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(Preached on Wednesday evening, October 17, 2007 in Adjamé, Abidjan - Ivory Coast)

1 When a prophet messenger is to minister on earth, God prepares the circumstances and many of those whose names were written in the book of Life of the Lamb before the foundation of the world begin to be born on earth…

2 Well, I would like to talk about something else before starting! When the queen of Sheba came to Solomon, notice that, as for Solomon’s wisdom, the Bible says that she was herself very wise and she even went up to try Solomon with parables and enigmas. 2 Chronicles 9. And as for Solomon’s wealth, the Bible also says that she brought him much spices and a great train of camels bore that. She offered more than three tons of gold to Solomon. No man had ever offered such a large quantity of gold to Solomon. She brought him precious stones in very great abundance. You see?

3 May God bless you! This evening, I want first to read the vision of April 24, 1993. Well, I read first the first vision, "I saw myself standing upon the sand of the sea and then on top of a high pyramid and then again upon the sand of the sea in another place and I saw an old military truck coming out of the depths of the sea and leave behind me. I turned and saw that it contained living people. They were women and one of them was of mixed-race. Then two doves came toward me and then went back over the waters. There was an eclipse and a man having the appearance of a Cloud and holding a sword came down from Heaven with a Lamb and the earth was illuminated again. They stood upon the waters and the Lamb began to speak to me in an unknown tongue. The sound of his voice came into me and I fell dead. My soul went to stand upon the waters while my body was lying on the sand of the sea. When He finished speaking to me, my soul came into me and I became alive again but I no longer saw Them. Then a crowd of people came toward me from the right side and I asked them if they had seen the Angel and the Lamb. They said, "No!" And I said, "How did you not see the Angel and the Lamb and all the things they have done?" They replied, "We have not seen the Angel and the Lamb and we have not heard the Words the Lamb pronounced, but we entirely believe It because what God gave and that the devil took, has now been restituted to you". I looked up towards the sky and I saw a ladder set up between the sky and the earth, above the waters and angels ascended and descended. And the vision ended."

4 Well, five days ago, I sat with a sister. Three hours after she departed from me, I felt that she had received something very important for the Message. I called her on phone and the thing was right. She said, "I had two visions". And the following day’s evening, she came back to explain me the two visions. Yet she had them some years ago before meeting me.

5 She had them on April 28, 2001 around 15 hours. She had several dreams but I selected the two visions for I felt that she had seen these two visions and that these two visions might be in connection with the midnight Cry. And these two visions were such that it appeared necessary to talk especially about them and to devote a whole preaching to them as I am doing this evening. The Bible says that it is through visions that God makes Himself known to his prophets. You see?

6 And I have never asked any brother or sister if he had visions in the past, nor even my own wife. But when I ask that, I am driven by something. You see? It is not by some vision, or conviction, or dream, or by a gift that I do that but I simply feel it. It is caused by a faculty. You are driven to do something as if that was coming from you. Look at butterflies and migratory birds, at a certain season, they move on to other regions to survive and after the season, they come back. It is a faculty that causes them to do that.

7 Well, I come to the two visions. This is the first vision: The sister says, "I was sitting at home and I saw as a table in front of me and a man clothed all in white standing on the sand of the sea. He was a Black man, an African. He was looking on the surface of the waters as if he was awaiting something and I saw him from the back. As he was watching, a fish like a whale rose on the surface of the waters. Then some time later, breathing out, the fish went down slowly in the depths of the waters, letting bubbles of air come out as if it was dead. Then a second fish with the same appearance appeared at another place and disappeared in the same manner as the first one. Then a third, then a fourth, then a fifth, then a sixth and a seventh and everything occurred in the same manner. And when the seventh fish disappeared, there was a flash of lightning above the waters, in front of the man clothed in white. The flash produced powerful sounds like voices with sparks. It was not some lightning or some thunder but it was the flash that produced those noises like powerful cracklings with sparks. And the light and the voices of the flash entered into the man and he gestured a bit. And the light and the sounds of the flash struck all the creation; and the wind blew on waters and the trees. And the waves struck the rocks. And it was as if it was what the man clothed in white was awaiting and the vision ended."

8 And you see this first vision, seven whales with the same appearance appeared in different places. Seven ages of the Church and seven messengers manifesting themselves in different places of the earth. In Asia, with Paul, in Europe, with Martin Luther, John Wesley, Ulrich Zwingli, and so on, then in America, with William Branham and now in Africa with prophet Kacou Philippe. And it will always be so until the end of the time of the nations. Seven fish, and these fish disappear up to the seventh to indicate also that the time of William Branham will pass. And after that, God will raise an African by whom mankind must be saved. [Ed: The congregation says, "Amen!"]

9 Now we are coming to the second vision. After the first vision, the sister said, "But what is this? And a second vision followed at once. The same African, the same man clothed in white that I had seen standing on the sand of the sea was sitting on a white horse on top of a very High mountain. And this mountain was bare like a pyramid. Water had streamed over that pyramid. This mountain stood alone, not in a chain of mountains. I wanted to see that African man’s face but it was not possible because I saw him from the back. He went down slowly and when he moved ahead, the mountain on which he had been stood up in its place but all the mountains and the hills of the earth flattened and became small stones before him and all the trees, big ones and small ones curved in arc until their foliage touched the ground before him and he went to a very old black woman. It was as if that very old black woman had been waiting for the man for a long time. She was weighed down by her old age, the wrinkles on her face were so strong, her movements were very slow. She looked at the horseman come as one looks upon somebody as his sole hope and it was also as if it was because of her that he was coming. And the man clothed in white rode to her. And when he touched the old woman, she became an extremely beautiful young girl. Even her clothes were transformed. And to the miracle that took place, great crowds came again, praising and worshipping God because of that miracle. And the crowd became extremely large. And there were men and women, small and great, white and black, men of all the races on earth shouting aloud, "Glory be to our God! Glory be to our God! We are saved! We are saved!" And the news spread and crowds came from everywhere. And the horseman advanced and the multitude followed him. And the vision ended and I was troubled by it for several days". Amen!

10 This is exactly what is happening on earth and humanity does not see it. At the time of the Lord Jesus Christ, mankind thought that the coming of the Lord Jesus Christ would be so great that the television channels would retransmit it. But God reveals Himself in simplicity and the children of God recognize that. [Ed: The congregation says, "Amen!"]. But the vision says that the great trees of the earth and the great mountains will bow before this divine action on earth.

11 Observe the first vision! The first vision is the greatest vision related directly to the Message after that of April 24, 1993. And that takes place on the bank of the great river Hiddekel in relation with the unknown language of Daniel 12:10. It is exactly another picture of the vision of April 24, 1993 like one of the books of Matthew, Mark, Luke and John in relation with what the Lord Jesus Christ did on earth. And a gift of prophecy, however great, cannot equal that. You see?

12 And when she saw the second vision, she said, "Will such a man walk on earth?" You see? It is him that has been given to understand it right before the foundation of the world who will understand it and will believe it. [Ed: The congregation says, "Amen!"]. And these ones, before they had any body, before they were manifested on earth, they had already believed in God’s mind before the foundation of the world.

13 Now let’s consider the first vision. The seven whales are the seven Churches of nations that will rise in different parts on the earth. The waters are the nations as we can see it in Revelation17:15. The four winds are the forces and demons that will raise the waves, that is, crowds against the saints as we can see it in Revelation 12:14-17. "And the serpent cast water out against the woman…", that’s to say, the Church. You see? And the first whale is the Church of Ephesus and it is this same whale which appears and disappears up to the seventh. The fact that the seventh whale disappears entirely means that the evening Message will pass entirely before the midnight Cry will sound as we can see it in the preaching: The mystery of the four beasts that you have seen. The seventh whale disappears entirely and Branhamists become the fourth beast of Daniel 7 before the midnight Cry sounds on earth. [Ed: The congregation says, "Amen!"]. After Laodicea, the ministry of the horseman of Revelation 19 comes. You see?

14 And after the seventh whale, the flash occurs, not in the Heaven but over the waters. Exactly at the place and the distance where the Angel and the Lamb of April 24, 1993 stood. The sister saw the flash but Prophet Kacou Philippe clearly saw the Angel and the Lamb. She heard as sharp and jerky detonations like voices like Daniel also heard it there, but Prophet Kacou Philippe heard Words distinctly to the point that he said: The language was close to Arabic because I have never heard somebody speak Hebrew. In John 12:28-29, the Bible says that crowd heard thunders but they were Words: "I both have glorified and will glorify it again." [Ed: The congregation says, "Amen!"].

15 And the sister says that when the seventh whale disappeared, the man got ready for something then the flash came. And the sound that came out of the flash released the four winds on the waters and the waters raised to strike the rocks and the place behind the man clothed in white was like the desert that I had seen in the second vision of 1993. There were rocks; and there was one in front of me because the Lord Jesus Christ Himself is the Rock of Ages. And in the book of Revelation, there where it is spoken of flashes, it is also spoken of voice and thunders. The flashes and the Sparks confirm that it is a voice and Job 37:4 says that He does not hold back the flashes when his voice is heard. [Ed: The congregation says, "Amen!"].

16 The second vision is that of the glorious ministry. The sister specifies that the mountain was bare, water had streamed over it. It was rather high and stood alone, not in a chain of mountains. And this high mountain is the same old Church since the Apostles. It stood alone, not in a chain of mountains; not with the other churches that is to say that it has never been and will never be linked to another mountain that is to say church.

17 And when the horseman was moving ahead, the churches which are the mountains and hills of the earth, flattened, even trees bowed to him. And the trees are the great religious men, theologians and kings of the earth. And it shall come to pass that some mayors, MPs, ministers and even presidents and kings of the earth will rise to fulfill this vision and it shall be said that the God of the Heavens has used an African, not to carry the cross of the Lord Jesus but to speak on behalf of God, to all the inhabitants of the earth as He did it in the past by Moses and the prophets so that for some time, no one may be saved on the whole face of the earth but by this African. [Ed: The congregation says, "Amen!"].

18 Yes! The elect shall come from the East and West, the North and South on the eagles’ wings, from Asia, Europe, America, Africa for baptisms, consecrations and others, fraternizing with us because we had joy with Him before the foundation of the world. The continents have separated us, wealth have separated us, races and churches separated us but the prophet gathers us in accordance with 2 Chronicles 20:20 and Hosea 12:14[Ed: The congregation says, "Amen!"].

19 And this old woman is nothing other than the same old Church of the Apostles which appears here at midnight, this time like an African woman. And she could not have a white man as her prophet messenger because the Bible condemns hybridization. And it was the prophet of her time that rejuvenated her as it was for the past generations.

20 And in the two visions, the sister did not see the face of the man clothed in white. He always stood in such a way that she could not see his face. Because, that could not be anyone else but the person of Matthew 25:6 that she will see one day on earth. And If she had seen him, she would believe today because she recognized him and not because of the Message. But it must be because of the Message and that is exactly what is happening. [Ed: The congregation says, "Amen!"].

21 When you see a vision from God, even ten years after this vision, you can remember that as if it was yesterday. And then she would know that it was me. But when she saw me on this side, she could not imagine that it was I, the man dressed in white, whom she had seen in the vision, for that personage was great before God and insignificant before men. Because what is great before men is insignificant before God and what is great before God is insignificant before men. You see? And before I preach, the Almighty God revealed that an African will come with a Message and that through this Message, men of all races of the earth will be saved. [Ed: The congregation says, "Amen!"].

22 And whether you are Asian, European, American or African, you should know that as in Noah's day, no one can be saved except by this African. There was a time when it was Paul, an Asian over there. Then in Europe with Martin Luther, John Wesley, Ulrich Zwingli and many others. And then in the United States with William Branham. And now God raises an African, outside whom there is no Salvation. Like Noah for his time, like the Lord Jesus Christ for his time, as every prophet for his time, today, it is prophet Kacou Philippe. [Ed: The congregation says, "Amen!"]. And you cannot be saved outside what prophet Kacou Philippe preaches. And he that has ears to hear let him hear!

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