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(Preached on Thursday evening, October 29, 2009, then in 2010, in Anyama, near Abidjan- Ivory Coast )

1 … This morning, I am going to talk about the subject, the anticipated vision to show that every prophet messenger is gathered to his people. Through an ecstasy, William Branham saw that. I am going to tell you about the ecstasy! But before that, I will talk about a fact…

2 President Houphouët had asked one Akan king what that king wanted that he, President Houphouët, should do for his region. That region was lacking everything: paved roads, the installation of electricity in villages, the construction of health centres… the president had told him to ask for all he wanted for his region and that would be done. But that illiterate king said, "For my region, give us two vehicles: one vehicle to take me to my field and another vehicle for my personal trips!" And President Houphouët gave him the two vehicles and the day the president gave him the two vehicles, there was a great feast in honour of the king in his region. The region offered him sheep, gold and many other presents. And the following year, plantations produced so much that there was everything in abundance. Death and difficulties were so rare that a woman in labour could go into her bedroom and give birth to a child all by herself before calling her neighbour. You see? I do not see anything blameable in that king and that is the way our kings have always acted. There are several facts of the same kind and something in me likes that. [Ed: The congregation says, "Amen!"].

3 After that, with the aim of developing the region, the intellectuals of the region consulted and decided that kings should henceforth be former representatives of the region. These rebels imposed that and that is what is happening now. And this rebellion forced the sacred Akan kingdom to give the place to something else.

4 I do not like rebellion and I will never support rebellion even in its tenth generation. [Ed: The congregation says, "Amen!"]. You must love God and his Word and not act this way like Jews who crossed the Red Sea with rebellion, leeks and cucumbers in their luggage! And in the Church, shame on you also who preserve abominations, going to the baptism with religious books, evangelical cassettes and others in your homes. That is rebellion! You see? Rebellion is from the devil and God does not use rebellion to achieve his perfect will! [Ed: The congregation says, "Amen!"].

5 And at home, if a woman is driven by a good spirit, she will see herself as the servant, the maid of her husband, no matter how small he is, and then her husband will raise her to the rank of a bride. She will make so that the difficulties and the shame of her husband should never appear. Insubordination is an act of unfaithfulness! [Ed: The congregation says, "Amen!"].

6 Now, let me make an aside: If your pregnant wife asks you whether the child that she bears will bear your name and that the child comes into the world, having not only one feature of you and that the father of this woman gives a name to his grandson, this child can neither stand on your right nor sit at your feet! As for approaching the pulpit, my wish is that none of my children should approach the pulpit as far as preaching is concerned. It is not bad to say to somebody, "In all your life, do not ever approach the pulpit" because, it is obvious that each pastor and preacher will also answer before God. And William Branham avoided many things for his son Billy Paul by telling him not to approach the pulpit. You see?

7 An unsubmissive woman, no matter how beautiful she is, no matter how well ironed and scented her dress is, you shall abhor her. [Ed: The congregation says, "Amen!"]. Now why am I saying these things? The son of a prostitute cannot be my heir. Moses and Willy cannot be my heirs because they are sons of prostitution. I love Anna and Grace and Rachel because they are children who came to the world through pure ways. But before Willy was born, despite the dowry and everything, I was not the only man in the life of his mother. And this is why I did not give him the name of Kacou Philippe Daniel.

8 Let’s come back now to our text "The anticipated vision", in the Church nobody is above the other; however, each brother must have some respect for those who received the responsibilities of leaders. It is inadmissible that a brother should raise the tone on the smallest of them! Among the pastors and the faithful, it must be meekness. The faithful must love the pastor. The pastors must love the faithful and nobody must be scared of him if he is really a good pastor. [Ed: The congregation says, "Amen!"].Until death carried my poor father away in 1998, I loved and served him and I never offended or disobeyed him, not even in my mind! And if somebody was rebellious to his parents who brought him into the world and he is laden with curses, he must respect us!

9 This is why my heart will never get into the council of those who have no consideration for their pastor! And you cannot respect me and love Him that has sent me before having respected and loved those that I have established! If the midnight Cry is really what the blood of Christ purchased on the cross for us, keep my Words. [Ed: The congregation says, "Amen!"].

10 Rebellion is not a quality and I did not teach you rebellion! If you think that a pastor, preacher, elder or a leader has acted badly, take the Message and put it before him so that he may see his error! But if he does not obey this Word or he reasons then do not fear him, he must be a demon in a shepherd’s skin. There are thousands of us on the whole face of the earth, we must walk in the same line and this line is the Message of our time. [Ed: The congregation says, "Amen!"]. Satan sends his children to sit even among the children of God while the prophet messenger is on the earth. Everything that a pastor or an apostle does, that must have its foundation in the Message. And if he is unable to clearly show you that, know that you are in front of the devil. And for the love of God and for the love of your brethren, you are under the obligation to stand against this demon.

11 This is why, when a prophet messenger leaves the earth, seven years are enough to get to a new stage of Salvation! Seven years after the prophet messenger, another season is on the horizon. And we are saved in the hope of what God is going to do again on the earth. And the elect who did not know the prophet messenger who has died will be the First-fruits of the next prophet messenger coming up, while the disciples who walked along with the preceding prophet messenger and who are sealed with him for Salvation continue to be gathered with him until one day, the next prophet messenger comes on the scene! From that moment, the door is closed on the other side, and even the own son of the preceding prophet messenger must believe the living prophet on the earth to be saved. [Ed: The congregation says, "Amen!"].

12 Well, I come to the ecstasy! William Branham says, "He also let me see my people not long ago in white robes. I woke up one morning, and I raised up, and I said, “Sweetheart,” to my wife. She didn’t move. The kids about... I had to get up and take them to school. And all at once something happened, and I felt myself leaving. And I thought, “I’ve already died, and I’m gone on.” See? And I got to a place; I thought, “I believe I’ll look back.” It was just as real, friends, as I’m standing right here. See? And I turned around to look back, and there I was laying on the bed. I was stretched out, laying by the side of my wife. I thought, “Well, it’s probably a heart attack.” See? I thought, “Well, see, I just died instantly,” I looked, and I thought, “Well, now that’s strange, there I lay right there, and here I stand here.”

13 So I turned, and it looked like a great spreading field of bluegrass. And I said, “Well, I wonder what this is.” And all of a sudden, as I looked, here come thousands times thousands of young women, all in white robes, hair hanging down to their waist, bare-footed, and they were running right towards me. And I never seen such pretty women and they all come right up to me. And when they run to me. They hugged me, each one, and said, “Our precious Brother.” And one would hug me, and then the other one would hug me. I was standing there looking.

14 And I thought, “Well now, what’s this?” See? I thought, “What’s happened?” I’ve always lived clean; God knows that. When I was a little boy, the Angel of the Lord told me to not defile my body, smoke, or drink, and that’s been truth. By the grace of God, I’ve kept that. When I was a sinner, I didn’t run around with women... But not there, because you don’t have any more different cells. You’ll never sin there. There was a change. There was only brotherly love there for these women. And these were perfect. But no matter how much they would hug me up into their arms (And they were women; you understand.), but there could never be no sin. The male glands and the female glands both was gone. Thank the Lord.

15 They were my Sisters completely. I looked and I looked at my hands. I seen they was all so young, and I looked; I was young, too. And I looked coming, and I seen Hope coming. I thought, “Now, when she gets here, she’ll say, “Bill.” And when she got to me, I thought, “I’m just going to see what she says.” And she looked up at me, and she said, “Oh, our precious Brother.” She hugged me, and she just went on. Some other woman come, hugged me next. And I heard a noise, and looked over this way, and here come a bunch of men, young fellows, all the age of about twenty. They had dark hair and blond hair, and they all had white robes on and bare-footed, and they run to me and begin to hug me and hollering, “Precious Brother.”

16 And just then a voice went to talking to me; I never did see the voice. It said, “You have been gathered, you have been gathered to your people.” Then some man picked me up, set me way upon a big high thing like this. I said, “Why did you do that?” Said, “In earth you was a leader.” And I said, “Well, I don’t understand this,” and that voice talking to me. (I never could see the voice. Now, It was just above me, talking to me.) I said, “Well, if I have passed on, I want to see Jesus. He was all my life; I want to see Him.” And so, he said, “You can’t see Him now. He’s still higher.” See, not the Seventh where God is, the sixth. And they were all there and they was passing by. Looked like there were actually millions of them. And then a voice said, “You’ve been gathered to your people like Jacob was gathered to his people.” I said, “All these my people? Are all these Branhams?” He said, “No, they’re your Converts to Christ.” And I looked around, and there was a real pretty woman run up. She looked real. They was all about the same. She threw her arm around me, and she said, “Oh, my precious Brother.” She looked at me. I thought, “My, she looked like an Angel.” And she passed by.

17 And that voice said, “Didn’t you recognize her?” I said, “No, I didn’t recognize” Said, “You led her to Christ when she was past ninety.” Said, “You know why she thinks so much of you?” I said, “That pretty girl was past ninety?” Said, “She can never change no more now.” Said, “That’s the reason she’s saying, “Precious Brother.” The voice spoke to me, "You know, it is written in the Bible, that the prophets were gathered with their people?" I said, "Yes, I remember that in the Scriptures." Then the multitude cried together, "If you hadn't gone forth with the Gospel, we wouldn't be here."

18 These people are real. They wasn’t going anywhere. They wasn’t tired being there. And I said, “Well, why can’t I see Jesus?” He said, “Well now, He will come someday, and He will come to you first, and then you’ll be judged.” Said, “These people are your Converts, that you’ve led to Christ.” And I said, “You mean by being a leader, that He will judge me? ”He said, “Yes.” And I said, “Does every leader have to be judged like that?” Said, “Yes.” I said, “What about Paul?” He said, “He will have to be judged with his.” I said, “if his group goes in, so will mine, ’cause I’ve preached exactly the same Word.” And the millions screamed out, all at once, said, “We’re resting on that.” And just then I heard a voice and It cried out, said, “When you were alive on the earth, all that you ever loved, and all that ever loved you, God has given to you.” I said, “Praise the Lord.” [Ed: The congregation says, "Amen!"].

19 William Branham spoke about this Revelation in the preaching: Jezebel Religionwhich he preached in 1961. He spoke about it in the preaching on The Seven Church Ages,he spoke about it in The revelation of the seven sealsin 1963, he spoke about it in the preaching on The ten virgins, he spoke about it in: The rejected King, he spoke about it in: Beyond the Curtain of time, he spoke about it in Recognizing your day and its Message, he spoke about it in The sixfold purpose Gabriel’s visit to Daniel, he spoke about it in Revelation chapter fourand several other preachings. Why? Because it’s a revelation of prime importance. Each prophet in a generation is gathered to his people. At the judgment, the elect of each generation will find themselves with only one prophet that God had sent on the earth in their time.

20 In the time of Noah, all the elect will be around only one man, Noah. In the time of Jeremiah, all the elect will be gathered around only one man, Jeremiah. In the time of the Lord Jesus Christ, 2000 years ago, all the elect will be gathered around the twelve Apostles. And they are the twelve Apostles who will judge the earth like also today, all the elect will be gathered around only one man, Prophet Kacou Philippe. And then I, Prophet Kacou Philippe and my apostles, will judge the inhabitants of the earth in our time. Those who lived on the earth when I was alive and preaching on the earth. [Ed: The congregation says, "Amen!"]. Each prophet will be gathered to his lot. And it was said to Daniel, Thou Daniel, and thou shalt rest and raise and shall join thy lot. Noah with his lot, Moses with his lot, each prophet with his lot. The Lord Jesus Christ and the twelve Apostles and all those who believed in Him when He was preaching on the earth.

21 And after the Lord Jesus Christ and the Apostles, Paul and his group, Martin Luther and his group, Colomban and his group, William Branham and his group, John Wesley and his group, those who believed in them when they were alive preaching on the earth. And today, only one group will rise at the judgment, and it will be Prophet Kacou Philippe and his group. [Ed: The congregation says, "Amen!"]. And at the judgment, the whole earth, when it will hear the name of Prophet Kacou Philippe, will know that it is that name that was on the earth and was invoked on the earth when they were alive on the earth. Noah will not judge the generation of Jeremiah. Isaiah will not judge the generation of Amos. John the Baptist will not judge today’s generation. The Apostles and the Lord Jesus Christ will not judge today’s generation. But there is one who will judge this generation, and it is Prophet Kacou Philippe that the Lord Jesus Christ sent according to Matthew 23:34-35 on April 24, 1993. The whole Bible says it’s so. [Ed: The congregation says, "Amen!"]

22 Each prophet died and was gathered to his people! The patriarchs since Abraham were gathered to their people because they are prophets! Each prophet in his lot. Noah and his lot! Elijah and his lot! John the Baptist and his lot! And after John the Baptist, the Lord Jesus Christ and the twelve Apostles and their lot there. And after the Lord Jesus Christ, Paul came with his lot. And Timothy, Titus, Silvanus are not in the lot of the Lord Jesus Christ and the Apostles, but in the lot of Paul. And after Paul, several prophets were raised for the nations because He is the same yesterday, today and forever. Yesterday with the prophets of the Old Testament and according to Matthew 23:34-35 He promised prophets after Him. And each prophet will come with his lot and at the judgment, each prophet will rise with his lot and will condemn his generation. [Ed: The congregation says, "Amen!"].

23 And when the Almighty God who had sent me had allowed me to see what I am preaching this evening, it was in an ecstasy on April 24, 1993. Ecstasies are the highest form of revelation. You are conscious and you see natural things, being in the revelation. I had been caught up in the Heavens and I knew that I was in the Heaven, very far above the earth. And there was as another earth very far above clouds. I could see various groups, each one in a kingdom which spread over kilometres. Each kingdom had a gate and was separated from the other kingdoms. And I saw them until I see another kingdom which I know to be that of the Methodists. I was not allowed to get closer but I could see from a distance a woman who was a fervent Methodist on earth and I recognized that it was the gate of the Methodist kingdom!

24 And at the end of the ecstasy, I saw another very white place which I could not have access to either because there was a large chasm all around it! It was a city with a multitude of constellated houses, forming an immense and spreading white mountain. It was covered and surrounded by a faint white Cloud through which one could catch sight of a house which spread over kilometres. I did not see any bluegrass; it was all covered by the Cloud! There were people inside all the other kingdoms that I had seen but there, there was nobody and no bird could fly above! It was the place that had caught my attention and that I observed the most. And when I came out of the ecstasy, I had in mind that it was the Paradise but I did not know really what it was!

25 But less than a month ago, I understood that the Almighty God was showing me there the lot He reserved for me and for my people. [Ed: The congregation says, "Amen!"]. The Clouds are the Holy Angels who guard this city. And since July 8, 2002 when the midnight Cry sounded on earth, the gates of this Kingdom were opened in the Heavens! And each preaching that is sounding on the earth, they are the names of the saints that are pronounced. And when a chosen one listens to this Message and says, "Halleluiah I believe!" In the Heaven God hears, "Halleluiah, it’s my name that is being pronounced." But if you are a son of the devil, you will listen to the whole Message and that will mean nothing to you because your name is not written in this book, the book of Life of your generation since before the foundation of the world. And he that can understand, understand!

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