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Judgments that Prophet Kacou Philippe pronounced from his home in Katadji on December 1, 2019

1 Judgments that I, Prophet Kacou Philippe, prisoner until May 20, 2021 because of the Gospel of Christ, I pronounced from my house on December 1, 2019 on Buddhism, Hinduism, Shintoism, Taoism, Jainism and on all the religions of Japan, India, China and on all Asia after the oracles of November 7, 2019.

2 2500 years ago God gave a great vision to Prophet Daniel and all those who were with him fled to hide and God came down from heaven and stood on the waters and spoke to Prophet Daniel in an unknown tongue and Daniel fell dead and Daniel said, I heard but I did not understand because it was in an unknown tongue. And the Angel said to Daniel: "... Go thy way, Daniel; for these words are closed and sealed till the time of the end. Many shall hear it and be purified, and be made white, and be refined." Purification is only in the Message of a prophet while this prophet is still alive on the earth.

3 It is written in the Bible that on the twenty-fourth day of the Hebrew first month, which is April, Prophet Daniel said, "I Daniel was by the side of the great river, which is Hiddekel and I lifted up mine eyes and looked, and behold, a certain man clothed in linen, and his loins were girded with pure gold of Uphaz;... And I Daniel alone saw the vision; and the men that were with me saw not the vision, but a great quaking fell on them, and they fled to hide themselves. And I heard the voice of his words; and when I heard the voice of his words, I fell... my face to the ground."

4 And God standing on the waters spoke to Daniel in an unknown tongue, and Daniel heard but did not understand. And God said to Daniel, Daniel, these words are closed and sealed till the time of the end. Many shall hear it and be purified, and be made white, and be refined. This is exactly what I saw on April 24, 1993 while I did not believe in the existence of God. And my grandfather gave the name Daniel to my father because one day, the Almighty God would speak to a son of Daniel in an unknown tongue by the side of a river. If Daniel goes to paradise with all those who followed him, then I too will go to paradise with those who follow me.

5 And the Angel that I saw in 1993 had a Lamb and a sword for the sacrifice of purification and to fight the dragon, which is the whole of the religions of the earth. This Lamb is the Lamb that was slain for your purification. This Message is the symbol of the blood of this Lamb for the purification of the saints of my time. The prophet messenger is Salvation while he is alive on the earth.

6 And one morning in 1993, I was invisible to men. I was a shining and transparent cloud similar to the mirage which is above fire or the ground when the sun is scorching. I had no eyes, but I could see. I was condensed air. I had no body but I could see, I could think, I had memory. I had no wings but I moved without effort, without wings and without feet. I moved forward whenever I wanted. I could see men and women on earth. It was not a vision but reality. [Kc.30v9] [Kc.34v43]

7 Then I went where my body was and I entered the house through the wall and I saw my body and from the opposite side of the wall through which I entered, I saw this cloud enter the house. My mind was sometimes in the cloud, sometimes separated from the cloud. Then I went in my body and I was like a normal man. I was in a divine form, the Paramatma descended from heaven, the whole sun descended from heaven to divide itself and enter into all those who will go with me into nirvana, the eternal paradise of God.

8 In 1993, after the three great visions, I had several supernatural experiences. You remember the two angels who were rising from beside me. They were like gods and they went back to heaven like some resurrected ones because the place is now inhabited but had been an old cemetery and one of them shouted and one of the two trees near the house of my father fell violently. It was as if it was the voice which had raised them from the dead, which had knocked the tree down. [Kc.130v10] [Kc.136v4]

9 You can raze a cemetery to the ground and build houses in its place, but some bodies are sleeping there waiting for the resurrection of the dead. Know that one day, billions of billions of people will rise from the earth to heaven. The omnipotence of God will do that. All the ancestors who died hundreds or thousands of years ago are sleeping in graves waiting for the resurrection to go to judgment before God while their souls are already in the fifth or the sixth dimension.

10 I came down from heaven with a prophetic Message for my time. A prophet must not take old existing animistic traditions and turn them into a religion to deceive mankind. Hinduism, Buddhism, Taoism, Shintoism, Jainism and Sikhism are not the word of God for paradise but they are sets of animistic philosophies and traditions for the good conduct of men on the earth. And political authorities take advantage of the religions to extend their reign and in return, the religions benefit from the protection of the State to spread their influence. For them, God must be the Jade Emperor who must lock himself in his palace and must not disturb the Caesars of China and Japan.

11 My grace, it is April 24, 1993. My Akan tribe comes from Egypt and the Abidji people do not eat oxen and cows. And until 1993, I did not eat ox and cow meat. And like my tribe, I believed in reincarnation. When a baby was born with a sign, we would recognize in that baby such a parent who had already died. And if there had not been a 24 April 1993 in my life, I would still see the cow as a sacred animal as in Egypt and I would see kamis, gods in rivers and mountains just like any pagan.

12 On April 24, 1993, the Lamb gave me the breath and the nectar of immortality so that I may transmit them to anyone who believes in me anywhere on earth while I am in the world. This breath entered into me through the voice of the Lamb that was speaking to me. When a prophet messenger or a maharishi leaves the earth, darkness covers the earth like at the death of the Lord Jesus Christ and his book becomes a vestige of history whose place must be in the museum.

13 The purpose of the Message of a prophet is not to bring political stability in a country but to save or condemn the living of his time while this prophet is alive on the earth. And when he is dead, his Message can be consulted as a historical document or must be placed in the museum. The place of the holy Bible, the holy Quran, the Torah and the Tanakh must be in the museum. The place of the Purânas, the Upanishads, and the Bhagavad-Gita must be in the museum. The place of the holy Vedas, the Agamas, the Tao-tö-king, the Yi Jing and the book of Mutations must be in the museum.

14 It is when God sees the suffering of his children on the earth, that in his mercy, He sends a rishi, a man-god to the earth. And the Message of a prophet or rishi is the sacred Ganges that has come down from heaven. The sanatâna-dharma is the Message of a prophet while this prophet is alive on the earth. And the Message of a prophet will always be the living word of God without any misinterpretation as long as this prophet is alive on the earth.

15 The word of a living prophet cannot have many versions or interpretations, but as soon as he dies, his words can no longer give Salvation and begin to have many versions and interpretations. And you can find two places of worship side by side, claiming to be of the same prophet but with different beliefs and practices.

16 Be prudent! If there was a creation and beginning of the world, there will be an end. Adam and Eve and the Flood and all of the ancient stories are acknowledged by all holy books. All the gods that you worship today existed before the Flood. Present-day science and technology existed before the Flood. All the religions such as Islam, Christianity, Judaism, Hinduism, Buddhism, Jainism, Confucianism, Taoism, Shintoism and Sikhism existed in other forms before the Flood. And the Flood is the infallible proof that no religion can save mankind.

17 In the Shatapatha-brâhmana, one day, Prophet Manu stood up and pronounced the judgment saying, "All of you inhabitants of the earth, hear me, God has told me that the earth will be destroyed in a flood". Mankind should tell him, "Alright prophet, but what shall we do to be saved?", but your fathers, the Hinduists said, "Manu, you are a liar! Our Brahmins told us that a kalkî will come on a white horse to lead all mankind to the final liberation." The Muslims told him, "Our imams told us that the Mahdi will come and lead all mankind into the final truth of Islam". The Christians told him, "Our pastors told us that Jesus will return and at a given signal, the dead will rise and we will go together to meet him in the air". The Buddhists told him, "The monks told us that the Maitreya will come...". Each religion had its own version of Salvation.

18 And Prophet Manu said, "All of you inhabitants of the earth, I am your rishi. On April 24, 1993, I saw God with my own eyes and I heard God's words through a lamb. See how you are divided by your religions! You kill in the name of God! Look at the insecurity and serious diseases and terrible weapons of war! I am the maharishi that God has sent you. Krishna, Branham, Buddha, Jesus of Nazareth and Mahomet do not know the internet as you do. You do not know them but you know me. Your prophet must be your contemporary, living the realities of your time. You search holy books but I tell you that you cannot know God or the will of God through a holy book or a dead prophet. Your prophet, it is I Manu and what I tell you is what you must do to be saved." They refused to believe in the living prophet of their time and they all died with their holy books and their faith in dead prophets and that is what you are doing today for your condemnation.

19 Animistic philosophies and traditions that have become religions in Asia cannot lead mankind to God. Who can those old religions, which could not go beyond the limits of the Asian continent, lead to God? Most of the major religions of Asia, such as Shintoism, Confucianism and Taoism, are old philosophies mixed with shamanism and integrating existing animistic beliefs and divinities.

20 Theology means the study of God while no one can study God or his word. And religion means to connect mankind to God, whereas only an angel from the presence of God can connect mankind to God by using a man called prophet messenger. The Angel and the Prophet, it is God and mankind. And when on April 24, 1993, I stood on top of the pyramid and then on the waters with the Angel and the Lamb, it is the reconciliation and redemption and rapture of mankind to God.

21 On April 24, 1993, when I stood on top of the pyramid, what other position could a human being have? And who can be the watchman of humanity? I stood on the pyramid of humanity. The pyramids of Egypt or the shikharas in Asia are mankind’s summits of light and the summits of the energies for the preservation of the universe. Pyra means light and midos means measure or degree. And who are the ones who stand above the pyramidos and who are at the highest degree of light? They are the prophets. The prophets are the tirthankaras, the masters of light, the creators of the way to moksha. They are the maharishis, those who see beyond time. And from above this pyramid of April 24, 1993, I can see far behind ancient Egypt, up to far behind the Flood.

22 And there was a time when, in the quest for immortality, a prophet came from heaven to teach the seven colours of birth, the seven colours of God's covenant with men. Blue, yellow, red, orange, green, purple and indigo. And the rainbow appeared to confirm his Message. These are the seven degrees of the pyramid and the seven steps of the ladder or the staircase of man's ascension to God in Confucianism, Hinduism, Taoism and in all of the religions of Asia. And you see brahmins and daoshis and other monks wearing the orange colour in Asia.

23 And later, another prophet was sent to the earth to teach the twelve birthstones: the stone of sardoin, topaz, and emerald. The stone of carbuncle, sapphire and diamond. The stone of opal, agate and amethyst. The stone of chrysolite, onyx and jasper. If you want wisdom, dignity and strength, wear the sapphire stone. If you want protection, holiness, spiritual awakening and divine contact, wear an amethyst stone on your finger like the pope of Rome. Your wedding will be blessed and protected if you carry this and that stone in your ring, bracelet or necklace. If you want love and happiness, you carry this and that stone on you. It was the new commandment of God, but the sons of the devil on the earth still continued to observe the seven colours and the living prophet judged them and condemned them on behalf of God.

24 And later, another prophet was sent to the earth with a new commandment from God, to teach the constellations of stars. The constellations of stars were then God’s only written word, but the sons of the devil on earth still continued to observe the birthstones and the living prophet judged them and condemned them saying, "Do you not say according to Susrah 2:106 that the Message of a living prophet makes the practices of all the prophets who preceded him obsolete and worthless and that all those who reject this living prophet are infidels? ".

25 And later, another prophet was sent to the earth with a new commandment. And man should now wash away his sins through a ritual bath in a river like the Ganges, Bagmati and Sarasvati, but the sons of the devil on the earth continued to practice astrology and horoscope and the living prophet judged them and condemned them. Science, civilization, technology and sins having changed, God sends another prophet with a new Message which is a new commandment. The will of God has always changed when a new prophet comes on the earth.

26 And later, another prophet was sent to the earth with a new commandment, to teach animal sacrifice, but the sons of the devil on the earth continued to practice astrology and numerology and the living prophet judged them and condemned them. This is how God has always dealt with mankind until today. And after listening to me, if you go on a pilgrimage to the sacred mountains of Asia or if you go and throw yourself into the Ganges, Bagmati or Sarasvati or into a sacred river to wash away your sins or bad karmas, know that you are cursed forever and that you have chosen the way to hell.

27 And you must not leave one religion to go into another religion, but you must seek the living prophet of your time. Krishna, the holiest man in Hinduism, was a sexual pervert. When he was a child, he used to hide and watch his mother bath. And it is written in the Puranas of Hinduism that one day, while a group of young girls were bathing naked in a river, Krishna hid to watch them and then stole their clothes and went up a tree and agreed to give them back their clothes only if each of them came to him naked and begged for his mercy. You Hinduists, to which paradise will you go with such a man? And also, if you leave Hinduism because of Krishna's actions to go into another religion, it's like changing prison cells. You Indians, Chinese and Japanese; you Asians, when you become Christians, you are no closer to God than when you were in your religions. No religion is better than the other and all religions lead to the same Satan.

28 And later, Krishna had periodic fits of madness and walked naked and they said, "Krishna has now become a sadhu naga". Others said, "No, he has become an aghori, a madman." A madman always manifests signs linked to the causes of his madness. If religion makes you mad, you will manifest signs linked to religion. If your sex sins make you mad, you will do sex-related things and you could strip yourself naked. When you are mad because of a crime, your actions and words are related to that.

29 When you hear that the Messiah or Mahdi or Kalkî or Maitreya is coming, it means that no religion on the earth can lead man to God and that is why God will send them. But what about you who are alive today and who will be dead before they come on earth? And in this great religious confusion, have you ever seen a religious leader say to his people, "Today, let us raise a prayer to God! Oh God, we want to be saved but in this religious confusion on earth, we are scared. If it is possible, send us a prophet to lead us to You." They will not do that because it goes against their interests and whoever does so will be their enemy.

30 If the moksha, which is the final liberation, paradise after death, is really your goal, you will always say to God, "Oh God, I do not want to go to hell. It is true that the Mahdi or the Maitreya or the Kalki will come to save humanity, but what about me who is alive today and who will die before he comes?" Whatever feelings, dreams and assurance of Salvation that you have, know that you are humans and you can be billions of kilometers from paradise or from the truth. The conviction that you have, everyone has it in their religion. If asceticism, the spiritual practices left by a prophet, rishi or Buddha could lead mankind to the final liberation, why would other prophets still come on earth?

31 If God did not send all the prophets to the earth at the same time, it is because their practices cannot be exercised at the same time. What will you do if Zarathustra, Moses, Krishna, Buddha, Confucius, Lao Tse, Jesus of Nazareth, Mahomet and Guru Nanak all came together on the earth at the same time? Would it be normal for them to come on earth together? If it is not normal, why do you place them at the same time on the earth and that does not bother you? You do it because paradise after death is not your concern. You are sons of the devil and your goal is money, popularity and the expansion of your religion on the earth.

32 But if I have come to the earth, it is because there are sons of God on the earth and their goal is eternal life after death. Your leaders are getting rich, building huge temples, mosques, tabernacles and cathedrals, but in Venezuela, a pastor named José Hernandez and his entire church, having sold their properties, retired to the bush on a very high mountain eighteen years ago to wait for God's guidance for their Salvation. For eighteen years, they prayed and fasted and examined all beliefs on earth. God has just answered them. They all believed in me. They called me last month and I have just sent them Apostle André Lima from Brazil to tell them what they must do to receive eternal life.

33 God is the only form of eternal life and it is God Himself who transmits Himself to men. And the prophet is the one who makes this spiritual transfusion under the action of an angel from heaven. The prophet says: "You inhabitants of the earth, these are the practices that you must follow to receive this transfusion". And this prophet establishes disciples, that is to say, sâdhus, brahmins, daoshis, monks, priests, imams or pastors to help him. And later, after the death of this prophet, God sends another prophet who establishes new disciples and new practices. And so that mankind may not understand, Satan locks them in prisons called religions, telling them that there won’t be any more prophets.

34 Mahomet, Branham, Jesus of Nazareth, Joseph Smith and Charles Russell are each called "the last prophet". But how can there be a last prophet while the world continues? If I am the last prophet on earth, that means that the world will stop on the day of my death. And if there are no more prophets, why are there sâdhus, brahmins, monks, priests, imams and pastors? Can there be ministers in a country without a president? For the sons of God, God is sovereign and has the right to send as many prophets as He wants.

35 Hinduism expects ten incarnations of Vishnu on the earth and from Matsya to Shakyamuni Buddha via Krishna, that is nine incarnations and there is only one incarnation left, which is the Kalki. But between Matsya and Shakyamuni Buddha, haven’t there been fourteen minor incarnations of Vishnu? And before the Kalki, can't there be several other minor incarnations of Vishnu?

36 If you have accepted that after Matsya, God sent messengers up to Krishna and that, after Krishna, God sent Shakyamuni Buddha, why do you not accept that God has the right to send other rishis on the earth? And by rejecting me, how will you recognize God's will for your purification and final liberation? God has revealed to me, for example, that when a woman in menstruation goes into a swimming pool, a beach or a river like the Ganges, the water becomes impure within a radius of forty meters until the next morning and whoever throws himself into it comes out it cursed forever until his death. And you who reject me, how will you know that? You who go to the Kumbh Mela and ritual baths and Christian baptisms, how will you know that?

37 Matsya did not lead mankind to the final liberation, that is why Vishnu sent other incarnations up to Krishna. And later, Siddhartha Gautama who is the Shakyamuni Buddha came and after seven years in the religious practices of his time, he found all religious practices unfit to lead mankind into enlightenment and the final liberation. Then he went into a long meditation and entered the final awakening and attained the state of Buddha and taught his practices to humanity. But this too has not delivered mankind from samsara, the cycle of reincarnations, that is why the Kalkî must come.

38 Have men, with the help of practices contained in a book, once reached the ability to become immortal, to experience translation, to reach nirvana or parinirvana? No. Never. No holy book or religion contains the practices to reach the final liberation and there will never be one.

39 Once, there were some dead people on a pilgrimage to Mecca and the gatekeeper of Mecca had a dream and behold, all those dead people were in hell. No religion can save, but when a prophet comes to earth, he enters into the moksha, God's eternal paradise, with those who believed in him and leaves the world in the same darkness where he found it. If the practices of one religion could save, God would never send a prophet, an avatar, a Mahdi or a Kalkî on earth again, and the earth would already be in paradise.

40 In the Bible, there was a time when lambs had to be killed to blot out sins, and then a time came when this sacrifice was the blood of the Lord Jesus Christ on the cross. And you the Asian, there was a time when they were Kumbh Mela or rites on sacred mountains, then a time came when God says to you that Kumbh Mela or ritual baths or rites on sacred mountains were types of the Message of the living prophet of your time while this prophet is still alive on the earth. And if you reject this living prophet and go to a Kumbh Mela again, God will make so that a woman in menstruation will also throw herself into the water and you will receive a curse that nothing can remove until your death.

41 If prophets must still come on the earth, it is because the religions have failed and a human being is unable to reach the final liberation on his own and even in a million years or in his thousandth reincarnation, man will still be unable to reach the final liberation with the practices of a religion. And knowing that you will fail in a religion, why die there? And what will it be when, after death, you are in your grave awaiting the final judgment? What man needs is not a religion or a holy book but it is an action of God himself in the present tense.

42 Do not be in ignorance. There is no reincarnation, It is reserved for every man to live only once on the earth and to die and wait for the last judgment in his grave. Dalai Lamas are not reincarnations. For example, in the final judgment, each of the fourteen Dalai Lamas will answer for his actions on the earth. [Kc.100v29] [Kc.139v18-19]

43 And the saved ones are those who have recognized God on earth in a man. Every human being is supposed to recognize the voice of his father through a telephone and a man is a child of God by his ability to discern God in a living prophet on the earth. God has always sent a prophet to the earth with a Message to judge and condemn the sons of the devil and to gather all the children of God scattered in religions.

44 The words of a dead prophet cannot save anyone. Apart from the believers of a prophet while this prophet is alive on the earth, the rest of mankind are chandâlas and yin, infidels. All these Christians, Muslims, Hinduists, Buddhists, Jews that you see around you are chandâlas and yin. Every member of a religion is a chandâla or a yin before God. Despite your asceticism and revelations, even if you are good and pious like the jains, your hearts are righteous, you help the poor, you observe all the practices of your religion and you reject the living prophet of your time, you are chandâlas and yin, infidels before God.

45 Whether in Asia, Europe, America or Africa; whatever the tongue or the race, men are identical and the same blood flows in all of us and the same sun shines on us; yet all of your religions contradict each other and that does not tell you anything. Why should Islam or Taoism only shine on one part of the world? Why should this or that religion have to shine on this or that part of the world only and that does not tell you anything? Is the sun that shines on Asia different from the sun that shines on America?

46 You Muslims, is it not written in your Quran that God has sent or will send a messenger to every people on the earth? And when God sends this messenger to Africa or to the black race, will the light of this African messenger reach Muslims too? None of you tries to find out what is happening elsewhere because paradise after death is not your concern. All that interests man is what is written in the holy book of his religion.

47 Show me only one place where God spoke through a book or became incarnate in a book. Even Satan does not speak through a book. The god Vishnu spoke to Manu through a fish. He became incarnate in a fish then in a turtle then in a boar but never in a book. In his sovereignty, God has the right to incarnate Himself in whoever He wants. If you believe that He can become incarnate and speak through a fish, a turtle, a monkey, a boar or a man with an animal's head, know that He can speak to you through me who is a chandâla or a yin to your eyes.

48 And you who are living today, know that the Kalkî is coming, but your Kalkî is on the earth, and I am he, I, Kacou Philippe, that speak to you. As soon as you think like the Jews that God will send a man on the earth like Hitler to bring a military liberation, you are in the darkness of Satan.

49 Philippe means horse rider. And look at my name Kacou and its meaning in relation to Kalkî. And if I am not a horse rider, how did I go through Africa and Europe and America to reach you now in Asia? If it is said that the kalkî will be a horse rider, is it not because he will come from far away? If you believed in the story of Manu to whom a fish spoke, if you believed in Vishnu speaking through a turtle and then a boar, then you must believe in Kacou Philippe to whom a lamb spoke in your time.

50 A prophet is a man who comes from God with a new Message to judge and condemn the religions of the whole world and to gather the sons of God of all nations and tongues and races and religions of the earth to lead them into the final liberation before his death. But the sons of Satan will always remain Christians, Muslims, Jews, Buddhists, Hindus, Shintoists, Jains, Sikhs and Taoists until the final destruction of the earth. Their god is money and their paradise is the earth. The police and states protect them. They neither need God nor a prophet.

51 They threw me in prison but, today, I am free as a prisoner on probation. I have no right to talk about God or to leave my village. And yet I am a prophet of God. On April 24, 1993, when I did not even know that God existed, an Angel and a Lamb came and spoke to me and I saw the unfolding of my ministry and I saw that men and women of all races and nations and tongues came to me in the vision for paradise after their death.

52 The police came and took me in my village and sent me to prison and when I got out of prison, I came back to my village. And as everyone hates me, I prefer to live in my village. And also, I am afraid to travel, for fear that someone will bow before me or spread out a wrapper or a cloth on the ground in front of me so that I, a slave on a mission for God, will walk on it. I want to live there, in my village, until I leave the earth unless God sends me somewhere else. And the day I die, my wish is that I be buried the same day, before the next morning. No monuments on my grave. I have already arranged the mat and the blanket in which I will be wrapped for my funeral. It is my wish and do it for my memory.

53 I speak with conviction because I have experienced everything I say. For example, in 1993, in a dream, I was invisible and I could see a goat that was destroying the earth. And seeing the evil that the goat was doing, I became a man to hit it but it went away from me in the air at lightning speed but when it got to another place, I was there and wanted to hit it with an object that I held in my hand, it became a woman that I know and I could not hit her. The following morning, I spoke with that woman. And I asked her if she had a dream. She said, no. But when I started telling her about her dream and what she was doing to the earth and how she was dressed in the dream, she knew who I was and she explained everything to me. But I did not tell anyone. This woman was on a mission, acting for the power of darkness.

54 All of you inhabitants of the earth, be prudent! A messenger of God has never caught the attention of mankind when he is alive on the earth. No ancient book talks about the Lord Jesus, the Jews even killed him, and yet Christianity, which they called a sect, has become the greatest religion in the world. In 100 or 200 years, mankind will forget all those who claim to serve God today. They will go to hell with all those who follow them, but there will be only one whose words will never pass: I Kacou Philippe that speak to you, because the Angel and the Lamb who came to me from the eternity on April 24, 1993 are the Almighty God.

55 Now listen to this parable that comes to me from Heaven: The Kingdom of Heaven was made like a God-fearing king. This king, at the end of his life, had his seven principal sons come near for his succession. He blessed them and sent them far away to the land of gold in search of a treasure so that whoever found the treasure would sit on the royal throne in his stead. The sons of his vigour did not walk according to his way but they were loved in the kingdom and each one of them wanted to be king. The seven principal princes had devices and servants to dig the ground and their younger brother was their servant and ate the leftovers of their food. They established relations with the nobles of the land of gold and received subsidies and authorizations and guards to search for gold throughout their territories. During the day they worked, but at night they got drunk and prostituted with the girls of the country. They were engaged in the ritual practices of gold diggers.

56 Several weeks passed, and one night, while they were all asleep, the youngest prince had a dream. An angel appeared to him and said, "I come from the presence of the Almighty God whom your father fears. Tomorrow, dig the place where you are lying. You will find the treasure and you will be king in your father's place." The next day, the youngest son started digging and found the treasure after seven days. He showed the treasure to his seven brothers.

57 But his brothers came together and said to him, "Let us tell our father that it is the eldest son who found the treasure so that the eldest son may be the king and we will sit on thrones around him". The youngest son bowed down and said to them, "Let it be according to your words." And the younger prince, fearing his brothers and fearing for his life, also proposed that he and his brothers carry their eldest brother in a hammock to their father and they found it good and did so.

58 And on his advice, an emissary ran before them and gave the king the news. And there were sounds of trumpets in honour of the eldest son. But when they arrived, when the youngest son was invited to speak, he spoke about the whole journey and the immorality of his brothers and the dream he had seen and the plot of his brothers to be king. Then, his father, the king bowed down and blessed God and had his youngest son sit on his throne and gave him the royal crown and all the royalty in his stead. And all the nobles of the kingdom bowed down before the young king. And there was a great feast in the whole kingdom. And he that can understand, let him understand.

59 All of you inhabitants of the earth, on this earth, I am not in a competition with anyone. I know that all your religious leaders are liars and that they serve Satan. I do not live in the hope of a Salvation, I have already experienced Salvation in 1993 and I will be saved with those who believe in me! The Angel and the Lamb who had come from the eternity are here, marking the elect with the seal of God and on the day of my death, they will ascend back to heaven with me as I had seen them descend on April 24, 1993. And in another vision, I was moving forward and as I passed, the mountains flattened out and the great trees of the earth bent until their foliage touched the ground. And men and women came to me from all the races and tongues and nations of the earth shouting aloud, "We are saved! We are saved!".

60 I am like this young prince, and you look at me with contempt like a chandâla or a yin. Yet I am the kalkî of the Hindus, the nabi of the Jews, the prophet of the Christians, the rassul of the Muslims and the maharishi, the supreme prophet of the religions of Asia. I bring you a Message which is on the one hand the judgment and condemnation of the religions of Asia and on the other hand, the supreme tripitaka, the supreme maha mantra descended from heaven for the final liberation of the living of my time. It is the supreme Vedanta, the true sanatâna-dharma, the eternal and universal truth descended from heaven to lead the living of my time to paradise, the eternal nirvana of God and to condemn all those who will die in these religions.

61 Everyone is against me, states and governments issue decrees against me. For my Message, police put banners to ban gatherings and you do not see that I am the way to paradise. I was born to poor and illiterate parents, but some angels sang at my birth. And after dropping out from school, I was pushing the wheelbarrow on construction sites when an angel appeared to me and told me that it is through me that the living of my time will be saved. This is being fulfilled, men come to me from all the races and tongues and nations of the earth for eternal life. And this does not tell you anything, you are still going to the Ganges, Bagmati and Sarasvati.

62 You are going to the rivers and sacred mountains of Asia. You are going to Mecca and the Wailing Wall in Jerusalem and yet I am the only way to the eternal paradise for the living of my time. When you have rejected me, know that everything you do in your temples, churches and mosques and on the sacred mountains are satanic rites and the baths in the sacred rivers and creeks are menstrual baths before God for your eternal condemnation and nothing can deliver you until your death.

63 And today, after reading or listening to me, you have a choice between me and the religious leaders of the earth. In the third vision of 1993, the leaders of Islam, Christianity, Judaism, Hinduism, Buddhism, Jainism, Confucianism, Taoism, Shintoism and Sikhism were sitting with me in a huge A Levels examination room and out of all of us, only one will pass and will enter God's eternal paradise with those who follow him.

64 In 1993, I received my Message from heaven through angels. And despite the persecution and prison, I have been faithful to this divine mission. And all those who believe in me receive the seal of eternal life for God's paradise. In the first vision of 1993, a great crowd came to me from all the nations and races and tongues and religions of the earth. And that is what is being fulfilled. Men and women of all the races and tongues and religions of the earth believe in me for paradise and if you are of God, you will believe in me but if you are destined for hell, you will despise me and reject me. So, you inhabitant of Asia and elsewhere, after reading or listening to me, you have a choice to make: the choice between paradise and hell; the choice between God and Satan; the choice between me, Prophet Kacou Philippe, and the religious leaders of the earth. Similar chapters: Kc,139, Kc.131, Kc.135 and Kc.136.

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