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Updated: May 28

Words that Prophet Kacou Philippe pronounced from Katadji, his village, on November 7, 2021

1 Words that I, Prophet Kacou Philippe, I have addressed from my village, on November 7, 2021, to all those who have the love of God in our generation.

2 First of all, I would like to ask all those who believe in me and who will have a portion with me in the paradise to call me: "Brother Philippe". And being in the pulpit, addressing the Brothers and Sisters, you must no longer say: "The prophet says" but "Brother Philippe says". It is now a doctrine but there is no confession if having said, "The prophet says", you have also said, "Brother Philippe says" in the course of the preaching.

3 For evangelism, if you don't have enough money to produce a great number of complete booklets, you can produce flyers with your contacts on them. For example: one flyer of Kacou 141:51 to 70 and another one of Kacou 142:51 to 67. Also, I have authorized that you may change the images on the covers of the booklets as you wish. And during the baptism of a person who is overweight or disabled or other, one or two Brothers who have already been baptized can be in the water to help the one who will do the baptism.

4 A generation comes with its spirit, its sins and its realities. And then God sends a rassul, a maharishi or a prophet to indicate to the living of his generation, the yogas, sufisms, pillars and sacraments that will liberate them to lead them into the moksha, the eternal paradise of God.

5 And now I would like to talk about dreams. This is a subject that should be addressed in the churches and religions. If a religious leader does not interpret dreams, he is a wise and prudent man. Nevertheless, any honest religious leader should show the importance of dreams and visions to his church members.

6 Know that the dreams that are seen in Africa are the same dreams that are seen in Europe, America and Asia. Brahmans and Arabs are chased in their dreams, have sex in their dreams, and have defilements or are immobilized in their sleep like dalits, outcasts and black Africans. And the language of dreams is universal. God is not in our racism and contempt. The diseases that kill Christians also kill Muslims, Hindus, Buddhists and Confucianists. And the same remedy that cures one is the same remedy that cures the other. There is only one God and one way to God's paradise.

7 And no curse, like the black skin of the black African, will enter the paradise. In the paradise there will be no diseases, no hatred, no crimes, no Lingala and the languages that we speak here. There will be no more infirmity, no more stammering and no more black skin. The same sun, the same moon and the same stars are above us all regardless of the race, nation or continent. And the stars, the nebulae and their constellations have the same meanings everywhere. And I have explained that the seven Church ages are the seven sister stars of the constellation Pleiades.

8 The Pleiades are a type of the holy Church. It is the best known star cluster visible to the naked eye. And since ancient times, the appearance of the Pleiades marked the beginning of harvest and fishing. The Pleiades are seven sisters. And around each of these seven stars is a cluster or a nebula of stars. And nebulae are different from oneanother.

9 And of the seven sister stars of the Pleiades, there is first the star Merope which is Ephesus. It is a blue-white star. Then the star Electra which is Smyrna, which is blood-red because of the Roman persecution. It is the age of Diocletian and the beginning of the red horse of Revelation 6. Then comes the star Celaeno which is Pergamos, a blue-white star. Then Taygeta which is Thyatira, a blue-white star. Then Sterope which is Sardis, of blue-white colour, it is the age of John Wycliff in the North, in Europe. John Wycliff is the father of John Huss, Martin Luther and John Calvin. John Wycliff is the bright star of Protestantism. And after Sterope comes Maia which is Philadelphia, of blue-white colour. And finally Alcyone which is Laodicea, a blue-white star. These things are not written anywhere.

10 Now, seeing many dreams depends on the distance between your conscious mind and your subconscious accordingas God created you. The closer your conscious mind is to your subconscious, the more swevens and visions you must see. And the prophets have their subconscious very close to their conscious mind, that is why they can see visions without sleeping. It is God who created them like that. And premonitory dreams that come to pass say that there is a God who knows everything in advance, even though some of those dreams come from the devil.

11 Then, seeing many dreams depends on your actions, words, occupations and worries on earth. It can also come from the spiritual influence of people close to you. Watching pagan movies or participating in pagan ceremonies, events or talks is to allow Satan to give you demonic dreams. And to avoid the multitude of dreams resulting from actions and words and everything we see and to meditate on what they saw, the prophets withdrew alone into the wilderness or onto the mountains. And I, too, as a prophet, I must keep myself from any chatter and unnecessary action to avoid multiple and unnecessary dreams. Angels do not chatter.

12 Dreams are the whole of everything we see in our sleep. And a sweven is is a premonitory and prophetic dream. Dream and sweven are two words like: "husband" and "bridegroom". Man went from swevens to dreams after the fall in Eden. And the multitude of dreams is the consequence of Eve's sin with the serpent. Of all the creation, the serpent is the creature that dreams the most. And the multitude of dreams comes from every impure image and video, and every religious book and video. Religious books and videos are eyesalves of Satan for your eyes. And William Branham's eyesalve was removed from the earth and replaced since July 8, 2002.

13 First, keep in mind that every dream comes from a source of intelligence. Behind every dream, there is an intelligence, just as behind every element of the creation, there is an intelligence. And all dreams are therefore either inspired by God or by the devil. Even if you think it's due to some illness, medicine or occupation during the day, there is an intelligence behind it.

14 Every dream has a purpose. And the fact of forgetting dreams comes from our spiritual indisposition. And there is no dream that is not intelligible just as there is no language spoken on earth that is not intelligible. And dreams are a language like the signs of deaf and mute people. Dreams are a language like the stars and their constellations and nebulae.

15 A dream is a sentence. And it is according as the dream appears, that you will know the meaning of the elements of that dream. It is a language between the spiritual world and the carnal world of humans, birds, fish and animals. A dictionary of interpretation of dreams and visions cannot be made. And the dreams God gives us are not beyond our capacity to understand.

16 Now the devil is the accuser and he can show you dreams to tempt, deceive or accuse you. But having believed in the living prophet of your time and walking according to the present will of God, do not be troubled. I will talk about dreams from God next.

17 Dreams must not be ignored, but dreams must not be totally trusted. There are false dreams and false visions. So you must not take all your dreams as revelations from God. And if your actions are not good and you ask God for a revelation, God can allow Satan to answer you as in 1 Kings 22. But when I listened to your dreams, almost all of them were from God for the purpose of delivering and purifying you, even the ones you thought were nightmares. I did not see any witchcraft or divination. And a dream that repeats itself is often a message from God.

18 Daniel 12:10 says that the wicked of the earth, that is to say, the members of Islam, Christianity, Judaism, Hinduism, Buddhism, Jainism, Confucianism, Taoism, Shintoism, Bahaism and Sikhism, will not understand, but the wise who follow the living prophet of their time will understand and will be purified and made white and refined.

19 God speaks to everyone according to the symbols, characters, places and actions that are familiar and understandable to them. When an animal or a man has attacked you in a dream, stop thinking that it is a witch. But ask yourself who he is and why he was able to attack you.

20 If a person with whom you have sinned comes back to you, you will see a dog or a snake in your dream. And if you push that person away, you will see in your dream that you have killed or injured that dog or that snake. Eating a lot in a dream expresses that you are carnal, but eating just enough expresses the attribute of a sin or something else that is not related to a sin. Small waters symbolise the word of God or of the devil, depending on whether they are clean or dirty, whilst great waters are the worldliness or the worries of this world.

21 And when you see a mysterious dream, pray for its interpretation. A Brother told me a dream. He was on a journey and he came to a house built on his way and the house was without furniture and he could not find a way through the house while his destination was just behind the house. And when I prayed, I saw the same dream. I entered the house without furniture, having several flats and I saw that the walls of the flats were covered with multicoloured web pages. I would come out of this flat and go into that flat but I could not get out of the building and I woke up.

22 And I said to him: Brother, the house built on your way is the influence of the internet in your life. And the flats that you went in and out of are the websites and webpages. But this Brother could pray and God would show him another dream that was easier to understand. But God makes things easier for the prophets up to speaking directly to them without symbols. God said, "I speak mouth to mouth with Moses". And if you are a wicked person, everything will be difficult and upside down for you to the point that you will see a party in your dream when it is a funeral.

23 But I am not saying that getting lost in a house in a dream necessarily means the internet. For example, because of Kacou 142, you cannot say that every dream of a tunnel is of the devil. A Brother from Gabon had explained to his apostle saying, "In a dream that I saw in 2002, I had to follow a man dressed in white without looking to the right, to the left, or back. And in the dream, I was going through a black tunnel with the man, and the whiteness of the man's clothing was serving me as a light.

24 And when I looked to the left or to the right, I saw all sorts of apples and ripe fruits and then the gap widened between me and the man. Then I looked at the apples and they became beautiful young girls and one of them said to me with a smile, 'We are ready for anything you want.' And when I stopped, I could no longer see the man dressed in white." Like in Eden, these fruits or apples refer to sex but they could refer to religious leaders and their preaching.

25 And his apostle said to him, "A sweven with a tunnel, it is a sweven from the devil." I believe that some people can receive from God, the ability to interpret a sweven or a vision. But when you have not received from God, the ability to know if a dream is from God or from the devil and to give its interpretation, it is better to direct that person to a prophet.

26 Apart from symbols in dreams, there are also actions. For example: Falling into the void is a drop in the scale of spirituality. Seeing yourself at school, at your family yard or at the place of your childhood, these are levels of spirituality for you to see things you need to correct. But that is on the line of Salvation. And behind these things areperdition and hell.

27 But to be immobilised or paralysed in your sleep, to be chased, to fly in a dream, to have sex in a dream, to be in darkness, to be lost in the bush or in an unknown place, to see snakes, dogs and animals attacking you, to fall into a hole, these are signs that you are on the path to hell. To be in darkness is to be in sin. All these things did not happen to Adam and Eve before the sin. And God allows you to see these things in order to change your life.

28 But you, even after your deliverance, you can see dogs and snakes and sex in your dreams for a time to warn you or tell you that you must never commit those sins again. Some pagans do not see those dreams because they are already dead, so it will not do them any good. Dream is like a traffic light or a road sign in our walk towards God.

29 Nothing can chase the one who walks according to the Message of the living prophet of his time, for the Angel of God encamps around him. When you are chased or immobilised in your sleep or have sex in your dreams, it means that Satan has power over you and you will go to hell if you die in this state. And deliverance is only in the Message of the living prophet of your time.

30 Many dreamed that they were in an examination class and were looking for their pen or exam paper or their pen was not writing or a wind blew their paper away while others were writing. Others had a blurred sight or had not studied or had forgotten or did not know or no longer had enough time to write. Others were writing the same examagain. Others were at home or late or looking for their exam room or table while others were writing.

31 All these things indicate your scale or level of spirituality on the way to Salvation and also say that the ability to do well is in your hands. After 1993, I have always seen myself at university in dreams although I never went to university. In dreams, you must not be in your place of your childhood or in a school that is inferior to your school level. It is true that we will not reach total perfection until we die, but every day we must pursue perfection until we die with a concern for perfection.

32 Thus, having believed in this Message, you must no longer be troubled for the march is still on and you can move from one level to another overnight. Before April 24, 1993, despite the fact that I had never drunk, smoked or known a woman, I was a pagan and almost all these things that you experience in your dreams, I was also experiencing them and I was walking towards hell. But the same grace that saved me will save you because the crowd of April 24, 1993, it is you.

33 The regular dreams of divination of the evangelicals do not exist here in the Message. And having believed in the Message, having dreams is not bad and you can write down a dream that you find important. Every human is created to be able to dream. Ask God to give you the intelligence to understand your dreams. Dreams can tempt you, warn you or call your attention to a sin that you ignore. Dreams are part of the gifts God has given us to lead us to Him. For example, someone will say, "Since being in this church or religion, I have had too many nightmares. I don't belong here."

34 And if in a dream you are washing in a dirty shower or with some dirty water then you know that your place of worship is not good or what you call word of God in your church or religion is not the word of God. Or if you dream that you have no teeth or you are losing teeth, it means that the preaching that you are listening to is baby food.

35 And the epistles of Paul are the bottles that fed the Church in her baby state. And 2000 years later, the Church cannot feed on Paul's baby bottles. And here in the Message, if in your assembly, you are preached too weak sermons, you could lose teeth in your dreams. And depending on the level of your assembly, it can take on the appearance of an evangelical church. A vehicle or a crowd can mean your assembly.

36 We all believe in the Message but each assembly has its own level of spirituality. You can dream and according to the dream, your father that you see is actually your pastor. And the parents that you see in your family yard are the members of your assembly. And the dead relatives are the mixed multitude and workers of sin in your assembly.

37 The interpretation of a dream is according to a field. A recidivist Brother said to me: "Brother Philippe, please, I need deliverance. In my dreams, I always see that I am dead, I am buried, bricks, cement and tiles are put on my grave. And being in the grave, I wake up, break the grave open and come out. And this dream comes again and again." And I said to him: Brother, death in your dream is the sanction outside during the public confession. And exiting from the grave is your return to the assembly. And this interpretation will be different in the field of science, music, astrology, finance or others.

38 Everything we are experiencing is the staging of what was already mapped out in God’s mind before the foundation of the world. And in the year 2000, before I took Zipporah in marriage, I had a dream that she and I were to be married on a pinnace floating on waters. And when I got in the pinnace, I was told that she had already come to take her ring and had already left. And my ring was given to me and I woke up.

39 And the next day I saw in a vision a little girl of about five years old at the place where Sister Rosine lived with her adoptive parents. I did not understand then that that was a vision of Kacou 111:11. And the marriage on the pinnace with Zipporah had only wavered until it overturned. And later, in October 2016, Sister Rosine came as the Bride in our time, coming after the suffering of Christ.

40 And on October 28, 2021, I led Sister Rosine to her true father whom I was seeing for the first time. She had not recognised him when she saw him. And he welcomed me as a prophet. In 2018, when the adoptive parents, although branhamists, were insistently pushing him to send me to court, he had answered them: "No! As he says he is a prophet of God, let's leave everything in the hands of God". And he remained firm on this position. May God reward him for that.

41 And on October 28, 2021, he said, "As for the dowry, I am not religious but I cannot set a dowry for a prophet, whatever he is pleased to give me as a dowry, I will accept." And despite being unplanned, the dowry was done on the spot, symbolically, without any ceremony of tradition or custom, without music. I have never seen that and I have never heard or been told of a man giving his daughter in marriage saying such a word. We were all in joy. There was plenty of food. And there was no alcohol during the whole ceremony despite the presence of the chief of village.

42 So God had shown me Kacou 111:11 since the year 2000. We should therefore not attribute all of our dreams to the devil. Brother Octavious had a dream, long before Toninho. He said, "I dreamt that we were gathered around Prophet Kacou Philippe and a drunken man waddled in. He spoke like Prophet Kacou Philippe. Then he urinated on my ears and on the heads of some of us and we followed him. He led us to a house which had a staircase. And the door wasclosed on us. And behold, the drunken man became a zombie and I saw that all those around him were not human. And it seemed to me that I was in hell. And I woke up." And because of this dream, Brother Octavious did not follow Toninho.

43 And Brother Bonmashie from Zimbabwe said to me, "Prophet, in 1996, I was a little child with my grandfather and I saw a man walking on the plaster of heaven with his head turned upside down. And I shouted, 'There is Daniel! There is Daniel!' But my parents were not looking." And it was because of this vision that he believed in the Message. He knew that one day Prophet Daniel would walk on the earth. Dreams are road signs in our walk towards God.

44 You say, "I think I need deliverance, I saw a dog in my dream". No, the dream just warned you. The dream can remind or warn you about a sin so you confess it or avoid it. Like in Eden, it is with sexuality and the churches and religions that the serpent appears in dreams. And before or after a sex sin, you will see a serpent or a dog. And the dog is the one who returns to the sin he vomited.

45 A virgin girl who keeps herself from sexual fondling and images and videos of sex can never have sex in her dreams. Never. But if she does those things, she can have sex in her dreams. And Hollywood and the movie studios that you see are sewers of demons.

46 Brother Chinomba from Malawi wrote to me and said, "Brother Philippe, why do I still have many dreams when since March 1st, 2020, when I received the baptism of restitution, I got delivered from the masturbation I had been suffering from since 2007?" No Brother, do not be troubled. The power of deliverance from dreams and nightmares is not in your hand but in the hand of the Angel of April 24, 1993, that is why you do not confess those sins committed inyour dreams.

47 Know that we long for total perfection but we will only reach the limit of perfection that God has set for our time. Every school grade has its limits and every church age has its limit of perfection. Pergamos will not reach the perfection of Laodicea. And we will not reach the perfection of the cock-crow. Therefore, if you walk according to the Message, do not be troubled by the dreams that you see.

48 And at the judgment, you will not answer for a sin committed in a dream but God will say to you: "I warned you in a dream about such and such sins, why did you not listen to me?" You will say, "I saw the dreams but I did not understand them." But the understanding of these dreams was not more difficult than everything you studied in school or everything that occupied you on earth. If you can speak a whole language which is not your mother tongue, then, if you want, you can understand your dreams. God will not give you dreams that you cannot understand. Job 33 says that in a dream or in a vision of the night, when men are asleep, God speaks to them many times and they do not perceive it.

49 When you say, "O prophet, I dreamt that my phone was lost or I dreamt that I had a snake in my room or in my bag." You don't need a prophet to know if the snake in your room is not your spouse or your television.

50 And in October 2021, more than a thousand Brothers and Sisters from Africa, Europe, America and Asia up to India, sent me each several dreams and visions that they had seen. And I have put in a personal register, the premonitory and prophetic dreams and visions dating from before 1993 or 2002 or coming from people who had never heard the name Kacou Philippe before the dream or vision. When a prophet confirms a dream or a vision, it becomes the word of God just like the Bible.

51 Well, now I will talk about fasting. The Message alone should complete our deliverance and perfection. Fasting was not planned in my Message. But because of the ungodly work of some preachers through their baptisms and preachings, I have reckoned that fasting had to intervene. Even if your baptism is false or it was Judas Iscariot who baptized you, go forward now with the public confession and fasting.

52 Fasting is an attribute of sanctification like the public confession. That is why every Christian must fast. And you must not fear fasting. Even if after believing in me you are delivered from alcohol, smoking and masturbation and the devil no longer immobilises you in your sleep, know that fasting also concerns you. I know that you are saved, that is why you were in the crowd of April 24, 1993, but our goal must be the first resurrection with the wise virgins.

53 It is the blood of the Lord Jesus on the cross that blots out the sins of mankind. But how does one get to the cross? And how does one obtain salvation? In your time, God will send a prophet as an emissary to tell you what you must do. And the time has now come when this emissary tells you that you must fast.

54 And if you are a prisoner, the king can sign a decree for your release. But you must not say to the prison guards, "Open my prison cell, the king says I am free." No. But an emissary of the king must first come and make you sign papers. Then there will be several procedures that can take several days before you get out of the prison. And this emissary is the living prophet of your time. And the document is his Message. The emissary will say to you, "Take the baptism". Then he will say to you, "Make the public confession". And now he says to you, "Fast". If you refuse, you will perish in prison despite the king's decree.

55 Dreams remind us that sin lies at our door and that we must ask God to keep us pure. If you have committed a sin, know that if God listened to Ahab in 1 Kings 21 because of his fast, God can listen to you too. But fasting cannot blot out a sin. God said to Elijah, "Because Ahab humbled himself in fasting before me, I will not bring the evil in his days, but in the days of his son." Forgiveness of sins is found in the public confession and not in fasting. Because of the fast, God had just suspended the punishment, but one day the punishment had finally come upon Ahaziah, the son of Ahab.

56 If the Lord Jesus fasted, we must also fast. That is why I have decided that from now on, except for reasons of health or old age, each Brother or Sister who has been in the Message for at least seven months since his or her baptism, must fast at least three days in the month. Each one will decide on his own fasting days. Either the three days together or separately. Each one can fast and make supplications to God for himself, for his house, for his congregation, for the prophet and for all the saints in the whole world including all those who have not yet found the way to this Message for their Salvation.

57 When fasting, in addition to brushing your teeth, you can rinse your mouth with water or a product during the day if you have a bad breath. And this does not stop the fast. Also, it is good not to wash your whole body but if you do, it does not stop the fast. In the past, under the law, one who was fasting could cover himself with sackcloth, ashes or dust. How then is he going to wash if he has not finished fasting?

58 The fast often begins at 9 p.m at the latest. and ends the next day at nightfall between 6 and 9 p.m. For a fast that will last for several days, at each nightfall, you can either drink water or juice, eat some fruits or a complete meal but without meat or fish, or do a dry fast, that is, not eat or drink during the whole fasting period.

59 You must not inform everyone that you are fasting. Fasting can be individual or collective but never compulsory. And a couple or an assembly can decide together to fast. No one must put a Brother or Sister on a fast for any reason. And you cannot fast the next day following a sexual act or have a sexual act while fasting. Depending on how you are led, you can do a short fast: one or three days. You can do a long fast: 7, 21, 28 or 40 days.

60 And during the fast, if you eat by mistake and you remember the fast and immediately stop eating, the fast continues even if you swallowed some. Menstruation during the fast does not stop the fast. One can pray during or after the breaking of the fast depending on how one is led, but you cannot suddenly stop a fast on the pretext that your prayer is answered or that you were doing a half-day fast. Except for reasons of health, not fulfilling a fast that one has begun or decided upon is a sin to be confessed.

61 Now, which day should you choose for your fast? Since fasting is a day of mourning and sorrow, the ideal day is Friday or another day, but not Sunday, the day of the resurrection of the Lord Jesus, unless it is a long fast of more than 1 day. Friday is the holy day of all satanic practices since ancient times. The Lord Jesus was crucified on a Friday 13th. And I was put in prison on a Friday 13th. It is the holy day of fetishists, shamans, ngangas, sangomas and mystics and satanic religions and worships.

62 And during a fast, you can either become the ground of the Holy Spirit of God or the ground of a demon. That is why, when in the past you had been used by a holy spirit in an evangelical church, that is where your supplications must begin so that God will deliver you from it. An evangelical holy spirit knows that he does not belong here but will try seize you to humiliate you and bring doubt and discredit to the Message. But the true Holy Spirit can also come upon you and deliver you and heal you and give you to be a blessing for the children of God.

63 Fasting attracts God's mercy, grace and compassion upon you. It is also a time of meditation and commitment. It is a sign of great sorrow. It is the moment when the sinner cries out to God saying, "O God, You the Angel and the Lamb, see my condition. I want good but evil is attached to me. And now my sleep is disturbed by dreams and nightmares. O God of grace and mercy, who will deliver me but You?" And one can even receive healing, deliverance or blessing during or after fasting without the laying of hands and those dreams of dogs and snakes will disappear from his life.

64 Last month a man asked me to pray for his son who was suffering from madness. His son was violent and ate out of bins. The next day after I prayed, the madman lay down without eating or drinking for six days and six nights. And on the morning of the seventh day, he got up and went to ask his father the date of the day. His father said, "October 22, 2021." He asked, "Is this the end of the fast that Prophet Kacou Philippe gave me?" His father answered, "No, nobody gave you a fast". And he ate and spoke with lucidity. And his father was very happy, seeing that his son was completely healed from madness.

65 It was with Israel that the power of God was because of holiness, but not with the Canaanites who are today the churches and the religions that you see on the earth. These churches and religions are pigsties. And pornographic films and images and nudity video calls, that is their nature. But holiness has always been with Israel. That is why I have decided that even our sisters who are hairdressers must not sell or braid fake hair. The same goes for the sale of cigarettes and alcoholic beverages.

66 You cannot play cards, Ludo, checkerboard, even amongst Brothers. These are doors to softness and sin. Also, the revelation is progressive and this chapter of Kacou 149 comes out as a decree to forbid the baptism of any woman having sexual relations with a man who has not endowed her. And the Sisters who are already baptised without dowry and who have sexual relations must no longer confess from 24 April 2022.

67 And a Brother or minister who asks a Sister to wash his clothes, cook food in his house or take care of his room, thatis an attempt to sex sin. He must confess. But with your permission, your wife or servant can do those things for a Brother. And your wife can ask a Sister living under your roof to do them for you or for a Brother.

68 From now on, I forbid in the Message the use of all sites, browsers and platforms that are oriented towards photos and videos of nudity. The same applies for impure social networks like Instagram, Snapchat, Likee and Tik Tok and others. Avoid having them in your phones. And speaking of impure images and videos during public confessions, youneed to bring some clarification. You have to say whether they are isolated impure images or scenes in a film or whether they are pornographic images or videos.

69 Fasting can never replace the public confession, just as asking someone for forgiveness for the wrong done to himdoes not cancel the public confession. You can fast and make supplications to God before or after confessing a sin. You can fast and beg God to deliver you from a sin, spirit, disease or curse and God will do it right away or in His time. Do not commit a sin in good conscience and then go fasting. Under the law, when a person committed a sin in goodconscience, he was stoned. But here under the grace, he is given a sanction outside.

70 During the fast, you can pray during the day or at night as you are led to. Do not be a disciple who does not pray. And you can also serve God in fasting and prayer. And Colossians 4 talks about Epaphras, fighting for Christ throughfasting and prayer. And Luke 2:36 says that Anna was in the temple serving God day and night, with fasting and prayer.

71 And also, we believe in spiritual gifts. And if during prayer a gift is at work, wait and let the gift work. A gift of God works clearly and quickly. The time of fasting comes with many spiritual or strange manifestations. And if a manifestation takes a long time and becomes tiresome, the deacons must intervene to calm the person down. And during a manifestation, any person can intervene like a deacon so that someone does not fall violently. And any preacher can drive out an evil spirit that manifests itself, but this must not exceed three minutes.

72 Apart from that, do not lay hands on anyone for a consecration or for the reception of the Holy Spirit. A minister ofEphesians 4 cannot lay hands for a responsibility or consecrate another minister of Ephesians 4. The laying of hands has the same value as a water baptism. It is a time of deliverance and baptism of the Holy Spirit or transfer of evil spirits. An ungodly person can baptise you and make you unclean and send demons and nightmares into your life. That is why if you feel that you have a spiritual problem, do not baptise anyone, do not lay hands on anyone for no reason.

73 At the baptism, some preachers transferred demons to innocent souls who ended up leaving the Message because of that. And he who brings demons through his baptism can also bring demons through his preachings. And I pray that this time of fasting will bring deliverance and the Holy Spirit to every soul suffering from a false baptism. May the Holy Spirit come into us and fight for us. And you, when you baptize and people are not delivered, you must immediately stop baptizing and God will grant you grace.

74 These are the main points about dreams and fasting. For the rest on dreams and their interpretations, I will give details little by little in the groups of languages because they are not for those outside who have access to the Message for their knowledge and not for their Salvation. And through your dreams of before the Message, when I saw that some were sleeping on their backs because, in addition to immobilising them, the demon sought to sodomise them, I understood that hell is terrible. No matter what happens to you, remain in this Message and its atmosphere until you die.

75 While the Lord Jesus is in Israel, because of the spiritual atmosphere, you must not leave Israel to go to Egypt because of the worries of life. This is the lesson I learned from Brother Edward, the man who loved God and who taught me the Message of William Branham. And God can send a dream to warn you.

76 God is the only decision-maker of the universe and even the dreams coming from Satan, it is by God's permission. Dreams, even if they come from Satan, it is not towards psychologists, psychoanalysts, astrologers and scientists that you need to go to seek for their interpretations. God is the only interpreter of dreams and visions according to Genesis 40:8 and prophets are the only mouth of God on earth. It is a prophet who can give the origin and interpretation of a dream in an infallible way.

77 But if you prefer a church, a religion, money or the glories of the earth instead of God, then you are under the judgment of 1 Kings 22 and the dreams from Satan will come to you. In 1 Kings 22, God said, "Who will deceive Ahab?" A demon of divination came and said to God, "I can deceive him". And God said, "How?" And the demon said,"I will put lies in the mouths of his prophets". And God said to the demon: "Go, you will succeed!" And the demon of divination went to deceive Ahab.

78 And the demon of divination is the angel who gives revelations and dreams and visions of seduction to the members of the churches and religions of the earth for them to go and perish in hell. And if you are a member of a church or religion or if you have sex without dowry or you watch sex movies and images in your phones, computers or televisions, that is what God will do to you.

79 And you my disciples, know that after the lessons come the tests. As in Matthew 4, Satan will tempt you in your dreams but you must be able to know that such a dream is from Satan and not do what that dream tells you to do. Dreams of temptation are for our elevation. And having chosen the narrow path, you will not be tempted beyond your strength. And the temptations will always be within your capacity to understand. And the Angel of April 24, 1993 is present to turn our punishments into blessings. Each of you can turn to God in fasting and receive answers.

80 And I am convinced that testimonies will come from everywhere. We are weak but we are God's beloved people on earth in this generation. What you see here in this Message of Matthew 25:6 is the height of holiness on earth. This is what is holy on earth. And Balaam from the top of Pisgah and from the top of Peor looked at Israel and saw a holy people. And I saw this through these thousands of swevens and visions that I have received from you during the month of October 2021.

81 And many of these dreams and visions, dating from before 1993 or 2002 or coming from pagan people who had never heard the name Kacou Philippe, are prophetic and premonitory like those of Joseph and Nebuchadnezzar in the Bible. These swevens and visions from God showed in details my prophetic mission and what will come in the future after me. God has shown our entire walk towards paradise. And this in a clearer and more precise way than the book of Revelation.

82 And the most important of these swevens and visions constitute a real spiritual treasure and I have gathered them in a personal register. It is again an evidence of our redemption. This is different from a religious leader who says to his church members: "Pray that God will reveal to you whether we are in his Will".

83 Those dreams showed in details past and present and future things. Even what will happen after we die. Sister Laure Edziang said to me, "Brother Philippe, I knew nothing about God and I had never been in a church and I dreamed and behold, we were gathered above the earth. And there were white people, mixed race people, black people, tall people, short people, big people, and so on. And I asked, 'Where is the man who brought us here?' And I was told that he went back to the earth to save others. The man was wearing a strange garment in which he felt good."

84 And the Sister said that, having looked at a distance, she had seen other groups which seemed to be groups belonging to other prophets. The people in each group were white, dressed in white. These people were identical in size, shape and face like some colonies of angels. But the groups were different from each other.

85 When we are gathered there after our death, we will first be as we are here now. And then we will all be changed while recognising each other. This is the mystery of the two angels that I saw in 1993 ascending to heaven from the cemetery near our family yard and I said they were like resurrected people. They were very white and dressed in white.

86 And the Sister said she was observing the group that was just next to us. They all had a very white skin and their faces, their heights, their white robes and all their aspects were identical. That is William Branham's group. And yet in William Branham's group on the earth, there were black people. They had all become identical. However, Pearry Green recognizes Bosworth. And meanwhile, branhamists and evangelicals on earth think that after their death, they will join the group of William Branham or even the group of Jesus of Nazareth. It is sad.

87 And to close, I am going to tell you the sweven of Sister Liliana Heredia from Latin America. She said: "My prophet, I dreamt that I was in a desert with my son in my arms. The sand of this desert was white. And dogs were let loose on me. And a voice from Heaven said to me, 'Do not fear'. After that I was in another place and a black bull in a cage, in the darkness, wanted to throw itself on me to destroy me. Its eyes were like flames of fire. And I said to him: 'You can do nothing against me because I know who you are!'

88 And I went to another mountainous place, and when I looked up, I saw an Angel on top of a mountain. And the Angel had on his head a red hat like a beret. His feet did not touch the mountain. And from the Angel, a voice came to me saying, 'This Angel will be sent to you for three days. And after the three days he will be taken away from you. And when he is gone, you must keep and walk according to everything he has taught you, so that the black bull which you saw may not destroy you.'

89 And after this I stood before a great crowd. And giving out pamphlets or booklets to them, I asked them, 'Do you believe in God?' And no one took the pamphlets and I wept because none of them believed in God. And after that, I was in front of a door and the voice from Heaven said to me, ' Wear your sandals so that you may be clothed because without your sandals, it is as if you are naked before God. And the dream left me.”

90 The dogs she saw were the evangelical churches she was going to attend. And a long time later, after the dream, she joined the black bull which is branhamism. Then in 2017, she met this Angel of April 24, 1993. So, the dragon of Revelation 12 also has heads of a dog and a bull in addition to the heads of lion, frog, serpent, ram and goat. And the red beret is for the judgment and punishment of the nations. It is the same Angel Michael coming down from Heaven and held the sword in Joshua 6 and in the vision of April 24, 1993. And the sandals are the zeal and works, which constitute the wedding robe.

91 The Lamb of Luther became a ram. The Lamb of William Branham became a black bull. And take heed and walk according to everything that the Angel of April 24, 1993 will have commanded to you so that the Lamb of Kacou Philippe may not also become another animal. And he that has ears to understand, let him understand

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