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Updated: Mar 25

Letter that Prophet Kacou Philippe wrote from his home in Katadji on March 1st, 2020.

1 Letter that I, Prophet Kacou Philippe, prisoner until May 20, 2021, because of the Gospel of Christ, I wrote from my house, this Sunday morning, March 1st, 2020, in a time when, in the Democratic Republic of the Congo, Pastor David Nkanka has been imprisoned by pastors Esdras Kalonji, Dominique Kondé and the evangelical and Branhamist pastors.

2 If there is a people on the earth who have always sought purification, the quest for immortality in ritual baths, deep meditation, yogas and intense asceticism for eternal liberation and Nirvana after death, it is the people of Asia. The Asian seeks God to have paradise after death while the European, American and African seeks God to have health and happiness on the earth.

3 And you the Asian, the pilgrimages to the five sacred mountains of China, the Kumbh Mela, the ritual baths in the Ganges, the Bagmati and the Saraswathi, were intended for your purification and liberation, but today the God who created you sends you the word that will lead you to perfection and the final liberation after death.

4 Before Christianity had fasts, before Islam had ablutions, ritual sacrifices of sheep and pilgrimages to Mecca, you, the Asian, already knew deep meditations, yogas and purification baths. And God made this promise through a prophet saying that when this Message of the time of the end is proclaimed by me, many inhabitants of the earth will believe and will be purified and made white and refined. And I that speak to you, I am God's answer to your quest for purification today.

5 All of you, members of Buddhism, Hinduism, Shintoism, Taoism, and Jainism, for thousands of years your fathers suffered so much in these practices for a noble purpose. It was not to become rich on the earth but for the final liberation and Nirvana, God's eternal paradise after their death. Today, I, Kacou Philippe, I come to you with the God that you have sought so much. I come to you with the path to purification and to the final liberation that you have sought so much.

6 And according to the revelation that I received from God on April 24, 1993, this purification for paradise consists of two aspects. First, this purification consists in obeying the commandments that your God is giving you today. For example: No one shall ever put his mouth on the genitals of his spouse and a man shall never approach his wife from behind like an animal. And in case of adultery with a married woman, you will go with a witness to ask her husband for forgiveness. You shall never take the picture or video of a woman's nudity. You shall never download or watch a sex picture or video on your phone or computer.

7 If a Catholic, Protestant, Evangelical, or branhamist prays on some food, you must not eat of that food. And when a woman in menses throws herself into a body of water such as a river, a beach or a swimming pool, the water becomes impure within a radius of forty meters till the next morning and whoever throws himself into it comes out of it cursed. Until your death, you shall never be a member of Christianity, Islam, Hinduism, Buddhism, Jainism, Shintoism, Sikhism or Taoism. These are commandments from God today. Even if you do not believe in me, know that I am your prophet on behalf of God just like the president of a country is the president of all the inhabitants of that country including the opposition. And if you disobey these commandments, your end will be the eternal hell of Naraka. [Kc.135v10]

8 Secondly, this purification consists in the public confession for all the sins that you will commit. This is a commandment of God for all the inhabitants of the earth. For our time, the blood of Jesus on the cross can only blot out your sins after public confession. This is "Thus saith the Lord" as a prophet and in virtue of the mission that I received on April 24, 1993. You can reject this commandment of the public confession and weep and cry to God, go to Mecca or the Ganges, go for a fast and do whatever you want to ease your conscience but know that your sins are upon you until your death and you will go to the eternal hell of Naraka.

9 Know that God has not stopped speaking since the death of Moses, Confucius, Lao Tzu, Guru Nanak, Mahāvīra, Mahomet, Krishna, Buddha, Branham, Ming-Dao Wang and John Sung. I do not believe that the Lord Jesus who walks among the nations has become mute since the year 33. If the prophet of whom you claim to be was alive on earth today, my Message would be what this prophet would preach to you if he was truly of God. God spoke through the great prophets that you call avatars, rasuls or maharishis and God will always speak through maharishis until the end of the world.

10 Salvation only comes through the spoken word of God, that is to say, the word that comes out of the mouth of a prophet while the prophet is alive on the earth. As soon as I die, this Message of the end time will be devoid of its vital substance over the whole surface of the earth and will become a dead letter like the Bible, the Quran, the Bhagavad Gita and all the booklets of William Branham. After my death, all you will have to do is to wash your wedding garments through your good lives and the public confession. You have known and loved the living prophet of your time and the living prophet of your time has known you and loved you.

11 You who are alive today, know that the Message of a living prophet is the pure and sacred water from heaven for the purification of the living of his time before this water becomes old water. I was born and grew up in Africa and I have not seen a witch doctor or a shaman use old water for the ritual baths of his patients. And the old water is the holy books, booklets and Messages of dead prophets.

12 And when a prophet leaves the earth, every believer of his Message who goes further than him is a demon. For example: a Methodist or a Lutheran who gets himself baptized by immersion in the name of the Lord Jesus Christ or a Branhamist who says that a Catholic or an Evangelical is not his brother in Christ is a demon. The revelation is progressive but only with a living prophet messenger.

13 If I die before the rapture then know that the perfection is still far and God will send another prophet, because only the living prophet is the master of the work of divine perfection. Without the prophets to come, we will never reach perfection, just as also without my Message, the living and the dead since Adam will not reach perfection. Blessed is the man who dies in the lot of the living prophet of his time, for he will see God.

14 Your prophet is a man who lives on earth in your time. And you Muslims and Branhamists, you say that there is no more prophet, whereas Surah 17 verse 71 says that at the judgment, it is by the name of a prophet that his generation will be called and it is this prophet who will testify for his generation. Therefore, when God says, "Generation of Moses, come near!" Aaron and Miriam and all those who lived in the time of Moses will come near. When God says,"Generation of Jesus, come near!" Peter and John and all those who lived at the time of Jesus will come near. When God says, "Generation of Mahomet, come near!" Abu Bakr and Aisha and all those who lived at the time of Mahomet will come near. And when God says, "Generation of Kacou Philippe, come near", what will you do?

15 Prophet Branham said in his sermon "The Queen of Sheba": "Well, in all the ages God has had a way to manifest Himself to every generation." In the past generation, it was through William Branham, in our generation it is through Kacou Philippe, and in the next generation after my death, it will be through another living prophet. And if you refuse to move forward with God, God will move forward without you. And up to the rapture, we will still be in the Laodicean age which will also have several generations with prophets. If I am the last prophet of the nations, this means that the rapture will take place while I am alive. All the prophets who declared to be last prophets are false prophets.

16 Salvation and the knowledge of God for a living person is not in a religion, in a holy book or in the Message of a dead prophet. It is God Himself who reveals Himself to a man called a prophet and this man makes God known to his generation while he is alive. No matter how much you love God and distribute your goods to the poor, if you reject the living prophet of your time, you will go to hell.

17 The Message of a dead prophet cannot save anyone. That is why the Lord Jesus had said: "While ye have the light, believe, that ye may become sons of light." John 12:36. And also: "As long as I am in the world, I am the light of the world." John 9:5. "As long as" means "In this precise moment". And for eighteen years I cried out that one cannot be saved by following a religion, a holy book, or a dead prophet. All of you who are alive today, if you have not believed in me, then as soon as my death is announced, know that you will all go to hell. One cannot be saved in a religion or in the Message of a dead prophet. One cannot be disciple of a dead prophet. One day after my death, no man can say again, "Kacou Philippe is my prophet".

18 For the Arab, I, Kacou Philippe, cannot be a prophet and the black man is born to be a slave. In Arabic, the same word “Abid” means black African and slave. And an Arab does not believe that a black man can go to heaven. In 1998 in Libya, Arabs went into mosques to pick up black migrants and went to sell them. The Arabs said to black Muslim migrants: "You are already burned, to which paradise will you go?" But you, when a prophet speaks to you, whatever his skin colour and his social rank, you will listen to him first. White or black, one God created us all and loves us all.

19 Some people listen to me or read me and believe in me, while others say to me, "Why don't you speak in Arabic with Quranic verses if you are truly a rasul from Allah?" Others say again, "Why is his white beard separated by a black tuft? Why does he wear a bubu, if he is not a voodoo priest?" Yet as a prophet, this beard is the wisdom of God and men. If I wore a suit, they would say, "How can an angel wear a suit?"

20 I am rejected, but by my Message, the midnight Cry, I have brought light to the earth. All mankind, including the enemies and imitators who hate me, curse me and insult me, recognizes today that it is midnight and that Matthew 25:6 is not just a parable but a Message preached by a black prophet.

21 We are in a time of counterfeits. Plagiarism has become a profession. And Satan has risen up everywhere to plagiarize and produce counterfeits of my Message. Today, men of whom my Message has opened the eyes say like me that they are the only true prophets on earth. They say like me that the Bible is a history book and that it is by a living prophet that we are saved as I revealed it since 2002. They imitate everything I do except the public confession.

22 Like hyenas, the plagiarists first wait for me to speak and then take credit for what I have said. I have seen "Guillen 1:5" from Domingo Guillen whom I baptized. Why don't you imitate the public confession? The last time I went to the service was on November 3, 2019. That was four months ago. Why don't you imitate that? In 2015, like the prophets, I was absent, I didn't speak for more than a year. Why don't you imitate that?

23 What I am about to say this morning does not exist anywhere, but tomorrow those plagiarists will begin to say that if you read or listen to their plagiarism, you will have healing and deliverance. They say that everything I say, it is them who were supposed to say it but I am Satan who has gone ahead of them. And they are starting to make up calls and commissions.

24 For the first time in 2,000 years I have preached that Salvation is only through a living prophet messenger and I am the only true prophet of God on the earth and no one can be saved except through me. I preached it alone for eighteen years and now there rise up many only true prophets on all the continents, especially in Africa because of the curse of Ham. They are the forerunners of the grievous wolves that will come on the earth after my death.

25 After the vision of 1993, I went to take the torch of the prophets in the house of William Branham just as Moses went to take the torch of Joseph in the house of Pharaoh, just as Paul went to the feet of the apostles to take the torch from the hands of Peter, and just like the Lord Jesus Himself with the Pharisees at the age of twelve, but the plagiarists don't do that.

26 But I am glad, because mankind knows now that salvation is through a living prophet messenger. They all acknowledge that the word of God that saves is what the living prophet of your time is saying and that every preaching based on the Torah, the Bible, the Quran, the Puranas, the Upanishads, the Bhagavad-Gita, the Vedas, the Agamas, the Tao-tö-king, the Yi Jing, the book of Mutations and all the holy books of the religions is the gospel according to Satan, they are history courses.

27 But you, when a prophet speaks to you, you shall not act like the members of those religions, but you shall seek to hear him. Know that all the religions and their leaders are at the service of Satan to lead mankind to hell. When there is no prophet, all the earth is in the darkness of Satan.

28 I, Prophet Kacou Philippe, I did not fight for the expansion of a religion but for the gathering of all of mankind under the wings of God like at the creation. I fought for the return of the whole earth to God in the steps of only one prophet. And this is the unity of the faith which Watchman Nee was looking for. The will of God is mankind in the footsteps of only one prophet messenger while the will of Satan is mankind in the footsteps of religions, holy books and dead prophets despite their divisions.

29 I see China in its glory. God loves China and when I leave the earth, my Message will have the purpose of helping the Chinese to recognize the prophets who will come on the earth after me. When I return to this divine position that I had experienced in 1993, stay in this Message but let your prayer be: "O God, send us a prophet". The rapture is hundreds of years away and many prophet messengers will come to the earth. Before the rapture, God will visit Latin America, Asia and the Arab nations. In addition to the awakening of the cock-crow, remember that between midnight and the morning, the spiritual man wakes up several times and each awakening corresponds to a prophet with a Message.

30 But a man who will tell you that there will no longer be prophets and it is the Message of a dead prophet that will lead you to perfection and to God, that man is Satan. How come there will no longer be prophets on the earth but there will still be pastors, imams, rabbis and monks? By whom will God establish those pastors, imams, rabbis and monks? How come there will no longer be a president in a country but there will be ministers? Who will establish those ministers? How can God create His world all by Himself and you tell this God that now He no longer has the right to speak to this world that He created all by Himself?

31 If after reading or listening to this word you still follow those pastors, rabbis, imams or monks who are not looking for the living prophet of their time, know that you will go to hell. Prophets are angels, mediators between God and men. From age to age, from generation to generation, for 2000 years, the prophet has been the head of the Christianity-body-of-Christ, he is God's ambassador to mankind. And this prophet for your time, it’s I, Kacou Philippe, speaking to you. And a true pastor, rabbi, imam or monk echoes what the living prophet of his time is saying.

32 When a man who calls himself a prophet will rise up with a Message, if no one gets interested in him, know that his so-called Message is chatter from Satan. But if his Message reveals new things and progresses in the whole world and the religious world and the states rise up against him, then pay attention to this man. He will be a loner, he will not walk with a religious or political man. And his Message will cross the barriers of religions, languages and races and will reach every nation of the earth. I began to preach on July 8, 2002. I was alone. And in 2005, all the believers of my Message were here in Ivory Coast in three assemblies. But in 2019, the Ivorians represented only 17% of the believers of my Message in the whole world with nearly one hundred assemblies here in Ivory Coast. This is the work of the Angel and the Lamb of April 24, 1993.

33 And amongst all the men of light who came on earth before me, I knew that the Angel and the Lamb of April 24, 1993 is the Lord Jesus whom the Hebrews call Yeshua. He who was born without sin, lived without sin, died and rose from the dead. He is the only source of purification and eternal liberation. He is the Only eternal God. The word of God has a name: it is the Lord Jesus Christ. And when his side was pierced at the cross, all those who are destined for eternal life came out, myself included.

34 And if it is by the blood of the Lord Jesus on the cross that I am saved, then I am a Christian, a member of the body of Christ. The Lord Jesus Christ walks amongst the seven golden lamps, He is here now and I am his reflection. The Bible is the book of the prophets of Jesus Christ. I baptise in the name of the Lord Jesus Christ because I am a Christian. And in this baptism, we die with Him and we rise with Him. He appeared to Paul on the road to Damascus and He said, "I am Jesus whom you persecute." And for our time, the Lord Jesus Christ is the One who appeared to me on April 24, 1993.

35 In 1993, that glowing cloud, that God without a name, whom I saw in heaven, it is him the angel who cried out in Matthew 25:6 and it is him who became flesh in me and you call him Kacou Philippe. And after my death, whenever you see this angel, until in eternity, under different aspects, you will call him Kacou Philippe. Thus is it with the Lord Jesus.

36 The supreme God whom Judaism calls Adonai, whom Islam calls Allah, whom Hinduism calls Brahman, and who created men and angels and the universe and everything that is in it, it is He who came to earth in a body of man called Jesus Christ for the redemption of mankind. Jesus Christ is the name of the Word of God. I will die in that name and I will rise in that name. It is He who holds the seven stars in Heaven. And the last verse of the Bible says: Come, Lord Jesus. And it is He who saved me by his blood on the cross. Jesus Christ is God Himself who came on the earth in a human body for the redemption of mankind by his blood. And He sent me to claim mankind back from Satan.

37 And you, the Chinese, you love Lü Xiaomin and you sing the Canaan Hymns, me too. But before you sing the Canaan Hymns, you must first seek Moses and the Message of Canaan. And this Moses today, it is I, Kacou Philippe, speaking to you. And after reading or listening to me, if you reject me, know that before God, your Christian faith is the one of the Three-Self Church and your Jesus is the spirit of Mao Zedong. Know that all the religions of the earth are kingdoms of Satan. And you do not need a church but the living prophet of your time and it is this prophet who will make you know the way to Heaven.

38 When the Roman Empire could not defeat Christianity, it became Christian in order to better control it and make it a satanic religion. And it will be thus in China. How can communism, a Satanism that denies the existence of God, sponsor your religions? And sometimes it replaces Christian symbols with those of the State and sometimes you have to sing the national anthem in the churches before the praises to God. This is Christianity according to Satan. You can't be Mao Zedong and Christian at the same time. But when one day Mao Zedong changes his attitude towards you, know that it is the same wolf and that your church is the Three-Self Church under another aspect.

39 But God loves China because if there had not been Mao Zedong in China, Billy Graham, Tommy Osborn, Benny Hinn, Edir Macedo and Ewald Frank would have already corrupted China. It was God in his love who preserved China from the satanic invasion of Christianity until China got enlightened by this end time Message. And one day, when this Christianity-religion will sit at Mao Zedong's table, know that this Christianity is the kingdom of Satan!

40 Having known God, you will not make peace with the wolf and the fox, and it does not belong to politicians, whiskey drinkers to give you the right to worship God. It is better to be true and absent than to be false and existing. When Satan sends ten thousand Mao Zedong and when all religions submit to Mao Zedong around you, you will keep your identity of son of God. Mao Zedong and your presidents are neither God nor prophets. They will go to judgement before God like you. The God who created you loves you. And if you love God too, keep his commandments that I am prescribing to you today and know that you cannot love God and Satan at the same time.

41 Mao Zedong is the king of your nation, he is not a prophet. And a king can be good or bad. That is why in the Bible, it is written that such and such a king did what is good in the sight of God or such and such a king did what is evil in the sight of God, but that is never said for a prophet because a prophet of God does not sin. We cannot say that Prophet Moses, Isaiah, Jeremiah or Kacou Philippe did what is good or evil in the sight of God. Prophet messengers have a heavenly immunity. You can call me anything you want but God does not remember that, from April 24, 1993 until my death, I committed a sin.

42 And all of you Chinese and Asians who will read me or listen to me, let your prayer be: "O supreme God of the universe, You are sovereign and free to speak to the earth through whom You will. Rich or poor, master or slave, white or black African. Even if my heart reassures me on the path to hell, have mercy on me and save me". God never raised up a holy book or a religion but a man called prophet, rasul or maharishi according to the appellation in each religion. After me, there will be a prophet again. And this prophet can come from any religion with an accent or language of that religion.

43 There is one and same sun, sky, moon and earth. The way of being born is one and the same, death is one and the same. God is one and the same and the way to reach God is one and the same. And in his love, the way that the Creator God Himself has traced for you China and for all of his creation, it is the living prophet messenger. Faith in dead prophets and holy books and faith in religions are the roads to hell. If you do not follow the living prophet of your time, know that whatever you do, you are doing it against God. Your piety and sincerity and love of God are comedies of Satan.

44 If a pastor, imam, monk, or rabbi loves God, he will say, "Prophet Kacou Philippe, we know that in reality without a prophet, there is no salvation. We will go nowhere with our divisions. In the absence of a prophet on the earth, we were volunteers in the harvest, but if the Master sends a prophet, we must go to this prophet and work with him so that the Master will recognize us after our death."

45 Know that miracles with no prophetic Message for mankind, it is the devil. If a Message did not follow the great vision of April 24, 1993, it would be the devil. If a gift of miracles and healings does not serve to make the Message of the living prophet of your time known then it is the devil. When pastors, church prophets and apostles who are priests have direct calls from God to the ministry, know that those are comedies of Satan. All their revelations and sensations and apparitions and audible voices, know that they are comedies of Satan to deceive the inhabitants of the earth. There are four ministries of the Word: the apostle, the minor prophet, the evangelist and the teacher. A pastor is not a ministry of the Word. It’s mere church responsibility just like the treasurer and William Branham said that they must be elected every year. Confiding in a pastor is to choose the path to hell.

46 Well, when God sees Satan doing evil to the earth, He comes down and takes a body called prophet messenger. For example: In Kc.140:53, a woman had a dream and I told her her dream with the details including what she had forgotten. And this is the interpretation you asked me about: When God from Heaven saw Satan in the form of a goat doing evil to the earth, God also came down to the earth in the body of a prophet but when Satan saw this prophet, he took a woman's body, that is to say a religion, and God in the prophet not being able to physically strike those pastors, imams, rabbis and monks, He returned to his state of Spirit, to go and wait for them at the last judgment. From Heaven, God sees the pastors, imams, rabbis and monks as goats destroying the earth. [Kc.140v53]

47 Prophets are Gods in human bodies eating and drinking with men. They are men with divine aspects. Seeing visions in broad daylight with open eyes is a divine aspect. Explaining to people the dreams they had is a divine aspect. When I stood on the waters with the Angel and the Lamb in 1993, it is a divine aspect. When I was the glowing cloud, invisible to men in broad daylight but I could see and I moved in the sky without a body, it is a divine aspect. And if you are a son of God, you will meet and you will recognize God in a man on the earth before your death. It is written in the holy book of Christians and Jews, in 2 Chronicles 24:19 that they are prophets that God sends to the earth to lead men to Him.

48 But, on the earth, show me the pastor, the imam, the monk, or the rabbi who serves God. Where are all those pastors and imams who said, "If Krishna, Buddha, Jesus of Nazareth, Mahomet or Branham were on the earth, I would make every effort to go and see them in India, Israel, Arabia or Jeffersonville"? I have seen none but great builders of temples, mosques and cathedrals and founders of religious companies which they will bequeath to their sons or parents on the earth which is their paradise.

49 The earth is the paradise of the religious people and the politicians with the wars and plagues and epidemics. And as you are at the stage of nuclear weapons, God sends you nuclear diseases as I prophesied about it in 2002. Hospitals will be closed and schools and families and villages will be wiped out. Men will run away from men as one runs away from wild animals. My paradise cannot be this polluted world, sitting on bombs, this sick and crime-filled world.

50 You have rejected me but you will disappear from the earth along with your memory and one day your grandchildren will be surprised at your attitude. In 100 or 200 years, the memory of your religious leaders will be blotted out because their works do not come from God and you will all go with them to the eternal hell of Naraka. You look honest and sincere but you are liars because the sincerity that comes from God is the fear that you can be in error. The sons of Satan are fearless but the fear of going to hell resides in every son of God. [Kc.130v21]

51 Well, now I am going to pray. If you need healing, deliverance and blessing, kneel before God while I pray for you: O God, Creator of the heavens and the earth, Creator of the gods, only master of the universe, to what would I compare You? Nothing! You spoke and men, angels, archangels, seraphim and cherubim came into existence. You spoke and the great peaks of the earth and the seas and the oceans and the five sacred mountains of China and everything the earth contains came into existence. You spoke and the planets and the galaxies came into existence and you can speak and they will disappear.

52 Behold, you created and loved man, but man has been ungrateful and wicked. Man has chosen the path of evil for his suffering and perdition. But in virtue of the mandate that you gave me on April 24, 1993, I address this supplication to you in favour of the whole earth. Remember that the capacity for change is in no man. Man has taken paths that You have not traced, evil and wickedness have become the culture of man. And man has loaded himself with curses, sufferings and diseases.

53 And in virtue of this mandate of April 24, 1993, I beg You. May whoever reads or listens to this prayer see a change in his life. I know that I came with the gift of healing. My first miracles were already in 1993 when a young Baptist was healed of an incurable wound after my prayer and a man who used to urinate in bed got delivered. And through my prayer, to this day, countless sick people have been healed or delivered.

54 My Message has transformed entire lives. Before my Message, there was not a single person who was not often immobilized in his sleep by Satan. People are conscious on their beds but they cannot move or shout. And they are all the inhabitants of the earth who suffer from it and their end is hell after their death. But this demon has left forever all those who have believed in me. None of those who believe in me eat in their dreams, fly in their dreams, have sexual relationships in their dreams and is chased in their dreams. [Kc.120v2]

55 O God, people are pious in the religions, but in their dreams, they see snakes and dogs, they are in places where they lived or frequented in the past, they have nightmares, they eat in their dreams, they fly in their dreams, they have sexual relationships in their dreams, they are possessed with demons and their souls are already in hell and they will go to hell after their death.

56 Some are in psychiatric centers because of the religions, they recite bible verses in their madness while waiting for hell. But I beg You, O God, forgive the sins of whoever reads or listens and believes this prayer and grant him to receive immediate healing, deliverance and blessing and change in his life because the voice that spoke on April 24, 1993, it is this same voice that speaks here.

57 O God, in the cities and the countryside of Europe, America, Africa and Asia, wherever this supplication that I raise this morning will be read or listened to and believed, may there be healing and deliverance and blessings no matter the problem or sickness. O God, I am a prisoner on probation, I do not have the right to travel, but a doctor produces a medicine and without that doctor travelling, the medicine spreads all over the world and heals thousands of people regardless of their race, religion and social rank. Let it be so for this supplication for whoever reads it or listens to it and believes it anywhere in the world.

58 O God, not only me, but my apostles and pastors prayed and HIV and cancer disappeared with the medical confirmations. And today, wherever this word is read or listened to and believed, may healings, deliverances and blessings be seen and confirmed no matter the problem or disease. And may the testimonies be in overabundance everywhere on the earth. May the Asian, European, American and African experience this grace everywhere. And when you are healed, if you were Christians, Muslims, Hindus, Buddhists, Jains, Shinto, Sikhs or Taoists, let your temple, church, mosque, ashram or your surroundings be your first place of testimony for this miracle.

59 Pastor José Hernandez from Venezuela believed in me two months ago with his church and his wife who had a childbearing problem is now pregnant after my prayer. And many women have received this grace. The swimming pool of Bethesda and the towel that touched Paul's body are the shadow of the Message of the hour that came down from heaven on April 24, 1993 for your deliverance and purification.

60 Captain Békoin spent eight years in Branhamism with his wife with no child. After he believed in me, he explained his situation to me. I prayed for his wife and the same month his wife conceived and gave birth to their first child. And the parents and the neighbours and the branhamists were all astonished. O God, in the cities and the countryside of Europe, America, Africa and Asia, wherever this supplication is read or listened to and believed, may women experience this same grace and may testimonies flood the earth.

61 When my friend Jean René gave up alcohol, his father came to see me at home so that I could make so that he too would stop drinking. O God, may whoever is in such a condition and reads or listens to this supplication and believes in me, receive deliverance from these things, for the purification is the right of all the inhabitants of the earth today according to your promise to Prophet Daniel.

62 Sister Esther who is a policewoman could not sleep. Her nights were troubled by nightmares despite all the prayers of her evangelical church. But the day she believed in me, her nightmares disappeared without prayer. And through her, her father and mother and her family believed and she is now a police officer. Thousands of people have seen their social situations transformed. O God, by your authority and in virtue of the mandate that I received from You on April 24, 1993, I cancel every curse and every work of witchcraft and every evil work in the life of whoever is in any condition and believes in me. May he receive healing and deliverance and blessing no matter the problem or sickness.

63 O God, in this Message of the hour that You have given me, thousands of alcoholics, cigarette and drug smokers have been delivered without effort and this has often led their entourage or relatives to this Message of the end time. Tens of people going to the baptism kept their cigarettes, alcohol or drugs at home because they did not believe that they would give up those things, but after their baptism, they threw away those cigarettes and drugs and alcohol because all the cravings were gone and as a result of this, other people believed. This Message of the end time is alive and the name and the power of God are in it. 64 O God, this prayer does not take the place of medicine or a ministry, but on the whole surface of the earth, may whoever is in any condition of sickness, possession, trouble or difficulty and reads or listens to this and believes, receive healing, deliverance and blessing while I, Prophet Kacou Philippe, I am in the world and let it be known that there is no God but You alone and I am your prophet.

65 An Arab had told me that his son was constantly shouting in the house, "Daddy, I see people ... I see people." I prayed and those apparitions disappeared. Many little children everywhere were agitated and had sleep disorders and strange sicknesses, but after their parents accepted this Message, those troubles and illnesses disappeared.

66 Recently, in Brazil, a man sitting alone, listening to my words, raised his hand and said, "O God, I believe this African, I pray that you will grant me grace too." And the genital cyst and the hole in his eye that tormented him, disappeared immediately. Yes, this Message is the immense sea that has come down from Heaven for the healing, deliverance and purification of whoever believes. This power which entered into me on April 24, 1993 is in these words that you are reading or hearing right now for the deliverance of all mankind. Today, I Prophet Kacou Philippe, my Message is the temple, the place provided by God to make His name and His authority and power reside while I am alive on the earth.

67 What you did not obtain in ritual baths, fasts, yogas, incense, the Ruqya and all the shamanic and exorcistic practices, deep meditations and asceticism of your religion, you will obtain it in this Message without effort. This Message is the ark of the supreme God in the face of the gods of the religions.

68 And after reading or listening, when you make the experience of deliverance, the next day, burn or throw away all the Christian, Muslim, Hindu, Buddhist, Jain, Shinto, Sikh and Taoist holy books, images, statuettes, relics and objects of faith, and leave all your practices and take now the path of the final liberation and eternal paradise after your death. This is the beginning of your redemption and you must overcome any word or thought that will come and oppose this decision.

69 O God of grace and mercy, through this supplication may the mute speak, the blind see, the paralyzed walk, and may all kinds of diseases be healed. May the testimonies of your goodness flood the whole earth and may the light that appeared on April 24, 1993, be seen by all the inhabitants of the earth like the sun. I beg You, open the eyes of all the inhabitants of the earth so that all may know you.

70 O God, may all the peoples of the earth know that it is You, the Lord God, creator of the universe, who sent me. In your grace, have mercy and open the eyes and the spirit of whoever reads this word just as you had mercy on me on April 24, 1993, and opened my eyes. I beg You to blow now a wind of deliverance and repentance that will transform all China, Asia and the rest of the earth. O God, thank You. Thank You for salvation and for all the good that You will do to the earth through this supplication. Amen! Similar chapters: Kc.131, Kc.135, Kc.136, Kc.139 and Kc.140.

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