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(Preached on Sunday morning August 22, 2010 in Adjamé, Abidjan – Ivory Coast)

1 God bless you! I have several notes here! ... Brother Bitsene from France went back safely after his baptism, he sends you his greetings. I greet Pastor Fabien Medou, our brother who is in Douala. He is fought by Branhamist pastors of Douala in Cameroon! But it is written in the scriptures that He defeated the beast because of the Word of God and because of the blood of the Lamb. [Ed: The congregation says, "Amen"].

2 Now everyone is investing in rubber tree farming which seems to have a great future! Let it be so forever but I tell you that this cannot be! If you are already engaged in that, go ahead, but before many of those who have planted reap the fruits, the rubber will be worthless. [Ed: The congregation says, "Amen"].

3 I recently talked with our Sister Bertine who went to Canada, I said to her, "Sister, after one or two weeks there, do you see that you can live faith there? Don’t you feel like you are in another world?". She said, "Honestly Brother, it's hard here, we are really in another world, I will even say that the world is upside down here. The women are dressed in panties because right now, it is hot here, it is summertime. The men too are bare-chested in small underpants. Whether it is in subway, on the bus or on the streets, it is the same! I am at times shocked because in our country, such clothes are immorality, but here, it is their life style".I said, "Sister, in any case, never betray us! Inform me of everything! I am here for you! Let it be said one day, like in 2 Kings 5, that the Jewish woman overcame the Syrian paganism but that you, you have overcome Sodom and Gomorrah! Once again, do not betray God, do not betray his prophet and do not betray your lot!" [Ed: The congregation says, "Amen"].

4 Now, I would like that there should be individual prayers during worship. After the overall prayer, the leader or the pastor will designate a brother saying, "Let the brother such or an inspired brother pray again for the continuation of worship ..."The Message advances all over the world. I receive emails from hundreds of people all over the world. I connected for three whole days and I noticed that my spirituality was diminishing a little ... A pastor can call me from such or such country and tell me that it is his fellow pastor who gave him the Message. The day before yesterday someone called me from Europe and said that it was in Amsterdam, at his friend's, that he found the sermons! And I tell you that it will be more than that! The midnight Cry will flood the whole earth. And after that, someone from Haiti asked me who could baptize him, him and his family.

5 Meanwhile, others remain in disbelief, especially my parents. All I have to say for when I will no longer be, I have said it as testament in the sermons. And I know no notary but only you to watch over the application of each word I have said. And talking of inheritance, my parents are not entitled to a penny or a centimeter of everything I acquired with your money. Let them stand far with their customs and traditions. [Ed: The congregation says, "Amen"].

6 Another note ... Following a question from Brother Abba, I would like to say that the Holy Communion can only be taken with non-alcoholic grape juice as I said in Kc.44: on the Holy Communion. Grape juice cannot be replaced by anything else. It must be unfermented grape juice, that is without alcohol. And this wine, you can drink it apart from the Holy Communion. It is alcohol-free grape wine. It is sweet wine. [Ed: The congregation says, "Amen"].

7 As I have just spoken of Brother Fabien Medou, we have many opponents throughout the world and what is curious is the skill with which our adversaries master the sermons of the midnight Cry! And I am sorry to see that someone can master the Message so perfectly for the simple purpose of fighting it. And after that, that person will go straight to hell! And there was one who could quote me such preaching, such preaching, such preaching, such reference to say that I should not say this! Yet, it is just a trial for his faith in order to reveal his seed. But let him know that Martin Luther saved souls by preaching trinity, baptizing people by sprinkling in the Name of the Father, the Son and the Holy Spirit, and he had the seal of infallibility. The four living creatures of Ezekiel 1 are infallible and they are infallible in whatever way or man through which they reveal themselves. [Ed: The congregation says, "Amen"].

8 And in the same way, the other week, I was talking with M'bra Parfait and he said, "Brother Kacou, leave your prophet's coat aside, take the Bible and you will see that according to the Bible, you do not have the right to do that!".I said to him, If it's a mystery, I do not know, but it's because I am a prophet, it is with my prophet's coat that I can do that! If a policeman leaves his police’s coat, what does he become while he has a gun in his hand? He is a bandit. You see? It is as a prophet, in the virtue of the call and commission of April 24, 1993, that I do all that! And it is in the virtue of the Call and Commission that each prophet has acted this way from generation to generation.

9 From Genesis to Revelation, show me a single prophet who will go to Heaven or who will not repent if he put his prophet's coat aside! Abraham, Moses, Joshua, Elijah the Thishbite with the blood of the soldiers of Ahaziah and the four hundred prophets of Baal on his hands ... It is as if a policeman whistled at me and I said to him, "Mister Officer, put aside your policeman outfit and you will see that you have no right to whistle me!". [Ed: The congregation says, "Amen"]. Obviously, that is it but it was as a policeman that he whistled me. And it is as a prophet that I have acted and that I am still acting.

10 And you cannot say that the Bible is the full revelation, inspiration and infallibility of God and believe that one can correct what a prophet has said! You cannot see a defect in a prophet until you see a defect in the Bible. Otherwise you do not believe in the infallibility of God Himself and you do not believe in the entire inspiration, infallibility and holiness of the Bible!

11 When you say that the Bible is infallible, it means that every prophet messenger is infallible! Believing in the entire infallibility and holiness of the Bible is to believe in the entire infallibility and Holiness of every prophet that God has sent on the earth, including the one of your generation! Every prophet messenger is an angel who cannot be dragged by Satan. Everything is infallible in him ...[Ed: The congregation says, "Amen"]. If you say, "John the Baptist did not know how to give the Message to Herod that is why his head was cut, he could have acted as Nathan faced David",then you have a problem. John the Baptist could not fail because he is infallible! Abraham and Sarah reasoned in themselves about their old age, and Abraham took Hagar and begot Ishmael, but the Bible says that Abraham never doubted God because he is a prophet. God does not remember that Abraham doubted only once!

12 Still on infallibility, notice that for example, the Jewish baptism was in three phases, a triple immersion. The Jews plunged three times the one baptized! And that was in order with the Word. And in the history of the church, there have been many things of this kind! But today, we baptize directly, only once and this is in order because we have the revelation that the three are one and this "One" is the Lord Jesus Christ! [Ed: The congregation says, "Amen"]. The baptism is in the Name of the Lord Jesus Christ for the Message of one’s time. And Paul, in Acts 19, did not ask Apollos’disciples in what Name or how they had been baptized, but of which baptism? For the baptism is linked to the Message! [Ed: The congregation says, "Amen"].And you must know that the baptism has existed from all time! Even the flood is a baptism!

13 Now notice this: Moses had baptized the Jews in the Red Sea for repentance against the Egyptian gods and because of the Jewish faith that Israel had completely lost during four hundred years in Egyptian paganism. Joshua also, the one who came after Moses, had to baptize anew his in the Jordan for the restitution of Canaan! These were two different baptisms! And in different ways ... In Moses’time! Moses stretched out his staff, while in the days of Joshua, it was the feet of the priests that did that. In forty years in the hard desert, Moses had gone through every step of Salvation until the restoration before leaving the people. Mount Nebo is Sabino Canyon and Deuteronomy 32:48-52 is the seventh seal. [Ed: The congregation says, "Amen"].And like Moses, Elijah split the Jordan in 2 Kings 2, Elisha also did it! These are two different baptisms! You say, Who said it is a baptism? It is the same spirit of prophecy that said that the passage of the Red Sea is a baptism that says so! Amen!

14 And when William Branham baptized in the evening time the past generation for restoration, the least of all things is that the midnight Cry’s messenger also baptizes to bring the Church into the restitution. And the Church is there so that even Ewald Frank cannot seduce the smallest of those sitting here! Branhamists are already dead, some have married Moabites, others have made fields, others have bought pairs of oxen, that’s why they will not have time to come here at midnight Cry! [Ed: The congregation says, "Amen"].

15 Well, now I would like to talk about the subject: Getting used to God!... We get accustomed to everything that does not progress! Even the world changes, the years pass and the school books of the same class change because the world changes! One can get used to his house, one can get used to a church but one does not get accustomed to God! If you live in a house, you will eventually get used to it because the house does not move, does not go anywhere and does not evolve. And if one day you are blind, you will find up your way because you have become accustomed to your home! You will know where such and such doors are placed because the doors do not move and so it is for man and religion.

16 God has given man the faculty of seeking to accustom himself! So that even a great man like Samson had become used to something and played with Delilah and he said after his locks were cut: "This time also I will get out of it like the other times!"Hundreds of times since his young age, God had acted the same way with him, so that he got used to it! You see? Getting used to God! Of all times, there has never been a man who has not sought to become accustomed to God. But it cannot be so with true Christianity because the Lord Jesus Christ is moving. The Bible says that He is the One who walks in the midst of the seven golden lamps! [Ed: The congregation says, "Amen"]. He does not walk on a candlestick-shaped bridge, it's not that He slips between the lamps of a giant candlestick but the Bible says that He walks in the midst of the seven golden lamps. He walks in the midst of angels, angel means messenger. He walks in the midst of the seven golden lamps, through the seven golden lamps. They are not seven objects or seven physical lamps but seven celestial angels influencing physical persons on the earth! You see?

17 Seven heavenly angels in Heaven, and physical messengers on earth, of whom seven of the first rank, who finish the Church of the nations to present her to God without spot nor wrinkle! Thus, in the first century, He was in Asia with Paul, the first lamp of the golden candlestick, and in the second Age, He was in France with Irenaeus, the second lamp of the golden candlestick which is the Lord Jesus Christ Himself! There is only one seven-lamps golden candlestick. It is the Lord Jesus Christ and His seven messengers. If anyone was still looking in Asia, it was the frog spirit no matter how spiritual he was or how well he lived! And this is so until He is now the seventh angel!

18 You cannot get used to God and you cannot get used to the Lord Jesus Christ. If you get used to this man who was walking over-there with Peter, John, James, Mary of Magdala, Elizabeth, Susanna and others ... You will not know that it is He who reveals Himself through Irenaeus, you will not know that it is He who reveals Himself through Martin Luther, you will not know that it is He who reveals Himself through John Calvin, that it is He who reveals Himself through John Wesley, that it is He who reveals Himself through William Branham and that it is He who reveals Himself today through prophet Kacou Philippe! [Ed: The congregation says, "Amen"].

19 You can get used to the Bible, to religion but you cannot get used to God. In 2 Kings, Branhamists said, "Allow us to go into the mountains to find Elijah"yet, Elijah was before them in the person of Elisha. Elisha permitted this to them and they went into great mysteries even into mechanical and theophanic thunders! And behold, Elijah was not there. Yet before them, there was more than Elijah, but fire was not descending from heaven! [Ed: The congregation says, "Amen"]. You see? Elijah appeared there in another form to go and anoint Hazael and Jehu! And on this side, this is what did not work with Zipporah who sought all the time to get used to Moses but who could not.

20 Before there was a law or a precept, Zipporah was there. She was there before the law. But Brethren, if she knew things would happen this way in the wilderness, she would not have gone out of Egypt. But when she saw that she could not return to Egypt, she began to get used to Moses. And that failed because it was now God in Moses and she could not get used to God. It is the perfect type of Israel coming out of Egypt while the Ethiopian woman has appeared in the desert because of the law.

21 At the time when one comes from afar for the baptism, it is evident that here, all those who do not know the value of baptism should be thrown out. [Ed: The congregation says, "Amen"]. And when people travel over hundreds of kilometers to come here ... when a person like our precious Brother Cyrille Bitsene comes from Europe up to here by plane and sees that I am so precious that he bursts into tears when he sees me, it is evident that here, all those who do not know the value of him who is here should be thrown out! [Ed: The congregation says, "Amen"].

22 Israel got herself better used to kings and never succeeded with the prophets. And religion gets better used to the pastor who is not a ministry of the Word, whereas Christianity, the true Church, sighs after a living prophet. You see? And man likes to get used to what will kill him, it is in the same way that, Eve did with the serpent, getting used to sin! Several times, Eve stopped on the path of the serpent who inquired about her news and the news of Adam! Apparently it is nothing but before God, it was a sin! And she began to get used to the snake! Choosing freely the path of hell. You see?

23 And God drove Israel away and brought her back; He drove her away and brought her back, and drove her away and brought her back. God gave her victory every time over the nations because of His Name and because of His Covenant with her ... to the point that she got used to that and became lighter because she knew that so many times God would drive her away, He would bring her back! And Israel had never imagined that out of those nations round about which God warned her, within those impure nations, drunk with divination and prostitution, God would take a Bride who would replace her! To the point that when Moses took an African woman in place of Zipporah, Israel did not see that it was a sign given by God to her. You see?

24 This is what Israel felt offended the most about. A woman of the nations. That was also the mistake of queen Vashti, who was so accustomed to the eunuchs, princes and Ahasuerus that she had never imagined that! Vashti knew Memucan well ... But this time, it was God fulfilling his Word! [Ed: The congregation says, "Amen"].

25 Two hundred years ago, those white people of America could not think that one day, a black person, an African would be the president of the United States! Two hundred years ago, the whites could not think that one day, God would speak to all the earth by an African. They told William Branham in South Africa, "Do not associate blacks, do not call them! They have no soul, they are only animals!" But today, like the ass of Balaam, the animal speaks to all humanity and even to the religious of the earth. [Ed: The congregation says, "Amen"].

26 Speaking of Ghana, it is the first independent country in Africa! You see? The trajectory of the eclipse is exactly the trajectory of the slave ships of the XVIth century! And why does the eclipse leave from Brazil? This is the exit gate of the slaves on America. Brazil beats all records in receiving slaves with about six million Africans in three and a half centuries of slave trade. And on this side, it is in Elmina near Cape Coast in Ghana that is found the port called "gate of no-return"built by the Portuguese in 1482!

27 In the whole Africa, it was out of Ghana that the slaves would have gone the most! It was also there that the first Christian church in black Africa was built after Ethiopia. Christopher Columbus arrived there. And it is the African nation in which the Kita material that I love and which I call "animals’skins"are a national garment. You see? We have the same names, the same customs and traditions. And it was from Ghana that the black star, "the black Star"struck on the national flag was to come if tribal conflicts had not caused these exoduses.[Ed: The congregation says, "Amen"].

28 Look at the position of the four continents, of the four races and the four empires of Niger which are: the Ghana empire, the Sosso empire, the Mandingo empire and the Songhai empire, which led to Islam. And look at how from Guinea, Samory Tourérises to spread Islam in Ivory Coast and West Africa. Exactly like Ethbaal the king of Sidon did over-there with the worship of Baal. And we know that Jezebel came from Sidon, she was the daughter of Ethbaal, and she persecuted Elijah the prophet. And I have checked all this and there is not one thing that does not fit all that I have preached till this day! [Ed: The congregation says, "Amen"].

29 Well, let us come back here ... In the walk with Moses, Israel got used to each step of Moses’ministry. And when another step came up, it did not make it! When God sent it a prophet, it did not make it and when that prophet died, it made a religion out of him and got used to it and when another prophet came, it was the same and it was the case of the Lutherans, Calvinists, Zwinglians, Methodists and Branhamists. And my prayer is that it won’t be so for you. You cannot get used to God! You see?

30 He can appear in different forms! And concerning the appearance, you say, oh Brother Philippe, Abraham had an idea of what He was and that is why he recognized Him in Mamre's tent! No, brother, God has no appearance! It was by a divine revelation that Abraham did that! Even the Angel of the Lord appeared in different forms in the Old Testament! He also operated in a certain way with such a prophet and He operated in some other way with some other prophet and He acted in hundreds of different ways so that man has not yet grasped and will never grasp the Almighty God who has sent me! [Ed: The congregation says, "Amen"].But how can one get used to what cannot be grasped? But if one grasped or accustomed oneself to God, one generation would be favoured over another. But that cannot be! That is why even the midnight Cry is different from the Message of William Branham. [Ed: The congregation says, "Amen"].

31 I was told that William Branham wanted to name the false pastors of his time when God called him back. He wanted to preach: "Pronounce the judgment!"If he had done so, people would become accustomed to naming those who call themselves God's servants and who are not.

32 And speaking of this preaching, it reminds me of the call and commission of a little prophet who has his church in Sikensi. He said for his call, "In a dream, God had placed me on a very high mountain. I had in my hand a big calabash with little water in it, and a voice from Heaven said to me, "Water all the animals of the earth!" And immediately I saw all the animals of the earth coming to me: oxen, gorillas, kangaroos, dromedaries, panthers, rhinoceros, caimans, giraffes, sheep, goats, chickens and so on. And I said to myself, If I start with the big ones, there will be none for the little ones. So I'll start with the little ones. And I put the calabash in front of the chickens, then in front of the ducks, then the cats, the dogs, the sheep, the pigs ... And when all the animals had drunk the water, I looked inside and There was a little bit of it, and when I turned around, I saw buffaloes, antelopes, and a multitude of large animals with large horns, and when the last of all these animals finished drinking, there was no water left in the calabash".

33 It is God who really showed him this and I said he would believe the Message. And when one day, he came back to tell me that he believed in the Message, I was very happy, I dined and spent nearly two hours with him because for me, here is at last the first preacher who will be of the same ethnic group as me. Then he received baptism. And it was told to me in revelation, "He shall water all the animals of the earth except yours"[Ed: The congregation says, "Amen"]. I said: To Thee be the glory for ever and ever, Thou the God the spirits of the prophets. You who are worthy to purify, make white and refine those whom you have destined for Salvation before the foundation of the world!

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