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Words that Prophet Kacou Philippe pronounced from Katadji, his village, on 8 July 2021*

1 Words that I, Prophet Kacou Philippe, I have addressed from my village, on July 8, 2021, to Ivory Coast and to Africa and to all those who have the love of God in our generation.

2 Today is July 8, 2021. And on the occasion of April 24, 2021, despite the Covid-19, the missionaries Cesar Esparza, Jhon Durán and Wilfredo Hernan from Mexico and Bolivia came here, to see me. I consecrated them according to the order of the Angel and the Lamb of April 24, 1993 and they went back in peace.

3 And after that, as the inhabitants of Ivory Coast know that I, Prophet Kacou Philippe, I will never lie, they therefore attributed to me a false prophecy that they fabricated and spread everywhere, saying that I would have said that Ahab would die in the Hague. But I never said that.

4 All of you inhabitants of Ivory Coast, all of your prognosticators, political analysts whom you call prophets have eachalready prophesied lies. And you want me, Prophet Kacou Philippe, to be a liar like them. Yet, we are not the same. The last time I watched television was seventeen years ago. And when Ahab was the president of the Republic and had lost his father, someone who had discovered that I did not know about it was surprised and asked me if I was here in Ivory Coast. I answered him: "Yes, I am here in Ivory Coast but I am a prophet". And he didn't say anything.

5 Why do you resent that there is at least one true God, one true Holy Spirit and one true prophet? And why must there not be at least one true prophet on the earth? When your African countries go to the world cup and they get eliminated, must all the countries of the earth also be eliminated? Shouldn't there be a winner? You inhabitants of Ivory Coast, what is this satanism and black witchcraft that you have? You are troubled to know that at the last judgement, I Prophet Kacou Philippe, I will be your judge and the judge of all those who have lived on the earth in my time. You are in fearand you seek relief and yet that is what will happen.

6 Be deaf to my word, you wicked men, sons of Belial, slaves of money, workers of sin, but God will tear off your refuge and transpierce your peace forever; you will die in your misery. God will turn the whole earth into hell. I call upon you all the woes that happened only to others. I go to war against the doctors who treat you. I have established hell on the earth and dogs will eat you. I call upon you wild animals with deadly bites. You have the forest but you will go hungry.

7 I call locusts on your plantations. One woe will pass and another woe will come. All kinds of difficulties will come upon you, especially you Ivory Coast. The earth will shake all over Africa, Europe, America and Asia. The oceans will rush and chase Africans. Tornadoes will terrify you. Your houses will go into the depths of the ocean and fish will swim in your streets.

8 By the shouts of the muezzins, the bells of the churches, the singings and recitations of verses in your temples, churches and mosques, you have offered the whole earth to Satan who did not create it. And the wrath of God is upon you all to punish you until you are all destroyed. I once asked a Christian, "Sir, whose cock crowed when Apostle Peter denied the Lord Jesus?" And he answered: "Was I there?" And I said to him: "So you were not there and you have the same prophet as Peter?" So you were not with Bilal and Khadija but Mahomet is your prophet? You do not know Arjuna and Shariputra but Krishna and Buddha are your teachers of light?

9 Be Satan's agents but one day you will give an account to God. As for me, know that until my death, I will never give a false prophecy because the Angel of God who appeared to me on April 24, 1993 walks before me. Do you know that I was a reference during the 2011 crisis and that I even deserve the honours of the State of Ivory Coast? But from now on, you and your military will no longer be able to ask my disciples: "What does Kacou Philippe say?"

10 And you say that my Message comes from myself and not from God. Words that people read or listen and are delivered and healed, you say that they are words of man? If you were of the time of Moses, you would say that it was Moses himself who wrote the Ten Commandments on Mount Sinai through his great education at Pharaoh's.

11 And all of you who fight me, when you have to speak about me, Prophet Kacou Philippe, introduce yourselves first by saying: "I, so and so, in my quality of this and that, and in virtue of my divine mandate received on such and such a date, I am going to speak to you about Kacou Philippe". But if you know that you are chased in your dreams, that a force comes to immobilise and suffocate you in your sleep, that you eat in your dreams, that you fly in your dreams, that you have sex in your dreams, then if people are speaking about Kacou Philippe, you must keep quiet. If you have once put your mouth to the genitals of a man or a woman, then if people are speaking about Kacou Philippe, you must keep quiet.

12 God is visiting Africa and I, Prophet Kacou Philippe, I am the door of the paradise before your eyes. And from all the corners of the world, people believe in me and are saved. Despite the heat, diseases and difficult conditions in Africa, some white people come here from Asia, Europe and America because of Salvation but you prefer to go and worship Satan in your temples, churches and mosques. What is destined for you will go to other people. You know? God is sovereign. It is written that 144,000 will come from the twelve tribes of Israel but many Arabs, Europeans and Americans living in Israel with the Jews and who cry at the gay parades in Jerusalem will believe in Elijah and Moses and will take the place of their Jewish masters and they will be counted among the 144,000.

13 But all of you who have loved my day, I announce to you that the time has now come for me, Prophet Kacou Philippe, to go to every nation on earth where they will accept to receive me. The only obstacles now are the measures of the Covid-19 disease and maybe, the State of Ivory Coast.

14 I am aware that everyone hates me but there are people on the earth who have loved my day and who rejoice in my Light. I will travel only once to each nation. The hour has now come for me to give all the people of the earth the opportunity to see with their own eyes a true prophet of God. They did not see Isaiah, Jeremiah but they will see Kacou Philippe.

15 And secondly, I must travel to legitimise by consecration, with my own hands, the ministries of the disciples thatGod has given to me. My disciples must be consecrated as you saw it here in Ivory Coast on May 29, 2021. Those who are found worthy, I will consecrate them.

16 Well, now I am going to talk about a type of spiritual manifestation which has started to happen in the Message, in several countries, since this year 2021 after Kacou 146. This is so that you may be warned and know what to do. One of them dates from May 2, 2021 in Abidjan. On that day, during the public confession, the confession of Brother Madison Cooper, a Brother from Liberia, was obscure. The leader asked him if he had not committed adultery. Brother Cooper had not finished saying "No" when he lost consciousness and collapsed violently in the room. Yet, he had cheated on his wife with seven women. And Apostle Yanick, who told me what happened, was quite astonished. He said, "Prophet, in all my life I have never seen what happened. He fell as dead. We were all scared."

17 Another manifestation took place in Burkina Faso. This is outside Ivory Coast. The Church is universal and until the rapture, every action of God for the Church will always be universal. And the dead and the living, the whites and blacks, the Africans, Europeans, Americans and Asians, we will all reach perfection at the same time. And Preacher Bagtenga of Burkina Faso spoke to me and said, "Prophet, the public confession, prayers and songs went well. Everything was going well but as soon as I went up to the pulpit to preach, I forgot everything, I felt weak. My tongue became heavy in my mouth, I could not speak. And I came down from the pulpit in a hurry." And since that day, this preacher is afraid to go to the pulpit.

18 And another manifestation occurred on Sunday May 30, 2021 at the assembly of Divo in Ivory Coast. It is an assembly that I visited in March 2016, just before my imprisonment. And on May 30, 2021, the pastor of Divo had to bless the engagement of a Brother who is considered a rebel by his assembly in Abidjan. The pastor of Divo had not informed anyone, neither his elders, nor his assembly, not even his wife. And yet, everything that involves an assembly must first receive the agreement of the elders and then the agreement of the assembly.

19 Brother Maoué Jules, pastor of Divo, was an evangelical pastor. He had believed in the midnight Cry in 2008 and since 2019, because of his great missionary work, I had established him as an overseer and supervisor of the pastors of a region.

20 And on May 30, 2021, this valiant pastor was in the pulpit and had even given the preaching of the day. And now he was about to bless the engagement when suddenly, he could not hear his own voice and asked if the congregation could hear him. Then he began to lose the use of his voice, then became weak and a deacon came to ask him if it was not wise to stop, but the pastor did not stop. Then he became even weaker and could not speak. Then the fiancée, a young Sister seized by the Spirit of God, went to the platform, turned the pulpit around and laid her hands on the pastor and prayed over his head.

21 The young Sister laid her hands on him and prayed over his head and then, returning to her seat, she said to the assembly: "Have you seen him?... His time has not yet come." And from her seat, she continued to prophesy about the pastor. And she ended by saying: "You saw him here. He is my son, ... I am the one, the only one, the only true prophet. I am in this man called Kacou Philippe." The congregation was quiet, seized by fear.

22 But despite this, after the manifestation, the pastor put the pulpit back to its place and wanted to continue up to the blessing if a Brother in the assembly had not stopped him. But what would have happened when the pastor would havestarted praying for the couple? Be careful. There is an angel who descended on April 24, 1993 and who has not yet ascended to Heaven.

23 Whether it is prophecies, speaking in tongues, ... all the spiritual manifestations in this Midnight Cry Message are clear, precise and fast regardless of the country. They are not branhamist and evangelical disorders during which people shout without speaking, move everything around them and deacons run in all directions.

24 Now, let's consider the manifestation that happened in Divo. The words are correct. And if you find the manifestation strange, know that there is one and same Spirit but different manifestations and operations. When I spoke with the pastor, he did not know that the young Sister had laid hands on him and prayed over his head, he even firmly denied it until he saw the video. And when he had seen the video, he couldn't accept that and he had taken some pills to cheer himself up.

25 And when I spoke with the Sister, she too did not know that she had been to the pulpit on the platform and had touched the pastor or prophesied. She did not know that she had laid hands on the pastor at the pulpit and prayed over his head and left the pastor when she had finished everything. O, how terrible it is to go against God. How can a young Sister go to the platform, turn the pulpit around and lay hands on the pastor at the pulpit? Look at how in pictures 2 and 3, the Sister is holding the head of the mighty pastor in her two hands and praying over his head. Before God, man is nothing. Look at picture 4, the Sister is shouting at the powerful pastor who has become unconscious. It is a deacon who holds the pastor to prevent him from falling. And another deacon wanted to stop the Sister but a force pushed his hand away.

26 And after the manifestation, in photo 5, the pastor asks the deacons what is going on and where the microphone is. It is a terrible scene that goes beyond the human dimension. And when the Sister also saw the video, she was astonished and was asking for forgiveness. Likewise, coming to himself, Brother Madison Cooper thought that he was in Liberia. It was the presence of the angel of God. And this is what we are getting into now. And many who had seen the video told me that if the Brothers and Sisters saw the video, it could scare them and some who live in sin would no longer come to the service.

27 Know that a preacher in the pulpit has all the authority of God and no evil spirit can lay hands on him. The pastorcould say once to the Sister: "Satan, I command you to leave this Sister in the name of Jesus Christ". And that Sister would be delivered at once. But here the pastor was unconscious and without strength. He did not know that the Sister had laid hands on him and prayed over his head. That is why he had rearranged the pulpit and continued. It was in the video that he had seen everything that had happened.

28 Be careful. During the public confession, a Brother, Sister or the leader will ask you a question and you will not know that at this very moment, it is the Angel of April 24, 1993 who is asking you the question. You will talk to the prophet or a disciple with arrogance and contempt and you will not know that at this very moment it is the Angel of April 24, 1993 that you are talking to. God said to Israel: "Behold, I send an angel before thee, ... Be careful in his presence, for my name is in him". This angel judged the camp of Israel and fought against any nation that came against Moses and Israel.

29 What we are seeing could be the signal for a great action of the Holy Spirit that will place the Church in a new dimension which will reveal that God is the same God of the prophets of the Old Testament. We are under the grace, but you remember how in Acts 5, the Angel of God smote Ananias and Sapphira and in Acts 12, before the crowd, an Angel of God smote King Herod and King Herod fell dead instantly. It seems that we are at the door of this dispensation. Perhaps this is the time when God will establish His reign on the earth as He did in the past in Israel with Moses, Elijah and the prophets.

30 I, Prophet Kacou Philippe, since 2002, I have pronounced the judgment and the change of life but the execution of the sentences belongs to the Angel of April 24, 1993. And these sentences and their executions are not only for those who believe but also for anyone who will stand against this Message. The demons of divination are all-powerful against those who believe in them to push them down in their churches but the true Holy Spirit is All-Powerful everywhere on the earth. And the unbelievers must know that the God of Prophet Kacou Philippe is the Master of the universe, and the Almighty God from eternity to eternity. A holy spirit who is only powerful in his church is a demon.

31 A religious debate or confrontation is a confrontation between two deities. And the time comes when the supernatural must be present to make the difference. If the supernatural is not involved and it is only a debate of ideas then it is possible that it is a scene between two agents of Satan. A prophet full of power who makes his followers fallin his church cannot be powerless against an enemy who seeks to destroy him. The strength of a world champion is not on his own supporters or on the people of his country. And a God who was Almighty in history or in a holy book, He must still be Almighty if He is not dead.

32 Notice that an evangelical or Branhamist holy spirit would have never condemned the act of the pastor but it is always to the poor church member that the prophecies and the preachings are directed. But in the True Church, the Holy Spirit is double-edged. He cuts both the preacher and the church member. He cuts the camp of Israel and the camp of the nations. And it is this God who commissioned me and sent me on April 24, 1993.

33 Whether it is Zeus, Baal, Dagon, Baal-Zebub or Adramelech, every god is all-powerful within the nation or religion that worships him. But the Lord Jesus Christ, the Almighty God, who appeared to me on April 24, 1993, is the supreme God who rules over the gods of the churches, mosques and Hindu and Buddhist temples, and He will prove it by all means.

34 Now, if during the service, a Brother in the pulpit is struck, the deacons will take him out and carry him away and the congregation will decide whether to end the service or continue the service. And you must not watch the video of Divo and say: "Oh, that's terrible, I don't want to have any responsibility in the assembly". You can be afraid of the presence of God but you must never abandon the truth of your time.

35 Ananias and Sapphira who sold their land and brought a part of the sale died, struck by the angel while the ungodly and the sellers of the temple are at peace in their synagogues, churches, temples and mosques and religions but the Christians did not abandon the truth of their time. Ananias and Sapphira would have never died that way if they had stayed in their Pharisee, Essene, Herodian, Zealot, Ashkenazi or Sephardic temple.

36 And when there is a spiritual manifestation, it is not a sin to look at what is going on, but the right conduct is to look at yourself, with your head bowed. Don't wait for the deacon to tell you that. When God is present, it is time to pray. When the spiritual manifestations start to happen, you must also start to pray and say, "Lord Jesus Christ, you promised that these things will happen in your Church. We believe it. But let this be a blessing to us."

37 Now when a prophecy is given, the assembly will analyse it and decide. If the assembly feels that it was the work of a demon and the one who prophesied feels frustrated, it is a sign that it was really the work of a demon. A man cannot defend a gift or a revelation from God. For everything that I, Prophet Kacou Philippe, I have preached or revealed since 2002, if someone wants to dispute with me or calls me a false prophet, it does not belong to me to defend it but it belongs to the Angel of April 24, 1993 to defend it.

38 When there is a spiritual manifestation: Whether it is a vision, a prophecy, speaking in tongues or other, remain calm. Apart from the deacons, no one should quiet down or hinder a spiritual manifestation. If necessary, a deacon canask a Brother to help him. The domain of spiritual manifestations is very delicate. And after a manifestation, if you do not know which spirit has manifested himself, keep your comments to yourself and pass it on to the apostles. After Kacou 146, the time may have come when God will establish Himself in His Church and do justice to the ungodly pastors and disciples.

39 The signs that we have started to see since this month of May 2021 worry us. I do not wish that one day, one of us falls and dies; but if it happens that a disciple, pastor or church member collapses in the pulpit or in the assembly, whatever the reason, you will take him to the hospital and take care of him. The rest is between him and God.

40 It is written that, not a pastor, a monk or an imam but the son of man who is the prophet has the power on the earth to forgive sins. And I explained to you in Kacou 146 that the ministry of Matthew 25:6 is the day of Yom Kippur of the dispensation of the nations. It is the day of atonement, purification, reparation and reconciliation with God. First, the day of Rosh Hashanah, which is the day of judgement, then ten days of repentance and change of life and finally the day of Yom Kippur, the day of great forgiveness and atonement. And it is the only day when the high priest of Israel goes into the holy of holies where the ark of the covenant is located to meet God. And the high priest of Israel had a long rope tied to his foot. And if he didn't come out alive, this rope was pulled to get his body out.

41 And now the terrible hour of judgment may have come, beginning with the house of God. The hour when people will fall and never be able to stand on their feet again. To attend a service or go to the pulpit with a spirit of hypocrisy or with an unconfessed sin is a challenge to the Angel of April 24, 1993. To go to the pulpit with a sin, or if you are in the pulpit to preach a false doctrine, that is a challenge to the Angel of April 24, 1993. Do not challenge the angel. Prophet Balaam challenged the Angel in Numbers 22. And in Numbers 31 Prophet Balaam was killed because of that. This Angel was walking with Paul and Paul said that many of his disciples were sick and many had died. What is it? MY ANGEL SHALL GO BEFORE YOU, MY NAME IS IN HIM.

42 And with the public confession, the Church of the nations has passed the level where the spiritual gifts would say, "Do not hide your sins! Confess them! Make yourselves holy!" No, the Holy Spirit has passed this level. This is above the miracles and resurrection of the dead. And William Branham said that he saw great miracles in his ministry but the greatest thing he wished to see was the presence of God in the Church, to the point that the sinner would be afraid to come near for fear of being denounced or struck to death.

43 The Church is at the stage where the one who sits in the assembly without confessing is challenging the Angel ofApril 24, 1993. The Church is at the stage where the one who has to confess is not allowed to go to the pulpit. If he does so, he is challenging the Angel of April 24, 1993. And any person who speaks, insults or blasphemes against the Message, against Prophet Kacou Philippe or against you because of the Message is challenging the Angel of April 24, 1993. And the Angel will choose his place, his way and his time to answer this challenge.

44 And if such a situation happens to a Brother or Sister as in the case of Brother Madison Cooper, he will leave the assembly and the service will continue. Even if he is a preacher, he will leave and the congregation must hear him in the next service. And if he says that he has no confession and commits himself to continue in the ministry, his wife will testify again before the congregation that her husband is worthy of the responsibility. But also, out of fear, you must not refuse to take responsibilities in your assembly. In the Message, refusing to take a responsibility when you can do so is a sin. I say this because Apostle Bi Djo told me that when the Brothers of Divo saw what had happened to their brave pastor, they were all afraid and several of them wanted to give up their responsibilities in the assembly and others were deepening their confession of sins.

45 Seventeen years ago, the Angel of judgement was three metres away from us. Ten years ago, He was two metres from us. And now he is less than a metre from us, ready to establish Himself among us and even in us. And the deceivers had to come so that the camp would first be purified. Before this hour, many incompetent plagiarists had come and all had failed. But now God has allowed more cunning plagiarists and imitators to come against us to separate the wheat from the darnel so that God does not strike the sons of the devil dead here in the middle of the service. Before Canaan, Korah and Dathan and Abiram were already dead. And before the baptism of the Holy Spirit in the upper room, Judas was already dead. And that's what happened here.

46 And in our time God raised up from Brazil a 64-year-old man named Toninho Rezende claiming to be the drunken prophet of Kacou 104:30 and the prophet who is to come for Latin America according to Kacou 137:15. He considers himself as Caleb and me as Joshua. He calls me: "My leader". In the walk of Israel toward Canaan, the most formidable opponent of Israel was Balaam. Balaam was not against Moses and Israel. Balaam did not insult or curse Moses and Israel like the prophets of the Jebusites, Africans, Hivites and Girgashites.

47 According to Toninho's doctrine, smoking, drinking, women pastors and all forms of sin condemned here are allowed. And he had seduced 57 believers of the Midnight Cry, all enemies of the public confession. That is, 24 Brazilians, 21 Mozambicans, 8 Zimbabweans, two South Africans, one Congolese and one Malawian. And those among them who realised that Toninho was a seducer and wanted to return to the Message, I refused to let them return. And even if you leave the Message and come back according to Kacou 143:67, your readmission to the Message will depend on the decision in the group of your country.

48 Be honest so that God may not cast you out of here. The Christian, Muslim, Hindu and Buddhist leaders are all pig farmers. And all those who leave the Message and go to pig farmers, are ungodly, hypocrites, wicked and enemies of the public confession, they have no right to come back here even if they repent.

49 In Latin America, during baptisms, Apostle Lucio May told the women he baptised to hide their adulteries from their husbands. And it was when God cast him out of the Message that these women revealed their adulteries to their husbands. And where is Lucio May today? Where are all those who have left us? What have they become? Nothing! And you, be honest with God so that their fate does not happen to you.

50 The plagiarists of my Message had risen in great numbers. One rises and disappears. Another rises and disappears. And I said to one of them: When you want to create a user name or an e-mail address and the system tells you that it already exists, leave it. When you say, "The original sin was a sexual act", the system in heaven says, this revelation exists since 1933.

51 When you say, "The Bible is a history book" or "The Bible does not save", the system of the heaven tells you: This revelation exists since 2002. When you say, "I am the prophet of Matthew 25:6" the system of the heaven tells you: this revelation exists since 2002. When you say, "The public confession must be back in the Church" the system of the heaven tells you: this revelation exists since 2002. When you say, "All religions including Christianity are of the devil", the system of the heaven tells you: this revelation exists since 2002. And when Satan offers you revelations such as: "Adam has no navel" or "Adam and Eve were black", you have to make your choice.

52 But all of you who have believed in me, never abandon this Message which is the narrow way to Heaven. Do not accept counterfeits and the broad and peaceful roads of the seducers and plagiarists and imitators. Leave the churches of Dante Gebel, Guillermo Maldonado, Carlos Enrique Luna, Maria Luisa, Estevam Hernandes, Romildo Ribeiro Soares, Silas Malafaia, Valdemiro Santiago and Edir Macedo. Those are Satan's roads to hell. They have healed and delivered millions of people. It is true. But they are all servants of Satan according to Matthew 7:21 and they lead you to hell.

53 And being in this Message, even if you feel like you are a son of the devil, keep walking. Out of five baptisms, four baptised can be delivered and one is not delivered but nothing says that the delivered or the undelivered one is a son of the devil. And if the four were not delivered, they would be lost one after the other after their baptism. And if everyone was delivered after baptism, there would be no pastor and no public confession. You are a child of God because you have believed in the living prophet of your time.

54 Salvation is very simple. Before the mission on earth, every prophet is in the presence of God with the elect of his generation. And before the ministry on the earth begins, the elect start to be born. The prophet is also born. And God allows Satan to scatter and hide the elect all over the earth. Satan hides them in different continents, different nations, different families, different languages, different races, in different political systems and parties, social classes. Satan establishes difficult conditions of access through racism, apartheid, political regimes, hardships of life and especially caste systems, sects and religions.

55 And concerning the prophet, God says to Satan, "I allow you to put him in difficult conditions but do not touch his life". And then the prophet is born into a miserable family and Satan prevents him from having the necessary abilities for the mission. And when the signal is given, the prophet has to gather all the elect from the four corners of the earth before he dies. Then he dies and goes to God and says, "O God, all those that You have given me, I have gathered them all and none of them is lost." But in reality, it was an angel of God who carried out the mission by taking the prophet as a cover.

56 God said to Israel, "Behold, I send an angel before you, ... Be careful in his presence, and hearken unto his voice; do not provoke him; for he will not forgive your transgressions, for my name is in him." It is this Angel who went before Moses and it is this Angel who has been walking before me since April 24, 1993 to accomplish this mission.

57 In Morocco, a woman was resting in her car and the sky opened up and she saw Moses and the prophets, and she saw god-men walking in the sky behind the clouds. She saw among them a black man and the vision disappeared. And the day she came across the midnight Cry, she believed because of this vision. What is it? It is the Angel of April 24, 1993, who goes ahead of me in the field of mission.

58 Brother Kitione from Fiji wrote to me and said, "I had a vision in 2014. I saw the sunset, then it was night, and then chariots and horses of fire came down from the sky and took me and went up with me to heaven. From that day on, I understood that the time of William Branham had passed. And I never went to church again since that day in 2014. I prayed and fasted at home. And in 2021, the vision came true, I discovered the midnight Cry and I believed." What is it? It is the Angel of April 24, 1993, who goes ahead of me on the field of mission.

59 When I was told that believers in Fiji were asking for baptism, I said, "Do those Kodak and Fiji marks still exist?"And I was told, "No prophet, they are not photographers. Fiji is a country of 300 islands in the South Pacific of Oceania. These are the ends of the world." How can people believe in such a distant land which I don't even know exists? What is it? It is the Angel of April 24, 1993 walking before me on the field of mission.

60 And when the Message reaches Fiji and the farthest lands of Oceania and the world, now is the time when the camp must be purified. Never choose the option of hiding sins or leaving the Message. Regardless of the sanctions, stay in the camp, in the presence of God until the end of your life on earth. Live well according to the commandment of Kacou 146. And in relation to Kacou 146:192, in addition to the apostles Aman Martin and Yanick Aka, there is Apostle Hugo Ze Da Costa and a fourth person. And know that since April 24, 2021 and forever, I, Prophet Kacou Philippe, I no longer want to receive offerings or tithe of tithes from anyone. Your tithes and offerings are for your assemblies who will know what is necessary to be done for the Message with them.

61 And up to Kacou 146, I have defined for this generation what is sin and what is not sin. And I said that an act on the line of demarcation is not a sin, therefore it does not come to confession but not doing it is better. Mouth-to-mouth with your wife and television are on the line of demarcation. You can give or receive HIV, hepatitis or other diseases by mouth-to-mouth, especially if you have just brushed your teeth. As for television, you can have it and play interviews, debates and other videos of the Message for your home and visitors.

62 And you, my apostles, pastors and preachers, be my imitators. I who was a worker on a construction site, who am I? And I know that the way I receive the fool who comes to me is the way God will receive me. And therefore, the way the apostle, the pastor or the preacher receives, listens, and treats the fool who comes to him, that is how God will treat him. And when I write to you, even if you answer me the next day, you do not have to apologise.

63 A preacher who discloses a confession at the baptism must be deposed. When someone has confessed at the baptism or during the public confession, you must not talk about his or her confession in any situation or when solving a problem. But when one of you confesses, after the service, some Brothers can talk with him and help him because the difficulties that he is facing, another Brother has faced them before.

64 When a Brother is exposed for having marriage talks with a Sister who is not yet seven months in the Message or who does not have her name in the group of marriage, know that he is a predator who must be removed from the flock. And his sanction will be at least seven months out of the assembly. Speaking of the Message, you shall never answer insults with insults even if the insult is against you, the Prophet or the Message. When a matter opposes a Brother or a Sister to a pagan and the Brother has confessed, he will go and ask for forgiveness from the pagan if he is wrong in the matter. When someone accepts the Message and responds to the call, the preacher must not lay hands on him for prayer.

65 Still in the sense of Kacou 146, a pastor can intervene as a witness in a contract, in a sale or any other business involving some Brothers. But he receives money for this business, he is deposed. A woman who has an intrauterine device or contraceptive implant in her body can be baptised and remove it later because the family planning in God is abstinence during ovulation. Concerning surrogate mothers, I have prayed to know if it is good or bad but God has not yet answered me.

66 When a Brother comes to the Message with a wife, if the two separate and receive baptism, if he is a good Brother who has kept himself pure and who testifies of the Message, the assembly can help him dower his wife if after seven months, he does not manage to dower his wife. Let a Brother who is heartless and insensitive to the suffering of a Brother or Sister not be a pastor of an assembly. When a Brother or Sister does not have a solution to his or her problem, he or she can write to the group in his or her country. And when a Brother wants to go and open an assembly, don't stop him and say, "Lead the souls here first".

67 Sometimes people abandon their assemblies because the preaching they hear is so weak that they feel it is not the midnight Cry. When a pastor or a preacher gives weak preaching, the solution is not to abandon the assembly but to find someone who has the gift and who can do it properly. And if you are not satisfied with a preaching, it is your right to report it even to the group of your country so that a solution can be found. It is the right of every Brother or Sister to say what is wrong in his or her assembly. And the pastor's or apostle's advocates must keep quiet.

68 And now I will close with dreams. Dreams are meant to bring you closer to the perfect will of God but most of them are the work of divination. And divination is the power of the fifth dimension which is the region of Satan and the religions. And these dreams that you see and which come to pass the next day, it happens everywhere to any member of Islam, Christianity, Judaism, Hinduism, Buddhism, Jainism, Confucianism, Taoism, Shintoism and Sikhism. Regardless of the race, the continent or religion, Satan is the same everywhere. And it is a prophet who can get you out of there. That is why the spirit of religion does not like living prophets. Since the foundation of the world, the members of religions have always hated living prophets. And yet, if it is not by a living prophet from God, no man on earth canknow that watching the video of an evangelical pastor without a good reason is satanic.

69 Now, it can happen that you have the same dream over and over again and you don't understand the meaning and that dream goes on and on. It is God who tells you something in a language that you do not understand and He repeats it to you. In this case, you must necessarily look for the one who understands the language of God, that is, a prophet to interpret it for you.

70 And in dreams, seeing dead relatives is either because of the shadow of death over you, or because of your contact with the fifth dimension if you are attached to the videos of religious men, for example. In the spiritual, there is God and Satan. And on earth there are also two groups. A first group that sees during the day and a second group that sees during the night. And in a revelation in 1993, I had seen that darkness covered the districts of the religions of the earth.

71 And it was revealed to me that in the constellations of stars, black holes represented religions, international organisations and political parties according to the type of black holes. There are millions of black holes already discovered. And it is established that there must be white holes but none has been discovered yet. Astrophysicists do not know that white holes appear and disappear when they become black holes.

72 And the first black hole known to mankind is the black hole in the Swan constellation. Now the swan carries Hinduism. And Hinduism is considered to be the world's first religion. And at the entrance to each black hole is a halo, a circle of light. And the halo of light is a deity. But it is the gateway to darkness and hell. And a black hole destroys and devours any star or object that comes near it.

73 When you often watch the video of a religious leader on the internet, you will be possessed by divination and you will see dreams every night or dreams that come true and often dead relatives because it is as if you are in the religion of that religious leader. And the dead relatives are the members of those religions. And their words have the anointing of Satan. And when you listen to them, you receive a power of possession that binds you to them like an invisible elastic cord so that your soul will find it difficult to flee from them because a force draws you to them.

74 And in a dream, you will try with all your strength to run away from the devil but you will not succeed because a satanic power will slow you down. Instead of moving at the speed of thought like an angel, you will be heavy. This is the revelation that I am trying to express as much as I can. That is why, until you die, you will never forget that the television, the computer and the telephone in your hands will remain the graven images of gold-covering of Kacou 56. You must know that the internet is the new universal field of the greatest battle ever fought. And you must take heed to yourself because of Salvation.

75 You cannot burn religious books and leave the churches, temples and mosques of religious leaders and still be watching their videos on the internet. Things that will not bring you anything but divination demons, you must separate yourself from them. When someone is not a prophet-messenger from God with a call, a commission and an authentic Message from God, whatever he tells you, throw it into the bin and don't watch his videos anymore even if you have nothing to do.

76 And when I, Prophet Kacou Philippe, was watching the video of a religious leader, at night in a dream, I was lost in darkness in a district of brigands while the religious people watch the same videos and rejoice because they are sons of darkness. When a member of Islam, Christianity, Judaism, Hinduism, Buddhism, Jainism, Confucianism, Taoism, Shintoism or Sikhism talks about God, there is a great ray of darkness around him.

77 I speak to you by revelation, in virtue of the call and commission of April 24, 1993. In matters of God, either follow the living prophet of your time or stay at home. After hearing me, never go to a church, temple or mosque again. Do not close the way of Heaven to yourself.

78 And if it is not for a good reason, if you give or transfer a video of a Muslim, Christian, Buddhist or Hindu leader to a person or when you talk about a religion, a holy book like the Bible, the Quran or the Bhagavad-Gita to someone, when you preach Jesus of Nazareth, Mahomet, Krishna or Buddha to someone, in the eyes of God, it is an act of witchcraft, it is as if you are pushing that person towards the black hole of hell. And he that has ears to hear, let him hear.

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