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(Preached on Sunday morning, September 12, 2004 in Locodjro, Abidjan – Ivory Coast)

1 At the end of this preaching, we will have a session of questions and answers. Let’s take our Bibles in Genesis 7:1-4…

2 I want to talk about an important subject: how did the sons of the devil that we see in Genesis 4:17-24 pass through the Flood in the time of Noah? If somebody has already preached this Revelation, I have neither read, nor heard it but like the other times, that was revealed to me on August 31, 2004. Before that, I thought that, either one of the children of Noah was of the devil, Ham particularly, or one of the three wives was carrying an adulterine child. I thought that, as by the adultery of Eve, the children of the devil had entered into the world, it had been the same way with the daughters-in-law of Noah. But by the grace of God I had never spoken of these things.

3 I also heard that it would be one of the three wives of Noah’s sons who would be of the devil. But that cannot be possible because a son of the devil could not enter into the ark. I have also heard that at the Flood all the children of Cain being destroyed, it was spiritually that that happened. The most precious of these things was that, as by adultery, the children of the devil entered into the world, one of the three daughters-in-law of Noah would carry a pregnancy from a son of the devil by adultery.

4 All these declarations have some value but do not say what it is in reality. They are false.

5 If all the children of Cain were destroyed then the world should be a Paradise in the first moments of after the Flood at least. But we can see that later on, the world was so quickly corrupt that in chapter 11 already, God confused their language. Now, it cannot be a question of spirits, that is to say angels, because an angel cannot have a sexual intercourse with a woman otherwise Satan would do it without using the serpent towards Eve. And if an evil spirit did it after the Flood, who did he use if it is not the serpent which lost its first state?

6 People simply spoke before the time when God Himself should give this revelation.

7 Thus, that day, I was sitting … One minute! Wait I am going to explain you how I receive these revelations. Not in a dream, not in prayer, not by searching… but I am busy with something.

8 If a prophet tells me: "Brother Philippe, halleluiah! I questioned the Lord on such a mystery and He revealed it to me in a glorious vision!", I will not quickly believe in that revelation. A prophet must respect the sovereignty of God. It is God who has to choose the time, the circumstance and the person to whom He needs to reveal a mystery still hidden to humanity. The prophet must only sanctify himself and wait simply.

9 For example, on August 31, I was simply cleaning my mobile phone and without thinking about it, I felt the Spirit coming down very slightly upon me… that was repeated two or three times, I no more felt anything, then fifteen to thirty minutes later, I know what I did not know an hour ago. And when that happens, I am always alone and many days before that, I am in a good disposition of man, that is to say that I do not go near my wife.

10 In exodus 19, as God was to come down on the mountain, the Jews should not go near their own wives. And when the Jews had to pass across the Jordan with Joshua, they did not go near their own wives. And when David and his group were to eat the showbread in their escape, they should not go near their own wives. And a son of God knows that.

11 But look at the sons of the devil. A son of the devil can lie with his wife on Saturday night and go to church on the Sunday morning, praise and sing and preach, and the anointing of the holy spirit comes upon him. What is it? It is a diabolical anointing. It is a spirit of demon and their Jesus are demons. I say it to you in the Name of the Lord Jesus-Christ in the virtue of the vision that I received on April 24, 1993.

12 These Catholic, Protestant, evangelical and Branhamist churches are of the devil. Leave these places! Run away from hell! If you are sons of God, your place is not there. God gave us genitals and authorized us to reproduce by sex, but know that that was not in the perfect will of God.And over these three years when this Message is being delivered, it has been so; so much so that I spent twelve entire and consecutive months without going near my own wife.

13 Well, what happened then? Who was therefore of devil in Noah's Ark? We are approaching it little by little… In the Heaven, there are the angels that do not progress. They are either of God, or of the devil. That is why our spirit has only one sense which is: either faith which is of God, or incredulity or doubt which is of the devil; whereas the body has five senses: taste, touching, sight, smelling and hearing. And the soul has also five senses: imagination, reason, feeling, conscience and memory. But as for the [S]pirit, It is of God and It has faith or it is of the devil and it does not believe what God does.

14 But on the earth, there were sons of the devil before the flood and if there are some after that, then the chain was not broken and that is it. I am talking about the carnal chain.

15 And here is thus the revelation on this subject: In the Garden of Eden, there were two seeds that came out of Eve: Seth to replace Abel and Cain, themselves respectively descendants of Adam and the serpent. Adam is the pure seed and the serpent is the impure seed. Eve is a pure seed as well. Thus, all the children of Adam and Eve were pure seeds, therefore of God. But any cross of pure and impure seeds is a hybrid seed… But the hybrid seed has thousands of pure and impure seeds in his loins. If the seed coming from the woman is pure and that coming from the man is pure, that will give a son of God; but impure and impure gives a son of the devil, then pure and impure gives impure thus a son of the devil.

16 And notice that after the hybridisation, a son of the devil and a daughter of the devil can give a child of God since they both also have pure seeds even if it is in small number and a son of God and a daughter of God can also bring a son of the devil into the world. Also, the impure ones are more numerous within the loins because of the unceasing war between them. Like Esau and Jacob. Moreover, like Abel and Cain, they are the impure ones that eliminate the pure ones. If God had not destroyed the earth, there would not be any son of God. You see that out of six billion men already, there were only eight in Noah’s days. It is the same war that took place in the Heaven between Michael and Satan’s angels that is continuing on the earth. It is the same war between Esau and Jacob in Rebecca’s womb, between Abel and Cain up to today and which will go up to the war of Armagedon.

17 And when God sends the pure seed of the Word on the earth, Satan seeks to hybridise it and appropriate it.

18 In the Garden, the Spirit of God and the spirit of the devil were working respectively on Adam and the serpent. Thus, Adam, Eve, Abel and Seth and Adam and Eve’s daughters who did not unite with Cain and his posterity were entirely pure and were saved. After this generation, uncertainty starts for man because Cain and his sons multiplied in great number also through polygamy, fornication, adultery by means of their huge riches and it was them who led the world and who voted laws. Thus, 1600 years later, according to Genesis 6:11-12, the earth was corrupt.

19 But the grace of God made that, in that time, there was a sign. A pure seed met a pure seed and that gave Noah. Then, there was the same thing somewhere and that gave a woman and God made that they met and had three sons who could be impure but who were pure. Ham was a son of God; I say it in the Name of the Lord. And their three wives were also daughters of God. Shem was a son of God. Ham was a son of God. Japheth was a son of God. All of them were sons and daughters of God in the ark. [Ed: The congregation says, “Amen!”].Thus, in the ark of Noah, there were no sons or daughters of the devil. It is because the daughters-in-law of Noah were of God that they believed in Noah and entered into the ark but according to Genesis 19:14, the sons-in-law of Lot did not believe in Lot. And yet, in the loins of all eight of them, there were pure and impure seeds but with a dominance of impure seeds. And for example, out of twelve children that Japheth and his wife had, two could be of God and the others of the devil.

20 Thus, if God had allowed Noah to go beyond his three sons, he would have sons and daughters of the devil because, in 1600 years, there were tens of hybridisations in his line of descents. The evidence is that, there were some Nimrod and Judas Iscariote on the earth. And if the Flood had not come, there would be no more sons of God on the earth. And that is also applied to Matthew 13:24-30. Make a coffee plantation, plant coffee only, but some thistles and thorns and creepers will emerge one day or another, will prevail on the coffee-trees and that field will become again the same forest that you had cut down.

21 What I am preaching this morning, Noah saw it but he did not understand it. But according to Acts 3:21, that should be known in the time of the restoring of all things.

22 Well, now follow that. When his white cock and his white hen that remained from their species started to multiply on the earth, … When the first chicks of after the Flood came out of their eggs, Noah saw that there were white chicks, spotted chicks, black chicks… The ewe of Noah did the same. … Ham brought into the world, a child resembling the brother of Noah who had died in the Flood. Noah saw that the Flood had destroyed some people but not seeds. If all the Albinos, both children and great, died one day, would there never be any more Albinos on the earth? There will be! You see that I stammer but my father and my mother do not stammer. If God wanted to destroy all those who stammered on the earth when my father and my mother were young, they would remain alive and there would be no man who stammers on the earth. But after this destruction, here is Kacou Philippe who stammers. That is what occurred at the Flood.

23 In a simple way, if the sons of the devil are on the earth after the flood, then the only way was that they were in the ark. But where were they hidden? They were hidden in the loins of Noah and the sons of Noah. [Ed: The congregation says, “Amen!”].

24 Brethren, were they not Christians, true sons of God running away from the Roman persecutions who went and peopled the United States of America? So where do those demons in the flesh who walk in the streets of Hollywood come from? You Americans, how can you imagine that a Ben Laden may exist after the Flood? That is a mystery.

25 Well. Cain has pure and impure seeds because he is also a son of Eve who is pure and will therefore mysteriously be able to beget a son of God. And that daughter of Adam and Eve, who will be the wife of Cain needs to repent for having been the wife of Cain, and must purify herself to be saved. Their children are hybrid but might in their turn produce some sons of God.

26 Now, let’s consider the case of Jacob which is prophetic. Jacob had twelve sons among whom only one is of the devil, Dan who has the snake as an emblem according to Genesis 49:17, for Jesus-Christ was going to have twelve sons among whom only one, Judas Iscariote would be of the devil. For that, Jacob needed 4 wives and God directed the seeds. And the name of Dan was blotted out of the twelve tribes according to Revelation 7 like the one of Judas.

27 Thus, after the Flood, the sole human on the earth who did not have any impure seed in his loins was the Lord Jesus. Thus, listen to this now: we know that Joseph is not the biological father of the Lord Jesus but also, I tell you that the egg from which the body of the Lord Jesus-Christ was formed does not come from Mary because Mary has impure seeds in her and it is absolutely impossible that Mary may produce a child having no impure seed in his loins.

28 The baptism of the Holy Spirit does not take away this state from us but leads us to the exit which is the celestial body that the Lord Jesus took at the resurrection and He did not allow Mary Magdalene to touch Him. John 20:17. Elijah and Moses have already put it on and we saw that on the mountain of the Transfiguration. But we are waiting for that with Peter, Paul, John Wesley, William Branham, … there, we will be like the Angels, with no impure seed in us. And with the celestial body, we will not be able to eat rice and other until, after the marriage we come down on the earth in the Millennium as in Genesis 18, in envelopes like these bodies, being able to eat again but also being able to disappear, appear like gods.

29 Thus, according to the revelation that was granted to me, that was the way the sons of the devil passed through the Flood. Thus, 300 years after the Flood, when Noah saw some men with drawings on their biceps, some polygamous men, some women in trousers, some pastoral schools, some women preaching in some churches despite their menses, Noah did not understand and said, "did God not destroy these ones? How does it come that there are still some? Certainly, my daughters-in-law were of the devil, for me to see, again, some women in menses preaching." God told him: "Noah! Noah! It is not that! But these things are hidden and sealed until the time of the end ". And Noah Blessed God.

30 And in this end of time, when the earth was corrupt as in the time of Noah, God remembered and sent a man with the ministry of Noah to whom the promise of the revelation had been given so that whoever believes has the eternal Life.

31 No matter how many dead people you have raised, whether you are called Tommy Osborn, Billy Graham, Ewald Frank or others, you are obliged to enter into Noah's ark to have eternal Life. And from generation to generation, God has always sent a Noah on the earth, a prophet messenger, alone in his generation. And his Message is the ark in which you must enter to have eternal Life. And today, you are hearing the Message of your time. And it is the same offensive, insulting and barbaric Message that he preached and which repelled everyone; a Message that he did not go and seek somewhere but which the Angel had given him.

32 At the time when Noah was preaching on the earth, you could not be saved outside the Message of Noah. At the time when Moses was on the earth, you could not be saved outside Moses. At the time when the Lord Jesus-Christ was preaching on the earth, you could not be saved outside the Message of the Lord Jesus Christ. At the time when Martin Luther, John Wesley, Ulrich Zwingli, John Calvin, William Branham were preaching on the earth, you could not be saved outside their Messages. 33 And today, you cannot be saved outside the Message of Prophet Kacou Philippe. Why? Because the Lord Jesus Christ is the same yesterday, today and forever. What He did for the past generations, He will always do it. It is by a living prophet in your time that you must believe to be saved and it is the test of your time. You must overcome the churches and the seducers of your time and accept the only and unique prophet that mankind is fighting against to have eternal Life. He that has ears to hear, let him hear.

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