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Updated: May 28

(Preached on Sunday August 23, 2009 in Anyama, near Abidjan – Ivory Coast)

1 May God bless you, may God support the pastors of Brazzaville. I have here two Branhamist images on foot washing!One laid his hands on the other and refused in his turn that the other lays his hands on him. This is the shadow of the midnight Cry on them and I condemned it in the preaching: "The transfer of spirits". [Ed: The congregation says, "Amen"].

2 I have here two or three questions… The first question is, Brother Philippe, if a brother comes near his wife, which dispositions should they take as they have not washed yet? First, they need to know that they are impure and the first thing to do thus, it is to wash before praying or seeking to greet anyone. However, they can answer greetings or the phone. It is the same if you have a nocturnal pollution. And all this according to Leviticus 15:16-18.

3 The second question is: Brother Philippe, are there signs by which we will know that God has moved away to be with another people? Yes, brethren, when you see for example homosexuals and lesbians marry and parade here, seek God somewhere else! You see? It will happen that you will envy Muslim nations and I said that it will be the last people of the nations that God will visit! But for the time being, it is the midnight Cry and apart from the midnight Cry, we do not believe that there is a Christian or a servant of God somewhere on the whole face of the earth. [Ed: The congregation says, "Amen"].

4 And the third question, Brother Mbuyi woke me up the other day, he said, "Brother Philippe, glory be to God for my daughter because she has got pregnant after your prayer". And then he asked me whether the Urim Thummim was the MessageHe had talked to me about the case of his daughter and had asked whether all this, especially the resurrection of Brother Lissassis’ mother, was not the signs of the third pull. I think that the manifestation of the third pull will not be for only one person but it will be general! And also concerning the Urim Thummim, it is right but remember that I have said several times that I spoke to the Ministers first! That is what Moses expressed in Leviticus 8! Each prophet messenger fulfillsLeviticus8! He gives the Message and the Spirit of the Message to the priests through consecration! In some ways, each Message is the Urim Thummim for a time!

5 Well, we also have Brother Obame Arsène in Libreville, Gabon, who had a mysterious dream on March 23, 2007.

6 And here is the dream: The brother says, "I was standing along port Mole, and there, I was caught up in spirit and I saw the entire African continent. I could hear great noises and thunders and lightning then a powerful voice saying to me, "Look carefully, you, son of man and write down all the things I am going to show you". I looked over the earth (that is to say, over the whole of Africa) and I saw a great colony of ants coming from the west towards the centre. They were walking very slowly and singing with men voices, songs in a language that I had never heard.

7 Then I heard again the same powerful voice that had spoken before and it said from the Heaven, "Go, blow on the earth a new high wind which will last 42 minutes" and four angels went down from heaven and went each to position in the four corners of Africa. And I was allowed to see exactly the four countries where they were standing: one angel in Egypt, one angel in South Africa, one angel in Kenya and a fourth angel in Ivory Coast! They blew and four winds blew on earth and when the four winds had blown, the colony of ants became four rows of four colonies: a white colony, a green colony, a red colony and a black colony.

8 After the 42 minutes the large white sky got closed again. I came back on earth and there, I could see that the four colonies were now two colonies of ants. The first and greatest was made up of the white, green and red colonies. And the second, approximately one third of the first, was the one that was black. I looked and behold, by night, the first colony did many immoral things but by day, it worshipped the Lord. It no more moved from its place, it danced, sang on the spot and magnified God. The second one, on the contrary, was still walking towards the centre and when it got to the centre, it formed a large circle around the new land and I saw the four angels come down again and stand in the circle. one had a sword, another had a book, another had a candlestick and the fourth had a censer! And immediately, the sky opened again and the powerful voice that I had heard said again to me, "I am going to give you the explanation of the things that you have seen… The West: it is Ivory Coast. It is from there that the Message of the awakening will come first and the new land, it is the nation which will lead the awakening for 1260 minutes". And the dream ended".Amen!

9 Now what does this dream reveal?This dream takes place on the water's edge with a song in an unknown tongue, like the vision of 1993. And it is so subtle that the voice says, "I am going to give you the explanation of the things that you have seen… The West: it is Ivory Coast". And it does not interpret anything more, showing that the Message that will come from Ivory Coast will show what comes afterwards... What is it? It is the ruse of Satan because this is a dream from Satan todeceive the inhabitants of the earth. [Ed: The congregation says, "Amen"].

10 Well, I am going to talk this morning about the subject: A new Gospel. Paul said to those of his in 1 Corinthians 4:14-15, "Not as chiding do I write these things to you, but as my beloved children I admonish you. For if ye should have ten thousand instructors in Christ, yet not many fathers; for in Christ Jesus I have begotten you through the glad tidings."

11 Paul is talking here about the Gospel that God gave him! Every prophet messenger comes with a new Gospel. A prophet does not come to remind what another prophet said before him but he comes with a new Gospel as we can see it in Revelation 14:6-10 and also in Revelation 2 with the different letters to the seven assemblies of Asia. A prophet does not come to brandish the Bible or carry another prophet’s scrolls! Thus, seminaries and bible studies do not bring anything to the faith!

12 After Moses,Joshua came with a new Gospel because he is a prophet! Samuel came with a new Gospel! Each prophet comes with a new Gospel! The midnight Cry is the Gospel of Jesus Christ for our time that means the time of Prophet Kacou Philippe. The book of Jeremiah is the Gospel of Jesus Christ for the time of Jeremiah! The book of Zephaniah is the Gospel of Jesus Christ according to Zephaniah! [Ed: The congregation says, "Amen"].

13 Andas I look through the Bible, I could notice that there were several other books, each generation had its prophet and its book.For example, we have: The book of Jasher: Joshua 10:13, the book of the acts of Solomon who is a prophet: 1 Kings 11:41, the book of the prophet Nathan: 1 Chronicles 29:29 and 2 Chronicles 9:29, the book of Enoch: Jude verse 14, the book of the prophet Gad: 1 Chronicles 29:29, the book of the prophet Ahijah: 2 Chronicles 9:29, in the same verse, the book of the prophet Jehdo. The book of the prophet Shemaiah: 2 Chronicles 12:15 and in this verse again: the book of the prophet Iddo. We have the book of the prophet Jehu: 2 Chronicles 20:34, the book of the prophet Hozai 2 Chronicles 33:19… You see? They are not in the Bible but they are prophets and Gospels for the Salvation of their generation. [Ed: The congregation says, "Amen"].

14 You say, "Alright! But prophet, as for me, I have accepted Jesus Christ as my personal saviour!"That is good, but Jesus Christ, the God of the Old and New Testament, the God of Abraham, Moses and the prophets of the Bible is here and the Words I say, it is Him that says them through me and these are the Words that shall judge you in the last day. You see? It is Jesus Christ, the God of Abraham, Moses and of the Holy prophets who has sent me according to Matthew 23:34-35 and I am his slave! You cannot reject me and claim to believe in Him! [Ed: The congregation says, "Amen"].

15 You say, "I am a servant of God, God said it to me audibly …" That is very good but what is the Gospel, what is your glad tidings that the whole world including Catholics, Protestants, evangelicals, Branhamists and I, do not know in this 21st century? Put the Bible aside and tell me! [Ed: The congregation says, "Amen"].When in 1 Corinthians 4:15, Paul talks about the Gospel by which he begot those of his, he does not mean that of Matthew, Mark, Luke or John but his own epistles. You see?

16 I, Prophet Kacou Philippe who speak to you, I am the disciple of none of the prophets of the Bible. If I say something and that it is in conformity with what Paul said, then so much the better. But humanity must acknowledge that the Bible is a memorial, it is ancient history and, I neither drive my car by the rear-view mirror nor do I lead my people by the Bible. You see? The Bible is the rear-view mirror of the Church and the living prophet is the windshield. It’s the living prophet who permits the whole crew to move ahead. [Ed: The congregation says, "Amen"].

17 When I was at school, I was not allowed to go beyond the words contained in the dictionary and that is right, because I am not an academician. But once at church, this spirit that wants me to believe that I have no right to say anything which is not written in the Bible is the spirit of the antichrist! It is a demon. [Ed: The congregation says, "Amen"].

18 The word "Bible" comes from Bibliothèque! The Bible is not only one book but several books! The Bible is the compilation of sixty-six books! And God never inspired anybody to gather the prophets’ books in only one book! It is a child of the devil who had this idea! And at the judgment, God will never congratulate the one that did such a thing! God warned Israel against fields with different seeds and against loincloths with different materials! All the books of the prophets in only one book called Bible, it is good but it was a grandson of Cain who did that. It was not a divine initiative but that of the emperors with the Roman Catholic church’s. You see?

19 Bombs were invented to dynamite rocks, granites to build bridges and roads… Those inventors did not know that it would kill thousands of people in Hiroshima and Nagasaki.

20 A preaching which starts with, "The Bible says, the Bible says…" and which is nothing else than,"The Bible says… ", it is a history class. It is ancient history. It is not Christianity. Believing that you can be saved by basing your faith on a prophet who is already dead, or the Bible or the Quran, it's Satanism. And having somebody believe that if he accepts Jesus Christ of Nazareth and believes the Bible and grounds his faith on the Bible he will get saved, that is a scam![Ed: The congregation says, "Amen"]. And the laws of our countries should punish that! The International Criminal Court should extradite those pastors! They are as bad as the one who robs the content of a blind man’s plate! You see? Making somebody believe that he will be saved if he lives a good life by listening to history classesand morals, it is a crime.

21 God never called the Church to teach history and morals, but to be the echo of what the living prophet of its time has said. In Noah's time, one had to call the whole humanity to come up in Noah's Ark. One needed to be the echo of Noah! That was the Gospel in the time of Noah. And so it was from generation to generation. It will always be that way until the Lord Jesus Christ comes. [Ed: The congregation says, "Amen"].

22 History classes, it belongs to the State to teach history and morals to its citizens through its teachers and we have schools for that. Jesus of Nazareth, Mahomet and religions and what they did, that must be taught at school. The Church, it is for Salvation from God through a living prophet! [Ed: The congregation says, "Amen"].

23 The whole world is in the scam of Satan. In the scam of false Words of God, in the scam of false churches, false holy-spirits, false hope of Salvation. They are all drunk and possessed and they are pleased with the old falsehoods. They are so far that we do not know what to tell them…

24 The Catholic church is in a book! Protestant churches are in a book like the Catholic church! Evangelical churches are in a book like the Catholic church! Branhamist churches are in a book like the Catholic church! They are metamorphoses of Catholicism, but Christianity is not in a book! The true Church is not in a book! And look at the Bible: it was first the idea of a Hebraic canon named "Old Testament" but it was at the synod of Yebnah, near Jaffa in the first century that the canon of the Old Testament got completed. There was not therefore a single book called "Holy Book" of Christianity.Then, the canon of the New Testament, gathered by Eusebius, is approved at the Council of Carthage to reach to the cuttings in verses with figures in margins in 1551, by Robert Estienne and that was approved by the Catholic clergy of France! You see?

25 Canon, synod, council, clergy… those are Catholic words! All the modern churches including the Protestant, evangelical and Branhamist churches are derivative of Catholicism! Revelation 17:5 says that all these churches proceed from Catholicism, they are its daughters. All that does not swear but by the Bible is a derivative of Catholicism! [Ed: The congregation says, "Amen"]. Take your Bible and show me where a prophet took his generation back to the Bible or back to what another prophet said before him! That does not exist elsewhere! And if that were true and that we could base our faith on what a prophet said generations and generations ago, there would be no book of Isaiah, Jeremiah, Amos, Daniel… You see? If God did not tell you anything, keep quiet!

26 And when a pastor rises and says that: Joel 2:28 says this… then let’s pray for this or such or such a person did this in the Bible then let’s pray to have his spirit or pray to have the double portion of the Spirit like Elisha, then know that it is the devil. When he tells youlet’s pray to receive the glory of the second temple, let’s pray for the latter rain, let’s pray for this or that, let’s pray to be like such or such a person, let’s pray to have such an awakening! Let’s make an Esther fasting, Jehoshaphat fasting, Daniel fasting… let’s do this or that, it’s because he doesn't know what to tell you. God doesn’t lead him! At the end, it’s is hell.[Ed: The congregation says, "Amen"].And you, pastors and prophets who do that, fear God. If you are real servants of God, you will lead the whole earth toward Noah, the living prophet of your time. Leave those things. What you need for your Salvation, as well as the Salvation for those who follow you is the Gospel of Jesus Christ for your generation [Ed: The congregation says, "Amen"].

27 No matter how much you successfully solved all the old tests of the A level, you will get the A level only when you pass successfully the tests of the A level examination intended for your promotion! If you go to the Examinations and Competitive examination Office or to the Inspection and you say, "I am here to get my A level certificate!"They will have you sit and they will put the registers and annals of all the A level graduates down and then they will ask you, "Sir, which year did you get the A level, with which reference number?" When you start showing how you mastered each course of the upper sixth form and how you successfully solved all the old tests of the A-level examination… you will not finish and they will take you by force to the closest psychiatric centre! No matter how well dressed you are and how much you will shout to protest your good sense, people will not get distracted by that! And that is the condition of all those who ground their hope on the Bible to be saved! You see?

28 How can someone at the time of Moses refuse to go out of Egypt and ground his faith on Noah and be saved? How can someone, at the time of Prophet Kacou Philippe today, refuse to go out of Egypt, that is, out of Catholic, Protestant, evangelical and Branhamist churches and ground his faith on prophets who are already dead, buried and rotted and hope the eternal Life? You say, Branham is not dead! Yes, sir that is how your forefathers the sons of the devil were saying there in the desert! They were saying: "Moses is not dead! Where is the tomb of Moses? God hid him, Moses is present!" And after that, when Elijah was caught up, the same sons of the devil were still considering him as their prophet whereas God was now with Elisha [Ed: The congregation says, "Amen"]. They refuse to believe a living like them.

29 You say, as for me, I follow Jesus Christ! But the proof that you follow Jesus Christ is that you follow the prophet that Jesus Christ has sent today. He said in Matthew 23:34-35 that He would send prophets on the earth. And I am one of them, me who speak to you. You do not receive my words because you are not from Him, Jesus Christ, the God of the Spirits of the prophets. [Ed: The congregation says, "Amen"].And this is the condition today of all those who ground their faith on the Bible to be saved. You see? It is true that it is Jesus Christ who saves but if you haven’t identified Him through the prophet that He has sent according to Matthew 23:34-35, then this is your condition. You cannot be saved in this 21st century, today, but by the living prophet of your time, Prophet Kacou Philippe. You did not know Noah, Moses, Isaiah, Jeremiah, the Lord Jesus Christ and his apostle but you know Prophet Kacou Philippe. And he that can understand, let him understand!

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