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  • Who is Kacou Philippe?
    He is for our time who Noah was for his time.
  • There are many prophets. What makes him special?
    There are many prophets but there is only one prophet messenger for each generation. He is the sole prophet messenger of the earth today, as were Noah, Moses, Obadiah, Nahum, Habakkuk, Joshua, Isaiah, Jeremiah, Paul, William Branham (to take a few) in their time.
  • What are you? Are you Christians, or what is your denomination?
    We believe that it is impossible to be christians without following the living prophet messenger of the generation, as we don't conceive that it is possible to be saved in the time of Noah without entering the Arch of Noah, nor without a Noah being on the earth (for its time to be). Thus, we condemn christianity as a religion, given that the christianity of today (including all of its denominations) doesn't follow the living prophet messenger. In the same sense, we condemn others religions such islam and judaism for they also do not follow the prophet messenger. We believe that it is impossible to follow God without following his prophets, since He sents prophets as guides to make know the way to Him in each generation. Without aknowledging Kacou Philippe, wich is the prophet messenger of the earth today, salvation can't be obtained. Salvation in nowhere else but with the Noah of the time, wich is Kacou Philippe today.
  • Is there something important about PKP's Message?
    Yes, the public confession. To have more info, we invite you to read or listen to Kacou 17 '' The public confession''. You must absolutely know that if you wish to walk according to God's path.
  • Can I switch languages on the website?
    Yes, the present website is bilingual. There is a flag on the top on the site. You just to click on the flag and choose French or English to access the site into one of those languages.
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