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Updated: May 28

Words that the prophet Kacou Philippe pronounced from Katadji, his village, on 12 August 2021

1 Words that I, Prophet Kacou Philippe, I have addressed from my village, on August 12, 2021 as a warning to the inhabitants of the earth concerning the current stage of my prophecy.

2 After Kacou 147, it was important for me to speak again so that no one gets troubled and leaves the Message out of fear of being struck by the Angel of April 24, 1993. Do not be afraid. God does not strike the righteous, the wicked and the foolish together. What God asks of us is our repentance and sincerity so that we may be with Him after our death. And we must be holy as God Himself is holy. What is the purpose of life if we abandon the narrow path, the only way to Heaven?

3 In Exodus 19, when God came down on Mount Sinai and the whole mountain was on fire and shaking violently, the Jews did not flee back to Egypt but they said to Moses in Exodus 20: "Moses, lest we die, from now on let God speak to you and you speak to us. We will listen to everything you tell us."

4 The will of God for our time is only what I, Prophet Kacou Philippe, I have preached, and you already know that. You must throw away all the conceptions of God that you once received in your Egyptian churches and religions.

5 And also today, as the Angel of April 24, 1993 shows up to execute his judgments and sentences on the inhabitants of the earth and to restore holiness in his Church, rather than fleeing back to your Egyptian churches and religions, we can all pray and say to God, "O God, we commit ourselves today not to hide our sins. We will act according to everything You have written in the Book of your commandments for our time, for we want to be saved."

6 In the walk of Israel toward Canaan, the Jews imagined a God who would heal them, make them rich and give them visas to travel. And when God went down to Egypt to free them, they were all happy. Joshua and Caleb were happy. Korah and Dathan were happy. Only the Egyptians were sad because they did not want the deliverance of Israel. Just astoday, Islam, Christianity, Judaism, Hinduism, Buddhism, Jainism, Confucianism, Taoism, Shintoism and Sikhism do not want the deliverance of the children of God whom they hold captive.

7 Religions have corrupted the earth and the wrath of God is upon the earth through typhoons, floods, pandemics, earthquakes, cyclones, global warming and all kinds of woes. And Covid-19 continues to ravage the world with more than four million deaths, while many other diseases and plagues wait their turn like dormant volcanoes. But my disciples will always be spared.

8 Covid-19 has already taken away kings and presidents like President John Magufuli of Tanzania. And powerful religious men like Cardinal Oscar Eusebio of Brazil, Cardinal Monsengwo of Congo-Zaire and Joaquim Gonçalves, the greatest branhamist pastor of Brazil, have died of Covid-19. And the time comes when God's judgment will be precise with a prophet. If it does not happen in my day, it will happen after me. It is a decree of God because of the religions and all the evil that is committed on the earth.

9 For 400 years, since their fathers, the Jews longed to see Adonai, the God of Abraham, Isaac and Jacob. They prayed for God to reveal himself to them. They wanted to walk with God, but they all did not know that God is Holy. And day and night the holy angels shout before his face, "Holy, Holy, Holy is Jehovah."

10 The Jews thought like the Egyptians that they could watch sex photos and videos on the internet and even have them on their phones or computers and go to paradise. The churches and religions of Egypt always taught that if you commit a sin, make sacrifices or wash yourself in the Ganges, Bagmati and Saraswati, do penance, confess to the pastor or priest, fast, pray, beg God or go on a pilgrimage to Israel or Mecca and God will blot out your sins. But Moses says that you must confess your sins publicly before the congregation before God forgives you.

11 But know that the blood of Jesus on the cross is not for the sins committed in good conscience but for the sins committed by error. Leviticus 4:2 says, "If a soul shall sin through inadvertence, this is the sacrifice for atonement, ...".Leviticus 4:3 says, "If a priest sins through inadvertence, he shall present a young bullock without blemish, ...".Leviticus 4:22 says, "If a prince of the people sins through inadvertence, he shall come with a male goat without blemish, ...". For example, a poor man tells you that he is hungry, you give him money and he goes and buys a cigarette, then you have sinned. You give a young girl money for her needs and she uses that money for an abortion, then you have sinned.

12 The blood of Jesus on the cross or the sacrifices for atonement in the law of Moses are not for someone who came out of Egypt, who knows the truth and has sex outside marriage, without dowry. It is not for someone who watches sexphotos or videos on the internet or who puts his mouth to his spouse's genitals, who masturbates, who puts a woman who is a human being in the position of a female dog to have sex with her, even if it is not sodomy. Jesus did not die on the cross for those people and their end is the eternal hell of Naraka no matter how good their heart is or how pious they are in their religion.

13 And you say, "In this case, everyone will go to hell!" No, not everyone will go to hell. I that speak to you, in all my life I have never put my mouth on a woman's genitals or placed a woman in the position of a female dog. And my disciples no longer do all those things they used to do when they were pagans or in the Egyptian churches and religions.

14 And you, as soon as you heard the name Kacou Philippe on the earth, even if you do not believe in me, know that you are under the judgment of God and if you do not obey everything I have commanded on behalf of God to mankind, know that your sins will be upon you until your death. You cannot know that something is wrong and go and do that. The Lord Jesus Christ did not die on the cross for that. And if you didn't know it, behold, you know it today.

15 Don't be in ignorance. There is no salvation without a prophet. And the Church cannot be where Paul left it 2000 years ago. The Church of Wesley's time could not be the one that Luther left when he died. And the Church of Kacou Philippe's time cannot be the one that Paul, Wyclif, Wesley or William Branham left at their death. And the Church today can therefore not feed on the old epistles of Paul or the old, inoffensive and cooled Message of William Branham.

16 If the saints of the Apostles' time are no longer at the stage where Paul left them, it is not us, 2000 years later, who are going to seek their holiness or feed on their leftovers. Paul cannot say that the dead will not reach perfection without us and 2000 years later, while the dead are close to perfection and the rapture, we the living will still be spinning in old things of 2000 years ago. No. I speak to you as a prophet.

17 In the walk of Israel toward Canaan, the knowledge of God was in different stages. There was a first time when the Jews were acting like the churches and religions of Egypt and the Angel would not say anything. And there was some speaking in tongues and prophecies like: "I love you, I am your God. I am in your midst. Believe! Believe! Believe!".And the Sisters would dance in spirit. Then came another time when Moses had to tell the Jews to do this and not to do that.

18 Then a time when the Jews knew what to do and what not to do. Then a time when the judgments and sentences began when Canaan was no longer far away. And the Holy Spirit was no longer there to denounce the sinners only but to strike them. And the Korah and the ungodly and all those who have the ability to hide their sins no longer had a place among Israel.

19 You can come to the service and go home without confessing and you can repeat this many times but God will answer your challenge. It is just a matter of time. Regarding the case of Brother Madison Cooper of Liberia that I reported in Kacou 147, he was married and had committed adultery with up to seven women. God was just waiting for his time. Concerning Pastor Maoué Jules, on two occasions, Apostle Martin had told him that what he wanted to do was not right. Pastor Usher Belga had also warned him, but he was stubborn. And the Angel intervened. In Venezuela, in Latin America, Brother José Antonio was disrespecting the prayer leader during the public confession. And the Angel intervened.

20 Concerning a case of Congo-Brazzaville, Apostle Stephane Bamby was leading the public confession. And a Sister had confessed a sin. And he agreed that it was a sin. But when the congregation called on him to confess the same sin, he said it was not a sin. And immediately the Angel intervened. And he said that when he came back to himself, he was sitting in the congregation sweating and another person was in his place at the pulpit and the service was going on. He had no idea what had happened and how he had left the pulpit and was sitting in the congregation. You, take care to film the services. And everyone can inform the apostles Martin or Yanick if there is a spiritual manifestation.

21 And in Cameroon, a whole assembly had confessed, including Florent Woume, their pastor. Some had confessed serious sins. But when Pastor Florent Woume went to the pulpit, he did not speak on the confessions. And he started to preach and immediately the Angel intervened. He said, "I felt a strange presence and I became mute and I could nolonger see". He hastily left the pulpit and walked out of the room. He explains that he almost died. Brothers followed him outside and seeing his state, they were scared and one of them said to the congregation: "Brothers and Sisters, the service is over".

22 And it was after this that Pastor Florent Woume confessed that three days before the service, he had picked up a mobile phone from the ground and started using it despite the approaches of the owner of the phone. The phone was not even locked. And through calls and SMS, the owner begged the pastor to return the phone and the pastor turned the phone off. And after that, he used the airtime on the SIM card and started to use the phone.

23 And that Sunday, the phone was on him in the pulpit. The congregation saw their wonderful pastor filled with the Holy Spirit in the pulpit. And some were waiting for the end of the service to explain their problems to him, and yet, itis a pagan pastor, a mobile phone thief. And if the Angel did not intervene, what could the assembly do? Nothing. You see? And now he has returned the phone to its owner. These kinds of manifestations have occurred in several countries around the world but so far, there has not been any blindness, paralysis or any death of people. This is the warning phase for the African, European, American and Asian.

24 It is the Almighty God who makes himself visible among us. Since the 2000 years of the dispensation of the nations, some illustrious prophets and their generations have longed to see these manifestations but it was not given to them. We are a privileged and blessed people. The true Church is not an eternal recommencement since 2000 years with the same baptism, the same sermons, practices and manifestations of the Spirit of God. The saints today cannot be what the saints were 1000 or 1500 years ago.

25 And the lowest dimension of prophetism is when the holy angels descend towards a prophet and reveal things to him but the highest dimension is when the prophet himself goes to Heaven and describes Heaven and the presence of God and the things that are there. And the sins and the churches and the religions are the levels of Satan to prevent man from reaching that highest dimension.

26 And I predict that in a near future, the saints will see themselves as holy angels or gods in dreams or visions. Religions and money and the things of this world will have no power on them. Their movement without body on theearth, on the planets and in the galaxies and dimensions will have no limit. This is a secret thing but greater than all the glories and all the honours of this world. And if we have chosen this narrow path, we must produce its fruits. All these churches and religions that you see around you are herds of swine.

27 In spite of the public confession and everything that I have preached since 2002, look at all these wicked people among us and some even stand before us in the pulpit. And the Angel Himself is obliged to act. That’s why when a preacher or a church member falls in the pulpit or in the public confession and dies, do not be outraged. God's actions are just and God alone knows who among us is honest or has a double life.

28 And even outside the Church, the power of God will manifest itself and everyone will see that. Recently, in Benin, a pagan said in his house, "This Kacou Philippe must be a true prophet". And immediately, a power descended on him and he was delivered, he believed in me and threw away the cigarette and the alcohol and sent away the girls with whom he prostituted himself. That is how someone will say, "This Kacou Philippe is a demon" and immediately, he will be struck with madness, epilepsy, blindness, paralysis or any other incurable disease and the name of Kacou Philippe will be in his mouth until his death. I prophesy it.

29 One day or another, mankind should face the Angel of April 24, 1993. The God of Elijah and Moses had to show the nations that he is the terrible God of Israel. And this time has come now. Now it all depends on how each human wants to receive this Angel. When a true prophet is on the earth, mankind is faced with a choice and each will receive his reward according to his choice. And the Angel will also strike the pagans and you will see that it is not a spirit of seduction that just wants to scare us. If you have relatives or people who speak against the Message or against the prophet, warn them.

30 It is not normal that Aaron and Miriam speak against Moses and get struck and some uncircumcised pagansblaspheme and insult Moses and his God and go unpunished. In the walk of Israel toward Canaan, not all nations came as enemies of Israel. But when a nation came as an enemy of Israel, blaspheming and challenging the God of Israel, the glory of God was manifested powerfully against that nation.

31 It is Satan, the god of Islam and the religions who is powerful over those who worship him but powerless against those who confront him to the point that men defend him. These chapters Kacou 147 and Kacou 148 are the ultimate warning for us and for all the inhabitants of the earth.

32 In discussions, the power of God will manifest itself in a visible way and everyone will see it. How can a divine confrontation only consist of speeches to the point that the most eloquent person is the one who is right or who is seen as sent by God? God said to Moses: Throw the staff! Moses threw the staff, which became a snake. And in the face of Israel's adversaries, this power was manifested and Moses recognised in it the Almighty God who had appeared to him in the burning bush.

33 And on April 24, 1993, when I heard the voice of this same God of Moses, I fell dead. And that is the God that I serve. It is now the God of Moses in Joshua, the God of Elijah in Elisha and the God of William Branham in Kacou Philippe. And the whole earth will know that the God of Moses and Elijah is alive and that it is Him who appeared to me on April 24, 1993.

34 And after William Branham, Prophet Joshua saw this Angel with his sword drawn in his hand and Joshua was afraid. And the Angel said to him, "For as captain of the army of Jehovah am I now come." And Joshua fell, his face down on the ground. And you know how that Angel held that sword of judgment on April 24, 1993. The Spirit of Moses and Elijah has now come down to judge the earth and lead the Church to the rapture.

35 As a prophet, I have tried to do all I can so that the whole earth may know the truth, but the time has now come when it is the Angel of April 24, 1993 Himself who will establish his fear on the earth and his holiness in the Church. All of you who believe in me, no matter how big your congregation is, the Angel of April 24, 1993 will stand there and watch everything you do.

36 Will the Lord Jesus Christ abandon His Church forever? Did God create the world for religions and politicians and homosexuals to do as they please with it? And men get rich and live as they want and will there not be a final judgment and hell? And all demons manifest themselves in a visible way through anointings, healings and miracles in the religions to challenge God. Satan appears everywhere and manifests himself under the name of Jesus Christ. The goddess Astarte, the queen of heaven, appears all over the world under the name of the Virgin Mary and even gets herself filmed or photographed. Yes, God must punish the religions, politicians and inhabitants of the earth and every eye will see this.

37 Since the Lord Jesus Christ, God has sent illustrious prophets to the nations. And for our time, through my Message, God has spoken again so that the whole earth may be warned. For example, through Kacou 13, 136, 144 and 145, God has spoken to all the Muslims of the earth. Through Kacou 139, 140 and 141, God has spoken to all the Hinduists and Buddhists of the earth. Through Kacou 143, God has spoken to all the homosexuals of the earth. And whoever does not obey everything I have revealed is subject to the punishment of God.

38 In God, it is first the warning and then the judgment. God does not strike the weak one who confesses every Sunday but He strikes the ungodly one who hides his sins. In the wilderness, those whom the Angel struck were disciples of Korah, that is, the enemies of the public confession, the ungodly in our assemblies today, those who want a Church without the public confession.

39 The Church will never reach perfection without the public confession and the direct intervention of the Angel Himself. The Angel who appeared to Moses at the burning bush is the same Angel who appeared to Paul on the way to Damascus and it is the same Angel who appeared to me here on April 24, 1993 at this end of time. And that Angel is the Lord Jesus Christ Himself. And He alone can rid the Church of the wicked and perfect the Church for the rapture.

40 In the wilderness, all the Jews were with Moses and they all said, "O the Angel and the Lamb," and Moses looked at them and was proud and counted them all as his disciples. Yet some were disciples of Korah. But the Angel of the burning bush had to enter on the scene. And in our time, had it not been for the Angel's entrance on the scene, I would be there in the same ignorance. And that is how William Branham walked with his people and it was after his death that it became known that the pastors Gene Goad, Leo Mercier and Rudin Roger who walked with him all the time were homosexuals.

41 In the beginning with Israel, there were, in the same group, disciples of Moses and disciples of Korah. And today, in the midnight Cry, there are disciples of Kacou Philippe and disciples of Korah. The disciples of Korah were pretending to be disciples of Moses. They also walked under the same cloud, they ate the same manna that came down from heaven. And when Moses asked the congregation, "All of you who are disciples of Kacou Philippe, raise your hands!" The disciples of Korah also raised their hands, but in their hearts, they all knew that they were disciples of Korah. And the disciples of Korah were in the assembly and in the priesthood.

42 And all of you disciples of Korah in this Message, listen to me: God said to Israel, "Behold, I send an angel before you, ... Be careful in his presence, and hearken unto his voice; do not provoke him; for he will not forgive your transgressions." First, God says to the sons of Israel: "Do not provoke him ", do not make him angry. Then God says that this angel will not forgive your sins. When you manifest ruse and during the public confession, you pretend to forget or you veil your confession or you cover up the big sin in small sins, it is the anger of the angel that will answer you.

43 And who are you to not confess? If you are of me and you love me as I love you, why do you hide your sins? I, Kacou Philippe, that speak to you, I have confessed before you many times. And yet, a prophet-messenger is not in the Church to confess. And Moses could not confess or go to the priests with a young bullock without blemish and hewould put his hand on the bullock and confess his sins and a priest would kill the bullock according to Leviticus 4. No.

44 In 2008, I had confessed and Sister Emma, the wife of Brother Jean-Paul, had asked me if it was normal for a prophet-messenger to confess. And I said, "Sister, if Aaron and Miriam talk about me, it's God who will take care of them." And in 2016 when I was in prison, I had even decided that from now on, if I committed a sin related to Kc.17:26, I would confess it in the sermon that was going to come after that sin. But you, if you love God, why do you hide your sins like Achan among Israel?

45 And you, you came across the Message and you refuse to believe or to be baptised because of sin. Or you are baptised and you sit in the assembly, on a serious sin and people confess around you. Or you confess a small sin whileyou have a serious sin. Or you disrespect the prayer leader during the public confession, know that you are a disciple of Korah and the Angel of April 24, 1993 counts this as challenges or temptations. When you repeat this three times, the Angel counts three times.

46 When you commit a sin on the mountain and you go down to the valley to confess, that is to say you seek a small assembly to confess, the Angel counts that. When you seek to turn your sex sin into marriage instead of confessing, the Angel counts that. When you sit on a sin and intervene on the confession of others, know that you are a disciple of Korah and the Angel counts that. When you miss the service or come late because of the public confession, the Angel counts that. And as many times as you repeat this, as many times the Angel counts that.

47 And God said to Moses in Numbers 14, "All those who have tempted me ten times shall not enter the promised land. Their dead bodies will fall in this wilderness." Then God began to strike them in various ways. And a time will come when you will stand up to confess, and, leaving the big sin aside, you will begin to confess other things, thus mocking God, you will not see that place of worship again. The disciples of Korah have sins in their hearts which they confess and sins which they do not confess, but you my disciples, do not do like them.

48 We are in the phase of purification. We are still evangelising but three months without conversion is no longer bad. And as a pastor, you must do everything possible so that your bride, your child or the disciple that you like may not commit a sin. But if despite that he commits a sin, you are obliged to bring him to the public confession and put the information in the group of the country according to the commandment of God. You will say: a Brother so-and-so has committed such a sin with a Sister so-and-so, mentioning their names. If you do not do it, know that you are a priest of Korah and you are challenging the Angel of 24 April 1993. And for a confession in the group of a country, if there are questions, everything must finish before 2 hours, with the conclusion of an apostle of the country or of another country.

49 In Cameroon, Pastor Hamadou was intervening on some confessions and yet, he had also confessed. And nobody in the assembly rebuked him until the Angel intervened. In your ministry, you will not play the aggressive wolf in your private groups and the gentle lamb in public groups. And stop when you are called to order. But if you refuse to listen to the language of a Brother or Sister who calls on you, know that you are a priest of Korah and it will be the Angel of April 24, 1993 who will speak to you and then, you will easily understand like King Uzziah in 2 Chronicles 26.

50 And if you are not a priest of Korah, you must be able to call anything by its name. You must be able to say to the one who comes to the Message with a woman, without dowry, that he has the right to be baptised if he stops all sexual relations with this woman. But if he is waiting to dower the woman before receiving baptism then you must be able to tell him that he is like the repentant thief who continues to steal while waiting to get a job before he stops stealing.

51 And in the walk of the Church, if someone has ever had a problem of sex while being in the Message, he must not administer baptism again. He who baptises must have a blameless past in the Message. And he who leaves the pulpit because of the Angel, his return to the ministry must be according to the procedure of a new responsibility in an assembly. And the one who falls while in the pulpit, struck by the Angel, the deacons must help him up but he must not go back to the pulpit. That is the end of his ministry.

52 Also, when God sends a prophet on the earth, He gives him auxiliaries, those who have the ministries and those who have the financial means. And if you have financial means, it is for the progression of the Message of your time and if you don't do it, you are an ungodly person who will give an account to God. All of you who believe in me, fear God. What I expect from you is holiness and the fear of God.

53 And if God allows me to travel to your countries, the greatest present and memory I want to keep from you is the ability of the crowds to remain calm when I pass before you. No disorder, no noise, no emotion.

54 Well! Now, some people had come here at the midnight Cry thinking that this was a church like any other church. After Kacou 143:67, when a Sister was asked why she had left the Message and was now coming back, she replied, "I had left the Message because the Message is hard but I am coming back because I am obliged to come back if I am to be saved." To all those who think that the Message is hard, know that Salvation can never be a Christmas present. And it is at the top of Golgotha that the blood of Christ that washes away your sins is. And the wisdom of God is to seek God during our life on earth.

55 And the Jews, disciples of Korah said, "This Message is true but it is hard, it is not for people like us. Let us go backto Egypt!" And today, you who say, "O, I cannot follow the Message of Kacou Philippe, I prefer a church or a religion where there are no commandments or public confession", know that, while you seek to run away from the Message, there are people who believe.

56 And this year 2021, Francisco Costa, a Branhamist pastor in the State of Pará in Brazil believed with his church and twenty-nine first people received the baptism with Apostle Deutamar Costa. And in the province of Huambo in Angola, a very large number of José Kalupeteka's disciples believed and received baptism. And the first services have began in Paris, France.

57 You who find the Message hard, know that every word of God is made of commandments. And as soon you havecrossed the Red Sea, you can no longer go back to Egypt. You must look at Canaan which is in front of you. Behind you is the Red Sea, to your left and right is the Sinai wilderness. Under your feet are the fiery snakes and above your head is the Angel. And whoever is struck dead by the Angel goes straight to hell like Korah, Dathan, Abiram, Uzzah, Ananias and Saphira.

58 And when the earth opened to swallow up the thousands who followed Korah and Dathan, what happened? The Bible says that those who had not died fled, and then the fire of God came down from Heaven and consumed them with 250 priests of Korah. And those on Moses' side who were outraged and murmured saying, "Are not Pharaoh and the gods of Egypt better?" It went up to God and a special disease came from heaven and killed 14,700 people. When God acts, take a stand for God without sadness or murmuring.

59 As a prophet, I have revealed all the commandments of God for Salvation in our time. I have restored the public confession. I have revealed some great mysteries of mankind. I have revealed some mysteries of the zodiac and the origin of the African's black skin. I have revealed that black Africans, when they were whites, were the masters of the world and had taught Greeks and built the pyramids of Egypt but it was the curse of Ham that made them black and drove them to a wild state after the Jews left Egypt.

60 You don't know all the evil and tortures that the ancestors of Kunta Kinte and the black Africans did to the Jews in Egypt for 400 years. That’s why behind slavery, the slave trade, the colonisation and the eternal suffering of black Africans, you have to see what the ancestors of these black Africans did to the Jews over the 400 years of the Jewish slavery when these black Africans were whites in Egypt.

61 And you who fight the revelation about the curse of Ham and the black race, can't the power of God do that? Didn't God take away Nebuchadnezzar's intelligence, knowledge and reason in Daniel 3? And didn't Nebuchadnezzar, the great king of Babylon, find home in the bush with animals? This is what happened to the black Africans because of the curse of Ham when they were all white people and rulers of the world in ancient Egypt.

62 It was the whites of Egypt at the time of the Pharaohs who became black Africans. And later, because of the Arabs who captured them to make them slaves and cut off their testicles, these black Africans fled Egypt. And then the Arabs went and occupied North Africa and Egypt up to this day.

63 I have also revealed that the earth will be destroyed because of homosexuals. And mankind is therefore faced with two options: either mankind forces the homosexuals who want to parade to return to their ancient land of Sodom and Gomorrah like Israel, or those homosexuals remain scattered all over the earth and have their Gay Pride and then the whole earth will be destroyed.

64 And it is because of your sins that you fight against the revelations of God. You put sex pictures and videos on your phones and computers, you masturbate, you put your mouth to your spouse's genitals and you speak when a prophet speaks? You sleep with men and women, without marriage, you have sex in your dreams, you have night defilements, you are chased in your dreams, you are immobilised in your sleep and you speak when a prophet speaks?

65 And I tell you without any doubt that apart from this Message, every inhabitant of the earth including the religious leaders, kings, presidents, football players and artists, without exception, suffer in their bodies and in their sleep. A disciple of Eckhart Tolle was tormented by evil spirits, his nights were troubled but after believing in me, he burnt all the books and audio of Eckhart Tolle and got delivered.

66 Another man wrote to me. He was angry with the public confession. He said, "My sexual relationships with my sisters and two homosexuals and all my sins that I had acknowledged and confessed to my father and to my priest, isn't that enough?" Then he said, "After the Catholic church, because of my sufferings, I went to the Lutherans, Baptists, Presbyterians, Adventists, Pentecostals, Jehovah's Witnesses, etc. including the Baha'i faith and the Message of William Branham and David Owuor. This includes several baptisms but no change. Also, I had converted to Islam because Prophet Muhammad said that this conversion would wipe out all my sins. And as my case got worse, I turned to psychiatrists."

67 And at the end of his words, although he rejected the public confession and my Message, he said to me, "Prophet Kacou, I am suffering, pray for me because I have to take several drugs to be able to sleep. I have to take Artane, Risperdal, Laroxyl, Equanil, Promethazine and Gamalate."

68 And also, after Kacou 144 and 145, I was told that a Muslim had asked in an Islamic group on the Internet if anyone in the group was immobilised in their sleep or had sex in their dreams or night defilements. And all the members of the group, both men and women, replied that they were suffering from each of these things. And this is the condition of all the inhabitants of the earth apart from my disciples. The inhabitants of the earth are suffering and yet they do not want a prophet.

69 And Covid-19 is striking all over the world but my disciples are spared till this day. Even in India, America and Brazil, despite the ravages, none of my disciples have died. Only in Mexico, on the death certificate of a Brother, it was written: "Suspicion of Covid-19" although he was not sick with Covid-19. Apart from that, all of my disciples who were sick with Covid-19 in Asia, Europe, America and Africa, even on life support or on respirators, my prayer delivered them all.

70 God will send a thousand typhoons, a thousand floods, a thousand earthquakes, a thousand pandemics, a thousand calamities upon the inhabitants of the earth, they will never repent. God will heat the earth a thousand times until they are consumed, they will never repent but they will go to Satan and the religions. There are ungodly people who have made religion a means of enrichment and glory. The earth is their paradise. And the inhabitants of the earth pay them taxes in their temples, synagogues, churches and mosques.

71 Revelation 16 says that when the angels were pouring out the plagues on the earth, the inhabitants of the earth did not repent but they were insulting and blaspheming against God. All those pious people that you see as lambs in these religions including Christianity, are enemies of God who will never repent even if an angel came down from heaven to speak to them. They have no fear of going to hell. For example: The Quran says in Sura 19:71, that Mahomet and all dead Muslims are in hell awaiting the final judgement but despite this, some people are still Muslims.

72 Hell does not worry them. They are even ready to kill the one who tells them the truth to save them. And when, because of Covid-19, Indians were throwing their gods in the streets and in the Ganges, as a man, I had thought that it was good but God revealed to me that these Indians were doing this in a spirit of blasphemy and insult against everything that is god. And after Covid-19, they will be even worse than before.

73 Yes, the wrath of God is visiting the earth. And the whole earth will begin to see the hand of the Almighty God. Before me Kacou Philippe, there was confusion on the earth because of the religions. The religions have turned the faith in God through a living prophet upside down and have corrupted the earth. But the time has come when God will judge and punish the ungodly men who have corrupted the earth, starting from the religions.

74 He is the God of Moses and Elijah. He comes now not as the God of mercy but as the God of Judgement. And the Spirit of Elijah and Moses has always tormented the earth. And the Bible says that when Elijah and Moses died in Revelation 11, there was rejoicing on the earth and the kings of the earth were glad and sent presents to each other.

75 And after twenty years of prophecy, what else must I reveal for the earth to repent? I don't know. I have reached my limit. And behold, there are ungodly people everywhere, homosexuals are parading everywhere, and the world is getting worse and worse, and even in my Message, some people are hiding their sins instead of confessing them. And this is the final hour when the Angel of April 24, 1993, must enter the scene.

76 And if you see the first fruits of his manifestation, it is so that you will not be sad or troubled like the Jews in Numbers 16 when the Angel moves on to the next phase. Be ready to endure whatever happens. When the Angel strikes a pagan, an enemy of the Message, you will not rejoice. And if one day, in the middle of the service, someone is struck with paralysis or death, do not be sad and do not stay at home but always come to the service.

77 Now, it is a phase of repentance and preparation that God gives us to read, master and put the Message into practice. For now, there is not yet any paralysis or death of people and the ungodly preachers have feet to run and flee the pulpit in haste but the time comes when they will fall in the pulpit. After the present phase, when fear and dread seem to disappear from the camp, then the other phase, the ultimate phase will begin. The ultimate phase must be silent, without noise. And I myself must not speak of it.

78 And recently, I, Prophet Kacou Philippe, had a strange dream. And behold, I was alone and a written sermon different from this one was displayed on the screen of my laptop. And as usual, I wanted to put a password on the sermon text and send it to Apostle Yanick for translation and publication. I could see Apostle Yanick, at a distance, lying down, resting like a wise man in some kind of traditional African chair.

79 I typed in the four digits of the password. And wanting to repeat the four digits to validate, a man behind me said, "Don't do it!" I turned to see the man who spoke to me but he became transparent and then invisible or had melted into me. I just saw his shoulder. It seemed to me that it was him who had dictated the text of the sermon to me. I then reasoned within myself because it was a great revelation and I typed the first two digits of the password. I wanted to type the last two digits and the line of the digits caught fire. I blew and the flame went out. I wanted to type and the flame came up again and melted and burned the digits I wanted to type. I blew again and the flame went out.

80 And I looked, trying to figure out how to type the two digits and the flame came again and burned the line of the digits and the keyboard and the computer. And I couldn't blow it out any more because the flame had become very big but the computer was still on and the text was still on the screen and I woke up. And I didn't sleep again until the morning. Either another prophet will speak now, or other people will speak for me, or when the Angel moves on to another stage, I must not publish it or talk about it. And let him who reads or hears this word, understand and take heed to himself.

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