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Kacou 55


(Preached on Sunday morning, August 07, 2005 in Locodjro, Abidjan – Ivory Coast)

1 This morning I would like to talk about the subject: "The Word of God orders a separation from disbelief".

2 Let’s take our Bibles in 2 Chronicles 19. King Jehoshaphat went towards Ahab and both of them went to war for the conquest of Ramoth-Gilead and that ended with the death of Ahab. We can also see that in 1 Kings 22. Thus let’s read 2 Chronicles 19:1-3: "And Jehoshaphat king of Judah returned to his house in peace to Jerusalem. And Jehu the son of Hanani, the Seer, went out to meet him, and said to King Jehoshaphat, Shouldest thou help the ungodly, and love them that hate Jehovah? Therefore is wrath upon thee from Jehovah... "

3 You see? King Jehoshaphat was alone with God but he wanted to fellowship with somebody to put an end to his loneliness. He was bored as for his natural life. He knew that the kings of the churches around were idolaters and declared enemies of God. But, he wanted nevertheless a friend and he found him in the person of Ahab, the only king who confessed the same God as him. But what happened? God got angry with Jehoshaphat! And the prophet cried out: "Shouldest thou help the ungodly, and love them that hate Jehovah? Therefore is wrath upon thee from Jehovah …" You see? Should you help the ungodly? Should you love those who reject Jesus Christ, the Word of the hour? Had Jesus Christ in the flesh fellowshipped with the Pharisees who rejected his Message? You see?

4 God requested from Jehoshaphat the temper the Holy prophets of God have and which always leads them to the mountains, far from the adversaries and enemies of God. But this will, Jehoshaphat did not understand it.

5 And even before Moses proclaimed the commandments, the assembly was purified from the Korah and Dathan and Abiram. In the same way with the Apostles, before the Holy Spirit came down, the assembly was purified from Judas Iscariot and others. And before we know the glory, all the Judas will come out of our midst. [Ed: The congregation says, "Amen!"].

6 Let’s see another passage, 2 Chronicles 20:35-37: "And after this Jehoshaphat king of Judah joined himself with Ahaziah king of Israel, who did very wickedly. And he joined himself with him to make ships to go to Tarshish; and they made the ships in Ezion-geber. And Eliezer the son of Dodavah, of Mareshah, prophesied against Jehoshaphat, saying, Because thou hast joined thyself with Ahaziah, Jehovah has broken thy works. And the ships were broken, and could not go to Tarshish." You see?

7 May God keep us from joining ourselves with a church or a pastor, apostle, evangelist or teacher or other. Know that all these reverends, these great bishops across the earth, they are demons. They cannot serve God unless they humbly come here to be baptized and consecrated by prophet Kacou Philippe. There is no God but Jesus Christ and Kacou Philippe is his only prophet on the earth. And every son of God says "Amen!" to this word. [Ed: The congregation says, "Amen!"].

8 And when you will believe this Message and you will be preachers or pastors of this Message, do not prostitute yourselves with the priests of the Catholic, Protestant, evangelical and Branhamist high places. Stay with God! Stay with his Word!  No matter the persecution, stay with God and his prophet! Because outside the living prophet of your time, know that it is the way of perdition! The Lord Jesus Christ did not suffer on the cross for you to be Catholics. The Lord Jesus Christ did not suffer on the cross for you to be Protestants. The Lord Jesus Christ did not suffer on the cross for you to be evangelicals, Branhamists, Muslims and others. And as He is the same yesterday, today and forever, as in all times, in your time also, He will send a single prophet like Noah in whom you have to believe to have eternal Life. And this prophet will have as absolute the Almighty God who has sent him. [Ed: The congregation says, "Amen!"].

9 Know that my absolute is not Moses or Jesus Christ of Nazareth, or another prophet of the Bible. The Lord Jesus Christ can appear to me in a vision or a dream as Moses and Elijah appeared to him during his ministry but that does not set Moses and Elijah above him. Every prophet is the absolute in his time. You see?

10 Well, the Lord Jesus Christ had two phases in his ministry. First, he was the Lamb of God and through his sacrifice on the cross, he saved all mankind, including you and me speaking to you. John the Baptist said: Behold the Lamb of God, who takes away the sin of the world. But the lamb is neither above the priest who slays it, nor above the sinner for whom it is slain. And secondly, the Lord Jesus Christ had a prophetic ministry like mine in his time. The Lord Jesus Christ is not my light. He was the absolute and the light of those of his time just as I, Kacou Philippe, am the absolute and the light of those of my time. [Ed: The congregation says, "Amen!"]. And today, I have the keys of the Kingdom just as He also had the keys of the Kingdom in his time 2000 years ago.

11 In Revelation 1:18, He said: "I have the keys of death and of hades, the dwelling place of the dead". But where are the keys of the Kingdom? The keys of the Kingdom are on earth with a man. Before leaving the earth, He said to Peter: "I will give you the keys of the Kingdom of Heavens". Since the foundation of the world, the keys of the Kingdom of Heavens have always been on earth with a man, and today this man, I am him, I who speak to you. [Ed: The congregation says, "Amen!"].

12 Today, in this 21st century, nobody can be saved unless by me, prophet Kacou Philippe who is speaking to you. And John 3:16 today is: For God so loved the world, that he gave his beloved prophet, Prophet Kacou Philippe, that whosoever believes in him may not perish, but have eternal Life. The Lord Jesus Christ was a man like me speaking to you today and you cannot pretend that you would have believed in Jesus Christ when He was on earth if you don’t believe in me today. [Ed: The congregation says, "Amen!"].

13 In 1995, the devil only showed me visions, but Jesus not only had visions from the devil but the devil also lifted him and transported him… Matthew 4 verse 5 says, "Then the devil takes him to the holy city, and sets him upon the edge of the temple…" You see? And in verse 8, it is said that the devil lifts and takes our Lord Jesus Christ to a high mountain, and shows him all the kingdoms of the world and their glory. You see? The Lord Jesus Christ was a man like me speaking to you and he would say: He that has seen me has seen the Father. The Lord Jesus Christ sucked at his mother’s breast like me, speaking to you, and he would say: He that has seen me has seen the Father. The Lord Jesus Christ had bowel movements like me speaking to you. And after that, he would say: He that has seen me has seen the Father.

14 And the pride and the human greatness and all that had prevented the Jews from believing in Him there is that is preventing you from believing in me, prophet Kacou Philippe, the living prophet of your time. The Lord Jesus Christ was a man like me speaking to you. You cannot pretend you would have believed in Jesus Christ or in one of the prophets of the Bible if you don’t believe in me, prophet Kacou Philippe speaking to you today. [Ed: The congregation says, "Amen!"].

15 Well, now follow this! The same picture is presented through Moses and the Lord Jesus Christ. Moses for the old Covenant, Moses the initiator of the old Covenant. And on this side for the new Covenant, the Lord Jesus Christ. Both present the same picture. Moses redeemed all the Jews from Egypt by paying the price to Pharaoh but show me the name of Moses in the books of the prophets. Show me where the prophets Jeremiah, Isaiah, Amos and others preach Moses! Show me where these prophets repeat what Moses said or comment on what Moses said!

16 A servant of God today will not come to comment on the Bible, preach the Bible but preach what God has given to the living prophet of your time. First, Moses does not speak of Noah because he is not the disciple of Noah. He did not live in the time of Noah. The history of Noah does not concern Moses. Why do Jeremiah, Isaiah and the prophets not speak of Moses? Because Moses, it is another time. Moses has had his disciples, Moses has had his history, and Isaiah, Jeremiah and the other prophets of the Bible cannot be saved with Moses. 

17 It is the same thing with the Lord Jesus Christ. The Lord Jesus Christ had his own apostles: Peter, John, James. They were powerful men in their time and their prophet, it was the Lord Jesus Christ who had called them. And after the Lord Jesus Christ, we see Paul who called Timothy, Titus, Silvanus and so on. And today we are at the time of prophet Kacou Philippe. And if you are a servant of God, that means that you are called by the living prophet of your time, that is, the prophet Kacou Philippe. [Ed: The congregation says, "Amen!"].

18 You cannot serve God before you are baptised and consecrated by prophet Kacou Philippe. Break your pride, be humble and come here because you cannot be saved outside of prophet Kacou Philippe. Noah for his time, Isaiah for his time, Jeremiah for his time, the Lord Jesus Christ for his time, Paul for his time, Wesley for his time, Martin Luther for his time and today, prophet Kacou Philippe for the time in which we are living. And in the virtue of the vision of April 24, 1993, that cannot fail, neither on the earth, nor in the Heaven. Amen. Isaiah, Jeremiah, Amos, and all those cannot speak of Moses because they did not know Moses.

19 Today you cannot speak about the Lord Jesus Christ because you have not known the Lord Jesus Christ. But the one you have known is prophet Kacou Philippe. And at the judgment day, when you will see prophet Kacou Philippe, you will recognize him as the one who was fighting you on earth. Isaiah and Jeremiah are not disciples of Moses but they are prophets like Moses. And I, prophet Kacou Philippe that is speaking to you, am neither a disciple of Moses, nor the disciple of Jesus of Nazareth nor the disciple of one of the prophets of the Bible for me to conform to the Bible, but I am a prophet messenger like them.

20 You are free to reject me but know that, today, whoever you are, Kacou Philippe is your prophet. Whether you are Christians, or Jews, Muslims, Buddhists or other, Kacou Philippe is your prophet. Whether you are the pope of Rome or a rabbi in Israel or a king or a president, Kacou Philippe is your prophet. Whether you are Africans, Europeans, Americans or Asians, Kacou Philippe is your prophet. [Ed: The congregation says, "Amen!"]. And it is the Almighty God you pretend to worship that speaks to you through prophet Kacou Philippe. The God who spoke in the Heaven, above Israel, was the same walking and speaking on earth through a human envelope called Jeremiah and the Jews did not understand.

21 And talking for example about Moses’ adventures with the Ethiopian woman, Korah and Dathan said with Miriam: "Enough! A man who cannot control his sex cannot be our prophet". And yet, Moses was more than a prophet like Kacou Philippe is today more than a prophet. And you, religious leaders, men with forked tongues, you cannot understand that because you are the wicked of the earth. As in the time of Noah, you are obliged to believe in prophet Kacou Philippe to be saved. [Ed: The congregation says, "Amen!"].

22 Now I have a question: Prophet Kacou, on May 7, 1946 evening, an angel, with an audible voice, said to William Branham, "Just as two signs were given to Moses, you have also been two signs. So you Prophet Kacou Philippe, which sign did God give you, by which we shall believe?"

23 Well, this question shows how deep all mankind is in disbelief and the darkness of Satan. Notice that it was Moses who asked God for those signs because of Israel’s incredulity. In Exodus 4, Moses had said to God, "Behold, they will not believe me, nor hearken unto my voice" and in response to this Jehovah gave him two signs. The Jews were Egyptians and Pentecostals, used to magicians and it was the only way to separate them from disbelief. Otherwise, it was not in the perfect will of God. But after these signs, what followed? They all died in the wilderness.

24 And on this side, when William Branham came, it was the same thing, they were Egyptians and Pentecostals and today, they have returned to their Pentecostal faith, looking for signs and carrying relics of pillars of fire like Catholics. But here, there is a people that said, "We don’t need to see or hear lightnings and thunders and we don’t need to see signs, but we entirely believe." Amen! Which sign does this people need to believe? Giving me a sign would directly in contradiction with the vision of April 24, 1993.

25 And I tell you, verily, this people, here at midnight, is superior to those Egyptian-Jews before Moses. This people, here at midnight, is superior to those Pentecostals before William Branham. Branhamism is Pentecostalism, and they returned to Pentecostalism with their apostolic faith, carrying photographs of the Pillar of fire. William Branham is a true prophet but the Branhamists are children of the devil. It is like the Bible and Christianity. But on this side, it is the prophetic faith, the faith that says, "We have not seen, we have not heard but we entirely believe." [Ed: The congregation says, "Amen!"].

26 And the Lord Jesus Christ saw my day, the day of prophet Kacou Philippe, and exulted with joy and said, "Blessed are you who believe without seeing or hearing!". This is the prophetic faith and it is the perfect faith and the faith of the rapture. You have believed without asking signs because before the foundation of the world, you were destined to that and you manifested it in the vision and now you are manifesting that on earth. It is not because you were wise and intelligent but it is the Almighty God who did that before the foundation of the world.

27 Let’s stand up and give Him glory for that! Hallelujah! Hallelujah! The Pentecostalism is the apostolic faith, it is faith that sees before believing. And this cannot be the perfect faith. But God had predestined a perfect faith which is the prophetic faith and we are happy to live this prophetic faith. The apostolic faith says, "What is the sign that you give me by which I must believe?" but the prophetic faith says, "We have not seen, we have not heard but we entirely believe". And even in difficulties, sickness, suffering and till death, the sons of God keep their position because of prophetic faith. And he who can understand, let him understand!

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