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(Preached on Thursday evening, February 25, 2010, in Anyama, near Abidjan–Ivory Coast)

1 I give this title not that I want to preach on Haiti, but to indicate how the judgment will come upon this nation in my time, as it was for Capernaum in the time of the Lord Jesus Christ. A time will come when the inhabitants of this nation definitely leave it because of the great curses that will come upon it because of my day. Well, now, I would like to talk about the gifts of the Spirit. In the midnight Cry, we believe in the gifts of the Spirit and if a sister or a brother speaks with tongue or prophesies in the congregation, as on last Sunday, be reverent during the operation of the gift, and then leave it to the care of the pastor and other ministries who will judge the revelation as the elders do for the public confessions and fleshly things.

2 Well, during the public confession, this is the way things go on: the prayer leader says: "We now get to the public confession! If a brother or a sister has not been in line with the Word, this is the opportunity for him to confess… ". And those who have to do it will all stand up and confess, one after another. And after they have finished, the floor is given to the congregation so that him that wants, if possible, to say something concerning a confession, may do it.

3 A brother can raise his hand and say: "Concerning the confession of such brother, I want to know this or let him make an effort or let him sit down! I think that we should not pray for him because for such and such reasons! Or, I propose that he should receive a sanction of such number of days or weeks or months, and that he remains out of the assembly during that time." But the prayer leader and the pastor can cancel a decision and grant grace.

4 After the interventions, all those that the congregation will have accepted to pray for will kneel down and all the sitting congregation will raise only one prayer for them! And then we will get to the testimonies in conformity with the steps of the worship service! All that will be done in meekness and love so that even him to whom the congregation will ask to spend some time at home will remain at the service till its end! But an apostle can grant grace and cancel the sanction given by an assembly. [Ed: The congregation says “Amen!”].

5 Well, now, I have the pleasure to announce to you that I am the father of another girl! For the name, it is the same way. The first one, Kacou Grace Marie-Philippe, the second: Kacou Anna Marie-Philippe and this one: Kacou Rachel Marie-Philippe. And when the other comes, it will be Kacou Philippe Daniel. [Ed: The congregation says: "Amen!"] And when Anna came out of her mother’s womb, from time to time her right hand shook badly and in her birth record paper it was said: “Abnormal movements of the right hand” and we were asked to take her to a big hospital centre. I said to her mother: take her home! And on the next day, her hand did not shake any more. [Ed: The congregation says “Amen!”].

6 Also, in addition to their great contribution in the flooring installing, pastor Anatole and the assembly of Gagni-Carrefour have just given what is necessary to make the house habitable from the first half of March. Their thought is right! And wherever this Message will be preached, the example of this assembly of Gagni-Carrefour will be cited. They said: "We do not have anything but, let all the little we have today be to God for us and for our children forever for fear that tomorrow we should regret not having donated".What a good thought! And that will never be forgotten! [Ed:The congregation say: "Amen!"].

7 Well, that makes two brothers who have asked me about the relationship between the Zodiac and the Word of God… It is simply the great memorial! You see? According to the order of the four living creatures, in the Heaven and for the global plan of Salvation, it is the lion, the calf, the living creature with man’s face and the eagle! But when they appear inside the Church of Pergamos, Thyatira or Sardis, as we see it on the plan of Salvation that I drew. It is the lion, the eagle, the calf and the living creature with man’s face! It’s thus that the Zodiac is the great memorial of the Word in the Sky! You see?

8 It is God who is the author and the creator of constellations, planets and galaxies and star constellations which represent the Zodiac, the first Bible written from God’s hands! The four satellites turning around Jupiter are the four ministries of the Word turning around the prophet messenger. The whole sky is a Bible. [Ed:The congregation says “Amen!”]. Just as the esotericism, magic and enchantment of the Catholic, Protestant, evangelical and Branhamist churches explore and draw their inspiration from this written Bible which is in our hands, so did the tribes of the earth, the magi, astrologers, magicians and prophets of before the appearance of writing interpret and explore the star constellations!

9 These celestial constellations were the complete Word of God before the tower of Babel, by the time when the human kind had only one language! Everything we do on earth since Adam and the things coming up, all that is written in the star constellations! Seasons, climates, events… everything is written there! And before a scroll of the Bible could say: "And *thou* Bethlehem, art in no wise the least …"the star constellations had already spoken in the sky saying: "we have seen his star in the east, and have come to do Him homage"!You see? And this celestial Bible is intact while the pyramid of Giza and the written Bible by which you swear are all worn out!

10 Thus, the first Bible is the constellation of the heavenly stars, then the second Bible is the pyramid of Giza which is one of the Seven Wonders of the World and thirdly, this written Bible which is in our hands! And these Bibles are three, according to the three dispensations of the Word. [Ed: The congregation says “Amen!”].

11 The first of the Seven Wonders of the world since antiquity, is this pyramid of Cheops built 4650 years ago in Giza or Memphis in Egypt at the time of Enoch. And among the seven, it is the oldest and the only one which still exists today! Then after the pyramid of Giza comes "the hanging gardens" of Babylon 2600 years ago, then the statue of Zeus 2437 years ago, then the temple of Artemis which is goddess Diana of the Ephesians 2340 years ago, then the mausoleum of Halicarnassus, the Colossus of Rhodes and the lighthouse of Alexandria. And of all these wonders, only the pyramid of Giza exists today. All the rest, God erased them through earthquakes and others.

12 And today, the zodiac is for the pagan humanity what the Bible is for the religious humanity! You should not condemn astrologers, Rosicrucians, freemasons, Guru Maharajas and others without condemning the modern lodges which are the Catholic, Protestant, evangelical and Branhamist churches including Islam and Judaism! The pope, church prophets and presidents are the great masters of their respective lodges! They are demons to seduce the inhabitants of the earth but God will always send a prophet messenger for his children! Wherever you are, you will hear his voice. And you will receive that voice if you have been created by the Word. [Ed: The congregation says “Amen!”]. And as long as, there are children of God on earth, that voice will be heard on earth. From generation to generation, there will always be a prophet messenger on earth till the Lord Jesus Christ comes. And I said that after me, prophets and prophets will arise till a prophet messenger like me comes from Islam.

13 As for knowing what this prophet who comes from Islam will preach, be patient, God will interpret his Word the way He wants! When God said that a virgin would conceive, one day a virgin conceived on earth! And while you have believed in this Message, it is the greatest treasure a man can receive on earth. [Ed:The congregation says: "Amen!"].Everything will perish, but this will never perish, neither in this century nor in the century to come. Whatever sicknesses, the sufferings of the life, rejoice, for you have recognised the living prophet of your time. [Ed: The congregation says “Amen!”].

14 AndBrother Cyr Essomba told me about the miraculous healing of a sister there, in Cameroun! More than a month ago, she was healed from cancer! She was told first in a dream to refer to the last paragraph of the preaching on the Holy Communion. She reformulated this prayer as if the prophet were specially praying for her and the burnings disappeared right away, the cancer disappeared, her breast regained its normal form till today! Brother Cyr had preached on the theme: The value of a call and a commission. And all the glory be to our Saviour, the Lord Jesus Christ who called and sent me on April 24, 1993! [Ed: The congregation says “Amen!”].

15 Also, Brother Crepin Kambale in Congo told me about his tithes since he believed! Your tithes belong to your assemblies which will withdraw for me the tithe of the tithes, that is, the tithe of what you will have given. And I asked him to put that aside, to rent a place for the prayer and support the work with that. [Ed: The congregation says “Amen!”].

16Now, I want to come to Haiti… Brothers, I am a stumbling-block and I have to be a stumbling-block but blessed is whosoever shall not be offended in me.[Ed:The congregation says, "Amen!"].

17Well, now, listen to this: I am going to read Matthew 11:23 "And *thou*, Capernaum, who hast been raised up to Heaven, shalt be brought down even to hades…" The Lord Jesus Christ blamed Capernaum, the cape or the city of angels. Fifty years ago, William Branham prophesied on Los Angeles, the city of angels! And here, at the time of Matthew 25:6, the eclipse leaves Brazil and crosses Haiti as we can see it here on the trajectory in accordance with the path of the 16thcentury’s slave boats. And its capital is Port-au-Prince! The port of the princes of God with its beaches of Hollywood!

18 And when I expressed some dissatisfaction toward Haiti in the preaching on the anticipated vision, Pastor Robenson persisted on his way! And not long ago, when pastor Akobé was trying to bring him back to his senses, he replied with offensive words and when the brother told him that he was going to tell me about his words, he said, go and tell him about it! And you know what happened to that Capernaum on last Tuesday, January 12. An angel came down from Heaven and a curtain of dust rose above Port-au-Prince.

19 In less than one minute, more than 300.000 dead and Port-au-Prince in ruin! Even the presidential Palace subsided like in a dream! Death had so struck that for several days, there were no council of ministers, no parliamentary meeting, no army, no gendarmerie, no police! The prison broken and prisoners free! Haitians homeless and during that time, they kept on singing and praying to I don’t know which god, while there is no God but God and Kacou Philippe is, in the present tense, his prophet on earth! [Ed:The congregation says, "Amen!"].

20 For all the international organisations, with the UN in the first rank, the declarations are the same: it is consternation! When the culture of sin is made, it must be thus. And every child of God will give glory to God for his judgment upon the sinner Haiti. Yet, as long as Haiti is cultivating sin, the hand of Almighty God will become heavier upon this nation. [Ed: The congregation says “Amen!”].

21 Now I want to read Hosea 12:14! "And by a prophet Jehovah brought Israel out of Egypt, and by a prophet was Israel preserved." Our faith rests on that, this is why we will never be shaken by the devil no matter the veracity of what he will say!

22 Today they are talking about another name in place of the Lord Jesus Christ! Now listen to this: If there is one thing that God cannot do then He is not God! He is the God of all the nations of the earth! I can pronounce his name as I pronounce the name of my father, this is why He is God! The god of the Muslims can only understand Arabic, it is therefore obvious that he should have an Arabic name and that he should be prayed in Arabic! But the Lord Jesus Christ is the God of all the nations of the earth! He is 100 % Ivorian! He is 100% French, He is 100% American, He is 100% Hebrew… He is not in Israel! He has no father, no mother, no genealogy, no mother tongue! He said to the Samaritan woman, the hour is coming and it has already come when you shall no more need to turn towards the East to pray. The hour is coming and it has already come when you shall no more need to pray God in some tongues like the Catholics and the Muslims. The hour is coming and it has already come when you shall no more need to pronounce my name in a certain language called Hebrew!

23 John 1:1 says that the Word was in the beginning, before all things, and everything was made by It and for It this is why, in spite of the confusion of languages, there is not only one language that does not bear testimony to the Word of God and to the Lord Jesus Christ. For example, my mother tongue is not Hebrew but one word designates male sex and snake to confirm the doctrine of the original sin! Why? For the language of God in a generation is the one of his living prophet. [Ed: The congregation says “Amen!”].

24 When William Branham preached that David, faced with Goliath, had taken faith, the five letters of FAITH, F-A-I-T-H, five letters, could he say that in French? And you, not long ago you preached that David had taken the five letters of JESUS, J-E-S-U-S. Now what are you going to do with your Yeshoua which has seven letters? You see? If time has come for the Lord Jesus Christ to have a Hebraic name, it is by a prophet messenger that God will reveal it according to Amos 3:7! It is impossible for that to be otherwise!

25 If somebody believes in Hosea 12:14, 2 Chronicles 20:20 and Amos 3:7, he will not be distracted by what an apostle, a church prophet, an evangelist or teacher will say. [Ed: The congregation says “Amen!”]. Be the greatest reverend, bishop or the pope of Rome, but all that you say will not distract a child of God because the Word of God comes to the prophet only. [Ed: The congregation says “Amen!”].

26 Before me, God had sent a prophet named William Branham on earth and this prophet preached, healed and raised some dead people in the Name of the Lord Jesus-Christ and after him no prophet rose until I came! If there is therefore another revelation, it cannot be but coming from the devil even if that revelation is true or logical!

27 When Satan said to Adam and Eve that if they ate of the tree of the knowledge of good and evil, their eyes would open, that was true and things turned so but they were driven from the face of God, for Eve had hearkened to another voice which was not that of Adam, her prophet, and today, it is the same. A son of God listens only what God says through the living prophet of his time. All that will come out of an evangelical book is a hissing of serpent. All that will come out of pastoral school is a hissing of serpent. All that will come out of a Catholic, Protestant, evangelical or Branhamist church is a hissing of serpent. The Word of God does not come but by a prophet and the children of God listen only what a prophet says according to Hosea 12:14 and 2 Chronicles 20:20. [Ed: The congregation says “Amen!”].

28 William Branham relentlessly cried out: "Say what the tapes say! Say what the tapes say!" Say what the tapes say until God sends another prophet like me on earth. Because William Branham saw my day and he rejoiced and he cried out: "Recognise your day and its Message! ". He was discreetly announcing a Message coming up. In the brochure the rapturereference 58, preached in December 1965, right before his death, he said: "“No leaven, shall be the entire seven day. And even what is eat today, don’t try to keep it for tomorrow. Burn it with fire, before daylight come, for there’s a new Message coming forth, and a new thing."

29 And today, we give glory to God for the Salvation He has given us through the midnight Cry. You see? The Cry of 1 Thessalonians 4:16 in an unknown tongue, the Cry of the Lamb of God in an unknown tongue in Matthew 27:46, and the Cry of the Lamb of April 24, 1993 in an unknown tongue, are the same Cry! The sleeping virgins are resurrected for the Message of eternal Life! It is a Cry of resurrection! We who were dead and buried in those Catholic, Protestant, evangelical and Branhamist churches, including Islam and Judaism, in the past, when the Lamb shouted at the Calvary, we came back to life. [Ed: The congregation says “Amen!”]. But Branhamists said: "he calls for Elias."

30 And God has given us all that is necessary for our purification. And the Bible says that for her purification, Esther took only what the chamberlain Hegai gave her. And in this hour of Daniel 12:10, lipsticks and nail polishes are to move around but it is not for us. The true Church walks under the only light that God gives to his chamberlains for her. And the chamberlains in the court of kings cannot produce any seed. And a chamberlain that is to say an apostle, a church prophet, an evangelist or teacher will take only what the prophet messenger of his time has said and he will give it to the Church. And when this prophet messenger leaves the earth, that chamberlain will not take the place of his master, but he will say: “Oh God, send us a prophet! We wanta prophet because prophets are the mouth of God.” [Ed: The congregation says “Amen!”].

31 My source of revelation is neither the Internet, nor rumours of new doctrines. I have never read in an evangelical book. I have even never read the comments of Scofield, Thompson or other because they are not prophets. When a minister of Ephesians 4:11 that is to say, an apostle, a church prophet, an evangelist or teacher, try to bring a new revelation, know that they are make-ups, lipsticks and nail polishes before God. Esther did not need it and today, the Church does not need it. [Ed: The congregation says “Amen!”].

32 It is like a Branhamist pastor, who was preaching that each time twins are born, one of the two is of the devil. Another one was showing that the tithe should not be paid. Do they have the right to say these things? It is like king Uzziah in 2 Chronicles 26:15-21, as a king, he did not have the right to burn incense. He did it and leprosy appeared on him right away! A ministry of Ephesians 4:11 cannot but repeat what the living prophet messenger of his time has said! William Branham said: "Say what the tapes say!" You see?

33 Today it is the Name of Jesus Christ, tomorrow it will be another thing, and so on, until they get to a bible in Hebrew in their churches! They want new things to them but not what God reveals through his prophet.

34 The good things, I heard many of them but I do not give nail polishes and lipsticks to my faithful. The difference between them and me, it’s that I am neither a bandit nor an adventurer in the harvest. I have an authentic call and a commission like Moses and the prophets of the Bible. You see?

35 We believe in continuity after the prophet but a continuity with God through a living prophet-messenger on earth. [Ed: The congregation says “Amen!”]. In the Old Testament, God never revealed his Word through a priest, in the New Testament God never revealed his Word through a minister of Ephesians 4:11, no matter how much this apostle, church prophet, evangelist or teacher is filled with the Holy Spirit, God will never reveal his Word because He is the same yesterday, today and to the ages and because He is God of the Spirits of the prophets! [Ed: The congregation says “Amen!”].

36 And I let you know that a version of the Bible, in which all that is Jesus Christ will be substituted by Yeshoua Hamashia, [that Bible] is being edited and other versions will follow in the same line. But when they finish translating and editing them, we will bring them before the Urim Thummim to see whether the twelve stones of the breastplate will twinkle. And if the twelve stones of the breastplate do not twinkle, we will take them all to the altar of Acts 19:19. [Ed:The congregation says: "Amen!"]. And he that can understand, let him understand!

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