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1 Revelation that I, Prophet Kacou Philippe, I gave on December 18, 2022 from my village, to the saints of my generation on the present stage of my mission.

2 We are in December. It's trade season for the merchants of the temple. Those bishops and prophets of Satan will shout again in their supermarkets, harvest festivals and prayer vigils: "Come and get your blessing! Your star must shine! Come and get your wedding, your visa, ... You customers who have 1000 dollars, come! Go to the cashier! You too who have 10 dollars, come! Even you customers who have coins, come here! There are all kinds of prices! There are blessings of 100 dollars, 2 dollars, 1 dollar. Go to the cashier".

3 In the past, you were in those abominable things and you did not know it. And the midnight Cry has come to fight that to set you free. It is sad to see that merchants whom the Lord Jesus had whipped and cast out of the temple in Matthew 21 are reproducing the same scenes today. And people who call themselves Christians agree with that and give them money.

4 Well, in the month of October 2022 with Kacou 153, we were enlightened again about the Laodicean age and we got to know that the first prophet messenger of the Laodicean age is William Seymour. And it was a great joy for many Brothers and Sisters because of William Branham's own words. Apart from this revelation, several Brothers later sent me other quotes from William Branham.

5 In the sermon, "God keeps His Word," William Branham says, "What happened to you Lutherans? Many years ago, you held the torchlight, what happened to you? God took the torchlight out of your hand. That is true. What happened to you Methodists? In the days of John Wesley, you held the torchlight in your hands. But after the going of John Wesley, God took the torchlight out of your hands. Right. And some little one-eyed Negro man down yonder in California, received the baptism of the Holy Ghost, and God stuck the torchlight in the hands of Pentecost."

6 And in the sermon "The Restoration of the Bride Tree", preached on April 22, 1962 in Jeffersonville, William Branham says: "Four death messengers killed It; then four Life messengers will restore It. What was the first? Martin Luther, justification. What was the second? John Wesley -- by sanctification. What was the third? Pentecost with the restoration of the gifts, the Holy Ghost, baptism of the Holy Ghost. What was the fourth? The Word. There were four major prophets. There were four great prophets. One of them, Martin Luther. Along came Wesley, stronger: sanctification. After Wesley come a stronger than him, Pentecostal, the baptism of the Holy Ghost in another great prophet. See? But in the last days of Malachi 4, Elijah is to come with the very Word.

7 William Branham clearly shows here that the revelation is progressive. And you wicked Branhamists who twist the Word, you cannot say that this other great one-eyed black prophet of Pentecost is the Holy Spirit. The Holy Spirit is neither black nor one-eyed. And I can show the ministry of William Seymour and Pentecostalism in the stars and their constellations and even in the visions of Prophet Daniel.

8 William Seymour is the goat, the Negro. He is the son of Ham. Goats are mostly black, unlike lambs and rams. And the Pentecostal and evangelical movements are the posterity of the goat. First, the ram is an evolution of the Lamb of sacrifice. And the goat is also an integral part of the sacrifice of atonement in Israel. Do you know in Leviticus 16, the Azazel goat who takes upon itself the sins of Israel and goes to die in the suffering of the wilderness? The Lord Jesus Christ is our Azazel goat.

9 And in the slave trade, like the Jews delivering up the Lord Jesus, our African fathers had delivered up their innocent black brothers, amongst whom Kunta Kinté, into slavery, like the Azazel goat according to Leviticus 16. The slave ships wavering on the oceans with these Negroes not knowing where they were going, was the type of the Azazel goat wandering in the wilderness not knowing where he was going. And it was their son William Seymour who started all the current evangelical and Pentecostal movements. And then, false Pentecostalism also rose up from the United States to go and conquer the world. And this false Pentecostalism is the goat of Daniel 8 which rose up from the West to go and conquer the world.

10 So before 1933, it was with the Pentecostals that Salvation was. That's why William Branham said that when he had gone to the Pentecostals, he had found the Angel of God there. William Branham had spoken in tongues among the Pentecostals. Thus, the same Angel of God that was with William Seymour is the same Angel that was with William Branham in the evening time in another dispensation and it's the same Angel that is here at midnight with Kacou Philippe in another dispensation.

11 Well, concerning the days of fasting, it is preferable that the elderly people who wish to fast put spaces between their fasting days. After Kacou 153, a Sister said to me, "Brother Philippe, I have never fasted, but with the new form of fasting, I too will be able to fast." And Preacher Leucivan Cadete from Brazil wrote to me saying: "Brother Philippe, with this form of fasting, I am happy to see that you have stopped the sun like Joshua. The sun went backwards, from 6 pm and came to noon". Everything contributes to the Salvation of the saints.

12 And even what offends some people strengthens others. In an interview, an evangelical man had asked me, "Prophet, are you married? And a Brother who had seen my shameful answer was very happy. And I was astonished to see the Brother very happy. He said to me, "O Brother Philippe, when you said, 'I am married, I have been married and I will be married'. I shouted: Hallelujah! Your answer was prophetic according to Kacou 146:91. It is the question and answer at the baptism."

13 The video had been shown to the Brother to trouble him but he said, "Brother Philippe, your answer is the baptized person realizing at the baptism that his former relationships are taken into account and that he must put himself in order with those that he had betrayed before receiving his baptism." Amen. And you remember that the interview was in 2015 and it was after it that the prison came in 2016 as a baptism.

14 Also, I had said that my Message would end in 2006 and God would take my Message and send it all over the earth. This has come to pass and I have achieved my purpose. The purpose of John the Baptist's ministry was to wash and present the Lamb of God who takes away the sin of the world. And John the Baptist had fulfilled that purpose at the baptism of the Lord Jesus. The purpose of William Seymour's ministry was the baptism of the Holy Spirit and the return to the apostolic faith according to Malachi 4. And he had achieved this purpose in 1906. The purpose of William Branham's ministry was the opening of the seven seals of Revelation. And he had achieved this purpose in 1963.

15 My Message consisted of two phases or dispensations. The judgment on the nations and the change of life of which the public confession is the foundation. And the most important part of the service at midnight is the public confession. And if the public confession was the basis of our evangelizations, we would not be so numerous, but also we would not hear these cases of Kacou 17:26 posted every Sunday.

16 It is not a matter of us coming to the Message to change churches but to change our lives. And with the public confession as the basis, the coming revivals will be longer.

17 And I wish that even our enemies preach the public confession. And if they do, keep silent. You know that Satan cannot give glory to God. So don't expect a plagiarist to say, "It is through Prophet Kacou Philippe that God has brought us such and such a doctrine in this 21st century." The most important thing is that they preach me. And they will never stop hearing: "What you say, it is Kacou Philippe who said it". A dog which snatches your bread from your hand, don't hit it if it did not snatch your fingers. It needed it for itself and for its puppies. And it is because it is a dog that it acted like that.

18 Well, the first dispensation of my ministry consisted in pronouncing the judgment. And in Kacou 1 and Kacou 2, I had already pronounced the judgment. And that is what was remembered from my preachings and even from the preachings of my disciples. And to those who listened to you, you would say, "You who have not yet accepted this Message, after listening to me, if you believe that this Message is true, and that Kacou Philippe is the only true prophet of God in our time, raise your hand,... come and kneel down and I will pray for your commitment".

19 And the second dispensation of my ministry consisted in the change of life. And this is what is remembered from my preachings and from the whole of the preachings in our assemblies and now in our evangelisations. And in Kacou 17, I had laid the foundation for the change of life. And every Sunday, we hear Kc.17:26. And all this happened before 2006. And from 2005, which was the 40th year of William Branham's death, God sent my Message out of Locodjro. And since 2010, men came from all the places of the earth to receive their baptism and consecration.

20 And in this second phase, to all those who are tormented by spirits of sex, masturbation, night defilement and demons of all kinds in spite of their baptisms and efforts for sanctification, you say: "Brothers and Sisters, after listening to me, I ask all those who still have problems with spirits in spite of their efforts for sanctification, especially you who are mentioned in Kacou 17:26, raise your hands,... come and kneel down and I will pray for your deliverance." And you, pray for all those who have a problem with an evil spirit or cases of diseases as you are led to.

21 And someone who does not hide his sins, who has separated himself from impure images and videos and still struggles with masturbation and other demons, what he needs is not advice or telling him to search his life but prayer.

22 And to this effect, according to the gift and guidance of the preacher, he will have the pianist play along, and the congregation pray or sing to accompany him in meditation. He will pray for the Brothers together or one by one in a line of prayer as he is led to. You do not have to come to the pulpit at every service of prayer. You can be delivered or healed being in your seat. And the preachers who have enough testimonies will be the ones to be invited for this kind of service in the other assemblies.

23 A preacher must be holy. A preacher is not a pagan who makes menstrual calculations with his wife to approach with her on the day when she will not get pregnant. It happened to me many times, as I was speaking to someone who is very sick, even dying in hospital, that the person said, "Brother Philippe, as I am speaking with you, I feel that I am being healed". God does not give this grace to pagan preachers, owners of sex dolls.

24 When your wife has reached menopause, know that you have also reached menopause. The surplus and everything else, even if it does not come to confession, know that these are cancers of the uterus or the prostate and other serious diseases that you are calling upon yourself. And the pains of these diseases will exceed all the sexual pleasures that you had in your life. I am your prophet speaking to you. And these words are the commandments of God to the nations, as Moses had given to Israel.

25 And speaking of menstrual calculations, you also remember that the Angel of God told me that sex dolls and their owners will go to hell. A Christian woman who does that is a sex doll like the pagan women who are on contraceptives. Before God, a woman on contraceptives or doing contraceptive practices is a sex doll and her husband is a sex doll owner.

26 And even a man who hardly exchanges words with his wife, it is not normal. If the only thing that brings you closer to your wife is the desire for sex, then she is your sex doll and therefore you are a sex doll owner. Your wife who shares your joy and suffering must know what you are doing and tell you what she thinks. It is her divine right. And God could speak to you through your wife. 

27 Also, when I speak about Sister Rosine, do not err. The greatest woman in a prophet's ministry is not necessarily his wife. In William Seymour's time, it was Sister Lucy Farrow, not his wife Jennie Moore. And the greatest woman in William Branham's ministry was not his wife Meda or even Sister Hattie Wright but a Sister called Anna Schrader. She was a prophetess and she was the one who announced William Branham's death and why he was going to die. She was the one who repeated word for word, by prophecy, what the Angel had told William Branham at the Ohio River. And after the prophecies, Anna Schrader would lose all strength like William Branham.

28 A prophet of God dies before old age for two major reasons: either he is deviating from the line of his mission, or he has finished his mission and the abilities God has given him no longer allow the Church to move forward and he could disturb the next prophet. But in both cases, he is saved. If he reaches his limit and remains quiet, the Angel leaves him but he remains alive. As long as John the Baptist was quiet, all was well. But when he began to ask if the Lord Jesus was really the Christ, creating doubt, his head was cut off. 

29 And about this, I had said that a prophet messenger could not be someone who had never had a vision in broad daylight, with his eyes open, but I want to specify that it was not the Angel who had told me this. In no way do I want to be an obstacle for the prophet who will come after me.

30 Well. Before coming to the pulpit for prayer, you must first restore your altar. For example, if your phone or computer always leads you to watch impure photos and videos and you end up in masturbation, no one is preventing you from throwing it away. The Lord Jesus said that if your arm or your phone is a snare to you, cut it off and throw it away.

31 But know that if you follow this Message worthily, Satan will stay away from you. But if you go out of the will of God, you are like a lion cub lost in the darkness of the bush and Satan will do to you everything he does to pagans. Any misfortune or happiness that happens to us, it is sin or blessing that is behind it. Chance does not exist in God. For example, if your wife is already pregnant and you are still sleeping with her, the child in her womb could change his position and be born by caesarean section.

32 Know that this Message is different from what you see elsewhere. And the good or bad behaviour of a pastor or apostle can be preached on the roof by a Brother. I am not talking about the confessions of sins or the weakness of a poor sinner seeking his deliverance. We are different from pagans. For example, a pagan will wait for an occasion to tell you what he has against you while a Christian will talk to you before going to worship his God. And I don't need Satan or my enemy to tell me that I am a pagan.

33 Let us stay within the limits and the line of the Message and let us keep step with the assemblies of the whole world. And let us be sure that what we do in our assembly is what is done in all assemblies of the whole world. A pastor or a group of people must not impose their decision on us.

34 Concerning contributions, meetings, giving of responsibilities, creations and deletions of groups and anything else, this must be decided in the group of the country under the guidance of a leader and accepted if necessary. If elders make a decision and execute it in place of the assembly, the pastor can receive a sanction outside even if he was absent when the decision was made.

35 It is in the group of the country that any decision that involves the country must be proposed. It is in the group of the country that difficult questions will be asked and one who can answer will answer. An assembly can decide to add a pastor or preacher of another assembly to its group for a time and for a specific reason. They can no longer be there for long. And even some of their actions can be seen in dreams or visions as acts of adultery.

36 A Brother who has finished his time of sanction for a sin related to sex or other, can intervene on confessions if the leader of the day allows him to do so, while waiting for him to come with the girl to receive prayer. And someone who intervenes on sins can also propose sanctions, even if it is a Sister. And in order to spread the good news of their time that they have discovered, our Sisters of Mexico, in the absence of the Brothers, take the megaphone and speak to pagans like the Samaritan woman. I did not condemn that.

37 A country cannot call a leader from another country for virtual service. And it is up to a country or congregation to choose or change its days and times of service. And a song leader can go under or over the number of songs as he is led to. Who are we to prevent God from being praised? May meekness, humility and respect dwell in us. Even for a thing for which you have proof, you will say, "Brother, excuse me for what I am about to say. Wouldn’t that be the way the thing was?" Never be known as a legalist or a troublemaker.

38 Also, it is up to a couple to choose who should bless their engagement or marriage. And any preacher who goes up to the pulpit has the right to bless engagements or marriages. If a preacher, having confessed sincerely, has been prayed for, the acts that he did after the prayer will be considered valid even if, later, the prayer he received was cancelled.

39 Any Brother, regardless of his rank, can only make proposals in the group of the country but cannot decide anything all alone. And in the case of an emergency, the option with the most positive emoticons could be applied. In the case of a prophecy, you will decide whether to act according to the prophecy or against it.

40 Last month in Congo-Brazzaville, a Brother stood up and spoke in Hebrew, Greek and Portuguese and interpreted it. I was so amazed that I had not tried to see if it was really from God. And the Angel revealed to me that it was the devil. That is why the Church must walk by the Message of the prophet which is the absolute of the saints and not by a dream of which you don’t know the source.

41 Also, a message from the Holy Spirit begins when there is a pause or silence. And you have to wait at least one minute of silence to start or continue what you have to do. And if someone seems to want to give a prophecy and after one minute the prophecy does not come, you can do what you have to do and stop if the prophecy starts. Also, the rain of God falls on the just and the unjust. Therefore, you can't search the life of one who has manifested a gift of the Holy Spirit. And also, it is possible that someone sings or prays in tongues. You should not stop if you were already singing or praying before he started.

42 Also, our precious Brother André Lima who did not want another apostle next to him in Brazil left the Message while I was consecrating Apostle Deutamar Costa here in Katadji. He was not able not to stand that. Also, our apostles Aman Martin, Yanick Aka and Hugo Zé did not act as worthy servants. And therefore, everything I said about them is cancelled. A servant must act in the spirit of his master as Prophet Ezekiel had seen it in the vision near the river Chebar.

43 Prophet Ezekiel says that the spirit of each living creature was also in his wheels. The living creature is the prophet and his four wheels are the four ministries that revolve around him. Ezekiel 1:21 says that when the living creatures went, the wheels also went; and when the living creatures stood, the wheels also stood; and when the living creatures lifted up from the earth, the wheels also were lifted up along with them, for the spirit of every living creature was in his wheels. A true priest acts as he would have done if the prophet were present before him. And if Aaron had done that, he would not have made a golden calf.

44 Not everything Gehazi says or does comes from Elisha. When the prophet gives a mission to a disciple, every decision of that disciple is not necessarily the "Thus saith the prophet". That is why, from now on, for any decision coming from a prophet, the disciple must say, "With the prophet's agreement, I ask you to do this or that". God said, "I make you God and Aaron, your brother shall be your prophet".

45 You can be in this Message and be the disciple of a priest. A doctrine brought by a priest is the theology of this priest, because acquired by means of his intelligence. But a doctrine brought by a prophet is the revelation or the Gospel of Jesus Christ according to this prophet because it comes to him from God through revelation. A prophet has no theology.

46 And by definition, to be a disciple of a prophet is when you accept and follow everything this living prophet says without disputing or checking anything and you do not so for someone else. And to be a disciple of a pastor, apostle or other, it is when you accept or follow what this pastor says without disputing or checking anything, even if you also do the same for the prophet. And a disciple of a priest is a pagan.

47 Also, a priest is a man who has given himself as a sacrifice to God. And he can therefore not compete with the pagans in his lifestyle. And the lifestyle of the priest and his house must not exceed that of his church members. The tithes and offerings of the Brothers, it’s not for my wife and children to be special.

48 Well. Sexual fondling is hand-to-sex contact out of wedlock. And it is a sex sin just like any sex-to-sex contact out of wedlock. And if the man or woman lives with a spouse, it is adultery. But any woman coming to the Message is considered a virgin if she is intact and has never seen the blood of her virginity.

49 In family disputes, you shall never stand up against a woman who has been with your father, for her curse is equal to that of your mother. And in relation to Kacou 146:91, when the spouse that you have cheated on is unreachable, you can receive baptism with the commitment to ask her for forgiveness after baptism. And you can even have any responsibility in the assembly.

50 I repeat that Kacou 107:16 talks only about a common sin of which the whole assembly is guilty. And a Sister or a preacher cannot be a steward. And the assembly coffers will not be used to pay, for the pastor, a debt which is not related to the work of God.

51 And when a preacher, regardless of his rank, is guilty of a sin of Kacou 17:26, you shall say to him: "Brother, such an act that you have done is a sin to be confessed in the group of the country". You must not just call him out in private under the pretext that he is your apostle, your pastor or he is an apostle or a pastor like you. It is an obligation for you to take him to the group of the country.

52 It is an obligation for you before God to do so, so that the curse will not be on you and on your house. And if the denunciation is not correct, you will confess and be prayed for, because it is a sin by error. When you are a preacher, just as you treat a church member, raising your voice on him, so must you treat any priest in error, regardless of his rank.

53 Well. Now I'm going to talk about the aspect of dreams and then finish. I know that the devil gives dreams and visions. But being in the Message and living well, do not attribute all of your dreams easily to the devil. And when you have a dream or a vision, examine it to understand it yourself.

54 Many Brothers and Sisters are beginning to interpret their dreams and visions accurately. And therefore, everyone should be able to do this. And if you think your vision or dream is about the Message, send it to me or to Sister Rosine for me. Unlike a prophecy in an assembly, a dream is a purely personal revelation. There was a time when I interpreted them for you. But the time has now come when it is up to you to interpret your own dreams.

55 A prophet is not born with a special ability to interpret dreams and visions. He acquires this ability gradually, as in the learning of a foreign language. And God will not give you dreams or visions of which the interpretation is beyond the capacity of understanding He has given you. And if this happens, pray and tell God that you have not understood and like Daniel, He will come to your rescue.

56 In Daniel 8, the great prophet Daniel who has the understanding of visions did not understand the vision. And God had said in Daniel 8:16: "Gabriel, explain the vision to him". And I that speak to you, one day, concerning chatter, the Angel had said to me, "It is in this school test that many fail their school exams". And it was at that precise moment that I understood that the school exams that we see in our dreams and visions are our trials in the quest for holiness.

57 And therefore, for example, the zeal to get rid of the love of money corresponds to the school test of mathematics. The zeal to get rid of lying corresponds to the school test of science. The zeal to get rid of pride is the school test of biology. The zeal to get rid of the sex sins, chatter and hypocrisy are school tests in our dreams. The zeal in evangelism corresponds to a school test.

58 And, therefore, every assembly is an examination center. And every public confession is a proclamation of the results where those who failed the exam stand up, followed up by their list according to Kacou 17:26 which will be stuck in the group of the country after the jury deliberation. The Message of a prophet is the school class that precedes entry into God's paradise in his time. And this zeal or effort is symbolized by shoes in our dreams. And when in a dream you are naked or you are without shoes, the rest of the dream determines the cause.

59 Also, there is no difference in symbols between a dream from God and a dream from Satan because they are the same symbols of God that are used by Satan. It is like the same Bible in the hands of different religions. It is like the same stars and constellations but with different interpretations across civilizations.

60 You know, for example, that a small stream or a river is the water of the word, whereas a deep water is the world of sin. The water coming out of a tap or a water-brook is the word of a person who is talking to you, perhaps even in a chat. And in any case, the water is clean and it is truth or it is dirty and it is a lie. The false revelation is represented by the serpent. And if you are a Sister, you can be the type of an assembly.

61 And you know, for example, that toilets and shower rooms are the places of worship where we go to wash ourselves with the water of the Word and to get rid of what is unclean in us through the public confession. And excrement and urine are the sins according to their gravity. A dirty toilet is therefore a congregation sitting in sin.

62 Your father and your mother are especially your pastor and the spirit of the church or assembly that you attend. A bridge is the foundation of your assembly or community or especially the religious leader whom you listen to. Every religious man is a bridge in the walk of men towards God. And a path can have many bridges and even pass under a bridge with wasps. Everything has a meaning. Your different preachers are each a bridge. And the pope is the supreme pontiff, that is, the head of the Catholic bridges.

63 Delay tells you that you must hurry. But to be lost is to be outside the will of God and not to know it. Being married to another spouse can reflect the spiritual state of your own spouse. It is like a pagan in the place of your pastor. The money you receive can be a responsibility given to you. Herbs like grass which have grown on your foot is a sin that has become part of you and which will lead to your death by a serious disease like cancer. Lending or giving money to someone can be a responsibility in the Message.

64 The former dwelling places or the former churches is when, being in the Message, you are still in your pagan state or in the spiritual state of your former church or religion or it is the spiritual state of your assembly. And darkness in your dream is the spiritual atmosphere in which you live. But generally speaking, darkness refers first of all to the atmosphere of your priesthood while the light is the Message of the prophet. And the pope is the prince of darkness.

65 A policeman in your dream is either an angel or a Brother sent to solve a problem while the animal or brigand is someone who acts outside the will of God. And this animal or brigand can be any pastor, apostle or Brother or Sister acting outside the will of God.

66 A Sister can see herself naked in a dream and either this relates to herself or to the condition of her assembly. A bus or other means of transport is your assembly and the passengers, including pagans, are the Brothers and Sisters according to their level of spirituality. And a Sister as driver is the assembly cut off from the Message and walking by itself.

67 The cause of a defilement or nudity in a dream is always in the same dream. A sin like chattering which has no link with sex can lead you to a night defilement. Even having a carnal pastor or preacher can give you night defilements. Even when you see the bad behaviour of a Brother and you do not say anything, it can give you night defilements.

68 But for all these means of interpretation that I give, it will depend on the dream. For example, you can receive or give money to a pagan or a Brother or even to a brigand. And the money is a responsibility and the brigand is the unworthy Brother who receives the responsibility. Also, a phone can symbolize your communion with God. But you can be in the dark and the torch of your phone turned on, they are the sermons of the prophet that are in your phone whilst darkness can be the eclipse of your priesthood, that is to say, the preachings of your preachers who are not in the Spirit of the Message.

69 The phone with its torch on is the type of the lamp of the ten virgins. That is why I am convinced that none of you will be lost because of this Light of God. The lamp of the ten virgins is the living word of the prophet messenger.

70 And so being in the Message, the Brothers and leaders of your assembly can plunge you into the eclipse before the death of the prophet messenger. Their preachings and actions can distort the Message either by making It legalistic or by softening It to the point of extinguishing It by making the oil, which is here the Spirit of the Message, disappear. The sun is the prophet and the moon is the priesthood.

71 There are two types of eclipses. The solar eclipse and the lunar eclipse. The solar eclipse occurs during the day, in the full presence of the sun. It is when the moon, which is the priesthood, prevents the sons of God on earth from receiving the light of the sun.

72 And the lunar eclipse occurs in the night, in the absence of the prophet. It is when the sons of the devil in the people prevent the moon, the sons of God in the priesthood, from lighting the earth. The moon does not produce light, it reflects the light of the sun. The whole creation and its phenomena are the word of God.

73 Well, for some time now, Satan's people have been trying to create trouble. For example, it is Satan who asks if a Sister guilty of Kacou 51:41 can give an individual song while the Message does not forbid her to do so. And even the Bible says: Let everything that has breath praise Jehovah.

74 It is Satan who asks whether after the public confession, those who are on sanction or those who have confessed and who have knelt down can also pray while the sitting congregation prays according to Kacou 71:28. If the Message does not forbid them to pray, then it is Satan who is behind the question. When I say that the tithes and first fruits in kind outside Ivory Coast will be shared to those who have been honest in their tithes and first fruits in the Message, the troublemakers will make a mountain of trouble out of this.

75 When a Brother says: This leader or preacher must not go to another assembly because he is not an itinerant, he is a troublemaker. If he cannot go to another assembly in the country, what about his validation in the group of the country? And oftentimes, a troublemaker does not confess.

76 Questions like: "Brother Philippe, is this a street word? In what year will I have finished listing the street words of all the languages? He who uses a street word will feel it in his heart. And will the street word of the illiterate person obligatorily be the street word of the university professor? Some play with words and expressions. And there are many of them in all the countries creating troubles.

77 And even cases which the Message has already dealt with, they submit them to me. For example: they expect someone to spend twelve long months outside first, and it is after those twelve months that they come to me with their case saying that they are weak. And I have understood that the eaglets have become eagles in the nest and food is no longer enough for them.

78 What I have said in these 20 years is what it pleased God to give for Salvation in our time. Just stick to it like Esther. This is the revelation of Jesus Christ for our generation. It is written that Esther only took what Hegai gave her and she stuck to that, unlike the Babylonian and Medo-Persian girls.

79 And now listen to me. This is very important. As of Kacou 154, some people who are dissatisfied in an assembly can leave in peace to form their own assembly. This is in line with Matthew 25 which speaks of two groups of virgins at midnight. And if all goes well in peace and quietly, they will remain in the different internet groups. God already sees you separated.

80 In the vision of the walk towards Heaven in Kacou 152, the two groups of virgins were not together. And I must not intervene in everything that will happen because, it is as if I was fighting against God so there might not be two groups of virgins and several virgins in each group. I have recommended you to the Angel of April 24, 1993. And each one must go forward without troubling his Brothers.

81 Only, in the separation, the one who is guilty of disturbance must be ejected from the groups of the country. It is written that the ten virgins walked together in harmony. And therefore, the disturber is the seed of the serpent. Everything I am saying is the present stage of the revelation. And all is under the watch and guidance of the Angel of April 24, 1993. And I have to stand quiet, aside from the priesthood and from the people like the prophets of Israel.

82 And I know that the demons of divination will send dreams and revelations even in the middle of the service to trouble the flock, but I do not fear because in any scandal in this Message, the Angel of April 24, 1993 will be present to render to each according to his works. And also, through revelation, the one who will go up in the pulpit can be warned by the Holy Spirit that a demon will tempt him, telling him to come down from the pulpit. And if this happens, he will say that it is the devil and continue the service.

83 Also, you don’t have to wait until a Brother is in the pulpit to inform him of a sin that he committed so that he may come down from the pulpit. In case of disagreement, a Brother in the pulpit will ask for the position of the assembly and he will do according to the majority. And also, a Brother comes down from the pulpit depending on the seriousness of the fault committed while in the pulpit, not for an error that just requires an apology.

84 I know that the foolish virgins and the mixed multitude will always trouble the people with the prophets and prophetesses of divination but remain calm and serene for no chosen one will be lost. And in 2007, I said to Brother Brékou Darius that if I died before him, he should not preach or intervene anymore so he may be saved.

85 About preaching, you can sometimes play a sermon of the prophet according as your assembly desires. Also, when you have given a revelation, either by prophecy, vision or other, whether it is received or rejected, you have nothing to say. Your mission is accomplished.

86 In the settlement of a problem, it is better to be mistaken with a revelation than with your own understanding based on what you will hear. And God, who knows the secret life and purpose of everyone, can give you a revelation. And basing yourself on the revelation, you will give the judgment with the words of everyone. You shall keep the revelation to yourself alone. Likewise, in a separation or division of an assembly, you must wait on God before you decide.

87 From now on, from among the stewards, each country must choose 2 to 3 general stewards to manage its tithes of tithes, firstfruits and various offerings and oversee all the other stewards. Anything else related to money must first be approved by them. Apart from the tithes of the tithes, you shall not claim anything from a small assembly struggling for its survival. And a steward must not be someone who ignores the poor brothers who are consecrated to God, fighting for the Message afar.

88 You shall not tempt a brave Brother who has dedicated himself to the work of God to discourage him, but you shall share with him what you have so that he may not abandon the work of God. And also, a pastor who has received bread from God must always seek to share this bread with the poor pastor or preacher far away who has none or even who owes arrears of rent. But in any case, let the one who suffers stand firm until the end, for his reward is in Heaven.

89 And every country must establish itself special preachers, full of grace and fearing God with the rights of apostles. Meek and wise people, to solve the problems in the country. They will be able to cancel sanctions, propose people to be deposed and conclude decisions like an apostle. They must not be Brothers who seek to impose their positions on others. Not Brothers who judge according to speeches but according to the spirit and intention of those they listen to. The decisions of the assemblies must be taken in the physical assembly.

90 Well. There must not be two groups of apostles, pastors or offices: those established by the prophet and those established by the country. Thus, all the apostles in the Message are deposed from Kacou 154 but they keep their title and appellation of apostle because it is the prophet who had established them. There are no more apostles. The other Brothers keep their offices because they have their offices by their assemblies from their proposal followed by the validation in the group of their country.

91 From now on, according to your needs, under the direction of your leaders of the public confession, you will establish Brothers with the rights of apostles for the stability of the Message in your countries. The leaders are like judges. And it is always a leader who is in the pulpit for the prayer of a Brother who has to take up an office. Brother Yanick Aka must not be in the choice and he must no longer be addressed for explanations, orientations or solutions. He will be either like Gehazi, or like the faithful servant of Elisha.

92 Do not give a responsibility to a Brother who creates trouble by his interventions and persists in making supporters and allies as it is often seen in Colombia. Even often, to avoid troubles, a wise man can keep silent without agreeing. Meekness must be the first basis for giving a Brother an office.

93 All those who are deposed, including the former apostles can be re-proposed to offices if you find them competent and trustworthy, but for one who has cases of sin related to sex, you have to wait for three years except if it was his concubine whom he has now endowed. Now, a Brother who had a problem of paying tithes in the Message can become a pastor if it had not been repeated three times and also, if he has no debt and no problem with money. Anyone who has a problem with money must not be a pastor or steward.

94 For me, the work of God is until death. And therefore, if a Brother fears God and is honest and sincere and confesses with humility and doesn't cover up anyone, he will remain in his place until he dies despite his mistakes and weaknesses. You must not do to a pastor what the Branham Tabernacle did to Brother Collins. And if you do it, he can go and found his assembly like Brother Collins.

95 And with the Holy Spirit, you must take every decision. For example, in September 2022, a pastor by the name of Sunday, in Lungulu Territory in Uganda, had snatched the booklets of Prophet Kacou Philippe that had been distributed. And having gathered his church members around the collected booklets, they prayed against the Spirit of Kacou Philippe. And Pastor Sunday went mad.

96 And they wrote to me to know what they should do because, due to madness, Pastor Sunday would not lie on the stretcher, nor would he follow them by walking so that he could be taken to the Arana area, in fulfilment of Kacou 151:20 like in the case that happened in Mozambique. And I told them that in that case, they must tie Pastor Sunday on the stretcher. And this answer that I gave, you should be able to give it because God is with you.

97 I have led you for 20 years. We are at more than 1000 assemblies in the world. And for the annual meeting of the ministers of the Gospel in Ivory Coast, there were more than 300 preachers of all ranks that I received in Katadji on 17 December 2022. And we have reached the stage where each person, each assembly and each country must take responsibility and do as they are led to. And even if I wanted to try to lead everything, I would not be able to. And if I do, when I die, what I fear will happen.

98 I say thank you to God for everything He has allowed me to accomplish during these 20 years of ministry. For me, Kacou 154 is the Amen and the end of a period as was Kacou 124 in 2014. Also, I say thank you to all those who have served me during these 20 years. Among them, Brothers Kossi Yelou, Pedro Aleixo, Yanick Aka, Daniel Nogales, Alfredo Agamez, Deutamar Costa, Pascal Vichi, Aman Martin, José Hernández, Sihle Nkabinde, Marcel Raes, Elifas Nhundu, Crépin Kambale, Joël Kashala, Akobé Benjamin, Blanchard Mosili, Reagan Nsambu and many others.

99 I, as far as I could with the grace of God, I did what I had to do. And now, what seems good to you according to the Message that you received from me, do it. And a country that has received the Message must contact another country for its baptism.

100 The time has come when the eaglet that has become an eagle must leave the nest and fly with its own wings. The God who is with the great eagle is the same God who is with you. Everything you have to do, the great eagle has already done it before your eyes. And you have within you all the abilities to go to the heights, above all the earth. As for me, I am going back to the mountain to await the vision of the great stadium.

101 And you, in this hot desert of Revelation 12:14, with these winds and storms of burning sand, in this empty and unknown world, you shall go, but because of your holiness and your fear of God, you will not be lost, for I, your prophet who begot you, to God, I had consecrated you and to God, I entrust you. Amen.

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