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Letter that Prophet Kacou Philippe wrote from his home in Katadji on August 4, 2019

1 Letter that I, Prophet Kacou Philippe, prisoner until May 20, 2021 because of the Gospel of Christ, I have addressed from my house on Sunday morning, August 4, 2019, to all the inhabitants of Latin America.

2 All of you, men and women, small and great, of Latin America, listen to me till the end and draw your own conclusion of my Message because this is the greatest decision of your life on earth. And even when you are no longer on the earth, this decision will follow you to the grave, to the last judgment before God and into eternity.

3 In virtue of the mandate and the commission of the Angel of April 24, 1993 and of the words that I received from the Lamb, I have been sent to the earth as Salvation and the Way of eternal life. Since 2002, I speak on behalf of God so that whoever believes in me and follows me may have eternal life. And already in 23 languages, this Message coming from God through me reaches every inhabitant of the earth. My mission is to say faithfully what I have received from God and to ensure that before my death, all mankind hears that Salvation today is only my Message as it was for each prophet in his time. All the rest are imitators who came after me with counterfeits and plagiarism of my Message.

4 I am happy that I stood firm in the different places where I was dragged by the police and courts with handcuffs because of my Message as I reported in several sermons. I have fulfilled the vision. I have brought Muslims, even those of the Arab countries, Buddhists and Hindus to me. I have brought whites, blacks and men of all races and languages of the earth to me as I saw it in the first vision of 1993. My only regret is that God did not give me the opportunity to drive Joseph Branham, Ewald Frank and all the Branhamist pastors out of their priesthood. [Kc.136v34]

5 After Israel, Europe was the land that received God. And God gave Europe kingship and dominion over all the inhabitants of the earth. But in the land of America, their great evil was the production of great seducers like Billy Graham, Oral Robert, Tommy Osborn, Rick Warren, Pat Robertson, Joel Osteen, Kenneth Copeland and Benny Hinn under the sponsorship of William Branham to corrupt the earth; seducers and magicians reciters of Bible verses. And after the United States in the evening time, God should visit Latin America before midnight according to Mark 13:35 but God came to Black Africa because the sinister Edir Macedo and his "universal church of the kingdom of God" would do much harm to the earth under the cheering of Latin America. But the lightning had to go back to America and come back to Africa, then go to the Maghreb and finally to Asia. But, also, what about the descendants of the black people deported to America?

6 48% of Brazil’s population is black, but out of the fourteen assemblies of the midnight Cry in Brazil, there are no more than twenty blacks. In the five assemblies of the midnight Cry in Mexico, there is no black. And a black African in America can ask me if it is a white man that I will send to baptize him and when I answer that it is a black man, he no longer calls me. There is racism within the same race and blacks are more racist than whites, but when the culprit is the victim, the best trial of men is to prove the culprit right.

7 What black Africans expect from God is that He sends them some Simon Kimbangu who will walk before them against their devil who is the white man. Some blacks even pray against me in their churches, but I am a prophet who has come from God to the earth for the Salvation of blacks and whites. And that's what William Branham, that great prophet from God, missed. Latin America and Black Africa also wanted to benefit from his healing gift, but he did not want to lose the favour of the Full Gospel businessmen, many of whom were racists like the Mormons and Jehovah's witnesses.

8 And like an Egyptian priest, William Branham liked the company of Billy Graham, Oral Robert, Tommy Osborn and all those magicians of Egypt whom Elijah could have slaughtered in 1 Kings 18. And when he came to South Africa, it was because of the white community in South Africa, the lost sheep of the house of Europe. And it was right in the middle of the apartheid, but he never dared to condemn the apartheid or even mention it.

9 William Branham remained silent in the face of racism, racial segregation and apartheid. And once, the members of the Ku Klux Klan had paid his hospital bills. It is as if a gay committee was paying for my hospital bills. For the Ku Klux Klan, blacks are direct descendants of Eve's adultery with the serpent in Eden and must be driven out of America. And William Branham's pastor was the very sinister Roy Davis, former chief and spokesman of the Ku Klux Klan, and from 1925 to 1931, he was Roy Davis' associate pastor.

10 Yet, on this land of America, it is a prophet who should gather whites and blacks under his great wings. It is a prophet who should gather, under his great wings, the sons of the Sitting Bull and Geronimo and the sons of Abraham Lincoln, even if this prophet had to find himself alone against all. Only one God created us all, but it is Satan who divided us with riches, religions and racism. One day, a black African was bleeding from his nose in the street in an Arab country and he asked for directions to the hospital. And an Arab who was there showed him the way to the hospital and, when he arrived at the place indicated, it was the cemetery for foreigners. And it was the cemetery keeper who gave him the right directions to the hospital. But a prophet is the father who can bring this racist Arab and this black African together. And one day, God had to send a black prophet to all mankind and whites had to believe in him for racists to be condemned in the last judgment. And that's what William Branham missed. But why didn't God visit Latin America after William Branham?

11 According to Mark 13:35, after evening comes the night, but what about the immense Latin America which is the true evening time according to Mark 13:35? The United States is overseas England, they are Europeans and William Branham was Irish. The United States, it’s between noon time and the evening time. The United States and Latin America, it is like South Africa with two peoples. Twice, I was led to observe the trajectory of the Nile, the Amazon and the Euphrates but I didn't understand. And I was about to say: "Lord, I don't understand" when I saw several dots in spirit and a light crossed the dots not in a straight line but in a spinning motion. I took the map of Europe and I marked out all the great prophet messengers that God sent to Europe such as Wyclif, Jean Huss, Luther, Zwingli, Calvin, ... up to William Branham in the United States; about twenty major prophets because they had Messages. And then I linked them up starting from Israel according to their dates of prophecy and it was progressing in a kind of spiral in a spinning motion and I stood up and shouted: Alleluia!

12 The mystery is that the lightning of Matthew 24:27 is moving forward in a spinning motion like whirlwind. The earth revolves around the sun, tilting and spinning around itself. The whole universe is in motion and this produces many phenomena such as eclipses. Some occur every 40 years or 700 years or 2000 years. All this is the word of God. And it is in the name of this law that it is possible that after the United States, God can raise up a prophet in Black Africa and then a prophet in Latin America. It is like the trajectory of a whirlwind or the trajectory of the pillar of fire. These are the phenomena of the movement of God's Spirit in the immense plan of Salvation starting from the East.

13 The mouth of God is a living prophet, but the sons of the devil do not need a prophet. They prefer magicians and politicians like Billy Graham, Guillermo Maldonado, Edir Macedo, Luis Palau and Alberto Mottesi to lead them to hell. They do not know that a Bible preaching is a history course. They do not know that a miracle that leads you to the Bible or to a religion or a dead prophet is a magic of Satan. But in this confusion, there is a posterity in Latin America that loves God.

14 The United States is becoming as cold as Europe. And great preachers like Billy Graham, Oral Robert and Tommy Osborn, it is in Latin America that they must be looked for today. Latin America is currently in the situation in which a region of the world is when God is going to raise up a prophet there. These satanic events always precede the coming of true prophets of God as the prophet Elijah saw it in 1 Kings 19:11-13. Powerful winds of anointing, earthquakes and fires of holy spirits with the sons of the devil and then God comes with a gentle voice, a prophetic Message.

15 The midnight Cry progresses and will progress everywhere, but this progression of the midnight Cry in Latin America is a special grace of God. When God visits Latin America, it will be through a son of Latin America and all the sons of God on the whole face of the earth will come to him before his death. In John 4, God's posterity among the Samaritans rejoiced in the Light that had been sent to the Jews only. I am not the prophet sent to Latin Americans as the Lord Jesus Christ was not the prophet sent to the Samaritans, but today all the sons of God on the earth must rejoice in my Light.

16 I started preaching on July 8, 2002 and in 2012, Brazil was the first country in America to receive my Message from a Branhamist pastor named André Lima. He started preaching in the streets of Brazil with the old preacher Manoel Santana. And there were several great preachers such as Evangelists Luiz Alberto, Clóvis Alves, Wellington Oliveira, Pastors Luiz Carlos, Ricardo Moura, Tiago Da Silva, Deutamar Costa, Maurizan Alves and Cleber Santos.

17 Apostle André Lima travelled several times to do baptisms in almost the whole Latin America. Uruguay, Paraguay, Peru, Chile, Argentina, Mexico, Honduras and Ecuador. After Brazil, Colombia received the Message and there were great preachers such as Franco Reyes, Oscar Moreno, Gerardo Bastidas and several other preachers. The Message reached the countries of Latin America more quickly than Africa.

18 There is not a place in the world where there will not be a believer of the midnight Cry. They will come until, the day of my death, the gate of heaven for this generation is closed, because one cannot be saved in the lot of a prophet after the death of that prophet. And great female servants of God have been noticed. In Honduras, it was first a white woman named Waldina Rosales who believed in me and testified around her and then called Apostle André Lima for their baptism. In Paraguay, it was also a white woman named Rosa Riveros who first believed in me and testified around her and who invited Apostle André Lima for the first baptisms.

19 In Brazil, there are many people who fight for the progression of the Message such as Preacher Luiz Carlos and also brave female servants of God such as Renata Rodrigues, Eliana Leite, Neilde Santana, Deusneve Rocha and Andrea Maria. In Argentina with Sister Daiana Callapa, the bride of Pastor Gabriel Callapa. Then four churches believed in Mexico in 2017 with their pastors and there too, there have been pious women who love God like Sandra Mena, Maribel de Sanabia, Eunice May and Lilia Estrella, like Sisters Sophia and Eshwari of India. All these people are white people.

20 On the one hand, the midnight Cry is the victory over racism. When I was about to baptize Domingo, he told me: "Prophet, I have one last confession, I ask God and you for forgiveness because I don't like blacks and I can't accept that a black man is my prophet". On the other hand, the midnight Cry is the entry of the black African into the mind of the white man who even respects animals. We blacks, the midnight Cry has open a door so that we may be in contact with whites to become aware that animals will also go to heaven.

21 One night, a white Sister called me saying, "Prophet, pray for my dog, he is not well. The veterinarian says that there is no hope but I have faith, I believe that God can answer your prayer." Another day, a woman calls me and asks me to pray for their cow that refuses to eat. I asked why the cow doesn't want to eat. And she replied to me, "She is with new owners and she's not happy." On another occasion, I was informed that a Brother who did not feed his dog was sent out of the Church. And yet, a black African can throw a stone at a passing dog which has not done anything wrong to him. God has allowed my Message to reach the whites so that we blacks, we would become aware of these things because the animals will also go to heaven.

22 And also in Latin America, I have seen prophetic faith like in Africa. Humble hearts prepared before the foundation of the world, hearts whose purpose on the earth is salvation. Many people, all white, contribute financially to the progression of the midnight Cry in Latin America. Some took bank loans, sold out their possessions or gave all their salaries so that every Latin American can hear the midnight Cry like Alain King Alomba, Richard Evoundza, Séraphine Akossiwa and Solanie Okomé in Africa. People who know that it is only through a living prophet messenger that God saves, I have found them in Latin America.

23 And like Apostles Aman Martin, Hugo Ze, Bi Djo, Yao Justin, Sosthène Essono, Idriss Francial, Daniel Ndong, Joel Kashala, Pedro Aleixo, Exavier Mutanda and Usher Belga in Africa, there rose up brave preachers in Latin America. From Colombia came preachers like Franco Reyes. From Ecuador came preachers like Holger Ponce. From Mexico came preachers like Pastor Jesus Vidal and especially Apostle Caesar Esparza, a former translator of William Branham's Message in Spanish, a humble man, a star of God. He took charge of the translation of the midnight Cry in Spanish. These are stars, prophets in the mouth of whom I have put my words like Aman Martin and Hugo Ze and many in Africa. It is him, Caesar Esparza who did the first baptisms in Arizona, Cuba and Costa Rica where Pastor Delio Masis rose up. All this while the whole world under the control of Satan is progressing slowly towards hell.

24 The inhabitants of the earth have chosen hell. A man lies down and thinks about his work, his savings, the well-being of his children and their future on earth but for Salvation, he has already chosen the path of a religion which he considers to be the path to Salvation and that relieves his conscience. He has a personal communion with a demon that he believes to be God and he is sincere, he does what is right, he does no harm to anyone. For him, God is merciful, full of love, who will save him according to what is written in the holy book of his religion. Everyone has his own conception of Salvation, without ever asking himself if a Christian who follows the Bible correctly will go to the same paradise as a Muslim who follows the Quran correctly or a Jew who follows the Torah correctly. They believe that they know God, and yet the fact of being a member of Islam, Christianity, Hinduism, Buddhism and Judaism is a sin that leads to hell.

25 And all of you with your imams, rabbis, pastors and church prophets, no matter how full of the Holy Spirit and love you are, no matter how pious and sincere you are, no matter how much you know the word of God, no matter how great your revelations are, know that you will all go to hell with that. Grow in number, feel the anointing every day, have dreams and visions, dance in spirit, do what you want but you will all go to hell. You cannot know God but with a living prophet messenger walking on the earth.

26 We cannot know God through fasts and prayers and through our piety in a religion. You cannot know God through a holy book or a rabbi, a pastor or an imam but through the living prophet messenger of your time. Judges 2 verse 8 to 10 says, "Joshua the son of Nun, the servant of Jehovah, died, a hundred and ten years old. And all that generation passed; and there arose another generation after them, which knew not Jehovah." That generation did not know Jehovah while they had the scrolls of Moses and powerful priests filled with the holy spirit taught them. And this, Christians should know it and seek God according to Hosea 12:14, which says: "By a prophet, Jehovah brought Israel out of Egypt, and by a prophet was Israel preserved".

27 If it is a king who comes after a king and a president after a president, if it is an imam who comes after an imam, if it is a pastor who comes after a pastor and a rabbi after a rabbi then it is a prophet with a Message who will always come after the death of a prophet messenger. God has never sent a rabbi, a pastor or an imam on the earth.

28 The earth is thousands of years old and hundreds of generations and civilizations have followed one another on the earth. There were very powerful men on the earth. The Creator has given everyone a lifetime on the earth. And all those are dead, and are awaiting the resurrection of the dead to go and give an account to God of what they did with their lives on the earth. And today, you and me, it's our turn. We were born alone and one after the other, our portion will end on this same old earth. Our parents, companions and all those around us will accompany us and leave us at the edge of the grave and what comes after will be between the God of judgment and us. The days, months and years come and go and we walk towards this great judge before whom we will give an account of our days on the earth.

29 Before our birth, Satan had already designed the mesh that would lead us to hell. And when we were born, it was like in the truck of hell driven by Satan. It was like babies of slaves in slave ships heading to the United States and the day when we reach the other shore is the day of our death. There is the compartment of Islam, the compartment of Christianity, the compartment of Hinduism, the compartment of Buddhism with one part of mankind enchained in the satanic concepts of the karmas, the compartment of Judaism and the compartment of atheists. And all of these compartments are under the control of Satan like prisons and religious leaders are the jailers.

30 The seasons, the climates, the temperatures, everything is under the total control of Satan. Our thoughts and reasoning during the day, our dreams and night dreams and the whole atmosphere that you see are under the total control of Satan. Here, pantheism, realism, liberalism and positivism are preached as the word of God in churches, temples, mosques and synagogues and people shout: Amen. There, liberalism, communism and socialism mixed up with verses from the Torah, the Bible and the Quran are preached and people shout: Amen. Shamans and mediums are called prophets and the magic of Egypt is called miracles of God. 31 I stood there one morning and I looked at all the traffic jams and rush of men going to school, work and business. I looked at all these pious religions on the earth and said: What is the place of God in all this? Nothing. For thousands of years, men have been tiring themselves out, relentlessly, and each of them will die without God while waiting for the last judgment. And like the patient who goes to the doctor for his body, I have seen men and women seek God for their health, wealth and greatness on the earth instead of Salvation. In hospitals, men and women fight with death with all their strength and yet when they leave the hospital, it is not to seek Salvation but to continue with their same life or to be atheists or members of their same religion to go to hell.

32 Three months after my birth, my mother made me sit down, at seven months old, I was placed in a position to move on all fours. At nine months old, I was standing up to walk. However, all this was not for me to walk quickly in search of God for Salvation after my death. And at the age of seven, I was enrolled in school, but it was for me to be able to read so I could search the Torah, the Bible, the Quran, the Bhagavad Gita and other holy books to find Salvation after my death. They never told me to seek God but it was their religion that I had to accept. But how would it be if I was born into another religion?

33 At school, all teachers taught me how to get diplomas to earn a living on the earth but never what I have to do to be saved. I didn't even believe there was God somewhere until the vision came on April 24, 1993. But also, since my childhood, I had never drunk wine or alcohol, I had never touched a woman or smoked cigarettes. Anything I think to be wrong, I don’t do it. 34 Like one day Moses, a Jewish baby had to go and fetch the torch of the prophets from the house of Pharaoh, the place where Joseph had left it 400 years earlier; I too, in 1993, after the vision, I went and fetched the same torch of the prophets from where William Branham had left it. That’s the way the Gospel of the nations came out of Israel through a Jew named Paul because he should take the fire from the Altar which is in Jerusalem. But after the United States, why didn’t God give this torch to Latin America before Africa? This was a mystery to me since 1993. [Kc.122v1] [Kc.123v13]

35 Latin America is a whole continent with its islands and William Branham did not preach to Latin America. This torch of the revelation was passed on to people like Polycarp, Irenaeus,... up to William Branham and then to me. And when I came out of the vision, I came to know that all mankind was in Satan's ship since the foundation of the world so much so that in it, man is like a mentally ill person in Satan's hands. And serving God like the prophets is to attract to yourself all the rage of Satan. And since 2016, I am a lamb tied up. I am like Kunta Kinte with his foot cut off. I am a prisoner on probation, I am forbidden to preach the gospel and travel outside my village or I will go back to prison.

36 And on April 24, 1993, the whole kingdom of the Heavens had come down on the earth, and I was taken in a constellation in the vision and the Lamb spoke to me as a man speaks to a man and as I moved forward, the great trees of the earth bent until their foliage touched the ground and in the vision, men of all races and nations of the earth came to me and said: "We have not seen the Angel and the Lamb and we have not heard the words that the Lamb pronounced, but we entirely believe it." [Kc.130v22]

37 That April 24 in the vision, that angel with the sword was God himself. That angel whose face I could not look at was God himself. I saw God face to face and my life got transformed so that I may be the Salvation of mankind today. And holy angels appeared to me as clouds carrying the commission to pronounce judgment on the inhabitants of the earth. And I was told that a time would come when men of all nations, and races and languages of the earth wouldcome to me to have eternal life. God being the God of all the inhabitants of the earth, when a prophet comes to the earth, all the sons of God will come to him from all the races and languages and nations of the earth before his death for their Salvation. [Kc.1v5]

38 How can I, a man born under a heavenly sign with angels singing and supernatural apparitions reported in a newspaper, I speak and men who have never had a vision of God in their lives argue with me? Satan has acted so much on the human nature that men prefer the words of a man to whom they listen in their temples, churches, mosques and synagogues than what I, their prophet, I tell them from God in virtue of the vision of 24 April 1993 for their Salvation.

39 The sons of men look at my beard and say, "Oh, has he become a Muslim now? They look at me and say, "Who is this strange man who never comes to our funerals, our celebrations and gatherings?" They say that because they and their fathers have never known a prophet. And because this doesn't correspond to what they imagine a prophet to be. As a prophet, what would I go to a gathering of pagans for?

40 In the days of Moses in the desert, God brought from heaven manna, angels’ food, and the Jews considered it as miserable food and they wanted the cucumbers, melons and leeks of Egypt. That is how I, Kacou Philippe, I speak and you prefer the poisons of your religions that will lead you to hell. It is anchored in every human being, but when God created man, it was not like that.

41 Notice that an Arab or a Jew will prefer food that has been consumed from his ancestors up to him over food that has come down from heaven. A Chinese or an Indian or an African will prefer food that has been consumed from his ancestors up to him over Arab food or food from heaven. It is his whole body, his mind, his soul and his spirit that desire it, that is in his body and in his blood and in everything he eats and yet that is to lead him to hell. And what I, Prophet Kacou Philippe, I say, his body, his mind, his soul and his spirit reject it. When he listens or reads ProphetKacou Philippe, he has allergies and yet it is the medicine that will save him.

42 Satan has reconditioned all of mankind. Satan has so crafted the world that there is such a German word that a Frenchman does not have the ability to pronounce. There is such a word in an African language that another African does not have the ability to pronounce. Such a Chinese word that an Arab does not have the ability to pronounce, yet only one God created us. And Satan has changed the mentality of men so much so that evil is called good and good is called evil.

43 A pious Muslim with his cigarette will want me to agree with Mahomet that a time will come when the sun will rise every morning in the West and set in the evening in the East, Sura Al-An'am. A pious Hinduist will believe that I am the great Saddhu who has come to lead all mankind to the universal energy of Brahman. For a Christian, my Message and everything I do must be biblical. An atheist will want me to say that God does not exist. Maybe you didn't know that Islam, Christianity, Hinduism, Buddhism and Judaism are satanic religions but after listening to me, if you keep going to your church, temple, mosque or synagogue, know that you have chosen to go to hell.

44 At the end of time, we will all rise from the dead. Every son of God will come to the last judgment in the lot of the prophet messenger that God sent in his time when he was alive on the earth. If you are to be saved then during your lifetime, God will send a prophet messenger to the earth for you to believe in this prophet before your death. That's what will count for you at the judgment. Mahomet has never been the prophet of Muslims who are alive today as Jesus of Nazareth has never been the prophet of the Christians who are alive today. All your religious leaders are liars and liars will go to hell.

45 Over these last seventeen years, I have spoken about 140 times in virtue of the mandate and the commission of the Angel and the words that the Lamb told me on April 24, 1993. And all over the world, the humble of heart, who care about salvation, have read and listened to me, but racists and proud people have rejected me and confided in holy religions, booklets and books. Yet, one believes in a prophet when this prophet is alive on the earth.

46 Adam was the prophet of his time. Enoch was the prophet of his time. Moses was the prophet of Aaron and Miriam. Jeremiah was the prophet of Baruch, the son of Nerijah. John the Baptist was the prophet of Apollos. The Lord Jesus Christ was the prophet of Peter and Mary Magdalene. The Lord Jesus had twelve apostles and seventy disciples, they were all Jews walking and talking with him. Whoever claims to be a disciple of Jesus Christ today is a liar.

47 And after the Lord Jesus Christ, Paul was the prophet of Titus and Timothy. John Wyclif was the prophet of Nicolas Hereford. John Huss was the prophet of Jerome of Prague. Luther was the prophet of Melanchthon. John Wesley was the prophet of George Whitefield. William Branham was the prophet of Perry Green and Hattie Wright. And today, I am your prophet even if you don't believe in me. The living prophet is the test for eternal life for those with whom he has lived. When a prophet is dead, his Message becomes obsolete and worthless for Salvation but a source of riches and glory for some sons of the devil who use it to colonize their brothers and lead them to hell.

48 If someone tells you about God and after all this, it is to lead you to a religion or to an old book called Torah, Bible or Quran then this man is Satan. If someone tells you about God saying that there must be a life after death or there must be an intelligence behind the creation and that after all this, it is to make you a member of Islam, Christianity, Buddhism, Hinduism or Judaism, know that this man is Satan. If you have become aware that there must be a life after death and after that you go and join a religion, then you are a demon destined for hell.

49 God is the Creator of every man and He has put faculties in every man to save him and not to make him a member of a religion. Even if you were born in the forest, poverty and misery will not prevent you from finding Salvation before your death. If you were born in a royal palace, luxury and wealth will not prevent you from finding God before your death. The sufferings of life and the religion of your birth family will not prevent you from finding God before your death.

50 If you are destined for eternal life, one day you will hear the words of your Creator through the prophet whom He will send to you, and the opposition and rejection and persecution of your family will not overcome you. You will take conscience and you will change your life. You will travel miles like the Magi for your Salvation. Even if you were born in a very distant land in the midst of a Muslim, Christian, Buddhist, Hinduist or Jewish family, you will not die in these satanic religions but you will seek God everywhere and every day of your life and you will find Him through the living prophet of your time before your death.

51 I, Kacou Philippe, I did not die on the cross for you, but I am the ambassador and the mediator between God and you today, I am the spokesman of God today, I have the keys of Heaven and while I am alive on the earth, no one can be saved unless by me. An ambassador is not a spirit or a corpse but a living person. My words are the only living words of God for your Salvation today. The prophets are Gods in human flesh, that is why their words are the word of God. And you must find the living prophet of your time before your death and he will make you know God. [Kc.95v1] [Kc.136v37]

52 You say that I am not the voice of Matthew 25:6. But by which virtue and by which mandate do you say that? If the Bible said that the kingdom of Heaven would be like one hundred and twenty princes sitting in an A levels exam room for the entry to the paradise and one of them can barely write his name while the others are highly educated and I came to tell you that this poor and uneducated prince is me, you would say that it is a lie and yet it is the truth. That is the mystery of the third vision of 1993.

53 How will imams, pastors, sadhus and rabbis who are divided on the earth with different religions and holy books go to the same paradise and you don’t ask yourselves questions over that? How will your imams, pastors, sadhus and rabbis go to the same paradise with you, while here on the earth, you are divided? Reject me and live in kindness and holiness, be filled with your holy spirits, have a personal relationship with your gods but you will join Bob Marley and Michael Jackson in hell. Like the magicians of Pharaoh, all the diseases that I have healed through prayer, you have healed them too, and you brag about making great miracles but you will all go to hell with those who follow you.

54 Believe your holy books, put them into practice from one end to the other, meditate and pray day and night but know that you will join Billy Graham and Tommy Osborn in hell. You say to me: "Why is it you alone who is sent from God while the world existed before you?". But when I ask you, which other prophet is there on earth today apart from me? You do not answer. You will all go to hell in the same compartment as gays and lesbians like in the time of Noah when your fathers, imams, rabbis and pious pastors filled with the holy spirit were rolling in the same gutters as the prostitutes of Hollywood.

55 And if I explained to a Hindu that the Creator sent me to save him, this Hindu will not have the ability to understand me because he is enchained in the satanic concepts of karmas and reincarnations. He will want me to tell him that I am a great Sadhu or the reincarnation of Krishna who has come to lead all mankind into the complete revelation of Hinduism. The Buddhist will believe that I am the final reincarnation of Buddha who has come from Shiva to lead all mankind into the supreme dimension of Nirvana. The Muslim will ask me if I am the great Mahdi, the great star that will lead all mankind to Islam so that the crescent moon becomes full moon. The same goes for Christians and Jews.

56 But you, the Muslim, with your hostile behaviour towards me without trying to understand me, how could have you become a Muslim if you were born in India, in a Hindu family or to a pastor father? And you, the Christian, how would have you become a Christian if you were born in Saudi Arabia to an imam father? God did not favour the Muslim over the Hindu, or the Buddhist over the Christian, or the Jew over the atheist. God who is just did not favour one over the other. [Kc.136v45]

57 Like millions of man's seeds, God put us all in a woman who is the earth and we must migrate to a single egg which is the living prophet of our time and our families and our religions and our holy books and the difficulties of life are only obstacles to our Salvation. If there is no living prophet messenger, we will all die.

58 This Lamb who came down to me on April 24, 1993 with the Angel and who spoke to me is the same Lamb in the book of Revelation. Before the foundation of the world, in the mind of God, they had come down to me and I had exercised this ministry of Matthew 25:6 and the elect had believed in me. And like Abel, God had approved me as I saw it in the first vision of 1993.

59 When Abel offered his offering, he knew that God would accept it. Abel had already seen that in a vision. God had shown him in a vision that he had to burn the fat of the firstborn of his flock on an altar. It was not the fruit of his imagination. The very religious Cain did not know if God would accept his offering or not, but Abel by a vision knew it. And this is the revelation of the mystery of the third vision that I had in 1993. Abel's whole concern was to know whether the vision of the fat offering that he had came from God. And my whole concern is to know whether the three major visions that I had in 1993 come from God. [Kc.23v20-22]

60 I who speak to you, out of the four grades that I did after primary school, I repeated two and I got expelled and I pushed the wheelbarrow on construction sites, serving cement to bricklayers. And in the third vision of 1993, behold, I was sitting in an A levels exam room and the examiner was distributing the test papers. I said, "What am I doing here? I don't have a good school level and what am I going to write?". Now, do you think that even if I am illiterate, I will fail this A levels exam? No, never. And do you know who the ones who were sitting with me in the A levels exam room in the vision were? I have had the revelation this morning that they are all of your current leaders of Islam, Christianity, Hinduism, Buddhism and Judaism. And out of all of us, only one will pass this A levels exam and enter paradise with those who follow him and it is the one to whom God Himself will have revealed His will like Abel and I am the one, I that speak to you. And he that can understand, let him understand and accept it for his Salvation. Similar chapters: Kc.131, Kc.135 and Kc.136.

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