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(Preached on Sunday morning June 5, 2005 in Locodjro, Abidjan - Ivory Coast)

1 Let’s pray! Lord Jesus Christ, we are happy to come and eat with Thou this morning. It is your grace that has placed us here! May this same grace direct our spiritual mind and may the revelation be granted to us from thou! I pray particularly for every brother and every sister, they have come from everywhere this morning to receive the Word that Thou have promised for their time. And allow them to go back from here healed, delivered and blessed, for it is said that he that receives a prophet as a prophet, shall receive the prophet’s reward. Amen!

2 Well, now let’s take our Bibles in the book of Matthew 4:1-11 [Ed: Brother Philippe reads Matthew 4:1-11], I would like to talk about the subject: the battle of the mind. It is a daily battle. And all the blessings and curses come behind that as verse 11 shows it: "Then the devil leaves Him, and behold, angels came and ministered to Him."

3 The Bible says that it was before the foundation of the world that the Lord Jesus Christ had overcome. Faced with earthly things, He had overcome, faced with spiritual things, He had overcome. Faced with all the greatness of man, the Lord Jesus Christ had overcome. And it is to be winners that we worthily bear the name Christian.

4 Well, the first point I would like to broach, it is the fact that our own mind has to be pure. If you imagine what others think about you and you confess it or you take on some attitude related to that then you have lost the battle of the mind.

5 If you say, "oh Brother Philippe, it is such a relative or person who is the cause of failures in my life" then you have lost the battle of the mind. You must acknowledge that God created you in His image, God has blessed you! But you walked in some ways God did not trace and this is what led you in your current situation. You must acknowledge that you are responsible for your situation. If you say, "oh Brother Philippe, I saw him in a dream…" or "there is a prophet who said it to me in our church", then you are defeated in the battle of the mind. You must know that the devil can give you revelations to raise you against your parents, in order to increase your curses. And the devil can go through the prophet of your church, through the pastor of your church, through a woman or a man of your church to give you a revelation to set you far from your parents or to raise you against your parents. But God cannot do that.

6 You must acknowledge that the author of your sufferings is you. For instance, you are a woman and you live with a man who has not endowed you. Then, you must know that you are in a position contrary to the will of God. [Ed: The congregation says, "Amen!"].

7 You who have diplomas and who have no social situation, nobody is at the root of your sufferings. When you had sexual intercourses like Adam and Eve outside the marriage, didn’t you know that you were preparing your own curses and sufferings on earth? Was somebody at the root of that? According to Deuteronomy 28, you are under the curse. You say, "Oh prophet, he did not endow me but we are legally married." I say onto you that you are under the curse if the mayor is not your father. You are outside the will of God and you are accusing poor old people. And inspired by demons and false prophets and liars, you accuse your parents, exposing them to shame.

8 I tell you that any pastor, prophet detector of sorcerers is a demon, a fetish priest. Only fetish priests can show sorcerers. The day I see a spirit of sorcery on a believer that God has given me, I will deliver this believer without anybody knowing it. You see? You failed to discern that those prophets, denunciators of sorcerers, were nothing other than weapons in Satan’s hands in the battle of the mind.

9 Know that, as soon as you become suspicious or you change your behavior towards somebody, you have lost the battle of the mind. If you are true children of God, you must overcome the battle of the mind. And as I’m talking to you, turn your eyes over the past, if there is a person you cannot receive in your heart then you have lost the battle of the mind.

10 Recently, a pastor of an evangelical church told me that his mother was a witch and that this one had pursued him in a dream. And I asked him what I should do the day I meet his mother! He was embarrassed. You see? The curse of Ham is upon such a man. Let’s read that… "And Ham the father of Canaan saw the nakedness of his father, and told his brethren outside." You see? If you had done it in the past, do not do it anymore! They are all fetish priests. Any servant of God that denounces sorcerers is a fetish priest. Know that witchcraft exists since the foundation of the world. But look at the ministry of every prophet! Look at the Lord Jesus Christ’s ministry! How many of them denounced sorcerers in their disciples' families? When a man of god tells you that your parents are wizards, if you listen to him, you have lost the battle of the mind. You who have difficulties in life, know that the author of your sufferings, it is you. And pray and cry to God, so that He may grant you His grace. If you truly follow God's way, no wizard can reach you. And it is written that blessing shall pursue and reach you. And no sorcerer can stop a blessing decreed by God over your life. [Ed: the congregation says, "Amen!"].

11 Now, listen to this: You say, "oh! Brother Philippe, I do not succeed in talking about the Message, I am ashamed or I fear to be despised!" Then, you have lost the battle of the mind. The Bible says in Matthew 10:32, "Everyone therefore who shall confess Me before men, I also will confess him before my Father who is in the Heavens; but whosoever shall deny Me before men, him will I also deny before my Father who is in [the] Heaven." When before the crowd, you haven’t been able to show up your faith, you have lost the battle of the mind. Everywhere you are, at work, on a journey, in your family, wherever you are, everybody must know the Message around you. You have obligation to let people know the Message around you. You are not responsible if they do not believe but you are responsible to make them hear that.

12 Now, still in the battle of the mind, let’s return to another point. When a relative or your wife will expect revenge from you or seek to get you involved in some quarrels, you must discern the devil and be strong. When you will see you fellow, who has a big house, a big car and things you do not have, you must not lose the battle of the mind to covet that. But you must rejoice because you have recognized the living prophet messenger of your time. You have a wealth that shall never perish. An eternal wealth that the world cannot receive despite its riches. When your mother or your wife will say, "oh! A so-and-so has humiliated me. Show him that I have got a daring son or husband!" do not do anything! Do not lose the battle of the mind! Know that you are in temptation and that you should not lose the battle of the mind.

13 The supreme victory in the battle of the mind is at the moment of the trial and temptation. When the Lord Jesus Christ overcame, the angels came to serve Him. When Stephen overcame the Heaven got open and he saw the Lord Jesus Christ standing in the glory. You must resist in the battle of the mind and God will strengthen you. In Luke 22:44, the Bible says that, "And being in the anguish of battle, He prayed more intently. And his sweat became as great drops of blood, falling down upon the earth". And an angel came to strengthen him. What conflict is it? The battle of the mind.

14 At a certain time of your walk, when you shall no longer feel the zeal and strength, and that discouraging thoughts will haunt you, it is the battle of the mind! When the woman you love with all your heart will try to move you away from the Message, it is the battle of the mind! When a man you love with all your heart will try to move you away from the Message, it is the battle of the mind! But you must never lose the battle of the mind because you have a treasure that shall never perish. [Ed: The congregation says, "Amen!"]. In the battle of the mind, never say: "Why do I suffer so much and am I cut off from so many things? What’s the proof that in spite of that I will go to the Paradise?" Brother or Sister, the proof that you will go to the Paradise, it’s that you have believed in the living prophet of your time, and all you have to do is not to leave the ark!

15 Remember that one day when the serpent will see this Message with you, he will say with craft and contempt as that is in the behavior of any son of the devil: "Oh, I know this Kacou Philippe! …" And from that moment, you must know that you are in the battle of the mind. Do not get distracted! That shall indeed come to pass to prove you. When you decide to go and announce this Message, that’s very good. But at the appointed time, Satan will engage you in the battle of the mind. But you must not to lose the battle of the mind. Every day the devil will send thoughts: "Are you sure it is a true prophet? Is this that? Is that this?" And throughout your life, thus shall it be. But you must never lose the battle of the mind.

16 And it was in this daily battle that John the Baptist sent some messengers to know whether the Lord Jesus Christ were really the Messiah. And the true church will be always confronted to this battle till the Lord Jesus comes. But let’s consider John the Baptist again; how could he question again his Message and He that he had presented as being the Messiah? John himself said in John 1:33, "And I knew Him not; but He who sent me to baptize with water, That one said to me: upon Whom thou shalt see the Spirit descending and abiding on Him, it is the One who will baptize with the Holy Spirit."

17 Only seducers have defended and persisted with zeal in what they were doing without being confronted to the battle of the mind. But towards my mission, I can never have the battle of the mind because all what I went through is in line with what prophets lived before me.

18 In 1993 if I were already in a Catholic, Protestant, evangelical or Branhamist church and had an idea of the Bible, I would say that the vision of 1993 was an influence of the things I was going through. I would say that it was the spirit of divination of the church that I frequented that had done that. And I would lose the battle of the mind; for hundreds of Christians had some greater. If from the Baptist church I had not believed in the Message of William Branham when I was told about it, I would have said that I was a strange fire because the messenger of midnight would absolutely pass by the evening time Message. As Joshua passed by Moses, Elisha passed by Elijah and Paul passed by the Lord Jesus Christ through the Apostles, so I had to encounter the evening time Message.

19 If before the ministry, I had known women, I had drunk and smoked, I wouldn’t have believed that I should have been the messenger of Matthew 25:6. And if I had read or heard outside the Bible that we were at midnight and there would be a prophet messenger, then the sons of the devil could be right to lose the battle of the mind. And I myself would doubt, and I would question all what I am doing. But it is not so because before the vision of 1993, I had never frequented a church or read the Bible. If I had expressly sought a virgin wife because of this ministry, I would lose the battle of the mind.

20 And today, if my objective were the richness of the earth, I would not give up my activities and my already consistent earnings to come to preach. And if my objective were to become rich, I would not tell the brethren who are managers of pub, cinema and similar things not to pay any tithe and offerings while continuing their work until they could find something else to do. Brethren, do not worry, this is the revelation. If you had to stop at once, I would have told you.

21 If the vision of 1993 did not show that people would come on their own and that this vision had been contradicted by Branhamists or Baptists on the basis of the Bible, I would have lost the battle of the mind. And it is in sincerity that I have always received those who fight me before the congregation, hearing them at the same time as you. If they succeed to contradict the Message, I will be the first to repent. But, we have never been contradicted even on only one point of the Message. [Ed: The congregation says, "Amen!"].

22 If the midnight Cry were not announced in the Old Testament and New Testament, I would believe that Matthew 25:6 is a mere parable. But this Message has never been contradicted and we have never had adversaries. This is why we will never lose the battle of the mind. When an enemy will come against us, it is to rise peoples, policies and courts up against us, because they cannot take the Word to fight us. Why? Because we are the Bride-Word! Whether you are Catholic, Protestant, evangelical or Branhamist, you must know that you are worshipers of Satan and that the perfect will of God is with the living prophet of your time.

23 And you children of God, who are still in those Catholic, Protestant, evangelical and Branhamist churches, when the devil will say onto you, "After all that’s been done for you in that church, you want to quit it? You are not grateful!" Then do not say, "Oh Brother Philippe, I see that the Message is true but people were so kind with me in the church where I was, they supported me in difficult times, they did such and such things for me…". Brothers or Sisters, don’t let feelings come over you! It is the devil that speaks to you or inspires you this way. God alone knows all the good things Pharaoh and his house did for Moses. You must absolutely leave those satanic lodges you call Catholic, Protestant, evangelical and Branhamist churches. You must not be hypocrites but you must show up your faith. [Ed: The congregation says, "Amen!"].

24 Know that the battle of the mind will follow us everywhere on the earth. But I tell you that the simple fact that you believe this Message shows that you had a portion with Him before the foundation of the world and you were in the number of the great crowd of the vision of April 24, 1993. You see? It is indeed all those who will believe this Message. That’s Acts 13:48: "And all those who were ordained to eternal Life, believed…". And the children of God are not hypocrites. From the moment when your heart grows away from a thing, never you lead your soul in that thing. While we were scattered here and there, God revealed on April 24, 1993 that we would be gathered around a Message. Thus, if you believe this Message, no matter what the devil sends in the battle of the mind, you know what you have to do.

25 Even if Timothy, the companion of Paul, was not healed from his frequent bellyaches, his soul was telling him that it was Paul that had the words of the eternal Life for his time. What God requires from us is to stand firm until the end without murmuring. That’s what Jews did not understand in the desert. In the battle of the mind, the devil made them believe that God was no longer with them and that they were going to perish in a suffering which was already too much for them. But in all that, we must stand firm because eternity cannot be compared to the number of years we are going to spend on earth. Brothers and Sisters, till the end, we must stand firm in the battle of the mind! It is an endless battle, but in this Message, God has given us the weapons to defeat because we are children of God. Amen!

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