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Oracles that Prophet Kacou Philippe pronounced from his home in Katadji, on November 7, 2019

1 Oracles that I Prophet Kacou Philippe, prisoner until May 20, 2021 because of the Gospel of Christ, I pronounced from my house, on Thursday, November 7, 2019 on Buddhism, Hinduism, Taoism, Jainism and on all religions of Japan, India, China and of all Asia.

2 The kingdom of the Heavens has become like an A levels examination in which only one candidate will pass and will enter moksha or eternal paradise with all those who follow him. All the candidates are brilliant, wise and intelligent men, but one of them has a primary-school education and ignores why he is in the A levels examination room. And this man is me, Kacou Philippe, speaking to you. I said to myself in the vision: "But what am I doing here in an A levels examination room? I do not have a good school level and what am I going to write?".

3 This third vision of 1993 is a vision of first order in the plan of the eternal Salvation for our time. It is a major vision which must catch the attention of every inhabitant of the earth. How can a man be in an A levels examination room while he has a primary-school education and never took a philosophy course? And who are the other candidates who are sitting with me in this huge A Levels examination room? They are the leaders of Islam, Christianity, Judaism, Hinduism, Buddhism, Jainism, Confucianism, Taoism, Shintoism and Sikhism. And out of all of us, only one candidate will pass this A levels exam and will enter with all those who follow him into the eternal paradise that you call Nirvana.

4 The path to moksha or eternal paradise is not that of human intelligence or meditations but that of the prophetic revelation of God Himself who reveals His perfect will to who He wills. In Genesis, God asked Abel and Cain for an offering. After reflection and meditations, Cain made an offering to God according to the religions, but Abel said to God: "O God, I a man, how can I know your will unless you reveal it to me?" and then God said to him, "Abel! Because you have been wise to recognize that you are nothing without me, I will reveal to you the offering that I love." And God said to Abel: "Of all your flock, take the firstborn of your male lambs, without blemish, one year old, and burn their fat on an altar as an offering. And as the smoke of the fat rises to me in heaven, I will come down and bless you." Abel did according to the revelation and God accepted his offering.

5 You inhabitants of the earth, can a man know this offering if God does not reveal it to him? No. Never! And this is my belief. I am one who believes that God can only accept what He has revealed. Everything Moses did, it was God who revealed it to him. The construction of the ark was a revelation from God to Noah. And the Lord Jesus said: "I do nothing save whatever I see God doing first." Everything I have done and preached to this day, I have based myself on divine revelations. Branhamists say of me: "With Kacou Philippe, they are dreams and visions" and I say: Amen to that. For example: You pagans, a force can immobilize you in your sleep and you do not know what it is but I, with my own eyes, I saw this satanic force move in a house and I defeated it. And it is this force that will immobilize the dead in their graves when the prophets and those who believed in them in their time will resurrect and go up to heaven.

6 In 1993, I stood in the same place as Moses in Genesis 1:2. The earth was in darkness and it was the appearance of the Angel and the Lamb in heaven that brought Light to the earth and I went and stood with them on the waters. And we formed a constellation above the waters. And one morning, I was invisible to men. I was a transparent cloud similar to the mirage which is above fire or the ground when the sun is scorching. I was the angel of judgment. And I could see people and I could hear them and I moved without a body in the sky but nobody saw me because I was invisible. God was showing me that I am a prophet, a rishi and that one day, when I leave the earth, I will return to this divine position with those who have believed in me and who have received purification through my Message, which I received from the Angel and the Lamb on April 24, 1993. [Kc.130v2] [Kc.136v5]

7 Purification is the bath in the Message of a living prophet who is a kalkî from God to lead mankind to the final liberation. And the Angel and the Lamb who came from the presence of God gave me this Message destined for all the inhabitants of the earth so that whoever believes this Message may return with me to moksha or eternal paradise. For me, everything about divinity must be based on dreams and visions. If I am asked how the Egyptians built pyramids with 200-ton rocks, as long as I have not seen the Egyptians building the pyramids, I will not say anything. This should not be the subject of debate and meditation. A Brahmin or a sâdhu who has never had a vision in broad daylight with his eyes open is a liar. I revealed how the black race appeared on the earth and no one can prove it wrong because it is a divine revelation.

8 I saw the origin of the black race just as Moses saw the unfolding of the creation of the world. My ethnic group is the consequence of the confusion of languages in Babel. The pains of childbirth are the consequence of Eve's curse. And the black race on the whole earth is the consequence of the devotion of Egyptians to the gods that you worship and venerate today in Asia. The Dravidian blacks that you see in Asia are Egyptians who ran away from Arabs through Ethiopia after the curse of Ham. They have smooth hair like when they were whites in Egypt.

9 The blacks of Asia are Egyptians. And in India, they re-established their reigns and worships as in Egypt until the Persians arrived. A caste system which reduced blacks to the level of slaves was established, as the Lord God had decreed it in Heaven, saying: "You Ham, your black posterity shall be the slave of the slaves of their brothers, the whites". In the history of mankind, I have seen two remarkable men: Abraham, h-a-m, the father of whites and Ham, h-a-m, the father of blacks.

10 Africa is the cradle of the black race. When they arrived in India, didn't the blacks found Dwarka after the name of the city of Osiris in Egypt? The blacks of Asia already knew hieroglyphs. Before the arrival of Hinduism, they were already worshipping Shiva, venerating cows in memory of the goddess Hathor of Egypt. Cow worship occupied one of the first places in Egypt, which is why it was the first thing the Jews did after crossing the Red Sea. Hindu and Buddhist gods and goddesses have animal heads and snakes for ornaments like in Egypt. And the first Hindus did not burn the dead but they buried them and believed in the immortality of the soul after death. The belief in reincarnation came later.

11 Before Vedism, India was only populated by blacks fleeing the Arabs after Ham's curse. Ritual baths in the waters of the Nile in Egypt were the baths in the Ganges in India. Later, the whites from Persia, the current Iran invaded India like the English invaded North America and those Persians brought Vedism, a modern form of the same Egyptian paganism that was already there, and then from Vedism came forth Brahmanism which ended in Hinduism. Just like the Europeans bringing Christianity to Africa. It was first Catholicism, which is a modern form of the Roman paganism from which Protestantism will emerge, then the evangelical movements and finally Branhamism, it is the same Roman paganism changing aspects.

12 And Hinduism is the fourth phase of the same Egyptian polytheism. Hinduism comes from Egypt just as Christianity comes from Judaism, enriched by the Roman paganism. Vedism is a metamorphosis of Egyptian polytheism like the caterpillar and the grasshopper. Brahmanism is an evolution of Vedism; then Hinduism is an evolution of Brahmanism. Hinduism is Vedism enriched with Buddhism and Jainism. And Hinduism and Buddhism are two sides of the same coin like Judaism and Christianity. And Christianity and Hinduism are the same Satan day and night. Christians have a supreme god who is Yahweh manifested in three attributes: father, son and holy spirit and his messiah who is Jesus of Nazareth and Hinduism has a supreme god who is Brahman, Satan himself, manifested in three attributes: Brahmâ, Vishnu and Shiva and his incarnation which is Krishna.

13 In ancient Egypt, apart from the popular gods, each house had statuettes, altars, images that it worshipped and venerated. And the same gods of Egypt are found in Buddhism, Hinduism and Jainism under other names or beliefs. For example, Seth, the Egyptian god of lightning, is called Indra in Vedism. Amon and Osiris become Vishnu who is Krishna, then Buddha. Look at their attributes. Look at the Kumbh Mela and the popular ritual baths in the Nile in Egypt. Look at the blue color of Krishna and Osiris; look at the processions in the streets, more impure than homosexual parades, with old sâdhus showing their nudity to little children like in Egypt. And those old sâdhus, these old narakis, drug smokers, to which nirvana or paradise will they go?

14 In the past, the strongest always imposed his religion on the weakest. Europe imposed Christianity on its colonies. The Arabs imposed Islam on their colonies. And when Persia, which is Iran, became Buddhist, it imposed Buddhism on India. And later, when it became Muslim, it imposed Islam on India. Is this how God makes himself known to his creation? No! But God sends a rishi or an angel from his presence and this angel comes and influences a man on the earth for the salvation of the living of his time. The living God is not in a religion and He does not send a religion on the earth. I am a prophet, a rishi and when I leave the earth, God will send another prophet messenger on the earth. And it is by bathing in the Message of this prophet that the generation of this prophet will be saved.

15 Islam, Christianity, Judaism, Hinduism, Buddhism, Jainism, Confucianism, Shintoism, Taoism and Sikhism are different faces of the same Satan. All religions are different aspects of the same Satan. They serve the same Satan but they fight each other. For example: in 1527, Muslims destroyed the biggest Hindu temple in Ayodhya in the state of Uttar Pradesh in India and built a big mosque in its place like the Al'Aqsa mosque that they built in the place of the temple of Solomon in Jerusalem. And in 1992, the Hindus destroyed the aforementioned mosque, killing thousands of people and will rebuild the world's biggest Hindu temple in its place. To which paradise will you go with this?

16 You have many versions of the creation of the world like the Egyptians, Greeks and Babylonians and to which paradise you will go with that? You have contradictory legends, emperor gods, traditions which have turned into religions, such god and goddess have sexual relationships and give birth to such gods, such goddess committing adultery, and such goddess killing such god, goddess Kali dancing on the body of the god Shiva, goddess Isis breastfeeding her son Horus, whom she had with Osiris. And to which paradise or Nirvana will you go with these lies? And what is the interpretation of these legends on the earth? It is in India that you follow the will of the gods but how many are the enlightened who have already removed their bad karmas and who have already acquired divine bodies? None! They are all in the eternal hell of Naraka.

17 Reincarnation is a lie of Satan. Look at the stars, I said that every chosen one is born under a star and there are as many elect as there are stars, and yet from the foundation of the world to this day, there are many more elect than stars in the sky. How is that possible? Stars shine and then disappear and reappear under other aspects. And it was the reappearance of Sirius that marked the beginning of the year in ancient Egypt. It is from this cycle that the satanic lie of reincarnation comes. The idea of reincarnation is a gift of Satan to every human being on the earth and if you know God, you must reject that. In 1993, two angels came and spoke to me near my father's house and went back to heaven; did that happen so that I should be reincarnated on the earth with those who believed in me? And for whom is the city wrapped in a cloud that I saw in Heaven destined, if I have to be reincarnated?

18 When a star reappears, it is another chosen one who is born under the same star or spirit like Elijah being born under the spirit of Enoch or John the Baptist being born under the spirit of Elijah but it is not a reincarnation of Enoch or Elijah and Elijah who appeared to the Lord Jesus is not John the Baptist. And you Hindus, you think that they are reincarnations but it is not true. Each of them will go to the last judgment. Reincarnation is a lie. I am speaking to you in virtue of the divine mandate and the call and commission that I received from an angel on April 24, 1993. If you do not believe in me, you will go to hell. Rama, Krishna, Siddhārtha Gautama and Dalai Lamas are not reincarnations. And Sathya Sai Baba, the great leader of Hinduism who had more than ten million followers, left the earth on April 24 to serve as a sign to you and he is awaiting the last judgment in his grave. And eight years after his death, God speaks to you.

19 Reincarnation is a lie of Satan. It is reserved for every man to live only once on the earth and to die and wait for the last judgment. But for Salvation, God will send a prophet, a rishi on the earth to lead all humans of all continents and religions and races into the eternal paradise of God that you call Nirvana. [Kc.100v29]

20 The ritual baths and purifications in the Ganges and the pilgrimages to Mecca and Israel have never removed a sin or a bad karma, but it is through the bath in the Message of the living prophet of your time that you will be purified and saved. Purification is not the bath of a mortal body in natural water but the bath of the eternal soul in the water of the living word of your time. In a generation, the Message of a prophet is the true sanâtana dharma and the sacred Ganges descended from heaven for the final purification of all those who are destined for God's eternal paradise.

21 Apart from the Message of the living prophet of your time, nothing can bring you closer to God. No vegetarianism, no Kumbh Mela can bring you closer to God or Nirvana. No chaosheng or pilgrimage to Mecca, no ashram, no sanctuary, no mosque, no Hindu temple in Ayodhya or elsewhere can bring you closer to God or Nirvana. No ancestor, no meditation or yoga practice can bring you closer to God or Nirvana. But it is God Himself who will save you through a man that He will send in your time. And also, God will never send a man on the earth to sit in meditation in the sanctuaries of Ise or on the Kii Mountains in Japan or on the Himalayan range or on the five sacred mountains of China to receive offerings and venerations.

22 When John the Baptist came from the wilderness, should he come as a Buddha so that Jews would come to him with offerings? After fasting for forty days and forty nights, the language of the Lord Jesus was: "Offspring of vipers! Serpents! Whitened coffins!" Should he come from the wilderness with sweet words like your sâdhus to bring all Jews back to the Torah and then all rabbis and Jews would recognize him as the Messiah? For you, the truth is to caress evil?

23 On April 24, 1993, when I come back from the divinity, if I retire in meditation to the five sacred mountains of China or the Kii mountains in Japan or the Himalayan range, tell me what I bring to mankind so that humans may repent and that earthquakes and tsunamis may not strike the earth. Can we perfect ourselves while watching others do evil to the earth in the name of God? Know that every religion leads to the same Satan. And to change religions is to change prison cells. God is not in any religion and God will never send a man to the earth to be the member of a religion.

24 Religions are kingdoms of Satan. And of all the first-rank holy books which are the Torah, the holy Tanakh, the Zohar, the holy Quran, the Purânas, the holy Bible, the Upanishads, the holy Bhagavad-Gita, the holy Veda, the Agamas and the Yi Jing, which of them is the word and will of God for your time? None! To confide in a religion or a holy book is to confide in Satan. God does not send a holy book or a religion to the earth but a man, a rishi.

25 And a messenger of God comes with the words and will of the Supreme God for the salvation of the living of his time. And on April 24, 1993, when the Lamb spoke to me, men and women came to me from all the races, nations and religions of the earth and one of them told me, "We did not see the Angel and the Lamb and we did not hear the words that the Lamb pronounced but we entirely believe it". And the one who spoke had two symbols of Asian religions. In this crowd, there were Hindus, Buddhists and men from all the religions of Asia.

26 So, before I started speaking in 2002, I saw in vision in 1993 that I had spoken to the earth and people believed in me from all the corners of the world and came to me. My current ministry is like a stage show from God. And therefore, before I die, people will come to me from India, Singapore, Sri Lanka, China, Japan, Korea, Thailand, Nepal, Malaysia, Indonesia and from all Asia. People will come to me directly from Hinduism, Buddhism, Jainism, Shintoism, Taoism, Sikhism and all the religions of Asia. People will come to me because they were with me in the paradise of God before we came to earth. It is because of the religions of Asia that God revealed the mystery of the stars and their constellations in Kacou 138.

27 The oceans have separated us on the earth, the continents, languages, races and religions have separated us on the earth but they will come to me to be sealed and after their death, they will return to the eternal paradise from which the Angel and the Lamb of April 24, 1993 came. [Kc.64v18]

28 But how did the Lamb speak to you in 1993 for you to believe entirely in Him? It was through me, his prophet on the earth, and the words that you hear from me today are not my words but the words of the Lamb of April 24, 1993. And you who read or listen to me, according to the attitude that you will have towards my words, you will be treated on the day of the last judgment. I was told in the desert, in the second vision of 1993: "Pronounce the judgment". And it is in virtue of this mandate that I condemn all the religions of the earth.

29 Revelation 5 says, And I saw in the midst of the throne and the four living creatures, and in the midst of the elders, a Lamb standing, as slain, having seven horns and seven eyes. And this Lamb came and took the book from the right hand of him who sat on the throne. And when the Lamb took the book, the four living creatures and the twenty-four elders fell on their faces and worshipped the Lamb.

30 And Revelation 10 says, And I saw another strong angel coming down out of the heaven, clothed with a cloud, and the rainbow upon his head, and his countenance as the sun, and his feet as pillars of fire; and having in his hand a little opened book. And he set his right foot on the sea and his left foot upon the earth. But how did you see this angel with me? You must see him through a prophet, a kalkî on the earth and the words that you hear from me are not my words but the words written in this book held by the angel.

31 It is written in the Bible, "By a prophet, Jehovah brought Israel out of Egypt and by a prophet was Israel preserved".And the Greek word "Iglesia" for church means, "who came out of the paganism of one’s time to gather around the messenger of God for one’s time" but you, members of religions, which paganism have you come out from and around which messenger of God for your time have you gathered? You who read or listen to me and all of you who are alive in the 21st century, in which year were Moses, Krishna, Buddha, Jesus of Nazareth and Mahomet your guides? You are all liars. [Kc.135v28] [Kc.136v33]

32 If you are destined for eternal life, God will have mercy on you and you will not die in the faith in Moses, Jesus of Nazareth, Confucius, Lao Tzu, Guru Nanak, Mahâvîra, Mahomet, Krishna, Buddha or in a religion. And after reading or listening to me, the only offering you have to make to a priest, Dalai Lama, brahmin, daoshi, monk, sâdhu or guru, is to give him this Message so that he too may be saved. And any priest, sâdhu or guru who does not echo this Message is a servant of Satan and a source of curse. And after reading or listening to me, you will never enter a church, an ashram, a mosque or a temple to invoke a certain god and you will condemn Kumbh Mela and the millions of gods and their statues and images, and you will never ever go to the five sacred mountains of China again because I, the living prophet of your time, I have spoken to you.

33 How can you believe that there are millions of gods in Heaven? And in your country, how many presidents or emperors are there? The God who sent me on April 24, 1993, is the Only God. And on the earth I am the only prophet messenger today and no one can be saved unless by me. The prophet is God's ambassador on earth. No one can go to heaven unless through him. If you are destined for the eternal paradise of the Nirvana then in your time, before your death, a prophet messenger, a kind of rishi will come to the earth from God and it is he who will make you know God and the way by which you will be saved. This prophet will not come and preach according to a religion or according to the content of a holy book but he will come and preach a new vision which is his own vision. And this prophet for your time, I am him, I Kacou Philippe that speak to you. Everything I have preached since 2002, it is the vision that I saw on April 24, 1993.

34 A prophet messenger preaches his own vision. The book of Moses is the book of Moses' vision. The book of Daniel is the book of Daniel's vision. The book of Nahum is the book of Nahum's vision. It is written in the Bible: Nahum 1:1, "The book of the vision of Nahum...". A messenger of God comes from the presence of God and preaches his own vision that the Supreme God gave him and all those who are destined, in his time, to go to God's paradise come to him from all the nations and languages and races and religions of the earth and he marks them with the seal of God so that they may enter the paradise with him after their death. 35 You Christians, Muslims, Hindus, Buddhists and Jews, whether you are in Asia, Europe, America or Africa, know that you are under my jurisdiction and if you do not believe in me your prophet, you will die and go to the eternal hell of Naraka. You are the only ones who venerate the gods. You have altars in every house but you know nothing about God. You have not yet reached the spirituality of animals.

36 On the morning of April 25, 2015, in a city in Nepal, birds fled their nests and domestic animals moved away from walls, like in 1956 in India. You were in the purification ritual baths in the Bagmati at Pashupatinath. And at around 11 am, a violent earthquake struck and killed nearly 9,000 people. Brahmins, Sadhus and Hindu priests were in the rubble with the prostitutes in Kathmandu like in the 2010 earthquake in Haiti, when the body of Joseph Miot, Archbishop of Haiti was trapped in the same rubble with the prostitutes in Port-au-Prince. How do you explain this?

37 In the afternoon, another earthquake struck the city. The next day, April 26 at 12 o’clock, another violent earthquake struck the city. And in the evening, all of the people left town saying they will only come back if animals come back. But when they saw that thieves were looting their houses, they all returned, but the animals and birds did not return and on May 12, 2015 at 12 o’clock, a violent earthquake struck the city again and the walls and houses collapsed on them under the watch of Vishnu, the protective god whom they are the only ones to venerate on earth and a very large number of them died. And when they left the city again with their priests, sâdhus and gurus, they saw that the animals were coming back. How do you explain this?

38 And on December 26, 2004, after the feasts of Brahmâ, Vishnu and Shiva with purification in the Ganges, the waters of the Indian Ocean withdrew from several beaches, but in all the places where Hindu ceremony rituals were held, the waters did not withdraw. At around 10 a.m. the earth quaked violently and then the waters of the Indian Ocean entered the cities of Hinduism and Buddhism. All of South Asia, the kingdom of Hinduism, Buddhism, Jainism, Sikhism, Shintoism and Taoism was struck. Death toll: 284,000. Many altars were broken and priests, sâdhus, gurus and brahmins died. How do you explain this? And where was the god Varuna who watches over the demons of the ocean? Where were the animal-headed gods of your religions with their snake ornaments?

39 On April 24, 1993, the Angel who appeared to me with the sword in his hand did not have the head of an animal and the Lamb who spoke to me did not have the body of a man, but when I saw Billy Graham, Joseph Branham, Ewald Frank, Joseph Coleman, Tommy Osborn, Benny Hinn, the Pope and the Christian leaders of the whole earth in a vision, their bodies were human bodies but their heads were heads of different animals. They were in a procession and each of them had a big crucifix in both hands raised in front of him and they moved with it like in Catholic liturgies and the smoke of the incense went up from the altar. They were moving very slowly and their heads were heads of different animals. Before them, it was written: "Jesus Christ is the Lord of lords and the King of kings". They were demons. [Kc.123v27] [Kc.136v28]

40 Some had the head of a falcon, ape, lion, jackal; others had the head of a goat, dog, caiman, frog, and the Jesus Christ or Allah or Adonai that they talk about is Osiris, Amon-ra, Zeus, Krishna, Buddha, Brahmâ, Vishnu and Shiva. If I saw the leaders of Islam, Hinduism, Buddhism, Jainism, Shintoism, Sikhism or Taoism, it would be the same. You, the Asian Christian, when you have rejected Kacou Philippe, the living prophet messenger of your time, know that the Jesus Christ that you pray to is Vishnu and the Holy Spirit who works in your church is Ganesh. You are the same.

41 The Almighty God could have decimated you with plagues or given you children with dog or crocodile heads, but He is the God of love and patience, who wants your repentance so that you may be saved. And even if you gather all your gods into one god like Islam, it is the same Satan. The Roman Empire swallowed all the Roman gods and became Christianized but it is the same Satan.

42 And you Jews, Christians and Muslims who claim to know God, take the map of the sky and show me where the frog constellation is. And you Hindus, Buddhists, Taoists, Jains and Sikhs, do you know where the constellation of the snake is and why do your gods have snakes for necklaces or ornaments? And you animists or religions who walk without a prophet, where is the constellation of the dragon which is the symbol of religions? And why is the dragon standing in front of the star Polaris, which is the symbol of the prophets?

43 After the star Thuban in the time of the Pharaohs, then Beta Ursae Minoris, Polaris is the star of the prophets today and see how the dragon stands before the star Polaris in order to fight the prophets and stop all those who want to access it. And the dragon with several heads and snake necklaces and ornaments is the symbol of all religions of the earth. The dragon is born with a single head as the Lamb is born without a horn and then receives heads with divisions. The dragon is Islam, Christianity, Judaism, Buddhism, Hinduism, Taoism, Jainism, Confucianism, Shintoism or Sikhism.

44 Buddhism is a dragon with several heads: one head theravāda, one head mahāyāna, one head Vajrayāna,... Islam is a dragon with several heads: a Sunni head, a Shiite head, a Sufi head, an Ansar Din head, a Salafist head,... Hinduism is a dragon with several heads: a Shaivaite head, a Vishnuite head,... Christianity is a dragon with several heads: a Catholic head, a Protestant head, an evangelical head, a Branhamist head,... Judaism is a dragon with several heads: an Orthodox head, a reformed head, a Masorti head,... and it is the same for Taoism, Jainism, Sikhism, Shintoism, Confucianism, Baha’ism and all animist religions and beliefs of the earth. What is it? In the first war of Armagedon, the stars of Satan were cast down on the earth and at the end of time, those stars have become constellations of stars on the earth. All the religions of the earth and their divisions are each a constellation of stars of Satan. They will never believe in God or in a living prophet.

45 But observe the position of Thuban, Gamma Cephei, Beta Ursae Minoris, Polaris and Vega in relation to the dragon. It is a prophecy written in the stars that one day, when Vega will be the North Star in Heaven, there will be no more dragon. There will be no more Islam, no more Christianity, no more Buddhism, no more Hinduism, no more Taoism, no more Jainism, no more Shintoism and Sikhism on the earth. There will be no more Satan on the earth. Mount Tai Shan will be delivered, the Bagmati and Saraswati rivers will be delivered. The Nile and the Jordan and the Ganges will be delivered.

46 In those days, when Vega is the North Star, we will all return together to the earth in new bodies like new garments for a thousand years, and Satan and his sons will no longer defile the rivers and streams and the mountains of the earth with their superstitions and 330 million gods. We will be with God and there will be no more castes. We will all live united in the same house under the two wings of the same God as your two hands united in your meditation.

47 Look at Egypt, where were the many gods for old pyramids alone to remain today? The Egyptians who, like you, organized funerals for cows and buried them in men's tombs, where are they today? Where are the Egyptians, Aztecs, Incas and Mayans? They have been erased from the earth with their religions and animal-headed gods and so will you be erased from the earth with your superstitions and your snake-adorned animal-headed gods.

48 O God, all the 330 million gods rose in the East with the sun more than 6,000 years ago, but how many of them were able to ride the seas and oceans to reach Europe, then America and now Africa like You? None! Which of these gods is present in Heaven and living on the earth and speaks to mankind generation after generation, people after people, race after race like You? None! It is You alone, for You are the only Creator of all things. You have given a limit to each religion and each god. You gave a limit to Brahmâ, Vishnu and Shiva.

49 And in 1993, in a vision, You gave me the mandate to judge and condemn them on the earth as well as in heaven. I was taken to a desert country and towards the East, angels brought me the order of mission saying: "Pronounce the judgment!" and I have ridden the lands and seas to judge the gods and inhabitants of the earth according to this mandate. Philippe means horse rider.

50 And you who read or listen to me, you must make a decision that will seal your fate in the last judgment. You must not consult with anyone. Neither a parent nor anyone else should decide for you. It is up to you to make this decision because there are people on earth for whom eternal salvation after death has no importance. In the prison where I was because of my Message, I had found madmen there but I was told that they had gone mad because of the difficulties of the prison but after their release, they would no longer be mad. However, there was a prisoner named Tangara who did not want his freedom and it was by force that the prison guards threw him out but a few meters from the prison, he saw a police truck passing by, he took a stone, and he threw it and hit a policeman. The police took him, handcuffed him and took him back to prison.

51 And Tangara is all those for whom eternal paradise before God has no importance. Tangara is all those who think that the way of God, it is the religion of their family of birth and everything that happens in other religions does not interest them. Is the holy city on earth Mecca, Jerusalem or Benares? That does not interest them. Is the sacred river on earth the water of the grotto of Massabielle, is it the Jordan or the Danube? Is it the Bagmati or the Ganges? That does not interest them. Is the true book of God the Torah, the holy Tanakh, the holy Bible, the holy Quran, the holy Bhagavad-Gita, the book of Confucius, the book of Mutations or the holy Veda? That does not interest them. They are sons and daughters of the devil and eternal hell in Naraka is their final destination.

52 The nobles and religious leaders of the earth are found in the first rank amongst the sons of the devil; they have an interest in your perdition. There is a nebula in heaven called the Frog Nebula and another nebula called the Snake Nebula and it was to them that the stars represented by the leaders of all the religions of the earth were born. They do not believe in me because I do not say things they want to hear.

53 The Egyptian, Aztec, Inca and Mayan civilizations were erased but the pyramids and monuments survived just as God cast the stars down on the earth and let the dog, snake, frog nebulae and others subsist in heaven as perpetual signs of their heavenly existence.

54 And you, the Buddhist, Hindu, Jain, Confucian, Sikh or Taoist by birth, how would you have become a Hindu if you were born in Brazil to a pastor father? And you, the Christian, how would you have become a Christian if you were born in Asia to a monk, daoshi, imam, sâdhu or guru father? Animosity is to believe that the whole world is in your house and that your father is the master of the world.

55 Your religions can make you good Muslims or Christians, good Jews or Hindus, good Buddhists, Shintoists, Sikhs, Jains or Taoists, but you will all go to hell with that. For Salvation in a generation, all the inhabitants of the earth in that generation receive the same test by a prophet from God. And a person destined for eternal life will seek the way of God and God will have mercy on him and show him the way while the sons of Satan will sink into religions and holy books.

56 With regard to Salvation, God who is just did not favour one people over another. And no religion is closer to God than another. God did not favour the Jew over the Arab or the Hindu over the Christian. God did not favour the Muslim over the Hindu, or the Buddhist over the Christian, or the Jew over the atheist. You the Arab, the religion of your family of birth could have been Hinduism or Jainism. You the Christian, the religion of your family of birth could have been Islam or Taoism, Confucianism or Sikhism. You the Hindu, the religion of your family of birth could have been Christianity or Islam. [Kc.136v45] [Kc.137v56]

57 And if your religion or your holy book does not lead you to recognize him whom God has sent to the earth in your time, then this religion is satanic. You thought that the earth was motionless until one day someone came and told you that the earth rotates on itself and moves around the sun at more than 100,000 km/h and you believed in that. That is how you have to believe in me today.

58 Be prudent! Muslims send me money in secret for the production of the booklets of my Message. Do not reject me in ignorance! If you are a son of God and your goal is the moksha or eternal paradise of Nirvana then God tells you to be prudent. The defense and expansion of a religion or the Message of a dead prophet will never be your fight on the earth because the fact of wishing that Islam, Christianity, Buddhism, Hinduism, Judaism, Baha'ism or your religion be the universal religion, is a satanic thought like one who wishes homosexuality to be universal.

59 The Torah cannot lead you to God. The holy Tanakh, the Upanishads, the holy Bible, the holy Quran, the Bhagavad-Gita, the Zohar, the book of Confucius, the holy Veda and all the holy books of the religions cannot lead you to God. You, a living person, how will God give you the book of a dead man for your salvation? And if you do not understand a word, who will you talk to? This is why God says that the fight for the expansion of the religion or Message of a dead prophet is a satanic mission. When I die, seek God among the living. God is alive and, in your time, for your salvation, He will send a living prophet to the earth and it is by the words of this living prophet that you will be saved or condemned on the day of the last judgment.

60 The will of God for your Salvation is not what you like or what you find logical or what is done around you, but what God was pleased to reveal to you through the living prophet of your time and this prophet, it is I, Kacou Philippe that speak to you. All of mankind is under my jurisdiction. By my words that you hear today and what you do with them, you will be saved or condemned in the last judgment. I am the prophet of all mankind including atheists and those who reject me just as the president of a country is the president of all the inhabitants of that country including the opposition. And if you reject me, know that you have chosen the path to eternal hell of Naraka with Satan and his demons. Similar chapters: Kc.131, Kc.135 and Kc.136.

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