of the earth who lived in my time will be judged.

40 One day, after this life on the earth, you and your imams and pastors and rabbis and prophets, you will come to me and I will judge you according to what I told you on earth. Moses is not your prophet, Isaiah is not your prophet, Jesus of Nazareth is not your prophet. Muhammad who died in 632 is not your prophet. They cannot be your prophets just as Abraham Lincoln who died in 1865 cannot be the president of an American today. Your only prophet today, it is me as Noah was the only prophet of his time. My mission is not that you necessarily believe in me but that you hear that Kacou Philippe is your prophet.

41 All of you who have lived in my time, I have come with the light of God for the Salvation of my generation. On April 24, 1993, the Angel and the Lamb came from Eternity for this mission. I saw them like a star in the sky and when they came down, it was an Angel and a Lamb and at the end of the vision, I did not see them go back to heaven. They are on the earth and they will be on the earth until my death. They appeared as two people but they are the same person. They are the fullness of eternal life for our time. They are a perfect type of this Message and one day, this fullness of the pillar of fire will divide itself into small parts like tongues of fire and will come into all those who believe this Message.

42 In the great vision, when my body was lying on the sand of the sea and I stood on the waters with the Angel and the Lamb, I had another body while in the ecstasy twenty meters above the ground, I had no body. The word of the Lamb that had come into me had given me the power to clothe with the heavenly body to be with God on the waters in the eternity after my death. The heavenly body that the Lord Jesus Christ had in John 20:17 after his resurrection. And all those who believe this Message, God has given them the same power. Salvation has never been so real.

43 The fact that you believe this Message will be your supporting sign for receiving this seal of eternal life. What I am saying is the absolute truth of God that I received from the commission of the Angel of April 24, 1993 who is the Angel of Jehovah of the Old Testament. The word of God today is only what I, Prophet Kacou Philippe, say.

44 The word of God for your Salvation is not the pure truth based on the Bible or the Quran but what the living prophet of your time says. In matters of Salvation, it is a prophet, a man guided by an angel and who is able to see visions in broad daylight with his eyes open, who must speak. And everyone must keep quiet and listen to him. And the one amongst you who can understand, let him understand.

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