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Updated: May 27, 2022

Oracles that the prophet Kacou Philippe pronounced from Katadji, his village, on December 27, 2020

1 Oracles that I, Prophet Kacou Philippe, prisoner until May 20, 2021 because of the Gospel of Christ, I have pronounced from my village on December 27, 2020 on Islam and the Muslims after Kc.144.

2 On April 24, 1993, before I touched the Bible, I saw a great crowd coming to me from all the languages and races and nations of the earth. And today, that is fulfilled. Some entire churches have believed in me all over the world. And many Muslims have believed in me, but my prayer is to see one day an entire mosque come to Christ. I know that it will happen, but I want to see it with my own eyes before I die.

3 For our time, all those who are ordained to eternal life will come to me for purification and deliverance according to Daniel 12. And in this Message of purification, I have taught that there are three stages for deliverance and purification. The first stage is at the time of the acceptance of the Message. The second stage is during the baptism of restitution. And the third stage is during the walk in the Message.

4 The purification takes place only once and you receive a portion of the Holy Spirit which is the Spirit of the Message and the guarantee of your redemption. You can receive it in the first stage, or in the second stage, or in the third stage. That is why at baptism the confession must be complete and the preacher must ask the necessary questions. Nobody must be forced to receive the baptism. And the baptism must be correct and sacred and administered by a God-fearing man who has kept himself from his wife for at least one day before the baptism. The Angel of April 24, 1993 is here, do not baptize and do not come to the pulpit if you are unworthy.

5 Now the only thing that remains is the fulfilment of the vision of the great stadium. And then I will leave the earth to return to this heavenly city, whence the Angel and the Lamb of April 24, 1993 came to me. And one by one, you who believed in me while I was alive on the earth, you will join me in this heavenly city while our bodies will sleep in the dust of the earth until all the other prophets of the nations fulfil their missions. And then we will go to the last judgment and we will be the judges of all those who lived on the earth in this time of my prophecy.

6 He who hates me, hates me in vain, for all I did was to say what was commanded to me by the Angel and the Lamb on April 24, 1993. I am aware that, like the prisoner Tangara, there are people who will never leave their religions to come to God, but I have spoken to all the earth and it has rejoiced and delivered the seed of God and offended the wicked.

7 Everything I said during my prophecy, I didn't have enough strength not to say it. It did not depend on my will. And I didn't imitate anyone. For example, I am wearing a bubu because that is how the Angel who appeared to me on April 24, 1993 was dressed. And I was led to wear a hat before I knew that Prophet Daniel wore a hat. I have announced the only true words of God for my time and had it not been for money, honours and the glories of this world, all mankind would have believed in me.

8 And because of money, no one gives himself time for God. The golden calf has defeated the tables of the law. The nations and religions have become disciples and apostles of money. The most powerful god on earth is money. It is for money that mankind studies, thinks, travels, works, marries, fights, obeys and suffers. For money people despise, fight and kill one another. For money, man sacrifices his dignity and honour. It is in the name of money that one decides.

9 When one works, one preaches, one builds houses or establishes businesses, and if the goal is not to make the word of God reach every inhabitant of the earth, then that person is a disciple of money. And even in this Message, if a pastor or apostle uses God's money inappropriately, it is his portion of Heaven that he receives.

10 For school competitions and studies, you look for annals, test booklets and documents outside of the teachings of your school. But for Heaven, you do not do that. And all the effort that you make day and night to have money and a better future on the earth, why don't you also do the same for the paradise after your death?

11 I have never seen a religious leader who is honest. They are not prophets but they have answers to all the questions. For example, if you ask a religious leader if it is normal for a woman to sell or give her uterus to a barren woman. Instead of telling you that only a prophet messenger can answer this question, he will say that he does not know. He can even try to answer if he is very wicked.

12 Who is the religious leader or member of a religion who seeks God outside of his religion? But if a scripture appeared in heaven and said, "In seven days I, God, will put to death all those who do not follow my way," all the religious leaders seeing that their money will no longer serve them will start looking for God everywhere. And no one would tell a lie about the person of Prophet Kacou Philippe, and all the earth would seek to know who I am and what I preach.

13 Although I was the only prophet who announced the coronavirus since 2002 with the details, some have said, "You did not mention the name ‘coronavirus’". Others said that the fulfilment of a prophecy does not make someone a true prophet. And you say, "A prophet does not call himself a prophet and does not force people to believe in him". Be assured, I will not take a whip against you, but I promise you that one day, from your grave, you will see that I am a true prophet.

14 For money, you leave your homes before sunrise and you return after sunset. There is no place and time for God in your lives. What will you say to God at the last judgment? And how many Muslims have read at least Sahih al-Bukhari and al-Muslim? Out of a hundred, you won't get two. To love God with all your heart, soul, and mind is a commandment of God. And if you love God, you will not be locked up in your belief, but you will seek God everywhere and He will allow you to find Him. But you are in the alienation of money and the religions.

15 And the disaster is that you are not seeking to get out of this alienation. When I quote the Bible, Christians do not ask me for the verses, but when I quote the Quran and the hadiths, Muslims ask me for the verses. Muslims do not know their own holy books. They know banknotes better than the pages of the Qur'an.

16 And I am astonished when I see the Muslim women cry because jihadists raped them. And yet they are Muslim and it is written in their Quran that in case of war, including armed robbery, Allah, the merciful, authorises the rape of women even in the presence of their husbands. You cry because of sex, but when you want to go and lie on the beds adorned with gold in Allah's paradise, what is it for? How can you cry for something that you have chosen? It would be a crime if at least you weren't Muslim. Mahomet himself was a hijacker and he attacked caravans and robbed and raped women with his followers. And if you are a Muslim woman, it is because for you, that is normal.

17 And in Yatrib, which later became Medina, Mahomet had 900 Jews slaughtered and shared their wives amongst his disciples. It was there that he had chosen his sex slave Rayhâna. And then he attacked Quraysh and massacred the Christians and changed the name of Quraysh to Mecca and at the battle of Hunayne, according to hadith Sahih al-Muslim 2-8-3432, Mahomet’s disciples were reluctant to rape women in the presence of their husbands. So, Allah the merciful allowed them to rape those women in the presence of their husbands. And Allah revealed Sura 4:24 to Mahomet: "Forbidden for you are married women, except those who have fallen in your hands as prisoners of war."And even rape in this case brings the Muslim closer to paradise and Allah the merciful loves that.

18 And Mahomet forcibly snatched for himself some married women like Safyiah, Maria the Coptic, Jawairiyah, Rayhanah the Jew and dozens of other married women and beheaded their husbands. And every time you pronounce the name of Mahomet, you are right to ask for the peace of God to be upon him. And when someone says that jihadists are not true Muslims, it is because he has not read the Quran, the Sunnah and the Sira.

19 There is no good religion on the earth, and no religion can lead a man to God. I am not telling you that you have to leave one religion to go to another religion. Salvation is to follow the living prophet of your time, and I am this prophet, I that speak to you. I am not a Christian prophet. I just have a Christian accent by birth just as I also have this skin colour and an African accent by birth. I am the prophet of all the religions, languages, nations and races of the earth. [Kc13v30] [Kc.136v23] [Kc.144v73]

20 My light came to me from Heaven on April 24, 1993. I have not invited mankind to an African spirituality that could not save Africa from the white slavers and colonizers. I never heard that the lightning of an African god once fell on a slave or colonial ship. And our African ancestors, from their graves, know that I am not perpetuating their traditions or the religion of the colonists.

21 It was by the ignorance of Africans that Christianity and Islam became the religions of Africa. And what the settlers brought to Africa is what Africa already had: the worship of the dead and the ancestors. Instead of our ancestors like Simon Kimbangu and Kimpa Vita whom we knew, we had to invoke their ancestors St. Cecilia and St. Bernadette whom we did not know.

22 If today black Africans are Muslims and Christians, it is because their parents were Muslims and Christians. They are Muslims and Christians by heritage. If the caliphs and the sultans had defeated the Indians, Islam would have replaced Hinduism. And before slavers and colonists brought their Christian and Muslim gods, Africa had its gods. It was not God who brought Islam, Christianity and Hinduism. God does not bring religions but prophets.

23 A religion preaches a god who spoke in the past but who has stopped speaking. Thus, religion is synonymous with voluntary alienation. It is the destruction of the human side of man. And therefore, a Christian, a Muslim or a Hindu is a human being who has sacrificed his salvation for the benefit of a religion.

24 Before you, billions of men died in these religions. And after listening to me, if you die as a coward in Islam, Christianity, Judaism or Hinduism, your fate will be a thousand times more terrible at the last judgment. Your misfortune on the earth will have been to have heard me. And after hearing me, if you go to a temple, church or mosque again or if you continue to bang your forehead on the ground, you will go to hell. Everything I have been telling you since 2002 is from a divine mandate and even if you don't understand what I am saying, stop banging your forehead on the ground and going to the mosque because you cannot ask God to guide you or enlighten you when you have already chosen your path.

25 And the day that God will enlighten you, take your niqab and your burqa and never submit again to that Sheitan called Islam and fight him day and night on the internet! Fight the Shia and the Sunni. And in the face of death threats, leave your country, flee your family, sacrifice your life on the earth for the sake of the paradise. Like Abraham, go far away. And the Angel who took care of Abraham will take care of you.

26 Throughout history, Jews have always preferred deportation to submission to lies. And in the history of the Church, millions of Christians accepted to be beheaded, burned alive, mutilated rather than accept to sacrifice to Roman gods. Those men and women, young and old, rich or poor, did not back away from persecution. And those Christians sang and their faces shone with glory as the flames of the stake went up. But you Muslims, why are you afraid? Why are you so coward when you are members of Islam, a religion that slits throats and cuts heads off?

27 You who are a member of Islam, a religion that slaughtered millions of poor humans and cut off millions of heads, why are you afraid that your head be cut off? You are a Muslim and therefore your hand is full of blood and why are you afraid of the cup in which your religion has made the inhabitants of the earth drink for 1400 years? Why are you afraid of the death which will lead you to the paradise when you die one day? Today, throw away Islam as a dirty and unclean cloak.

28 Even in the face of death, you must not watch Islam send mankind to hell. And if some have sacrificed their souls to Satan to die in Islam, you, refuse to be that coward, that traitor who refuses to see the truth. If your parents chose to go to hell, you, refuse that religion you did not choose. Do not be a coward. Even if everyone around you is violent, commit without fear. Like Kunta Kinte, run away, run away, run away until your foot is cut off. And when they release dogs behind you, keep running away. Do not fear death for one day, you will die.

29 The Lord Jesus said that the blood of the prophets since Adam was on all the Jews who rejected him. And according to Revelation 18, anyone who joins the Catholic church or its Protestant, evangelical, and Branhamist daughters is guilty of the blood of all the Christians killed by the Roman Empire and the Roman Catholic church for the past 2,000 years. And you the Muslim, if you reject Kacou Philippe, know that God sees you as a criminal and the blood of all the crimes of Islam for 1400 years is upon you.

30 You were born and raised in Islam, this criminal religion that you will leave as an inheritance to your children. Your merciful Allah says in Sura 2:256: "There is no compulsion in Islam, everyone is free to choose his religion." And at the same time he says in Sura 4:89: "Those who leave Islam, kill them wherever you find them." And because of the fear of being killed, you prefer to go to hell? Islam is the victory of fear and cowardice over the truth. It was better for you not to be born than to live like a coward and end up like a good-for-nothing in hell.

31 Every honest man knows that Islam is false and that the Quran in which you believe is nothing. I have read it and reread it. It is a book of lies. As a prophet, after copying the Bible, what did Mahomet himself reveal? Nothing but nonsense. Sahih al-Bukhari 3295: " The Prophet of Allah said, If anyone of you rouses from sleep and performs the ablution, he should wash his nose by putting water in it and then blowing it out thrice, because Satan stays in his nose all the night." Sahih al-Bukhari 1144: Wash your ears during the ablutions, for Satan urinates in your ears. Sahih al-Muslim 1436 and al-Bukhari 5193: "The Messenger of Allah said: If a man invites his wife to sleep with him and she refuses to come to him, then the angels send their curses on her till morning." Sahih al-Bukhari 1231: "Whenever the muezzin calls for prayer, Satan takes to his heels passing wind". Demons sleeping in the Muslims’ nostrils, urinating in the Muslims’ ears and whom Allah stones with the stars, the sexual guardian angels cursing women, Satan farting, nothing but nonsense, ridiculous things. And you must not die in this nonsense.

32 You the Muslims who get angry when you see some drawings of Aisha standing next to Mahomet with her dolls, can you explain the hadith Sahih al-Muslim 8-3311 to me: "Aisha (Allah be pleased with her) reported that Allah's Apostle (peace be upon him) got engaged to her when she was six years old, married her when she was seven years old, and she was taken to his house as a bride when she was nine, and her dolls were with her." How should this be drawn? And in Sahih al-Bukhari 7-62-64 and Sahih al-Bukhari 8-73-151, Aisha says, "I used to play with my dolls in the presence of the prophet." How will you explain this?

33 And how will you explain Quran 75:37-38 and Quran 76:2 which say that Allah created Adam with a drop of ejaculated sperm mixed with clay. Only Adam was created but as for us, we were procreated. And how should we begin the film of Adam's creation? Do you know the meaning of the word "ejaculated"? Sex everywhere in the Quran. Sperm in Quran 16:4. Sperm in Quran 23:12. Sperm in Quran 32:8. Sperm in Quran 35:11. Sperm in Quran 36:77. Sperm in Quran 53:46. Sperm in Quran 75:37. Sperm in Quran 76:2. Sperm in Quran 80:19. Sperm in Quran 96:2. Sperm everywhere in the Quran. I have read the Torah, the Bible, the Bhagavad Gita, I did not find the word sperm in them. The Quran is a book of sex forbidden to the under 18.

34 Islam was born in the same sexual and pagan rituals of Arabia. And you Muslims, do you find it normal that one can consecrate the Kaaba, a religious monument, by sprinkling it with sperm? Can you explain to me, at the consecration of the black stone of the Kaaba, the meaning of the hadith Sahih al-Bukhari 9-92-464 which says: "Mahomet, the Messenger of Allah, commanded us to have sex. So we performed the Hajj with our male organs dribbling with semen against the black stone"? The same verse is also in the hadith Sahih al-Bukhari 9-96-7455. Instead of hating me, explain to me how this ritual is normal.

35 I understand that one day the Rosicrucians can take up arms to forcibly convert you to the Rosicrucianism. But in time of peace, won't you try to find out what the Rosicrucianism is? And moreover, will you convert your children by force to the Rosicrucianism? And I who want to open your eyes, will I be your devil? Everything I have been saying since 2002 is based on a mandate that I received from God on April 24, 1993 and after reading and listening to me, if you do not stop with Islam and you go again to a mosque, then know that you have chosen forever the eternal hell of Naraka after your death.

36 You Muslims who spend all your time chasing money, why don't you read the Quran and the Sunnah? The purpose of a man on earth is to seek God. And if you know how to read, it is to seek God. If you are healthy, it is to seek God. I have read the entire Quran. I have read the entire Bhagavad Gita. I have read the entire Torah and Bible. From the Vedas to the Vedanta through the Upanishads, the Puranas and the tales of Mahabharata, what have I not read? I don't know.

37 And when I said that Mahomet was a Christian, no Arab denied that. But they are boneheaded black Africans who argue yet they know nothing about Islam. Everything that interests them is the white women with rounded breasts waiting for them in Allah's paradise. Mahomet was indeed a Christian and the Christian monk Waraqa ibn Nawfal was his pastor. And it was Waraqa who revealed to Mahomet that the angel who appeared to him on Mount Hirâ was the angel Gabriel of the Bible and that he, Mahomet, would be a barbaric prophet who would bring death. Before Waraqa, another Christian monk named Bahira had said the same thing to Mahomet in a Christian convent.

38 They were the Christian monks Waraqa and Bahira who helped Mahomet lay the first foundations of what would become Islam and the Quran through the Umayyad Caliph Abd Al-Malik. They were churches that Mahomet had founded, and my prayer has always been to see a mosque become a church again in the name of the God of restitution. Waraqa and Bahira, Mahomet’s masters did not believe that the Lord Jesus was God manifested in the flesh.

39 And Mahomet thought that the angel who had appeared to him on Mount Hirâ was the devil because the angel squeezed his neck to force him to read. And when Mahomet said that he cannot read, the angel squeezed his neck again. And when Mahomet said again that he cannot read, the angel squeezed his neck a third time until he choked. Since the beginning, Islam has been Satanism and Muslims cannot make a film about Islam.

40 Mahomet was a Christian and even preached the second coming of Jesus. But it was the caliphs and sultans who made the Islam you see. Mahomet did not know the words Quran, Muslim and Islam. And from time immemorial, instead of praying that God would send them another prophet, the wicked disciples always turned the Message of the master into a religion in order to have honours and riches.

41 A disciple is not a prophet. A prophet in his time is the only man in contact with the Creator. When God created him, He created him so that He could use him at any time when He needed him, not necessarily at night. And at the death of the prophet, instead of praying for God to send them another prophet, the wicked disciples establish a satanic reign in their own interests and put ceremonies around it and the alienated follow it like donkeys.

42 The Lord Jesus did not say to make all nations Christians, Muslims, members of churches or religions or Message believers but disciples. And right after the Lord Jesus, Paul came. Paul did not make church members, Christians or disciples of Moses or Jesus but his own disciples. And after Paul, Polycarp came with his own disciples or auxiliaries.

43 Unfortunately, after mocking us since 2002 when they heard: "I am a disciple of Prophet Kacou Philippe", the plagiarists have gone from being "disciples of Jesus" to disciples of their plagiarist pastors or prophets. They plagiarize everything I have preached except the public confession. And recently, in Angola, three churches of a plagiarist prophet left him to come here. The honest one among them will leave them to come here.

44 Know that one should not believe the words of a disciple without verifying them. Mahomet had founded mere churches. And after his death, the Umayyads brought their practices; then the Abbasids brought their practices; then the Fatimids and others brought their practices. And the result is the Islam that you see.

45 I asked one Muslim why he turns to the East to pray. He told me that it was Mahomet who instituted it and that even the mosques are turned towards Mecca. Yet this Muslim is not illiterate. I asked him to show me that in the Quran or the hadiths, he doesn't know. I told him that this is a lie and that even the al-Aqsa mosque in Jerusalem and the al-Nabawi mosque in Medina are not directed towards Mecca. He is a Muslim but he does not know that they were the Abbasids who instituted this long after Mahomet's death.

46 And because I am telling them these truths, black African Christians and Muslims and activists from AQIM or GSPC are threatening me with death. And one of them had written to me from Algeria saying, "You are condemned to death by the Islamists. You won't know when and who will join your Charlie Hebdo clique. Your skin is sold. By the time we arrive, you will see." I am told, "If you want to live a long life, convert to Islam." I answer, "Babies also die in Islam". And when I am told, "Death is waiting for you," I answer, "Death is waiting for everyone." Death threats are multiple but I am not afraid of them. I am a prophet. And I cannot be a prophet and not know that at any moment I could be killed. Nothing can stop me. My life is already a sacrifice to God.

47 But also, not all Arabs are bad. I spoke with one of them. I told him, "Sir, Muhammad said in Sahih al Muslim number 1394, 'I am the last of the prophets and my mosque is the last of the mosques. If there is no more mosque then why are you still building mosques?".

48 He said: "Yes, Muhammad, he said that but it means that a prayer raised from Mecca is higher than a thousand of prayers raised from all the mosques in the world". I said, "But why do you say that Muhammad is the last prophet?" He said, "Wallah Muhammad did not say that. Allah said that he will send a prophet to every people, are the Jews and the Arabs the only peoples on earth? Muhammad said that he is the last prophet of his community because of the dajjals, some false prophets in his community. If Allah will no longer send a prophet to the earth, what will al-Mahdi be?". I said to him, "Okay, but is it possible that the Mahdi be a Christian, Buddhist, Hebrew, Indian, Chinese or black African?" He said, "Yes, but he will be a true Muslim first." I said to him, "I don’t agree that you limit God to a religion."

49 Finally, I said to him, "Do you think that I am a true prophet of God?" He said, "No, convert to Islam first, wallah your place is in Islam." I said to him: Yet I am a Muslim since 1993 but a Muslim like Abraham. I am not submitted to a god locked up in a religion but I am submitted to the Almighty God who created the heaven and the earth. And I do not perform Salat as you do because, verily, I am the master of Salat.

50 And I thanked him and I went to read the Sunnah and the references he had given me and great was my surprise. I found written in the Silsila Sahiha number 1999: "The Prophet (Prayers of Allah and His salvation be upon him) said, "In my community, there are 27 dajjals of liars, including 4 women and certainly I am the last one and no prophet will come after me.". And after Mahomet, there raised up a prophet named Musaylima in his community, but the Caliph Abu Bakr sent Muslims who killed him and his followers.

51 In the early days of Mahomet, the Qurayshites who are Christians called Mahomet one day to question him about his ministry as a prophet. Mahomet asked to provide an answer the next day. And the next day he could not answer the questions and seeing that the Qurayshites were laughing, he said to them, "In the name of Allah, I have brought slaughter to you" and he left. And from there, having failed with the method of conversion by word, he began the method of conversion by arms and terror.

52 And while he was in Quraysh, he had taught to worship the pagan gods al-Lat, al-Uzzâ, and Manat, and it was thanks to the mockery of those same Christians in Quraysh that he repented and replaced those three pagan gods with Allah and deleted those so-called satanic verses from Sura 53, and he had fasted for three days for that. Later, he justified himself in Sura 22:52.

53 And you, the Muslim who reads or listens to me, if you are alive in my time and this Message has reached you, it is therefore to you that God gives this mission to enlighten Islam. Stop banging your forehead on the ground. But if you refuse and your hypocrisy and fear prevail over you, know that one day sons of Islam will rise up to fulfil this noble mission and from your grave you will see them brightened with light and glory.

54 You were not created by a god who drinks human blood, but by a loving holy God who does not need a group of terrorists and jihadists. You were born and you lived in Islam, the religion of Jahiliyyah, but today, wake up, put your burqa or niqab on and from behind the internet, fight the Sunni and Shia to snatch the children of God from them. God has put in you the capacity to make this decision. And the parental love and fear must not stop you. Rise up, stand in the sky like the sun and enlighten your people with all your strength and then enlighten the whole earth.

55 Even if your country is afraid of this satanic nebula called Islam, you must not be afraid before the intimidation of a coward who is afraid of Islam or who defends Islam for his own interests. Others, sub-humans, have sold their souls to Satan by converting to Islam for an interest. But you, with the internet, become the ghost that must haunt Islam and Muslims. But if because of fear and cowardice you take the path to the eternal hell of Naraka, know that one day a son of Islam will shine upon the whole face of the earth.

56 Now raise your head, look up to the sky above your head. What is the brightest star in the constellation of the eagle? It is an Arabic star. It is a white star and its name is Altair, al-nasr al-Ta'ir. Altair lies at the foot of the constellation, at the end of the prophecy of the nations, but it is the eye of the eagle. It is the highest star in the prophecy of the nations in the morning time according to Revelation 22:16.

57 Altair will not come with weapons but with peace and it will not cut off any head and slaughter anyone. Antioch, Damascus, Carthage, Ephesus, Thyatira, Sardis, Smyrna, Philadelphia and Laodicea are Arab cities today. And even Cyprian of Carthage, Saint Athanasius, Tertullian, Vibia Perpetua and Felicity were Arabs. And one day, the light of God will rise again on the Arab nations.

58 One day on the earth, a child was born into a so-called Muslim family, that is to say submitted to God, and from the grandparents to the great-grandchildren, all had to live together in the same yard according to their customs and traditions. Thus, the actions of each member of the family had to be controlled by the elders. But one day, according to Genesis 12, a voice came from heaven and said, "Abraham! Go out of thy land, and from thy kindred, and from thy father's house. " And Abraham went away, as Jehovah had commanded him. And today, if you are submitted to God like Abraham, God commands you, saying, "Come out of this impure religion that you did not choose!". And you are bound to obey God. Be it at the cost of your kindred, your life or even your blood, be the first to lead the way for your people.

59 And I that speak to you, with all my strength and, if necessary, at the cost of my insignificant little life, I want to fight so that the whole earth may know God. If the fact that I am a black African offends someone, let him know that on April 24, 1993, it was not a man or an angel who spoke to me but a lamb, an animal, and I believed. And in the beginning in heaven, it was not a man who died but the same lamb and in his sacrifice was the redemption of all creation. God is in all of his creation.

60 It was God Alone in his appearance of Elohim, the cherub with four faces who created the world. That is why He speaks in the plural. God was alone, unique in his appearance of cherub or Elohim when He created the world. No angel created the world with Him. One day, God spoke to every creature on the earth under the aspect of that creature.

61 Animals, birds, and insects love God, worship God, and will go to heaven. One day, Elohim God created the eagle saying, "Let us create the eagle in our image" according to its appearance of eagle. Elohim created the angels according to his appearance of angel saying, "Let us create the angel in our image." Elohim created man according to his appearance as man saying, "Let us create man in our image". Elohim created the lamb according to his appearance of lamb saying, "Let us make the lamb in our image". And the animals and birds and all the creatures that are on the earth including the rivers are represented in the stars and their constellations.

62 The stars and their constellations are the Bible written by God's own hands, it’s the perfect Bible. And the stars are so easy to understand. Look at the sky: In the great Eagle Nebula, the constellation of the eagle, the constellation of the vulture and the constellation of the swan are side by side. And the swan carries the energy of the god Brahma of Hinduism. And the three pillars of the creation are at the centre of the Eagle Nebula. And you can see that the eagle flies over our galaxy by looking at the vulture on the west side. And on the earth, the true worship and the false worship fly together side by side. The religions, races and peoples of the earth are in the stars.

63 The future of mankind is in the stars. The stars express the health, future and life of every human being. The stars and their constellations express the seasons and times on earth. And it is the appearance of Sirius every 365 days which is the basis of our current calendar. And the stars and their constellations and their nebulae contain religious, economic, political events and others.

64 Great civilizations and great men had their signs in the stars. And in our time, Alpha Ursa Minoris, which is Polaris, the North Star was a cepheid, meaning, a moving star, variable until 1993, but since 1994, the North Star has come to a standstill, stabilized in a strange way. Do you know why? It is because a prophet is manifested on the earth since 1993. Polaris is the star of prophets and I showed it in Kacou 138.

65 In ancient times, when there was no prophet, if you say that you have a divine mission as emperor, president, king, or other, then depending on your date of birth, magi or astrologers would look for the sign of it in the stars. And they could say, "Yes, we see your sign in the eagle, the crab or the snake constellation or other." And depending on the star, its position and its constellation, one could know your mission on the earth.

66 But if you say you are a prophet then they directly observed the behaviour of the North Star in relation to your date of call and commission. If you say you are a prophet and your date of call and commission is March 28, 2005 then they would observe the behaviour of the North Star in the interval of 2004 to 2006. And if they didn't see anything then they looked in another constellation and if they didn't see anything then you were someone who was trying to tinker with something. And the stars transited the Urim Thummim, Aaron's breastplate, to get to the Scriptures with the scribes. And Aaron's breastplate and its twelve sparkling stones of different colours symbolize the stars and their constellations. The stars are of different colours like Aaron's breastplate.

67 And with the arrival of Islam, in an effort to find the direction of Mecca, the Arabs began to take an interest in the stars. And one day in 1054, at the apogee of Islam under the Fatimid Caliphate, when Islam reached India and Spain, in broad daylight, a star appeared in the sky in the East. It was on July 04, 1054. Its light was stronger than that of the sun. And because of the star, there were great popular manifestations in the streets of the Eastern nations. And the Arab magi and astrologers confirmed the relationship between the star and Islam.

68 And the Arabs shouted for joy in the streets and beat tambourines and all kinds of objects with songs saying, "Allahu Akbar, this is the star of Muhammad, Allahu Akbar, God is great! The Magi alone saw the star of Jesus, but the whole earth sees the star of Muhammad." And the star remained visible for 23 days and nights in the sky. Then it disappeared during the day but was visible at night.

69 And Chinese astrophysicists were observing the star. And on April 6, 1056, the star exploded and became a huge crab-shaped nebula. And in the middle of the nebula, a black pulsar like the Kaaba revolved on itself and emitted distress signals. The nebula of 1054 is the greatest celestial sign of the last 2000 years after Jesus Christ. And astrophysicists called it the Crab Nebula because of its crab shape under the code SN1054. It is the Crab Nebula different from the southern or planetary Crab Nebula that has existed since ancient Egypt.

70 The southern or planetary crab nebula, they are the artists, musicians and sportsmen, especially football players. But the crab nebula called the Islamic crab nebula is Islam. The two nebulae are different. The Islamic crab nebula is in the Taurus constellation while the southern or planetary Crab Nebula is in the Centaurus constellation.

71 The southern Crab Nebula reveals an animal half-man half-horse and the Islamic Crab Nebula reveals an animal half-man half-donkey. But in spite of the ram and the goat beside it according to Daniel 8, they put horns in place of the ears of the donkey and called it Taurus so that it would impose itself by force. Abraham had two sons: Ishmael and Isaac. And Isaac, the type of lamb that carried the wood of the sacrifice and asked questions to his father Abraham, but the only animal that could bear the weight of a barbaric religion like Islam without ever complaining or asking questions was Ishmael, the wild donkey.

72 The Taurus constellation in which the Islamic Crab Nebula is located is an Arabic constellation. The stars in the Taurus constellation have Arabic names. The brightest star in the Taurus constellation is called Aldebaran, an Arabic word meaning "the follower". The second brightest star of the Taurus constellation is Elnath, which means "The horns"in Arabic. A country in which the president and the prime minister and the inhabitants have Arabic names is not a Russian country. And it is a star from the Taurus constellation which has become the Islamic crab nebula.

73 And in our time, similar events occurred in 1906, in 1954 in the Virgin constellation and in 1993 in the constellation of the Great Bear but always in the Virgin supercluster with a white cloud in the middle of each one instead of a pulsar. A pulsar does not shine like the sun but emits pulses of light as danger signals. There are nebulae that have pulsars and nebulae that do not.

74 The only supernova in the Virgin supercluster galaxy M81 is SN1993J because it is the beginning of the prophecy of Africa. And the ministry of Matthew 25:6 is in the Virgin constellation. The Virgin is holding in her hand a scale or an ear of wheat. She is the Bride judging the earth and gathering the wheat into God's granary.

75 On March 28, 1993, a star in the Eagle Nebula explodes in the Virgin supercluster and produces a nebula with a white cloud in its middle instead of a pulsar. And on April 24, 1993, the Angel and the Lamb came to me. Notice that the sign of the birth of the Lord Jesus Christ occurred in the sky in the East and the Magi saw the constellation of stars long before his birth. And according to the star and its position and its constellation, the Magi knew that it was the birth of the Messiah. And according to science, the next celestial sign will be two stars which will collide in 2022.

76 In the vision of April 24, 1993, the first thing I saw was a star in the sky, and darkness covered the earth as it did at the beginning of the creation of the world. Genesis, the first book of the Bible begins in the sky and Revelation, the last book of the Bible takes place in the sky and the last gospel could take place in Heaven. From the first chapter of Revelation, the Lord Jesus appears with seven stars in His hand, then the Church appears with a constellation of twelve stars on His head and then signs follow one another in the sky.

77 And I even have the impression that the stars and their constellations will be the new dimension of the word of God that will unite mankind at the time of the great visitation of India and Asia. They are the living word of God. And before a worldwide action occurs on the earth, a sign first occurs in the sky. The stars are more living than the Bible. And everything fits together perfectly. It is the perfect word of God. And the Message that was given to me on April 24, 1993 is in accordance with this word written by God's own hands in heaven. Similar chapters: Kc.13, Kc.131, Kc.136, Kc.139, Kc.140, Kc.141 and Kc.144

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