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(Preached on Thursday evening, February 05, 2009 in Anyama, near Abidjan – Ivory Coast)

1 … We know that there are two seeds on the earth! A seed of God through Adam then Abel and a seed of the devil through the serpent then Cain, and that's what I want to talk about this evening. But to begin with, I would like to say that if a sister insults or says an offensive word to her child, you must call her out to order on the fact that the Message prohibits that! If she persists, the elders must hear her! It is an act of insubordination!

2 Now bear in mind that when God decides to send a prophet on the earth, it’s because there is no more truth on the earth. A prophet of God descends on the earth when the whole world and all the churches become respectively Sodom and Egypt. And this prophet comes as the Kingdom of God and the only source of Salvation in his generation. [Ed: The congregation says, "Amen"].

3 This evening, I want to talk a little about the manifestation of the two seeds on the earth. A seed of God and a seed of the devil. But first in the Christianity, we see Matthew with the lions of faith moving forward in power to impose Christianity throughout the earth! Then comes the Gospel according to Mark with the period of the lamb when sixty-eight million of Christians were killed! After that it is the book of Luke, the Salvation goes from the man’s mind to the Pentecostal faith! And finally the book of John, the prophetic faith, the age of the eagle! And all that is the manifestation of the true faith through the sons of God, saints from generation to generation, that is, those who have believed and who have been living according to the Gospel of their time! They didn’t believe in the dead but in living people as it is written in Roman 16.15. [Ed: The congregation says, "Amen"].

4 But before I get into the subject, I have to answer a question here… The question is: "Brother Philippe, is it true that in one of your interventions, you said that Billy Paul Branham will be saved?" I had thought that he could be save, him and Joseph Branham. But the faith being progressive, in the end I realised that they cannot be saved because it is the time of the midnight Cry and they must believe in the living prophet of their time to be saved. [Ed: The congregation says, "Amen"]. God is sovereign and can bring Meda to her bridegroom, William Branham. But if you have lived until the time of the manifestation of the prophet that comes after William Branham you must believe in that living prophet to get the eternal Life. [Ed: The congregation says, "Amen"].

5 And talking of Meda, when the chief of my village died, during the building of his grave, because of the great quantity of materials, twin graves were built! One for him and the other for his wife who was still alive! And over time, a new place was designated as the new cemetery and all those who died, including the chief’s children were buried at the new cemetery! And over time, when the chief’s wife died, she was gathered with her husband, in the grave that had been prepared for her in the old cemetery! You see?

6 But, to say that Billy Paul and Joseph Branham will be gathered with William Branham while there is a living prophet today, that is not possible. [Ed: The congregation says, "Amen"]. Apollos was like the son of John the Baptist but in Paul's time, he believed in Paul! And Paul re-baptized him in Acts chapter 19. And if you are the son of a prophet while this prophet is dead and there is another prophet who has come after him, you should believe in this prophet who came after him and receive a new baptism to be saved.

7 Salvation is a mystery. It is neither human logic nor human calculations! And God is a God of order. If Billy Paul and Joseph Branham were to come here, to the midnight Cry, what would the branhamism become and where would that huge nameless beast be? Like Ewald Frank, Billy Paul and Joseph Branham acted to lead all the Branhamism to Satan in order to constitute the forth beast of Daniel. They didn’t interpret or explain anything. They only spread their father’s Message brochures! But they are as bad as Ewald Frank. [Ed: The congregation says, "Amen"].

8 As for Meda judge it by yourselves if it is suitable for Meda, William Branham’s wife to be gathered in my lot, with me, even if she recognized me as a true prophet! This being not possible, she died before I was manifested on the earth. But Billy Paul and Joseph Branham and all the preachers and pastors of the Message of William Branham should believe in me to have eternal Life. [Ed: The congregation says, "Amen"].

9 Well, I want to talk of the manifestation of the two seeds! But as a reminder, I want to say to the people newly converted: … that Isaiah, the prophet had announced and said what the ministry of John the Baptist would be but you had to be of the seed of God to recognize John the Baptist! Just as John the Baptist was a forerunner of a ministry, thus did William Branham’s ministry prepare the way to the midnight Cry. William Branham was sent as a forerunner of my ministry! But you need to have the faith and the spirit and the intelligence of the vision to discern and accept each of these stages!

11 And when William Branham says, "… And in the Sabino Canyon, He said, " This is the third Pull " and there’s three great things that goes with it, and one unfolded today, or yesterday, the other one unfolded today, but there’s one thing that I cannot interpret, because it’s in an unknown language. But I was standing right there and looked straight at it, and this is the third Pull coming up". As that was the case of John the Baptist, it is still the confirmation of a greater ministry coming up after him! John the Baptist said, "The thong of Whose Sandals I am not fit to unloose;"! Further on, John says, "He must increase, but I must decrease"!

12 And William Branham also says further on, still in The Seventh Seal, "… I don’t know what is going to ― what’s going to take place. I do not know. I just know that those seven thunders holds that mystery, that Heavens was quieted. (Everybody understand?) It may be time. It may be the hour now, that this great person we’re expecting to rise on the scene may rise on the scene. Maybe this ministry that I have tried to take people back to the Word has laid a foundation; if it has, I’ll be leaving you for good. There won’t be two of us the same time. See? If it is, he will increase, I’ll decrease… " [Ed: The congregation says, "Amen"]. Now according to you, Branhamists, are these passages about Jesus Christ coming for the rapture or for another ministry on earth?

13 John the Baptist had been sent down over there as a forerunner to prepare the way to a ministry and on this side, William Branham’s Message was also sent to prepare the way to a prophet coming after him. And to make it clearer, William Branham said in 1963, "And see, if it's three minutes, less than three minutes of his coming. See, that'd be thirty years, about, to us, or something on that order" and 1963 plus thirty years, that makes 1993 and on April 24, 1993, He came down for the Interpretation of the unknown tongue of the Sabino Canyon. [Ed: The congregation says, "Amen"].

14 And talking about the midnight Cry, William Branham says in "The Uniting time and sign ", "…Let's get ready for this midnight Cry. It's coming in a hour when you think not. There'll be a Cry, not amongst the unbelieving world; it'll be a secret ". Exactly as in 1 Kings 19, a Gentle, Subtle and secret voice, at the time of the great evangelical jolts! And any seed of God will discern that! [Ed: The congregation says, "Amen"].

15 Read through the midnight Cry from one end to the other and tell me, is the singing of the Angels in Katadji a coincidence? Is it by coincidence that the trajectory of the eclipse of March 29, 2006 goes from Black America, crosses Black Africa, then the Maghreb and disappears in the borders of Asia and the Arab nations? Is it coincidentally that my name "Philippe" means "horseman" according to Revelation 19? Is it by coincidence that I start the ministry at 30 years old? Is it by coincidence that the Angel and the Lamb come down in 1993 according to William Branham’s prediction? Is it by coincidence that it is in 1993 that Nelson Mandela and Frederik De Klerk shook hands before the international community? No! These things will never be coincidences if you are not yourself a coincidence in the creation! [Ed: The congregation says, "Amen"].[Kc.34v32] [Kc.70v23]

16 And still talking about events, by the time when the midnight Cry is sounding on the earth, a Black has reached the supreme authority of the most powerful State in the world, the United States. In relation to that, the act of Frederik De Klerk and Nelson Mandela remains the greatest sign that God ever gave to humanity. All the rest, including the election of Kofi Annan to the UN or of a Black pope, it is not for us! And although many of you put me questions concerning Obama, I did not want to talk about it so as not to scandalize people! Brethren, if the United States is a beast as the Bible says it, then its president cannot be but a demon! And I can never feel any admiration for a demon in a messiah’s clothing! [Ed: The congregation says, "Amen"].

17 Now bear this in mind, I was impressed by something. Not only is this Barack Obama an African because his father is Kenyan but the greenish-yellow dress of his wife during his investiture is meaningful! You see? It is a symbol that only those who have the saints’ faith for this generation can understand because of the preaching on The visions of the river Chebar and Patmos! [Ed: The congregation says, "Amen"].

18 At midnight, an African heading the UN, the most powerful organisation in the world. Not even a North African or a Black American but a Black African! Then after that, another Black African, a Kenyan, heading the most powerful State in the world and at his investiture, we can see his wife standing there, wearing a chrysolite-coloured dress, that means the colour of this book, because of the midnight Cry! The chrysolite is greenish yellow but in the divinity, the chrysolite is golden green because gold is the symbol of divinity. It is the real colour of this book since the first edition. They are the printing machines that cannot faithfully reproduce that! It is in that dress that she stands there, holding Abraham Lincoln’s bible. Why then that? Because an African is riding God’s horse! [Ed: The congregation says, "Amen"].

19 When it is midnight, all the atmosphere turns into midnight in accordance with the saints’ faith by the power of Him that has power over all things! And even if you do not believe in Kacou Philippe, you will elect an African as the head of UN. Even if you do not believe in me Kacou Philippe, slave of Jesus Christ, you will elect an African as the head of the United States of America! [Kc.6v1-3]

20 It all depends on the perfect will of God. Thus, whatever their nation is, the elect will come at the Bridegroom’s call to be purified, made white and refined! And I have just received the mail of a brother from Burkina Faso, he said, "Brother Philippe… I am in a hurry to get baptised. The thing is so real, without any effort I can gradually separate from sin, that’s strange. In the past, I would be imposed fasts and after the fast, I turned worse than before!" [Ed: The congregation says, "Amen"].

21 This brother of Burkina was a Branhamist. And the Message of William Branham could have produced that upon him forty years ago but today, this is no more possible! This virtue is no longer there, it has moved away! You see? If you believe from the call and commission, that is what the Message is supposed to produce upon you! This is why, when somebody argues before he understands, he is far from being a wise virgin; the midnight Cry cannot have much effect upon him! Even if he comes afterwards and says in a hypocritical way, "O midnight Cry, you are wonderful!!!" [Ed: The congregation says, "Amen"].

22 In Africa, women husk rice in the traditional way; in mortars, blowing with pestles. And if you have finished reading the Message like rice paddies and you have avoided or resisted more than forty pestle blows, it is over! It is not when you are in the cooking pot, during the cooking, that you will get decorticated! You will remain one of the mixed multitude forever! [Ed: The congregation says, "Amen"].

23 The Word must have an effect upon you without you making any effort! That is the goal of the midnight Cry! Daniel 12:8-10 says that the midnight Cry would purify, make white and refine the elect! The power of the midnight Cry is neither in the prayer vigils nor in fasts and prayers! A fast, whatever its duration, cannot set a sinner free. I am not telling anybody not to fast since I do fast myself. But when you think that reciting the Bible, fasting a lot or taking the holy communion regularly can free you from a demon or bring you closer to God, I say that’s wrong! Those things are the manifestation of the seeds of the devil. [Ed: The congregation says, "Amen"].

24 It is like somebody who believes the Message and he wants to see the prophet instead of seeking means to get baptised! This is a false faith! It is not a response to Acts 2:37! You see?

25 Fasting is simply a means of humiliation and breaking the flesh down! If you start a forty-day fast, during those forty days, that can change you and you will feel like you have changed and the demons have left you but as soon as you finish that fast, you return to your first state! The power of deliverance for a generation comes from the Word that descends from God’s throne through the living prophet of that generation! If not to eat could deliver someone from a demon then there would be no madmen! I even heard that there are some evangelicals who have been led to madness by the demons of divination whereas they were versed in fasts and prayers! The more they pray and fast, the more the demon of divination masters them up to getting mad! Initially, people think that it is the Holy Spirit because the demon of divination resembles the Holy Spirit like the left hand and the right hand. The demon of divination can lead you to speak with tongues, can lead you to prophesy, can lead you to manifest any of the gifts of 1 Corinthians 12! But it is a demon and you don’t know it! [Ed: The congregation says, "Amen"].

26 The great power of Salvation cannot be in fasts and prayers otherwise Pentecostals and evangelicals would complete the plan of Salvation and would all be raptured! And it would be Luke, the Pentecostal who would write the book of Revelation! And it would be the Revelation according to Luke and that book of Revelation according to Luke would only talk of celestial twinkles and glares! A book of Revelation more glorious in miracles than his Gospel. Luke, in place of John, would fall to his knees before each Angel in each chapter of Revelation except for Revelation 19:10! You see? In Revelation 18:1 when he would see how bright that powerful Angel was, he would bow down! In Revelation 10:1, when that Angel would come down, setting his right foot on the sea and his left upon the earth, Luke would bow down! He would bow down in the Ohio River in 1933! And it is right because it was in the Pentecostal age. [Ed: The congregation says, "Amen"].

27 And I tell you that before the foundation of the world when it was given to Matthew, Mark, Luke and to John to experience (the book of) Revelation, they failed except John in accordance with the prophetic Word which is the supreme and inimitable sign of God’s revelation, the unique capable of manifesting the seeds of God and the seeds of the devil! [Ed: The congregation says, "Amen"]. There have always been two seeds on the earth. When Moses died and Joshua was standing there, the sons of Israel were saying the prophet is Moses, our prophet is Moses, Moses is not dead, Moses has revealed it all, Moses has written all, there is no more room for another prophet! But the seed of God had as Absolute, the living prophet Joshua.

28 And after that, there rose another prophet again, Prophet Elijah. And when Prophet Elijah left the earth, there was the manifestation of the two seeds, the sons of the devil were standing there and saying that our prophet is Elijah. Elijah is not dead, he has been raptured, he is still present. But the seed of God had as Absolute, the living prophet Elisha. And it is the same thing today. The two seeds have always been manifested on the earth. If one can believe a dead prophet to be saved then Christianity is false. This is not possible! This is simply the manifestation of the seed of the devil. As long as the rapture has not yet happened, there will always be a living prophet on the earth to each generation. As long as there will be children of God on the earth, there will always be a living prophet on the earth to lead them. [Ed: The congregation says, "Amen"].

29 In Revelation 22, it is written, "And he said to me, These Words are faithful and true; and the Lord God of the Spirits of the prophets has sent his Angel to shew to his Bondmen the things which must soon come to pass... And when I heard and saw, I fell down to do homage before the feet of the Angel who shewed me these things." And this Angel and these Words of Revelation 22 are the same as in Exodus 23! You see? Through the book of John, the Lord Jesus Christ appears as the maestro of the Word! Not as he who can manipulate the Word like a Greek philosopher but as Him from whom proceed the Revealed truths that Catholic, Protestant, evangelical and Branhamist preachers manipulate! [Ed: The congregation says, "Amen"]. As a disciple and an Apostle of Jesus, John is the one who knows the Lord Jesus as the Word made flesh! He begins his Gospel with… "In the beginning was the Word, and the Word was with God, and the Word was God. … And the Word became flesh, and dwelt among us".

30 John was present at all the important events like that of the transfiguration with Elijah and Moses! The Bible says that John was the disciple Jesus loved and one does not hide his secrets from him that he loves! So, from among the Apostles and the disciples, if somebody knew the Lord Jesus better, it was Apostle John and it was that John who was on the island Patmos! Read the Gospel according to John, he did not pay much attention to Jesus’ miracles! You see? It was the dispensation of the Word. There were four dispensations of the Word!

31 If you were in Mark’s time, you would glorify God before the sword and fire and Roman broadsword because the saints’ faith in that time showed that He was the Lamb of God. You would never say, "Why are we killed while in 2 Kings 1, the God of Elijah sent Fire down from Heaven against Ahaziah’s fifties?" You would not say, "Why do wild boars and wild animals tear us in pieces while the God of Daniel shuts lions’ mouth?" "Why are millions among us being devoured by the stake while in Daniel 3, it appears that the God of Meshach, Shadrach and Abed-Nego has power over fire?" But brethren, instead of that, they did move ahead before flames, swords, animals and broadswords with songs of triumph in accordance with the saints’ faith and Spirit of their time because they were the seeds of God.[Ed: The congregation says, "Amen"]. And history reports that more than sixty-eight million of Christians were killed during that period!

32 And if you were of the time of the Pentecostal Luke, you would see Jesus Christ only through miracles so much so that you would take any evangelical preacher for a servant of God today! You would bow before William Branham, would baptise in his name and you would take Tommy Osborn, Morris Cerullo, Reinhard Bonnké and Benny Hinn for servants of God! You see? It was the saints’ dispensation in that time! And if somebody was performing some miracles, be it by God or the devil, provided that he performed extraordinary miracles, whether he had a call and commission or not, he was called a servant of God!

33 And in the vision of April 24, 1993, I do not know why I had seen that Branhamist prostitute under the form of a mixed race woman! But do observe and you will see a double colouration within Branhamism: a Pentecostal seed and a Word-seed! In the faith, in the tendencies, in the behaviours and others, Branhamists have a double colouration! Out of twenty Branhamists that I met at the beginning of the midnight Cry, eighteen related with precision each miracle by William Branham and were saying, "What unknown tongue?" They knew nothing about the unknown tongue! And yet they were relating each miracle by William Branham. Physically, that mixed race nature is the impact of the Pentecostal imprints! And while I am speaking to you, this Word-seed is here in the midnight Cry. She was there, walking up-and-down, waiting for something before the midnight Cry! She did not know what but she was waiting for something! She did not know from where and how that would come up, she did not know but she was waiting for It! [Ed: The congregation says, "Amen"].

34 And if you are a seed of God in this generation, you will fulfill Revelation 19:10 and you will behave differently! And our brother from Burkina knows that purifying a man from a demon of divination and sex is more than making a paralytic walk. Because someone can be blind or paralytic and go to Heaven and a healthy man can go to hell! Even somebody resurrected can die and go to hell but a soul that is set free by the promises of his time will never die! You see?

35 People are possessed by demons, having two or three dreams per night. They are in the fifth dimension; they are potentially in hell while they fast and pray constantly and can however recite to you each quote by William Branham! They are clean, well dressed but they are demons! They can quote each portion of the Bible with their punctuations to you and wake up every morning with nocturnal pollutions, defiled by their seed of copulation! And despite that, they are looking for sensations instead of looking for the living prophet of their time for Salvation. The seed of the devil seeks sensations whereas the seed of God seeks the Word because she was created by the Word. She is the Word-seed and the Word of her time is echoed in her heart, the deep calleth the deep. [Ed: The congregation says, "Amen"].

36 May God bless you today and forever, may God bless you! We can stand up for the prayer… Similar chapters: Kc.10 and Kc.93.

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