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(Preached on Sunday May 24, 2009, in Adjamé, Abidjan-Ivory Coast)

1 May God bless you! The brother led the songs well but coming and stand here in a small collarless tee-shirt as he did is not respectful. And dressing better elsewhere than at Church is a sin that you must confess.

2 Well, as usual, I have several questions here… The first is, Brother Philippe, under the Nazi regime, are the German babies also guilty of the Jews’ blood? Yes, they are as guilty as Hitler. That is why the fire fell upon the babies of Sodom and Gomorrah. You see? The alleged innocent people and the babies of Capernaum descended all in the depths of the sea. Before God, some sucking babies were as guilty as Hitler, Stalin and Benito Mussolini! Of all the sucking babies at the time of the Nazism, some were innocent while others were guilty!

3 I do not even talk about Ewald Frank who had already reached manhood! And when Ewald Frank, on the one hand a German and on the other hand a man of the nations, under the grace, asks that those who committed the crimes of the Shoah or the anti-Semitism be judged and punished, I have enough motives to say that he is a son of the devil and that is in accordance with Revelation 6:9-10. [Ed: The congregation says, "Amen!"]. 4 Pope John-Paul II, a Polish and some bishops have several times asked for forgiveness for all the crimes and atrocious acts of the Roman Catholic church, in particular for the Inquisition, anti-Semitism, the Shoah and slave trade! You see? Ewald Frank was already a young man and what is strange is that he does not say anything about his life at the time of the Shoah! If he had no Jewish blood upon him, while the Jews under the altar with the law ask for revenge, he would cry out, "O God, have mercy on me and on Germany, my nation, for all the blood of the Jews!" Amen!

5 Now another question, Brother Philippe, we have cast a brother away for a sex sin and three months after that, he came back without the girl. What do we have to do? Now here is the answer: In case he comes back with the girl and she declares before the congregation not to be pregnant, you can pray for the brother. But in the case where he does not come back with her or that they both come back being defiled again, he is a brother or they remain a brother and a sister but, you cannot pray for this sin!

6 Well now another question, Brother Philippe, what do we have to make of our jewels? Concerning gold and jewels, you can do what you want with them! You are free to resell them, keep them as a property of yours or give it to somebody! You are free to have many valuable possessions in your houses or in a bank but every time a brother or a sister sleeps on an empty stomach, that is imputed to you as a sin even if you do not know it. And you the pastors, you must confess that.

7 Now another question, It is said that in December 2005, your disciples burnt Louis Segond bibles in front of the large Branhamist temple of Abidjan. Isn't this a bad testimony? Before answering, I would like to say that we do not expect a good testimony from the devil! [Ed: The congregation says, "Amen!"]. That is what Alexis Barilier talked about in a letter to Ewald Frank! And that was published and interpreted in various ways in the whole world! Well, I learnt that when the brethren had already done it if not I don’t see any evil in it! A good tree cannot produce bad fruits and my fruits are these brethren. And if that even proved to be bad, then I would like to say that before the Lord Jesus could notice it, Peter had already cut off Malchus’ ear but that neither makes Peter a son of the devil nor Jesus a false prophet. [Ed: The congregation says, “Amen!”]. And it was this Peter who was entrusted with Christ’s Flock! The testimony of men is not the one of God!

8 Well, somebody also asked me why I did not talk much about fasts and prayers. I do not talk about that because fasting and prayer as well as reading the Bible and others are in the daily life of any Christian born anew! Before they came to the midnight Cry, they already fasted since their Catholic, Protestant, evangelical, Branhamist and even Muslim origins! If you believe that telling someone to read the Bible, fast and pray is a particular ministry that God needs to give to somebody, that’s your business!...

9 Another question, Brother Philippe, it is said in the "Questions and answers" that one could have television at home, the man and his wife being the only people authorized to turn it on and off. Yet, in "You shall overcome the graven images of gold covering" it is said that they should be thrown out! What should we do? And now here is the answer: After the brethren in Cameroun, within this week, Brother Mbuyi, the pastor of Gabon also put me the question to know what to do between what is said in the "Questions and answers" and what is said in "You shall overcome the graven images of gold covering". Well, they are both not bad but one is the perfect will of God while the other is the granted will of God! What should be done is not to oblige anybody to do one or the other!

10 Also, notice that "You shall overcome the graven images of gold covering" comes after the "Questions and answers" and it should be also understood that the revelation is progressive. Television imposes on you what you must see which is not the case with the computer. But when each house, each person, each pupil will have a computer, the computer will manifest the seed of him that has it. If he is a serpent, you will see impure songs, impure images and the like in it. You see?

11 But I specify to you that in anything, there is the perfect will of God and the granted will of God. It is like the brochures from Jeffersonville and those from Switzerland! When William Branham entrusted this responsibility to Ewald Frank, it was not the perfect will of God! When the lightning gets to the West according to Matthew 24:27, God cannot entrust such an important work to Europe! It is from Jeffersonville that the brochures should be forwarded to us. It is from Jerusalem that Christianity should come to us, not from Rome! [Ed: The congregation says, "Amen!"]. The Church comes from Jerusalem while the Christian religion comes from Rome. And today, the influence of the Methodist church comes from the USA instead of England! You see? And the Message of the evening time went to Switzerland then to Krefeld and now to Zürich instead of Jeffersonville! Trying to take the Church five hundred years back if that was possible. All that is false and could not stand long on top of the pyramid. [Ed: The congregation says, "Amen!"].

12 Now this is not a question… Somebody said, "Burn also William Branham’s brochures since there are verses from King James inside them"! You see? It is a serpent’s hissing! Take a look in 2 Kings 18, King Ezekias burnt the serpent of brass that Moses had made but he did not burn Moses’ scrolls! [Ed: The congregation says, "Amen!"].

13 Now another question … we have a lot of questions this morning, Brother Philippe, is it possible that the two wings of the great eagle of Revelation 12:14 also mean Elijah and Moses? And here is the answer: A Scripture can have several Interpretations but here, it is not question of, Elijah and Moses! If it was the case, that would be revealed to us since Genesis 18 when they came down with God! And also in Matthew 17 when Elijah and Moses stood there on the mountain with the Lord Jesus! The two wings of the great eagle, it is the whole Bible of God; that is, the law and the prophets up to you and me. [Ed: The congregation says, "Amen!"].

14 And on the other hand, like the Right Hand of God, the two wings of Revelation 12:14 are the Spirit of the prophets. Look at Revelation 12 verse 1, it is said that this woman who is the living Church was clothed with the moon and the sun. What is it? She comes down seated on the two wings of the great eagle, the Clouds of the Heavens! The Church cannot come down on earth but by the law and the prophets and the Church cannot be raptured but by the law and the prophets! Abraham said in Luke 16, "They have Moses and the prophets."! Not Moses and Elijah but Moses and the prophets! Every Message of God to a prophet since the foundation of the world represents the two wings of the great eagle! It is on the two wings of the great eagle that Israel left Egypt and Exodus 19:4 states that! Every Message, every preaching, every key Word as Hosea 12:14, 2 Chronicles 20:20 and John 6:28-29 are the two wings of the great eagle! You see? We all know that the moon is the law for the judgment and the condemnation of the nations while the sun is the grace for the Salvation of the saints! In Revelation 12:1, it is true that the moon is the law, that is Moses but Elijah cannot type the grace. You see? Elijah called Fire down on Sodom and Gomorrah. Elijah slaughtered four hundred prophets of the nations in 1 Kings 18! Elijah called Fire down on tens of soldiers in 2 Kings 1 and the Bible says in Revelation 11 that he will do this again! Elijah cannot be the grace. [Ed: The congregation says, "Amen!"].

15 Well, I want to come to the pyramid top in the vision of April 24, 1993…! All the prophets of God like mountain tops which are the pyramid top … Well, I am going to read Daniel 12:4 then Daniel 12:8-10 and come to the vision of April 24, 1993. Well, let’s read Daniel 12:4-7: "And thou, Daniel, close the Words, and seal the book, till the time of the end. Many shall run to and fro, and knowledge shall be increased." Let’s read now Daniel 12:8-10, "And I heard, but I understood not. And I said, My Lord, what shall be the end of these things. And he said, Go thy way, Daniel; for these Words are closed and sealed till the time of the end; many shall be purified, and be made white, and be refined; but the wicked shall do wickedly: and none of the wicked shall understand; but the wise shall understand."

16 And you saw how I showed from Genesis the importance of the unknown tongue and how God had hidden and sealed that since before the foundation of the world! Even before an Angel got created, God had already sealed that! You see? In verse 4, God could say to Daniel, close the Words you have heard and understood and seal the revelation of the seven seals that you have seen and do not write it! At the end of times, I will send William Branham to reveal them and knowledge shall increase! But in verse 8, it is said, "And I heard, but I understood not." But why Daniel did not understand? Because that was in an unknown tongue! [Ed: The congregation says, "Amen!"]. And I, Daniel, I heard, but I understood not! And I said, "My Lord, what shall be the end of these things. And He said, Go thy way, Daniel; for these words are closed and sealed till the time of the end". God said to him, these things are closed and sealed by Myself, the God Almighty till the time of the end when I will send a prophet like you to reveal them! Not to increase Pentecostals’ knowledge but to purify, make white and refine the Church [Ed: The congregation says, "Amen!"]

17 And on that April 24, 1993, I was there, standing and waiting … As in July 2007, during the military decoration ceremony, I had observed the soldiers standing there in the same position for hours and hours since the morning! When we got there, they were already there standing in the same position! Then there were several things among which a heavy rain mixed up with wind. Then the army Chief of Staff came! And several high-ranked officials came! Then the South African president came! And several high-ranked officials came again! Then the president of Burkina Faso came! And several high-ranked officials came again! After that, the president of Ivory Coast came with all the mantle of his robe, that is to say his suite! And the different corps of the army passed and there were several and several things and it was getting dark and the decoration had not yet taken place! You see?

18 Another way of presenting the vision of April 24, 1993 would give that! Like the Gospel according to Matthew, Mark, Luke and John; the great visions of God can be seen under other forms. Now, notice this: Those distinguished people came there because it was a solemn ceremony.

19 And I was standing there on the sand of the sea then on the pyramid! Pyramids are the principal monuments of antiquity! The pyramid belongs to the Seven Wonders of the World and the pyramid is the symbol of the Ascension, the Covenant and eternity. It was in search for eternity that pharaohs had pyramids built in antiquity! Look at the pyramid, the more you go up, the more the colours change up to the indigo and purple colours! But the Capstone alone contains the seven colours of the rainbow! Amen!

20 The pyramid top is the most holy place of Aaron’s priesthood! The seven steps of the pyramid are the seven ages of the Church! And each step of the pyramid symbolizes the stages of Aaron’s priesthood! We have the courts, the mercy-seat, the copper altar, the altar of sacrifices with the Inquisition that is to say the age of the calf, and so on towards the tent of meeting and the Ark up to the most holy place are in the pyramid! Amen!

21 And after that, I was standing again on the sand of the sea waiting for them to come. There were first the waters, that is to say the people, the tongues, the multitudes, the tribes and the nations of the earth! And I was there! Then two doves appeared, they were Moses and Elijah. Moses coming here in the form of a dove because it was a solemn ceremony! God Himself did not come as Jehovah of Hosts but as a Lamb, and Elijah and Moses came as doves! Moses and Elijah were there as the law and the prophets and all the saints represented!

22 And I said that Moses was the representation of the law and all the sleeping saints while Elijah typed all the living saints who will not pass through death. Another appearance of the vision could show all those ones instead of representing them by Elijah and Moses.

23 Then, the Angel of Jehovah and the Lamb appeared with the Clouds of the Heavens! Gabriel, Michael, Seraphim, Archangels and the Holy Angels, all the Kingdom of the Heavens, the twenty four elders and the four living creatures were there! They were all there for this work of the Church of the nations! And a brother asked me whether Israel would take part in the marriage of the Lamb. I said, Of course! Israel is already there as the parents of the Bridegroom when the Bride enters into the marriage room! Exactly as here before the mayor! Abraham, Moses, David and all the saints will be there! All the elect, from all the times were never far from the acts of Salvation like that of April 24, 1993! [Ed: The congregation says, "Amen!"].

24 And on that April 24, 1993, all worship ceased in the Heaven! It was the thing! The twenty-four elders and the four living creatures ceased their worship! The trumpets ceased! And they all came down with the Angel and the Lamb and stood on the waters! They formed a constellation which is the Capstone of the pyramid top. That’s the dimension of the rapture where, only the perfection and the perfect will of God, can enter! While I was standing there on the sand of the sea in another dimension, I was standing there where the nations will stand at the Millennium. I stood there where Peter, James and John in Matthew 17 had stood and then, I was brought near them in accordance with Daniel 7.

25 And after he was given the unknown tongue, the elect came and hugged him, blessing the Lord! Brothers Martin, Kadjo Akobé… came and hugged him "O our precious Brother"! Brothers and sisters came and hugged him "O you, our precious Brother"! People from all the nations of the earth came and hugged him, "Our precious Brother"! They came from everywhere praising God! And the unknown tongue was given to the man to whom God had destined that before the foundation of the world! It could not be but him. [Ed: The congregation says, "Amen!"].

26 You see that we are living in software era and this unknown tongue as a software was to be put in the soul of the suitable person! It will not work anywhere but there! The activation key was designed with the continent, the nation, the language, the person and the name of the person in the God’s mind before the foundation of the world! It cannot work anywhere but there! And if before 1993, other Catholic, Protestant, evangelical or Branhamist software had been installed there, although it is him, that would not work correctly! All kinds of errors would be detected! You see?

27 Moses had spent days and days with Joshua, waiting there on the mountain in the sixth dimension but as soon as Moses entered into the Seventh dimension, the people automatically entered into the fifth dimension as well and asked for a golden calf to Aaron! That could not be other way! [Ed: The congregation says, "Amen!"]. When you see such and such Christian tendency, when you hear hundreds of Yahweh, Yashwa, Yahoa, Yehua and others amongst Branhamists, these are the works of the fifth dimension! It is an enemy who has done that! [Ed: The congregation says, "Amen!"].

28 Now, you need to understand, as I said, that the vision could come under several aspects! The vision according to Matthew, the vision according to Mark, the vision according to Luke and John! And I would like to say this, "Standing on the sand of the sea then on top of a High pyramid then again on the sand of the sea in another place … "! And what is it? The pyramid top and on the second sand of the sea they are the same place! Observe the pyramid of the seven Church ages which the Angel had drawn! Seven steps then a space then a Capstone!

29 Notice that the first sand of the sea, it is the Branhamist Pentecostalism, Branhamists are Pentecostals who had received a prophet having the Word. Take a look at the different tendencies, the Colemanists in particular and you will see that that never left them! They are Pentecostals! And you Branhamists, have you understood the parable of the eggs of an eagle under the hen? William Branham spoke of you as being some eagle’s eggs placed under some hens. You were born under some hens. But today, you hear an eagle cry. Either you take your flight to conquer your eagle’s identity with an eagle, or you remain some chicken eagles forever. Like the Muslims, the Branhamists were born after the death of William Branham. Every child born a year after the death of his father is an illegitimate child. [Ed: The congregation says, “Amen”.]

30 Now let’s read the famous Seventh Seal, ref. 298, 299 and 300: "a voice come: "You can’t teach Pentecostal babies supernatural things." Said: "Now, let them alone!" And just then He picked me up. And He took me up and set me way up high to where a meeting was going on and looked like a tent or a cathedral of some sort. And I looked, and there was a little box-like, little place over in the side. And I seen that light was talking to somebody above me. That light that you see there on the picture. It whirled away from me, like that, and went over to that tent, and said" I’ll meet you there." And said to me, "This will be the third Pull, and you won’t tell it to nobody." And in the Sabino Canyon, He said " This is the third Pull" and there’s three great things that goes with it, and one unfolded today, or yesterday, the other one unfolded today, but there’s one thing that I cannot interpret, because it’s in an unknown language". God Himself said to William Branham in 1963, at the end of his ministry, about his faithful, "You can’t teach Pentecostal babies supernatural things".

31 In 1963, when William Branham’s ministry was reaching its end, God saw that the Branhamists were still Pentecostal babies! It was because of the third Pull and the unknown tongue that God had said that! You see? Branhamism is the true shuck that wraps up the seed! And they are still Pentecostals, for, growing up, a baby crow can never become an eagle! [Ed: The congregation says, "Amen!"].

32 And I said that I was standing first on the first sand of the sea and I saw some children bathing in that Water in front of me. And they did not pay attention to me! They were Pentecostals that William Branham had brought to the pyramid top! But when he left them, the Word-seed came here to the midnight Cry, remaining there, on the pyramid top while the wild posterity turned over to its maternal Pentecostalism! [Ed: The congregation says, "Amen!"].

33 The pyramid top should be seen as two sands of the sea! I was standing on the pyramid top and I could see the children bathing and I was standing again on top of the pyramid and I saw the old military truck coming with all the women out of the water including the Pentecostal Branhamists who were bathing therein!

34 Now, after the pyramid top, where I was standing, comes the Capstone and the Capstone is the Seventh dimension! And on the other side, it was in this seventh dimension that the constellation of all the celestial beings stood above the waters, this was the Capstone that had come down there on the pyramid top, above the waters, while I was standing there on sand of the sea, on the pyramid top. And this corruptible body could not get into the Capstone, as the body of William Branham could not get into the constellation of the seven Angels when he was receiving the seven seals. As also the body of Moses could at no time get into the seventh dimension when he was receiving the tables of the law. Who I am then, I, Prophet Kacou Philippe? Have all these great messengers who came before me built the pyramid, age after age, for me to come and stand on it? Who is this one who has received a so great grace? Truly, this one is the celestial door of the pyramid of ages whose bases are the waters. But it is humbly by the underground door the mankind will meet me and will meet Salvation.

35 You, proud Branhamists and you, men of the white race, and you, the great men of the earth, here is the ministry under the tent and you need to stoop down to enter into the tent. Be humble, stoop down to enter into the tent. Here is the ministry under the tent and you need to stoop down before this African. Stoop down before this African. Amen! May God bless you! Similar chapters: Kc.118.

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