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1 Revelation that I, Prophet Kacou Philippe, slave of Jesus Christ, I have sent to the Saints this July 8, 2023, from my retreat, in memory of the thirtieth year of the visitation of the Angel.

2 In the instructions on prophetism and dreams and visions, I am now going to talk about dreams and visions. Every human being has dreams or visions, no matter his race, nation or religious affiliation.

3 Two dreams can be two pictures of the same dream. And a dream can have several pictures that complement one another, just as two people can see the same dream under two different aspects, like Matthew, Mark, Luke and John relating the same ministry of the Lord Jesus under different aspects.

4 A dream or a vision can have a literal explanation, that is to say, what you have seen needs no interpretation like 1+1+1 = 3. But here, I want to go further, to show that 1+1+1 can be equal to 1 like the Father, the Son and the Holy Spirit who are the same person. And for this, I'm going to give the meaning of some dream symbols. This is the ministry of the unknown tongue.

5 Dreams and their mysteries and all the suffering involved in remembering them when waking up and understanding them is the granted will of God. It was the sin of Eve with the serpent that produced that. The perfect will is God speaking to man without riddles and symbols.

6 And there are several reasons why dreams are blurry or disappear when waking up. It is true that it comes from original sin, but it is above all due to our lack of disposition and consecration. And to this, you must add the divinations of our parents throughout the millennia up to us. And now there is the internet and the effect of the screens of telephones, computers and televisions. Then, there is the effect of the nudity of your spouse, and of the photos and videos on the internet, and badly dressed women in the streets.

7 Now, to understand a dream, rely on God's grace; think about the key events of the day before and the day after the dream. Then think about what was strongly on your mind the day before. And then, the key events in your life and at the time of the dream.

8 The interpretation of dreams and visions is a difficult thing. So let no Brother or Sister become an interpreter of dreams by pretence. God said He would speak to his prophets through riddles according to Numbers 12:6. And therefore, even if you are a prophet, until your death, many dreams and visions will always be riddles to you.

9 And throughout the millennia, many true prophets, having misunderstood the riddles, gave false prophecies and were taken as false prophets. And yet, it was as an interpreter that he made a mistake, so that doesn't make him a false prophet. And every day, thousands of people give false interpretations to their dreams and visions.

10 If you see a dream which seems mysterious to you, write it down or record it with the date and details so to keep it. You will be able to understand it later. Even the prophets write down their dreams and visions. Meditate on dreams in the same way as you meditate on the verses of the Bible. Sometimes it is better to write down your dreams and visions than to take notes of what you hear in your temple, synagogue, church or mosque.

11 And even what you consider as nightmares can be warnings or words of caution from God. And if you remain deaf until you end up suffering or in a serious sickness, God will also be deaf when you cry out to Him in your suffering. You must never ignore dreams and visions just as a driver must never ignore traffic lights and traffic signs on the road because this can have irreparable consequences.

12 And you, pastors and others, your attitude towards the dreams of your church members can shoulder your responsibility in the consequences that will follow. One morning in the past, a Brother from an African country said to me, "Brother Philippe, I dreamt last night that my mother had killed me". And I immediately said to him, "How can your mother, who is a Sister, kill you?" He insisted, but I stopped listening to what he was saying. And a month after our conversation, I heard that the Brother had died. I went to listen to the rest of our conversations. And I saw that he was explaining that in the dream, his mother had given him some medicine, which he drank and died immediately. So, I spoke with his mother, and that's when she realized her mistake.

13 This is just one example. This sermon is deep. And he that can understand, let him understand. I repeat: Do not ignore dreams and visions. I have no other way of saying it to you. A dream can contain an orientation or a solution; and it is on the basis of that that you will act. And if you ignore it, what you do can be bad or even fatal despite your sincerity. Whether in our natural life or in our walk towards God, dreams and visions are what occupy the most important place. Without dreams and visions, there would be no prophet, no religion, no holy book on the earth.

14 You say: "Brother Philippe, I don't understand dreams". Alright, but if God speaks through riddles to his prophets who are his beloved sons, how do you want Him to speak to you? Anything you say cannot stand up before God.

15 Dreams and visions are road codes and traffic signs in the walk of humans towards God. A dream can mean: "Watch out, wrong way! Watch out, red light! Make a U-turn before the sign! Watch out, bridge! Watch out, road closure! Watch out, road ending in a hole!"

16 I am not making a dictionary of interpretation of dreams because that is impossible. Dictionaries of interpretation of dreams are as false as horoscopes. The horoscope is false and misleading for the simple reason that, for example, twins almost always have different destinies even though they were born on the same day and in the same place.

17 I just want to give you some notions of how to interpret dreams. And what I am doing, some prophets did it before me. When Paul says that the sword is the word, the belt is truth, the breastplate is righteousness, and the shoe is zeal, those are dream symbols that he is interpreting.

18 God gives universal sanctification by the word which He gives to the living prophet messenger of the generation. Then, collective sanctification by the word to a country or an assembly is given through the ministries of Ephesians 4:11 and the spiritual gifts of 1 Corinthians 12. And finally, God brings individual sanctification to each human being through dreams and visions. And it is through a dream that you will know the sin that is at the root of your night defilement or endless suffering. But the revelation of a church member becomes the universal word of God when a prophet has made it public.

19 God speaks to everyone according to their ability to understand. Uneducated people often have the simplest dreams. You see? And if the earth loved God, divinity would be taught from our childhood and we would understand the language of dreams and visions like our mother tongues.

20 And for the understanding of what you have seen in a dream or vision, think about the interpretation calmly, in prayer or meditation, and God will do the rest. The interpretation can come through direct knowledge. The interpretation can come when waking up or in another dream or vision. The interpretation can come on the same day or several days later, even if you are a prophet.

21 And if it is to be interpreted to you by someone else, then it must be someone who has a gift for interpreting dreams and visions. And when you tell your dream to someone in order to help you understand it, start by telling them the date and where you were and what condition you were in. Tell him everything, with details, including details about the people who are in the dream.

22 And also, he who is a prophet or who has the gift of interpreting dreams and visions is a person who is able to see in a dream or vision the dream that he is going to interpret. It is the Spirit of Daniel that interprets dreams and visions. And therefore, without you being a prophet, it can happen that, like Daniel, you see someone's dream before giving its interpretation.

23 And you remember that a Sister from Burkina had a dream. And in the dream, the prophet was interpreting the content of a vessel. She knew there was milk in the vessel, but she couldn't see the writings and symbols on the milk. But go and read or listen to the interpretation in Kacou 151:12 and you will see how I had seen the content of the vessel and the symbols that she had not seen, before giving the interpretation.

24 Also, God and Satan use the same symbols in revelations. For example, water and mirror, which are symbols of God's word, are also objects of divination. A copy is never far from the original. And even Satan can disguise himself to appear like the prophet or the Angel of 24 April 1993.

25 God and Satan advance side by side. White is the chosen colour for the worship of God and also in the worship of Satan. And savants have halos above their heads like the prophets of God. Theology alongside revelation, lies alongside the truth. And the serpent of brass is the symbol of medicine.

26 In a dream, a Brother had failed his physics and chemistry test. And he wanted to link it to lying by all means, because in Kacou 154, I had said that science was lies. Yet physics and chemistry are also divinity. And the test of language or physics and chemistry in his dream was the test for the understanding of the word of God or a revelation from God.

27 In a dream, the entrance ticket to the examination room is the minimum of Christian virtues that one must have according to the Message of his time. The exam paper is your disposition and your will. And the oral examination is a meeting to convince. Public confession is either a court of justice or a law or criminology class.

28 A philosophy teacher in a dream is a liar speaking to you. Philosophy is satanic justifications and reasonings. And a philosophy class is a satanic preaching. And when a false preacher says: "Prophet Isaiah said", God hears: "The philosopher Socrates said". When the preacher says: "Prophet Jeremiah said", God hears: "The philosopher Plato said".

29 And in reality, when you are asked to judge a sermon while it is a satanic sermon, it is a test of philosophy in a dream. And cheating in a mathematics exam is to display bad faith in matters of money. And if you walk or act while you are in a schoolyard, then you have left the path of the revelation to follow the path of human intelligence.

30 If in a dream you have bad banknotes, then know that the money or goods that you have are not for your blessing. And you must separate from many possessions so you can have a treasure in Heaven. To be in an airport or on a plane is to be at a high level of spirituality. A speaking dead man or dead woman can be a preacher or a church separated from God. And a church and a preacher acting towards each other, God will show you that as an action between a man and a woman.

31 And oftentimes, the animals, pagans and dead people that you see are human beings acting outside the word. And hitting or biting or spitting at someone means saying harsh words to him. And the objects in your hand to defend yourself or to hit are your arguments and words. And a kitchen or woman's object in your hand, they are woman’s attitudes or words. An animal with two or more heads is a person with several languages or accomplices.

32 A wind can be a coming event. The graveyard can be a church or a religion and their services and gatherings are funerals. And the acts of banditry are their interventions and comments. Prison is a sanction or long suffering but the sanction outside is death or burial. But a man alone in a house full of African wrappers, that is the carnal domain and it is a body in a coffin. The tunnel is the corridor to suffering or hell.

33 Well. A dragon is the union of two or more churches, assemblies, nations or other groups outside the will of God. Joining a false church or a false pastor or receiving a preacher who has an evil spirit is a bad marriage or prostitution.

34 The dog attacks you because the spirit of the dog is in you. A dog always returns to the sin it vomits or abandons. The ox, the bull or the dog that attacks you depends on the seriousness of the sin to which you return. To be in the bush or in the dark or to be lost is to be outside God's will. And if, in a dream, you are in the dark with people and you see Light at the distance, it means that God has left your group or your church, and you must go and join that Light, or bring It back to where you are.

35 A pagan celebration, a pagan concert or a funeral can be a gathering outside the will of God. A woman in trousers or with her hair cut is insubmission to the word. And messed-up hair is madness. The heel, it is your group or your children. Eating fruit can be a sex sin and climbing on a table can be an unusual or abominable act. Excrements and urine are sins according to their seriousness. And non-stop defecation or urination is the same sin over and over again.

36 A fight or a game of ball or checkerboard can be a discussion or a bad debate. And the referee is the leader, the journalist or the moderator. And the one with the ball is the one who has the floor. And you have to keep quiet even if their conversation or ball comes towards you. A chatter is a mouth-to-mouth or some kisses.

37 The sin of mouth-to-mouth is as serious as the sin of sexual relation. And the saliva that you receive will not be eliminated in the excrements or urine but it will become diseases in your body, such as endless ulcers or angina pectoris. And this is even more serious if you have ever heard of Kacou Philippe, even if you didn't believe in him.

38 A football stadium in a dream or a vision can be a group on the internet. And all the members of the group are considered to be sitting in the stands of the stadium and each country is a stand. And the officials and the authorities and army officers sitting in the stands are the prophets, the apostles, the evangelists, the teachers and the pastors who follow the Message worthily.

39 In a dream, you are with religious people, politicians or athletes because, either it is the aspect of your assembly or your spirituality, or you have watched, read or listened to things about them. Climbing up or down a ladder or a staircase can mean moving forward or backward in the walk towards God.

40 Septic tanks refer to the impure state of the assemblies. The flood is a situation that can take you away from God. Drowning in water means you will be swept away by sin or problems if you take that path.

41 Any act or conversation outside the word puts you in the middle of a forest. And when you go from page to page or from group to group on the internet, you will be wandering here and there in your dreams on roads or in places you do not know. And pagan chatter and things can be impure sexual practices in a dream.

42 Every word being a seed, a word that comes out outside God's will is like a sexual act and can end up in a defilement or wet dream. A wet dream can be the consequence of a sin that you repeat when you have the capacity to avoid it.

43 The police officers are the angels or the people mandated to lead or enforce order in the Message. But the stars and jihadists and brigands and smokers and bourgeois people and those animals or those strange-looking men or women, they are Brothers and Sisters who are troublemakers or acting without revelation or outside the will of God. Smoking cigarette is disbelief, it’s the fact of continuing to commit the same sin. And this is worse than the sins of Kacou 17:26.

44 The dirty and untidy house with Christians and pagans together can be the spiritual state of your church. And the pagans are the Brothers who are in sin. And it is their songs that sound like pagan songs.

45 At some point, the priesthood of a country takes on the appearance of a pastor or preacher of that country. And his wife or another woman who has an appearance related to that Brother becomes the symbol of their church. And over time, the appearance can change and become another Brother when the priesthood changes their behaviour.

46 In a dream, if you feel someone's presence but you can't see him, then it is his spirit that is acting in the dream. A supermarket or Chinese people are counterfeits or imitations. And sweeping or doing the washing is to seek holiness. And your spouse with whom you have decided to stop sexual relations because of holiness can become your biological brother, sister or father in a dream.

47 Anyone who is not in the revelation is immediately a pagan before God. And also, to give someone an enema is to send or tell him things that will lead him to sin. And a baby that is with a woman is a part of that woman-church. And a baby can be a member or a part of the priesthood. To be vaccinated is to be immune; it is to know that something is wrong while the people around you ignore it.

48 Separated or together, two or several people can take on the appearance of a good or bad man or woman or a toilet or a church, depending on the dream or vision. Your mother or the witch that you see in your dream is often the church or religious community that you attend. And your witch relative can be your pastor or your preacher. It is not your biological parents.

49 And in a dream, a man or woman can sit on you or perform impure practices on you, and this woman can be one or several people with who you chatter. Lesbianism or homosexuality can be Brothers or Sisters who have instituted something outside the will of God.

50 You can see or be with an animal or a person and that other person is another identity of yourself. And one person can represent many people. Enclosures and fences are barriers around us. To be alone in the enclosure is to be in prison. Any physical group or group on the internet is a fenced house. So going through a hole in a fence can be going outside of God's will.

51 To take or receive a garment, a shoe or an object from someone is to act like that person. And if it is a woman then it can be a church changing its identity. A woman serves the food which is the preaching of her husband or of her husband's colleagues. And a woman who marries another man while she is already married is an assembly prostituting itself.

52 Having two wives in a dream can mean leading two or several assemblies. If you are a good pastor or preacher, you will be like a eunuch with this woman-church. But if you are bad, you will seek to do impure practices with this woman-church. And that church can even have a name like your wife's name or the feminine of your name like "Christine" instead of the church of Christ.

53 The shoe is the zeal in the application of a point of the word. Dirty clothes are the effect of sin. The short attire is the granted will of God. The stains on your clean clothes are unconfessed sins. And the clean but faded clothes are the effect of too many confessions. Sleepiness or heaviness can be the consequence of a bad influence or someone's sin over you.

54 Finding that the toilets are dirty and refusing to urinate or defecate in them is when you realize that an act will be a sin if you do it, and you don’t do it. Being naked in public or to defecate or urinate in public is an act or word by Satan in public or in a group on the internet.

55 A classroom can be a level of spirituality or a dimension. A bicycle, motorbike, car or other vehicle can be an office or a ministry. And someone who drives a taxi or a vehicle for money is someone who serves God for money. The windshield is the living prophet. The rear-view mirrors are the knowledge of the Bible or of past Messages. And a defect in one of these elements is also a brake failure.

56 And the invisible that is leading you is either the Spirit of God or a demon. And to have an accident is to make a mistake while exercising that office or ministry. A station can be a big group on the internet. And a car or driving licence taken away is to be deposed.

57 Money in a dream is a blessing, but also an office or ministry according to Matthew 25:14-30. And the one who had been put in charge of a small church had left that small church to go and look for money. Fishing or buying fish means evangelising or receiving people who have already believed.

58 In a difficulty, you need the behaviour of the person who overcomes it in the dream. Perhaps even a child or an animal. You are naked because you are acting outside the will of God. A chain or jewel on your ankle is a symbol of alliance, like a wedding ring.

59 Your door or window is open to the outside world because you are connected to the internet or filmed. And therefore, entering or leaving through the window means entering or leaving a group on the internet. The window is also the screen of the telephone, computer or television. You are bathing naked and people see you because your gathering or what you do is filmed or happens before people. Any filmed gathering is a doorless bathroom.

60 Every preacher, pastor or religious leader is a bridge to God. But when he leads you to Satan, then it is a bad bridge or a bridge with wasps under it. And those wasps are those who defend that preacher even when he is in error.

61 Keys are codes or the power to close or open doors or mysteries. A rain is a word or action from God or the devil. Clear, limpid water is the revelation or the pure word of God. Troubled or dirty water is worldliness or the words of Satan. If a pastor leads an assembly through the revelations or advice of a church member, then it is this church member who is at the wheel of the assembly. And it can be a woman who is either a Sister, or the church following its own path to hell.

62 The swirls of insects or raindrops are the comments or emoticons, the discussion being the rain. If these insects against you are bees, then you are the one who is wrong. And the honey of these bees is the conclusion that will be given. And this honey can be good or bad depending on whether the conclusion is correct or not.

63 And evangelisations are rain. And famine or the lack of rain means the lack of prophet or pure word coming down from God. And also, the desert or the mountain can refer to fasting. Smoke warns of suffering or a scandal.

64 Trees are people and palm trees are preachers. And a dry tree or an empty bucket or an empty well is an empty man, having neither the word nor the Spirit of God. A good thing like a fruit that is in your enemy's territory, you must beware of it. Places are very important in dreams. And to go down into a well is to enter someone else's intimacy or private life. Heavy luggage on your head means the cares of life or a heavy responsibility.

65 The telephone or the SIM card in a dream can be the communion with God. Take heed of how you use your phone. The screens of our phones, computers and televisions are like aquariums and the applications on them are like sea octopuses.

66 An octopus is a venomous, boneless creature with up to three hearts, eight arms and nine brains and that crushes crabs and shellfish. An octopus can get in any place, kill and eat a shark. And it is clear that the octopus is now inside all the churches and religions of the earth and its arms are coming out of their mouths, nostrils and eyes.

67 The Church will never be able to reach perfection with the way we use our phones. And under the altar or in the sixth dimension, the telephone was called walkie-talkie. Someday the Church will almost have to get rid of the telephone. If Elijah the Thishbite had a phone on him, the chariot of fire that took him away would fall back to earth after taking off with him.

68 Well. White is the heavenly colour, like blue. White represents holiness, peace, wisdom, truth, innocence, purity and virginity. And white powder symbolises innocence or congratulations. Green is the colour of life and harmony. Blue is the colour of greatness, divine justice, heaven and paradise. Black is the colour of death, lies, mourning and curse.

69 A single person of black or white complexion among whites or among blacks is a spirit that has not yet taken a body. And when a stranger takes on the voice or appearance of a person you know, then that person is in the role of that stranger.

70 Yellow is the colour of the desert and suffering. Grey is the mixture of white and black, good and evil. It is the colour of hybridization, hypocrisy and deception. Pink is the feminine colour and colour of happiness. Red is the colour of royalty, like blue, but also of danger and judgement. Brown is strength and stability.

71 An assembly outside the will of God is a mosque or a Hindu or Buddhist temple. But for confession, you can go and confess in any assembly just as you would go to any toilet if need be.

72 A country can invite a preacher from another country. A country can also decide of a sanction against one of its assemblies, going as far as to dissociate it from the country by withdrawing certain rights from it. An assembly can decide on its own to dissociate from its country. But in this second case, the assembly keeps its rights of baptism and its rights to post in the group of the country.

73 And an assembly which decides on its own to dissociate from its country must put a white flag in front of its name. And its members who agree with this decision must put a white flag in front of their names. And in this position, the other preachers of the country will not be able to go and preach there, nor intervene in the resolution of its internal problems unless it changes this decision. But its readmission must be validated in the group of the country. Also, anyone who feels that his sanction is unjust can put a blue flag in front of his name during his sanction, and he who has a sanction of seven months or more must put a red flag.

74 To close, as a reminder, according to God's commandment in our time, I have instituted a second form of fasting. There is the classic form of fasting which starts at 9 pm and finishes the next day at 6 pm. And there is the new form of fasting that I have instituted. It lasts for at least three days and starts at 3 pm and finishes the next day at 12 pm. For example, for a three-day fast, if you start on Thursday at 3 pm, you will finish on Sunday at noon, after the service. This is good for assemblies.

75 For a fast of several days, between 6 pm and 9 pm or between 12 pm and 3 pm, you can choose not to eat or drink. You can choose to drink water only. You can choose to have water, juices and fruits. And finally, you can choose to eat and drink everything except for meat. The way you choose at the start can be modified according to the periods, as you wish.

76 For example, during the first 3, 7, or 10 days of your fast, you can eat anything. And then you can change as you want. The duration of the fast depends on you, but must not exceed 40 days with full meals, 7 days with water and juices, and 3 days dry. Elderly or sick people must not fast. If, for any reason, you were not able to break the fast and eat between 12 pm and 3 pm, or between 6 pm and 9 pm, then, in 1 hour after this period, you will eat and continue with the fast.

77 At the end of the common fast of an assembly, at the end of the service, the assembly will have a time of about 30 minutes of common prayer. The leader will give the signal with a song of meditation and will leave the direction to the Holy Spirit while remaining in the pulpit. During this period, the congregation will pray. One, as he is led to, will raise his voice and pray or sing a song of meditation. And it will be thus until the end of the time of prayer.  

78 Well. When you have fought to open an assembly but do not have the capacity to lead it, do not force yourself. Be humble and leave the place to someone who can do it better than you. The capacity, you may have it to gather, but you may not have it to lead.

79 A long time ago, Apostle Pedro Aleixo wrote to me and said: "Prophet, having received the Message, I fought with all my strength to implant it throughout Mozambique. But now the Message is at a stage where you have to connect to the internet and follow souls and assemblies. I don't have this capacity. I want to sit down and watch the brothers do it."

80 Also, it cannot be demanded that a priest have all the qualities otherwise he will be deposed. If he defends the Message well outside or on the media, that is his particularity. If he is full of wisdom when it comes to solving problems, that is his particularity.

81 Also, because I called William Branham an Egyptian priest and because I mentioned Ewald Frank among the servants of the devil, some of my sermons were not yet placed on the shelves of the heavenly library. I have removed those words from the Message; and I ask for forgiveness from God and from men for saying those words.

82 I have known that, from the moment God used a man, even if He rejected him afterwards, He still has a right over him and you cannot speak against that man. God's covenant with his prophets or with those He once used is an eternal covenant. Whether a thousand demons agitate Saul, David will never speak against Saul. God had rejected the old prophet of 1 Kings 13 but God spoke to him. Balaam had gone astray, but God spoke to him. And the Jew who killed Balaam is in hell.  

83 You cannot explain why God condemns denominations through William Branham and again, tells William Branham to pray for revivals in the denominations. And how will people leave those denominations when they see these revivals? God condemns Catholics through William Branham and God tells William Branham to pray for Catholics, with rosaries in their hands and reciting their rosary. These are not contradictions as our enemies believe.

84 Now, I, Kacou Philippe, I will no longer come back to establish charges or to depose. And also, I beg you to have respect for anyone who has fought for the Message and who is still standing and who is not a troublemaker. I am convinced of your complete perfection. Satan sees a weak people, but I see in you a strong people like Israel.

85 So I have asked for the names of those who have left the Message to be blotted out of the Book of Life of our time, as it is written that the Lord will blot out the names of such people on earth as in heaven. What did they discover? Nothing! Because there is nothing elsewhere. And what will they become before God? Nothing!

86 All those who leave the Message, their assemblies always testify that they are people who do not confess.  It is therefore God who separates the swine from the lambs. I have already forgiven all their insults against me. My love for them will always be greater than their hatred and their insults against me. And what I keep in mind about them are the good actions they did when they were with us.

87 Fear God and live well and be strong so that their fate does not befall you. And like Moses breaking the tables of the law, or the Lord Jesus breaking the seals before his second coming; these two chapters, Kacou 155 and Kacou 156, come to strengthen the weak who needs strength and to bear witness of my presence among you. The Lord Jesus is present on earth with us, but He will come.

88 I, Kacou Philippe, until I leave the earth, not even an angel will be able to distract me. There are things I cannot say here. Our redemption is no longer a hope but a reality. I cannot hope for something I already possess.

89 And since Kacou 154, I am impatient to see another prophet in my place. Someone who will go further with my Message as I went further with William Branham's Message. So he who believes he has a mission, let him speak without fear. In 2002, I was all alone against everyone. He who is of God will recognise God through the weak beginning.

90 Do not be afraid of wild animals which can destroy but have nothing to plant or to present to mankind. And from above the mountain, I could see all the acts of the enemies of my Message. But why didn't I say anything? Have you ever seen a shepherd watch wolves attack his flock without reacting? And why did I give instructions to the Brethren so that no one would try to bring back the mixed multitude who were leaving the Message? This work is not a human work.

91 And all of you who have believed in me for Salvation, avoid sin and above all, do not serve God for money. Money and gifts will come to you, but you must be careful to refuse them or redistribute them when you are not in need. Be therefore very vigilant about money.

92 I that speak to you, it’s now two years that I no longer have money and that my fingers haven't touched money. And I won't touch money again because of Heaven. If I need something, I will ask for it. Man shall not live by money alone, but by every word that goes out through God’s mouth.

93 If someone leaves the Message and fights me or insults me, he did not become bad when he left, but he was already bad when he was here, like Judas. So do not hate him! And if nothing happens to him like Cain, it is because hell is already waiting for him. The premonitory dreams had already predicted their actions. So how can I stop them from going to their place?

94 And in the premonitory dream of Brother Karim since he came across the Message, when the prophet had retired to the mountain, after Kacou 154, the mixed multitude was complaining and leaving the Message. They had solid arguments like Korah and Dathan while the multitude that the prophet is waiting for, came and entered the Message. And I was looking at them without saying anything. The Pharisees were rejoicing, and yet it is written that they will kill Christ. And the inhabitants of the earth will rejoice at the death of Elijah and Moses according to Revelation 11:10, not knowing that it is already written.

95 If there were no Korah and Dathan fighting Moses, then Moses would be a false prophet. If there were no Hymenaeus and Philetus fighting Paul, then Paul would be a false prophet. Also, Korah and Dathan leaving Moses did not make Moses a false prophet. And Hymenaeus and Philetus leaving Paul did not make Paul a false prophet.

96 It had started in Heaven with Lucifer leaving God, but that did not make God a demon. Judas' betrayal did not make Jesus a false prophet. William Branham did not become a false prophet because Junior Jackson, Ern Baxter and many of his great men had left him.

97 The greatest man in William Branham's ministry after F.F. Bosworth was Ern Baxter. Ern Baxter was the manager of William Branham's healing campaigns since 1947. And they were Ern Baxter and Bosworth who were with William Branham in South Africa in 1951. It is like the apostles Yanick Aka and Aman Martin with me. And William Branham used to call him: "Reverend Baxter, a wonderful man of God". But Ern Baxter had left William Branham. And what had Ern Baxter become without William Branham? Nothing!

98 Now, to close, on my knees, I ask for forgiveness from God for what I am about to say. It is not to show that I am great or holy. It is for you here that I want to speak.

99 First point: I came to conversion through an Angel of God in 1993. And it is this Angel who leads me. When it is said in 1 Kings 19 that the Angel of God touched Prophet Elijah to wake him up, I have experienced that.

100 Second point: I have brought a Message that has reached the ends of the earth in my lifetime and in such a short time. There is no such a Message in our time. Whereas those who fight me have no Message and have not gone beyond the limits of their countries. They have not prevailed. And after their death, mankind will forget them. So, they don't take that well and they suffer from it. So, I have to die or be false like them, that is the aim of their fight against God and against me.

101 Third point: I know perfectly all religions and their holy books. I read and reread the Quran of Islam. I read and reread the Bhagavad Gita of Hinduism. I read and reread the Lotus Sutra of Buddhism. Which holy book do I not know? None.  

102 Now, through my Message, I have revealed many mysteries, including the origin of the black race and homosexuality. I have also re-established public confession, which they never condemn and which they do not practice either in their churches and religions.

103 Fourth point: on the spiritual level, the Angel of God placed me in a state that I am not allowed to talk about here. And also, on the carnal level, know that David and Solomon may not have been sex addicts as our enemies believe. And without wishing to justify myself, the last time I came near a woman, I can't remember. And that is because of holiness. Nevertheless, my son Ewald turned one year old on 18 June 2023 and it had been over a year since I had approached a woman.

104 Now, listen to this carefully: from Zipporah to Rosine, each has her own aspect like the Church ages. And when an assembly or a country does something good or bad, I see in vision one of my maidservants appear. And I know the spirituality of this country or assembly.

105 And before these four or five mixed multitude left the Message, our precious Sister Louise, who had served me for about ten years as if she was my wife, appeared to me in a vision and said: "Now I want to leave". And then, I postponed the publication of Kacou 155 and Kacou 156, which I was due to publish on April 24, 2023, until July 8, 2023, and then to a later date. And she left, leaving a two- or three-year-old little Muslim girl with us. She was there at every Church age. And then she was gone, leaving a regrowth. And Louise is the whole of the mixed multitude who have to leave the Message.

106 And by revelation and for the sake of consecration, it happened that I shut myself up in the house for a long time without necessarily being on a fast. And when I came out of the house, some of the children of the house, including my son Isaiah Schlissel, had grown taller. And Isaiah Schlissel was calling me "uncle". And my youngest son, whom I wanted to take in my arms, stared at me because he didn't recognise me.

107 And I can continue with some points on and on, but that is not necessary, because there is, here, the blessed people of John 20:29 who have neither seen nor heard, but who believe entirely.

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