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1 Revelation that I, Prophet Kacou Philippe, slave of Jesus Christ, I have sent to the Saints, this July 8, 2023, from my retreat, in memory of the thirtieth year of the visitation of the Angel.

2 From July 8, 2002 to September 28, 2014, I had accomplished the first dispensation or stage of my mission. And this first dispensation, I had begun it all alone. And from September 2014 to May 2016, it was retreat and silence.

3 And from May 13, 2016 to December 18, 2022, I had accomplished the second dispensation or stage of my mission. And this second dispensation or stage I had also begun it all alone. And from December 2022 until a date determined by God, it will be retreat again. As much as you miss me, I miss you. And as much as you love me, I love you.

4 And from this determined date, it will be the third dispensation. There is a third stage of my ministry which is yet to be accomplished. And before that, it seemed good to me, from my retreat, to mark the thirtieth year of the Angel's visitation with a sermon on prophetism. This is why I want to give a sermon entitled: "Instructions on prophetism, dreams and visions".

5  Jehovah God has given me this chapter on dreams and visions for the Saints. And like the Bible, this sermon will serve many peoples. And at the appointed time, it will place the Church in a new dimension. And I am telling you about it so that you may be prepared for it.

6 Through this chapter, we will walk in a desert without landmarks. But we will go up to the end, because the Angel of God is our guide. God said to Israel: "Behold, I send an angel before thee, to keep thee in the way, and to bring thee into the place that I have prepared for thee". Daniel, Ezekiel, Revelation and many books of the Bible are stories of symbols and riddles. And just as the Bible ends in symbols and riddles, the Church will also end in an atmosphere of symbols and riddles.

7 I wanted to give this sermon in a single chapter like Kacou 146, but having two different aspects, I thought it good to give it in two parts. I am going to speak here of the instructions on prophetism for a return to the original faith, and then I will speak of dreams and visions in a second chapter. It will be like the two Tables of the Law of Moses or the two Testaments of the Bible. They will be dependent on each other like a bow and its arrow. Dreams and visions are the arrows of prophetism.

8 Every human being on earth, including those who do not believe in God, has dreams or visions. They are the means of communication between God and mankind. Dreams and visions are the videos of God to mankind. And they are a language like riddles and parables. And it’s in the time of Africa that God speaks of dreams and visions, because Africa is the land of parables. And like the Ethiopian eunuch, read and meditate on these two words until God sends Philippeto you for the complete revelation.

9 And like the Supreme God, it was also through dreams and visions that all the Egyptian, Greek, Babylonian, Arab, Hindu, Sumerian and African gods spoke to their peoples. This is the sacred language between the gods and humans. And these millions of gods are in all the temples, synagogues, churches and mosques that we see around us today.

10 Every temple, church, synagogue or mosque on earth is necessarily an altar to the gods Baal, Rimmon, Dagon or others, whatever the names you give them; be it Brahma, Vishnu, Shiva, Buddha, Adonai, Jesus Christ, Allah or others. And those gods are the ones that give dreams to the members of those temples, synagogues, churches and mosques.

11 Know that billions of demons act in science, magic, in the area of money, in the intellectual field, in politics, music, sport, beliefs and religions, in divinations and in all the areas of life. Satan is the ruler of all those areas. And therefore, whether you consult God or Satan in relation to those areas, it is Satan who will answer you.

12 For example, if you seek to know, in advance by revelation, the winner of a presidential election, it is the demon of politics who will answer you, no matter who you are and which god or person you addressed to find out. God canreveal to a prophet that, one day, a so-and-so will be president, but it does not belong to this prophet to ask God about it. And when God reveals it, this prophet is not obliged to say it.

13 All of you who believe in me, stay away from political prognostications. But if someone wants to do so, let him know that, during elections in a country, it is when the people do not know the candidates yet that a true prophet announces the name of the winner. But when the names of the candidates are known, a prophet has nothing more to say. He must remain silent. It's the turn of the prognosticators and lottery players to speak.

14 So if you know that your heart is not right before God, if you consult God in spite of that, they are demons who will answer you. And as a prophet, if a wicked person comes to consult God through you, first talk to that wicked personabout his deeds before praying, if possible.

15 When you, or your churches or religions, have rejected the living prophet of your time, that means you have rejected God. In this case, do not confide in your revelations, even if they always come to pass. That is why Prophet Jeremiah said to Israel, who rejected him: "Do not hearken to your dreams, which you like to dream".

16 Thus, whoever is a member of Islam, Christianity, Judaism, Hinduism, Buddhism, Jainism, Confucianism, Taoism, Shintoism, Bahaism or Sikhism instead of following the living prophet of his time, if he consults God, it’s a demon that will answer him because all these religions belong to Satan. And you who believe in the living prophet of your time, God can allow the devil to give you revelations if you take a path that God did not trace.

17 And finally, being in the will of God, God can also allow the devil to give you revelations. This is part of your trials. Without trial or temptation, you will be like a schoolboy who never has a school test. And how will you pass to the next class without a school test? Like Job, even if you are in the will of God and fearing God, Satan can tempt you. You must be aware of it.

18 Thus, dreams and visions come either from God or from the devil, and the prophet is the greatest means to knowwhat comes from God or from the devil. This is why prophets are indispensable. They are the guarantors of the truth and will of God on earth. No matter how great a pastor or a church you are, if you have the fear of God, you will obligatorily seek a prophet because the prophet is the absolute of the Saints.

19 The march of the Church has been in different dispensations according to the aspects of the four living creatures: the lion, the calf, the man, and now the eagle which is the dimension of the revelation. The Lord Jesus never founded his Church as an eternal primary school class with a single schoolmaster called pastor.

20 In the true Church, there must be a ministry of prophet who will come to teach languages and science in order to bring calcium and cholesterol. Then another teacher who is the apostle will come with magnesium and potassium. Then the pastor will come to teach mathematics to bring sodium or other according to his ministry. Sodium is salt. And salt is the beatitudes and Christian virtues. And divination is bad cholesterol. Then the teacher with phosphorus, then the evangelist, and so on.

21 In the apostolic era, Paul said that God first established the apostles, that is, God was the God of the spirits of the apostles. But on the island of Patmos, at the end of time, John said that God is the God of the spirits of the prophets, that is to say that God first established the prophets.

22 And you must also consider the spiritual aspect of everything a prophet says, even if he says it on a carnal level. One evening, a Sister said to me, "Brother Philippe, in a dream, I saw you shouting: 'Kacou Daniel, come here!' And your son Kacou stood before you. And you said to him, "Kacou, I taught you how to shoot an arrow, but now you have to shoot the arrow yourself!" And I said to the Sister: Sister, it's Brother Yanick. Your dream is a summary of the instructions that I gave him. But another Brother can rise up from any other country to become Kacou Philippe Daniel in his place.

23 God told Prophet Habakkuk that the earth would walk by the light of his arrow. The same God of the prophetmessenger will give the minor prophets the same ability to interpret or to discern the true from the false. As a prophet, if someone tells you a dream from the devil or gives you a false interpretation, God will give you the ability to know it, either immediately or later.

24 Before anything that happens to us on earth, there is always a revelation or a warning from God. For example, the greatest event between the Message of William Branham and the midnight Cry was darkness over William Branham's Message. And yet, God had given a warning to Ewald Frank so that darkness would not come over William Branham's Message.

25 In 1962, God had said to Ewald Frank: "My servant, do not open any local church! Don't make any songbook".Ewald Frank should know that God said He would even speak to his prophets, who are his beloved sons, in riddles. Even to William Branham, who was the master, God spoke in riddles. And therefore the disciple Ewald Frank shouldsay: "Oh, that voice told me to store up the food, and that wasn't carnal food. How can this same voice tell me not to make any songbook when I am neither a singer nor a song writer! Is this not another riddle? I must try to understand what the songbook means."

26 And then God would have told Ewald Frank that the songbook was his circular letters. Anyone who has a Message also has his own local group which will be his own lot after his death. There, God was saying to Ewald Frank: "Stop your circular letters! Do not create your own Message, so that William Branham's Message and group will be yours after your death and you will be in his group in the paradise".

27 Well. The Angel of God is here. I have seen this Angel many times but I have never seen his face. In Exodus 33:20, this Angel did not allow Moses to see his face because Moses was going to describe him to the Jews who would start making images of God.

28 God had said to Moses: "You cannot see my face. You shall stand on the rock and it shall come to pass that when I pass by, I will cover you with my hand until I have passed by. Then I will take away my hand, and you shall not see my face, but you shall see me from behind". But later, when Moses was mature enough to refrain from describing the face of the Angel, Moses saw the face of the Angel and spoke with Him face to face.

29 William Branham said: "When He appeared to me as a man, He had a look as you don't see on the face of mortals. I’d never seen his face. His face was smooth." You see? You can't describe his mouth, his nose and his eyes. You look at his face but you can't see the details. That's how I see him since 1993. It's the Angel of Jehovah Himself.

30 Once, as Sister Rosine was coming to show me a problem in her telephone, I saw in a vision this Angel moving away from me. And He went and stood about 30 to 40 metres away. I did not see his face even when He was facing me there, about 40 metres away.

31 The messenger of Matthew 25:6, it is Him, the Angel of April 24, 1993, not me, Kacou Philippe. It is the same seventh angel, the messenger of Laodicea, fulfilling the ministry under the tent according to his promise to William Branham in the seventh seal saying, "I’ll meet you there".

32 He is the seventh star in the right hand of the Lord Jesus in Revelation 1:16 and who was sent from the presence of God on April 24, 1993. He just took me to be his companion as William Seymour and William Branham were before me. And when my part ends, He will take someone else in this same Laodicean age to be his companion.

33 The heavenly Angel and the prophet messenger, it is like a European who uses a black African to be his companion or intermediary towards Africans. I take what He tells me as commandments. And if I behave well, I am his companion; but if I behave badly, I am the stubborn dog liable to punishment.

34 Every ministry of a prophet messenger is an action between an angel and a man. And it is this angel who tells him what he must do and what he must not do. And it is in this sense that I have forbidden photos of me to be placed in a house or on anything else or as a cover or profile picture. They are abominations. And, except at my request, do not take any more photos or videos of my person.

35 To be a prophet messenger, you must be destined for it before your birth. And at the appointed time, an angel comes from the presence of God with the plan of Salvation for the generation and uses you to fulfill his mission. The Angel tells you what to do, without any explanation. And you, you must do it or follow him without knowing why or where He is leading you. It's like the premonitory dream of Sister Victorine Ndong that she saw before the Message. The Angel or the prophet moves forward, it's up to you to follow Him.

36 And in this walk with the Angel, many betray or give up. Each has his own reason, accusing the prophet or the Message, or the Brothers. But before God, their reason is one and it is: "The way to paradise is too difficult for me, I don't want to go there anymore".

37 And in a vision, I was going forward and the multitude followed me. Then the gap between us got wider and wider. And at the end, I saw only one or two young girls. And I asked them: "Where is the multitude?" And one of them replied: "The multitude remained at the level of the cathedral". And I said, "O God, your mercy!"

38 Now, going to the mountain, I had deposed all my apostles. And many had not understood. Ezekiel 1:21 says that when the living creature went, the wheels also went; and when the living creature stopped, the wheels also stopped; and when the living creature was lifted up from the earth, the wheels were also lifted up from the earth, for the spirit of the living creature was in its wheels. If I did not depose my apostles before going to the mountain, then it would be in contradiction with God and Ezekiel 1:19-21. My wheels could not continue to turn on the ground whilst I was lifted up from the earth.

39 And I was in that chariot, alone and without body. And the chariot went gently over the ground and over the waters and over the obstacles and over the long stretches of mud on the road without touching them. The chariot went on without following the small contours of the road.

40 And once, God opened my eyes and I saw the front wheel on the right side of the chariot. And the wheel waschanging its shape and appearance and turned very fast like the propeller of a fan. And the wheel looked like the circle of a mirage. Yet the chariot was moving forward slowly, at the speed of a walking man. And I saw that the spirit of Apostle Joel Kashala was in that fast-turning wheel.

41 Well. Every nation is like a tribe of Israel. And after Kacou 154, the tribes or countries that had only chosen the wheels or apostles left by Moses without adding others are the wise tribes that stand on the right of Moses. And the tribes which had chosen the wheels that Moses had left and added other wheels, are the countries which stand on the left of Moses.

42 In addition to the prophet messenger Paul, you shall listen to Agabus, the minor prophet without a Message. In addition to the great ladder of the prophet messenger, you shall also take the small ladder of the minor prophet. Youshall never prefer the votes and emoticons of the people to the word of a prophet, however small that prophet may be.

43 It is better to be wrong with a minor prophet than with the will of the people. Emoticons and votes are for carnal things while prophets are for both carnal and spiritual things. And emoticons and votes must never replace a prophet.

44 And to go up to Heaven, you do not need the censer of the pastor or the emoticons of the people, but the small ladder of the minor prophet to reach the great ladder of the prophet messenger. And according to the revelations that a Brother gives, we can understand that this Brother is a prophet. And some people and assemblies will be able to consult God through this Brother.

45 When a prophet or a prophetess speaks, you don’t ask him for explanations to know whether he has spoken on the basis of a revelation. But when a man of the people speaks, he must give the revelation on which he has based his word so that this revelation may be attested by a prophet.

46 Prophets and prophetesses are consecrated persons. And at a certain moment, a prophet must not be a member of an assembly or go to services a lot so that his revelations may not be influenced. The prophet is not a man of the temple. But if he goes to an assembly, he has the right to speak if he wants, without necessarily going to the pulpit. It is a ministry inside and outside the Church.

47 It is God Himself who raises up his prophets. That's why, it’s a prophet who is called "man of God". Ezekiel 33:7 says, "And you, son of man, I have set thee a watchman unto the house of Israel". And Isaiah 62:6 says, "I have set watchmen upon thy walls Jerusalem; day and night, they shall not keep silent". The role of the prophets is to warn the people and also to intercede for them.

48 Now, where will these minor prophets come from? Acts 11:27 to 28 says, "Now in these days prophets went down from Jerusalem to Antioch. And one of them, by name Agabus, rose up and signified by the Spirit that there was going to be a great famine over all the inhabited earth, which also came to pass under Claudius." These prophets are not angels who came down from heaven. Some of these prophets were disciples of the Lord Jesus and were in the UpperRoom with the Apostles.

49 And in addition to the apostles Aman Martin and Yanick Aka according to Kacou 146:192, there are many moreBrothers and Sisters here who are minor prophets. The minor prophets on the wall are the pillars and the references of the Church. They are the ones who judge the revelations and decisions of the Church.

50 God gave different abilities to his creation. For example: A man can recognise a rabbit at a distance of 400m, whereas an eagle can recognise the same rabbit at 1600m. And great eagles, like the golden eagle, can recognise the same rabbit at up to 3000m, that is, 3km. So a pastor or a church member cannot see further than a minor prophet. And a minor prophet cannot see further than a prophet messenger.

51 And a prophet messenger cannot walk by someone's idea or revelation without confirmation. And a minor prophet also cannot walk by the idea or revelation of a pastor, a church member or another minor prophet. A watchman on the tower or on the wall must not be distracted by revelations from the camp.

52 For example, Paul, the prophet messenger, had decided by revelation to go to Rome. So the prophecy of Agabus in Acts 21:8 to 13 could not change his decision because Agabus is a minor prophet. But, if Paul was going on his own, without revelation, then the prophecy of Agabus would override Paul's decision to go to Rome.

53 A special preacher from an African country had advised the Brethren of Latin America. And Pastor Daniel Martinez of Venezuela saw in a dream that he was with Apostle José Hernandez in Colombia. And behold, the special preacher was telling them in the dream that they should all go and kill a big frog in the river and eat the frog’s raw entrails before starting the service. Now, outside the revelation, could a Bible show the Brethren of Latin America that the preciouspieces of advice of the special preacher were abominations?

54 The revelation in the present time is the absolute of the sons of God whereas the Bible, the Bhagavad Gita, the Lotus Sutra and the Quran are the absolute of the sons of the devil. And the commandment that God is giving you today through me, his prophet, is not to do anything without revelation. When you say, "I will think about it", this must mean: "I will seek the will of God". God does not abandon those who confide in Him.

55 And a church member must not ignore his own revelations and walk by the revelation of a pastor or another church member while they are both in the camp. The revelation that will save or make the camp advance, will come through a prophet on the tower or on the wall, not through a man of the camp.

56 The apostles, evangelists, teachers, pastors, preachers and deacons are doorkeepers. The minor prophets are the watchmen on the roof or on the wall. The prophet messenger is the watchman on the tower. Prophet Habakkuk said: "I will stand upon my watch. I will set myself upon the tower and will look forth to see what He will say unto me, ...".Habakkuk 2:1. And therefore, a man of the camp cannot warn a watchman who is on the wall or on the tower of a danger that is coming. 

57 Also, a mountain is a type of a tower or a wall. And the Lord Jesus sitting on the Mount of Olives, it is the watchman on the tower. And in Matthew 24:3, it's the people addressing the watchman on the tower. And from Matthew 24:4, it's the great watchman of mankind sounding the shofar. Amen!

58 In ancient times, the prophets or the watchmen sounded the shofar made out of a ram's horn. Each sound of the shofar was a signal sent to the people. And according to the sound of the shofar, the people knew what to do. When the Bible speaks of a trumpet, it is referring to a ram's horn called a shofar. Even the calls to prayer were made by the sound of the shofar, not by the sound of a bell or the shout of the muezzin. These objects are different.

59 In 1 Samuel 10:1, it’s with a vial of oil that Samuel anoints Saul, and in 1 Samuel 16:13, it’s with a horn of oil that the same Samuel anoints David. They are not the same thing.

60 A pastor is a doorkeeper and must constantly cry out to the prophet in Isaiah 21:11: "Watchman, what of the night?"A pastor, no matter his greatness, is in the camp with the people. And if a watchman becomes a pastor or preacher, then he is equal to a man of the camp. And a prophet or preacher in the camp who argues about a revelation with a prophet at his post, it is the story of the baby on the back of his mother saying that he stepped on a fish while his mother crossed a river with him.

61 Thus, the revelation of a pastor or a man in the camp cannot reach the dimension of the revelation of a minor prophet. And the revelation of a minor prophet cannot reach the dimension of the revelation of a prophet messenger.

62 For example, in a vision, I had seen a mysterious woman, standing alone and naked in Eden. And I had heard her name: Lili. And she was Adam's first wife. She was the first woman to live on earth. She was a bit corpulent and her skin was black but was not as smooth as our skin. This is a dimension of revelation reserved for prophet messengers.

63 The prophet messenger is alone at work in his generation, whereas the minor prophets are many in a country, as we see in Acts 13:1 and in the time of Elijah. And it was to the minor prophets that the prophet messengers gave the mandate to go and anoint kings. And in the future, it will be a minor prophet who will pray for the consecration of an office related to preaching with the laying on of hands in place of a prayer leader. Because a priest established or consecrated by a church or a pastor is a man endowed by a woman. He is a minister of the church and not of Christ.

64 You are born with the ministry and you die with the ministry. And demotions and sanctions do not take away the ministry. But the lack of consecration declines a prophet's sight. And when I said that I spent months without a vision, it was my sight that had declined for lack of consecration. Also, the love of money, worldliness and sexuality cause a prophet's sight to decline. It is written in Exodus 23:8 that money and gifts blind those whose eyes are open. And those whose eyes are open are the prophets.

65 All the prophetesses and many prophets like Nathan in the Old Testament were minor prophets. The ministry of minor prophet is universal. And minor prophets can have books that are the acts of their ministries.

66 Pray that God will raise up minor prophets who care about your Salvation, as in the Church of Antioch according to Acts 13:1. Prophetic faith imposes it. And minor prophets can perfectly lead men to God because they are the pillars and columns of the prophetic faith. God is the God of the spirits of the prophets. And Amos 3:7 also applies to the minor prophets.

67 On the day Elijah was raptured, all the sons of the prophets who were in Gilgal, Bethel, Jericho and over all Israel knew that Elijah was going to be raptured that day. From city to city, the sons of the prophets went out to Elisha and said to him, "Do you know that Jehovah will take away your master Elijah from over your head today?" And Elisha answered them, "I also know it, be silent!"

68 And after Elijah was raptured, wherever Elisha went, the minor prophets who were called "sons of the prophets" in the Old Testament had the revelation that the Spirit of Elijah was resting on Elisha. And they went out to meet him and bowed before him as a sign of their recognition of Elisha as their new prophet messenger.

69 And while I am on the mountain, Brothers and Sisters from different countries give me accurate accounts of what ishappening with me on the mountain. They know that I have received two stones like Moses, and that these two stones, or sermons, talk about prophecy and dreams and visions.

70 I was about to send these two chapters together for translation when a Brother of Cameroon wrote to me and said,"Brother Philippe, I saw you standing on the top of a mountain. And a Man was speaking to you from Heaven. And the Man was complaining about the videos that He gives to the Saints, which are not received at their true value as the Saints of old received them. The sun was red. And your right foot was on a stone and your left foot was on another stone". You see? Because we have chosen the path of revelations, the sons of the prophets are here.

71 Minor prophets have always existed on the earth in great number. And in the days of Prophet Elijah, Obadiah hadhidden 100 minor prophets because of Jezebel. And just as Israel inquired from Jehovah, an assembly which fears God and which worries about Salvation will always inquire from Jehovah.

72 For an important decision, when what you want to say is not based on a revelation, exercise restraint because, like a motorist, with one mistake, you can destroy everything. A decision must be based on a revelation. When someone puts forward an important idea or decision, say to him, "Given the importance of your idea, can you give us the revelation that inspired you?" If he does not take your question well, then his idea came from the devil.

73 And in the year 2000, just before the marriage with Zipporah, I had seen that she and I were to get married on a pinnace floating on the waters. And when I arrived in the pinnace, I was told that she had already come to pick up her wedding ring and she had already left. So my ring was handed to me and I woke up. And the marriage on the pinnace with Zipporah had only wavered until it overturned into the water.

74 And at the present stage of the revelation, you must not make that mistake like me. For a project, a union, a marriage, a contract, a sickness for which medicine is powerless, or any other important thing, you must have recourse to revelations.

75 When we pray, God's answer can come instantly or in many days or weeks, like in Jeremiah 42:1-7. I am speaking here to those who love God and who seek God and Salvation through the prophets, not to those who love the churches and religions and holy books and who are enemies of God.

76 It is by the revelation that you will know who you are, what you are doing and where you are going. Without revelations, you can go against God despite your good intention and you will receive a punishment. For every action, in addition to your good intention, seek to know God's will.

77 And a pastor must not despise or reject revelations or turn his congregation away from revelations. An assembly is like the camp of Israel, and you the pastor in the middle of the camp, your eyes must always be turned towards the watchman on the wall, to warn you of the danger that is coming.

78 For me, following God or leading an assembly while ignoring dreams and visions is like driving a car without brakes, ignoring road signs and traffic lights. Dreams and visions are the codes and road signs on the road to paradise. That is why, when you do not understand a dream, you must not immediately ignore it.

79 In matters of revelation, God can speak to you today and Satan can speak to you tomorrow, just as Satan can speak to you today and God can speak to you tomorrow. When you reason or reject what God or his prophet told you, the devil immediately receives the right to speak to you according to your heart in order to lead you astray. And it is your change or repentance that will keep Satan away from you.

80 Do not fear false prophets and prophetesses! The Angel of God is with us; If someone troubles you with false revelations, God will strike him and your eyes will see it.

81 In matters of salvation, either you ignore or reject revelations and you are on the way to hell, or you consider them and follow them and you are on the way to paradise if they come from God. This is why you must choose leaders who value revelations rather than a leader who will make everyone sin by following the Bible or his own thoughts.

82 A religious leader who loves God or who fears God will always seek revelations, and God's grace and blessing will always be upon him. But someone who does not like revelations is a pagan, and even his good actions and words will lead you to hell.

83 In my life, I have always confided in revelations. The grey areas in my life were the times when I had abandoned revelations. I know that it is impossible to bypass revelations in order to fulfil God's will or to go to paradise. Revelation takes priority over our will. And in Acts 16:9, the vision for Macedonia had changed Paul's plan.

84 And after Kacou 154, it was on the basis of the revelation that I retired to the mountain. And from above thismountain, I saw everything that was happening within the Message and the actions of the enemies against the Message, but it was again on the basis of revelation that I did not say anything.

85 If King David is the man after God's own heart, it's because King David acted by revelation. King David had the prophets Nathan and Gad and other prophets with him, and he listened to them. Yet, David is a prophet. David, it is like a minor prophet turned pastor. And King Solomon also had the prophets Nathan, Iddo, Akhija and other prophets with him, and he listened to them. Yet, Solomon is a prophet. King Asa had Prophet Oded and other prophets with him, and he listened to them.

86 King Jehoshaphat had Prophet Jehu and other prophets with him, and he listened to them. Kings Hezekiah and Hosiah had Prophet Isaiah and other prophets with them, and they listened to them. King Josiah had Prophetess Huldah, Prophet Jeremiah and other prophets with him, and he listened to them. Zerubbabel had Prophets Haggai and Zechariah with him, and he listened to them. Ezra and Nehemiah had prophets with them, and they listened to them.

87 Israel, victorious over the nations, was the Israel that walked in the footsteps of the prophets. And therefore a Church without a prophet is like a walking blind man. The prophet is the eye of the people. He is the eye of the body of Christ. And it can be a prophetess and you are obliged to listen to her. And that's the aspect of William Seymour and Pentecostalism in the restitution. And that's where, in the realm of revelations, woman's ministry now comes in.

88 And in the Bible, Prophetess Deborah had asked Israel to go to war against the Canaanites with only two tribes. Barak, the leader of the army of Israel, was scared and begged Prophetess Deborah to go to war with them. She refused because she was a woman. Barak insisted, saying: "If you go with me, then I will go".  And Prophetess Deborah agreed and went to war with Israel. And Israel won the victory and even killed the cruel Sisera, captain of the Canaanites, and Deborah sang a hymn to God.

89 In spite of the presence of false prophets, all the good kings of Israel always had true prophets with them to whom they listened, because the prophets are the mediators between God and men. If you don't reject money because there are fake banknotes, then you must not reject prophets because there are false prophets. This imposes itself on you.

90 And every assembly must have a register for the revelations of its members and be watchful of their fulfilment. In our walk towards God, each one has his own way of seeing things, but let us be aware that it is obligatorily by a prophet that we will be in the perfect will of God for our Salvation. And the living Church of the Lord Jesus is not a church or a religion that walks by holy books or according to its own way of seeing things, but it is the Church that walks in the footsteps of the prophets. And Israel is the valley of the prophets.

91 And our redemption will depend on our willingness to confide in God through his prophets, as King Jehoshaphat cried out in 2 Chronicles 20:20, saying, "Hear me, Judah and you, inhabitants of Jerusalem! Believe in Jehovah your God, and you will be established; confide in his prophets, and you shall prosper". You must stay with a living prophetmessenger and after this prophet, you must look for another prophet, as it is written in Hosea 12:13 that, "By a prophet Jehovah brought Israel out of Egypt; and by a prophet was he preserved".

92 King Jehoshaphat said to confide in the prophets as he himself confided in the prophets. And in 2 Chronicles 20:3, it was towards the prophets that he sought God. And it was on the instructions of a prophet that he proclaimed the fast. In Jeremiah 42, it was to Prophet Jeremiah that Israel and its priests and imams and monks went to consult God. And in 2 Kings 19, it was to Prophet Isaiah that King Hezekiah sent fasting pastors, imams and monks to consult God. And in trouble, a spiritual people will send their fasting pastors, imams and monks to a prophet to consult God.

93 You must stay only with the Message of the prophet and go forward with the minor prophets who wait on God before moving forward. Apart from that, it is the eclipse. It is the Message of the prophet that is the eternal light and the great ladder that reaches the gate of the Heavens as shown in the dream of Apostle Robert Huczko in Kacou 142:42.

94 The eclipse or darkness is the absence of revelation; they are the words of the prophet messenger mixed with the acts or inspirations of the priests who walk around in the garden. And the preaching of these priests can cause you to be immobilised and have night defilements.

95 Outside a living prophet, it is darkness. But despite the presence of a prophet, you can be in darkness if you follow the person of the prophet and not his Message, which is the Light. There are always two groups with a prophet: there is an enlightened group that moves forward with the prophet's Message and there is another group in the dark, sitting in the prophet's seat. When the prophet or the sun comes to earth, it always illuminates one side of the earth while the other side of the earth remains in darkness. That is a divine law.

96 Now, who is the prophet? The prophet is the Nazarene, the man consecrated to God. He is the seer, the lone eagle. And a true prophet and those who believe in him are always hated without a cause by the world and the religiouspeople.

97 The prophet messenger is the only man in his generation who holds the keys to the kingdom of the Heavens. And he is the gate of the Heavens on earth. It is he who gives the clothes of the paradise according to the size of each person bythe mandate of the cherub of holiness. This cherub is an angel, tall and as luminous as crystal, and releasing a great power. And I saw that the wedding garment was not blue and white as I thought, but all white.  

98 The ministry of the prophet is a difficult one. Paul says that death for him is gain. And Prophet Jeremiah weeps to the point of cursing the day of his birth. The prophet is always worried because he does not know where the Angel will send him, like Jonah, and what He will tell him to do or say. And the prophet is the mountain dweller. But the mountain, it is not only fasts, but above all a permanent spiritual disposition.

99 A prophet does not accept gifts unless it is necessary for him. And a prophet must never turn his church membersinto spies or militiamen. The Lord Jesus did not do that and his Church never will.

100 Never be spies among people or in private groups on the Internet. You don't hide and watch people in their bedrooms. Pagans and the military, alright, but a prophet and his disciples cannot spy. In 2 Kings 6, Elisha didn't send spies into Syria. And a prophet must never turn a piece of information into a revelation.

101 Also, a prophet is often full of calmness and restraint. For example, Apostle Luis Coronado from Mexico was visiting the assembly of Cancún. And while a Sister was speaking and he was looking at her, he had a vision about the Sister. But he didn't say anything until he got home. And then he called Sister through his wife and behold, everything the vision had revealed was correct.

102 And one Sunday morning at the assembly of Sikensi, after worship songs, while Pastor Bruno was writing the subject of his sermon on the board, Sister Rosine saw in a vision a man moving between the pulpit and the assembly. The man was dressed in a strange garment made up of all the flags of the nations of the earth. Sister Rosine, havingturned to see if the congregation could also see the man, she saw that the whole assembly was dressed in a white uniform. She sent me the vision at the end of the service, but told no one about it.

103 A prophet speaks when it is really necessary. This is different from a mere church member. Even certain revelations, the prophet keeps them to himself. It is a secret between God and him, according to Amos 3:7. It's like a man and his wife. Now, a prophet is not a telephone box where you have to abandon your own consecration and come at all times to call or to receive messages from God.

104 Keep yourselves from speaking against a prophet even if he is wrong or if he is rejected by God. God always has His anointing on a prophet that He used. A rejected prophet is like a woman cast out with the dowry on her. Saul and Balaam and the old prophet of 1 Kings 13 are examples.

105 And when a man-prophet dies, whether he is a messenger or a minor one, he is not mourned, no funeral is made for him. Those who are prophets like him come and turn around his coffin or his body three times and he is buried. They come to gravitate around him like around the North Star and then go to continue his struggle. This is the mystery of Kacou 124:32. And you don't come on pilgrimage to a prophet's grave. Thus it is with the prophets and the ministry of prophet.

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