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Updated: May 28

(Preached on Sunday morning, June 27, 2010, in Adjamé, Abidjan–Ivory Coast)

1 We are going to start by singing: O what a joy there is... Oh! Who is the prophet God has sent to set me free? Oh! It's Matthew 25:6 God has sent to set me free! What is the Message? What is that mystery, sealed in the Bible in an unknown tongue? Oh! It's the infallibility sealed in the Bible, made for the prophets. Amen! Hallelujah! Amen! May God bless you! Brethren, I see in the preachings, songs and worships that the creation is put in the Creator's stead! Remember the recommendation of the angel in Revelation 19:10. Stay in the line! [Ed: the congregation says, "Amen! "].

2 By the grace of God, we have just got over an important step in the Message. And before the devil could realize it, the plane of our Brothers Francois Mbuyi and Obame Arsene landed on the soil of Gabon. The devil did not have time to report to this or that embassy that our brothers were planning an attack in the flight Abidjan-Libreville. Everything went very well. [Ed: the congregation says, "Amen! "]. It was wonderful; we would have liked them to be forever with us. But they had to return, many over there need them. And I recommended them as to all the pastors and preachers of the Message, love, meekness and patience with the souls and not to go faster than the Message.

3 However, everything I have said, although it's hard, it's the entire Word of God. I know that the Message is hard but stand firm. Be patient, there are some souls that can change or understand after one or two years. Be the good shepherd. The Jesus of the evangelical churches carries on his shoulder the nicest and fattest lamb, without any flaw, without any infirmity because their Jesus is the devil but the good shepherd carries the weakest lamb that needs everything. [Ed: the congregation says, "Amen! "]

4 For the pastors and preachers who arrive in Ivory Coast, they need to know what awaits them... First, when arriving, there is the baptism, then the consecration and in third phase the questions and answers with the pastors, preachers and elders and finally, the fourth and last phase, the symbolic call to the pulpit by the prophet. This is the winners' way.

5 The human body is a dwelling place; the Bible says we are a temple for the Holy Spirit. And it is more than that because hundreds of demons can be dwelling in only one human body. And there are all kinds of houses, from tents up to king palaces. And also, you must acknowledge that, of all the continents, Africa is a tent, of all the races, the black race is a tent. Of all the ethnic groups in Ivory Coast, I have never heard that there is a smaller and lower than mine.

6 And in Katadji, my family is said to be the house of the unintelligent people. But it is under this tent that the Almighty God has decided to reveal his glory in this generation as He had promised it to William Branham who said: "And I seen that light was talking to somebody above me. That light that you see there on the picture. It whirled away from me, like that, and went over to that tent, and said, I'll meet you there". And any chosen one know that one day on earth, there will be a ministry under the tent. God is sovereign, God is his own interpreter and He will interpret his Word as He wills and the elect will believe in it. [Ed: the congregation says, "Amen! "].

7 Well, Apostle Crepin of the Congo-Kinshasa drew my attention to what William Branham said in his preaching: "Super sign" that he delivered on Sunday afternoon, June 24, 1962, South Gate, California, USA, Ref. 64. He says: "... there come forth a prophet one of these days a-preaching the original Word of God. You talk about me telling you about having bobbed hair or something like that. Wait until you get a hold of him. Wait till listen to him. You think I'm rough on organization. Wait till he comes in existence. He will restore all the years that the palmerworm eaten. It'll be a Message go forth... ". Today this Scripture is fulfilled before you! [Ed: the congregation says, "Amen!"]. But ask the Branhamists what they think about it. Is William Branham talking about himself or another person? Compare the midnight Cry with the evening Message and tell me that this prophecy is not fulfilled! Brethren, be serene.

8 You remember the experience I had in 1993, I was like the Angel of judgment, that is to say a glowing white cloud like a mirage. I was standing very far from me without a body with my mind and all my senses, recognizing those I could see as if I were already in the Millennium. This is to say that one day, when our bodies are lifeless, we will still be alive but in this other divine dimension to go and give God an account of all of our actions on earth.

9 Death is simply the passage from one dimension to another. It is just this body that falls down as if I were getting rid of this garment. I was invisible but my whole mind, my conscience, my imagination were in place! I could see without eyes, I could think without a brain. I was invisible. This is what I was before this body was brought into the world. And when this body was conceived, I came out of the presence of God as a Pillar of Fire or a Cloud upon my mother and when this body was born, I got into it, manifesting exactly what I was. You see? [Ed: the congregation says, "Amen! "].

10 If I am a good or evil person, it is not due to the garment that I have on but I was thus before the foundation of the world. So, fear God, obey his Word as much as He will give you the capacity to do it so that, when this flesh carapace falls, lifeless, you may be happy. In hunger, abandonment, poverty and disease, even if you think you are a child of the devil or that God has forsaken you, nothing prevents you from living a good life. Like Lazarus in Luke 16, live well regardless of your situation and whatever what will happen to you! [Ed: the congregation says, "Amen!"].

11 Now I am going to read a question, I have a question here ... Brother Philippe, is it allowed that we record the preaching of our pastor? Of course, every preaching in each assembly must be recorded and immediately added in the group of the country in audio or video format, without modification. And a church member of another assembly can listen to it for his edification. And all this also, with the aim of checking the conformity of their preachings with the Message. The apostles and itinerant preachers of a country must be in the group of each assembly of the country. And the preachings of the apostles must be added to the group of their language. [Ed: the congregation says, "Amen! "].

12 Well, now when you talk about: "God remembers Israel", you also need to know that it was God Himself who would send Israel off her land and who would bring her back. But here she said by herself: "I will not come back, what is the good thing in here for which I will return? What will I come back for here?" It is obvious that if she loved me she would never say that. That is why I am free from any commitment to her. If God had sent her away, he would have remembered her as in the Old Testament. You see?

13 And when, concerning Zipporah's departure, I informed Sister Mireille in Belgium, with whom she spent a lot of time on Skype, she wrote this to me: "Be strengthened Brother, you are our Prophet, God saw the end before the beginning and He knows you will be more than victorious. He has already given you victory, Brother. Our Lord has already given you victory. When you suffer, we suffer with you Brother. She left by herself, you should not feel guilty. Whatever might happen you are God's gift for our generation... "You see? It is a different Spirit and that is that of the composer! You see? The Spirit of the composer! [Ed: the congregation says, "Amen! "]. You cannot have a good position, report or modify anything unless you are in the Spirit of the composer of that thing.

14 Someone asked what the lyric of the song: "When we gather, Amen! Adam is there, Amen! Naming animals...." means. I said: You do not understand because you are not in the Spirit of the composer. And I said, God brought Catholics near and I said: This animal posterity, they are lions, and then He brought Protestants near and I said: These animals are rams! Then He brought evangelicals near and I said: These are goats! Before God Catholics, Protestants, evangelicals and Branhamists are animals! [Ed: the congregation says, "Amen! "].

15 And now if the faith of a church is that of the wife of its pastor, then my prayer is that it will be so for my Church too. Because before the rapture, we will manifest the will of God this way. He is the Word and we will be the Word-Bride and his Spirit will fully dwell in us and we will no more need any teaching, we will no more need any precept, we will no more need any rule, we will no more need any prophecy and yet, we will do his will in all its perfection, for his Spirit will fully dwell in us and our spirit and our will, our mind, our conscience and our memory will be erased forever. This will be beyond the Spirit of the composer. [Ed: the congregation says, "Amen!"].

16 But, also, being the wife of a prophet does not give you the eternal security! Judas was a disciple of the Lord Jesus Christ but he is in hell. And Mary, the mother of the Lord was in the upper room with the disciples. I have never said that Wesley's wife was saved. You see? She needs to live a good life, be the model for all the sisters, obedient to every iota of the Word until her last day on earth and meets up with her husband in the glory.

17 On this, I appreciated Sister Elizabeth who is in Dimbokro. When her husband was in prison for a few months, she behaved badly and she even left the midnight Cry to join Branhamists. But when her husband, Brother Christopher died in February 2006, she told me, "Brother Philippe, believe me, I will never leave the midnight Cry! I understand everything now! I will meet my groom there". And she kept her word, she kept faith until her death. And I personally went to her burial to give this testimony before all her Branhamist family gathered. [Ed: the congregation says, "Amen! "].

18 Well, to close ... I am going to read the two visions of Kacou chapter 64 ...: "I was sitting at home and I saw as a table in front of me and a man clothed in white standing on the sand of the sea. He was a Black man. He was looking on the surface of the waters as if he was awaiting something and I saw him from the back. As he looked, a fish like a whale rose on the surface of the waters. Then some time later, breathing out, the fish went down slowly in the depths of the waters, letting bubbles of air come out as if it was dead. Then a second fish with the same appearance appeared at another place and disappeared in the same manner as the first one. Then a third, a fourth, a fifth, a sixth and a seventh and everything occurred in the same manner. And when the seventh fish disappeared, there was a flash of lightning above the waters, in front of the man clothed in white. The flash produced powerful sounds like voices with sparks. It was not some lightning or some thunder but it was the flash that produced those noises like powerful cracklings with sparks. And the light and the voices of the flash entered into the man and he gestured a bit. And the light and the sounds of the flash struck all the creation; and the wind blew on waters and the trees and the waves struck the rocks. And it was as if it were what the man clothed in white was awaiting and the vision ended.

19 I said, what's this? And a second vision followed at once. The same man clothed in white that I had seen standing on the sand of the sea was sitting on a white horse on top of a very high mountain, bare like a pyramid. Water had streamed over it. It stood alone, not in range. I wished I could see the man's face but I saw him from the back. He went down slowly and when he moved ahead, the mountain on which he had been stood up in its place but all the mountains and the hills of the earth flattened and became small stones before him and all the trees, big and small, curved in an arc until their foliage touched the ground before him and he went to a very old black woman. It was as if that old black woman had been waiting for the man for a long time. She was weighed down by her old age, the wrinkles on her face were so strong, her movements were very slow. She looked at the horseman come as one looks upon somebody as his sole hope and it was also as if it were because of her that he was coming. And the man clothed in white rode to her, when he touched the old woman, she became an extremely beautiful young girl. Even her clothes were transformed. And to the miracle that took place, great crowds came again, praising and worshipping God because of that miracle. And the crowd became extremely large, there were men and women, small and great, white, black, men of all the races on earth shouting aloud: "Glory be to our God! Glory be to our God! We are saved! We are saved!" And the news spread and crowds came from everywhere. And the horseman advanced and the multitude followed him. And the vision ended and I was troubled by it for several days ".

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