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Oracles that Prophet Kacou Philippe pronounced from Katadji, his village, on August 23, 2020

1 Oracles that I, Prophet Kacou Philippe, prisoner until May 20, 2021 because of the Gospel of Christ, I pronounced from my village, on August 23, 2020, to all homosexuals and lesbians in the whole world, and also to Apple, the giant of mobile telephony and computers which, because of homosexuality, banned my Message on its platforms in a letter in January 2019. I am not a homophobe. I'm just a poor spokesman who only transmits a commission.

2 The whole earth having become Egypt with the religions, in virtue of the mission that I received from the Angel and the Lamb on April 24, 1993, I have condemned these religions. And now, the whole earth having become Sodom, I condemn sodomy in virtue of this same mission. And even when I am in my grave, I will always condemn sodomy, that thing hated by God which you call homosexuality.

3 Sodomy is the whole of lesbians, gays, bisexuals and transgenders. It was through the adultery of the serpent with Eve that sodomy entered the human world. The serpent is the origin and the symbol of sodomy but he slept with Eve with the aim of giving himself a sodomite posterity and Cain was born. And if God had not taken the serpent's hands and feet away, he would have taught Eve about sodomy and other impure things.

4 When Satan went into the serpent to sin, God cursed the serpent. God is not a homophobe but homosexuality is a rupture with God and if you die in homosexuality, you will perish in hell like the serpent. One cannot be holy and homosexual at the same time. You must resist homosexuality. It is your struggle. And if the serpent did not sleep with Adam but with Eve, you, a man, must not be worse than the serpent by seeking to sleep with Adam.

5 A homosexual can be a son of God according to Genesis 7, but homosexuality will always remain a despicable, abominable thing and hated by God. Homosexuality is an enemy of everything God has created. And when a country decriminalizes or legalizes homosexuality, homosexuality becomes the sin of all the inhabitants of that country. When a country decriminalizes or legalizes homosexuality, then its president and all its ministers, senators and members of parliament are homosexuals. For example: Donald Trump, Emmanuel Macron, Filipe Nyusi, Cyril Ramaphosa and Ali Bongo are homosexuals. And Angela Merkel and Queen Elizabeth of England are lesbians. When a country decriminalizes or legalizes homosexuality, it is the rainbow flag of the homosexuals that floats over the heads of every inhabitant of that country.

6 Homosexuality is not a perversion of white men because there was a time when white men themselves had imprisoned and killed homosexuals. There have always been homosexuals in every society of the earth. There are homosexual ministers, members of parliament and mayors in every nation of the earth including Israel and the Arab nations. And there was a time when revealing your homosexuality in Europe and America was punished with imprisonment.

7 Homosexuals are born homosexual, they don't become homosexual. And telling a homosexual to stop being homosexual is like telling a smoker to stop smoking. He does not have the power to do that and there is no cure for that, but if he dies a homosexual, he will go to hell. And when a country decriminalizes or legalizes homosexuality, it's a country that stinks. It is a country whose stench of sin reaches up to God. Every country that decriminalizes or legalizes homosexuality becomes Sodom and Gomorrah, and there was neither God nor a prophet in Sodom and Gomorrah. Before the first homosexual parade in the United States in 1970, William Branham had already left the scene. And God Himself did not dare to go down to Sodom and Gomorrah.

8 The decriminalization or legalization of homosexuality in a country is an abomination and a curse for all the inhabitants of that country. A state must not decriminalize or legalize homosexuality. A father must not say, "My son, since you want to marry your sister by all means in spite of my opposition, I accept, bring me the dowry." When Adam and Eve sinned, their curse was on the waters, plants, animals, and all the earth. And when a homosexual acts in a nation, his curse is on the head of every inhabitant of that nation.

9 Now listen to this carefully: During elections, many candidates receive money and support from homosexuals to get homosexuality decriminalized or legalized if they are elected. And they distribute the money of homosexuality to you. Don't take the easy way out. Even second-hand clothes are anointed fabrics for the transfer of homosexuality. Be careful. If the leaders of your religion or nation accept homosexuality, then you have accepted it too. That is why, during an election, a candidate's first oath is to say, like President Vladmir Putin, that homosexuality will never be decriminalized or legalized during his time in office. And a president who refuses to decriminalize or legalize homosexuality in his country is a gift from God.

10 And if you do not ask the question to your candidates during the elections, you and your children will be the victims, and you will be guilty before God when that senator, member of parliament, or president decriminalizes or legalizes homosexuality. If you do not ask them the question, they will be the ones asking the question to your children and grandchildren at school and in competitions and job applications. Then homosexuality will be the condition for your children and grandchildren to get a job or pass a competition.

11 If you don't ask them the question, know that after they decriminalize or legalize homosexuality, you will also be guilty, and God will not consider all your demonstrations and statements to condemn their decision. Then homosexual scenes will be shown on your televisions. They will teach homosexuality in kindergartens and elementary schools to your innocent and defenseless small children. They will teach them to practice homosexuality. And to you, they will say that if you beat your seven-year-old or ten-year-old child for being homosexual, you will go to jail. And some citizens will be arrested and brought to justice for homophobic comments.

12 And later, they will say that boys can come to school wearing camisoles and skirts. And a male couple will adopt your little boy and they will make him wear camisoles and skirts and tell him to call a man "mommy" and the culprit before God, it will be you. You have not inherited homosexuality, do not give homosexuality as an inheritance to your children. Do not do evil to the earth.

13 Placing a child between two men is a crime before God. And these children will be initiated to homosexual practices and education and can become homosexuals like a left-handed person who can become right-handed. And, when you see a child between two homosexuals or two lesbians, it is a child in danger and you have an obligation before God to get him out of there. You don't legalize an abomination. And if you have to legalize sodomy because there will always be homosexuals on the earth, you also have to legalize drugs because there will always be drug addicts on the earth.

14 Now, know that the sin of Sodom was not inhospitality. And Sodom was not a city in which other people who were not homosexual lived. It was not a city in which homosexuals sodomized those who were not homosexual. No. What was it then? This is the revelation that I received from the Angel and the Lamb of April 24, 1993 while I did not believe in the existence of God yet: After the Flood, there was no homosexual and lesbian on the earth. The earth was pure. Then homosexuals began to be born on the earth.

15 Then the homosexuals wanted their flag, their lifestyle which the whole earth had to accept. They wanted to open their synagogues, mosques, churches, ashrams and temples. They are demons, the kinds of people who seek God in religions, holy books and dead prophets and who cannot believe in the living prophet of their time to be saved. They are people who come either from the Crab Nebula like football players and musicians, or from the Snake Nebula like political and religious leaders as I showed it in Kacou 138.

16 And homosexuals and lesbians who were beginning to be born on the earth were killed because the inhabitants of the earth did not want another Flood. The whole earth was like Chechnya. Recently, the president of Chechnya was asked: "Mr. President, it is said that you are killing all homosexuals in your country." And the president replied, "I swear, there is no homosexual in my country." Thus, after the flood, every homosexual or lesbian was hunted down and killed like in Chechnya until God spoke through a prophet named Athabia or Abiathar. And it was this Prophet Athabia who prophesied the birth of Sodom, a city of refuge for the homosexuals and lesbians of the earth so that blood would no longer be shed because the earth was under grace just like today.

17 On the word of Prophet Athabia, Sodom and Gomorrah came to existence on the land where Lot, Abraham's nephew, already lived. God then separated those who were homosexual from those who were not. And no one was allowed to move from one territory to another and sleep there. Thus, Sodom and Gomorrah were two cities of refuge created for every homosexual or lesbian on earth. And to take revenge, the inhabitants of Sodom and Gomorrah would sodomize any stranger who came to their land and who wanted to spend the night there. And the inhabitants of the earth cried out to God. What I am saying, I have neither read nor heard it anywhere. And if this revelation already exists somewhere, I don't know. This is according to the revelation that I received from the Lamb who spoke to me on April 24, 1993.

18 In the past, there were cities of refuge like Hebron in Israel. It was in Hebron that anyone in danger found refuge. And it was in this sense that Sodom and Gomorrah were created for homosexuals. It was Gay-land, the nation of homosexuals with their law, their emblem and their rainbow flag. And there, they could organize their homosexual parades and carnivals. The people of the earth called their country: Sodoma. But as for them, they called their country: Gay-land. It's like the Vatican today. You call it Vatican but God calls it Sodoma. And after the human serpent had done Satan's will in Eden, Satan said to him, "You are a serpent and upon you, I will build my church." And Satan gave him the keys and the power of the kingdoms of the earth. The name and location of the Vatican are linked to that serpent soothsayer. It is there that that serpent died. The Vatican, from Latin Vatic-anus, is the cemetery of the serpent, father of the sodomites of the earth.

19 And you know that Catholic monasteries, seminaries and convents are nurseries for homosexuals and lesbians and many priests come out of them with serious sexual crises and their victims are little boys, starting with altar boys. The headquarters of sodomy on earth is the small city of the Vatican and the pope is its godfather. Since all civilizations, like left-handed people, homosexuals are born in all nations, races and languages of the earth. There are not more homosexuals in Europe than Africa. But the Vatican was founded like Sodom and Gomorrah. The Vatican is the place on earth where there is the greatest number of homosexuals.

20 The Vatican is a nest of homosexuals, it is the refuge of homosexual bishops and cardinals, and the convents are refuges for lesbians. The Vatican is an enclosure of sexual predators. More than half of the Catholic leaders in the Vatican are homosexuals and they are the greatest defenders of celibacy. And the pope said in 2013, "If a person is homosexual and loves God, who am I to judge?"

21 And it is said that from 1963 to 1978, Pope Paul VI was surrounded by homosexual bishops and cardinals. And some make homophobic remarks and defend celibacy in order to hide their homosexuality. For them, there is a problem when sodomy concerns a minor boy and they therefore talk of pedophilia. Pedophilia is when the homosexual partner is a minor, it is sodomy on a minor. Homosexuality and pedophilia are like the Catholic bell and the call of the muezzin, they are two sides of the same coin. And some priests say, "We took a vow of celibacy and not chastity."

22 No persecution or humiliation could remove homosexuality from the earth. And in the sixth century, a law was promulgated saying that anyone guilty of homosexuality will have his testicles amputated, and if he does it a second time, he will have his genitals amputated, and if he does it a third time, he will be burned alive. This was enforced. Some homosexuals and lesbians were burned alive, but it did not remove homosexuality from the earth. Also, the very first victims of this law were two great Catholic prelates.

23 In 542, Monsignor Isaiah of Rhodes and Monsignor Alexander of Diospolis were caught in the act of sodomy, they had their genitals amputated and dragged across the streets of Constantinople to serve as an example to all ungodly prelates, sexual predators. And the punishment against homosexuals continued throughout the world until the 20th century. In 1750, Bruno Lenoir and Jean Diot, caught in the act of sodomy, were burned publicly in Paris. Prison, the knowledge of God or the holy books of religions, exorcisms, yogas, dharmas, pillars and sacraments were used as therapies against homosexuality without ever defeating it.

24 There have been powerful homosexual kings on the earth: Louis XIII of France, Edward II of England, Caliph Al Ali of Baghdad. And Abû Hurairah, a companion of Prophet Mahomet, was homosexual. And Mahomet advised him to run away to escape the crowd that wanted to kill him because of his homosexuality. But why all this hatred against homosexuals? It is because homosexuality is the too strong presence of the serpent in the blood of man.

25 Last month, with my friend, Doctor Jean-René, we saw a snake passing far from the house. Immediately my friend Jean-René started looking for a stick and I said, "Do you want to kill it? But what did it do?". And I asked my wife, "Honey, what will you do to a hungry homosexual who asks you for water to drink?". She said, "I'm not going to listen to him. I'm not homophobic, but I don't like homosexuals." You see? And by nature, every homosexual is careful.

26 The peace and long life of a snake lies in its prudence. When homosexuals hide, there are fewer homophobic crimes. In France, in 2012, there were 1977 homophobic crimes, but in 2013 when homosexuals wanted to parade, there were 3517 homophobic crimes, and in 2014 when they hid, there were only 2196 homophobic crimes.

27 Note that no one hates left-handed people. No one hates the Hindus who go to the Kumb Mela. No one hates the Muslims who go on pilgrimage to Mecca. But why does every human hate the snake and the homosexual passing quietly? God said, "I will separate you from the woman, your seed from her seed." A passing homosexual is a passing snake and a snake near your house is a homosexual neighbor. No matter the epoch, there will always be homophobes on the earth. And every normal human being is unintentionally a homophobe, but he must hold back from his homophobia just as the homosexual must also hold back from his homosexuality. Under the grace in Eden, God did not kill the serpent and you too, under grace, you must not kill a homosexual.

28 In your hatred for homosexuals, know that: It was not because of homosexuality that God confounded languages on earth. They were not homosexuals who had the Lord Jesus crucified, but religious people. Homosexuals do not parade around with pictures and divine representations. And before God, the gatherings of Islam, Christianity, Judaism, Hinduism, Buddhism, Jainism, Confucianism, Taoism, Shintoism and Sikhism are like homosexual parades.

29 But you the homosexual, that doesn't excuse you. You remain a serpent. And when you say, "We're not responsible for homosexuality because we didn't choose to be homosexual", know that the drug addict also thinks the same way. When you say, "Who would choose to be homosexual to get into so much trouble?" know that the drug addict also thinks the same way. A homosexual is a person who finds his pleasure in homosexuality just as the drug addict finds his pleasure in drugs. You are not responsible for the temptation, but you are responsible for the action that you will do. And if you die a homosexual, you will go to hell. The person who commits suicide is not responsible for the temptation to commit suicide but he is responsible for the act and anyone who commits suicide goes obligatorily to hell. Until you die, the temptation of homosexuality will be your fight and you must defeat it.

30 And the homosexual or lesbian who listens or reads me must say, "O God, have mercy on me. Of course, if a man had not gone to a woman, I would not have been born. O God, it is You who created me and it is You who has the power of deliverance and transformation, deliver me! I want to be delivered. I don't want to corrupt the earth and end up in hell." But if you refuse and you die in homosexuality, you will go to hell. Even if you are killed because of your homosexuality, you will go to hell.

31 On April 24, 1993, I went and stood on the waters with the Angel and the Lamb, and it was because of the power of the word of the Lamb. The knowledge of the truth, the therapies and rituals, the fasts and prayers, the deep meditations, the good actions and all the yogas together could not give me the power to go and stand on the waters. And thus, the preachings and readings of the holy book of a religion have never delivered anyone from homosexuality. The Kumb Mela, the ritual baths in the Ganges, the Bagmati and the Sarasvatî have never delivered anyone from homosexuality. The pilgrimages to Mecca and Israel, the rituals in the sacred rivers and mountains of Asia have never delivered anyone from homosexuality.

32 Tens of smokers told me, "Prophet, I was a slave to cigarettes. Despite fasts and prayers and deliverances and therapies, cigarettes had never left me. But as soon as I believed in your Message and I received the baptism, cigarettes left me for good." This Message has come from God for all those who are yearning for deliverance from all forms of captivity. If tens of people gave up smoking by believing in this Message, then homosexuals too will be delivered by believing in this Message. Before you baptize someone, just be sure that he is sincere and that you have no spiritual problems yourself and that you did not come near your own wife the night before. And deliverance will come.

33 This Message has delivered many people from homosexuality without any effort. And I have the conviction that this chapter, Kacou 143, will lead many homosexuals to God. It is God's answer for the deliverance of all those who are in the captivity and suffering from homosexuality. This chapter, Kacou 143, is the greatest Thing you can ever offer to a homosexual.

34 Just as the serpent could not resist the devil's grip in Eden, in the same way no man can get out of the grip of sodomy, but it is God Himself who will send him a deliverance from heaven. The decision of a human cannot deliver him from homosexuality but the word in an unknown tongue of the Lamb that appeared to me on April 24, 1993 can according to the promise of God to Daniel 2500 years ago which said, "Go your way, Daniel; for these words in an unknown tongue are closed and sealed until the time of the end. Many will read Them and be purified and be made white and refined and none of the wicked shall understand."

35 God cannot condemn homosexuality and let the homosexual die in homosexuality. God must send a solution to save every man who desires to be delivered from homosexuality. And this solution today cannot be the death of every homosexual on the earth.

36 Among men in every nation, there is a posterity that hates homosexuals while there is another posterity that understands them. And also, among the homosexuals, there is a posterity that suffers from this sodomite condition. This posterity was in the crowd that had come to me in the vision of April 24, 1993. This posterity is a slave to this condition but it knows deep in its heart that it is not a normal state, while there is the other satanic posterity that is proud of homosexuality.

37 And this satanic posterity has chosen Jerusalem as the capital of homosexuality. Israel is the promised land of homosexuality. But in 2015, Yishaï Schlissel, a prophet of Israel, killed a 16-year-old Jewish lesbian and stabbed five other homosexuals during the homosexual parade in Jerusalem. For me, Israel is still occupied by people whom humanity believes to be Jews but who are not.

38 And at every homosexual parade in Jerusalem, Abraham and David Ben Gurion weep and turn in their graves. David Ben Gurion did not know that he was fighting for homosexuals to march in Jerusalem under the high surveillance of the Israeli police. Israel has betrayed David Ben Gurion. Israel goes so far as to sponsor homosexual parades abroad and it is the smell of Israel which defiles the Mediterranean Sea and the Arab nations.

39 Israel means "married to God", Israel was married to God and God had placed her in a land in the East and had placed Arab nations around her like a fence so she would not prostitute herself with America and the impure nations of Europe but she said to God, "I no longer want You, I want to be a secular nation, I want to be a lesbian."

40 And like Israel, God created the earth and the riches of the earth and placed man in it, and man rebelled against God. And for them not to listen to what the living prophet of their time would say to them on behalf of God, every nation said to God, "O God, I no longer want You and your laws, I want to be a lesbian, I want to be a secular state." In 2016, wherever I was taken to, to the police or in court, I was asked, "Where are your papers?" I would show my identification card and they would say, "No, your church papers." And I would answer, "What church papers? Who is going to give me which church paper? You are a secular state and you are asking me for church papers? So, you no longer respect your own commitment to secularism?" You see?

41 In the beginning, God led the earth through prophets. Adam, Abel, Abraham, Isaac, and Jacob were prophets, and after Prophet Moses, came Prophet Joshua, then prophets up to Prophet Samuel, and then God was rejected by men. And it was then kings appointed by some prophets. Then, God and the prophets were driven out of the daily lives of mankind once and for all.

42 And now, the leaders of the earth are the politicians, whisky drinkers who know nothing about God and who have no regard for God with their people. For example: to prophesy that someone will be president of the republic, it must be done long before the announcement of the candidacies. But when the candidates are known, that is no longer called a prophecy but prognostication or lottery. And that is something the presidents of nations and their people do not know. And they are the ones who lead the earth decriminalize and legalize homosexuality with their people so that curses may come on the earth.

43 And homosexuals parade in their countries, even justifying their homosexuality with the Bible. David and Jonathan were not homosexuals just as the leaves of Revelation 22:2 are not herbs of drug. The mouth of God, it is only the prophets, and no prophet ever said that David and Jonathan were homosexuals.

44 Left-handed people are about 10% of the world's population but look how left-handed people suffer. Door handles are on the right, scissors, wedding rings, watches, car gear levers are on the right. In Africa, left-handed children are so traumatized that many of them end up becoming right-handed. The world is made for right-handed people and left-handed people have to adapt. But do left-handed people parade in Jerusalem like you do?

45 I that speak to you, I am black. I am not responsible for it, but I know that God is not black and the image of God cannot be a black African, but it is a curse on the posterity of Ham in Egypt that did this. Adam was not black. This is the suffering of the sons of God among homosexuals. There are no homosexuals in Heaven. God did not create any homosexual in Heaven. And on earth, the helpmate that God gave to man was not a man but a woman.

46 God created man in his own image, and since God was not a homosexual, man could not be a homosexual, but homosexuality was passed on from serpent to man. Homosexuality began with the serpent and its posterity. And through the serpent, this seed of homosexuality entered into the world.

47 And when you come near your wife, you let her be on top of you as if she was the man, you are the seed of homosexuality. When you put your mouth to your spouse's genitals, you are the seed of homosexuality. When you wear tattoos, you are the seed of homosexuality. When you, a man, you wear earrings, you are the seed of homosexuality. When you put your wife, who is a human being, in the position of a she-dog to approach her, you are the seed of homosexuality.

48 Approaching a woman from behind, whether it is sodomy or not, it is the seed of homosexuality. That is called an animal position, and that animal is the serpent that was in Eden, and God sees you as homosexuals. To be guilty in part is to be fully guilty. Whether it’s by the genitals or the anus, you are guilty. When the law says that you must not climb someone's fence at night, if you are caught climbing in or out, you are guilty.

49 Putting a person in the position of a she-dog to sleep with her is a very satanic act. It proves that you come from the Crab Nebula or the Snake Nebula and that your end is the eternal hell of Naraka. You can be born and have a homosexual attraction, but being born with a handicap does not mean that the handicap is normal.

50 Moses is the prophet recognized by Judaism, Christianity and Islam. And God said to mankind through the mouth of Prophet Moses: "Thou shalt not lie with a man as one lieth with a woman. It is an abomination." God said, "If a man lies with a man as one lies with a woman, it is an abomination. Both of them shall be put to death and their blood shall be on them."

51 And in the same Bible, it is written, "There is revealed wrath of God from heaven upon lesbians and homosexuals."The Bible says, "Do not err, neither transgenders, nor homosexuals, shall inherit the kingdom of God." God condemns homosexuality, and the heavens, the moon, the stars, the holy angels, and everything God has created condemn homosexuality. And yet, homosexuals are proud of it and organize parades in a festive atmosphere to attract God's wrath upon the inhabitants of the earth. Men marry men and women marry women.

52 Miss America 2005 is a lesbian and she married a woman. And in 2015, the Prime Minister of Luxembourg had married a man. And from 2013 to 2017, in France alone, there had been 40,000 same-sex homosexual marriages. But faced with this, what does Kacou Philippe, the mouth of God, the living prophet of your time, say? What is God's will for humanity concerning homosexuality? The revelation is the return of homosexuals to their land and therefore the rebirth of the state of Sodom near the Dead Sea. What was God's will in ancient times before the law of Moses is what is God's will today.

53 When Satan and his angels disobeyed God in heaven, God separated them from the holy angels and their place was no longer found in heaven. Yet, it was God who had created them this way. And on earth, when man disobeyed God, his place was no longer found in the garden of Eden. And God separated the posterity of the serpent from the posterity of Adam. The separation of the waters from the earth, light from darkness; God always separates. And in this time of restitution and separation, if there is not a Sodomite nation, it is the whole earth which will become Sodom, and which God will burn with fire.

54 There was a time when the world was in Jewish hands. The Rothschilds and Rockefellers ruled the world economy. And in the face of anti-Semitism, the Jewish nation was born in 1947. And the world is now in the hands of homosexuals. And no man, not even a religious man like Archbishop Desmond Tutu, can receive a Nobel Prize or an international distinction if he is against homosexuality. A state or a politician cannot have the support of the international community or the favor of donors if he is against homosexuality. And in the face of homophobia, there must be a vote at the UN as there was for Israel, and a homosexual state must be reborn on its ancient land of Sodom.

55 And the UN and the World Bank and all the major international institutions support homosexuals. But the will of God for the earth today is the birth of a homosexual state on the ancient land of Sodom. In the face of racial segregation in America, a state was born in Africa, Liberia. If today the yellow star has a land, the pink triangle must also have a land. Have an identity! What you need is not gay prides, homosexual parades. Stop your homosexual parades. What you need is not movements or homo-monuments here and there but the return to your land like the Jews. The birth of a state in which you will walk alone without being harassed.

56 Just as Catholic homosexuals and lesbians have the Vatican, monasteries and convents, the homosexuals of the earth who refuse to return to God must also have their own nation. God is the God of separation. Separate the wheat from the darnel and then no one will hurt a homosexual and the earth will be at peace. This is God's will for mankind regarding homosexuality.

57 And if you believe that the Bible is the word of God, know that it is said in the Bible that at this time, a prophet will rise from the midst of Africa according to Matthew 25:6 to fulfill what I am doing. And it is this prophet who will make you know God's will for this time concerning homosexuality. And this prophet, it is me, speaking to you.

58 There is only one God in heaven and there must be only one prophet on the earth. For Salvation, the Christians say, "The blood of Jesus purifies us from all sins; we no longer need a prophet." The Muslims say, "The blood of the sheep purifies us from all sins, we don’t need a prophet." The Hinduists say, "The god Shiva takes upon himself all the sins of the world and purifies mankind from all sins, we don’t need a prophet." But what does the living prophet of your time say?

59 The Christian believes that God is a Christian and that everyone else will go to hell. The Hinduist believes that God is a Hinduist. The Buddhist believes that God is a Buddhist. The Arab believes that God is a Muslim and that everyone else will go to hell. And in 1998, the Arabs told black Muslim migrants in Libya: "You see, Moses and Judaism, it is for the Jews. Muhammad and Islam, it is for us the Arabs. The Quran is in Arabic. The prayers of Islam are in Arabic, and you, look at your skin, you are already burned. To which paradise will you go to with that?"

60 Each religious leader has carved a god in his mind and placed him on an altar called a church, temple, or mosque and invites everyone to come and worship it. They despise one another and yet, they are all in the hands of the same Satan. It is like a black American pretending to be white and despises black migrants. It is like a pure Christian who says, "I am not a Christian" while wallowing in Christianity and in Bible verses and doctrines and attributing himself some Bible verses and ministries and prophecies saying, "I am not a Christian, I have never read a Bible verse, but the Bible speaks of me in these and those verses or prophecies." That is the seed of the serpent and homosexuality.

61 God has only one plan of salvation for all the inhabitants of the earth in every generation, and it is through a living prophet messenger that he makes this plan known. And after a generation, when another generation comes, God sends another prophet with another plan of Salvation. And the prophet messengers are unique in their generation. Never two. Two eagles do not fly together.

62 And for this generation, on April 24, 1993, I received the visitation of an angel and a lamb. And the Lamb spoke to me in an unknown tongue and gave me a Message in fulfillment of the Cry of Matthew 25:6 which is a prophecy of the Bible, so that whoever believes in me may not perish but have eternal life. The Lamb of April 24, 1993 is responsible for my mission and for everything I have revealed. The Message of a prophet is Thus saith the Lord. And all my Message and my actions are the "Thus saith the Lamb of April 24, 1993" who is the Lord God Himself.

63 This Message is God printed for the virgins of Matthew 25:6, to make them conscious, to deliver them and to wash them from all impurities. The Message and the bridegroom are one, that is why it is written, "This is the bridegroom"and not "there is the bridegroom". That is why it is written: "Come forth" and not "Go out". Come forth and meet him. And when the Cry sounds, the members of Islam, Christianity, Judaism, Hinduism, Buddhism, Jainism, Confucianism, Taoism, Shintoism, and Sikhism will hear it and choose between their religion for hell and the living prophet of their time for the eternal paradise of God.

64 And after me, when a prophet comes with some mysteries and performs miracles and wonders, ask him how God appeared to him and what God revealed to him in his call and commission. Also, after the age of the lion, the age of the calf, and the age of man, it is the age of the eagle, and we are therefore in the age of the eagle, and I do not believe that, today, God will send a prophet who has never seen a vision in broad daylight, with his eyes open. I am not talking about night vision, when you are asleep, but in daylight, while you are sitting or standing with your eyes open. An eagle that can only see at night is an owl.

65 And in the ministry of a prophet, he will distinguish himself from false prophets. And one of the major events of my time was the coronavirus disease, and you saw how I prophesied about it eighteen years ago, on October 20, 2002, with precision, saying how people would walk without touching each other, how people would greet each other without shaking hands, how schools would be closed.

66 And the virgins of Matthew 25, are the disciples of the living prophet of our time and these virgins spread the Message while Prophet Kacou Philippe is still alive. The wise virgins are the saints who have their hearts turned towards spiritual things. Until their death, the concern of the wise virgins will always be victory over sin and the expansion of the Message to the point that pagans call them by the name of the prophet of their time, while the foolish virgins are those who have hearts turned towards the five senses of the flesh and carnal things.

67 And I have decided that until April 24, 2021, every baptized person who has left the Message and has not returned, must never return. And from this date of April 24, 2021, anyone who leaves the Message for one year must never return.

68 And with the progression of the Message, I have been asked several difficult questions. For example: During the service, can we sit on rugs or mats as when we were in Hinduism, Buddhism or Islam? After death, can our bodies be cremated? Can we donate our organs to the hospital when we die? And I have answered all these questions. In one epoch, whatever the place in the world, we must have the same prophet and the same faith.

69 But a paradise where there are only Hindus singing Hare Krishna, it is the paradise of homosexuals. A paradise where there are only Muslims singing verses from the Quran to Allah, it is the paradise of homosexuals. A paradise where there are only Christians singing praises to Jesus, it is the paradise of homosexuals. A paradise where there are only Buddhists chanting mantras to Buddha, it is the paradise of homosexuals.

70 But blessed are those who have loved my day. The Angel said to a prophet in heaven: "When you were alive on the earth, all those that ever loved you and all those that you ever loved, God has given to you." Because of my Message, many got imprisoned, many lost their jobs, their marriages, their schools, the love of their parents and their future on the earth. I have made some people unhappy on the earth but blessed in heaven, in the celestial city where the Lamb of April 24, 1993 is the light.

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