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Updated: May 27, 2022

Words that Prophet Kacou Philippe pronounced from Katadji, his village, on October 29, 2020

1 These are the words that I, Prophet Kacou Philippe, prisoner until May 20, 2021 because of the Gospel of Christ, I pronounced from my village on October 29, 2020 on the Quran and Islam.

2 I was born of a father who had no religion and a Catholic mother. And until April 24, 1993, I did not know that God existed. And it was from that date that the visions began. I saw visions of God in broad daylight with my eyes open. With my ears I heard God's own voice and with my eyes I saw God's angels. And I was in a cloud in broad daylight. God Himself in the form of a Lamb and an Angel descended from Heaven and came and spoke to me, a worthless man. That is why the words you are going to read or listen to are Spirit and Life, it is the sacred Message of God for the Salvation of the living of my time.

3 I, Prophet Kacou Philippe, after having read the entire Bible, I found it good to read all the other holy books of the other religions to reassure myself that my Message is true. A son of God always asks himself if he is really on the path of God. A son of God does not sink into his parents' religion like an animal. Despite the great supernatural experiences in my life, I sought to know what is written in the Quran, the Hadiths, the Vedas, the Bhagavad Gita, the Upanishads and all the other holy books on which billions of wise and intelligent men base their hope for paradise.

4 And wanting to read the Quran, I spoke to a Muslim to get the best French version of the Quran. But he told me, "The Quran only exists in Arabic, all the translations that you will find are false. Start by learning Arabic little by little if you want to read the Quran". I asked him: "So Arabic cannot be translated?". He said, "Arabic can be translated, but it’s the Quran that can’t be translated." I was sad. Then I asked him if he spoke Arabic and if he had already read the Quran. He said, "No, I don't speak Arabic. I have not yet read the entire Quran". I said, "But what did you believe in then?". He didn't answer me anymore. I then understood that something was not clear.

5 Why can’t the Quran be translated but it can be interpreted every Friday in the mosques? And are all imams Arabs or do they speak Arabic? Why is God going to speak to the whole universe in a book that cannot be translated?

6 In the vision of April 24, 1993, the Angel and the Lamb came to me from the paradise of God and the Lamb had spoken to me in an unknown tongue, I didn't understand any word but in the second vision, the scriptures carried by the angels were in French and I understood that it was perhaps what the Lamb had said to me in the unknown tongue. If the angels had not brought me the interpretation in my own language, how was I going to understand and speak the language of a sheep while I am a human?

7 For three years, there has been a debate in India about the pronunciation of the name Kacou. When they pronounce: "Kakku", they say they have pronounced: "Kacou". And when we pronounce: "Kacou", they say that we have said: "Kakku". This is the same as the Ephraimite who says sibboleth and thinks he said Shibboleth. That is why the debate over the name of Jesus in Hebrew is a satanic debate. God cannot ask me to learn Hebrew or Arabic or Sanskrit before I understand what He wants to tell me.

8 And through my research on Arab forums, I chose the translations of Malek Chebel, Muhammad Hamidullah, Rashad khalifa, Hamza Boubakeur and Mohamed Chiadmi. Then, I read some hadiths, especially the Sahih hadiths: al-Bukhari and al-Muslim. From the Quran, the Bhagavad Gîta, the Vedas to the Vedanta through the Upanishads and the Puranas, I read the essential of the sacred texts of the Eastern religions.

9 I read the entire Quran in a good spirit to understand. For example, when the Quran repeats over and over that Allah created Adam from a drop of ejaculated sperm, I cannot say that Allah masturbated or ask whose sperm it is. I read the Quran in a good spirit.

10 The Bhagavad Gita is a spiritual book. Everything Krishna taught Arjuna at the battle of Kurukshetra are words revealed by a spirit. But the yogi he is talking about is the disciple of a living rasul. When a prophet or a rasul comes down on the earth, he comes down with an anointing which is different from the anointing that was on the prophets who preceded him. And this anointing will rest upon all the yogis or disciples who will walk with him to the eternal paradise that you call Nirvana. And when this Maharishi, this supreme yogi of Brahman, this avatar of Vishnu leaves the earth, his mission is over but his anointing remains to teach and lead all those that he knew on the earth. And one after the other, his disciples or yogis join him after their death.

11 The Vedas written by many Maharishis are like the Jewish Tanakh. And the Bhagavad Gita is like the Gospel of Jesus Christ with Krishna as the central character. Even the transfiguration of the Lord Jesus in Matthew 17 is found in chapter 11 of the Bhagavad Gita in which Arjuna had seen Krishna transfigured with four arms. And Arjuna had seen that Krishna was the physical manifestation of Vishnu.

12 The Bhagavad Gita is a spiritual book, but out of the 114 surahs of the Quran, I did not find any line of revelation. The Quran is a small book of 114 disordered surahs or chapters. And in addition, they are repetitions of the same things: "This book is true, believe! There is too much evidence. Kill the unbelievers! Allah is not a man to have a son. This book is true. Believe, otherwise you will regret it! This book is true, ... There is too much evidence ". And it is so repeated that it becomes tedious. No coherence, logic or chronology. Everything is confused in it.

13 And I understood that Daesh, Al Qaeda, Boko Haram and the terrorist groups, the jihadist and the Salafists are pure Muslims who walk according to the spirit of the Quran. Sunnis are nothing but hypocrites. Mahomet said in Hadith al-Bukhari 2-26-594 that Jihad is greater than the pilgrimage to Mecca. He said in hadith al-Muslim 20-4696 that whoever dies without having participated in Jihad has died of the death of a hypocrite and therefore goes to hell. In Surah 5:72, Allah says that non-Muslims will go to hell. But instead of preaching to them that they may be saved, Allah says in Surah 9:29-30 to kill them all. And you believe in such a god like donkeys.

14 The origin of Islam is found in Genesis. From Abraham came forth two posterities: Ishmael the elder, father of the Arabs, and Isaac the father of the Jews. And from Isaac came forth two more posterities: Esau, the elder, father of the Arabs, and Jacob, father of the Jews. And even before they were born, the two children Esau and Jacob were struggling together within Rebecca's womb. And God said that the elder, Esau, the father of the Arabs, would be subject to the younger, Jacob, the father of the Jews. God had said, "I have loved Jacob and I have hated Esau."

15 And God had said in Genesis 16:12 that Ishmael, father of the Arabs and of Islam, would be a wild-ass. The hand of all would be against him and his hand would be against all. God was revealing that the descendants of Ishmael would be terrorists, jihadists and bombers. When Noah said, "Cursed be Canaan," Noah was speaking about the black race. And when God said, "Ishmael will be a wild-ass," God was speaking of Islam. An Arab is a donkey but a Muslim is a wild donkey. A Jew is an olive tree but a Christian is a wild olive tree. And in the celestial tabernacle there were also cherubs, prophets made of wild olive wood.

16 And if Muslims are not wild donkeys, how can Allah say, "Kill the unbelievers until they convert to Islam?... He who leaves Islam, kill him." And why don’t they know that this barbaric and bloodthirsty Allah is Satan? And since Islam is the religion of wild donkeys, anyone who converts to Islam receives the spirit of the donkey and acts like a donkey. And by converting to Islam, you become wild donkeys. According to God's plan and decision, the Arabs were to receive the Jewish prophets. This is a decree of God and every Arab should accept that. But they also preferred to fabricate a religion and a holy book.

17 Before Islam, all the Arab nations were Christian and they all had coins with Christian symbols. Before Islam, the majority of the great Christian councils had taken place on the Arab soil. Ephesus, Antioch, Constantinople, and Alexandria are Arab cities. And before the arrival of Islam, the Eastern Roman Empire called the Byzantine Empire, which had become Christian, had already destroyed all the pagan idols of Arabia. So, all the idols that Mahomet and his army had destroyed were actually synagogues and churches. When Mahomet talks of the idols of Mecca, he is talking about Christianity, referring to the trinity.

18 And then by the use of weapons, Quraysh, the Christian city of Saudi Arabia is massacred and later renamed Mecca. Its buildings are transformed into Mahomet’s churches and later into mosques. And Yathrib, the Jewish city of Saudi Arabia also becomes Medina and the Jewish places of worship are transformed into mosques. Quraysh and Najran were Christian cities. Quraysh was not a commercial crossroads or a big Arab city but the sanctuary of the Christians of Saudi Arabia.

19 And before Islam, Mustafa Mahomed, under his real name, was a Christian. And he and his followers used to put roadblocks and attack Christian and Jewish caravans. And later, he created his Christian branch mixed with Judaism, and this branch became Islam after his death thanks to the Caliph Abd Al-Malik. It was Abd Al-Malik who gave the name Islam to the religion and the name Muslim to the followers of Islam and gathered the first Quran. Mahomet was Christian, a preacher of the Apocalypse. That’s why the entire Quran is addressed to the Christians and the Jews. Islam is some Christianity; it is a Christian heresy.

20 Words like Quran, Surah, Zakat and Salat are Syriac Christian words and circumcision, pork, ablutions are practices of Judaism. And even Mahomet believed that his cousin Ali, father of the Shia, was the second coming of Christ. Islam is a Christian sect. And here in Ivory Coast, a certain Koné Bakari created a Christian sect and its followers pray sitting on mats like in a mosque, they greet each other: "as-salam alaykum" and women wear the hijab like Muslim women. And he wrote his own version of the Bible. That is what Mustafa Mahomed and the Arabs had fabricated.

21 Had it not been for the advent of Christianity, there would have been no Islam. The Arabs saw that the Arab nations and big Arab cities like Alexandria, Antioch, Byzantium became Christian on their Arab lands. So, they tinkered with an imaginary god like Father Christmas and gave him a holy book and a religion. The Quran is false. The Quran was written by several authors with additions, deletions and modifications. On some pages of the oldest manuscript of the Quran, ultraviolet rays made it possible to see several deleted and replaced verses. The Arabs of the 7th century did not know that science would invent ultraviolet rays capable of reading deleted texts. Islam is a set of pagan superstitions. And any believer or defender of the Quran is either an ignorant or a dishonest person defending his interests.

22 And Mahomet and his disciples could surround an entire village with weapons and forcibly convert every inhabitant on pain of death. The opponents were beheaded and their heads perched on wooden spikes. But I tell you that the light is already rising on Islam to enlighten the ignorant and hell is also ready for the ungodly and dishonest Muslims.

23 The Quran has only brought crime, suffering and misery to mankind. And according to the Quran, stealing, raping or killing non-Muslims is not a sin because they are unbelievers. And the Islamic nations are the most barbaric, pro-slavery and undisciplined nations. And today, in many countries where Islam is not even in the majority, young Muslims are the ones who are the most numerous in prisons for delinquency.

24 And you hate, despise and kill the unbelievers, but today, it is the dream of every young Arab and Muslim to go to Europe and America, to the countries of the unbelievers, so much so that Arabic is now the second most spoken language in France. But how many unbelievers go to Arab countries? And you hate, despise and kill the unbelievers but you use the computers, telephones and internet of the unbelievers. If you were not wild donkeys, you would have already known that the real unbelievers are the Muslims.

25 The Quran is a huge scam. Mahomet did not receive any revelation. Remove every story of the Bible from the Quran and you will no longer have any Quran. Why don't Arabs have a film about the Quran? If they make a film about the Quran, the whole world will know that the Quran is a copy of the Bible. Satan making Eve eat the fruit, the angels at Abraham's house and then at Lot's house in Sodom, the fire on Sodom, Lot's wife, Joseph sold by his brothers, Potiphar's wife and Joseph, Potiphar's dream, Moses raised by the daughter of Pharaoh, the story of the burning bush, the plagues on Egypt and the Jews' exit, the murmurings in the desert, the golden calf of Aaron, the story of Jonah in Nineveh, the visitation of the Angel Gabriel to Mary. .. The Quran is the Bible in Arabic according to Mahomet. It is ridiculous and the Arabs should ask God and mankind for forgiveness for fabricating Islam and the Quran.

26 And you Arabs! If you allow the Bible to circulate in your countries, Islam will fall apart because the Quran is an unfaithful copy of the Bible. For example, Surah 19 and 66 say that it was Miriam, the sister of Aaron and Moses, who gave birth to Jesus, even an illiterate Catholic knows that this is false. And that is why Muslims do not talk about Islam to Christians to convert them. And the worst of it is that Allah is the author of every sentence of the Quran from one end to the other, and therefore it is he himself who makes those mistakes.

27 The Quran is a Judeo-Christian plagiarism with a barbaric and bloodthirsty language, the opposite of the language of Christ and in the form of ridiculous fables, without any sanctity. It is a war book. And to hide this shame, Muslims who were not born to be saved say that the Quran is untranslatable. Why are you so mean and dishonest? Was it in Arabic that Allah spoke to Moses and to Jesus and the prophets who came before Mahomet? Was the Angel Gabriel speaking in Arabic to Prophet Daniel and then to Mary? And you Muslims, everything that Mahomet copied from the Torah and the Gospel, was it in Arabic that God revealed it to the Jewish prophets?

28 And you pray in Arabic. You sing in Arabic. In all the tribes of the earth, every satanic worship has a sacred language that the people do not understand. This has always existed in all the tribes of the earth. It is specific to Satan no matter the people, the race, or the place of the world. And people sing and pray without understanding what they are saying.

29 And my Catholic grandmother used to sing and recite her prayer in Latin without knowing what she was saying. The impious priest would have my grandmother pray in Latin and sprinkle her with holy water while my grandmother begged St. Cecilia to take my grandfather's soul out of purgatory. She thought she was obeying the Bible that the priest read in Latin. And it is the same for Islam with the Arabic language. Arabic for Islam, Latin for Catholicism, Sanskrit for Hinduism; Satan is the same everywhere.

30 Where is the Surah where it is said that the Quran must not be translated? There is none. The truth is that you are afraid because the diffusion of the Quran will demystify Islam and make the Quran look ridiculous. Anyone can criticize the Bible or any religious or secular book, but why talking about the Quran puts all Muslims in a trance? Why is the Quran, a book for the whole universe, not printed in all languages and distributed to all the inhabitants of the earth? Is it money that Arabs and Muslims lack?

31 Can't all the oil money of the Arabs offer a translated Quran to every inhabitant of the earth? Of course, it can, but you know that if you do it, there will be no more Muslims on the earth. I have read the entire Quran and I know what I am talking about. If anyone doubts what I am saying, let him go and read the Quran. It is a book of nothing. The strength of Islam lies in the ignorance and fear of its followers. You know that I am telling the truth. The majority of the Muslims have never read the Quran. Islam is the religion of donkeys and donkeys don't think. How can one follow a religion without trying to know what others are doing? And when a Muslim is reading the Bible, all the Muslims around him are afraid.

32 The truth is that the Quran is Aaron's golden calf at the request of the Arabs. The Quran is neither a revelation from God nor from the devil but some tinkering by the Arabs to conquer the earth. And Islam took things from Judaism, Christianity, Zoroastrianism and all the religions. Islam is the fusion of an immense polytheism into one religion. Islam is the greatest scam and fraud in the history of mankind and no martyr of Islam goes to paradise. And all the things like pilgrimages to Mecca, rosaries and the recitations of the Quran and the salah, zakat and gymnastics during their prayers are useless things like the luggage of a madman.

33 And according to Islam, all Muslims go to the paradise but bad Muslims go to hell for a while and then go to paradise. Allah says in the Quran 3:85 that all non-Muslims will go to hell without judgment. The good deeds of a non-Muslim do not count. And the punishments and torments of non-Muslims begin on the day of their burial: Burning embers twice a day, being hammered on the head by angels Munkar and Nakir, the shrinking of their graves until they get their ribs clenched. Everything is ridiculous.

34 And for Muslims to enter into paradise, their good and bad deeds are put on a scale. But what does Allah do when good and bad deeds are equal? Islam is just good for donkeys. And if you were not donkeys, you would know that this barbaric, violent and bloodthirsty Allah who says, "Kill the unbelievers... And he who leaves Islam, kill him" is Satan.

35 I was born and grew up in the village. And I saw men and women in terrible suffering because they hurt animals. One man had burned the leg of a chicken that had put its beak in his meal and that man suffered an incurable wound on his foot until he died. And you, will you go to paradise for killing a human because he is not a Muslim? In that case, why are there so many madmen in a country after a civil war?

36 And if you are not wild donkeys, why do you accept such ridiculous things? For example, Mahomet says in the hadith al-Muslim: "Do not eat with your left hand because Satan eats with his left hand." Mahomet says in the hadith al-Bukhari: "Every night Satan hides in Muslims’ nose and they must rinse their nose when performing the ablutions."Mahomet says in the hadith al-Muslim: "Do not greet Jews and Christians before they greet you first." And why don't you want this to be translated and to be known. And when people discover that, you start twisting their meaning.

37 For example, in Surah 4:34, Allah says, "the disobedient wives, beat them." And Aisha says in the hadith al-Muslim that she was in pain because Mahomet had beaten her. And the dishonest Muslims say, "Mahomet had beaten her with the word." And yet, it was one night, thinking that Aisha was sleeping, Mahomet got up, got dressed, and went out. And Aisha followed him and there was an argument, and Mahomet beat her and said to her, "You thought I was going to deal unfairly with you for another co-wife?".

38 The god of the Quran has nothing to do with the God of the Bible and the paradise of the Bible is the opposite of the paradise of the Quran. And Allah says that Muslim women go to paradise to become extremely beautiful virgin girls, virgin houris with round breasts and beautiful eyes, waiting on beds adorned with gold and precious stones next to a water stream. They will be the reward of the martyrs of jihad and each jihadist can have up to 72 houris. And in the hadith al-Bukhari, a woman sought help against her husband who slept with her day and night and beat her, when she could no longer support it, she found refuge with Mahomet. But Mahomet ordered her to return to submit to her husband's sexual desires.

39 The Lord Jesus of the Bible said that in his paradise there will be no marriage and sexual intercourse, but according to the Quran and the hadiths, the paradise is a garden of debauchery with beautiful virgin houris with round breasts and blue eyes waiting for you on beds adorned with gold and precious stones in a garden of delights under which streams flow. And these virgins become virgins again after each sexual intercourse.

40 Now go and read the Puranas of Hinduism and you will see that the paradise of Islam is the same paradise of Krishna. The girls are bathing in the river and Krishna picks up their clothes, and goes up a tree and starts playing his flute. And Krishna tells each one of them to come out of the water naked to get her clothes. And wasn't Krishna's first female conquest a married woman older than him?

41 And you Muslims, go and read the Puranas and the Vedas and come and tell me that Mahomet is not the portrait of Krishna. The only difference between Krishna and Mahomet is that the lie of Islam says that Khadija's husband, the rich and pious Jewish woman, died and that it was her slave Mahomet, who is not even a Jew, that she married. You Arabs, honestly, can you celebrate the marriage between a rich and pious Saudi Muslim widow and her black slave, a voodoo dancer who carries her luggage?

42 The Quran is an imitation, a falsification and plagiarism of the Bible to unite Arabs into a religion like the Jews and conquer the earth. And to say that the Quran is better than the Bible is to say that some plagiarism, a fake bank note or counterfeit is better than the original. The Quran and the hadiths are repetitions of the Bible and pagan legends, they are books which were totally fabricated by human hands and attributed to an imaginary god, Allah. And Mahomet would therefore be the last prophet since Allah is an invention that does not exist.

43 And you Muslims, your Quran says in Quran 16:36 that every prophet will present to God the men with whom he lived. When then will Mahomet present those of his time to God, who will present you to God when you have rejected me? If Noah, Moses, Jesus or Mahomet are true prophets, they are true prophets for those with whom they lived on earth. Whether Jesus is God or not, whether Mahomet is true or false, how does that matter to you today in year 2020? Those are satanic debates.

44 If God wants to save you, in your time, He will send you a living rasul to lead you to Him. It is through a living rasul that you reach God that you cannot see. And it is to reach God in Heaven that He sends the rasuls, the prophets or the Maharishis on the earth. And I that speak to you, I am your rasul. Even if you reject me, know that I am still your rasul just as the president of a country is the president of all the inhabitants of that country including the opposition. [Kc.139v60]

45 And if there is no president in a country, there can be no ministers because it is the president who must appoint them. And if there is no living rasul or prophet messenger on the earth, there cannot be scribes because it is the Message of the rasul or prophet that they will transcribe. And if there is no living rasul or prophet messenger, there cannot be the ministers of Ephesians 4:11or apostles of Luke 11:49 because it is the living rasul who must establish them. And if there is no living rasul on the earth, there cannot be imams, pastors and monks, because it is the living rasul, maharishi or prophet messenger who must establish them.

46 And if a president who is already dead is not your president now, a dead rasul cannot be your rasul. And if Bilal is not the muezzin of your mosque, then a rasul who died before your birth cannot be your rasul today. I say this to you as your rasul and if you reject this and die in Islam, Christianity, Judaism, Hinduism, Buddhism, Jainism, Confucianism, Taoism, Shintoism or Sikhism, know that you will go to hell. All the religions are religions of corpses and dead prophets.

47 In Africa, traditional fetish priests with human skulls around their necks shout in the streets: "Come back to the skulls! Come back to the religion of our ancestors! Come back to the skulls!". And this is the message of Islam, Christianity, Judaism, Hinduism, Buddhism, Jainism, Confucianism, Taoism, Shintoism and Sikhism. Believing that one can be saved by following a holy book or a prophet who is already dead is the religion of the skulls.

48 And when you say today, "There is no God but God, and Muhammad is his prophet," it is because you are wild donkeys. When Moses was alive, it was, "There is no God but God, and Moses is his prophet" in the present tense. But when Moses died, it was "Moses was his prophet" in the past tense. A corpse cannot be the prophet of a living person. When Jesus was on earth, it was "Jesus is his prophet" in the present tense. But when Jesus had left the earth, it was "Jesus was his prophet" in the past tense.

49 And today, in year 2020, when you say, "Muhammad is his prophet". So, Mahomet is alive and you are divided? Do you have Mahomet's telephone number? Is Aisha also alive? And in what year was Mahomet who died in year 632 your prophet? So, Bilal is also the muezzin of your mosque? If you are not donkeys, why do you act like donkeys and your conscience tells you nothing?

50 You go and turn around a stone in Mecca and you say that Hindus, Buddhists, Catholics and their statuettes of Krishna, Buddha and Mary are unbelievers. You are wild donkeys who do not think. You recite the Fatiha, the Catholics recite the rosary and you say that the Catholics are unbelievers? Is a prayer recited? How can the pot accuse the saucepan of being dirty? The miracle of the Quran is to turn human beings into wild donkeys.

51 If he is not a donkey, how can a non-Arab pray in Arabic, a language he does not understand? And recently in Guinea, an imam was imprisoned for leading the prayer in his language instead of Arabic, but after he was released from prison, he is still a Muslim because he is already a wild donkey.

52 And I beg God to open the mind of every Muslim. You were born alone and you will die alone and you will go down to your grave alone. You will go alone to judgment before God. There will be no relatives, husband or wife, or religious leaders. Therefore, on earth, you must never make the mistake of putting your salvation into the hands of a man. Do not follow a religious leader as one follows a prophet.

53 I am God's slave and I have pronounced the judgment and instituted the public confession according to the order that God gave me in 1993 saying, "Pronounce the judgment and the change of life." I have pronounced it and every inhabitant of the earth has heard it. My mission is not to force you to believe but to tell you that if you do not believe in me Kacou Philippe, you will go to hell.

54 In 1993, the seven angel messengers in the form of clouds and coming from the eternity sent me the commission saying: "Pronounce the judgment and the change of life on the inhabitants of the earth." I was in the desert and they appeared in the East. The desert stretched over the whole earth and the colour of the ground was red. There was a rock in front of me. And it seemed to me that I was leaning on the rock while I was reading the scriptures and the vision disappeared. I did not tell it to anyone, not even to those with whom I was sitting when I saw the vision. And as far as I could, I have pronounced the judgment and the change of life on the inhabitants of the earth.

55 And I have revealed great mysteries of mankind such as the mystery about the North Star and the constellations, the mystery about the black race and the mystery about homosexuality, and I gave the name Schlissel to my son in memory of Prophet Yishaï Schlissel. And how can God punish the world today with its homosexuality without sending them a prophet while your holy book says in the Quran 17:15: "We have never punished a people before we have sent a Messenger to them".

56 I have revealed how the serpent in Eden was the father of homosexuals. When Cain said that he would be a wanderer on the earth and whoever found him would kill him, he said it as a serpent or a homosexual. Sodom and Gomorrah were two cities separated by a river like Kinshasa and Brazzaville. And the daughters of Sodom courted the daughters of Lot. 57 The acceptance of a living prophet is by the grace of God alone. Look at the Branhamists. God said that they will fall asleep and that a cry will wake them up at midnight, but they say, "We have never slept and we will never sleep until the rapture." Did God lie? No. But the truth is that if Branhamists had not been blinded, how would have Muslims, Buddhists and Hindus believed in me? If Israel had not rejected the Messiah, how would have the Arabs and the nations known God? That is the mystery of blindness. And the Master said to me, "The guests having refused, go out into the streets and fetch the crippled, the sick and the men of evil life until the room is full."

58 If you don't understand what I am saying, then put your lives in order: Delete sex movies and photos from your phones and computers, never put your mouth towards your spouse's genitals, never put a woman in the position of a dog to sleep with her because she is a human being. And when you come near your wife, she will never be on top of you because you are the man. Beg for God's grace that He may have mercy on you and then He will open your mind to understand what He has given me for you. [Kc.130v6] [Kc.133v35] [Kc.142v51]

59 A prophet saw the throne of God with the angels shining with glory. And in the middle of the throne there was a Lamb standing there as slain, having seven horns. And at the end of time, on April 24, 1993, this throne came down to the earth with the clouds of the heavens, which are the holy angels. And this Lamb, I saw Him with my eyes, I heard his words in an unknown tongue. And it is this Lamb that takes away the sins of the world. And it is in the sacrifice of this Lamb that the purification of all the sins of mankind from the foundation to the end of the world is. And my words that you read or listen to are the words of this Lamb for you so you may be saved. And you must never again sacrifice any sheep on the days of Eid el-Kebir.

60 And in 1993, I saw this Lamb standing there as if He had been slain. And it is written, "You have been slain, and you have redeemed by your blood men of every tribe, and language, and people, and nation." And it was this Lamb who had the revelation of the seven seals and the unknown tongue of the Sabino Canyon. And it was this Angel of April 24, 1993 who had the little open book and He placed his left foot upon the earth and his right foot on the waters. And that April 24, 1993, these two testimonies came to me. And when the mighty Angel cried out, the seven thunders made their voice heard. And the seven thunders are the voice of the Creator. And in the vision of 1993, it was this voice that brought me deliverance, transformation, and Salvation.

61 This Message is the only word of eternal life today. In all my life, I have never heard that someone was reading the Bible or the Quran or any religious book and got healed from a pain or got delivered from the spirit of smoking, drinking, or homosexuality, but in this Message, men and women have told me, "Prophet, I was obsessed with masturbation, I even had sores on my genitals because of it. And being married, after sex I had to masturbate before I could sleep. For my deliverance, I tried everything, several pastors and prophets prayed for me but nothing; but when I started reading your Message, it immediately left me." [Kc.139v60]

62 And Martinho Ferreira of Luxembourg wrote to me and said: "Prophet, I was an alcoholic, I used to drink a lot of alcohol, and whenever I tried to stop drinking, I could not. In 2008 I was caught by the police in Portugal and went to court for alcoholism. In 2017 the same thing happened again. And in 2019 I discovered your Message on the Internet. I began to read the Message and the alcohol left me even before I was baptized. And today, without any effort, I don't drink anymore. But this morning I am sad because this October 07, 2020, I have to answer at the trial of 2017. It is as if I am going to answer at the trial for someone else because I no longer drink alcohol. But I'm trembling and I'm afraid because of this trial. My heart keeps beating. I feel weak, pray for me."

63 The reading of the Bible, the Quran or the Bhagavad-Gita, the Message of a dead prophet and even of resurrected Jesus Christ cannot do that today. But after my death, this Message will no longer be able to deliver or lead anyone to God. The Message of a prophet can only save while this prophet is alive on the earth. An Angel said to a great prophet in heaven: "When you were alive on the earth, all those that loved you and all those that you loved, God has given to you." And this is an eternal truth. I that speak to you, I speak of God because I saw Him, but I cannot speak of a god or a prophet that I have not known. But you, you are all liars because you are talking about an imaginary god and a prophet that you did not know.

64 You are full of demons and when you sleep, you have sex in your dreams, you see dogs and snakes in your dreams, you are chased in your dreams, you are immobilized in your sleep, you have night defilements like those that you call unbelievers and know that if you die in this condition, you will go to hell. And as a prophet, I tell you that all alcoholics and smokers will go to hell. [Kc.141v55]

65 And as soon as you read or listen to this word, if you believe, those things will disappear from your lives and this will be a sign to you that I have come from God to be Salvation and the light in my time so that whoever believes in me may be saved. I cannot be everywhere at the same time but this Message will be everywhere, even in the houses of kings and in the homes of Arabs. That is why I pray that whoever believes this word may experience that.

66 And with the Internet, I invite all Arabs and Muslims to wake up. In your telephones and computers, begin to read chapters 13, 131, 136, 139, 140, 141 and 144 of my Message. Do not be afraid of the one who will threaten you, because everyone will die. Be strong until you die with this truth. Say, "O God, if what this man says is the truth coming from You, have mercy on me and make me understand. "

67 And if my Message is so sacred to the point that its mere reading brings deliverance and healing, know that it is the Message of eternal life today. This is what the Messages of the true prophets had done when those prophets were alive on the earth.

68 The mouth of God on the earth is a living prophet, and it is a living prophet who brings the revelation and the will of God to the living of his time. For example, it is through my Message that you know that if a woman in menstruation preaches before you in a church, your businesses, your plantations, and your children are cursed forever.

69 And when you have believed in me, be my disciples. And even while you are at work for God, diseases, demons, and bad things will be away from you. At the last Judgment, my disciples are the ones who will judge the men and women with whom we have lived. Do not be Message believers, but disciples of the living prophet of your time.

70 You were born alone, and one day you will go down to your grave alone. That’s why you will never leave your Salvation in the hands of a parent or religious leader. You shall never make that mistake while you are on earth. If God has given you 20, 30, or 70 years of life on earth, you will give Him an account after you die. Your life on earth is not for school, work, marriage, and leisure, but so that you can seek God and find Him. During this lifetime, you can read the Bible, the Quran, the Bhagavad-Gita, the Vedas, the Upanishads and everything you want. You who were born into a Muslim family, how would you become a Muslim if you were born into a Jewish, Hindu or Christian family?[Kc.13v52] [Kc 136v45] [Kc.137v56] [Kc.139v56]

71 For the sake of paradise, leave Islam, this barbarity which has done so much harm to the earth, and find the living prophet of your time before your death. Leave this dragon of terror. I know that according to the Quran, every Muslim who leaves Islam must be killed, but you must make that decision before you die. You cannot be with God in Heaven if you have not been with his living prophet on earth. It is a living prophet who leads his generation to God.

72 A rasul is a man created differently, capable of seeing visions in broad daylight. He is a jinn-man to whom God speaks and who in his turn speaks to the living of his generation to lead them to God. And when you reject this rasul, then you are an unbeliever. And all the unbelievers will go to hell. But God's children will see that he is true and they will come from all religions, races, languages and nations of the earth to gather around him for paradise. A rasul is the mediator, the go-between, the ambassador between the Heaven and the earth; and the ambassador or mediator of a living person cannot be a corpse.

73 All religions belong to Satan and I am not telling you that Muslims must become Christians. No religion is closer to God than the other. Leaving Hinduism or Islam to go to Christianity is like changing prison cells. God created every human and loves every human. And if God must save you, then in your time He will have mercy on you and send a living prophet to the earth and no matter your religion, you will believe in this prophet for your Salvation and it is this living prophet who will tell you what is halal and haram for you.

74 All of you Arabs and Muslims, you who live in my time, know that on April 24, 1993, the God that you claim to worship came down and gave me a Message for you so that you may be saved. And after reading me, become aware and leave Islam. Don't die like cowards in the grips of Islam, that dragon of terror and blood to find yourself in hell. And even in the face of death, you must not be afraid of Islam.

75 Mahomet massacred Jews and Christians, poets, some blind people, some crippled people, some pregnant women and women with babies by the sword because they told him that he was a false prophet. This is what he called an insult. And you were a member of his religion, Islam, which slit throats and cut millions of heads, and therefore, whether you are Sunni or Shia, you are also guilty and you have some blood of Islam on your hands. And if you too have to have your head cut or your throat slit by Islam in order for you to go to paradise, you must not be afraid. You must resist until death.

76 God is merciful and full of grace but know that He is also the terrible God of the great Judgment and if you die Muslims, you will have to suffer the terrible and merciless punishment for all the crimes committed in the name of Allah and the Quran. The terrible cup of blood in which Islam has made the inhabitants of the earth drink, it is in this cup that you will drink after your death if you die Muslims.

77 Salvation is neither in a religion nor in the application of a holy book, but through the living rasul of your time and this rasul for your time, it is I who speak to you. And you, Muslim or Arab, today, October 29, 2020, I have given you a new salat. This Message is the new salat that God gives you for your Salvation and which should be your zakat for all of your parents and for all those you love. Similar chapters: 13, 131, 136, 139, 140 and 141.

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