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Updated: May 27, 2022

Letter that Prophet Kacou Philippe wrote from his home in Katadji on June 16, 2019

1 Letter that I Prophet Kacou Philippe, prisoner until May 20, 2021 because of the Gospel of Christ, I have addressed from my house on Sunday morning, June 16, 2019, to Islam and Judaism.

2 That morning, I was sitting alone and meditating on my past life and how angels had come to me in 1993. I was pushing the wheelbarrow, I was serving cement on construction sites to have something to eat. Our family home only had one storm lamp and when we lacked oil, my mother would weave a wick with a piece of cloth and dip it into a vase of palm oil and lit it up and that served us as a lamp. Our house did not have a door and at night, stools were placed so that animals and snakes would not get into the house.

3 But the Almighty God cast his mantle of grace upon me and it was said to me that at the appointed time, I was going to preach mysteries that I did not know so that whoever believes in me may have eternal life and that men of all nations and races and tongues would come to me to have eternal life. These things have been fulfilled and my prayerreaches God’s throne of grace. When I saw the pictures of Mrs. Reza Ponce, I wept and I sent her a prophetic action that she executed on her knees and the demon of epilepsy left her immediately.

4 I have had several great visions. I saw in vision, two men in white like angels ascending from near me towards heaven. One of them shouted with a loud voice and the whole earth was shaken and one of the two trees stuck together from the ground near our family house came off and fell violently. [Kc.130v10]

5 In 1993, I stood in the same place as Moses in Genesis 1:2. And my soul went and stood with the Angel and the Lamb above the waters. And we formed a constellation above the waters which are the peoples, the tongues and the nations of the earth like in Matthew 17 on the mount of transfiguration. And one morning in 1993, I was invisible to men. I was a transparent cloud similar to the mirage which is above fire or the ground when the sun is blazing. I was the angel of judgment. And I saw people and I heard them and I moved without a body in the sky but nobody could see me because I was invisible. And one day, when I leave the earth, I will return to this heavenly position. [Kc.130v2] 6 I was born and grew up in absolute poverty and now my zeal for God has set everyone against me and left me in solitude. From now on, I have to live within the perimeter of my village. I do not have the right to go to a public gathering. I am forbidden to travel. I am forbidden to talk about God. When those who hate me insult me, I do not say anything because I am a prisoner with a suspended sentence and therefore I have no civil rights and I do not have the right to have a problem with someone. As a precaution, I stay away from everyone. And how much time do I have left on the earth, in this world which is not my world? I do not know.

7 I was still meditating when I saw in spirit, as in a vision, Mecca and Jerusalem. I said: Why this vision? And an inspiration came to me saying: "Cry out against Islam and Judaism!".And I said: My Lord, I am an eagle but I am in a cage. And I was thinking about Jerusalem, the valley of the prophets. Jerusalem: the city of Islam, Christianity and Judaism. And I got sad and I took my pen and I started to write as if someone was thinking and talking through me:

8 O Israel, when I look at you, inspiration abounds in me, but why don’t you understand my word? O Israel, if you already know God, why do you leave parades of homosexuals and pilgrimages of Christians on your land? I am your help, I cry out to you but you have no ear to hear my voice. As Moses was the only one who saw the pillar of fire, I am the only one who sees the star, but how will you know the way if you don't follow me? I am the one who knows the way in the desert but you have rejected me. I am your star, the traces of my footsteps are your path but you have no eyes to see me.

9 I prophesied that the domination of the world will move from America and go to the East. The smell of your prostitution with America has reached Heaven and God will punish you and strip your lover of all his strength. And what will you do when God takes away your lover's domination and gives it to another nation? Will you go and prostitute yourself with China? Will you go and prostitute yourself with the Arab nations? [Kc.124v9]

10 OIsrael, the prostitute, I tell you that the day comes when you will lift up your dress and pass before the Arabs, but the Arabs will not want to prostitute themselves with you. The Arab will remove your make-ups and shave your head and wash you and purify you from the defilements of your lovers. The Arab will dress you and colonize you and teach you morality. The terrorists of Hamas and Hezbollah are the effect of the smell of your prostitution just as the Italian mafia is the effect of the smell of the incenses of the Vatican.

11 I, Prophet Kacou Philippe, I give you the flag of the homosexuals with the star of David as your flag, and I give you the snake that eats its own tail as your emblem. You have America the great Satan with you but Gaza will always be a bow of the Lord bent against you. Eat the fat cows of your prostitution but you will lose weight because of the Palestinian and Hezbollah who are servants of Jehovah.

12 America recognizing Israel's sovereignty over the Golan Heights, America signing such and such treaties with Israel on nuclear weapons, economic, military and diplomatic aids and meekness and everything else with Israel, they are prostitution gifts. America announcing on December 6, 2017 that Jerusalem is the capital of Israel; America transferring its embassy from Tel Aviv to Jerusalem on May 14, 2018, these are prostitution gifts. And in return, your lover has made you the only country in the Middle East where there are gay parades and the high place where all Catholic, Protestant, evangelical and Branhamist leaders go. [Kc.50v1-3]

13 O Israel, the wailing wall is not a prophet or a mediator between God and men. The wailing wall andthe Kaaba in Mecca are satanic idols. God does not speak through a wall or a stone but through the prophets. Did the prophets once ask Israel to confide in a wailing wall? And I, Prophet Kacou Philippe, who speak to you, every time I urinate against a wall, I imagine that that wall is the wailing wall which is in Jerusalem.

14 Read your Torah again and you will see that you never ever had the ability to recognize a prophet and it is not after spending 2000 years amongst the nations that you will recognize a prophet. I am your slave, you are my master but you are deaf and blind. I am sent to be your eyes and your mouth and to hold your stick to guide your steps.

15 O Israel, like a husband on a journey sends words to his wife, behold, Adonai sends words to you, but a prostitute does not know her husband's voice. From Africa, the Maghreb, Lebanon, you will receive words from your husband but you will say to your lovers: "Those are not my husband's words".O Israel,I have never seen a queen with so much immorality. You will run away from your land again and the Germans will tell you: "What are you looking for here again, in the land of the Holocaust?" And you will be ashamed. O Israel, fish live in water, birds live in the air and sheep live on the earth but you Israel, youdo not know your dwelling place.

16 America is in debt for the useless needs of his mistress Israel. And Israel reinvests the prostitution money into hotels and asks America for more without ever refunding or justifying it. And in return, churches and homosexuals parade in Jerusalem. Israel searches America's secret notebooks like a prostitute searches her lovers' pockets.

17 O Israel, how wicked you are! When people like those of Tibet or Kashmir suffer, no one looks at them but you, you are loved because you are the land of the Bible. You, Israel, you are nothing amongst the nations. You have no gold, no diamonds, no oil, but it is because of Jehovah that the whole world loves you and in return, you have used this notoriety that the Bible has given you to have valuable lovers.

18 Every detonation of a Palestinian shell on your land is the voice of God that says to you, "Israel, repent!" but you refuse to repent. You may kill a hundred Palestinians, a thousand Palestinians will come against you. You may kill a thousand Palestinians, Adonai will strengthen the hearts of ten thousand Palestinians against you. O Israel, why don’t homosexuals parade in Mecca but in Jerusalem? Moses and Israel coming out of Egypt wouldn’t have believed it. Abraham and the kings of Israel wouldn’t have believed it. If God had not dispossessed you of your land for 2000 years, you would have been worse than Hollywood and the Vatican City would have been in Jerusalem.

19 You are Europeans and Americans gathered in Israel and you pass yourselves as Jews? Faced with Arabs in Judges 6, what did the true Israel do? Did they ask for weapons from Babylon which is America today? What does Judges 6:6-8 say: "And Israel was greatly impoverished because of Midian. And the children of Israel cried to Jehovah.And it came to pass when the children of Israel cried to Jehovah because of Midian, that Jehovah sent a prophet to the children of Israel ".Are you the true Israel? It is true that Jews kill prophets but they listen to the prophets before they kill them. You, youare European and American tourists and businessmen.

20 And you members of Islam, Hinduism, Buddhism, Christianity and Judaism, I am not a Pentecostal or a magician of Egypt but a prophet. I perform miracles but I am a prophet and it is therefore with the word that I come to you. In the beginning was the word. When the posterity of Satan went from Europe to the corners of the world, it was with crucifixes and statuettes to replace African fetishes, but I come to you with God's oracles.

21 On April 24, 1993, I was a pagan and the creator of the heavens and the earth transported me in a vision and, behold, darkness covered the whole surface of the earth and a star appeared in the sky. And as the star descended, the earth was illuminated because of the light of the star until the light was over the entire surface of the earth. And I saw that the star was an angel and a lamb and their brightness lit up the earth. And the Lamb spoke to me and his word entered into me like a substance so that this light might enlighten all the earth. I am the envelope, and the veil and the mouth of this light. And today, the glares of this light have reached all the nations of the earth as it did when it came down from heaven. [Kc.46v33] [Kc.70v49]

22 And since 2002, this word in me speaks. And this light that came down from heaven and dwelling in me enlightens the earth for the Salvation of mankind. That light that had been speaking through the prophets since Adam is the same light that speaks through me with the same voice. And you rabbis, sadhus, pastors and imams, if you were sons of light, you would direct all the earth to me. It is the same living God changing bodies. When a phone stops working, God takes the chip and places it in a new phone and now it is an African phone but it is the same number and the same voice and the same God. [Kc.88v14]

23 I am not a Christian prophet and I have never been a Christian prophet. Never. I just have a Christian accent by birth just as I have this skin color and an African accent by birth. I am the prophet of all the nations, races and tongues of the earth. It was to avoid the Judaic accents that John the Baptist and Paul and the Hebrew prophets fled to the desert. And that is why I lived with a Muslim family in a Muslim neighbourhood. And I loved Muslims as much as I loved Christians.

24 For four years, a Muslim man was like my father. He was already blind when he accommodated me in his home and it was by my voice that he used to recognize me. And I spoke their language because the one amongst his wives who took care of me did not speak French. But I am neither Christian nor Muslim and it is not the Bible or the Quran that guides my steps. And those who have believed in me have not become Christians but they have believed in the living prophet of their time. A book or a corpse cannot be the prophet or the guide of a living person.

25 The Torah can make you a pious Jewish. The Bible can make you a pious Christian. The Quran can make you a pious Muslim. The Bhagavad-Gita can make you a pious Hindu, but to be saved, you are obliged to believe in the prophet that the living God will send in your time and I am this prophet, I that speak to you. At the judgment, when Noah appears, there will be those who will recognize him, those with whom he lived because he was their prophet. But will you recognize Mahomet? When Moses appears, there will be those who will recognize him, those with whom he lived because he was their prophet. And when I appear, you will recognize me because I am the prophet that God sent you and who lived with you. But will you recognize Mahomet?Today, you know my size, my shape, my voice, just as in the past, there were those who knew Moses’ size, voice, and shape; those who knew Mahomet’s size, shape, voice, those with whom they lived. But you have rejected me, the prophet that God has sent to you. And the same way I condemn you on the earth, I will condemn you before God and before his holy angels and before the prophets you claim to belong to. Your temples, churches, mosques and synagogues are only satanic lodges.

26 In 1993, in a revelation, I ran to a church and when I entered it, it was a neighbourhood of prostitutes. Everything there was darkness. The streets were muddy with garbage. I walked through it until I came out of there. But despite this, I went to a church, then to another church, then to another church until, in 2002, I came out of that darkness, fulfilling what I had seen in the revelation. Christianity is the kingdom of darkness. It is worse than all the religions. Religions are so demonic that John the Baptist had to leave the house of Zechariah the priest. Paul had to go and spend fourteen years in the desert of Arabia to forget everything the religions taught him. And if you reject me today, it is because of religions.

27 The enemies of God on earth are religions and their leaders. Islam and Christianity and Judaism, it is the fullness of Satanism. They are the three attributes of Satan. Judaism is Father Satan above you. Islam is Satan in your midst and Christianity, it is the spirit of Satan in you performing miracles and wonders. The fact that after the vision I went to Christians is a sin. It was Satan who pushed me towards Christianity. Nevertheless, when in the churches, verses of the Bible were read, I did not stand up, just as today I do not have anyone stand up when I read a verse from the Bible. Christian leaders are demons.

28 In a vision, I saw the priests, the prophets, the apostles, the evangelists and the pastors of the earth. Their bodies were human bodies but their heads were heads of different animals. They were in a procession and each of them had a big crucifix in both hands raised in front of him and they were moving with it as in Catholic liturgies and the smoke of the incense went up from the altar. They were moving very slowly and their heads were heads of different animals. Before them, it was written: "Jesus Christ is the Lord of lords and the King of kings".After that, I had an awful dream: I looked up and, behold, a large pope was in the sky facing East. He wanted to hit me with a crucifix that he was holding in his hand and I woke up. They are all demons. And when a Catholic, a Protestant, evangelical or Branhamist prays on some food, I do not eat it, even if he prayed in the name of Jesus Christ. [Kc.123v27]

29 The fact of being Jewish, Muslim, Hindu or Christian is like being homosexual and their gatherings in temples, mosques, churches and synagogues are Gay Prides before God. When Christians are killed by Muslims, it is like political or ethnic killings, this does not give them the right to go to heaven because they died for a religion. And in the interpretation of their holy book, they are all liars. How can you defend or interpret what is written in the Bible or the Quran when you are neither a prophet nor a witness to the facts written in it? [Kc.134v29]

30 I that speak to you, it is reported that at my birth angels sang. Some witnesses who are still alive saw lightnings and sparks and lights like those of candles and they heard melodies in the sky within a radius of three kilometers and people ran in all directions and some threw themselves to the ground and worshipped and in the days that followed, people came from everywhere with their fetishes and burned them and got converted. A newspaper talked about it, but this, I cannot defend it because I was a baby and how will I go and defend the Bible and the Quran, old books that were supposed to be in museums? [Kc.83v2-4]

31 But I know that in 1993, I stood in the desert and several angels appeared and formed white clouds and, on the clouds, it was written in French: "pronounce the judgment and the change of life".You can reject me, but know that at the last judgment, I will be your judge. All my life, I have lived apart from the world. Whether I like it or not, I have always been a prisoner to an inner voice that has always told me: "If you do this, at the judgment, they will say this. Do this so that at the judgment, they may not say this." [Kc.21v6] [Kc.21v6] [Kc.117v29] [Kc.129v3] [Kc.135v13]

32 And you, members of Islam, Hinduism, Buddhism, Christianity and Judaism, if you are sons of the prophets, you will not fight me but you will come to me as in 2 Kings 9, the sons of the prophets had gone out before Elisha and bowed before him. You are proud people destined for hell. You, rabbis and imams and pastors and prophets, you have never seen a vision of God and when I speak, you also speak and yet, one day, you will appear in judgment before me. And like animals in the jungle, you get up and say: "I am an imam, I am a pastor, I am an apostle, I am a rabbi...". Alright, but through which prophet did God establish you? In your countries, can one stand up and establish himself as a minister and the president will agree?

33 And you who are alive today, where and in which year were Moses, Buddha, Krishna, Jesus and Mahomet your prophets? Do you have their e-mail addresses and phone numbers? Are they your prophets because you are Jew, Muslim or Christian? Will Moses become my prophet in this year 2019 if I read the Torah and observe the Sabbath and prayers and ablutions? And will General de Gaulle become the president of the French as soon as the French start broadcasting his old speeches on TV? When you read the Bible or the Quran or the Veda or the Bhagavad-Gita, when you pray a lot, when you fast a lot, are you no longer chased in your dreams? Don’t you eat in your dreams and does Satan no longer immobilize you in your sleep? Don't you have sexual relations in your dreams? And to which paradise will you go with that?

34 Follow the religions, but all the children of God amongst you in this generation will come to me for eternal life. In the vision of April 24, 1993, I saw a crowd of people come to me from all the nations and races and religions of the earth and they said: "We have not seen the Angel and the Lamb and we have not heard the words the Lamb pronounced but we entirely believe it".And all these words have been fulfilled. Those who are destined for heaven and who were in the crowd of the vision come to me. Men and women believe from all nations and tongues and religions and races. In this month of June, the first believers of Botswana, Nicaragua and Costa Rica received baptism and several believers of Burundi, of Zambia and Bolivia asked me to send them apostles to baptize them. At the judgment, I will come forward with the saints of each nation and you, in the group of which prophet will you be?

35 Whether you are members of Islam, Hinduism, Buddhism, Christianity or Judaism, know that I, Kacou Philippe, that speak to you, I am a man like you, but I am the angel who has come from Heaven to mark the elect with the seal of God in this generation. Every day, I beg God to open your eyes like Simon Peter of the Bible to understand who I am.

36 Simon Peter said to his master Jesus Christ: "You, our Rabbi, You are the Christ, the son of the living God" and the Lord Jesus Christ said to him: "You are Peter and on this rock of the revelation, I will build my Church".This statement of Peter was the rock and the highest point of all the revelations in the time of the Lord Jesus Christ. The rock of the revelation in 1415 was to be able to say: "You, John Huss, for our time, you are the Christ, the son of the God of the living".The rock and highest point of the revelation in 1545 was to be able to say: "You Martin Luther, you are the Christ, the son of the God of the living".The rock of the revelation between 1933 and 1965 was to be able to say: "You, William Branham, you are the Christ, the son of the God of the living".The rock of revelation since April 24, 1993, is to be able to say: "You, Kacou Philippe, you are the Christ, the son of the God of the living".To recognize God in a man in your lifetime is the rock and the highest point of faith for eternal life.

37 In the time of Noah, the rock of revelation was to be able to say: "You, Noah, you are the Christ, the only-begotten son of the God of the living".The rock of the revelation in a generation is to be able to say to the living prophet of your time that he is the Christ, the only-begotten son of the God of the living in your time. And from Adam to the end of the world, all the prophets who came on earth are Christs, Gods in human forms. That is why their words are the word of God.

38 Thus, when you say that Moses is greater than Jeremiah, that means that you are in the darkness of Satan because both are the manifestation of the same God in different times and dimensions. For example: The little baby in my mother's arms in 1972 was me. The powerful preacher of July 8, 2002 was me. And the weak prisoner in handcuffs in 2016 was still me and you cannot say that one is greater than the other while it is me. That is why the Magi worshipped the little child in Bethlehem. And as a prophet, I was sent to the earth with a Message and the children of God who care about eternal life after death hear my voice and leave religions to come to me while you, sons and daughters of the devil, you reject me and say that there will no more be prophets.

39 And you in India, Indonesia, Iran, Pakistan, Egypt and Saudi Arabia, and all the Muslims of the earth who say that there must no more be prophets, in the face of Al Qaeda, Boko Haram, should you not cry to Allah for him to send a prophet? In your Islamic nations when there is the slightest problem, why do you cry to the president of the republic instead of asking questions to the Quran? When a Salafist or jihadist takes up arms against his brother in the name of Islam, does Allah approve that? And when a Shia slaughters a Sunni in the name of Allah, does Allah approve that? When a Muslim beheads another Muslim in the name of the Quran, should there no longer come a prophet on behalf of Allah? Is Allah pleased with that? When your presidents, kings, imams, rabbis and pastors die, you replace them, but why shouldn't God, who is alive, send a rassul in replacement of his dead prophets? Neither God nor Mahomet said that there will no more be prophets. You were the ones who made them say that. [Kc.131v22-23]

40 Yourworks are satanic, that is why you do not want a prophet anymore. You lie with women from behind in animals’ position. Your religions are rotten, full of homosexuals and corrupt men, stinking sin. Your computers and mobile phones are full of impure videos and images of sex, that is why you do not want a prophet. Reject me but you will all burn in hell. In reality, it is not for God but for your religious interests and convictions that you fight me, you will all go to hell with your pastors, sadhus, imams, rabbis and your supporters. But the children of God amongst you will drop their reasonings and come to me for eternal life.

41 O God, since Adam, You raised up prophets and the world is not over yet, but whence does it come that You will no longer send prophets? Elijah did not die, but you raised up Elisha after Elijah. We didn't see Moses' tomb, but you raised up Joshua after Moses. But whence does it come that You will no longer send a prophet while the world continues? Why did You say that the nations will know Jehovah if You do not give them the ability to recognize a prophet? You, inhabitants of the earth, because you reject me, you say stupid words that ridicule you such as: "A prophet does not die, all the prophets are alive".Oh, really?! So, all the prophets are alive and amongst them, each of you has chosen to obey one and disobey all the others? And so, Moses is alive and the Christians refuse to observe his Sabbath? So, Jesus of Nazareth is alive in Israel and Palestinian Muslims are firing rockets that could hurt him?

42 You have chosen the way of religions and holy books to go to hell, but I move forward with the children of God. In 2004, an imam came to see me. That is the only time I saw him. He claimed to have seen a great prophet in a dream and that prophet was called Fitilah and when that prophet turned around, it was me. This imam had come to see me dressed in white with his rosary and the whole appearance of a pious imam. But before he followed me, he wanted me to become a Muslim. Oh, really?! Does a doctor have to become a leper before he treats lepers? When God sends a prophet on the earth, should this prophet become a Buddhist before Buddhists believe in him? Does this prophet have to become a Christian before Christians follow him? Does this prophet have to become a Hindu before all Hindus follow him? And everything this prophet does must be in conformity with the Torah, the Bible, the Quran, the Bhagavad Gita andwith all the holy books of the religionsof the earth? Shouldn’t this prophet stand on behalf of God and condemn all the systems of the earth for the Salvation of the children of God? Are your religions superior to the Word of God? And you Muslim, so if heaven doesn't look like Mecca, you won't enter it? So, the words of a prophet must be in conformity with the Torah, the Bible, the Quran and the Veda, otherwise he is a false prophet? You are demons and you will all go to hell with your religions and holy books. I am speaking by a divine mandate transmitted by an angel on April 24, 1993. Reject me and be pious, be good and kind, be in the truth, be full of love and peace, help the poor but you will all go to hell with that but those who are destined for eternal life among you will come to me.

43 In 2017, a Salafist from Tizi Ouzou in Algeria wrote me and said: "If you don't want to die, convert to Islam"but Toufik, an Algerian Arab like him is my tireless disciple since 2011. Iran grinds its teeth against me but Farshid, an Iranian, is my disciple. Imams, ulama, sheikhs, ayatollahs hate me but Imam Mohammed Sana stopped leading your prayers in the mosque to become my disciple. And Amadou Woury and many pious Muslims have become my disciples. They did not leave Islam to become Christians but they believed in me, the living prophet of their time, just as before them, from generation to generation, the children of God believed in the living prophet of their time for eternal life. They took time to listen to me despite their occupations because it is a question of Salvation. They know that one day, they will die and they will go in judgment before God.

44 That Algerian Salafist said: "My prophet is Muhammad, it is not you!".I told him: Alright, but Muhammad did not reveal to you that cigarette will lead you to hell. Muhammad did not reveal to you that the black Muslims that you were selling in Libya have in them the same blood of Ishmael that flows in you. Because you have rejected me, you do not know who the Muslims of Senegal, Nigeria, Sudan and of the entire black Africa and India are. But I tell you that it was Hagar, an Egyptian woman who gave birth to Ishmael and Ishmael stayed in Egypt and married an Egyptian woman. And there was a posterity of Ishmael in Egypt and a part of this posterity spread to Arabia and from this posterity in Arabia came Mahomet. Thus, the descendants of Ishmael who remained in Egypt became part of the black race, the Ishmaelites or black Arabs. AndIslam reached them here in Africa. God said of Ishmael that he would be a wild-ass because he would live far from the valley of the prophets. And every man who rejects the living prophet of his time is a wild-ass.

45 All of you inhabitants of the earth, in the name of the Almighty God, I beg you to lift up your head. In regard to Salvation, God who is just did not favour one people over another people. God did not favour the Jew over the Arab or the Hindu over the Christian. You the Arab, the religion of your birth family could have been Hinduism. You the Christian, the religion of your birth family could have been Islam. You the Hindu, the religion of your birth family could have been Christianity. Whether Moses, Jesus, Mahomet, Krishna or Buddha is a messenger of God or not; whether theTorah, the Bible, the Quran, the Veda is a book that came down from heaven or not, that is not important for you who are alive today. The will of God for your salvation is not what your family or everyone else does around you, but it is what the living prophet of your time tells you. You were born alone and be aware that one day, you will die alone and also, you will go to judgment before God alone. Neither your father nor an imam, or anyone else will answer for you. But God who is just will send a prophet in your lifetime, to show you the way to heaven, just as before you, He also sent prophets to show the way to heaven to generations before you.

46 In 1993, I saw the paradise of God and his prophets covered with a white cloud but the paradises of the religions and holy books do not exist anywhere. And Salvation can never be obtained through debates or discussions or through the practice of an old religion of one’s parents but Salvation is to recognize the living prophet of your time and it is this prophet who will tell you what you must do to be saved, just as before you, people like you received prophets in their time and were saved. After reading or listening to me, you have two choices before you: either you die in Islam, Hinduism, Buddhism, Christianity or Judaism and go to hell, or you follow the living prophet of your time to go to heaven and I am this prophet, I that speak to you. Similar chapters: Kc.119, Kc.122, Kc.123, Kc.124, Kc.131 and Kc.135.

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